Uncertain Identity?

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If you are a European and all of a sudden want to start cultivating the deities in you, what would you do? What deities would e. g. a Spaniard, a Romanian or a Frenchman identify with? What deities would a European American identify with?

To some this might not be so important, but to others it probably is very important. Personally I don’t really like to identify with e. g. Ôðinn, Freyr, Þôrr, Tyr, Njörðr or any others Norse deities, but actually prefer their proto-Nordic names (*WôðanaR, *FraujaR, *ÞunaR, *TîwaR, *NerþuR), or even their (older) proto-Nordic names (*Wôþanaz, *Fraujaz, *Þunaz, *Tîwaz, Nerþuz). I have even reconstructed their names as they probably would have been in the Bronze Age and possibly even in the Neolithic Age (*Woþanas, *Prius, *Dunus, *Diwus, *Nerþus), for MYFAROG, because somehow I felt that this was a natural thing to do. Yes, it is really just a question of names, because the deities are basically the same, all over Europe, no matter what we call them. Zevs = Þôrr = Juppiter = Perun = Perkele = Perkunos = Taranis et cetera.

Whatever feels right for you is right for you. If you are French and feel Gaulish then use a Gaulish name. If you are French and feel Roman then use a Roman name. If you are French and feel Frankish then use a Scandinavian name. If you really don’t care or are in doubt just check out where your forebears came from, or perhaps where most of your forebears came from, and use the names most commonly used in their homeland. The name is not so important in itself; what is important is your relationship to the name and how it inspires you to become better. HailaR WôðanaR!

Stones in Brittany!

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Stones in Scandinavia. 

Hunnfeltet, Skjærviken