About Islam in Europe

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Many Europeans see Islam as a threat, and therefore throw themselves in the arms of the force they see as the only alternative to this, namely Christianity. All of a sudden they start talking about ‘our traditional Christian values’ and ‘our Christian cultural heritage’ and so forth, rejecting Islam as an immigrant religion – and a threat.

In reality Christianity is an immigrant religion too – and a threat to our traditional European values and cultural heritage. Christianity prevailed here in Europe from about the year 500 to 1300, replacing our European religion (we are told….). 

Now, imagine that Islam actually prevailed here in Europe, and we all became Muslims, like we once (supposedly) became Christians.

Then after some time, let us say a thousand years, a new religion is created by somebody in the Middle East, and all of a sudden the Europeans will start talking about ‘our traditional Muslim values’ and ‘our Islamic cultural heritage’… They will defend Islam against this new threat, just like the Christians today defend Christianity (yes: they defend not Europe, but Christianity) against Islam.

I think our forebears, who fought, killed and died defending Europe and our religion (so-called ‘Paganism’) against the Christians and their foreign religion, would shake their heads in despair, had they seen how Europeans today embrace Christianity as ‘our’ religion and the best alternative to Islam.

What different does it make if you call the foreign ‘God’ you worship for Jehovah or Allah? What difference does it make if your ‘saviour’ is some rebel Jew or some Arab prophet? It is in any case a foreign religion, alien to your European nature.

We are not ‘Christians’ or ‘Muslims’. We are Europeans, and we have our own cultural heritage. Our own values. Our own laws. Our own ideals. Our own religion.

All foreign religions are alien to us and our European spirit. And both Christianity and Islam are foreign religions.

Hail the European deities! Hail and Joy!



101 thoughts on “About Islam in Europe

  1. it’s the same problem here too!
    do you know what is Zoroastrian Mr Varg?
    in Iran we were Zoroastrian until Arabs invaded and destroyed all the culture we had once . and brought Islam .

  2. Write an article about the migrants that are flooding Italy from Libya at the moment if that is ok and would not cause problems.

  3. It was also similar with catholics and protestants. During counter-reformation one Polish priest sad something about ‘real Poles-catholics’ and it became a well-known phrase – today catholic politicians still say that ‘a real Pole is a catholic’. I’m tired of this bullshit.

  4. So we have a similar problem in Russia. Times ago we had absolutely unique culture and religion with our own values and heritage. The Christianity came only XI – XII century, it was difficult for Russian Pagans. They all were baptized by force. This Orthodox Christianity were given to us by the The Byzantine Empire. In 986 prince Vladimir tried to choose new (foreign) religion for Russia, there were such religions like Judaism, Islam and Christianity. After the events we forgot culture of our ancient forebears!

  5. arg, I wish both muslims and christians would realize how mislead they are and drop this nonesense. Small regional belief system is so much better for everybody as long as a moral base is observed by everybody (as simple as respecting humanlife and some natural laws) the rest is really simply personal.

  6. Maybe Abraham was pinnochio. The wizards japetto talking to his head.getting him to do stupid shit like killing his son. Cutting foreskin. There doing it back so we wake up. Stop eating McDonalds. They woke up and did nothing but think to control us. There smart. Now its our turn. No more new science historical facts unless you use your intuition to see what really happened. Hey varg I recorded a neo skald rap to a song of yours. I was going to upload it but I like to have your permission. If no response ill do it. If no ill keep I for myself.

  7. Unfortunately a large majority of “nationalists”are defending “christian traditions”against islam,and we also have other fools,like “égalité et réconciliation”in France,that want to be allied with islam against the zionist government.
    What a pity.Real Europeans with European spirit are a little minority,unfortunately.

    • Yes, it’s sad. There are three alternatives; plague, cholera and good health, and very few pick the latter.

      • There was something I wanted to ask you, Varg. Are the Georgians Europeans? I used to think they weren’t but then I was reading about the Nart Sagas (the mythology of the Caucasus) and their pagan beliefs were very similar to that of the Greeks. They even have the same story of Prometheus. I figured you would know better than I would. So, are Georgians European?

  8. Happy birthday Varg! I wish you strength, honour, determination, will and many sunny days in your life! HailaR WodanaR!!!

  9. Varg, do you know of any European groups who didn’t resist Christianity and just accepted it?

  10. Organized Judaism is the greatest threat to the entire world, especially Europeans. The Jews drive us in harms way when we have done nothing wrong. It pleasures them to genocide the beauty of the European folk. The three desert religions as a whole all must be banished to live happily and free.

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  12. The more I think about it the more I relate Christianity with ‘Empire’. It is the perfect internationalist religion. That is why Putin is probably so interested in having it as a tool for power (among other things).
    On the other hand I think one of the main problems about the spiritual corruption of The West (particularly in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden) is people falling into the trap of nihilism, the by-product of modern culture.
    This is something which is not mentioned very often unfortunately. Food for thought.

  13. Varg, what can you say about norwegian pagan-faggots? I can’t belive, but they destroyed pagan movement in Norway! It’s very bad and shameful

    • They were even supported financially by the Marxist government to do so.

      But I think there are plenty of good Pagans there too. We are just not allowed to hear about them.

  14. It does seem that there is a movement back towards the old ways and away from the alien beliefs. Here in the U.S, Odinism/ Asatru is growing in number and strength and in Iceland the first heathen temple is being built in well over 1,000(?) years. The more we as European- Americans and Europeans come home so to speak, the more these desert religions will have to recede. In the mean time, it is good to see places like Germany standing up for their country.

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  18. Most of muslims in France are africans, so they will replace our people at the end. but when christians fought against pagans they were…europeans. So i prefere to see white catholics than africans muslims in our country.

    • So you choose plague before cholera, when good health (Paganism) is a third alternative?

  19. The problem with Christianity is that it is inherently a globalist religion that actually mirrors a lot of the worldviews that lie at the centre of the liberal dogma today. By reading the texts you can tell it’s all for imperialism and against any idea of separate and preserved tribes and cultures.

    Because of this especially in America you seem to get one extreme or the other, both hideous, either modern “lapsed Christians” who have some vague adherence to it but are clearly quite modern and liberal in their views and the others who are just brainwashed fundamentalists who constantly refuse to listen to reason. I still have a lot of sympathy for atheists when I see them trying to get through to these people.

    I try to keep hope for the Christians you do see who can be reasoned with and see the importance for traditional practices and values, and I like to think that we can gradually get through to these people not by attacking them as relentlessly as they have attacked us but by making them see how much common ground we share and what their religion is really composed of.

    • Sigebrand i need you can you copy articles that humanity consist of many races and that races exist i neen it for debate and i thought that you researched that topic well.

      • I’m one of the worst people to ask for having great sources at my fingertips usually, there is this guy though who I came across recently: http://www.raelpress.org/news.php?item.207.1 – also just google search out of africa theory debunked and you can come across loads easily enough from across the world, including Russia and China, that call into question the genetic links to Africa. Also bring in the logistics of climate, hunter gatherer culture and what we know about prehistoric human species – there is no logical reason why a) Africans would move north into a tundra during an ice age and b) how they would manage to so easily defeat Neanderthals on their own turf who were both better equipped for the environment and though arguably less effective runners were physically stronger and more robust. It’s also worth pointing out the ambiguous nature of Asian origins. Though it is logical to assume that middle-easterners, specifically Jews and Arabs (so basically the vast majority of the modern middle eastern or “Semitic” population) have their distinct ethnicity and appearance as a result of being more extensively mixed with the cro-magon hybrids very soon after this hybridisation process started to happen. Due to their proximity it makes sense that they have a distinct and more exotic ethnicity that has as modern humans always set them apart from any modern Europeans. Anyway, regarding Mongol/Han Chinese Asians, they are descended from at least three species – Neanderthal and to a small degree homosapiens like us, as well as Denisova and in likelihood an at present unknown species which seems to be making some news at the moment: http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/fossil-teeth-dont-belong-any-extinct-human-species-known

        Something to start off with I hope, good luck debating. Always helps to have these things to hand. I’ve tried rhetoric and just expecting people to use basic common sense, and that alone doesn’t usually work.

        • But i need evidence that human races as biological term exists i know that they exists but some people need convincing 😛

          • In response to biologics proof. I had a link bookmarked that was deleted. Its a topographical map of the dominant haplogroup/bloodtype/tribe….whatever they label it. Race or genes. It shows each area of land seperated by blood. That’s all the prop I need if you don’t have an immune system to feel it….lol

          • I know, it’s difficult, my only answer would be to trawl through google for specific genetic studies, and not just ethnic mapping haplogroup studies as what that can actually tell us is pretty misleading, or at least limiting. This is of importance, the term race has been misused and vague for god knows how long, it’s only ever been what people make of it, time to make it biological. Skin colour means nothing. Being “white” means nothing, just point out the hypocrisy of liberals who claim to respect “ethnic people” and races but completely reduce people’s heritage and genetics to the colour of their skin, as if that’s all there is to it. There is also plenty out there on cross-comparisons between anatomy in skeletal and facial/skull structure, and you can make plenty of observations on these without veering into outdated Conrad Coon-style phenotype pseudoscience

  20. Sehr guter Artikel Varg,besser kann man es nicht beschreiben.Die Frage ist nur nach über 1000 Jahre Christentum wie wir unsere eigenen Religion zurückbekommen?Heil Dir,Varg! stedinger

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  22. A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim were having a discussion about who was the most religious.

    “I was riding my camel in the middle of the Sahara,” exclaimed the Muslim. “Suddenly a fierce sandstorm appeared from nowhere. I truly thought my end had come as I lay next to my camel while we being buried deeper and deeper under the sand. But I did not lose my faith in the Almighty Allah, I prayed and prayed. Then suddenly, for a hundred metres all around me, the storm had stopped. Since that day I am a devout Muslim and am now learning to recite the Quran by memory.”

    “One day while fishing,” started the Christian, “I was in my little dinghy in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly a fierce storm appeared from nowhere. I sincerely thought my end had come as my little dinghy was tossed up and down in the rough ocean. But I did not lose my faith in Jesus Christ, I prayed and prayed and suddenly, for 300 metres all around me, the storm had stopped. Since that day I am a devout Christian and am now teaching young children about Him.”

    “One day I was walking down the road,” explained the Jew, “I was in my most expensive designer outfit in the middle of New York city. Suddenly I saw a black bag on the ground in front of me appear out of nowhere. I put my hand inside and found a million dollars in cash. I truly thought my end had come as it was a Saturday and we are not allowed to handle money on Saturdays. But I did not lose my faith in Jehovah, I prayed and prayed and suddenly, for 500 metres all around me, it was Tuesday…”

  23. I have often thought the same thing, to embrace christianity this way is to spit on the believs of your forefathers. They are basicly saying the way this religion was forced on us was all to the good. Maybe after all Europe is made Muslim the force they used is ok too in they’re eyes. “They are but thoughtless sheep following the sheppard”

  24. All foreign religions are alien to us and our European spirit. And both Christianity and Islam are foreign religions.

    I see anything that is fruit of the poisonous tree (Judaism) as a threat to our people, and equivocating about which fruit is more deadly seems merely like exercises in mental masturbation.

    One of the posters mentioned something about whether or not bisexuality is acceptable for females. I wouldn’t think so. I think that feminism is another product of the poisonous tree and that young European women are indoctrinated with the “foreign” belief that European men are their enemies and oppressors and a desirable alternative to breeding out with mongrels is to be a homosexual or bisexual. How can this be acceptable? It is a deliberate attempt to destroy the European people. It will never be acceptable. Did women get together to raise their children and do household work? Absolutely. But to believe that there was any deviant sexuality involved, beyond the platonic love of sisters, is to further degrade what it means to be a European Pagan, in my opinion.

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  26. the irony here with catholics is that they are not consciously aware that deep inside they are practicing paganism in their calendar festivities and worshiping ancient Gods in disguise. Ancient and native customs twisted and disguised in judeochristian morality

  27. What is the speaking horn the two standing up are wearing? Do you have any information on them. I really desire to know and have one….thanks.
    Can I have a source of old european pictures too?

  28. What you just described, if Europe should adopt Islam as its faith and then talk how Islam is the true ”tradition” and ”heritage”, I’m afraid it already happened to Bosnia. The Turks imposed Islam on them when they invaded and now most of Bosnia is Muslim and talks like it’s their faith for more than 1000 years now. It’s shameful.

    • Albania is probably an even better example, but in general many peoples on the Balkans have a lot of cultural heritage as well as DNA in common with the Turks.

      • It’s because Turks are not genetically turkic. They are mostly populations of Anatolia that lived there under Byzantine rule, and joined Ottomans to get away from the Byzantine extreme taxes and imposition of Orthodoxy. Their turkic DNA is scarce, because the turks were very few in numbers. It’s not a culture brought from the east by turks. It’s a culture turks found when they came here.

    • True. And Turkey itself also used to be a Christian nation (Byzantium) until the Muslims invaded it in 1453.

    • Another similar example would be the “pomak” populations in Bulgaria. The vast majority (perhaps 100%) of them are ethnically Bulgarians, yet they are muslims. They perfectly realise the fact that they are Bulgarians, yet when they speak about a non-muslim Bulgarian they say “a Bulgarian”, dividing themselves as “us” and “them”.
      This is not only an example of Islamisation of Europeans, but also an example of how religion can be forced as more important than blood/ethnicity.

      The saddest part is the fact that this happened to the best Bulgarians during the Ottoman occupation. The majority in the more populous regions simply acted muslim or paid a tax for being christian if they could. The Bulgarian pomaks were those living in the southern mountain villages, who resisted Islamisation the most and were thus converted using violence, killing the adults, abducting and brainwashing the children to use as fanatic soldiers-Janissaries. The same tactic used by the christians a thousand years before that.

  29. Well, we’ve had 1000 years of Christianity in Norway. Church attendance is extremely low (people just attend for name ceremony, weddings and funerals), and they hold no real power anymore. I’m not saying that Christianity is ‘forgiven’ or ‘forgotten’, but maybe Islam poses a more important threat at this moment. Christianity needs to go, sure, but Islam is more immediate as a threat.

    Kick Muslims out of Europe, and then Christianity might die a slow death by its own.

  30. Woops, forgot to type my comment.
    Some people are trying to argue against this statement you have made saying that “Well, Christianity isn’t really Jewish, because Christianity comes from Judeanism not real Judaism. Christianity is purely European because it developed in Europe under the Roman Empire.” What does this even mean?

    • I have no idea what you are talking about, and if you are talking to me I can assure you that I have said nothing like that.

    • It means they have completely lost contact with historical reality. First christian sects were to be found in the large jewish ghetto of ancient Rome during the second century AD. These various chrestian sects were all jewish and allowed only jews to enter their subversive sects which were aiming to start anti-roman revolutions. these christians preached the destruction of white Rome and committed horrible crimes against the white roman population, some even sacrificed innocent white children as has been seen by romans who entered the inner sanctum of these sects. Dont let any of these contemporary deluded christians fool you, at their origin they were mostly jews, only a minority allowed white europeans to enter and this only IF they were prepared to commit horrible crimes against their own race + mutilate their own genitals, and even so they were only seen as second class members. As far as im concerned these christians can crawl back to the desert where they belong.

      Revilo Oliver has one good chapter about the origins of christianity in his book The jewish strategy, available here if you are interested:


  31. Everyone shall not worry; for this Judeo-Christian/Muslim matrix is only an obstacle that will fall. Ever since the Paleolithic; Mesolithic; Neolithic; and the Age of Metal; Europeans have always rid themselves of weaklings, oppressors and outright degenerates.

  32. “In your one article on Paganism it seems that you support female bisexuality”

    He does not support female bisexuality. He just says that it is natural for women to find other women attractive and good to look at.

    • Bullshit. What I would like to know is how the rules differ between men and women and the text basically indicates permissiveness that the priestesses when they are not being impregnated by the Freyr priest engage in bisexuality. Please correct me if I am wrong and I hope I am!. This chick (link posted prior) thinks bisexuality and even homosexuality is Pagan, and is proud to be bisexual. Little spoiled Estonian brat.

  33. I am very pro-Russian myself; the only thing that I am saddened about is that Putin seems to be an Orthodox Christian. It seems he has not yet been disillusioned to the Jewish hold on the European mind.

    Varg, what do you think will happen if the West and Russia go into war? Or if we enter WW3? What would you do in a crisis like this? Would you find a way or plan to keep safe? Would you actually fight if you were attacked?

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  35. Hello Varg. In your one article on Paganism it seems that you support female bisexuality, could you please clarify what this means because I just got done arguing with a chick who calls herself Aryan Pagan who uploaded a couple pics one with her kissing a girl and then in the comments saying Artemis and other Gods and Goddesses were bisexual and said Kama Sutra was Aryan. Now I know you don’t support faggotry but am stumped over these words of yours..
    “When it comes to homosexuality, there are other rules in the Pagan philosophy for women, though. Women are free to choose how they shall live. The Pagan women often used their Freyr priests only for “uncomfortable” mating, and when not producing children preferred the company of other women instead, and this was seen as perfectly acceptable. The difference between men and women in the Pagan society was in other words not just “suppressive” to women. Women had special rules to follow, but also special rights – because men and women are different.”

  36. I have an offtopic question in relation to Europe and a foreign faith. I understand the ancient Hungarians follower Tengriism but Tengriism also stretches to Mongolia. Is Tengriism the faith of ancient Hungarians or is it a Asian steppe faith? I am very interested in this matter because I have ancestors from Hungarian and want to know more about their ancient faith?

    • If you have Hungarian ancestors they are probably not Hungarian but hungarian speaking europeans. Problem with Hungary is that there was big blood cauldron and the true hungarian blood have probably 5% of the population. The rest is slavic, roman or german.
      If you look at some ancient hungarians/huns photos you’ll see that they don’t look very european and then look at todays hungarians and see the difference

      • Hungarians have nothing to do with Huns. And probably nothing to do with Mongols.

        It may sound silly or outlandish; but most Europeans in the Neolithic-era may have spoken Uralic or languages similar to the Uralic language group; before Indo-European languages became widespread.

        Before Indo-European languages dominated Europe; most Europeans were probably Vasconic (pre-Basque, extinct Aquitanian, Iberian etc) speakers.

        In fact; traces of non Indo-European languages can be found in Germanic languages.

        There is a theory that Etruscan, Raetic and other non Indo-European languages may have been related to Uralic languages.

        In fact; Indo-European is actually a very young language group. Basque is estimated to be descended from a larger language group that was spoken in Europe; possibly as far back as the Paleolithic! While Uralic is estimated to have developed 8,000 years ago in the Mesolithic; a few centuries older than Indo-European.

      • I usually respond to this argument with one simple question: if the Hungarians who came to the Carpathian basin at the end of the 9th century weren’t Europeans and we’re just Slavs and Germans speaking a different language, then why is it that István/Stephen, the first king of Hungary, and a direct descendant of Árpád, is depicted in every medieval codex as a typical, white European man? He was the first to marry a German princess, his ancestors were all Hungarians…
        I am aware of the fact that we have mixed with Slavs and Germans for centuries and I see nothing wrong with that, but claiming that those old Hungarians were so different from us is nonsense.

    • I’m pretty sure that we had some connection to Tengriism since our word “tenger” means “sea” while the original meaning of “Tengri” is something like “blue sky” and I guess I don’t have to explain why those are similar.
      Hungarian religion in the 9th century seems to be a mixture of Tengriism, Finno-ugric/Siberian shamanism and some unique elements. It included a world tree with the realm of good spirits and deities at the top, the realm of humans in the middle and the realm of bad spirits at the bottom, and the main deity was a Sky God.
      The shamans used to get into a trance while drumming then they climbed a ladder or a real tree which symbolized the World Tree to consult with the deities.
      Some old Hungarian traditions (like the blood pact or thrusting swords into the ground) and also many jewels resemble the much older Scythian ones, indicating that we might be connected to them in some way, so studying the Scythian religion can also be helpful in this context.

      • Thank you for the post 🙂

        Also, I was talking with a friend who said Magyar is a more accurate term for Hungarian people. I’ve seen Magyar used many times here.

  37. One must not forget that the biggest threat to Paganism is the religion of “merchants”. It already has tarnished Europe and blindsided the weak, thus breaking them away what will destroy Paganism and society as whole for all that matter.

  38. I fully agree, but the reality of these days makes me say that these pseudo Muslims are exterminated because they are dangerous and threaten the world including us europei.This want to take over the world and do not look at anyone, whether you are a Christian, European or even Muslim like them, these are crazy and go exterminated first of all!

  39. Reblogged this on La Gran Raza De Yith and commented:

    Leer este post me lleva reflexionar sobre nuestras creencias originales , los mitos y leyendas de nuestros aborígenes , aquí ya teníamos nuestra creencia , nuestra cosmogonía , hoy adoramos dioses traídos …

  40. Yes Varg, you are right but i should say that at least Christianity has let me say adopt or stole many things from paganism as you know and mentioned before like Jóla or Halloween etc. but what about arabs those disgusting lizard-eaters came from desert to my land and ruin every possible thing that they could. maybe you find it not interesting but let me give you an example : like if you call somebody in Iran Lion or wolf then they will be proud of it because its sounds honorable but if you call them bear then its like a insult or joking from them but if you call someone in Sweden bear then they will be proud of it and about lion its opposite.
    tell me one single thing that paganism have in common with that desert religion ? you see nothing can be found ! so in my opinion i can prefer Christianity to islam more because is less middle eastern but also still have many things from paganism and i know of course sometimes the Christians try to twist the things but still today with this situation i prefer this one, im truly looking to see a day that we living like our ancestor lived.
    And this is how i will defend the European culture from my soul and blood when i have to:

    PS:. by the way these might be some comparison about Neanderthal and homo sapien: 🙂

  41. It sometimes worries me that most who claim to hold pro-European views are Christians, and most Pagans are lefties who base their beliefs of silly interpretations of mythology.

    • Most Pagans talked about in the media yes, but not most Pagans.

      Most Pagans today are hard-core pro-White Russians and Ukrainians.

        • As Rusyn, I would like to say that this is not real pagans in Kupala. There are only so called ‘pagan believers’ here in Rus’. They not even close to the ancient pre christian way of thinking and living. Just another bunch of pagan-style imitators, who really have faith in tangible gods and so forth and suchlike. I have never met a true another European man or woman in my land…

      • Do you reffer now to those who fight on Ukrainian front against Putin’s “deffenders of Donbass”? I am very confused… My country is right at the border of the Ukraine, and what I see in Russian Media is that in Ukraine are ” Nazists, fascists, and American soldiers(NATO) who kill innocent women, children and old ones…-A total oximoron”. How do you see the mess in Ukraine?

      • Maybe in Eastern Europe that’s the case, but I may well be one of the only non-hippy Pagans in Ireland. The only other I’ve even heard of was a guy called Michael McGrath who was active with a bunch of self proclaimed druids years back, but he’s been ostracized completely by the rest of them ever since he made it clear his views on race and society were rather less than PC.

      • Perhaps that’s the case in Eastern Europe, but not here in Ireland. I am, to my knowledge, one of the only right wing Pagans in the entire country.

  42. You bring up historical common sense, these abrahamic religions are not native of Europe. Therefore those that identify with “European Christianity” are just hypocrites, it is sad to see far right groups under the Christian banner. They proclaim to be crusaders or keepers of European culture. In all reality it is a Arabic religion (Judaism) that they are fighting for, complete insanity.

    It does not take a theological scholar to see the truth, Christianity is a product of the desert, and desert people. The environment and setting of Judeo religions do not correlate with the soil of mother Europe. How can one relate to a rocky and sandy region where trees struggle to survive, when your forebears lived and thrived in lush forests, roaring rivers, and impressive mountains.

    Are we the only ones that can see this hypocrisy? If you are awoken from the liberal multicult is one thing, but if you’re still in a Christian dreamland your not fully awoken from “them” yet. I wish more people would realize the truth that you write time after time.

  43. This is exactly the point I always bring up to those whack jobs who think “oh Christianity has been European long enough it’s ours anyways” or whatever.

    Yeah, and are you going to say that when/if Islam dominates and settles in Europe “long enough”?

    These Christians are ridiculous…

    “The worst deaf is the one who doesn’t want to hear.”

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