The Myth of Christianity as a Wall against Islam


Some seem to think Christianity is and has always been a wall against Islam, but let me remind you of a few historical facts:

The Teutonic Knights did not attack Islam. Instead they attacked true Europeans (i. e. Pagan Europeans), in Prussia, Lithuania, Livonia and Estonia. They also attacked other Christians, both Catholic Poles and Russian Orthodox Slavs. Not only that; they attacked the Christian Slavic tribes at a time when they were already under attack from the Mongols in the East. Other parts of Europe too were under attack, from Muslims, and received no help from the Teutonic Knights, who gave priority to slaughtering Europeans.

Example Sources:

Then we have the crusades, when Christians instead of fighting against the Muslims decided to e. g. sack the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire – leaving her vulnerable to the Turkish hordes advancing from the East. They even raped the nuns in the monasteries. The Muslims didn’t advance further than they did into Europe because of the efforts of the Christians, but mainly because of the Mongol Horde – who attacked them from the East.

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Some times Christianized Europeans were butchered only because they did not have the ‘right’ type of Christianity, like the Cathars, who were completely anihilated by Catholic crusaders. The Bogomils too fell victim to the hatred and aggression of crusaders.

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This in-fighting culminated, I think we can say, with the ‘Reformation’, resulting in a a series of wars, the worst one being the ‘Thirty Years War’, that killed as much as between 25 and 40% of the entire population of Germany alone (and many other Europeans too), and left the entire Christian Balkans to the mercy of the Muslim Ottomans for hundreds of years.

Now think about that for a while: between 25 and 40% of the entire German population killed in 30 years… because of Christianity!

Example Sources:

Now, letting the Muslims wreck havoc to large parts of Europe, was not a new thing to the Christians. In the 8th and early 9th century, rather than take back what the Muslim Moorish aggressors had taken in Iberia, when his father Charles Martel had been king of France, the Christian Charlemagne decided that it was more important to convert the Saxons (Germans), and spent about 30 years killing Saxons – an even massacred them, when he had the chance to. The result of this was naturally that the Muslim Moors could keep almost all of the Christian Iberian Peninsula for 500 years!

Example Sources:

I could go on an on about this, showing you how Christianity has not defended Europe from anybody at all, and instead focused on wrecking havoc in Europe and for Europeans – even when Europe was seriously threatened from the outside, by foreign enemies such as the Moors, the Ottomans and the Mongols/The Golden Horde. The Christians of Europe left their fellow Christians to fight the foreign threats on their own, and often even supported the foreign threats or even attacked the Christians defending against them in the back.

Example Source:

If anybody thinks that Christianity is the solution, the way to go to ensure the survival of Europe, then think again. Christianity itself is an enemy of Europe, and has always been an enemy of Europe, and is the biggest direct and indirect cause of all our unwanted problems.

The Pagans of Europe united whenever they faced a common threat, and we should do that today as well, and in the future.

Example Source:

Europe is Pagan in blood, mind and spirit, and must return to her roots to become harmonious again. Not peaceful, not weak, not tolerant, but harmonious: in accordance with the laws of nature. Never compromise with Christians: they are enemies of Europe! 

HailaR WôðanaR!

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113 thoughts on “The Myth of Christianity as a Wall against Islam

  1. This is an interesting post, as I’ve always found the organized religions to be little more than parasite political apparatus discussed as “spiritual beliefs,” when nothing could be further from the truth.

    And it’s interesting to me that a small area western Asia produced the biggest fairy-tale, “my dick is bigger than yours” fables and nonsense that was then aggressively and opportunistically exported far and wide, with the sole purpose of forcibly destroying the cultures, languages, and belief systems of other peoples, far away in lands which has NOTHING to do with anything going on in that little part of the world from which these nonsense originated. And all to enslave people, rob them of their assets, and control them, forcing them to be answerable to some “religious ruler” theocrat who resided far, far away.

    All the eastern religions (judaism, christianity and islam) are basically the very same with just slight modifications, twists and retold fables. Much of the outright misogyny is still there, especially with the latter of the bunch.

    I always wondered what it would have been like for native Europeans to be confronted by foreigners telling them they were “going to hell,” bullying them to convert…only to then force them to pay “taxes” to “demonstrate” their “faith.” What a scam. And all three of those abrahamic fairy tales are the same in that regard. And the latter two will bully and kill anyone who won’t capitulate and accept absurd stories made up 100s of years AFTER a countryside rabbi is said to have lived.

    How sad and unfortunate our ancestors were the first targets of destruction of these aggressor religions, even though it’s currently “fashionable” to claim that “other” groups of people were the “only” victims of forced conversions. People have such conveniently short memories when it serves them.

    In any case, organized religions are nothing more then institutions of social control and subjugation, and anthropologists and sociologists have known this for a while; their functional purpose is to control people, parasitize their resources for the control of a “priest” or “chosen” class, and increase populations as cannon fodder for wars. That’s been the sad history of these plague “religions.”

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      • One lightening object can give light to 100 dark objects. Same as feelings and thoughts.. i think its just a question of time for people to open their eyes..

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  6. Discussions at monday-pickets or Hooligans against Salafism

    Due to the allmighty “moral-club”-argumentation-strategy of influental zionist lobbies in western societies, it hardly possible to organize sustainable public discussion forums like these current “monday pickets” (Montags-Mahnwache) in Germany.
    This is why of the most courageous non-parliamentarian opponents, an independent publisher, recently had been excluded by his former fellow campaigners, since they finally gave way to the globalis-friendly 5th colum, which entered these open-air, discussion forums for a nation-based peace-movement. As a result now he is about to contribute to the remaining straight rest of this movement.
    The above mentioned problem of nowadays’ intellectual revival movements for the support of love to the home country always occurs, when in a speech term like “folk” or “naition” is used. This makes professional disturbers immediately roaring and stigmatizing such gatherings as new-right movements, maybe even camouflaged (modern) neo-nazis.
    Nevertheless such forms of self-defense should courageously go on gathering all the people, loving to defend the country, as it is (“was”).
    Quite apart from these Soros-brainwashed AFA-madmen and apart from the numb majority of the brainless numb burgeois, who won’t see any problem in the country until it is too late, until their houses are burning, apart from these groups, there is a hopefull share of insightful people, but who are bound in the shackles of the scaring “moral-club”-stigmatization-mechanism (the same thing which enabled Rotherham).

    Recently I noticed several remarkabel cases of sane and courageous migrants, who love to defend their host country and its culture, like the musician and “former” model-migrant Xavier Naidoo, who now uses his populatity and speaks on events to convince the people to awake and defend the country against the sneaking decline. Another case is a famous turkish migrant, the writer Akif Piricci, who recently published a pamphelet against the “positive discrimination” in Germany, against preferential tendencies of homosexuals, migrants, token-women, etc.
    Afterwards these two honest migrants (“Wahldeutsche”) had been insulted as neo-rightists and racists!!!
    It is clear, that this movement could be successfull, when more of these straight people joining the course of national defense against zionism.

    Actually, always when encountering the ignorance and stupidity of the brainwashed majority, which – so to say – still “represent” our nation (unfortunately also several people, who are/were closed to me), always when encountering these morbid compatriots, I could cry, it makes me angry.

    When the second start-up of a straight “monday-picket”-protest once again will be undermined by the “moral club”, then I only see a last chance for national defense:
    This would be an inelegant form of national resistance by football Hooligans, which might have the potential to form themselves as a non-political, but natural hazard – it would be a pure reflex of primitive but straight people against insanity and shameful surrender infront of alien extremists. From a practical-political point of view, I wouldn’t prefer such hooligan resistance, compared to the political opposition of the “monday-pickets”, but hooligans at all means are 1000 times better than Salafists.

  7. One of my main problems about Christianity is how submissive it makes the population. Or that they claim “we are all god’s children, so we must do out best to help others no matter the consequences for our own people”.

    Look at Africa for instance:

    Earlier estimates had shown that the world population would stop growing at around 9 billion in some decades (most of these non-whites). Instead, it will continue to grow some billions more because of the reproduction rate amongst the black Africans. Partly because they don’t use prevention, and partly because the west is providing them with medicine against HIV and so on. They wouldn’t even be that many in the first place if they had been left on their own by the western countries who insist on keeping as many as possible of them alive.
    All these humans is a tragedy for the ecosystems and wildlife in these areas, and a disaster for Europe because million of them will force themselves into the European countries (those who are already here will continue to reproduce and import relatives from their homelands). The only reason why this is happening is because the governments allows it to happen. Partly because of the Christian brainwashing and partly because of politically correctness, the politicians don’t seem to care about their own people. Look what happens in Spain, Greece and Italy. Countless intruders from Africa keeps arriving in boats full of them, and instead of returning them to Africa, they allow them to come into the countries. The fact that the Africans couldn’t give a damn about the fate of the European people is clear, but only sick persons would not care when it is their own people.

    I have seen it in discussion boards all over the net, non-white racists that gloats over the future fate of the white people, and who loves to point out that the white population all over the world keeps shrinking. The more non-western immigrants (intruders) the fewer children amongst the original population is born. A coincidence?

    It is amazing that the majority of Europe don’t want this, and that they would celebrate it if the immigrants were being deported to where they belongs (if you can’t feed them, don’t breed them), but nothing happens because a small minority has all the power. The product of Christianity and politically correct brainwashing.

  8. Russian Orthodox Slavs
    This term is very innacurate, as “Russian Orthodoxy” didn’t exist at that moment of time. Because simply Russia didn’t form at that moment of time yet. Ofcourse it is possible that you ment here “Ruthenian”. Which would be correct as Teutonic order was attacking Both Poland and Great Dutchy of Lithuania, both countries at that time incorporated Ruthenian lands. Those lands were not Russian, or more accurate Muscovian. Russia ( Muscovy ) and Rus are two different things – different territory, different time, different tribes ( Russia was and still is mainly non Slavic, Muscovy was mostly ugro-finnic ).
    And those lands weren’t under influence of church organisation from dutchy of Muscovy, they had separate orthodox church organisation. Also Russia was ruled long time by Tatars ( longer than most lands of Rus ), and Russian bloodline of Rurikids early intermixed with Tatar rulers. Most lands of former Rus was under control of Grand Dutchy of Lithuania, even Ruthenian language was used as official chancery script.

    And nowdays russian enclave “Kaliningrad oblast” was land of baltic tribes at times of teutonic order.

    I don’t write it to blame anyone to any bad intention. I do understand that western world was for long time not aware of detailed history of eastern europe and for long time imperialistic tsarist, and later boleshevist propaganda was the only avaiblesource for many people. Nowdays using term “russian” instead of “ruthenian” is wildly criticised in eastern part of Europe, even among russian scholars.

    • Seems like I made a mistake in formating. My intention was to cite just term “Russian orthodox Slavs”

  9. One if my best friends was a Jehovah’s Witness. All those years I thought he was tolerant of my Hindu faith, the thing is the only way he knew how to proselytize was in Spanish. If I knew his language, then he would have tried to coerce me into his religion. It’s sad to know that these people really can be two faced and don’t have any tolerance for anything but their desert War God. My advice to you white man, is to be wary of those deceivers. Devout Christians can never be a pagan’s friend.

    • Thats is so true, I have myself, a long time ago, been hanging around evangelists type Christians and they gathered some evening for the sole purpose of “saving souls” by bringing Jesus in their lives and rid them of their “false gods”, pfff what a load of junk!

    • Fascinating. They select their own to become entrenched in their power, they are without honour and care only for self preservation. You can see how they took over parts of the SA and like they do here in England, politics, the police, the media and beyond. Heinrich is right, we need to cultivate the masculine in men, the feminine in girls and sink deviants into the bog.
      They are like the wraiths of middle earth, completely corrupted and prone to being used by the dark power.
      Look at public toilets boy Bliar, who condemned thousands of Arabs to a fiery death, all for Judea. Look at Cameron, a weak willed man if ever I saw one, willing to starve the ill and disabled to death while allowing the enemy to asset strip the country he swore to protect.
      No honour, no will of their own. Terrible wraiths twisting the blade in as they justify their treason with cries of “if I dont kill you, they will kill me!”

    • War machine, your link is so irrelevant with the current subject… You should stay focused, Christianity here, not homosexuality.

  10. I would like to share this article with you: It was written by a jew in 1928. Some things he says are bullshits, some other things are sadly true. Here is an excerpt:

    “Your loose, contradictory charges against us are not a patch on the blackness of our proved historic offense. You accuse us of stirring up revolution in Moscow. Suppose we admit the charge. What of it? Compared with what Paul the Jew of Tarsus accomplished in Rome, the Russian upheaval is a mere street brawl.

    You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws and your governments, and the very thoughts you think every day?

    A clumsy Russian forges a set of papers and publishes them in a book called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which shows that we plotted to bring on the late World War. You believe that book: All right. For the sake of argument we will underwrite every word of it. It is genuine and authentic. But what is that beside the unquestionable historical conspiracy which we have carried out, which we have never denied because you never had the courage to charge us with it, and of which the full record is extant for anybody to read?

    If you really are serious when you talk of Jewish plots, may I not direct your attention to one worth talking about? What use is it wasting words on the alleged control of your public opinion by Jewish financiers, newspaper owners and movie magnates, when you might as well justly accuse us of the proved control of your whole civilization by the Jewish Gospels?

    You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”

  11. Have you guys seen or heard of this African-American group that are pretty much a new version of the white puritans? This is absolutely pathetic, there are also other videos showing some of there churches in England and Denmark where you can hear Europeans in the background talking. They are the real chosen people and soon we will all be there slaves!LOL! It’s worth examining so at least you’re in the know.

    Unrelated, I’d like to add I recently saw a real Amerindian with all sorts of Amerindian pride tattoos, I thought it was a guy and was going to talk to him,but it turned out to be a lesbian, absolutely sick, there are still some tribes out there though that ban such BS and some have stood up against planned genocidehood, but more and more are becoming PC and unknowingly allowing themselves to be further eliminated.

        • Dug through some of the videos on that channel about “gentiles” and “the tribe of Dan”. So you can spare yourselves from hearing most of the molarchy,their is some good insight into some stuff,in particular the tribe of Dan who northern Europeans think is them, they make it clear that the “tribe of Dan” was of them and is no longer part of the tribe because they were made to go forth between “gentiles” in Greece,Rome and amongst there own in Judea and acted as a thorn to both of them(sound familiar?). This is stuff that is written in there book(Elders of Zion part 1?). Hmmm who would want to be of the Tribe of Dan, makes you wonder why these Europeans think that in the first place, even in that book they are presented as bad!
          It is also made clear that in the end “gentiles” are making there prophecies come to pass and they don’t care because the “gentiles” are doing good by fulfilling these prophecies subconsciously,makes you think of the Elders of Zion again!

  12. Varg do you read Julius Evola or Rene Guenon? If so, what do you make of their critiques and stances especially regarding race as more than simply a biological idea but also one of the spirit or soul or what have you.

  13. And here I am, yet again. I think I’ll pick up from where I left…

    For some time now I’ve been trying to reason with some of my relatives who consider themselves as ‘christians’.

    It’s proven really hard to explain that ‘christmas’ is actually ‘yuletide’ (althought the finnish word for christmas is “joulu”, so nonetheless…) and the true roots of yule are in the pagan traditions of life/death and the everlasting cycle.

    It’s exactly the same considering midsummer which is “juhannus” in finnish. The name of midsummer derives (supposedly) from John the Baptist. Yeah, sure. It takes a total damn idiot to believe that. It’s almost like telling that 1+1 = 3 or something as stupid.

    I think the problem is that people just cling to christian traditions because they aren’t taught anything else and questioning ‘the authorities’ which, in this case, are invisible and do not actually even exist, would cause problems and no one likes problems and worries, right?

    The overall spiritual trend of the western world seems regressive, naïve and helpless at the moment. I’d suggest you all take a moment or two to really read through Oswald Spengler’s masterpiece, “Der Untergang des Abeslandes”, or “The Decline of the West”.

    I don’t know if there’s really a international conspiracy of any sort but I can tell that people (in west) really seem to act like lambs and that’s exactly what christianity aims to: to turn nations and people like a herd of headless lambs and idiots and lead them astray. Meat for the carnivores, if you may.

    • Spengler’s work really is brilliant, it’s an under appreciated gem, at least where I come from. Don’t get too discouraged in trying to convince your family what is right. Sometimes it just happens naturally. My family started as christian when my older sister was very young, and then over the years the celebration of holidays slowly transitioned from christian holidays into their natural state of pagan holidays – one by one the angels and crosses disappeared from the tree, replaced by straw snowflakes and yule goats, as the ornaments wore out over the years. If this can happen in a nation still thoroughly gripped by the insanity of the church – america, where I unfortunately live – I have hope for those around you in Finland.

      What I found to be most successful in my own situation was to just take evident joy in the traditional pagan elements of holidays and daily life, emphasizing how wonderful they are, while being unenthusiastic and somewhat dismissive when christianized things were brought up. This worked much better for me than simply trying to argue openly against christianity logically to my family/friends, as christianity has safeguards against rational thought and argument built into the entire structure of the beast, and it tends to only anger them and find them more resolved in supporting the church. Cultivating a conditioned positive emotional response to pagan traditions over time found significantly less lashback for me.

      This may or may not work for your particular situation, but nevertheless, there’s no reason to give up hope here. I agree with you in the fact that people cling to christianity for the sake of tradition, and I think that fact in itself is cause for hope, as the lack of any real, fiery conviction makes the gradual sweeping away of christianity all the easier.

      • Well, I have my own everyday life to live and feeling ‘discouraged’ is maybe an exaggerated expression. Perhaps the right choice of words would be ‘sad’ or something like that.

        It’s maybe the same thing with this blog. There was quite good conversations a year ago but now I feel I have nothing more to say and I can just wait and see if there’s something I can participate to and maybe ignite something insightful.

        Telling some people here to read Oswald Spengler (or just read more than they are reading at the moment which is basically almost none) is like telling a young metal music fan to listen to Tchaikovsky instead.

        • Then I hope it warms your heart to hear that not only have I read and very much liked O. Spengler’s ‘The Decline of the West’, but I still have that book, here right next to my, in my little library. It’s a great book. If you wish to do a review for it, Lauri, I will publish it here on TP. Deal? 😉

          • PS. I absolutely love the original German title: “Der Untergang des Abendlandes”. Wow. “The Downfall of the Evening Lands”.

          • Hello, mr. Vikernes. It’s been a long time since I last time talked to you. Well, better later than never they say?

            At the moment I’m very busy with my summer cottage which needs to be finished until october this year but yes, why not. Don’t expect the review/essay any time soon, though. It’s been something like 8 years since I last time read it so basically I have to browse through it and concentrate on the subject for some days. As soon as I graduate in november, I think I’ll have more time.

            Yes, I like the original title too. I think “Der Untergang” also means “Sunset”, am I right? The title is something like “The sunset of the eveninglands” or something similar? It’s been almost 20 years since I studied german in school so I can’t really tell people I’m fluent with it.

            As a matter of fact, I think you should do some more reviews on books and maybe even movies? It would be quite healthy for younger people to read more and watch movies with no american (hoax) ideals? Did you know that almost all old Mosfilm movies are free to view in Youtube? One can always argue on their political motives but as an artform I think the old soviet movies are the best. I’ve been having this dream to open my own cinema some day and show people some really good films they are not aware of.

          • this book “the decline of the west” still available to buy or is it out of print these days?..:)

  14. I was naive enough recently to think we could and should work together with conservative Christians but I really don’t think that’s possible, they want to continue to degrade and dilute our real culture and reduce us to urban slavery and embrace artificial, meaningless nationalism instead of a serious understanding of our tribe and its culture, and its natural surroundings.

    Have you come across the Real Crusades History channel on youtube? It does promote this very idea too much but he’s still useful to watch, he highlights the point that Reynald de Chatilon (not sure I spelt that right) was actually not especially brutal for a Crusader against Muslims and was likely not executed by Saladin for that reason, and that we should be a lot more disgusted by his massacres of Armenians and other Europeans than of his treatment of Muslims

  15. I just had to.
    It’s been quite a while since I last time wrote here. So I’m back for at least to write this post.

    First of all, Varg, you are (still) doing a great job with these little essays/columns of yours. These kinds of posts are the reason I enjoy this blog and I’ve kept reading this although I haven’t posted anything.

    Second, like I said here over a year ago, there is no ‘movement’ or ‘OUR cause’. Kevin Sommers was promoting these words and ideas (he and couple others had me on some kind of e-mail list until I requested them to remove me) and all I could think was he’s just really naïve and maybe even a so-called ‘pseudo-intellectual’, if you will.

    In my opinion, there are only individuals with similar interests and a longing to those times we can’t get back. Varg is just a person putting these thought into words, hoping for an inner change in fellow men.

    I hope we’ve seen the last of these so-called “movements”.

    The motivation for this “comeback” is because they are talking about ISIS and muslims in finnish national tv at the moment. They’re quite much saying that islam is not the core of the problem but ‘racism’. Yeah. Three weeds from the same root.

  16. I have always said the same thing. Christianity is our GREATEST enemy. Down with the cross, and let us raise the Circle once again !

  17. Yes, but there mostly were battles of a group of warriors against other group of warriors who wanted to prove their bravery by showing they were ready to die, after all the death in battle was considered the most honorable death and the honor of the man died in battle would live long after his death. And with whom else they could fight if there were only other European men ready to prove their bravery as well? No women, children, tribes mass-murdered, and especially with the purpose to convert them to a religion.

  18. It doesn’t exactly have to do with this post’s specific topic per se, but I recently created a blog to post poetry of my creation inspired by European Paganism, and perhaps with a large enough Pagan art movement, we can take the mantle of European art back from the Christians who have held it since the Christianization of Rome, with only a slight remittance in the Renaissance. Here is the link, for those interested:

  19. I have a big problem with written history. I cannot believe it. I don’t know what to believe, or who to believe. History is perhaps one of the greatest lies in…history. We can all see this for ourselves in our own times. The way various people speak on various events differs greatly from our own experience and perception, and yet ours might not be the ones remembered. I do remember going to anti-globalist demonstrations when I was younger and seeing the events firsthand. I watched from a distance, and also went into the mayhem. I experienced the gates to their secret meetings being dismantled, and their security forces using massive amounts of toxic gases to dismantle everyone, and the effects of the rubber bullets; yeah rubber bullets are not user friendly, they will fuck you up good. Then I experienced the newspapers afterwards which presented an entirely different picture. I knew then that history is not real. I cared as little for left and right politics then, as I do now.

    Firstly, Christianity is not just a European problem. It is a global problem. This may not be your priority, but we might have a better chance of defeating it if we acknowledge this as a potential fact with emphasise. .

    In the historical context which you present here, I personally find this very confusing. If you were anti-christian during the time of inception of the Knights Templar, or the Cathars, might you still realize that your only chance to corrupt Christianity was if you were to present yourself as a Christian group, given the immediate and obvious consequences of heresy? Yep, now we can say “Fuck Christianity” with impunity, but certainly not then. This is not because of Christianity, but only because of groups which worked against them. And these groups were ultimately destroyed by Christianity. So, might that not be testament to them not actually having been Christian? And, if these groups were ultimately only partially successful, then to what extent were they allowed to write about the history of the events which they were involved in? Perhaps they did lead the way in dismantling Christianity, but must now suffer slander as it is still a Judeo-Christian world, and Christians are even less likely to have spoken well of them in any ‘historical’ context.

    Overall, what I am suggesting, is that many groups of the past which had quasi-questionable motives might have indeed been good at times…. It is possible that certain groups were established as anti-Christian, and then infiltrated, and that certain groups were established as Christian and then infiltrated and corrupted. So we can’t paint all these organizations and events with one colour and brush. All the events in history which appear to have major incongruencies probably did have them.

    These are of course just my thoughts, and I am admitting that I do not care for history in the written word one iota. I read as little about as possible. And what I do read, I read with extreme skepticism

  20. Hi Varg, thanks you for the information, I leave this subject, but which has a small relationship. Well i have a doubt and observation. The christianity is a one problem about retake our ancients cultures, but, i know, in your continent have many restriction to talk about Jews, but, what about the actual influence they have worldwide on globalization and current sophisticated mitigation to retake our roots. Many religions are a Wall, but the actual, the current problems are because we don’t take any action on this issue and not necessarily the Christianity, which I consider as a global screen now. Many industries in many classess with global presence, develop “benefits” that harm us. would appreciate if you inform me if you have any article regarding what I write you. I have some ones but if you have one in special. Thanks for your time and all data you give us.

  21. Do you have any more examples of pagans uniting to face outside threats? I’m interested now. Also, very strong points about Christians. I could add the Bulgarian Tsar Boris I, who forcefully christianized the whole kingdom, killing hundreds of boyars who refused to accept the new religion. His son Vladimir Rasate took the throne after Boris retired to a monastery and he tried to revert his father’s deeds and bring back paganism. But the father wouldn’t have it, so he returned from the monastery, blinded his son and imprisoned him. Then he put his younger son Simeon on the throne, thus ending the Bulgarian paganism for good.

  22. For milady Folkmoot and all those who share an interest for low german,here is a quick list with some content on the language:
    Phrases video:
    Basic Terms:
    Basic Terms 2:
    Language project:

  23. Personally I’ve no sympathy with the Cathars, they needed to be gotten rid of. They were an even worse Judeo-Christian sect than Catholicism, holding marriage and procreation as evil and what not (allegedly preferring sodomy…) which is altogether pretty similar to a lot of leftist types today.
    As for the Teutonic Knights, I wonder why the Third Reich (in particular the SS) in WWII on one hand used all sorts of Pagan imagery, yet on the other idolized this idea of the Teutonic Knights expanding into the East and conquering the savage heathens, and reflected this with their ideas of “Lebenstraum” and seemed to think everyone in Eastern Europe was some kind of semi-Mongol Tartar.

    • That bad image of eastern europeans is probably the biggest misconception of german historical view,since eastern Europe is full of the best european stock just like central/nothern europe.
      It is probably due to Mongol and other asiatic invasions+”The Tribe”+Mixed Tribes such as khazars+Communism dominating through different periods of time in this region that created such a bad imagery of the East(of Europe) among the Germans.

  24. To find the error on Christianity,to find it’s rotten core,one does not need to look for what Christians did in the past,one needs only to take a quick look in the old testament,and will realize not only it is anti-european,but also pro-jewish,and against everything good/european in nature.
    It promotes miscegenation,pedophilia,incest,gold-hoarding,genocide,culture-destroying,infanticide,human-sacrifice,polygamy(for those with more cattle,instead of better genetic material),treating women like objects,stealing,lying(even if it threatens someone’s life),universalism,abandoning tradition and nature worship,and the list goes on forever…And all this is just the first “book” of over 50.

    • It was always odd to me how those Christian identity nationalists quote the jewish religious books to prove something, but absolutely ignoring that one half of their bible is just the jewish bible itself and the other part is the reformed version of it, therefore promoting the same things they quote, and having not even realizing that they are jews themselves, not even mentioning that their god is itself a Jew. How anti-jewish Christians wouldn’t be, the jews will always succeed in Christian societies. Isn’t it ironical that the first Christian was also the first “anti-semite”? The hypocrisy of Christians has attained such cosmical heights that it became impossible to comprehend it for human mind.

      Christians are even more Jews than Jews, Jews in the most bold dreams of their dreams couldn’t dream of what the Christians did, and the Christians did all the dirty job and prepared the world for their masters whom they worship.

      • The anti-semitism of the bible is probably due to the fact priests changed the new testament to their will.Still they did not recognize their error,on promoting anti-semitism,and at the same time promoting judeo-christianity.
        Just look at Luther,he was an incredible man,that broke away from the chains of slave-minded catholic church,and even facing death,he translated the bible,and tried to bring freedom for europeans,he even wrote,”On the jews and their lies”,but at the same time he created another sect of judeo-christianity,”Protestantism”,it would not only be more jewish than catholicism itself,the clash between Catholics and Protestants,would prove to be a real genocide.
        So,even if the Christian is pro-european,he will be pro-“semite”,even if he hates everything semitic,and love Europa,he will still be promoting those values,that sooner or later will bring our destruction.
        Just like slave owners in America did not realize that this practice(slavery) would bring our undoing on this continent,christians do not realize that christianity is our enemy,and may bring our destruction.

        • @Ingvar Briggya

          The relation of adherents of New Judaism(Christianity, Islam) to the adherents of traditional Judaism is the same as the relation of Marxists to Zionists, just as the relation of adherents of new christian sect to Catholicism or Orthodoxy, it is always based on the same principles but in different forms, the only change is that it gets more radical.

  25. Thanks for writing this article. There seems to be a real “religious problem” among European Nationalists. Many people foolishly argue (like the traitor/fool Breivik) that Christianity is the answer to Europe’s problems. This is an old answer and of course as long as Christianity has been in Europe it has caused her nothing but harm. Breivik thought of himself as a Knights Templar and acted like one by killing fellow Norwegians. How can people think that is a solution?

  26. @A connoisseur

    Not all Europeans accepted Christianity, even when it was forced to them through mass-murder, the depraved and sick ones accepted it, but most of the European folk hadn’t. Their “rulers” accepted Christianity for different political(and not only political) reasons, modern historians mistakingly assume that because a ruler made Christianity his own religion it makes all he “rules” above Christians, because it was such a wonderfully good and progressive religion that everybody happily accepted it in one moment without anyone spoiling any drop of blood.

  27. I think you guys would be interested to read about the Battle of Lake Peipus(Also called “The Battle of the Ice” because it was fought on top of a frozen lake) where in 1242 Prince Alexander Nevsky led a successful coalition(including Pagans) against the Teutonic Order and its allies when they tried to reform Estonia into a Roman Catholic region.

  28. Thank you for this post, as well as the sources attached! I had been struggling to piece this particular history together, but they don’t exactly make it easy to do so. I had always been baffled by the mentality of christianism as a protector! An invasive ideology as a protector, isn’t that oxymoronic at its core? It’s equivalent to saying that toxoplasmosis, the parasite that worms its way into a mouse’s brain and causes them to willingly walk towards a cat to be eaten, is a protector of mice! I will never understand their rationale for abandoning their fellow Europeans, and for what? Their infected minds are so intent on destabilizing, destabilizing everything, with a mind that they will supplant their own ideology in destruction’s wake!

    I wonder if America’s wars in the Middle East have something to do with this mentality?

  29. Excellent article Varg , I feel really moved by his words!

    It is also sad to see how many historians present the Muslims as civilized beings and disseminators of the cultural work of the classics, when they were as or more destroyers of culture that Christians of the time, a couple of examples:
    *Omar I, (successor to Muhammad) destroyed what was left of the Library of Alexandria after the conquest of Egypt (642), by one of his generals Amr ibn al-As.

    *Almanzor even burned volumes from the library of Al-Hakam II Córdoba. Not to mention then of the destruction of accumulated wisdom Byzantium in their libraries, completely destroyed after the fall of Constantinople.

    We often forget that the transmission of knowledge from ancient Greece to the Muslim world is produced by Byzantium and the Christian communities of Syria, and precisely because of that same route of cultural influence, Islam never had access to authors Latins, whose preservation is due exclusively to Western Europe, where there also conversely, even if to a lesser extent, a Hellenistic cultural heritage that was cultivated and preserved.

    Islam is a religion made ​​mediated nomadic tribal societies. Not surprisingly, the places where Islam has expanded deserts are populated by nomads, the followers of this religion are made for small community are guided by rules based on kinship and simple societies.

    The Koran contains not only maxims and edifying examples, moral rules of conduct, but rules for the government and a complete code of laws. It is a totalitarian religion that dictates the rules governing dress, economy, trade, weights, measures, care of pets and livestock, diet, cooking, rules of greeting, hospitality, education, taxes, family, sex, body hygiene

    Large urban civilizations like the Persians, Assyrians and Byzantine Egypt and Assyrians colonies succumbed to the expansion of the Arabs, because of these tribalist beliefs contrary to the organization of a modern state, large parts of the globe have been eternally damned backwardness. The alleged “scientific achievements” of the Arabs were the result of an exchange of ideas, produced by other people of course, who could flow freely through the amount of controlled territory. But the real minds behind these inventions belong to Persians, Greeks and Hindus, many of whom were not even Muslims.

    This period of cultural flowering only lasted 300 years (VII to X A.C), then the same retrograde and simplistic nature of Islamic societies made ​​further progress impossible in philosophy or in the organization of the state.

    • But everybody knows that Islam is an invader, so Islam is really not a problem. Europeans aren’t Muslims anyhow. Christianity is our problem in this context. The problem we have with Islam is just a consequence of Christianity and the ‘atheist’ form of Christianity: Cultural Marxism.

    • Yes, you’re mostly correct if I’m not mistaking, the Persians were not so mongrels before the Islamic brutality came into the Persia ,then the arabs and other tribes destroy everything and the main reason that you see 98% mongrels in there is Islamic promotion of race mixing like the same catastrophic ideas these days In Europe which the judeo-Christians promoting the race mixing, feminism, modern life style,making the Scandinavians hate to have children, how to be and have selfish att
      which it ruins the glory blond blue eyes

    • Yes, you’re mostly correct if I’m not mistaking, the Persians were not so mongrels before the Islamic brutality came into the Persia ,then the arabs and other tribes destroy everything and the main reason that you see 98% mongrels in there is Islamic promotion of race mixing like the same catastrophic ideas these days In Europe which the judeo-Christians promoting the race mixing, feminism, modern life style,making the Scandinavians hate to have children, how to be and have selfish attitude
      which it ruins the glory blond blue eyes.

  30. Varg, I know you are not very fond of Nietzsche, but still I’ll post some quotes, perhaps it will give to some Christians food for thoughts:

    “But this god of the “great majority,” this democrat among gods, has not become a proud heathen god: on the contrary, he remains a Jew, he remains a god in a corner, a god of all the dark nooks and crevices, of all the noisesome quarters of the world!”

    “The whole of Judaism appears in Christianity as the art of concocting holy lies, and there, after many centuries of earnest Jewish training and hard practice of Jewish technic, the business comes to the stage of mastery. The Christian, that ultima ratio of lying, is the Jew all over again – he is threefold the Jew.”

    “The whole disaster was only made possible by the fact that there already existed in the world a similar megalomania, allied to this one in race, to wit, the Jewish: once a chasm began to yawn between Jews and Judaeo-Christians, the latter had no choice but to employ the self-preservative measures that the Jewish instinct had devised, even against the Jews themselves, whereas the Jews had employed them only against non-Jews. The Christian is simply a Jew of the “reformed” confession.”

    “Not every one may be a Christian: one is not “converted” to Christianity – one must first be sick enough for it.”

    “Christianity was not “national”, it was not based on race – it appealed to all the varieties of men disinherited by life, it had its allies everywhere.”

    “Christianity, alcohol – the two great means of corruption.”

    “Crusades were a higher form of piracy, nothing more!”

    “The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul.”

    “Take away one idea and put a genuine reality in its place – and the whole of Christianity crumbles to nothingness!”

    “If any one were to show us this Christian God, we’d be still less inclined to believe in him.”

    “Pagans are all those who say yes to life, and to whom “God” is a word signifying acquiescence in all things.”

    • “The Christian concept of a god – the god as the patron of the sick, the god as a spinner of cowebs, the god as a spirit – is one of the most corrupt concepts that has ever been set up in the world: it probably touches low-water mark in the ebbing evolution of the god-type. God degenerated into the contradiction of life. Instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yea! In him war is declared on life, on nature, on the will to live! God becomes the formula for every slander upon the “here and now”, and for every lie about the “beyond”! In him nothingness is deified, and the will to nothingness is made holy!”

    • “Here body is despised and hygiene is denounced as sensual; the church even ranges itself against cleanliness (-the first Christian order after the banishment of the Moors closed the public baths, of which there were 270 in Cordova alone).”

    • “How can we be so tolerant of the naïveté of Christian theologians as to join in their doctrine that the evolution of the concept of god from “the god of Israel”, the god of a people, to the Christian god, the essence of all goodness, is to be described as progress?”

    • No problem. Here you can quote anybody you like, as long as they have something sensible to say. 🙂

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    • Thanks, my friend. I think it is important to write posts like this, because it enables anti-Christians to argue wherever they are, and just quickly link to this post if somebody asks for sources… 😉

  32. What is your position with regard to fratricide amongst European pagans (Greeks, Romans, Gauls, Vikings, what have you)? After all, people were slaughtering, pillaging and empire-building long before any Abrahamic influence came to Europe, were they not? (Of course, the Vikings attacked Christians, but they raided other pagans just the same.)

    • Yes, but there mostly were battles of a group of warriors against other group of warriors who wanted to prove their bravery by showing they were ready to die, after all the death in battle was considered the most honorable death and the honor of the man died in battle would live long after his death. And with whom else they could fight if there were only other European men ready to prove their bravery as well? No women, children, tribes mass-murdered, and especially with the purpose to convert them to a religion.

  33. Complitely agree. Even Dulo Clan did a lot more than the Roman Empire against muslims.
    But we know that islam is a young religion born from Judaism, exactly like Christianity. Two parts of the same big problem.

    • Christianity and Islam are brothers,they both are more threatening to us than Judaism could ever be,and I see christianity as worse than Islam,for the fact most europeans are either christians,or somewhat christians,this makes europeans more susceptible to the “people of the tribe”.
      By Roman Empire,do you mean Holy Roman Empire(Heiliges Römisches Reich)?
      Because the Roman Empire fell before Islam even came to be.

      • @Ingvar Briggya

        I agree, Judaism itself is not a threat to the world even with all its concept of superiority of Jewish people and all goys as slaves, since it is a national religion that stays in the borders of one people and it is just for them, but the problem started when some other jews, sectants, expanded it to the status of international religion, and this venom started to spread around the world, and all the darkness of jewish soul has been spoiled into the souls of the goyms, firstly of the sick goyms who took this venom voluntarly, then those sick ones were trying to make sick the others as well, who the disease haven’t touched yet, and the Christians still do this till our days, because their greatest virtue is to convert somebody to their religion of lies. No one can be converted to truth, the one accepts it or ignores it, the human mind can be converted only to lies.

      • I mean not against islam but against turks, at the time (Dulo Clan is from the age of the Roman Empire, as there were Hunns and Barbars..)

  34. Many Christian conspirationists are convinced that Christianity is not only a a wall against Islam but also against the spawn of the Freemasons and the “You-know-who” that is Cultural Marxism.

    Because their faith is mocked in the medias and modern culture, they believe that only by being Christian you can be genuinely against the system and the oppression of our “Satanist” masters.

    Christianity may be traditionally more European, yet it is still a product of this hated Eastern tribe. I assume that the only reason why it has been supplanted by Cultural Marxism is because it has become “old hat”. Christianity is a tool that served well our oppressors to brainwash Europeans for many centuries, but now Cultural Marxism is more adapted for this job.

    • Cultural Marxists want purely materialistic societies without any sign of spiritualism or transcendentalism, that’s why they attack Christianity. They would do the same to Paganism or any other religion, too.

  35. As you pointed out correctly, throughout European history there are many such disgusting examplex for the lack of love towards the true pagan roots. Unfortunately there are also some negative examples like the rivalry between Arminius (Cherusci) and Marbod (Marcomanni), Marbod and Katualda (both Marcomanni) or between Arminius and Adgandestrius (from a confederati tribe), respectively the murder of Arminius commited by his own oncle; I think such incapacity in forging stable pagan confederations against the pre-christian Roman threat might be an inherit feature of true pagan cultures according to their contemporary hiroric circumstances. This incapacity might have existed due to the fact that real healthy pagan lifestyle at that stage in history didn’t allow accepting huge centralised hierarchical powers above them. If that theory would be true, this means: in the course of history and cultural interactions all nations, tribes and pagan cultures aswell as non-pagan cultures might always run through a process of learning and adapting to new necessities, while such learnings need to be described as a dynamic process between autochtonous improvements and adaptions to the certain environment and breaks and huge distortions by alien threats or maybe by internal treachery towards the tacit agreement about such harmonious pagan order. But it is also thinkable that a neo-pagan awareness, a pagan awakening will rise under today’s historic settings as a result of the learning from 2000 years of history. Nevertheless it is a very crucial question, to which extent a true and homeland-rooted pagan society/ community is capable to live in a modern-technological world without running at risk of being erased by alien (non-pagan) threats. Of course after the learnings of 2000 years interfearance with centralized, ideology-driven powers, true pagans might hope for a kind of global pagan awareness, which could change all nations from inside and root all people inside their own regions for the world can abandon global control powers like the UN (which like every transregional centralized powers can easily be infiltrated by annonymous 5th columns). But yet, for the end of all days there might remain the potential danger from inside, the lack of vivid spiritual commitment: the degeneration (as described above: early rivalry among germanic tribes) which also can be regarded as a crucial reason for the decline of the great hunter-gatherers cultures in favour of huger communities and entities … It seems history is really cyclic

  36. European heritage movements will only make sense when they embrace the one true European heritage i.e. pre-christian, “pagan”… It’s time to let go of christianity, you’re either European OR christian, choose your side! The time of good innocent European peasants living between christianity and paganism has passed, there should be no middle ground now, we all have access to info, there’s no excuse nobody can claim ignorance anymore!

  37. I like that you have decided to give some sort of reference sources. Hope you keep that up. 🙂

  38. Well, I never thought that christianity will help in the struggle against muslims. For me both christianity and islam are evil, but still christianity seems to be less evil. Maybe I’m wrong here, because christianity is more close to us, Europeans, as christianity is a tool to control us while islam is a tool to control other nations, who are invaders for our people, invaders that want to set their culture on our lands. Anyway there’s no place for both christianity and islam in Europe.

    • Christianity adopted many pagan ‘rituals’ (easter, christmas…) and beliefs. Which are in fact just transformed pagan rituals with a different name. It is a common idea among people, that his rituals “bring the family together”. Idiots have no idea, it has nothing to do with the perversive death-worshipping Christianity/judaism.
      In fact, very little people actually read what their god is doing with their ‘gentile’ kind in the bible.

        • @A connoisseur

          Not all Europeans accepted Christianity, even when it was forced to them through mass-murder, the depraved and sick ones accepted it, but most of the European folk hadn’t. Their “rulers” accepted Christianity for different political(and not only political) reasons, modern historians mistakingly assume that because a ruler made Christianity his own religion it makes all he “rules” above Christians, because it was such a wonderfully good and progressive religion that everybody happily accepted it in one moment without anyone spoiling any drop of blood.

  39. Islam was never more of a threat to Europe, than Christianity.
    The so called defenders of Europe (Charles Martel, El Cid…) were in fact defenders of Christendom. It’s hard to argue wehter their personal goal was to defend European land and people from brown-faced invaders or to serve the Vatican, but in the end, they contributed to the power of the church either way.
    Defending Europe from Muslims was definetely not a bad thing though, since we didn’t need yet another, even more merciless Hebrew cult in our lands, than the one that just settled here. Islam would also lead to a very early mass ‘multi-culturalization’ and perhaps a majority of today’s Europeans would be brown-looking burka fuck-heads.

    The Teutonic knights waging war I see in a non-religious way. They posed as servants of faith yes, they were practicing Christians, no doubt. But their conquest in the east was more a power grab, they wanted to create their own ‘country’ if you will. They were a bunch of intelligent enough veterans, to use their experience for their own benefit. They didn’t care who they invaded or killed. They wanted more land and more power.

  40. How strong do you think the mongol horde’s where in comparison to Europe? Maybe there numbers are overexaggerated because Europeans where more fighting amongst each other instead of the Mongols.

    • I don’t know, but they sure devastated the power of the Caliphate, and left it seriously weakened for a long time. Baghdad was the capital of the Caliphate. After the Mongols took their capital (!) they moved their capital to Cairo.

        • It was far superior to anything the Red Indians (deliberate use of the term) could have managed.

        • -Off Topic-
          Archery is sometimes considered a cowardly way to fight. Fighting from horseback is sometimes considered a cowardly way to fight. Is horseback archery not the epithomy of cowardice on the battlefield. I mean imagine if the 5 foot, 130 pound Mongols tried to fight hand-to-hand, on foot, against European warriors. Quite a comedy that would be.

          • By that same token so are firearms.
            The problem is that human beings are weak and cowardly by nature and will strive regardless of effort to avoid doing anything they find uncomfortable.
            While an honourable man would prefer to end someone at knife range, a coward would rather do it with a rifle at five hundred yards, where even the blood they spill is hard to see.

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