60 thoughts on “Thulean Perspective Posts in other Languages

  1. It was a surprise for me to find such a good place! I’ve started to search for Trollslottet song in youtube and step by step I discovered ThuleanPerspective youtube channel. And now I’m here! Thanks, Varg, for what you do! Really good thoughts! I’ve also discovered unofficial russian ThuleanPerspective in vk.

  2. Hallo Varg, have you read J. R. R. Tolkiens ” The Silmarillion” or ” The Book of lost Tales”?

  3. Hi, Varg! I’m from Siberia and I want to ask the question: will it work Russian version of the site? I do not speak English very well.

  4. Hey, it’s me again. Russian traditionalists want to see your and Marie’s movie “ForeBears”. I know that you sell it but Russians won’t buy it anyway because they do not understand anything. I can tranlate the subtitles and I need your permission for it. Is it possible?
    By the way, I’ve already sent the subtitles to your video about neanderthals on your e-mail.
    fremmedehenvendelser@gmail.com – is it your adress or not?
    meschuggismus@gmail.com – that’s mine, if you lost the letter.

    • Sure. Just send them to me, and perhaps we can add them when we put the film on YouTube.

  5. Hello, Varg! May I translate some of your articles from this website and make subtitles for videos? I want to publish them on website of Russian traditionalists (WotanJugend) which will be opened at the end of the month.

      • I think the message has been blocked and sent to spam, because we are from Ukraine… One of our translators lives in Germany, so she’ll try to send that letter to You from her account. And just in case – please, check the spam.

        • I have around 8000 mails in the spam box…

          Anyhow: TP has been put to sleep. I will not write much more here…

            • Of course! That would be great.

              I’ll but up a link in the “other languages” section when/if you do.


                • Слава! Ти підтримуєш політику путіна щодо України? А Варг підтримує)

                  • А є джерело щодо позиції Варга? Через події в країні вся наша команда зупинила поки переклад та я сам рідко тут буваю.

  6. Hello sorry for this question but How the russian gouvernement have make close the russian version if wordpress is an american website ?

    • On the 28th of October the page was blocked. The was a white page with a message telling something like that: “This page is blocked in your country because articles contain banned by the law materials, etc, etc”. Furthermore I wasn’t able to open the dashboard, so I couldn’t manage post and comments. However, I checked the blog from my mobile device, luckily it could be seen. So, I deleted the blog. By the way, the interesting thing is the fact that this blog was blocked, but just for some time. And deleted russian page can also be seen now. And I saved all posts, I have plans to share them all in right Russian pages.

  7. Hello, I’m from Brazil. If have some time, please try to put your posts in portuguese, i mean, i know english but a lot of people don’t know here in Brazil. Thanks.

  8. Bom dia!

    Vocês poderiam colocar as postagens em Português?


    Good morning!

    You could put your posts in Portuguese?

    Thank you

  9. Hail! I keep sharing the thoughts written here to my friends and thought that I could join the translators club to spread the message wider to my fellow Lithuanians, One person is probably not enough to keep in pace with all the posts, but some information is better than nothing right? 🙂 But I can’t find the post about all the translation procedure, dunno what to do.

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