The Splendour of Pagan Scandinavians

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the brave administrator of the very useful Destroy Zionism blog. He sent me a link to a text he has on his blog and asked kindly what I thought about it. It basically was a text discussing the most known positive aspects of the Scandinavian people, and I was so impressed by it I immediately put up as a link on in the links section, but not feeling this was enough I have desided to write this little comment and recommend it for everyone! It is a text confirming just about everyhting positive we normally say or think about the Pagan Scandinavians. It is a torbedo to the bow of those who claim our forebears were primitive savages. Enjoy! Thanks a lot, dear Destroy Zionism administrator, for sharing this with us! 

Never mind the crucifixes on the flags below. Look instead at the three Scandinavian brothers standing together against a common enemy!