The Thulean Perspective

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After some reading of comments and some contemplation I think the best thing to do is to state that the philosophy, religion, ideology, life stance, tradition, world view and spirituality expressed by me on this blog will henceforth be described as Ôðalism (Odalism). You will only find most of these interpretations of the European Paganism available for free here on this blog; if you find them elsewhere the person responsible must have used this blog or SRAS as a source (which of course is perfectly fine). Naturally this does not apply to everything in this blog, but it does apply to everything related to Paganism that is not commonly found in books (other than SRAS). Like this and this. If in doubt regarding the truthfulness of what I say here, I will encourage you to search through every single book out there, and every archive, online or physical, and see if you can find evidence of the opposite. You will not.

The reason why I state this, and make such a big point of it, is that I wish to define these interpretations and views clearly as Ôðalic and as a part of Ôðalism (pronounced «Othalism», with a th as in English that) and/or Ôþalism (pronounced «Othalism», with the th as in English thing).

You can agree with my interpretations or you can disagree, or you can wait and see before you make up your mind, but if you do agree your version of Paganism can then be defined as Ôðalism (Odalism).

Ôðalism is not just nationalism, not just Pagan religion, not just ideology, not just spirituality, not just environmentalism, not just philosophy, not just militarism, not just true democracy, not just a tradition; it is everything of the aforementioned – and this makes it’s meaning distinctly different from the meaning of any single one of the terms above.

My ambition with this is to by means of mere reasoning and by showing the truth enlist other Europeans to Ôðalism as a political-spiritual-religion fueling a real liberation movement in Europe. With this, and I think only with this, can we banish the Judeo-Christian darkness from Europe for good and turn our beloved continent into a true Europe again.

Any spark can turn dry wood into a fire, but we have not only a spark, but the very embers of our forebears, still glowing under the ashes of Europe. All we need is to add some dry twigs and branches, and they will turn into the wild, raging, roaring European fire they came from. With this fire we can warm and light up Europe again, and turn her into what she can and should be – and we can banish the Judeo-Christian darkness for good. This is only the beginning. HailaR WôðanaR!