About Civilization & Natural Habitats

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How many times have you not heard praise of ‘civilization’ and the ‘civilized’ man? These city-builders and city-dwellers are universally praised as the most advanced of men. But are they? But were they really?

The first known (…) civilizations on this planet were all built not by Neanderthals, not by racially pure Europeans; not by the Nordic man most European racists today think so highly of. No! They were built by mongrel populations; in Mesopotamia, in Egypt, in Persia and in the Indus Valley. Later the Greeks built cities too, but only after they had been sufficiently racially mixed not to look like Nordics anymore. Later the Romans too built cities, but only after they too had been sufficiently racially mixed not to look like Nordics anymore.

The civilization we have in Europe today too was built by ‘mongrels’: the Romans. Yes, if you are in doubt, know that all cities, all civilization, in Europe, is based on and stems directly from Roman and Judeo-Christian civilisation. The racially pure Europe was barbarian and uncivilized. Britannia. Gaul. Germania. Scandinavia. Baltica. Slavia. Dacia. Aquitania. Suomi. Scythia. Sarmatia. Illyria. Thracia. Etc.

If you think I am wrong, then think about this for a minute. First of all, take a look at cities today: who are drawn to them? Compare them to the countryside and then tell me: where do you find the most mongrels? Exactly: you find them almost exclusively in the cities. And if they can choose, almost all of them go live in the cities. Why? Because that is the natural habitat of the mongrel. The natural habitat of the racially pure individual on the other hand is the pristine nature; un-touched, un-soiled, un-polluted, wild, dangerous and beautiful. You find close to no mongrels there, and if you do you probably do because some racially pure individual has dragged them along.

Civilizations are horribly self-destructive: with time they all eventually fall. They all go down in tragedy and leave the citizens dead or dying, eliminated by their own decadence, crime, stupidity and the degenerative life-style of the city, and not least by epidemics. The few who escape these death traps quickly die in nature, because they are no longer naturally fit for life, after living for generations in ‘cities’.

The ones who are the most likely to survive the collapse of a civilization are those who do not live in cities: the commonly much more racially pure individuals living in the countryside, as close as they can get to their natural habitat: the pristine nature…

PS. You live in the city, and you hate it? Well, maybe because you are not meant to live there.

So why do you?…