You Tube Censorship

See a few minutes from 11:00.


See also this:


3 thoughts on “You Tube Censorship

  1. That’s fair. Gebo. That THEY made tho technology and put it out there for you and I. We didn’t make it for us. They can do that stuff as much as they lil. IF you figure out how to make your own internet. That includes servers, signal, proxy, all that stuff so it comes from ONLY your own home. Your talking your own spot connected to a satellite or tower(whatever it is they do;)…) like what they are trying to do with the Tesla home battery but they don’t know how to just go for it all the way. But forget that and imagine that ALL OF IT comes from you and your PC and channel like a tv station network but only you own it. Maybe one can sue for the fact that they don’t give an individual access to ability of not getting interfered with. Everyone who cares has to figure it ALL out now before its in the past because they are moving onto the next thing. This is why they win, because we take no action and consider our complaining to be information. The information we receive by their actions is a totally NEW THING. They made a change now its our turn. What information do you truly receive. I just gave you some. And an idea. New thought. How could you hook up your PC to the mainframe of the internet as to never be interfered with. HOW MUCH WOULD THAT COST. Please if this sounds insane dont comment.

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