Bardic Sounds from the New World

If I could I would play music like this…

Lyre, flute and traditional singing will for now be a dream, or perhaps a plan for the future.


Thanks to Taurīni for sharing this video.

38 thoughts on “Bardic Sounds from the New World

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  2. This music is very beautiful. Varg, you should play an instrument like that, it sounds awesome, you are a very good musician, i don’t see why you couldn’t play this kind of instrument. I would love to hear it in a Burzum music!
    thanks for sharing this kind of video, it’s always very nice to discover new things, new sounds.

    • Does it look like he is?

      I don’t know. He looks like a Spanish person, and as I understood it he lives in South America.

      • Considering the fact that he’s from South America, he could be a mixture of Spanish and Amerindian, but with those hairy arms (Amerindians grow a lousy facial and body hairs)..

      • He’s Brazilian, looks like a typical Southwestern Brazilian. Portuguese + Native American influences.

  3. Can anybody tell me is this really gaulish language, or is it just a reconstruction? As far as I know, only a couple of words/sentences preserved ’till our times, yet I see quite many artists singing in this very language. How is this possible?

    • What? A heavily roman/latinized something the soul of Our People? How galling.
      Amusing how so many people still look towards post-Trojan Greece and Rome for the roots of Europe.
      Of course, not all parts of European languages are post-latin, has that not occurred to anyone?
      A bunch of well-payed academia members coming together to construct a reconstruction of a language is not necessarily to be trusted.

      • I didn’t. Taurini did. Yes, it is fantastic. I have listened to that one song over and over again since yesterday now… (I have done other things too…mostly other things, actually, but still…).

        • Varg,

          I see NO reason why you cannot play a instrument of that quality and precision! You are a fine musician (obviously) as you play EVERY instrument on your albums. Varg, you are what i call a “Jack of all trades”, in a few years i expect to hear a Burzum album of such sounds! 😉 My ears are ready! 🙂

  4. It has been quite some time since I have posted hereupon. Months actually. Despite that fact however, I have been reading and maintaining updated and I am, finally, once again, given an impetus to punch some keys. The following question I aim at Vårg, though if anyone possesses any knowledge pertaining thereto, your input is welcome. At any rate, as I may have proclaimed at some point, I play in a little Pagan Metal (technically, an amalgam of traditional Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Neo- Classical Metal/ Shred, Thrash/ Speed Metal, and Folk music elements) solo project of mine by the name of Einsamer Krieger. Since I lack the funds to go and purchase a classical guitar at this time, is there any way in which I can, somehow, make my electric guitar sound like an acoustic, at least, a bit close to such a sound? Perhaps with just the equaliser on my amplifier and/ or the guitar’s volume and tone knobs?

    • I think that if you have 3 pickups, the middle one with clean sound should sound closest (maybe).
      But there are many cheap acoustic and classical guitars that you could buy, I have an acoustic and a classical guitar and they were extremely cheap (not more than 100 euros) and they sound just right.
      Or maybe you could build one.

      • I have a B.C. Rich Bronze series Mockingbird with only 2 humbucker pickups. I’ll just toggle the pickup selector to rhythm/ neck and screw about with the equaliser configuration on my amplifier and then, see what happens. Actually, I am unemployed and the financial situation is critical, so I cannot afford to buy anything at the moment if it’s not food or (distilled) water (tap water tastes like crap and, in this country (the red, white, and blue US of A, this shithole..), it’s fluoridated as well as chlorinated with a certain volume of ammonium chloride thrown in for good measure. Let’s not forget all of the narcotics and estrogenic female contraceptives and such, floating about in the municipal water reservoir). Soon enough, I’ll be building a still for the distillation of water though, so next year should see a decrease in expenses as well as an increase in general well- being.

        • Yeah, well :\ I didn’t know that.
          My tap water is also very bad, but the mineral water is good and cheap. I have never tried distilled water, though.
          And it seems that you can’t get away from the estrogens, it’s everywhere.

          • In what country do you live? Everything in the US is polluted, so I never compare any other country to this one except for China and India. Well, we’re surrounded by plastic and other mostly synthetic (read: artificial) shit that we don’t need and is destroying our hormonal balance that we, supposedly, “need,” but no surprise there. Once you become fully aware, nothing surprises you anymore and if you live in the US, chemtrails and other gradual systemic decimation of one’s health becomes a commonplace occurrence that one just shrugs off after a while because unless you’re going to take veritable action, what can you do?

    • Well, you could equalize it with emphasis on the mid-lows, but it’s not the same. I have a classical guitar and can record some lines for you if you want. Feel free to email me at Adagalarth at gmail.

      • I don’t need an exact acoustic sound. Just one as close thereto as possible. As for recording classical guitar riffs, I’m actually in search of another musician with which I can collaborate at a somewhat later time as I have a Folk project in mind. Of what blood are you? Judging by your name, I would presume Spanish?

  5. This is a Eurasian cooperative:
    German playing on Celtic harp, a Magyar song from around 800 years ago with the Magyar Gardon(the instrument), and the Mongolian on the Khuur. Shame that other than the vocals and the Gardon, the chords aren’t very ancient. This could be much better with what is given.
    This is what should’ve been done, with the harp included. Everything pure here, only put together:
    This was the compilation of two – Irish and Magyar – tunes: , also could’ve been better. The singer girl’s cute, but still has got some to learn on handling a bodhran, haha.
    Horsch is better at it at 18:25 that’s an Irish bodhran combined with a Moldvaian Csángó Magyar tune and flute: This was the same with a koboz: My friends organized that gathering at our community house we come together with from the tanya(meaning farm, but “anya” means mother, within “tanya”, so it is much better). (This is the original tune, with it’s dance at the end, quite simple: it’s short title “kecskés” means “goaty”, goat songs are quite common, actually, I’ve managed to collect some, TharGitaos, or HarGita(the highest mountain range in Transylvania), the ancient father of the Scythians(Herodotus) – ÚrGida means lOrdGoat. Whilst the ancient mother river Borysthenes, BorIsten, or Borostyán means WineGod, or Vine(Ivy))

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