11 thoughts on “About the Role of Women

  1. Varg, this video and the one you uploaded in YouTube “Work Bitch” are simply amazing. It is so sad for me as a young woman to see other older women trying to look for “equality” with men and neglecting their natural role… I think men and women are not meant to be equals but complements, and this is what this sick, sad world does not understand. In my country (Austria) there is a big breach between those women who decide not to have kids in order to be “someone” or have a career and those who decide to stay at home taking care of the kids. But humankind is so f**d up that the mother staying at home has to feel ashamed of assuming her natural role and will always be pointed at for being the one “maintained” by her husband. Sad, isn´t it? The sad fruits of the feminism.
    I´m happy to know that there are men out there who think like you.
    I will share your video as much as posible.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Greetings from the Alps.

  2. Thank you Varg, I can appreciate the Librarian/Light-keeper aspect to the role of women whereas men are the Martial Guardians of the traditional territory in the complimentary sense.

    Athena and Aries.

  3. Thank for for this good and interesting video. I had just finished to read “Eros and the Mysteries of Love” by Julius Evola which also clarifies the role of traditional women through ages and civilizations. You may have surely already read it but if not, I really recommend it to you.

    I am French but my husband is also a tradional man who loves Norse mythology (he is American but has Swedish roots). He wanted to share this board he has drawn a few weeks ago : http://imageshack.com/a/img911/8961/5Ivth9.jpg


    Virginia & Taylor

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  5. Astonishing vídeo. I don’t want to be unkind to Varg but I find in this entry some of the most inspiring words i’ve read lately. Thank you Marie, you deserve great respect for the depth of your work, it’ very easy to find “kindergarten” approaches when it concerns subjects like European Roots in contrast is almost impossible to find the level of honesty and intelectual/emotional depth that you’ve transmitted. Your work becomes reference.
    Best Regards, Lughcitannia.

  6. I was also a medievalist for 10 years with the SCA and the MSR, learning centuries old skills and teaching the public at fairs and festivals, studying the history and the research papers written by other members in our publications (I published one of my papers from my second BA, in anthropology, in one of them — on Courtly Love, dispelling a lot of the myths).

  7. I identified with a lot in this – I have had the role of family historian and keeper of the family tree passed down to me from the eldest aunts on both sides of my family–we have a strong oral family history passed down through the women in my family, and it was part of every feast day celebration to sit together in the kitchen, from old to young, and re-tell the stories that the oldest could remember of their childhoods and the stories their parents and grandparents had told them of their childhoods. I’ve been studying both German and French over the last several years and have recently taken up the study of runes, and I have always had a very strong academic bent. Wish I could spend all my time doing that instead of having to earn a living and work my ass off!

  8. finally, the truth about womens roles! we have an enlightener in such modern darkness. i knewthe ‘truth’ all along since i was 11. i have a handsome supportive man whom id die for and do anything for. i am happy knowing my position.

    this poem was beautiful. was it a poem or narrative?

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