The Word of God

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Some hundred years ago one could not argue against “the word of God”. If it was in the bible, everybody simply had to believe in it, and arguing against it was if not always a physical suicide, then at least very dangerous, and the risk of being octracized was huge. Ridicule was certain. Scorn was certain. Persecution was certain.

Today science is “the new word of God”, and perhaps especially so DNA. If its in the DNA and the scientists (the new priests) can interpret it for us this or that way, then we can not argue against it. If a DNA sample e. g. proved to you that you were white, when you in reality were black, it would be hard for you to convince your fellow human beings that you were in fact black. I mean; how can you argue against DNA? When science talks, we often close our eyes to reality, and instead just accept what the scientists say.

When the Max Planck institute started their Neanderthal Genome Project, they took DNA from two different already mixed (with Homo sapiens) Neanderthals from Vindija in Croatia, and since they did not have a complete DNA, they added something from another (also mixed, with Denisova [an Asian species]) Neanderthal from Mezmaiskya in Russia. So the DNA they had was not from one individual, it was not from a Neanderthal at all, but from several mixed Neanderthal/Homo Sapiens/Denisova individuals, and as if that wasn’t enough: the DNA was not complete.

They did not take DNA samples from any pure Neanderthals, nor from any of the many Neanderthals in Central or Western Europe. Why not?!

Then they took DNA from several modern human beings, and compared it to the DNA of the (remember: mixed) Neanderthals they had taken samples from.

The modern humans they took DNA from were surprisingly not Europeans, save one from France. We know nothing about this Frenchman either.

So when we know the Neanderthals were blue-eyed, blond and very light skinned, why did they not take samples from a population with mainly such features, such as the Scandinavians, the Germans, the Dutch or the English? Why not?!

Not surprisingly, some of the Asians seemingly came out with the most Neanderthal DNA. Well, why would they not, when the scientists had added DNA from a Neanderthal mixed with an Asian species?! We don’t know how mixed it was either. For all we know it was a half-Neanderthal, half-Denisovan, with 50% of its DNA from Denisova.

Why would some of the Asians not have the most Neanderthal DNA, when they had – amazingly – not compared it to a European with Neanderthal features such as blond hair, blue-eyes and very light skin?! How convenient, to leave out the absolutely most Neanderthal-looking modern men from the research!

And tell me: what kind of ‘science’ is that?!

And tell me: do you trust DNA tests and what these priests tell us about DNA when you know this?

They don’t enlighten us; they sink us further into darkness. They don’t illuminate our world with scientific truth; they produce smoke screens and illusions.

I am tired of this. Not a month passes by, without somebody sending me a link to some ‘scientific’ journal who apparently argue against what I say. They don’t actually, but some times it seems as if they do, because – after all – all they produce are smoke screens and illusions, hiding the truth.

If you wish to learn the truth, use your head instead. If it makes sense, it is probably true. If it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true – such as the theory that Europeans still in posession of all the recessive traits of the Neanderthals are not mainly Neanderthals!

We are. We still are Neanderthals.

Don’t let these priests ruin your faith in your origin. Don’t let them break down your own identify. Don’t trust “the word of God”.

HailaR WôðanaR!

41 thoughts on “The Word of God

  1. You need to read this and consider closely his arguments, data and whole line of thought.
    It will be like the first time, when you as an obedient and indoctrinated citizen, was presented with a book or lecture that criticized the “holy 6 millions”. And like then, your character, integrity, honesty and analytical mind will be demonstrated by the way you approach the material.

  2. Hallo Varg

    I have noticed that some of your articles don’t have a German translation, do you mind if I help out?

  3. You’re making the same mistake in your research. Eye’s color, blonde and face bones are differentiated from crista neuralis stem cell. It’s higher development biology than DNA. Biomechanic unknown for modern biophysics. DNA is just a protein builder.

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  5. “the scientists (the new priests) can interpret it for us this or that way, then we can not argue against it.”

    Yes and no. Whereas it’s true that there is rubbish and bad science out there – and scientist too of course -, there’s no reason to ditch “science”. Science is just a methodology, and I really do believe it’s our biggest achievement. And it’s strongest point lies in the fact that yes, you CAN argue against any postulate. If not, then it’s simply not science, but rubbish.

    So thread carefully! be skeptical and critical, eyes open, but don’t fall in the trap of going as far as believing that Science is rubbish – if anybody here was thinking that of course.

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  7. They used croatian one becasue he is young and had better chance of salvaging DNA than older ones.

    • The Croatian ones. There were two, and they were both female.

      I know, however; then why call it “The Neanderthal Genome Project”, when neither of these two Croatians were actual Neanderthals? It’s a bit like taking samples from some Pakistani-Norwegian hybrids, in order to map the “Norwegian” genome.

      • The sample form euro-asia was the most race mixed and differed significantly accoridng svante paabo.

      • That analogy is very good at emphasizing the problem. The fact is they know that on average 4% of European DNA is exclusively Neanderthal. With 95% being the same as chimps, that leaves less than 1% homo sapien. This destroys the socialist narrative of equality. So what do they do? As scientists are state employees (university is financed by the state) they do their masters work to keep their narrative going so the multi cultural utopia can be achieved.

        As a vegan friend said to his nutrition researcher friend. “You make eggs and milk look like the healthiest food we can get”. The researcher replied “get me funding to research bananas and I’ll make them look like the key to immortality”

  8. It is obvious that scientific researches are under the pressure of ideology.
    Not only this subject is banned, unfortunately, the same story happened with linguistic researches. and with many other. Now the searching for truth is the privilege of marginals. It is not enough to have fragmented knowledge without a strong provable scientific base to unite people who share with each other world view that is not popular in the modern world.

  9. Obviously, the priests of academia are holding back or obfuscating information, like you said, Varg. In other words, these people fine tune the control population in order to get the results they wish. I recently had my DNA sequenced and I find that I am 99.7% European with an admixture of ancient mix from those that are ancestors of East Asia/N.America and nothing from Africa or the Middle East. I am mostly Scandinavian.

    • Even if we accept their “out of africa” theory, there are two massively glaring points to consider. They say homo sapiens are between 100, 000 to 200, 000 years old (they can’t even agree on this. Giving a 100, 000 year possibility isn’t very scientifically specific! )

      Say it’s 100, 000 years. In only 30, 000 years the homo sapiens split into 2 distinct sub species: homo sapien sapien and homo sapien italdu. And this was in the SAME CONTINENT and SAME ENVIRONMENT. So when the homo sapiens sapien left Africa 50, 000 years ago, into massively different environments, evolution stopped……. apart from a few minor mutations on skin colour and nose structure. Considering it only took 30, 000 years for 2 sub species to appear, 50, 000 years is plenty of time for an even greater separation into sub species.

      When you add in the fact non Africans having Neanderthal DNA, the whole thing falls apart.

  10. You state that those neanderthals are mixed, so can you please give examples of neanderthals that aren’t mixed?

  11. It’s typical environment in science. And working specialists are well accustomed to it. The large part of quatum physics is junk, the large part of modern biology and mathematics ( statistics and probability) is junk. The Gumow’s Big Bang etc. All know about it. You’re far from being alone. So what? Let them play their toys.
    If you are really interested , you should read about melanin stem cells developmental biology. Not DNA. Spectral geometry and melanin. The amazing area of research. Don’t blame science. Obviously it is not religion. Majority of scientists is just stupid.

  12. It probably goes without saying that modern “Science” is just an extension of dogmatic Judaism, a cult of science, as some of your previous posts have explained better than I could. To summarize, the pagan interpretation of reality supports cyclical and infinite time, while the Judaic interpretation of reality supports linear and finite time. The Judaic interpretation requires miracles to define itself (anything that contains Judaic influence uses such miracles), such as the Christian Genesis which is all too similar to the “scientific” big bang theory.
    Anyway, I recently watched a few presentations by Stephen Crothers, who, among other things, completely refutes general relativity, and pokes multiple holes into the theories of the “scientific saints” Einstein and Hawking. Aside from the fact that his main opponents are internet trolls with middle-school levels of scientific knowledge, his points are very sound. If you can separate yourself from dogma and rhetoric, if you have taken a physics class before (or at least taught yourself unbiased physics), and if you understand the basics behind algebraic math, then you can see the proof in his statements for yourself. He is simply expanding on the same general concepts the Marie introduces simply in chapter 2 part B on
    I used to take Marie’s scientific statements with a grain of salt, but after reading into the works of Crothers and his colleagues (Electric Universe Theory), it seems that I judged her too harshly. All of the evidence unfiltered points to roughly 100 years of scientific oppression. To see this for yourself, simply look at how these “physicists” define and explain gravity. To them, it is a magical, all-powerful force/non-force that manipulates time itself. Does this not resemble the paradoxical christian explanation of trinity and god? When Judaic saints of any kind force a belief down your throat, and you question its nature, they will always fire back with self-explaining “truths” of an “unexplainable” kind.
    For some extra thought points, research for yourself how charged space plasma induces electricity here on Earth, and compare that with the “myths” of Thor/Zeus and the mythological “pagan heavens” that Marie has previously pointed out refer to the solar system allegorically.

    That’s the end of my little rant. Maybe I should get some sleep and review this in the morning.
    HailaR ÞunaR!

  13. There is probably quite a few scientists within the field of anthropology that don’t believe in the “Out of Africa” theory. After all there is no evidence to support it. Problem is you can’t voice such an opinion without destroying your career. Science is governed by politics and corporate agendas rather than curiosity because of how it’s funded and published.

    Anyhow, the reason why East Asians “appear” to have more Neanderthal DNA than Europeans is probably because the African reference DNA is not Neanderthal free. After all there have been a great deal of back migrations into Africa and much more so from Europe than East Asia. When you mask the Euroasian components of African genomes you find that there is very little variation left in Africa. More info in this article:

    The most glaring flaw to me in the studies concerning Neanderthal ancestry is that DNA from archaic african sapiens don’t appear in the equation at all (correct me if I am wrong). How can you say anything about degree of Neanderthal or African ancestry if you don’t include any archaic sapiens reference DNA in your study?

      • I should also mention that it has been established that the Motala hunter-gatherers, who belonged to the first group of humans to populate scandinavia in the current interglacial period, were indeed blond and blue eyed. So it’s definitely not a trait that came after the dawn of agriculture as some anthropologists and science writers would have it. Read more here:

        • It is also established that all the major genetic components that make up modern Europeans were present in a single ancestral population spanning Eurasia 37000 years ago which speaks strongly against the widespread belief that modern Europeans derive most of their DNA from middle eastern farmers. It is discussed by the Danish evolutionary biologist Eske Willerslev in this video:

  14. “If it makes sense, it is probably true.”
    The vast majority of the people get the Monty Hall problem wrong when they first encounter it.
    I would say more things are true that are not intuitive or that make sense (Is light a wave or a particle? or both? we still don’t know all there is to know about light, whatever the truth about it will be it will certainly not be obvious/intuitive/’make sense’ otherwise we’d fully understand it by now).

    You didn’t provide any sources on all your claims, and I’ve never heard any of these claims before, could you link to where you got your info from? I don’t want to believe what you write without any proof behind it (otherwise you could be making it up off the top of your head for all I know…)

    • Everything is explained here:, with link to original sources et cetera.

      You can also do a search on my blog, and read what I have written about this before.

  15. Couldn’t agree more. Also in solving crime, DNA is abused to lock people up just because some of their DNA was found ( which not even the judge can really check ) even if there is not a shred of other evidence. On a lighter note, the maker of this cartoon has his own reasons to hate science. Beware, contains coarse language and rock music…..;)

    • Not least when you can actually plant DNA from others on a crime scene if you want to, and I am sure they some times do.

      They planted fingerprints from me, just to get me convicted. I know they did, because I had gloves on.

  16. Why would in particular anybody of Neanderthal origin embrace the science religion over their true roots? I rejoiced when I learned that my Irish ancestors included Neanderthals. I’ll They must be suicidal. They are at least self-destructive.

    I came to a conclusion the other day. Skathi (or Skadi, I’m not sure how that is Latinized) is the goddess of hunting and the hunt, right? Or is it only Artemis? Anyway, she is also a woman, and women normally specialize in gathering, as we all know. So wouldn’t a divine woman be even more proficient at gathering, especially this one, since goddesses are the most feminine and most proficient in womanly concepts anyhow? Wouldn’t those who follow the old religion (those who believe in the gods yet are still nomadic) have a special regard for Skathi? Forgive me for steering off-topic, but I have not yet found this idea in your writings so far, and I am just curious if you agree or disagree that there is a special relationship Skathi has to the Neanderthal ideal and to nomads in general.

    • Skaði was actually originally a male deity, and not a female, but yes: it’s the same as Roman Diana and Greek Artemis.

      Proto-Nordic name is Skanþan, and he gave name to Scandinavia (Skanþin-awjô).

      Skaþan is the god of hunting, and the name translates as “jump”, like you do from rock to rock when you chase your prey.

  17. Have you ever seen claims by some chap called John DeNugent (who is associated with that South Italian mongrel Giacomo Vallone who runs the nauseating “European Knights Project”) claiming the “you know who’s” are actually Neanderthals? That theory seems to be gaining some traction amongst the Bible Brigade over at the Daily Stormer. Truly I weep for modern “white nationalism” at times.

    • They are complete idiots, but what else to expect from “white nationalists” who worship a Hebrew idol?

      The same happened when the Neanderthals were first discovered; Christian freaks created the ‘monster’ image of the Neanderthal, who in reality look almost identical to how we look today. So e. g. before and during WWII, scientists who argued that they were actually OUR forebears, were ridiculed and ignored. And the ‘primitive monster’ theory prevailed.

      • One thing thing that really irks me with relation to the Neanderthal is how when they had to admit that modern Europeans bear any relation to him, mainstream news sources went and put a strongly ant-white spin on it by combining the subhuman image of the Neanderthal with almost mocking headlines about how “early humans” (they don’t even refer to Neanderthals as human) engaged in inter-species sex and implicitly ridiculing Europeans for having ancestry from this primitive, ugly creature.

        Also as regards white nationalism, I sometimes get the impression Paganism is on the decline, at least in the Anglophone sphere, where nowadays it is largely based on websites like the Daily Stormer and 4chan’s /pol/, where frankly it seems to me a form of Christianity often not motivated by a genuine belief in Jesus Christ but in the misguided notion that European identity equals Christianity predominates, whereas whilst you always had Christian Identity and their ilk, back in the skinhead days of white nationalism Paganism seemed more predominant with influential figures like David Lane and the likes of the British Movement promoting it.

        • I think Christianity, in any form, is a problem mainly in the USA, and perhaps also other former colonies. Elsewhere Europeans are rejecting it for what it is; an Asian immigrant religion, destructive to our cause, culture and hope for survival as a race/species.

          David Lane and not least William Pierce are missing today, yes.

  18. Excellent post Varg.
    In reading these so-called “expert studies”, I’ve often suspected some dishonesty, especially concerning the results. After all, if the real evidence were to be interpreted correctly, the conclusion wouldn’t agree with the popular anti-racist narrative the “liars that be” attempt to sell to us.
    Unfortunately the science religion boasts an incredible amount of unwitting, yet devout followers, who simply parrot the same baseless lies ad nauseam, all the while citing their “peer reviewed” scientific articles. These people it appears, never once stop to consider that perhaps the support of some underhanded agenda might be the driving force behind these infallible scientific studies!

    They ignore their senses and what we ourselves can verify by using them, and instead put their unwavering faith in the priests of the science religion.
    It seems to me that we’ve seen this sort of thing before…

  19. I am in total agreement and am also against the new Jewish atheist science of genetics, that maintains that we all ‘came out of Africa ‘! This is as believable and “scientifically proven” as their ‘holocaust’ religion. As you said, if it makes sense……
    Oh yes, did you hear the one about Palestine is the ancestral home of the Eastern European Askenazi and Khasar Jews? Apparently, Spain may be next!

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