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Varg Vikernes Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism

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Praefuscus Ferrum

reflections_on_european_mythology_and_polytheismThe present book is, as the title suggests, a series of reflections and afterthoughts regarding the ancient and original European traditions now generally denominated as “paganism” (a word used by the Christian world to refer to anything different in a derogatory manner).  The study of European traditions is taken up and explored by Vikernes, not with the distanced aloofness of a scholar trying to match foreign theories to a strange phenomenon completely disconnected from himself, but as someone who cares for it as someone would care for a loved one  —a living thing in the full sense of the expression (for it certainly is, a point I am sure Vikernes would agree with).

The present article will briefly go through what the writer considers the main themes and their attitudes that stand out when one first reads this book.  It is important, however, to point out that it becomes apparent…

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Mythic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

The latest update to MYFAROG (from 2.5 to 2.6) is now available from Amazon. The whole game has had a ‘make-over’ and many things have changed, mechanically, but in other ways too. The changes were made mainly to fix a problem with characters becoming too powerful at high levels, and even at medium levels, but many things have changed to improve upon the game and its setting itself. Unfortunately, this means the older (pre-2.6) versions of the game is no longer fully compatible with 2.6. Also, version 2.6 is 160 pages (earlier versions were 124 pages), because many things previously found only in the supplements, and because many new things (e. g. the Wood Elf as a new playable race) have been added. Everything from the supplements ‘Men & Monsters’ and ‘Skills’ are now in the core rule book, as well as several options that used to be in ‘Curses & Gifts’.

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About Stoicism

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Ancestor's Voice

Stoicism is one of the most interesting european philosphies, having as prominent representatives Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca, but it is often poorly understood due to the fact that it has not, apparently, a specifically “technical” language concerning its doctrine. The consequence is that while the texts about stoicism that we have today are quite easy to read and understand superficially even for the casual reader, a deep and authenic understanding of them is often ignored.

The essence of stoicism consists in distinguish between what depends on us and what doesn’t depends on us:

Depends on us: -Judgment (positive or negative), -Desire or Aversion (to something), -Impulse to Action or to Non-Action. These things depends exclusively and totally on us, we have power over them, and they may correspond morally to good or evil wether they are compliant or non-compliant to nature.

Doesn’t depends on us: things external to us…

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