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First of all some music to set the mood.  

We already know that we live in a world not walking, but running willingly into the abyss, high on consumer goods and entertainment.

So how can we bail out, do the right thing and actually survive instead – while the dregs of humanity (i. e. the vast majority…) jump off that cliff and get crushed on the sharp rocks below?

One of the most important properties we have is our blood. If everything else fails it really doesn’t matter as long as we have our blood intact. You might think I am talking about racial purity here, and sure I am, but I am actually mainly talking about individual human quality. If the world is going down the drain you personally might do well in life anyhow, if you have a sharp mind and a good health – and an equally healthy partner that can father or give birth to your equally healthy children.

A good health is achieved by:

I. Don’t take any vaccines. They only break down your immune system and leave you a broken human being.

II. Don’t eat food with preservatives, aluminium-based dyes or other poison in them. Buy as much food directly from the producers – and only buy from ecological and small farms. Never eat ‘industrial’ food.

III. Use your body as nature intended. Don’t lift weights: instead work and walk much. If you wish to work out use your body as the weight: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.

IV. Don’t surround yourself with many plastic items or painted walls. They poison the air you breathe in…

V. Live in houses made of massive wood or natural stones. Glue (found in most other materials) poison the air you breathe in…

VI. Live in a rural environment where they don’t use many pesticides.

VII. Live a simple life, with as few modern “improvements” as possible.

A sharp mind is achieved by:

I. Stay away from school and turn off your TV (in fact: throw the TV in the bin, where it belongs). Ignore everything the government tells you to do, or better: do the opposite! They are not our friends anymore.

II. Stay away from the universities. They are indoctrination camps designed to remove the last bit of resistance you may have in you to their lies, after all that time in school.

III. Read about and learn to understand Stoicism.

IV. Always take the hardest and most difficult path to the objective: you learn more by doing so.

V. Live a place were you can see the stars at night.

VI. Be autodidact when you can (and you can most of the time!).

VII. Know your gender and don’t try to be something you are not (and all feminists should read that advice a few times at least…).

How to get life-worthy children:

I. Get a partner who looks like you (i. e. who is of the same sub-species).

II. Get a partner with good natural (!) teeth, nice natural skin and beautiful natural hair. The teeth, skin and hair says a lot about a person’s general health and thus about his/her genetic makeup.

III. Get a wife who didn’t take P-pills when she chose you: the pills ruin her ability to tell whether or not you are a good partner (i. e. a genetic good match) for her. Women “on the pill” are basically like bats without a radar. They have no clue and repeatedly “bump into” anything and anyone… (*yuk*) If you are a woman get off the pill asap – and if you don’t you belong in the crowd running into the abyss!

IV. Get a partner that smells good naturally. If he/she does you are a good genetic match. NB! This does not work for women on the pill or who is using some other similar prevention. See III.

IV. Get a partner who doesn’t smoke. If he/she smokes he/she has a weak character that your children might inherit. The same is of course the case for drugs and alcohol abuse.

V. If a man find a feminine and beautiful wife, if a woman a masculine, brave and tough man.

I could have added more to these lists, but I think you get the picture.

Most of mankind is going down the drain as we speak, okay, but let them… just make sure that you don’t follow them. Whatever the rest of mankind does really doesn’t matter. Let them. If they wish to live in sewers, in cages cramped together with all sorts of creatures, then fine: let them. But just make sure you don’t! If they wish to expose themselves to all the depravity and degeneration our world has to offer, fine: let them! You just have to make sure that you don’t get exposed to the same! If they wish to degrade themselves and turn their kin into sub-human weaklings, fine: let them! Just make sure you do the opposite! If they want to become or remain human cattle, fine: let them! Just make sure you don’t turn into the same or remain the same.

The Future of the European Majority:

emilie-the-most-precious-handicapped-girl-painterartist-fins-husband-maestro Robert-Lenkiewicz

PS. Don’t worry. They will not survive the coming fall of civilization. Expect to find their bones pilled up in the ruins that used to be cities… 

The filth of our world is washing over us like was it a tidal wave, and we can fight it if we wish, but if we do we will lose. The tidal wave will then simply crush us, smash us into walls and destroy us, before it washes our lifeless bodies back into the vast biblical sea of degeneration, from whence it all came. Instead we should just step aside and let it wash away all those who don’t. Instead we should take a few steps up the hill, and sit there in peace and quiet until it is all over. There will be only ruins left down below, devastation caused by the tidal wave, but so what? We have our European blood intact and can therefore start anew anytime. No problem. I will fell no tear for this modern Sodom. The world will be a better place when it falls. *spit*

HailaR WôðanaR!

The Future of the European Minority (i. e. the Survivors of the coming Fall of Civilization)!