More gods!?

The Pagan gods of Europe are a complex topic. As I explained yesterday (in the blog post I linked to), our forebears impersonated the deities and thus became them, but the gods are more than that!

The May King and the May Queen impersonated deities too, and the May King would get his title from winning a contest and by symbolically killing the old May King, so that the god in him could be reborn in the new May King instead. The May Queen would be selected based on her beauty (and would be given an apple by either the May King himself [like Paris….] or the participants in the May Queen beauty competition). The family elders impersonated the deities; when they died the young would symbolically kill the deities by cutting a wooden idol with a sword, so that the deity could be reborn in them instead. The gods could also be found in trees and animals, and they would make sacrifices to these animals by sharing their harvest or game with them. Each tribe would celebrate the god that was their progenitor as well. The gods were also their ancestors, or like in the case of Óðinn, the sum of their ancestors, reborn in them.

The gods were…. everywhere.

But we can better understand why, when we understand what a god is. How did they define them?

The Norse term for a god is áss (pl. æsir), from younger proto-Nordic *ans, from older proto-Nordic *ansuR, from proto-Germanic *ansuz, from the root *ans-. The meaning of this term is “spirit”, but the original meaning is actually “breath”.

Likewise, the Norse term for “spirit”, ánd (proto-Nordic *and) derives from the same root.

The Norse term for a goddess is ásynja (pl. ásynjur), from proto-Nordic *ansunjôn (pl. *ansunjuR), meaning “the most beautiful”.

The neutral Norse term for a god was goð, from proto-Nordic *gôða, meaning simply “good”.

Yes! Our Paganism is best understood as ANIMISM: the deities (spirits), good and beautiful, are in everything! Some lesser and some greater, some anthropomorphized and others not, and all are linked together in the divine concept we simply know as Mother Nature.



PS. If this interests you, you can find extensive information about which trees and animals are linked to which deity in MYFAROG.

Our Gods

Our gods. What are they? Are they to be “worshipped”? To be prayed to and kneeled before? Are they real, in flesh and blood!?

Actually, our gods are to be impersonated. A marked individual will take the role of a god. Yes, he LARPs as a god. In fact, the Norse masculine term for “Pagan priest” is actually goði (from proto-Nordic *gôðan), meaning “god”/”good”. The Norse feminine term for “Pagan priestess” and “goddess” is gyðja, from proto-Nordic *gudjôn, meaning “goddess”.

The priests IMPERSONATED a god. The priestesses IMPERSONATED a goddess. That is how they gained the power of the deity.

And what was that power?

They had the power of Mímir. You know; the decapitated HEAD of Mímir, a name that translates as “reminiscence”. MEMORY. They could narrate the recollection of the… ancestors. They could help transfer those memories BACK to the REBORN ancestors. To make them remember. To make them regain their spiritual strength, their fortitude, from previous lives. But first of all: they could help IDENTIFY the reborn dead. Are you really the man or woman in the burial mound? Do you really have the right to claim the possessions therein? Do you really have the right to claim his name and honour? Do you have the right to claim his or her SKULL and FEMUR? Do you have the KEY to the grave? The right password?

They would be able to tell. They had Mímir, knowledge of the dead, and could ask the right questions, to determine all of this. THAT was the role of the GOD and the GODDESS.

And yes, it was a man and a woman, IMPERSONATING a deity. So indeed, the gods were REAL, in flesh and blood, but NOT like most people seem to imagine things.

Their apprentices were taught to remember the same keys and passwords, so that they could take over as the GOD or the GODDESS when they died from old age. Thus the memory of the passwords and keys was never lost, and the deities could live FOREVER. Thus they were IMMORTAL beings.

Marked, I say? More about that another time…

Whence do we come?

Modern “Western” science has as you know been seriously compromised, not just lately, with C19, Pfizer and “scientific” papers claiming the increase in heart disease are from people tying their shoe laces or watching TV two or more hours a day, or the like. “Western” science has always in the context of our origins been compromised. The original “scientists” delving into the mystery regarding our origins were Christian priests, whose sole purpose was to cover up any greatness in Europe, that could possibly overshadow their own gospel and the greatness of their chosen people and their imported desert cult.

When they found the first Neanderthals, they painted them not only are primitive brutes, but barely as human beings at all. They were monsters, incapable of speech, with no skills and no tools or anything.

So effective was their lie-propaganda, veiled as “science”, that the entire subject was basically left dead for more than 150 years, and was not brought back to life until geneticists discovered that modern humans, except Sub-Saharan Africans that is, have at least 4% of our DNA that is exclusively Neanderthal. No, not 4% Neanderthal DNA, but 4% that was exclusive to the Neanderthals. Considering that we have 95% or so of our genes in common with chimps, that meant that we have art least 99% in common with Neanderthals. 99.7% in fact. Only 0.3% of our DNA is, on average, exclusively homo sapiens (African). Not only this, they told us that the Neanderthals were fair-skinned, blue-eyed and had blonde hair. That is what they had found out, by genetic research!

After telling us about this, they quickly realized that they had made a mistake. They had in effect told us that we, and especially Europeans, are not even of the same species as Africans. We are Neanderthals! We are of another species! This was in total conflict with their “anti-racist” agenda, and a potential massive problem for further mass-immigration to Europe. So they changed the narrative, and instead started to explain how all the problems and defects of modern man came from the Neanderthals (which of course is nonsense). We were supposed to detest this origin, at any cost! We were supposed to not want anything to do with this, and not least; we were supposed to think that we only had 4% in common with Neanderthals.

Now, we have some 40% of our genes in common with water melons and 70% or so with pigs, and like I already said, 95% or so with chimps, so of course we cannot, even with the wildest mental gymnastics, only have 4% in common with the Neanderthals! This is ludicrous! But political agenda is political agenda after all, and most people are rather dimwitted…

Further, they started to explain how the we did not have our fair skin or blue eyes or indeed blonde hair from the Neanderthals. These were different genes, they claimed, and “by chance” we just happened to look just like the Neanderthals today, because…. “reasons”.

Finally, they had taken samples mainly from Neanderthals that had been mixed with proto-Asians (Denisovans), so “thankfully”, they could also make it clear that Asians had more (half-) Neanderthal DNA than we Europeans did. Well, yes, Asians had more in common with the half-Neanderthal/half-proto-Asian than we did, but only because at least 50% of that DNA was from proto-Asians to begin with. We though, naturally, have more in common with an unmixed Neanderthal than anybody else. Yet again, they managed to keep our origins in shadow, to the vast majority anyhow.

To keep us all in shadow though, they had to produce more misinformation, and they started to produce “scientific” reports claiming e. g. that everyone today with blue eyes have a common (dark-skinned) ancestor from Spain. Ah, yes, blue eyes were just a mutation that occurred 8000 years ago. So… “do not believe that we have our blue eyes from the Neanderthals!” Most people believed in this, for some strange reason, I guess thanks to the educational system´s total inability to educate people about even the basics of biology. You see, if one single person had blue eyes back then, in a population of only brown eyed people, then of course that mutation would have disappeared after only one generation. Genes for blue eyes are recessive. And if that one person had many children, and they in turn had children with others who only had genes for brown eyes, then… not one single of them would have had children with blue eyes. And after some generations those genes would have been washed away into nothingness.

After this, one dark-skinned “ancient European” showed up after the other, and were presented as such to the public by these “scientists”. By no means should we believe that our forebears were fair-skinned! If scrutinized though, none of their reconstructions held any water: they had always taken great liberties and it turned out they were not at all based on the actual results of the genetic research performed on the individual in question. They just decided to make them dark-skinned, and of course often also dark-eyed and dark-haired, for political reasons. Also, “by chance” all these peoples immigrated to Europe, from the outside. And then mixed there, of course.

Their agenda became clear: Europeans shall not be allowed to have any homeland, to have any roots, to have any special rights for a single piece of land on this planet.

And note that the Neanderthals lived all over Europe, but also in Northern Asia. Why would they admit us all this homeland!?

Nor shall we be allowed to have our own identity. Or any identity at all. We shall think of ourselves as immigrated mongrels.

In reality, Nordic-looking Europeans are pure Neanderthals, or as close to pure as possible, changed by time of course, so not the exact same, but still. Genetically, they descend from Neanderthals. Not Africans. Not Asians. Not Homo Sapiens, but Neanderthals. Other Europeans too are overwhelmingly Neanderthal, on average 99.7%. And not just 4%, but up to 7% of the European DNA is exclusively Neanderthal DNA. Not shared with any other creature on this planet. Further, we have lived here in Europe for at least 500.000 years. Continuously. With the same traditions, religious views and customs. From the most distant Stone Age until even today. Unchanged. Even Christianity failed to eradicate our heritage. Yet, anyhow.

To popularize the idea that we are immigrated mongrels, the “scientists” slandered our native heritage even more, by claiming it was (weak and) “matriarchal”, and that these (worthless) tribes living here were conquered by these heroic immigrants. Sorry: invaders. Ah, yes, heroic patriarchal chads from the outside of Europe came here and conquered those effeminate woman-worshipping natives. Quite an attractive idea, for modern woman-hating men with no roots and no sense of belonging! Now they can proudly beat their chests like gorillas and identify as conquerors!

So of course a horde Europeans embrace their lies. Broken by anti-European propaganda from birth, with low self-esteem and no sense of belonging, now they can be descendants of heroic conquerors just like that! Not immigrants, of course, but conquerors! “Yeah! Cool!”

But no. All this does is to justify more mass-immigration (“we are all just immigrants”) to Europe, to justify race-mixing (“we are all mixed already anyhow”), to undermine our own heritage as an (“Indo-European”) immigrant heritage, to decide that we do not belong here really, and to present our deities as immigrant gods.

They have noticed how people like me use the fact that Christianity is an immigrant religion as an argument against it, so they try to turn the table, and present our religion as an immigrant religion too. This nullifies my argument. But it is a lie. Like everything else they say is.

The truth is that our heritage is Neanderthal, as proven by my wife, Marie Cachet, in her book “The Secret of the She-Bear”. We are their descendants. Our gods are our own, and have always been. Our roots go at least 500.000 years back in time, here in Europe. Europe is our native homeland, and actually most of the Northern Hemisphere is. We are largely unmixed. In fact, we are a different species altogether.

Please help me spread this counter argument against their attempt to genocide us. You can help me by sharing this blog post and by linking to it whenever you see their lie-propaganda being spread.

We and our heritage matters!

Best wishes,


A typical Neanderthal child: