Solution 18

The ideal is one thing, but the real is another. We can understand that the hunter-gatherers lived like we should do, but we can also understand that this is not possible for us today or even in the future. We can understand that civilization is horribly destructive for us, but we can also understand that we cannot undo it just like that. Even if we did others would not, and then they would at best enslave us, but probably just destroy us (perhaps by including us into their civilization). Because although it is destructive for mankind, civilization is an excellent tool for war and the submission or destruction of others. In fact, when high tech, a civilization is probably the best tool for that. None can stand against the power of a horde of brainwashed and emotionally blunted modern soldiers with no sense of honour and not enough intelligence to even feel fear. And that’s what civilization produces.

So civilization when embraced destroys you from the inside out, and when rejected it destroys you period. But Pandora’s box has been opened. We cannot put it back into the box, because if we do, others wont, and whilst we may be kind and honourable, and want no ill to others, certainly not all others are like that. In fact, I would claim that only we are like that.

Hoping that civilization will collapse is in itself not going to help us either, because even if it collapses, somebody will rebuild it, or something similar. And as you can expect, the last people who should rebuild it will be the first to do: power-hungry, cruel and dishonest lesser men. And they will use this to enslave or destroy all others – and in the end we will have another “diverse global village”.


Yes, the ideal is one thing, the real is another. In the current civilization the planet’s finite resources are spent on ensuring short-term profit for a small group of people, and the masses happily see them spend our resources this way, as long as it contributes to boosting their own personal comfort level. Here and now. No thoughts are given to the future generations, as any such worries are overridden by their brainwash: “They will come up with something new to solve this. No need to worry. They will find a new resource to replace those we have spent, or new technology to do things in a different way.” And the race to self-destruction continues. They will cling to this “saviour”, high tech and modern science, until their last dying breath.

The ideal would of course have been that we instead spent our resources on improving ourselves. Perhaps we would have been able to counter the effects of auto-domestication if we did, or even completely avoid them. We could have imposed artificial hardship on ourselves, to imitate the hardship of a life in our own habitat, in Mother Nature. Yes, if our artificial habitat (civilization) is destroying us, but we can’t get rid of it, then we should counter the destruction by creating artificial hardship.

Come to think of it, that’s what they do in prison. They put you there, to rot in a cell, and then once or twice a week allow you to go to some sort of gym, where you can do your best to counter the horrible effects of being locked up in a cell 23-24 hours a day, by lifting weights. The smarter prisoners stretch and do push-ups and sit-ups, and if they can pull-ups, in their cells, and the like, as well, for the same effect. To avoid a total physical (and mental) collapse. The weaker ones collapse, I have to say, and are released eventually, as completely broken human beings.


Again I must state that the ideal is one thing, and the real is another. Because if artificial hardship to counter the adverse effects of our artificial habitat, civilization, could work – indeed it would actually work – there is no chance that anybody will ever manage to convince a majority to actually live in artificial hardship. With all due respect, the vast majority of mankind is made up of selfish, unintelligent, greedy, petty, coward, dishonest, weak, envious and hateful sub-humans. They will rather die than give up their child-made clothes and over-heated catalogue homes. You can gang rape their daughters and granddaughters, mutilate their sons and grandsons and literately shit all over their heritage, but don’t you dare to wry that iPhone from their Orcish hands or make them abandon their huge camping cars or give up their second houses!

Now, don’t you tell me that I am only talking about the Baby Boomers here, because, yeah, I do, but most others too want that for themselves. They are not any better. They would have done the same, if they had been able to. The modern man is a Baby Boomer or a wannabe Baby Boomer, and only some exceptions exist. Almost nobody is ready to give up that sick, disgusting, perverse, narcissistic Baby Boomer dream. I would argue that third world immigrants flood into Europe not because they want peace or safety, or to escape persecution in the countries they came from, but mainly because they want to live like Baby Boomers in our countries. Eastern Europe is no better. They too want that for themselves. Don’t you try to fool yourself into thinking otherwise. They threw away Communism for that: the Baby Boomer dream! Now they expect to get what they were promised, at whatever cost, it seems.

My artificial hardship solution would destroy all hope for anybody to get that Baby Boomer dream fulfilled. Had I tried to go political about this, I would probably have become the least voted for politician ever.


We are back to where we started. Pandora’s box has been opened, and we can’t undo that. We can’t destroy civilization, we can’t make people live in artificial hardship.

Artificial hardship will work for those worth saving. They will understand how important it is to impose artificial hardship on themselves, whilst living in this current civilization. They will have the strength to make that decision. They will have the determination to see it done. When it all comes falling down on top of us all, they will stand a much better chance to make it out alive and well, ready to create a new and better civilization where artificial hardship is an intricate part of the whole. Yes, Pandora’s box is open, so that is what they have to. I am sorry to say so. They should prepare for such an event, and be ready to step in and claim the future for our heritage.

If you wish, don’t even call it a civilization, but just Artificial Hardship. If you want to be dramatic about it, call it Solution A. H.….

How should this Artificial Hardship be like, exactly? How should it relate to others trying to build civilizations? Let me talk about that another day. I will. As far as laws allow me to.

Thank you for reading,




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