9 thoughts on “About how Nationalism has lost all Meaning

  1. Another excellent video from Varg Vikernes . Went straight to my heart !

    Another thing I wonder about ; will our new ‘landsmenn’ care about preserving our history and culture ?
    Will they love to dig in the ground for more evidence of our history ?
    Will they love to find out new things about our Vikings ?
    I have seen archeologists almost cry of happiness when they find some traces from our forebears .

    I can’t imagine our new ‘landsmen’ share that happiness , as they hate our forebears
    Infact , I think they will smash our museums and nothing will remain from the past !

    Infact , when I think about this I am so sad i want to cry !!

  2. Det er ikke oppløftende i Norge for tiden. Noen finner en mager og tarvelig trøst i å se at andre Europeiske broderfolk har det verre. Vi er alle i samme båt, og de andre er bare litt foran oss i seilaset. Men, det er en fakkel der ute, i stummende mørke. Europeere “våkner”. Avstanden mellom “de styrende makter” og det etniske Norske folk, har aldri vært større. Det jeg ble angrepet for å si i går, er akseptert i dag. Dog, det skal nok bli mye verre, før det blir bedre. Tiden er ikke inne for almisser og prat. Tiden er inne for å styrke de rette relasjonene. Gjøre seg uavhengig og fri. Gå opp gjengrodde, men gode stier. Lære sine barn å bygge små varder for solen de neste dagene. Varg, jeg har fulgt deg i mange, mange år. Takk for alle dine bidrag. Det er arbeidskrevende å være fri, være far og et forbilde for sine barn. Det vet jeg mye om. Fortsett ditt gode arbeid. Det er viktigere enn du kanskje selv anerkjenner. Brage.

  3. Very thought provoking video Varg!

    I feel a sense of gloom as I watch in my own quiet dark detatched surroundings. I feel a sad and nostalgic lost. There is this spirit in you that you won’t ever betray.

    I admire your integrity, principle and honesty in these videos you share. It is pleasing to see your family under your guidance

  4. I can relate to this video so much. I always find saddly amusing how most people think nationality is relevant to define a person. The land of my ancestors is now under the rule of a governement i do not recognize and I refuse to inhabit this land or carry its nationality. I consider myself stateless and will not apply for another nationalit despite of the fact it would make my life much more easier. I think Native people of each country should be given a certain name so it is not confused with the illegal state. Is there a name for native norwegians that would make sense ? Strength be with you

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