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Missionaries are strangely enough often talked about in positive terms here in Europe, but I think we should all open our eyes and see what these people really are and what they really do.

Europe was Christianized with force; bribes, threats, deceit, treachery, torture, brainwashing and murder. Christians chopped down our sacred groves and burned down our temples, and were even sanctified for this. They then built their own temples (alias churches) on the European sacred sites, where our sacred groves and temples used to stand, to ensure that no Pagan temples would ever be built there again, and no archeological work should ever be carried out there. (And then they criminalized the type of behaviour that had enabled them to Christianize Europe in the first place.)

In France one of the worst of these genocidal maniacs is celebrated as Charlemagne, “Charles the Great”, known best in Pagan circles for his coward Massacre of about 4.500 unarmed Saxon captives in Verdun. The Wikipedia post describe the revolting massacre like this: “The Massacre of Verden (…) was a massacre of 4.500 captive rebel Saxons in 782. During the Saxon Wars, the Saxons rebelled against Charlemagne’s invasion and subsequent attempts to Christianize them from their native Germanic paganism”.

In my book the defenders don’t “rebel” against invading armies trying to destroy their culture; they fight back. They resist. And rightfully so. This is called war.

Oh, but this was in the past, right? Christians are not like that today! Well, maybe not in Europe; they have already destroyed everything they could destroy here, so why would they? But if you look elsewhere…

Take a look at Nepal, a country that used to be Hindu, for ages. At one point they allowed Christians to come to their land, but banned all missionary work. But after some lobbying, threats and bribes, the Christians were “finally” allowed to spread their foreign religion there too, and of course when the Nepalese natives resist them they are described as terrorists. The Christians there accuse the Nepalese for persecuting them – “only” because they try to destroy everything that is theirs, and “only” because they are funded by wealthy foreigners in a poor country. What economic power do you think Nepal has to defend themselves against this? They build their churches and schools en masse, to spread Christianity in Nepal, and those who resist this are described as backward terrorists!

So when you defend your culture against Christianity you are a terrorist – or a rebel. And the Christians who work to destroy your culture, using any and all means available to achieve this, are heroes, saints and only there to help… to help you get rid of that backward, worthless gentile religion. *spit*

The arrogance of the Christians is extreme. Their basis is that all other religions are worthless and must be eliminated from the face of the Earth. All other cultures than their own Hebrew culture are seen by them as not only worthless, but outright Satanic and evil, and they are doing a good thing when they destroy them. Yes, the missionaries are so deluded that they think they help others by destroying everything that is theirs!

Christian missionary at work in Nepal!


The Christians are not in Nepal to help the Nepalese; they are there to destroy their culture, their religion and their heritage – and to replace it with their own.

With what right are they doing this?

Why are nobody screaming up in protest against this genocide? Where is the media when the Nepalese are being exposed to this coward, despicable and revolting genocide? They sure remember the Holocaust, when the Jews were the main victim, but apparently nobody else matters. Only the Jews matters to them. And of course that makes sense: many of the journalists and the newspaper owners are Jews themselves or Christians (e. g. artificial Jews) (just Google it). So when we teach our children about the horrors of the Holocaust, over and over again, year after year, so that such things shall never happen again, we at the same time do nothing about a genocide going on in Nepal as we speak. Nobody cares. Because the Nepalese are not Jews. They are “just” Pagans. Because they are victims of a genocide carried out because the Christians want to destroy all non-Jewish religions, cultures and ideas on this planet, and replace it with their own Hebrew religion, culture and ideas.

All Christian (and Muslim too, of course) missionaries on this planet should be sent to the international tribunal in Haag, charged with genocide or for having the intent to commit genocide. They are destroying culture, religions and ultimately entire peoples too. Like they have done in and to Europe. They are destroying the little human diversity we (still) have left here on this planet!

Europe was Christianized, but Christianity is a Jewish religion, so it has no roots in Europe, or in the European man (or in Nepal or the Nepalese people!) The only things we can appreciate in Christianity are the elements that are actually not Christian; the Pagan elements included in Christianity during the Christianization of Europe. A small gust of wind, a little fresh air, will send Christianity flying out of Europe, and back to the “holy land”, from whence it came. A little rainfall and the fire consuming Europe will be extinguished in no time. A little thump with the foot and the Hebrew faith will be crushed completely in Europe. It has nothing real linking it in any way to Europe, save the Pagan elements, and we don’t need Christianity to keep them.

And if you ever wondered why they are so aggressive towards me, that little annoying Norwegian musicians living in Corrèze, you now know; I open my mouth and breathe in the “wrong” direction, and they fear that their house of cards will come falling down because of this. The European religion is in our nature; it takes so little effort to re-kindle the Pagan flame! Europe can wake up in no time. They know it. They fear it. The “enemies” see their power at risk of vanishing in thin air overnight. Europeans like me don’t care about “the holy land”, the “holy bible” or “the chosen people”. HailaR WôðanaR!

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The Kumari; an important Hindu-Buddhist symbol that the Christians in Nepal are trying to Christianize, just like they Christianized our European deities and turned them into “Saints” when they Christianized Europe!

Matina Shakya is taken to her temple after being appointed as the new living Goddess or Kumari in Kathmandutumblr_lsswhpbspE1qlsr3bo1_400 (1)