Red Hair


Every now and then I get mails or comments from people who claim that red-haired individuals are more European and more racially pure than other Europeans. They have the fairest skin, they argue, so they must be the most ‘racially pure’. This fallacy seems to be very widespread, so I will spend some time telling you what red hair really is all about.

It is quite simple really; those with red hair have very little brown melanin (that turns the skin brown, especially when exposed to Sunlight), but they have much red melanin (that turns the skin red, especially when exposed to Sunlight) – compared to blondes who have very little brown and very little red melanin. So even though the red haired people are very pale, they have much more melanin than blondes do.

This means that red haired individuals don’t tan very well and instead they burn their skin when exposed to Sunlight – and get very red skin as a result (the red melanin). So they don’t handle Sunlight or heat in general very well (but on the positive side red haired individuals seems to be more resistant to poison [alcohol] than others and also to pain).

We don’t really know when the first individuals with red hair appeared, but we know it is a mutation that occurred when Europeans (with very little melanin) mixed with non-Europeans (with much melanin) a long time ago. As you might already know ‘mutations’ occur when species and sub-species mix mainly, and the mutation causing red hair and very pale/red skin was no different. This mixing of species created a mutation that left individuals with much melanin (a non-European feature), but with only much red melanin – as explained above. As a result of this these individuals got red hair and very pale skin that turns red when exposed to sunlight, and also freckles.

So to sum it up; the red haired individuals have inherited a set of genes resulting from a mutation that was caused by mixing, and they are not “purer” than others.

With that said though: the individuals with red hair are not less pure than most other Europeans either, they just have inherited this particular set of genes, that were caused by a mutation resulting from the mixing of species. Other Europeans may have other non-European features or other mutations caused by the same mixing of species, such as brown hair (all purely non-Europeans have black hair [and some Europeans have inherited that trait too]), brown or hazel eyes, olive skin, low IQ, laziness, a weakened skeleton (compared to the powerful European skeleton), loss of muscle volume, etc. etc.. Many Europeans have other ‘defects’ too, caused by the same mixing of species, such as hypersexuality, extreme growth, autoimmune system problems, nerve problems (like MS), metabolism issues, brain damages and so forth, all caused by the mixing of species long, long ago…

If you want a rule of thumb though, you can be sure that the more blonde, blue-eyed, intelligent, courageous, strong, creative and beautiful (=healthy) a European is, the more likely it is that he is indeed as racially pure as is possible today.

Red hair is common in non-European peoples too, in particular the Jews, because these peoples are extremely mongrelized (obviously for geographical reasons: the Jews lived where the species from three continents met) and thus suffer from so many of the effects of mixing, including red hair.

I can add that Scandinavians, the most racially pure tribes in Europe, actually normally tan very well, and this is because they are so racially pure: their fair skin is very good at producing “Sunshine vitamins” even when exposed to very little Sunlight, so when exposed to much Sunlight the skin tans very quickly, because they don’t need the skin ‘to use the opportunity’ to produce that much Sunshine vitamins – instead the sensitive fair skin needs to protect itself from too much exposure to Sunlight. Red haired individuals try to do the same, but has so much red melanin that they fail to do so, and thus Sunburn instead and turn red.

Europe today is a colourful species (yes: Europe is a biological term too, a species), but these features are just on the surface. What matters more is what is inside each European man, in terms of intelligence, courage, general health and the will to make sacrifices for causes greater than themselves. HailaR WôðanaR!

Some beautiful ‘Europeans of many colours’:

images (6)ukrainepagansred-headed-woman

PS. We don’t really know exactly why there is so much red hair in the British isles, but the most probably explanation to this is that the tribes who moved there happened to have many individuals with red hair, and these features thus became very common. Another possible explanation is that the tribes living there (the Welsh, the Irish [including the Scots], the Picts and the Britons) actually partly came from Egypt, a place that at the time (naturally because of the location) was more mixed than the rest of Europe (as a biological term), and that they are in fact the descendants of the last European nobles living there. They in a sense abandoned ‘the sinking Egyptian ship’ before it was too late for them, and went to the British Isles, and were assimilated in the European tribes already living there – leaving behind a mongrel Egypt (the last few dynasties) in decline. There is no proof of this, but there apparently is some evidence suggesting that this is actually what happened. This ‘Egyptian hypothesis’ would also explain why there is so much dark hair and brown eyes in the native tribes of the British isles.