Proof of planned White Genocide

I hope all the policemen who follow my blog will open their eyes soon, and see what the future brings. We — the “nationalists” — are not the problem.

12 thoughts on “Proof of planned White Genocide

  1. I’m a Peace Officer in the states, and yes we’re aware of what’s happening-and who’s behind it. It’s very difficult to witness. Here many folks have lived alongside each other-but in separate neighborhoods. Russian, Italian, Irish, Norwegian, Greek, Chinese, blacks from the many different island countries, Hispanics- all live in their Own neighborhoods. In NYC this is the reality. The devil you know as opposed to the devil you don’t. What’s happening in Europe is force feeding integration which only works successfully over long periods of time when social dynamics can evolve peaceably, if possible. Mr. Vikernes your work is very important. Keep going. Your book Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism is excellent! Waiting for the other to arrive in the mail. Thank you Sir.

  2. Since WWII, democratic politicians have herded the sheep with fear of Hitler. This has them looking for angry white extremists under every rock while ignoring the bigger problems staring us in the face.

  3. Total exaggeration – Millions?

    An absolute impossibility.

    Would certainly notice the difference on a small island.

    Talk is cheap!

  4. Varg, dou you believe that we have a chance to survive all this? Almost all the europeans around me are blind, and welcome more and more those “refugees, it’s really disaponting.

    • The tide has turned. Or more accurately, the tide doesn’t need to pretend that it’s trying to cover the beach and beyond. Watch the last post of this blog. Over 50 years of propaganda by socialists is bearing fruit. The people of Europe are so demoralized that the true intent of all of these groups, be it socialist, Islamist, is to wipe out the European identity and race.

      Just listen to this clip, that is their outwardly spoken aim. And Europeans just shrug their shoulders and say “oh, he’s just a nut case. That isn’t REALLY what is going to happen or what minorities and politicians want” Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to believe any “conspiracy” is something only “crazy people” believe in. We are so conditioned that when it is EXPLICITLY stated by groups what they want (destruction of the European race and culture) we still dont believe it and dismiss it as “crazy”. I think Europeans are the sick and crazy ones to ignore such blatant evidence and still fail to take steps to defend themselves.

  5. Why don’t we trade continents. Europeans can be in Africa or middle east. They can have Europe. Then watch Africa and middle east grow into green forest and nature itself multiple. Then Europe is desertificated.

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