8 thoughts on “Top 10 things you probably have not thought aboutin relation to survivalism

  1. Hi Varg
    I just saw your video in wich you say you lost many of your trees, so i give you a little advice (i do it here cause i dont have youtube account) Try to protect them by growing “ronce” (in french) they are pionier plante, in french “plante pioniere” (fr) and are part of the first plants to grow around forest, they protect young trees. I know you already make some grow around your property but maybe you can think to use them inside aswell and dont plant berries, they grow to slowly, do some “boutures”, same for trees. Hope it helps, take care.

    • Thanks. We already do that, actually. It’s just too much sunlight, and also too much wind — both because of a lack of trees in the area.

      Things will fix itself, but it takes time. That’s all.

  2. Brilliant article, haven’t heard of Prussian Blue before so thanks for that. Calcium tablets can work against radiation though not sure of mgs to take. We use vinegar for cleaning almost everything in our home and cider vinegar along with garlic and honey should cure most minor infections.

    • Be careful with vinegar though. Too much exposure draws calcium out from your bones. Vinegar helps to cure swelling. Soak a piece of cloth in it and wrap it around the swollen body part for a few hours. For instance a swollen ankle.

  3. Beside this very useful tips, I would recommend you a healthy, fit body, strong mind and will, because in my opinion you must be able to decide wise and quick when it’s necesarry (of course depending on the situations during the crisis).

  4. Essential olis! Especially cinnamon oil. Look at the history of thieves oil during the black plague in the 16th century.

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