Heill auk Sæll!

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First some Pagan music from beautiful Illyria.

Christians want us to think that there was a Celtic, a Scandinavian, a Slavonic, a Greek, a Baltic, a Finnish, a Thrakian, a Basque, an Illyrian, a Roman etc. religion, making Ancient Europe a mish-mash of different Pagan religions. For some reason they also intentionally mix linguistic terms with cultural terms when they talk about Ancient Europe, like I have done above to illustrate this, to spread confusion.

When the Romans e. g. talked about the Gallic and Scandinavian deities by Roman names they didn’t do this because these deities resembled their own Roman deities: they did because these deities were identical to their own deities, known to them by Roman names.

The Romans didn’t “steal” the Greek religion either, and made it their own, like Christians often try to make us belive; these two religions were so strikingly similar because they were the same. All the native peoples of Europe had at some point the exact same Pagan religion, and although geography and different language influences made this religion look somewhat different in the different tribes of Europe, it was in fact the same all over Europe.

The mythologioes were not really different from each other, but they are presented as different from each other today because the one European mythology has been recorded differently and often at different times and by very different types of people too, with very different motives for doing so – and with very a different level of understanding of the European religion and mythology.

Finnish Perkele is the same as the Lithuanian Perkunas, the Russian Perun, the Greek Zevs, the Gallic Taranis, the Scandinavian Þôrr, the Italian Juppiter, etc., and the same is the case for all the European deities: they are found everywhere in Europe, and if they are not this is only because our knowledge about them has holes today, because the Christians have destroyed the memory of them.

The traditions were the same all over Europe, the rites, the high festivals, the customs, the habits: everything was the same all over Europe. There is only one single Pagan religion in Europe!


Another thing that confuses many is the fact that there are so many different deities in each and every European mythology. We can easily boil it down to four main Pagan deities though: the Sky God, the Earth Goddess, the Sun God and the Moon Goddess, or if you like to just a Sky God and an Earth Goddess – and then all the other deities are just different faces of these four or two deities: the Sun the right hand of the Sky God, the Moon his left hand, the Sea Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, the Thunder God a face of the Sky God, the Goddess of Love a face of the Earth Goddess, the War God a face of the Sky God, the Death Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, and so forth.

The Sky is masculine because the rain fertilizing the soil falls from the Sky like the semen of men does into women. The Earth Goddess is feminine because the plants come from her like children come from the womb of women.

The Pregnant Mother Earth:

Pregnant Mother Earth

There are no “good” or “evil” European deities either. They all just work for some time and for a purpose. They are all welcome when they enter the stage and play their part. Even Death is! There is no “good” or “evil” in Paganism, like there is no “good” or “evil” in nature. The Sun is not “good” when he lights up our world, and not “evil” when he blinds us: he is not “good” when he warms us, and not “evil” when he burns us. Everything in nature is good; natural, meaningful and necessary. It only becomes destructive when it has worked for some time, and it is then still good, because destruction is a necessary part of nature too.

The attempt to make e. g. Loki look like a Scandinavian “Devil” is absolute nonsense; Loki is the lightning that strikes from the Sky, and is therefore naturally always chased in the mythology by Þôrr, the God of Thunder. If in doubt you can just try to see for yourself if you ever see the lightning on the sky not being followed by a thunder!

All the European deities serve a purpose, and none of them are “evil” in any ways. They work to explain natural phenomena, ideals, processes in man and nature – and perhaps in particular in the minds of men. Some deities represent man himself too, or stages in the life of man. A goddess is the ideal of the unmarried woman, another the married woman, and yet another the pregnant woman, and yet another the mother, etc., but they are in fact all the same goddess, only at different stages in her existence. And she is a part of the feminine divine force that we define simply as the Earth Goddess. What name we use when we identify her is not important. Freyja, Venus, Aphrodite or whatever else this one side of her may be known as: they are all beautiful and suitable names!

The Sky God steaming with Life!

Living Sky God

We must stand united under the Pagan banner against the Judeo-Christian deceit, treachery, cowardice, lies and dishonour! Europe is one, like your body is. I, a true (=Pagan) Scandinavian, am not only willing to fight and make sacrifices for my non-Scandinavian European brethren too: I long for this opportunity and do everything I can to help each and every people in Europe as best I can, because I know that we are one! Your cause is my cause. My cause is your cause.

When Europe has liberated herself from the Judeo-Christian yoke, by our efforts, we can all stand alongside each other and praise the same Gods and Goddesses, practise the same rites, appreciate the same values, share the same traditions and all work together to ensure a prosperous and harmonic future for the European species and all our native lands! BalðuR (Belbog, Apollon, etc.) will return to Europe once we let him; so let us!

Hail Europe! Hail all true (=Pagan) Europeans! Hail all European deities! Hail and Joy!