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  1. Mr.Vikernes. I am a Swedish man in his early 20’s and I have for a very long time both listen and enjoyed your music you made in Burzum. But my question is way more towards your political stance. I just wonder since there are accusations floating around pretty much everywhere about you being Neo-nazi and all this. So I thought that it cant be a better place to ask if these accusations would be true then to the person himself, since I cant travel to France to ask you in person, I found this website.
    So, what do you say about all these accusations? Are you what this society today would call a Nazi or a Racist?
    It is not of my personal beliefs its just the matter of all these people constantly saying this when you simply utter your very name.

  2. Hello Varg Vikernes! My name is Murad. I’m from Azerbaijan. I’m 20 years old,I always listen to your songs,your great songs that give me joy,happiness and motivation in everything. Despite the fact that I Azerbaijanian it does not make me a Muslim. I stick to your culture and religion. Every day I read news about you. I like your books so much. According to you and your wonderful group Burzum, I learned about Norway, about this country with beautiful nature. I’m sorry that you are surrounded by people who are jealous of you and want you to fall. But thank god, you have obtained excellent, even better than the other. You are very talented human and according your success I learned about you,despite the fact that in our country do not listen to heavy metal music. I admire you, you are a very strong personality. But at the same time I’m afraid for you, because you have enemies is not too little. I listened to a lot of other bands from different countries, but when I listened to you first song in my life which called “Det som engang var “,it was like that I spent 15 minutes in heaven. After this song, I fell in love with your band and started listening to it. I watched a documentary film about you, and, honestly, I did nothing like how act politicians and journalists. I always believe in you and I always will believe, you are a big personality. According to you I understand what religion is and what I must to do in this cases. I like your cultures and customs.
    Now I’m studying at a university in Baku, Azerbaijan. I wear t-shirt with pride that imagined the name of your band. I want to tell you that I love and respect you so much, you are my idol and always will be it. Like all your other fans from around the world, I will always support and admire you. I want to thank you for all that you do for us, fans. I want to make about you a documentary film and give on the TV in Baku to find out about you even here. What do you think about it? Sometimes when I listen to your songs, I weep for happiness. Your songs can make wonders. I will never forget about you and will support you no matter what. Please, reply to me letter. I will wait. Good luck!

  3. Hey Varg, did you know eBay recently banned all Burzum items from being sold? Not that I figure you care from a business standpoint, given some negative things you’ve said about capitalism, but it goes to show the kind of pressure the leftists can put on businesses to control thought and discourse…

  4. Hello Mr. Vikernes,
    We all know the damage that Christianity did in Europe. But there are still some aspects that Christianity that were good. During the arab expansion in Europe, the Catholic Church was the one that encouraged the fight against the Muslims and prevented the mixing of race. I’m Portuguese. My country had a beautiful Celtic and Lusitanian culture that was destroyed by Christianity, but I am thankful for our Christian king had expelled the Moors from our country and preserved the purity of the Portuguese people.

  5. Hello, Vikernes. My name is Kalen. I’m a 14 year old Athiest and have been in love with rock and metal music for as long as I can remember. Over the past month, I have started to listen to more black metal (ie;Mayhem, Burzum, Immortal,etc.)
    I really like your musical style and have become a huge fan since first hearing Burzum.
    Now I have been quite interested in your philosophy and have been watching your youtube videos.

    but I must ask a question…
    What are your opinions on church burning as you did when you were younger?
    Do you still believe what you did at the time or do you regret that?

  6. Synd å se hvordan media oppfører seg mot deg. Man trenger strengere journalist-etikk i Norge. VG og Dagbladet er søppelaviser som fabrikerer nyheter stadig vekk. Har selv funnet beviser på dette.


    • No, and please don’t post links to different Facebook accounts on this blog.

      My oldest son is 6 years old, by the way.

  7. Hi Varg, have you ever thought about writing an autobiography or is this something that doesn’t interest you? All the best with your court case ☺

  8. Mr. Vikernes. My name’s Luis Esteban and I’m from México, I’ve been always a fan of yours since I heard my first Burzum record, you, as a musician or anything else you are an artist. I feel very very honored to write these lines, whetheryou see that or not.
    All my high school I lived with Burzum and the Black Metal, and I hated those fans who believed BM was just doing stupid things.

    Good luck in your projects !!
    I’ll be waiting for news about them !!

  9. Hello Varg Vikernes! My name is Murad. I’m from Azerbaijan. I’m 20 years old,I always listen to your songs,your great songs that give me joy,happiness and motivation in everything. Despite the fact that I Azerbaijanian it does not make me a Muslim. I stick to your culture and religion. Every day I read news about you. I like your books so much. According to you and your wonderful group Burzum, I learned about Norway, about this country with beautiful nature. I’m sorry that you are surrounded by people who are jealous of you and want you to fall. But thank god, you have obtained excellent, even better than the other. You are very talented human and according your success I learned about you,despite the fact that in our country do not listen to heavy metal music. I admire you, you are a very strong personality. But at the same time I’m afraid for you, because you have enemies is not too little. I listened to a lot of other bands from different countries, but when I listened to you first song in my life which called “Det som engang var “,it was like that I spent 15 minutes in heaven. After this song, I fell in love with your band and started listening to it. I watched a documentary film about you, and, honestly, I did nothing like how act politicians and journalists. I always believe in you and I always will believe, you are a big personality. According to you I understand what religion is and what I must to do in this cases. I like your cultures and customs.
    Now I’m studying at a university in Baku, Azerbaijan. I wear t-shirt with pride that imagined the name of your band. I want to tell you that I love and respect you so much, you are my idol and always will be it. Like all your other fans from around the world, I will always support and admire you. I want to thank you for all that you do for us, fans. I want to make about you a documentary film and give on the TV in Baku to find out about you even here. What do you think about it? Sometimes when I listen to your songs, I weep for happiness. Your songs can make wonders. I will never forget about you and will support you no matter what. Please, reply to me letter. I will wait. Good luck!

  10. Greeting Varg ! please take time to read me, I’m here to help you. I made this account to advise and show you this fake page claming to be an Official Burzum Bandpage, this page have 10 500 followers and doing ISLAMIC propagnda with saying “Varg Vikernes is Muslim” and sharing picture tellling “worship Allah” This page make people think you are muslim.


    I’m also pretty sure this page is owned by this guy (an Neo-nazi-Black Metaler-Muslim) … WTF ??? https://www.facebook.com/Cuneyttetik

    Hails from Normandy (France).

    • Merci.

      Well… I trust this means he (the “Turkish Neo-Nazi BM Muslim”) is putting an end to his scam, as now surely everybody will understand that his account is not the “official” Burzum Facebook account.

      Maybe he freaked out after I included on the last few posts that I don’t have a Facebook account and that everybody pretending to be me there are frauds? It probably made it difficult for him to keep up the charade.

      • No problems ! I do not understand why some muslim assholes supporting Black-Metal and Neo nazisme they do not understand theses twos things are against all abrahamic cults ! (and muslims in das Afrikakorps was juste some tooles useful for jew-extermination.) I think also people will continue to believe there is an Official Burzum FB page and a new rumor of an “Muslim Varg with a Beard” will soon rise …
        Well, It was a pleasure to help you, and an Honor to know we live in the same country ! Ho and I started an Ambient/orchestral music project, Would be an pleasure to speak music-making/mastering with you.
        If you need anything; Graphic work/Music mastering/Support … contact me anytime.
        Cheers to you and your familly !

        • But you can understand why Christians assholes “support black metal” right?

          Nazism against Christianity ?

          All the none German volunteers were tools for Jewish extermination in the Wehrmacht, if happen to give a tribute,give it to all. Get your facts right, sharmuta.

          • Same shit for christians, but in a different way. Remind the fact Europe was mostly Christian during the WWII (Also the Schutzstaffel and the Staatspolizei was more used for jewish extermination than Wehrmacht army). And the current propaganda tell us, NSDAP was a Christian politic movement, but this is wrong.

  11. Hey you, shitty Putinofils, I would like to tell you the truth, that you don’t know or don’t want to know.
    Firstly, Putin hasn’t plans to clean the Europe and NEVER had. How can he clean the Europe when he has strong friendship with kaukasian chechen(as we know chechens are semites) Ramsan Kadyrow?
    Furthermore, Putin belongs to the Judeo-Masons and Russians prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev(alias) is pure Jew. His real name is David Mendel Aaranovitch(you can google and prove it).
    Moreover, Putin is one of the most rich people of the world. He has over 48 billion dollars. He is one of the most corrupt people in Russia and Cis countries. Putin’s invasion in Crimea is no more than protecting his selfish Interest. Clever Russian NS hate Putin, he know that most of Russian territories are poor, really rich is Moscow-where Russian is almost gone, but there are only Jews and Chechens . and it’s all thanks to Putin.
    Hope administration will not delete my comment.

    • Yes, another one. I don’t understand why they do this. They don’t have a life of their own? F***ing losers.

  12. Hey Varg, have you seen the recent news about the 800,000+ year old foot-prints found in Happisburgh, England? Pretty exciting I think; it seems to destroy the “Out-of-Africa” theory. :)

  13. I would like to wish you a happy and healthy new year, with -hopefully – more great music and much less trouble from the law.

  14. Hi varg.I just wanted to say hi and I’m a big fan of you music and what it’s about.I about a 10 years ago started to study about the norse culture and heathen beliefs.I have been enlightened by the norse beliefs and Asatru ways.I feel close to it.Some day I wish to go to Norway or Iceland or Denmark to visit where my ancestors came from.I hope all is well for you and your family.

  15. How are we to make contact and support the cause as a whole? Any thoughts on creating some type of chat forum? I would very much like to begin different discussions with the avid readers of the blog.

    • A forum have been already created and it’s progressing. it’s about various subjects: thegatheringflowersDOTfreeforumsDOTorg

  16. As I couldn’t comment in any other post, I’m letting those images here. I wish I could post it on the article about Native Americans.
    Take a look (these pictures are very, very old. Like +- 1880)

  17. If any Finnish speakers see this, please offer your suggestion:
    What’s the best way to say, “True Grit” in Finnish? Would it be, “Totta Sisu”, “Aito Sisu” or something else. I would like to incorporate the word “Sisu” for “Grit” but don’t know which form of the Finnish word for “True” goes best with “Sisu”. Thanks!

      • Thank you. Well, I’m considering a new e-mail address, and I’d like it to incorporate the word “sisu”. I was thinking “true grit” in Finnish would be a good choice. :)

        • aitosisu@email.com
          Sounds great!

          Why you don’t use “perseverance”? There is finnish word “perse”, which means “ass” ;) just kidding…

          By the way, why you are intrested about finnish language?

          • Cheers, JK! :) I’m not especially interested in the Finnish language, but I admire the bravery of the Finns who fought the Reds in WWII. Also, I am fascinated by the Finnish concept of “sisu”.

    • Because the Russian governments blocked it after the Red Holocaust and Holodomor posts. They don’t like the truth about their own past….

  18. I’m an Asperger too and I’m proud of it! My main talent-tales is drawing of Godess Dresses and poem-calligraphy…And I focalise all of my Life on our Dear Pure Pagan Europa (especially the North)! Thanks to talk about!

    HailaR WothanaR

  19. Hello Varg and greetings from Ireland.
    I am trying to find out more information on my pagan Irish/european heritage, can you recommended any books I can study?

    cúram a ghlacadh

  20. So finally I decide to call The Supreme Godess of my Mythologie: WeißLicht (as you create MYFAROG, I also create a fairy Mythologic tale!).But like this way in modern german that not satisfie myself…As a Mythologie I want and I must call my Deities into proto-nordic! This is more Poetic!!!

    So are you willing to help Me to turn this Wonderfull Name into Proto Nordic?…As you already answer me for Licht: les-….and now White: ???

    And the Name into his final form is:????

    This is the last question I kindly ask you about proto-nordic translation.

    Thank you.

  21. Hi Varg!

    I Just finish to read your last post about October 17th
    How can they purschase you like that!!!!
    We can see throught that, that the fact to be a Pure European and love Our Pure Culture is consider as a crime by those fucking “social zionist”!!!!

    I pray Our Sky God Tyr for your Victory face to that poison!!!

    And remember that, as you know! on that dark day coming, in face to you, you will just have Our ennemies: the jews!!


    Because France like Europa belong to Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HailaR TîwaR

  22. Hey there, Varg. If it’s not a problem could you please tell me some books about ancient history so that I could know about the origins of the Aryan people and other tribes/races. I have found some info on the internet but almost everything seems unreliable or untrustful… I thank you for this blog it has really changed my mind in the last months, it’s like i had been lost all my life and I have finally found a path.

  23. Yes: Sieglicht…I’m passionate in proto-nord-german words and runic writting…I have many words in my head: other one difficult is: Luft?

    And what about: Adler?

    • Not sure about the PIE, but proto-Nordic for “light” is “les-” (from Norse “ljôs”, Norwegian “lys”).

      E. g. ljôsalfr (“light elf”) is lesalbaR in proto-Nordic.

  24. Thanks for your reply Varg.and now let me know what do you think about those two old german text books: I/Die Merseburger Zaubersprüche (Merseburger Incantations) and II/Das Nibelungenlied…I have terribly doubt about natural pagan roots for the second one!

    HailaR WôdanaR

  25. I wanted to know why do you put an asterisk in front of deities name each time you write their name in proto-nordic and PIE? For exemple *WôdanaR

    • It is just to show that they are reconstructed names, and not actual names we know from any sources. The reconstructions are probably very good, but they are reconstructions, based on what we know about the different languages and how they have changed over time.

  26. Hi Varg

    Maybe this is not important but i think you must be know
    Theres a Facebook account “Varg Vikernes” , but i know you dont use sites like that (Facebook, MySpace,Twitter,etc)
    I suppose it is a fake account of you

    Regards from An Unknown Forest

  27. Hei Varg, jeg vil spørre deg om du har noen forslag til hva jeg, som en “maktesløs”, 17 år gammel jente kan gjøre for å være med på å endre samfunnet?
    Jeg er så lei av at folk i dag skal respektere og akseptere ALT. Ingenting er galt, alt er greit, fordi “vi må jo respektere andres kulturer/relgioner”. Tenker ingen på relgioner eller kulturer som ikke respekterer våre, men derimot kjemper for å ødelegge dem? Er det plutselig en skam å være stolt av sin egen kultur her i Norge, mens vi skal legge til rette for at andre kan dyrke deres egne her? Alle har selvfølgelig rett på å ha en egen kultur (noe jeg synes er viktig), men ikke på å dytte den opp i alle andre, for å ødelegge dem. Mens noen jenter må farge håret mørkt for å ikke bli kalt hore på gata, blir jeg kalt “urettferdig”, “hjernevaska”, og “kynisk” for å mene det jeg har fortalt nå. Hjelp

  28. Few years back, a gentleman in some train or metro in Berlin his phone decided or happened to rang. This gentleman was puting his ringtone as Führer speech. People around of course heard that no one talked to him, on the next station the police were there waiting this guy to arrive to take his ass off to jail….wich later been told the police received a call from that train so….So what the fuck is wrong with this Germany u know…. U can see The hammer and sickle in many places in Germany and on websites and on German MTV (they had something about to designed your own shirt and they offering many pics and symbols and “hammer & sickle” included) so how could a nation like Germany accept what once was its enemy and killed so many Germans allowed to promote soviet and communisim shit in THIER LanD through Germans ….and the other Germans can’t promote a 1 single nazi symbole even if it’s hitler youth symbole why can’t talk or promote for a party or a leader who didn’t kill he’s own people, and he is from the very few dictatorships who have 99% of the nation behind him. While communist flags and symbols are free in Germany and those people who killed many Germans and raped as much German girls, you wouldn’t find a virgin girl in Germany when the Russian went in.how would that be accepted in this/that land. Thank you.

  29. I must ask – why is it that occasionally, you will see pictures of Jews who actually look (at least somewhat) European, i.e have red hair, a trait associated with Gaels and Picts, or rarely even blond hair?! Were their ancestors converted at some point or other? Why the hell would any European do that? They had to water down Christianity with Paganism just to make it acceptable to Europeans. On the other hand a lot of Jews look like uncannily like cartoons straight out of Der Sturmer!
    Also I would like to ask if there is truth to the claim that modern Jews are actually Turkic Khazars and not real Israelites, and that the real Hebrews were in fact Europeans. Surely if this was the case they wouldn’t have committed genocide against the Gentile tribes in Canaan, destroying altars to Pagan gods as they went or praised dishonourable actions such as David using a missile weapon to kill Goliath from a distance in single combat.

    • The real Hebrews were Jews, not Europeans.

      Red hair is a very typical Jewish trait, and is not just European.

      The Jews often have European features because they have been mixed with Europeans.

      • I had suspected Metapedia was lying about the real Israelites being European just to justify their Christianity. Also, I wonder if there are Jews who mixed with Europeans is there any parts of Europe where a significant number of supposedly Gentile people actually have some Jewish ancestry? Would even one Jewish ancestor have much of a negative effect several generations onwards?

  30. What do you think of physical anthropology? I mean the distinction of us whites in different sub-races(like “Hallstatt Nordid”, “Mediterrean”, “Alpinoid”, “Atlantoid”, “Faelid” etc.etc.)? Do you think there are important sub-racial differences beetween us whites even if we share the same percentage of neanderthal DNA?

  31. I was reading your post on aryan/non-aryan music/lyrics and was wondering what your opinion was on which scales/modes are appropriate and are there certain chords/progressions and even certain keys that should be more predominantly used?

  32. to anyone who doesnt believe the Jews are running the world via media and banking etc i urge you to look at the names of leading companys/brands, even those american sausages are called oscar meyer wieners (meyer) sounds jewish to me , and then theres that wienstien on every picture/film…. ps now that BNP and EDL are zionists does England have a chance,Volksfront?

    • And what kind of picture we get from jews from Hollywood movies? They are kind, wise and funny, in every movie. Have you ever seen them in roles of serialkiller, pedophils or other similars? No, why? The writers, producers and directors are jews too and they are brainwashing us with one certain jew- prototype.
      If they do it in Hollywood,what they do in bank business?

  33. Mr.Varg, you remember the recent Boston bombing…

    Last month I think, US police investigators paid a new york woman a visit after cached her ordering a (pressure cookers & backpacks) online, that’s what the attackers used in their mission as you might know…you can find more details here


    After I heard this story I linked it to your case. And I start wondering,is it that after every attack happen, they do mostly false Pre-emptive arrests? As if they’re sending a message that we are here having our eyes open by targeting The wrong and innocent people… And further more what I have noticed after the attacks in a certain country, not just them they do false per-emptive arrests and olso in few other countries….targeted countries,regarding to the attacks as if the authorities do programed preemptive arrests…..

    Since you experienced this with breaking into the house and who knows how many hundreds of questions they hammered you and disturbing your mighty family and all that kind of low acts from the authorities, do you see that in near future those governments are ganna take away the rights that person should’ve got…they already took those rights I suppose ….how can an individual figh terror authorities like those…however fighting for pride and right should be always steady and ready fighting till the end.

    PS: wish I got the finance To support your case man….I’m sure there’s a lot out there in your side

    Hail the powerful free spirits.

  34. Ein heilsan úr Föroyum! While we on the Faroes have our own issues with EU, we cannot hide the fact that the state in Europe is worse than ever. What do you think should be done to “cleanse” our lands? And is a World War III imminent?

  35. Mr Vikernes, i enjoy reading your blog and of course listening to Burzum. You are an inspiration. I also read that you said you have no friends, you can contact me if you like. I too played D & D too when i was younger.

  36. Varg, this probably sounds like a question slightly out of left field and off topic, but what are your thoughts on extraterrestrial civilisations visiting earth?

  37. Varg. Facebook & Myspace are truly bollocks but Twitter can be useful for spreading ideas and meeting like minds – there’s a negative side of course but I think it might be useful for you. At the very least it would stop people thinking this is you https://twitter.com/VargVikernes81

    • I refuse to have a Twitter account just to make a few individuals think that the frauds there are not me.

      I have no accounts anywhere, and I dno’t want any accounts either.

      PS. Well, I have a Steam Account… not in my name, of course.

      • Fair enough, although let me clarify, the bogus account was secondary to twitter as a useful tool for disseminating ideas and meeting like minds.

        Out of interest what games are you playing? Did you like Skyrim?

        • No, I skipped Skyrim, because of the “dumbed down” content. I like RPGs, not action games… Morrowind was fantastic though. Oblivion… nah.

          I love Iron Front Liberation 1944, although it still is a bit bugged, and also Crusader Kings II with the Old Gods expansion.

          And you?

          • I really enjoyed Skyrim – great atmosphere. Not totally into their whole mythos though really. I’d prefer a real world setting with fantasy elements – say “dark age” Northern Europe for instance… Anglo Saxons/Vikings/Normans but not just fighting but trading etc. Actually I’d quite like a strategy action blend of guiding ones tribe over time – arranging raids, religion, exploration, trade, diplomacy that sort of thing. Re-writing history to fight off the Christian plague – what do you reckon?

            I suppose the TotalWar series has to be my favourite, judging by the days wasted overall. Shogun 2 was good but I have overplayed it now.

            Currently playing Mss Effect 3 which is a good space opera romp.

            Must ask – have you seen the series Vikings? I’m sure there’s much to criticise but I loved it – but you would have to suspend your disbelief a LOT to get into it I suspect.

              • I’ve been playing various text-based RPGs since my family first got a computer, met my wife on it when we were about 13. I’ve been playing Red Orchestra 2 and World of Tanks, fast-paced games but still have deep layers of strategy. Off topic, what is in your collection, Varg? I’ve been collecting WWI Prussian edged weaponry most recently. I would Imagine selling these things would be best now, seeing the financial issues.

          • I recommend you try Hearts of Iron III (perhaps you’ve heard of it), a lot like Crusader Kings II, but on a much grander scale. WWII in-depth tactics and strategy, and of course, what worked historically is going to work in the game, and what didn’t is very unlikely to work. Check it out. Best of luck and i look forward to seeing you on youtube( or whatever site) denouncing the bullshit surrounding your arrest! :)

            • Yes, it’s cool, but I have some issues with it. Like why do I have to research small arms tech for infantry and cavalry separately? They used the exact same small arms!

          • Skyrim is an amazing game……if you have not played it..give it a try..with the 2 dlcs its a great game its fun and it isnt “dumbed down”…do not JUDGE what you do NOT know.

            the skill trees and upgrades and the entire game and character creation is top notch btw..

  38. Kjempebra dere fikk barna tilbake så kjapt. Skulle bare mangle! Dette var og blir en flau episode for myndigheter, noe “de” vet veldig godt selv!

  39. Greetings, Mr. Vikernes, please allow me to ask one simple question: For your concerns, would Portugal and Spain be part of an hypothetical unified and glorious Europe? Cheers.

  40. Hello Mr. Vikernes,

    I would like to express my great respect for your person, music and your attitude. From my point of view, there should be more men and women like you, speaking out the truth. Bravery now is needed more then ever before.
    I’m from Austria. And as you probably know, the situation there is very sad. Maybe you know about the case of Gottfried Küssel? But I think when there are more men like him or you, Europe can be changed!

    I hope you and your family are well after the latest events and I hope that you will continue beeing a voice of the truth.

    My respect,

  41. Hey Varg…

    …been following your articles and music since the early 90’s. Glad to see you guys are back home and everything is returning to normal…as much as possible. I am curious about your views on the United States…I myself, part of the Bergen black metal scene in my early twenties and originally a Cisalpine Gaul by bloodline and culture (currently the Northern Italian Alps…), have moved to the USA in 2006. Despite all the controversies and the commercial-consumerism-capitalism driven society, I found myself fascinated and much in love with the country’s roots. As you most likely know, the founding fathers of America left Europe exactly because of the persecution of opinions and beliefs that were not “conformist” with the oligarchy….although later we did annihilate the locals (sad…). This is something that is very much going on globally regarding Judaism as you well know and talk about. Countries making laws on having opinions against this group of people (wow…). Anyhow, America represented a “fresh start”…like it did for me…with a constitution clearly written to protect freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom of press/communication. 1st amendment… the legal protections of the First Amendment are some of the broadest of any industrialized nation in the world. So…I find myself, like the Europeans that left Europe on the ships to relocate in the “new world”, leaving my beloved forests and mountains to relocate to a place that I have come to love in 7 years as giving me true freedom to be and say what I am and want. I simply cold not take living in Europe anymore. It was too painful. Sure…you will always find groups and individuals trying to attack you for your opinions, but I find that ultimately in America gives the ultimate constitutional and legal protection for whatever your personal beliefs may be. If your beliefs are to become a debt-riddled consumerist slave, then so be it…could this system truly be the best we can come up with despite all its controversies ? I am curious what you think. Take care.

  42. Greetings from Finland, Varg. Your calm & reasonable way to handle the current situation is truly admirable & inspiring. Once again you have shown some character and given a fine example. I know you’ll stay strong, no matter what.

  43. Godt å lese at dere ble løsøatt. Det er en skam at en har mistet ytringsfriheten i det “demokratiske” vesten. Hvor venstresiden kan spre sin propaganda mens de som ser sannheten i Europas utviklet blir undertrykt.

    Håper at dere finner roen etter sirkuset er over.

  44. Greetings Mr. Vikernes,

    Please allow me to begin by saying I’m very sorry for the way the government of france and the western media have harassed your family in recent weeks. I’ve been an admirer of your creed as well as your art for quite a while now. Although personally I am not a believer in a God of any organized religion, per se, I would still consider myself a cultural Catholic. I am wondering why you seem to equate Christianity with Judaism when Christianity seems to provide, in my opinion, a structural and moral foundation for the west which is nearly indistinguishable from post-medieval European culture and history; integrating elements of European paganism such as traditions, holy days, practices, a number of saints derived from pre-christian era Europe, etc, while simultaneously having embraced its gentile origins, proudly considering itself distinct from the Jewish Identity. As Brother Nathanael has stated time and time again, it is his belief that the Church is one of few institutions with the capacity to challenge the authority of the ‘merchant’ class of the contemporary Occident.

    I realize that to you this must seem terribly tired and cliche, as you have most likely been asked to explain your views on this subject far too many times. Is there, however, any established reading you might recommend for me to be able to better understand your perspective?

    Regards and Best Wishes,

    • “why you seem to equate Christianity with Judaism” -Bernd Feelman
      Probably because of the whole feud between Vespasian and Vittelius around the first century, how one ousted the other, where they came from, and how Rome enventually absorbed or was absorbed into Christianity and kept it’s armies and society as one body. Of course there would be a lot more to discuss…
      Maybe you should read (writen in the first-second century):


      and around these passages for the story of Vitellius and Vespasian


      and an essential reading to know more about ancient Europe:


      By the way Varg, I ordered a collectors edition of your book sorcery and religion in ancient scandinavia a long time ago and it got seized at the border or something.

  45. Bonjour Bonjour,
    Bon courage a vous et a votre famille, nous vous soutenons (spirituellement)
    Un jour les dieux se vengeront, laissons tourner et attendons leurs vengeance!
    Espérerons que la situation se regèlera vite pour vous!
    Bonne soirée!

  46. Hail Varg. Jeg visste dem måtte la dere gå :) Tvilte aldri på det. Fikk også tilbake litt Burzum iver og gode ungdomsminner om det som en gang var :) Håper dere finner tilbake roen på landet.
    Om Shanti. Sa Ta Na Ma. (jada det er sanskrit selv om du foretrekker kanskje norrønt)

  47. Bonjour,
    Bon courage a vous dans cette dur épreuves et vous avez tout mon soutiens
    J’espère avoir un jour la chance de vous rencontrez…

  48. Tout mon soutient et mes pensées dans les épreuves que vous traversez ta femme, tes enfant et toi. La répression et lesmenaces ne peuvent masquer la vérité. j’espère que vous réussirez a trouver le bonheur simple d’une vie en famille dans les valeurs qui sont les notres.
    Bien amicalement Wotan

  49. I am starting to wonder if any Western European nation is safe for free-thinkers and free-speakers such as yourself and Marie. One country that is most likely to remain neutral and non-EU is Switzerland. It would be a short move to Switzerland, they speak French there, and the Swiss have no plans to join the EU. Best of luck to you and your family. Stay safe and strong, and I look forward to hearing from you again once things have settled down.

  50. Hy Varg !
    I would like to tell you how I feel myself in this community.. When I say : I like You, and I like your music project, ”the people” look at me horrible and they say about me that: ”You are a bad girl, and you have very big problems with your mind and soul. ”

    I think You are an amazing person, and I share your opinion and I agree that.
    And by the way, to be honest, I hate the jews, because they are HYPOCRITE. This religion and almost all are stupid, scapegrace and untruthful.
    I hate these things, but I feel much relieve, because You Are.
    I hope the French authorities let you go soon, and you can do your music project again as you were.

  51. Just for curiosity, what’s your perspective about south Europe, or countries like Portugal and Spain? Long time ago, both countries who were invaded by romans and mushlims. Nowadays, all middle and north Europe are invaded by turkish but not so much this both countries (Portugal and Spain).

  52. Hello Varg :) I love what you’ve done with Burzum, and i love that you try to educate people about our forebears. I’m not sure if you’ve talked about it before, but how do you feel about people of European ancestry living in the US? From what i understand my ancestors lived in Sweden around 500, and the other part of my family has been German for as long as records show. Would you say people with similar ancestry are European by heart and blood?

  53. Do you think that tobacco might be part of the plot to destroy Europeans? It would do so by lovering the number of healthy children born as it a) lowers the quality of male sperm b) smoking during pregnancy increases the likelihood of miscarriage or the child being born ill.

    • Also, “funny fact”; Hitler’s Germany proved in the 1930ies that smoking caused lung cancer, but for some reason this was “forgotten” until several decades later… US big business prevailed over the truth for some time.

  54. Vær hilset Vikernes, interessant blogg du har…
    Hva synes du om de såkalte Nye Høyre-bevegelsene i dagens Europa og Amerika, og bevegelsens tenkere som Alain de Benoist, Pierre Krebs, Tomislav Sunic, Gullaume Faye og Kevin MacDonald?

  55. I am left-wing, feminst and tolerant; I revile Hitler and actually rather admire Stalin.
    Despite that, I listen to Burzum, I think it’s genious, and the ideological difference doesn’t bother me. I hope you record more brilliant stuff like that, and best wishes.

  56. Varg , thank you for your amazing effort on this blog you have enlightened many people about our ancestral culture , but I want to ask you something important, why you never mention Caucasian Europeans in your blog ? And I’m not talking about subhuman Turkish nationalities in Caucasus but the true European Northwest Caucasian nations ( Adigha , Ubyx , Abkhaz ) we share same cultures , blood , and deities.
    HailaR WôðanaR!

      • Hey Varg, what do you think of white Middle Easterners and South Asians/Indians (the lighter skinned ones.) Are they white or just mongrels?

        • What about Kurds, Armenians, Georgians, Tatars, Sami, other Uralics, etc.?
          Some Turks, Persians, Azeris, etc. as well. Just all mongrels?

  57. Varg, you think about people ‘odalists’ in South America? Personally I can say that there are many, I personally am, I have European blood and I feel like a right to defend, Greetings from South America!

  58. Varg, have you ever read the Golden Versus of Pythagoras? If so do you think they represent European Pagan values or do you think they were influenced by Far East philosophy?

    • Most of it seems European, but there are a few bits here and there that don’t. So, I guess I think it has been influenced by Far East philosophy, but the core is definately European.

  59. Thank you Varg for all you have done for Europe and its people! Your music has revolutionised Metal – and music in general! Your views have begun to re-educate the Europeans about their true culture and the ways of old. It is because of you I’m working on my own one-man-band, per se. And it is because of you that I have realised the existence of the Judeo-taint in this world is frightening (I was already somewhat Anti-Christian, with my mother being Catholic and my father not giving a shit). I too have begun to write on such matters, as you have inspired me to teach my children (someday) as you will yours – hell, maybe even get a nice farm some day. :)

    (Although, I think I’ll keep church-burning as a last option, if it’s okay with you. :P)

    Thank you brother!

    Hail Óðinn!

  60. Hello Mr. Vikernes,
    What are your thoughts on Dr. David Duke? Are you following his work? If not, then I believe you might actually admire it. This message goes for every European person who is concerned about his/her preservation.

    • I like most of what he says, but he is a Christian promoting Christianity, so I cannot get myself to support him.

      He fights Jews and is an artificial Jew at the same time, because of his Christian (=Jewish) faith, so…

      • Thank you very much for the answer. I am on the same page as you. Even though he has some excellent points, he’s still a christian. It’s at least good that he doesn’t concentrate on that part, he doesn’t actually shove it down our throats like most of the people do.

        • It’s really sad he is a Christian. I’de really like to have him aboard our ship, so to speak. He is a good guy.

          • I believe that people will come down to their senses just as long as we win the immigration war. More and more people are giving up on christianity as we can see today. I don’t say that we have to go back and act like the fanatic religious groups that took figure before, but what we should do is honor our traditions, mythology, ancestors and never forget our true European history, no matter being Nordic, Slavic or anything else.

          • I agree. Unfortunately, due to the relative extreme religiosity of most Americans as compared to Europe (yes, even “racially aware” white Americans), it would be difficult to win many hearts and minds in the U.S. if one such as Duke were to promote European paganism. Sadly, most white Americans are still so brainwashed they can only process and accept anything philosophical/religious/spiritual and even political through a Christian paradigm.

            Who knows whether Duke is a true Christian or one of American political necessity? The fact remains, Duke’s outward (and perhaps inward) stance on Christianity is probably the best one can expect from an American, who hopes to attract racialist followers and have any hope of getting elected to office in the U.S. especially in the Bible Belt of America from where Duke hails. Southern (states) fundamentalist Christianity in America is akin to something Europe has not experienced in hundreds of years. I am not an apologist for Mr. Duke, but when it comes to religion America is a slightly different animal from Europe.

            • In the USA 90% are active Christian. In Europe 80% are actively NOT Christian.

              It’s a difficult game to win. You can probably never fully please both camps, but naturally I go for the European group. Europe is what matters to me, so I focus freely on Paganism. :-)

              • Greetings Varg and everyone else,
                I would just like to say varg that I really enjoy your writings and they have cleared up certain misunderstandings I had about your religious beliefs, from what I understand and correct me if I am wrong, but you do not actually believe that Odin or Thor, etc. Are actual supernatural beings, but instead are manifestations of ideals Europeans are to strive for; racialism, strength, honour, loyalty, etc. This is what I believe as well, I call myself an atheist because I do not believe that there are actually gods or even one God out there somewhere and I reject the Jewish poison of Christian ideals. Atheist is simply a convenient term to use where I am from (the USA) because it denotes this aforementioned rejection of ideas and ideals which many hold here. I as an “atheist” also reject the nihilism which you aptly pointed out is destructive in its own way and which most atheists seem to get sucked into. As for David duke, I am on the same page with you as well, while admittedly, I am an admirer of his work, the Christian tone he sometimes takes is off puting. I think for a man of his intelligence and experience, Christianity is probably a front used for political purposes which as you and others have pointed out is unfortunately necessary here in the states. I am much more in sync with the ideas of Willam Luther Pierce, whom I’m sure you know. Also, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend the book “which way western man” by William gayley Simpson, whom I believe says more or less what you say.

  61. Varg, this blog was a brilliant idea from you. I appreciate all that you do. It is a very short message, but meant strongly.

  62. Please realize that the Northwest Front is the only movement with a real and realistic plan for the fourteen words. Should you still know who initially informed you on the NF somehow being illegal I would have you know that they’re probably JIDF. Ban or block them because they’re trying to sway opinion on something that’s probably the only legitimate movement in America.

  63. This is not an illegal movement nor do we ever plan on breaking the law. We focus on and emphasize staying 100% legal. But thank you.

  64. Hello Mr. Vikernes,
    As a fellow European who is awake to both the condition of our race, our land and the jewish problem, you must also be aware of the dire need for our people to actually DO something useful; to consolidate our resources and man power while we still have some. Here in the U.S. soo many otherwise useful whites are brainwashed zionist christians or are simply too widespread to be of any use to each other. We have a growing movement in the U.S. now that can actually change the direction our people are heading in and secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. It’s called the Northwest Front. I don’t intend to exploit you as some mouthpiece and I have much respect for your work. As a man who is now 30 I have followed you from my youth. But if you could give a nod in our direction in your discourse such a gesture would be greatly appreciated and advantageous.

    Thank you for your time,
    Brent from Salem, Oregon U.S.

    • Sorry, but if I ask someone to do something illegal (that is what we are talking about here) they have a reason to arrest me, so I will not give them that pleasure.

      • I should hope we can maintain this non-illegal, non-political standing for now. Should we not firstly think about keeping the name clean (for what it’s worth) and not drag it through the political neo-nazi area full of ignorance sometimes as strong as the ‘people’ they claim hate for? If this whole idea, the spirit of this concept, is to survive it must be selective of who it allies with, or it will die before it really begins. If your strong, intelligent friend is interested in things you are, should that person be bombarded with -ignorant- hate with images of brutish, ultraviolent skinheads wearing just as much cologne, gold chains and baggy pants as a nigger hoodlum? Once someone enters that world they either stay there and grow stagnant, further ignorant and less soul strong, or they realize the futile, self destructive nature of their behavior and elevate their minds and feed their souls to a purpose worth fighting for the correct ‘whites’ and not just every retarded crack-baby mcdonalds burger flipping degenerate. I never attempt to insult anyone, only raise points I feel are rational and others should be mindful of in the pursuit of mutual goals.

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