The Cro magnon is our Forefather!

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Many ‘racialists’ out there think of Cro magnon as the origin of our European species, and when I say that our origin is Neanderthal, they aggressively attack me and call me an idiot. They are not very smart and/or very well informed though. You see, I have never said that we don’t descend from Cro magnon, that none of our forebears were Cro magnon. Yes, we do descend from Cro magnon as well, and I will tell you how this is…

The Neanderthal is the original European. Homo sapiens is the original African. That we know as facts.

Some 110.000 years ago Europe started to become covered by glaciers. It was in the beginning of a great Ice Age that ended some 12.000 years ago. One of many, I may add. During this Ice Age (probably much later than the beginning of the Ice Age) some Europeans – i. e. Neanderthals – travelled south, into Homo sapiens territory. Yes: Homo sapiens did not travel north and met Neanderthals, as is claimed by the scientists today. Even the most simple of minds can figure that out: if there was an Ice Age in Europe, the dark Africans would have no reason to travel northwards, and certainly they would not be very successful if they did. Even today, dark-skinned human beings need to take ‘Sunshine vitamins’ to even develop properly, and to be able to survive for a long time here in Europe. If they don’t they will die, if nothing more serious, then at least much earlier than the native Europeans, because of their poor health (due to a lack of ‘Sunshine vitamins’).

Even the Neanderthals had problems coping with the cold, and they were used to it. The Africans were certainly not. So we can be pretty sure it happened the other way around: some Neanderthals traveled southwards, and they met Africans there, in the area where Europe, Asia and Africa meet; Northern- and Eastern Africa and the Middle East….

Before this great Ice Age ended, a new type of man appeared. Not a new species, nor a new ‘race’, but just a very diverse type of man that we today call the Cro magnon. Scientists say this was a result of ‘evolution‘, and claim that the African man had ‘mutated’ and all of a sudden became very different, but if you are able to add 2 + 2 and understand that it becomes 4, then you will understand that Cro magnon was a result of the race mixing – or actually ‘species mixing’ – that occurred when the European Neanderthals traveled south and met the African Homo sapiens – right when the Cro magnon appeared…

The first Cro magnons were in other words half ‘white’ and half ‘black’. Some looked more Neanderthal than others, and some looked very much African. None of them looked the same; not even within the same tribes! Most of them had the features we identify as typical for mixed race or mixed species creatures, like abnormal growth (some of them were huge!) and bad teeth, and other health and fertility issues.

With time the Cro magnon spread out across the world, and naturally it mixed with pure Neanderthals in Europe and with pure Homo sapiens in Africa – and probably with pure Denisovans in Asia. Wherever it went it left an impression genetically, and yes: we in Europe changed because of that, and no longer look exactly like we did before this mixing occurred. We now have some African genes too, that we got via the Cro magnon.

The (assumed) spread of African genes in Europe, via the hybrid known as ‘Cro magnon’ (from 37.500 to 30.000 year before present):

147px-Cro-Magnon_range_37,500_ybp.svg  147px-Cro-Magnon_range_35,000_ybp.svg 147px-Cro-Magnon_range_32,500_ybp.svg147px-Cro-Magnon_range_30,000_ybp.svg

PS. This map is obviously not very accurate, because 30.000 years ago both Denmark and Finland as well as Northern Russia were covered by glaciers. I still use this map to make it clear that the Cro magnon spread out from the Middle East. 

So they are right: Cro magnon is our forefather, but only one of them, and the vast majority of our forefathers were Neanderthals. Cro magnon is not a species, but a mix between two species, and we Europeans are on average 99.7% Neanderthal and 0.3% Homo sapiens. The more ‘European-looking’ you are, the more Neanderthal genes you are likely to have, because the Neanderthal was very European-looking, as explained here.

If you don’t think this makes sense, take another look the the (assumed) spread of Cro magnon, and compare that to the % of Neanderthal features in Europe:

4360328_f520 europe-eyes-general--lig europe-hair0223--light-h

The further away from the Middle East you go in Europe, the less of the dark Homo sapiens features you will find, and I may say: of course! Because the Cro magnon became more and more European (Neanderthal) the further away from the Middle East he came. If you combine that knowledge, with knowledge about the Moorish invasion of Iberia and Italy, and the Turkish invasion of the Balkans, in historical times, and other migrations inside Europe too, then you will be able to understand exactly why Europe looks the way it looks today.

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  1. “With time the Cro magnon spread out across the world, and naturally it mixed with pure Neanderthals in Europe and with pure Homo sapiens in Africa – and probably with pure Denisovans in Asia.”

    I know that this is an old article, but the underlined statement does not make any sense at all (well at least to me it does not).

    Asians are known to have both Homo-sapien and Neanderthal DNA. The darker a mongoloid’s complexion is, the more Homo-Sapien DNA it has, and the lighter a mongoloid’s complexion is, the more Neanderthal DNA it has. Logically, Denisovans would be descendants of the mixture between Neanderthals and Homo-Sapiens. Saying the Cro-Magnons went an interbred with the Denisovans is basically saying that it existed before itself and it went to go mate with itself, when Cro-Magnon and Denisovans are basically the same thing. The Asians got their dark features from somewhere, seeing’s how Neanderthals were light complected and the Homo-Sapiens dark complected, so it makes no sense to say the Asians existed independently as their own race/species. Everything in the universe exist on a spectrum, and there are only two extreme or opposite points on the ends, and everything in the middle is a variation of those opposite points on the ends. The Neanderthals and Homo-sapiens would be the opposite extreme points, and the Asians would be in the middle. Anyway, I hope I make sense, because this thing about Denisovans being their own racee does not.

  2. Hm map could be very wrong, there are lot of gypsies on balkans and spain. also, there are lot of muslims in malmo in Sweden are they included in this map 😀

    Also blue eyes doesnt make you “pure european”.. i have seen lot of pictures of Russians with blue eyes that have visible asian racial features.. and they have blue eyes and often blond hair..

    so if you want to see who is “mixed” and “who is not” , we have racial classification.

    About mixing yeah, some Europeans have visible non-european features. Mostly in south Italy (Sicily) some in Russia , and also some in eastern -south balkans.. where i live in south croatia, about 5-6% of people could be “mixed”. (to DNA 88% of croats belongs to european haplogroups , for example 90% of Finns to – so we are not-more-or-less mixed than finns )

    For example Greece ex economy minister Varoufakis is mostly pure European, while there are lot of people who are blond that have visible non-european features.. (go on some racial classification forums)
    So yes, racially classification is best way.
    Btw my self, – i am coming from family (as most croats) who are eye mixed 😀 my brother and sister have blue, i have brown eyes.. i doubt that they are “pure” and “i am mixed”.. all 3 or us, are dinarics , and we carry I2 haplogroup(in south croatia 75% people carry this) .(i was born with blue eyes, but they change color when i get age 1 😀 )

    Rihana is then white with green eyes , or other american black/mulatto MTV stars

    About other nations – i have seen lot of spain people, mostly they dont looks mixed.
    Russians are mostly Europeans but some of them have visible Asian mixture(and that people have blue eyes ). In my nearby country bosnia, – bosnian muslims have been turkish servants over 600years, and still vast majority of them are Europeans (mostly dinarics and some nordics, alpine, baltids also)

    This is bosnia today (under influence of islam) – pure white people becoming islamic fanatics

  3. There are many flaws in this theory.

    1) there are Archaic remains related to Cromagnon man who have absolutely NO Neanderthal DNA what so ever and are older than this time period and found in Siberia.

    2) there was a male infertility event that happened during the initial admixing with Neanderthals which means they were a completely seperate humanoid from a completely seperate origin.

    3) East Asian peoples are roughly 20-25% Neanderthal meaning a more recent or central admixure location with them and Neanderthal.

    4) La Brana 1 (a WHG who is ancestor to Scandinavians, you know the blonde haired blue eyed ones, that was found in Iberia) had the same genetic composition that is found in East Asians that is related to skin, hair, and eyes. All except he had blue eyes. He had dark skin and dark hair and was also related to Mal’ta boy (24k) found in Siberia and was related to Amerindians. Ie: light skin and hair is a more recent mutation and on top of that, Scandinavians have little to NO Neanderthal in them. Also the gene found in Neanderthals that created this effect IS NOT the same gene found in us that creates ours.

    You fail to provide ANY logical scientific evidence (or evidence at all for that matter) to your theory and ALL evidence eats away at it leaving nothing but bullshit in your hands. A theory can not sustain itself when created in such manor.

    • 1). You just claim this, and give us no source. I can however show you a source to the oldest human remains found, in Siberia, and it had more Neanderthal DNA than modern man does. See here: That alone disproves your wild claim.

      2). They are different species yes, but as long as the females are fertile, that is enough for them to procreate. And they did.

      3.) That is absolute nonsense. And yet again you fail to produce a source for that claim. I can however give you a source, the Max Planck Institute in Germany, saying something completely different. See links in this post here:

      4). La Brana 1 is only 7.000 years old. Scandinavia was already populated by the people who live there now at least 13.000 years ago — even before the glaciers melted away. The Max Planck institute has ‘conveniently’ avoided having Scandinavians in their studies, so you can not know anything about that. What you say is in other words just something you make up. Common sense suggest strongly though that the Scandinavians, who look the most like the Neanderthals did, have the most Neanderthal DNA — along with the other blonde, blue-eyed and fair skinned Europeans.

      No, you just fail to accept the evidence offered to you.


  4. I read an article saying ‘red’ hair came from the Neanderthals. Could that be why white Europeans obviously have the most red heads when compared to places in the Southern hemisphere? You see a few red headed Africans, but overall its quite rare. So, perhaps having red hair or carrying the red head gene is something left to us by our Neanderthal ancestors. Just as some Cro magnon I’m sure would have stayed in Africa (in very low numbers) so very little Neanderthal blood would be left in the African population. Just a thought.

  5. Sorry to contradict you but your theory is wrong. I’m blonde with blue eyes, and I’m of Berber descent, but I was born in France.

    • You don’t contradict me. The Berbers were probably, just like the Iranians, originally Europeans. So of course there are still some Berbers with blue eyes and blond hair.

      If the Berbers are not originally Europeans (there are contesting claims both ways), then their European features can be explained by admixture with Europeans — probably a very long time ago.

    • The Berbers were European, and probably possibly even direct descendants of Neanderthals as well.

      We can observe from ethnicities with considerable Neanderthal admixture like the basques and the Kabyles that they are often matriarchal, rebelious and “uncivilized and rude”, EXACTLY like Basques and Teutons (, and similar megalithic structures as the ones found in western europe have been found in Lybia. The Ancient lybians were often depicted by Egyptians and greeks as being blonde and blue eyed like you are.
      The berbers probably come from Iberia before the neolithic invasion of Europe. The berbers are not descendants of vandals, nor are they descendants of the celts, they are descendants of what some northern europeans and celts are descendants of.

      The kabyles have been found to have the mtdna haplogroup U6, a rare haplogroup that basques have more on average too. I believe that this haplogroup was inherited from the Neanderthals, which were the hominid with the biggest brain.

      Another thing that seems to confirm this is that, earlier this morning I read that those who bear this haplogroup have a higher blood Ph, and that studies have shown that a higher blood Ph makes communication between neurons easier, and that people with a higher IQ tend to have a more alkaline brain.

  6. Does this explain the dark Norwegians too? Some Norwegians appear a bit swarthy, I think. Janove Ottesen is the first example of a swarthy Norwegian that comes to mind. Hellhammer looks kind of swarthy too come to think of it. How common is this look in Norway? People outside of Scandinavia tend to think of Norwegians as looking like you but as we can see, there are darker types present there too

    • No, the dark Norwegians can be explained by resent race mixing. E. g. Hellhamemr is half ‘French’ — although by ‘French’ we suspect that we are actually talking about a ‘French citizen’, and not at all a ‘Frenchman’, so to speak…

      • Don’t you think there’s a native component in Europe that is swarthy though? What about the so called “Black Irish”, that is, the black haired/brown eyes Irishmen. From what I understand , this is an ancient phenotype in Ireland.

        • And do you mean to say that all brown haired Norwegians are a result on non-Norwegian blood? Was there not brown haired Norwegians in pagan times?

          • A few probably existed already in the Viking Age, but they were because they were race mixed too.

          • Brown-haired people are not race mixed. What a joke! Ancient Celts were described as ‘blond youth that had their hair browned as they aged’. My hair is brown-blond mixed but was pure blond when I was born. Sun exposure reblonds it. My old dog was the same, blond in summer brown in winter. Many people today do not get sun bleaching in their hair as they would in the past.

        • There is a haplogroup in European known as X from Anatolia. During The New Stone Age farmers moved into Europe and spread some of their agriculture here. Those darker people are probably them. 3% of British DNA is from them.

          To be clear, we already had agriculture and both groups are ‘Aryans’. People use this to say we had no agriculture and that ‘Middle Easterners’ civilised us.

      • Come to think of it, I remember reading somewhere that Hellhammer is half Norwegian and half Moroccan. I just dismissed it as stupid internet rumours at the time but it actually makes a lot of sense in context to this conversation about dark Norwegians. Sorry if I’m speaking out of turn, I don’t want to insult or offend someone you know personally and I’m not one to be the host of internet lies. If he is half “French” though, It could explain his darkness.

  7. If we are Neanderthal, how come every research finds only about 4 percent of Neanderthal DNA in us? It is like that Asians have 1 percent, Europeans about 4 percent and blacks have got 0 perc, and yes, those people who did researches know that Neanderthals were far more intelligent and sophisticated than we thought before. If we were Neanderthal wouldn’t we have over half of our DNA Neanderthal? Scientists also say that Europeans got about 80 percent Neanderthal DNA for skin and for hair, but on other places it is practicaly non-existent. What are your thoughts about this?

    • It’s 4% Neanderthal ONLY genes. Genes that are unique for Neanderthals.

      You have 40% of your genes in common with a water melon, and about 70% with a pig, and about 95% with a chimp, so then you might understand how important it is when as much as 4% are ONLY from Neanderthals.

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    • Believe? Does it work is the question. My most recent ex girlfriend claimed that she had perceived one of her friends’ (?) house to which she had never been prior, so who knows? I’ve been told that “perhaps I’m not spiritually sensitive.” Right. Perhaps so. I wonder as to whether or not there is any actual merit in attempting to experience these phenomena (astral projection/ out- of- body travel, ESP sensing, remote perception, and so forth). Lucid dreaming can be helpful in subverting phobias and fear in general as well as improving on, for instance, one’s guitar skill. Active “third eye” meditation (= visualisation) (seen here: Back in late 2010, when I initiated myself into Germanic Paganism, thinking that I was going to cause a major alteration in my own existence via “spirituality,” I used to watch his videos, save the ones pertaining to runic healing. I still watch his videos every once in a solar eclipse, however, only those that are practical and relevant to the mental sphere) can also do this or so Marc Rice is convinced. I haven’t tried it for myself yet.

      Post Scriptum: I’m, withal, of (prominently/ predominantly) northern Spanish heritage. Ave! And Filosofem signifies ‘philosophy.’

  10. Studying about my family’s history I discovered that I have Slavic blood too, the mother of my grandmother was from Poland, she was Masurian and married a german, I’m very happy to share with you a that, I always liked the slavic folk songs and culture, now I know why, this is a part of me too. Hail Slava!

    • Very nice! I found that my family come from North of Portugal and Spain. There’s a huge possibility, since my relatives told me, that there’s a French and Holander branch too. That can explain why some have very pale skin and Light eyes in both Spanish and Portuguese branch. I mean my lineage.
      Knowing our ancestors, our forefathers, the builders of our family is important to know who YOU are.
      🙂 Dobrý Den!

  11. I agree, except partially on part that Turkish invasion on Balkans left significant consequences. BTW those maps about skin and eye color are shit. Those who’ve done it never visited those countries and made wild guesses about their appereance. Where I live, in Montenegro, we were in war with Ottomans for 500 years, and in battle we were often more than 10 times outnumbered, yet we kept freedom to this day. Those maps of eye color and skin distribution in Europe are shit IMO, because they show data of everyone (including Albanians, Muslims and Gypsies) on Balkans, but for example on Scandinavia they only count ethnic Nordics. Imagine if Scandinavian immigrants were shown, maps would be much different (cities like Malmo and Stockholm look like Pakistan). This is why these maps are wrong, because they show non-ethnic peoples of Balkan. Where I live, in ethnic clean part of Montenegro number of people with light eyes (if green counts) is more like 80%, and about 35% with light hair, and most people are of Illyrian ancestry, but if somebody looked at those maps you posted very wrong image would be created about people of Illyrian ancestry.

  12. Say, Vårg (or anyone else who has, successfully, dealt therewith), on a totally unrelated note, what would you recommend me for insomnia (yes. Admittedly, where it concerns to health, survivalism, and pretty much everything, I trust in Vårg and ethnically aware Europeans in general)?

    • Yes , me too have had that problem .
      For years….

      First of all I think we have to know who we are ; where we come from and where we are going .

      In a way I admired those who get a diagnose , and are open about it (like Varg’s wife)
      Then people know what we need , and can take care of us in the right way; if we have some special needs . I know for myself that I have never been a very social type . Special when I was young I diden’t like to go out in the evenings , and talk and talk into the late nights….then I lost my sleep . I felt I diden’t have anyone accepting my needs so I lost contact with myself in a way…

      Well I have over the years become better , but I lost many years struggling with this problem . But my advice is ; be open about it , don’t be ashamed . There are many with the same problems . We live in an insane world , and of course it’s easy to get infected .

      But maybe some have some advice on herbs or anything ?

      • My apologies for being a tad late. Nevertheless, indeed knowing who we are, from whence we come, and whereto we are headed is an imperative matter. Thankfully, I know my heritage adequately and am no longer devoid of an identity as I may have been over 13 years ago. Nature, my blood, and my history (among a few other things) are my guide.. and I wear my Mjölnir pendant proudly as a denotation of the (considerable) presence of Teutonic/ Germanic (Visigothic (basically, Swedish) and German) blood in my veins and my ideology and my Teutonic forefathers’ culture, values, and ancient traditions.

        True. I’ve never been social myself and while men are, generally, not social butterfly faggots (at least, that’s how it used to be), I can state that the vast majority of men are, exponentially, more capable of, facilely, intermingling with others than myself (so perhaps they have become). That and I refuse to have anything to do with the trash of this world, so attempting to find anyone worthy of my time and loyalty in my locality is, seemingly, impossible and, consequently, I resort hereto should I ever feel the urge to exchange thoughts with someone or to seek advice, mainly Vårg since he’s older and more experienced. Recently, I have registered to White Shade Society, however, it’s an American blog and forum system and I need to make connections in Europe, particularly since I intend on not only targeting Europe with my music, but also relocating thereto, namely northern Spain or central or southern Germany (or northwestern Austria). I’m glad that this blog exists though. That is for certain. Vårg is a walking library of knowledge and a fountain of wisdom and in an age of utter retardation run rampant, he’s one of my only guides. At any rate, my insomnia has lifted for the most part. Apparently, bicycling (and exercise in general), coupled with my new memory foam pillow and a memory foam pad that is laid atop my mattress has alleviated just about all of it.. by far that is. We will see. After all, crappy sleep does precipitate lethargy as does consumption of ample volumes of grains/ wheat as Jonathan has so ardently articulated previously. Speaking of diet, today is my first day on a low carbohydrate diet and my energy levels have increased drastically. I know that fresh Sage (Salvia Officinalis) has anti- spasmodic and thus anti- anxiety properties when consumed as a leaf and in the form of tea and this has helped with my tension which is another culprit in my insomnia.

        Clearly, I’m quite open about it. One must be if they hope to be cured. Indeed this world is all too damned toxic.

        Sage is one decent herb.

  13. I’m confused..don’t we all come from homo erectus? And doesn’t it technically put us in the same family?

    • this puzzle me too. I have a book in my hand written by i belive to be alan mann for TIME-LIFE international and was reprinted in 1975. He was an assistant teacher in anthropology at pennsylvany university.

      By what he wrote, i belive he was indocrtinated in the out of africa theory before it was born. Because his theory about macroevolution is that australopithecus africanus ( who very much ressembled an ape) turned into homo erectus ( who had more neanderthal similarity like eyes ridge, bigger and stronger bone.) then turned into homo sapiens sapiens.

      If his theory is right, this would indeed put us in the same family, infact, we turned white because of microevolution and the fact that we left our hometown ”africa” for less sunny place in the north, we left our ”hometown” because we felt the need for it, the need to discover and get the hell out of there for who know why.

      Doesnt seem really plausible. But where are the true neanderthal from…? hit me up if you find how neanderthal was born

      • Well i guess homo erectus could have gone out of Africa and got stuck in some of the Danish islands at one point, because of the ice age,,and evolution did the rest..of course that’s more plausible than homo sapiens going blonde..but i don’t least i think i’m at the right place to find out..

        • I think Homo Erectus is nothing else than the ancestor of Mongoloid Asians and american indians inclusively, who are an asiatic population that came from Siberia as well. Of course the modern asians are not pure Homo Erectus, they are the result of interbreeding between Homo Erectus and Homo Neanderthaliensis(or rather Cro-Magnon), and probably Denisovan. And if you compare the skull of e.g. a chinese and of homo erectus, the ressemblence is striking, save the traits gained after interbreeding. And if you look carefully many North American unmixed indians have a very “archaic” traits. Homo Erectus is a specie appart, and it haven’t evolved into any other specie, just like in the case of Homo Neanderthaliensis, it slightly changed as the result of interbreeding. It is just my personal opinion.

  14. I thought this might be of interest to you all, it’s of a Welshman from about 1920 taken from the book “A Natural History of Man in Britain” by H.J Fleure, from The New Naturalist series. The caption reads; ” J.James, from the Plynymon district, showing features akin to those of man of the later Palaeolithic age”
    Warmest regards to you all!

  15. Saw this book advertised on
    Thought it might interest some of the readers.
    Now-Men And Tomorrow-Men: Why We Are Not Equal?
    By GM Mes. Introduction by Professor Raymond Dart, discoverer of the of Australopithecus africanus fossil. A ground-breaking work of evolutionary racial psychology which argues that the human transition from the ape-man to man occurred not when his skull took on a different shape, but when his mind became conscious of the future and lifted him out of the paradise of the present.

    This occurred, the author argues, not on the day that our primitive ancestor made his first tool or weapon, but on the day that he remembered to keep the stick or stone which had come fortuitously into his hand.

    Henceforth, he would have a weapon whatever the nature of the terrain and could of course gain a great advantage over his enemies by choosing the battleground.

    From then on the choosing, shaping and making of weapons and tools followed automatically together with all the advantages to be thus gained over an adversary who did not know of his future existence.

    This faculty of a future-sense developed sporadically and at a different pace in different parts of the world until man of today could be broadly classed into three categories, without clear boundaries but broadly typical of the extent of such development:

    1. The Asians are men of the east whose future-sense had reached eternity, making them in their thinking a fatalist, or merely a link in the chain of eternity;

    2. The Africans, with a very short future-sense and the happier for it because of their ability to enjoy the present without much concern for the future; and

    3. The Europeans, with a short to medium future-sense, the restless go-getter to whom is denied the restful resignation of his fatalistic long-futured or happy short-futured fellow man.

    Gerrit Marie Mes was a general and orthopedic surgeon who trained in the Netherlands and London, and lived in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

  16. Off topic, but, Varg, watch this video:
    (“Out of Africa theory proven wrong” from 2010)

    Don’t you think someone stole your wife’s ideas?

  17. I think the word “anti-semitism” has no meaning anymore .
    The word is only created to intimidate people, and are often used only as a
    ‘Master suppression technique’
    The Master suppression techniques , or ‘Hersketeknikk’ in norwegian , was founded by feminists in Norway , but can just as well be used to explain the suppression of our views .

    “Anti-semitism” is a word without meaning . It is only a word used for scaring people up to silence . I don’t think “they” are semites at all . They say themselves that they are many races , and I tend to think “they” are more of a religion than a race .

    Like many says about islam ; islam is not a race it’s a religion .
    I also tend to say that the jews are not a race ; it’s a religion !

    So “anti-semitism” is only a empty word they have problems to fill up .

    Maybe that is the reason why Varg Vikernes hasen’t received a written verdict ?
    They don’t know what to fill in there ?

    • “Master suppression thechnique”. That is an interesting expression. For lack of a better word, I always used “Newspeak” to qualify all those new words — antisemitism, racism, homophobia, hate crime — that, as you said, lack any proper meaning but were coined by our leftist leaders to scare the masses away from thinking and also to avoid having an honest debate with opponents.

      It is ridiculous, when you think about it, that empty and meaningless words oppress the masses more easily than brute force. Maybe because nowadays people are too much “civilised” and “tamed” by so many centuries of mental oppression that started in Europe with Christianity.

      Yet let’s not underestimate the suppressed wildness of the masses that might awaken one day.

      And as Robert E. Howard put it in one of his Conan stories ” The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing”.

    • Don’t you think is annoying that people here on TP always asking about verdict and he answered more than four times, i think if the people here want his good then they should let him to focus on his life and of course RPG 🙂

  18. Hey Varg i was wondering if you could aid me in a search for good books and trustworthy information.
    I’m currently going on a 3 week trip to work on an archeological site here in my country, and i would like to ask your advice on some books regarding the ancient European culture. I don’t have many knowledge on the subject and i figured that since you do, i’d lose nothing in asking for some recommendations.
    Thank you, and best regards 🙂

  19. This theory makes perfect sense. The modern priests are focused on complicating everything, even history of origin, with numbers and equasions, that are completely irrelevant here…
    There is no more logic today. Only equasions.

  20. Offtopic, but interesting (article on the present rise of anti-Semitism in Europe)

    According to Mr. Valls “To attack a Jew because he is a Jew is to attack France”. Modern anti-Semitism in turn, also according to Valls, is a blend of “the Palestinian cause, jihadism, the devastation of Israel, and hatred of France and its values”. Oh, so these are the Muslims and the enemies of Israel (hence the enemies of France ;)) who constitute the problem… Now all is clear.

    • Hehe, yes it’s true I just yesterday in the supermarket attack several of them because I asked them nicely take your disgusting Zionist peace of shit off of your head I don’t know what’s called the little round hat that the Zionist wear and then he says ok but he didn’t do that then I just did it myself and threw it into the freezer refrigerator in the supermarket,you know why? Because I can’t handle such thing in greenland. 😉

      • Are they guilty of what they’ve been taught all their lives? Would we be better if born in their skin? I understand very much why you are upset, but I’m not sure direct violence can help. Some of them are still right people, aren’t they? I would have done like you when I was 20, now I see things differently. I believe most of those people are blind and misled, but you seem to think they are just rotten Inside. I do not blame you ( and don’t want to offend you ) but I think you are wrong, however, and very sadly, it’s not a war we can win by straight violence, in my own opinion, and as my ancester Vercingétorix would probably confirm.

        • Well you know I saw let me say almost plenty tourists from Israel in Greenland but I never experienced that they wearing some signs like the Zionist little shit hat or other thing to carry on their clothes they’re just normal looking tourists but in that case yesterday they had some message unless I felt so to carry the Zionist hat they feel proudly I could feel that they’re tryin to provacating the people that we Jews and Zionists are the best friends of the Lutherans so that’s why I asked them nicely to remove their zionist hat but they refuse it and then I should use force I think, by the way I think you had great times in your confirmation when you said yes to Christianity and got a lot of gifts and money maybe that’s why you feel bad for bloody tyrant Zionists so I always try to make different between jews and zionists but the truth say here that Lutherans, Jesuits, freemasons,Muslims(excluding the Shia), jews, Zionists all are same shit sorry for language but just plaese opeb your eyes and GET IT and don’t remind your good time’s in church and Christmas foods and confirmation etc etc.

          • Not using punctuation makes me difficult to understand what you say. If you believe I am some kind of christian you are very wrong indeed. I’m not even baptized and I scorn those religions. I do agree all of them are the same shit, as you said. About the “shit hat”, it just means those guys are jews. Among the jews, some are against zionism. Even in their shameful country, the antizionists have a political party ( they did 3% at last elections there ) willing to just get out from the stolen land. Anyway, if you felt they were provocating you, once again I would not blame you for reacting the way you did. I was not there and I wouldn’t judge you. Now please don’t insult me.

            • Well you say that some jews are against zionism thats really naiv of you the book talmud and torah belong to jews or zionists ? read in google what they have in their relegions book about gentiles, and also i thought the litte round shit hat that the zionists wear its sign of to be an zionist becuz the jews wearing sone other kind of big round shit which it looks like the witch clothes sorry if am wrong in this subject, Again you have close eyes and dont wanna wake up from sleep, I dont insulting you here I just try to say and make you understand that don’t get cheatet by the jews who fucking pretending that they’re against zionism, because the root of the problems began from Judaism, so dont argue with me anymore. POINT 🙂

              • When you say ” read in google what they have in their relegions book about gentiles “, it reminds me of my grandfather who used to always say ” Check, double check, and check again “. Good advice it was. But I won’t argue with you anymore avestantramp, as you asked.

                • Guys, I think you miss the point here. What is really striking about such articles is, first of all, the exaggeration of the supposed ”rise of anti-Semitism”. I mean, sure, the Jews are becoming -again in the history- socially ostracised because for most normal people it is impossible not to notice that in this so called ”conflict” they are the ONLY aggressors. However, the leftist media as The Guardian still stubbornly try to persuade us that there is some Palestinian-Israeli ”conflict”’ involved. There is no conflict- this needs to be stressed. There are only the oppressed who desperately try to fight back, and the aggressors who have committed thousands of acts of terrorism in the last 60 years…Yet officials like Valls still claim that these are ”the Islamists” whom we all should be afraid of, and the ”enemies of Israel”. What is truly worrying here is that Valls manipulates people into thinking that those who defend the Palestinians are equal to those who are ”enemies of Israel” who in turn are the potential aggressive anti-Semites who in turn are ”enemies of France”- such rhetoric is a well-planned propaganda device which automatically manipulates the naive into thinking that there is something wrong or even anti-European in supporting the Muslims. The truth is that the Muslims, in their own homeland, have EVERY right to be supported by those-all around the world- who oppose oppression of innocents. I have recently come across a large number of people who actually believe that by supporting the Israel and the Israeli attacks on Gaza, we are somehow fighting the Muslim immigration into Europe- this is a ridiculous point of view. Muslim immigration into Europe is a massive problem. But Israel’s aggression, if it is anyhow related at all, can only escalate it- contrary to what people like Valls want to make us believe.

                  So, what we should really pay attention to in the above article, is that some politicians manipulate the populum into unnecessary hatred against enemies which in fact constitute a minor problem in relation to the problems generated by those who are supposedly- according to people like Valls and media like the Guardian- victimized.

                  Avestantramp, I believe you should think twice before you post. Try to use punctuation and proper spelling, and try not to write things which could make us look like a bunch of aggressors. Remember, this site is under constant watch and there are people there who like to take what we say out of context….

                  Mordred, as to your remark about the Jews not being guilty of how they have been raised… I was raised to be a catholic by my teachers and the society I lived in, and to be a cynical leftist atheist-sceptic by my parents…and I somehow became a Pagan, even though NOBODY raised me this way. We are responsible for our life choices, because most of us have the moral law deeply inscribed into our souls… But some nations, apparently, do not, as they have been acting in a purely evil way for centuries and they always refused to change for better. Of course there are some-very few- amongst them, who speak against their kin’s murderous nature. People like Norman Finkelstein, or Miko Peled are admirable. But they are rare exceptions.

                  • Wisely put. About the conflict, I agree 100%. About politicians manipulation I agree, and I would never be able to forgive people such as Valls, Fabius, etc. Maybe I sounded like a pacifist in previous sayings, but those I would gladly just kill.

                    My point was that it’s useless to judge brainwashed people. People who tell me I’m stupid because I refuse to pay taxes are following a “logic” they have been taught since birth, how could I blame them? That’s what I meant by saying people are blind. They are not necessarily evil by themselves. Like Varg said, don’t clean the mess when the roof is still leaking.

                    In my opinion the true ennemy is not greedy people, it’s the system which makes greed appear natural. The true ennemy is just a bunch of powerful people, even if 99% of western guys are very wrong they would surely change if we had the chance to show them the truth. That truth you, Eir Primrose, have certainly witnessed at some point, and which helped you become what you are.

                    But maybe I’m just over confident about human intelligence.

                    • I agree with you up to a certain point. I think brainwashed people deserve a chance to be presented with a different point of view, and some of them are very likely to change when they finally see the truth. But I also believe that sometimes the truth is obvious- for example when Poland was under the communist influence, and the government, ministry of education etc. were very heavily indoctrinating Polish people practically from birth, most of the society still knew that something was wrong and a major part of the society- people of all social classes and all ages- started to revolt. The whole revolt thing went to waste after 1989 and- again- the government have been trying hard to cover this fact act and by posing for someone who they are not, the media have been trying even harder, but STILL there is a massive number of people who demonstrate against their lies. Some need more time than others to open their eyes- and this is fine But, especially when you see people dying on the streets -like in Israel- and you’re constantly persuaded that they die for a good reason, it is your moral obligation to start thinking and judging for yourself. This is why in case of every conflict or war in the world, there are always people on both sides who protest against the violence- even if they themselves are not the victims, there are always good people who have empathy, compassion and – most of all- common sense. Have you seen any major protest of Israelis against their government’s aggression? I have not. They must have come across negative remarks on the Internet, but they cannot be bothered to listen because they are obsessively self-concerned by nature. I speak about most of them of course. There are anti-Zionist Jewish communities, and they have their faults too cause most of all still think white people are cattle, but for their anti-Zionism they should be congratulated- I do admit that. However, for the Israelis, who live their normal comfortable lives on the stolen land, witnessing violence against Muslims all the time and refusing to react- there is no excuse, as for all their supporters and those who are by choice ignorant enough to stay neutral.

                  • First i must say sorry for my bad english, but also the reason my bad spelling is that i was replying with my little phone last night so it was hard to write correct. the second thing is that normally im not an aggressive person but when it comes to cowardliness and try not to telling the truth and ass licking and such stuff then maybe i can have high temper, and the other thing is that i want you to dont be worry about that some people watching this blog or controlling it, which you think that my comments makes you look like bunch of aggressors becuz everyone knows that im Iranian so i think it should be ok for me to writing comment like that so dont worry 🙂 i hope you know who is behind the muslim immigration in Europe,
                    .you gave me a big shock when you say that Norman Finkelstein and Miko Peled are admirable!!! Either is something you guys dont know enough about these people or you try to escape from the truth. i shall not wasting my time anymore. 😦

                    • Well, I meant ”admirable” in terms of revealing Israel’s crimes on Palestinians, and proving that Israel is a criminal state built on false martyrdom of its people – this is ALL I meant. They have been both raised surrounded by the Jewish propaganda, and they managed to break through, or so them seem. If I am wrong about them, please tell me- maybe there is something I don’t know.

    • It’s funny, but this “anti-semitism” is really based off of semitic factions infighting. It’s all done under the banner of Abrahamism. They import loads of Muslims to destroy us, and they end up destroying themselves because the Abrahamic cult is essentially imbalanced and based solely off of darkness and domination. So they do dominate, and then they try and dominate each other. I actually a Muslim make a tepid death threat to me today for making a joke in relation to Islam. But that is what their religions say! That is what their “God” tells them to do. No sense of humour, just automations. Make no qualms about it – these ARE death cults. That fact that Valls equates Abrahamism with “French values” makes it clear who the elites of France worship. They’ve reached the limit of their prowess, and they pose a problem even to themselves.

      • I think its part of the faithfulness if you also feel that Heathenry is under the threats and danger of others then to use your instinct and protect it. 🙂

        • Well, it was good to see part of the source of their religion firsthand without being mean-spirited. It is not faithfulness on my part. It is faithfulness on their part. They are not allowed to question their program(religion) and if a switch is flipped, death and war is often what is demanded because it is a central tenet. Just like how Europeans have no free speech. What kind of God(or people) is that insecure? One who looks for any excuse to dominate as a prime and perhaps sole motivator. Their(Abrahamic factions) infighting will probably never stop because of this. I could not take sides in that conflict because there are none.

          • Although, that being said, there are certainly some outcomes that I would prefer much more than others, and of course the root is the most potent 😉

  21. I agree with almost everything but actually the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula has no influence on this because the “Moriscos” (Muslim converts to Christianity) were expelled like the Jews, the death penalty for those attempting to return, the existence of the “cleanliness of blood” (Estatutos de limpieza de sangre) and repopulation of cities after capturing each city (the majority of the population of “Al-Andalus (name that derives from “Vandalusia” “Land of Vandals”) was “muladíes” (Hispano-Romans and Visigoths converted to Islam) and Mozarabs (Christians who lived in Muslim territory ) (all called Moors by the Christian kingdoms) only the aristocracy was Arab (racially) and most territories were still led by Visigoths (traitors) converted to Islam

    and miscegenation in that age was something very unusual, for example the Visigoths despite being officially Christians at that time, they called themselves descendants of Gaut father of the race (one of the names of Odin/Wotan) and they continued believing in the importance of ethnicity in fact they had laws to not mingle with people from areas where they passed (The Suebi also chose the Iberian peninsula as their definitive home)

    these maps seem inaccurate (I find these percentages lower than in reality) (eg “Catalunya Nord” a part of Spain that is now France, has more people with light eyes that the Catalonia that still is part of Spain) (is common to find light hair/eyes in andalucia (with the same frequency as in the rest of Spain or more and During the Middle Ages and through the Camino de Santiago, and the Pyrenean steps were repopulated cities and counties (during the Reconquista) with residents of central and western Europe: French (“Franks”) from Brittany and Gascony, German, Flemish …and repopulation of Sierra Morena by German settlers in the reign Charles III 1767

    (sorry for my bad English)

    • In am sorry, but that is not true. DNA testing shows that South Europeans have a lot in common with Arabs, and some of them (the darkest) are even closer to Arabs than they are to other Europeans, genetically speaking.

      And why else would Southern Spain (occupied by Moors) be darker than Northern Spain (not occupied by Moors)?

        In Spain there are many places where blond child exceeds 50% (and up to 3-4 years occurs in 90% of Spanish children))

        (we are talking about a time without “tolerance”)
        if you are traveling to Spain you will only see castles everywhere (military structures for a 800 years of continuous war
        (or you don’t will notice the difference between Spain and Nigeria because of the 30 years of “democracy”)

        I don’t know the rest of southern Europe but Spain (before the Germanic tribes established the Iberian peninsula as their permanent home) was populated by Celtic tribes those same tribes occupied the British Isles
        Bryan Sykes in 2006 published the book “The Blood of the Isles”, which on the basis of DNA from 10,000 volunteers prepared the genetic map of Ireland and England, showing genetic linkage of the current population with ancestors from Celtic Galicia

      • Varg Greetings and congratulations for your blog.

        As Spanish I must say that I disagree with your exposure on the genetics of the population of Spain, the vast majority (70%) of the native Spanish population owns R1b gene, the typical haplogroup of Western Europe.
        The quintessential spanish ethnicity is Celtiberian (Iberians + Celtic).

        Neither the Phoenicians / Carthaginians, neither Greeks nor the Goths, nor the Romans, nor the Arabs substantially modified the genetic makeup of our population, you’d be surprised to know that our genetic makeup is very similar to the times of the pre-Roman Hispania.
        if you want to know more information about our genetic map: (in Spanish).

        PS: sorry for my bad English

        • The Romans and goths did not have a strong impact in Iberia?
          The Romans had a huge impact in Iberia,culturally and genetically they modified the population to some degree,the reason the shock was not so great is because early romans who conquered Hispania were european-stock,probably very close to the Lusitanians,Iberians and Celtiberians.
          The Arabs on the other hand modified drastically the population of Spain and Portugal,and that’s why Iberians are DARKER.
          In all forms of arts during the middle Ages,throughout European-Iberia,be it painting or literature,the Iberians were always described as fair-haired and light eyed,Galicia,the birth-place of Portugal still has a high amount of light hair/eyes if compared to Portugal itself.
          Most of the population of Portugal belongs to a dark-european type,and some are mongrels,the same happens in Spain,just because a minority in more isolated areas are lighter,does not mean most of the population is,the Iberians of today are a mixed people composed of the old Celt(-iberians),Iberians,italics, germanics(mostly goths and suebes),and Arabs,in Portugal some sub-saharan(black-african) blood was also introduced.Even though a lot of the population of Moors was thrown out of Spain,many stayed,bred like rabbits and mixed with the local population.
          Most of the Iberian population is shorter and darker than other Europeans countries.
          Portugal being the most backwards,crisis-prone,unstable and undeveloped countries in western-Europe today is proof of this.
          Portugal imported black slaves,and even with racial laws,the local population mixed,generating a population that little by little added to itself non-european genes.

          On the matter of Haplogroups,Africans such as Cameroons share a high amount of haplogroups with north europeans,but they are not related in any way.
          Just take a look at these maps:

          To those who say Iberians never mixed,who say that Spanish are just as pure as any scandinavian,please stop fooling yourself.The fact that most of us are not mongrels,does not mean we don’t have some substantial amount of non-european genes.

          • I do not say that Spaniards have a 100% purity we all know that it is literally impossible, but the Spaniards are one of the most racially pure peoples of Europe, Spain is genetically closely related to the rest of the peoples of western Europe (Ireland, Wales, Brittany and Portugal) much more than any other people. Genetic analyzes indicate a strong Paleolithic ancestry among the population of the Iberian Peninsula.
            If you are British it may surprise you to know that you probably have Spanish genes

            The Goths despite being the founders of the current Spain not ceased to be a military ruling elite until the last years of his reign, they were not allowed to mix their blood with the native population.
            As for the Romans genetic studies show that only 15-20% of haplogroup (J2 belonging to southern Italians, Etruscans, Greeks, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylonians) and is only found in southern Spain.

            The maps that you’ve posted only appear scattered populations left genetic traces in Spain but you forget that the R1b haplogroup is the predominant in 70% of Spanish medium and which is present in most of the Irish, Welsh, Scots, French, Belgian, Portuguese, western English, southern Dutch, Austrian west, northern Italians (Po valley), south Germans and ultimately throughout Western Europe.

            This is genetic map of Europe, where do you find great similarities between Spain and North Africa?

            You say “The Arabs, on the other drastically altered the population of Spain and Portugal part, and that is why the Iberians are darker” I say that’s a fallacy own nordicistas and promoters of the anti-Spanish Black Legend, is like saying that Finns are Asians because of its population is from Asia haplogroups.

            In 711 an army of approximately 12,000 muslim berbers landed on the shores of Algeciras and after advancing to the river Guadalete It defeated the last Visigothic king: Rodrigo, who was betrayed by part of the Visigothic nobility.
            Just three years later almost the entire peninsula was conquered.
            How could this happen?

            Very simple was a conquest that there was no resistance on the part of the native population, in the Spain in the eighth century was about 4-5 million, What happened was a massive conversion to the Islam in exchange for fiscal advantages like the reduction of taxes, the reason of all this is that the native population was tired of the political instability for the constant civil wars between Visigothics for getting hold of the wreath, was a religious and cultural, not ethnic conquest.

            Like with the Visigoths mixture was very small, because the population was racialmente was the same only they changed leaders and religion.
            The religion changes his values, but not your genetics.

            Spanish is a very homogeneous people from the genetic point of view (much more than Italian, for example) and more genetically related to other Atlantic peoples as Portuguese, French, Irish and Scottish with Mediterranean peoples. Some have even suggested that the primitive populations north of the Iberian Peninsula and southern France colonized the rest of Western Europe at the end of the last ice age.

            If the Spanish population and therefore southern Europeans are darker is hotter climate adaptation (melanin), on the other hand the average height of a Spanish is 1.78 cm higher than that of the French (1.75), or 1.77 Irish, Switzerland (1.75) or Russia (1.76), more or less than the European average, another thing is that the Nordic and Germanic peoples are higher than its European neighbors


            Unfortunately this kind of debate in a few years will not make sense, miscegenation and the holocaust of European man who is being subjected because of miscegenation and mass immigration promoted by progressive elites and Zionists, and will end with Europe and its cultural and racial identity.

            • Haplogroups don’t mean anything. Read the haplogroup post here on Thulean Perspective.

              • Interesting post Varg, in any case it is a mistake to say that Spaniards are descended from the Moors, when history and science has proven to be totally false.

          • the pattern (Christian) of Spain is Santiago Matamoros (Moor-slayer).

            Do you know from where comes the blue blood of the nobles?
            It is an expression of Spanish origin (the reconquest was a crusade racial and cultural against the Moors and Jews)

            and still to this day in countries in South America and the Canary islands they call Goths to the Spaniards from the Iberian Peninsula
            until relatively recently the Gothic kings of before entering to the Iberian peninsula were considered Spanish kings
            Portugal with Spain was the first global empire and 1th World Power for centuries, controlling half europe
            I remember you “Charles I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire”



            the Spanish Inquisition more than 400 years expelling/killing Moors and Jews


            I remind you that the only language of europe without a Foreign influence is on the Iberian peninsula


            If we look at Y-DNA African admixutre, Germany or Austria have more than Spain
            (Haplogroups E(xE3b) and Haplogroup A spread to Europe due to migrations from Northeast Africa, rather than the slave trade. The haplotypes have been detected in Portugal (3%), Spain (0.42%), Germany (2%), Austria (0.78%), France (2.5% in a very small sample), Italy (0.45%), Sardinia (1.6%) and Greece (0.27%).)

            Research article
            “Genetic Structure of the Spanish Population”




            ¿Iberians are DARKER? Since when? maybe you should visit the peninsula in winter
            maybe I’m crazy but I think when you take the sun your skin turns dark, except if you are albino (You can ask to the Germans of the Balearic Islands) even redheads…

            “In all forms of arts during the middle Ages,throughout European-Iberia,be it painting or literature,the Iberians were always described as fair-haired and light eyed”

            is simple, the knights of the Middle Ages in the Iberian peninsula were descendants of Visigoths (this is not a secret)

            the problem is that we are commenting about one era with the vision of globalization and tolerance of the current era
            in the Middle Ages ethnic cleansing were the daily bread
            and not just in the Middle Ages, the traditional Spanish culture is based on the war against the Moors, all towns and cities in Spain or almost all, have the “Moors against Knights/Christians”

            don’t worry, I’m not trying to fooling myself, just an outsider can’t tell me from whom I descend 😉

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  23. Interestingly, I read the other day that when the first Neanderthal skeleton was discovered, not everyone agreed that it was even ancient, never mind supposedly being man primitive ape man that the priests purported him to be. Some thought that it was simply the grave of a recently deceased Cossack soldier.

  24. Morning, Varg! Could you recommend a book about the manufacture of stone tools “at home”? I was seized delight while watching The ForeBears’ when Marie made ​​knives and arrowheads.

  25. Out of topic, but could you please do a post about your court sentence roughly a month ago or so..? Thanks!

    • I haven’t received any verdict yet, so technically I don’t know what I was convicted for or why I was convicted.

      • varg if you look at the table on north america i live in boston area northshore usa…im 12-14 green shaded area right below your light green 1-12 i feel lucky LOL 😛

        • I’m pretty sure the map refers to the skin color of the various Native American tribes who lived in that area before colonization.

  26. Hi Varg,

    I know by time Marie’s and your explanations about Neanderthals, etc. and I support it. Logic, Science and Good Sense are all in.

    Still, can you elaborate when you say that “with time the Cro magnon spread out across the world, and naturally it mixed with pure Neanderthals in Europe”?

    Why an exception, a direct hybrid between an European and an African, with all that that implies, has had the possibility to “naturally” spread his genes in a systematic way? Assuming also that the 100% Neanderthal was probably more intelligent than us, if this can be a point.

    Also, the secon of the last three maps includes greeen eyes but, if I remember well, you have stated that green eyes are a degeneration/derivation of brown eyes. In these sense the % should be changed at least a bit.

    • No, it’s just a matter of slow spreading of genes, because people marry and have children — and with time the genes of even one man will be ‘all over the place’.

      E. g. more than 90% of all Norwegians have DNA from King Olaf #the Holy”…. So the last 1000 years or so his genes spread out in Norway, slowly but surely. Simply because his genes were there.

      • I understand that, still I can’t imagine the motivations for which a pure Neanderthal should procreate with a pure 50/50 hybrid rather than kill him.

        • Being a hybrid of two species, only the females would have been fertile, so only Neanderthal men mated with Cro magnon females, until of course they had done this enough to make them more similar to the Neanderthal.

          Many Europeans mate with and even marry females from all sorts of human racers. Why should they be any different? :-/ Yes, they were supposed to be smarter, but… man is and probably always have been a dog. 😦

          Maybe most of the cro magnons were indeed ‘beaten to death’ too. But some were not…

          • Yeah. A sad story, truly…but we are still here, and that is what matters. Maybe one day we will know more about this topic.

          • I think that males were fertile too because that can explain haplogroup E1b1b originating from africa 22 000 years ago.

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  28. Informative post Varg, thanks. I am researching my ancestry and am finding that on my mothers side I am almost exclusivly Polish, my fathers side appears to be either Norwegian or German (or both). I am wondering how much Neanderthal is in people of Polish descent? From my understanding most poles descend from the Slavic peoples. (Generally speaking, depending on what region). I understand this is a broad question dependent on many factors, but what do you think?

  29. This is an off-topic comment, but I’d very much appreciate if someone who knows about the linden leaf as a symbol in the antique world could reply.

    I’ve noticed a lot of “heart” -shaped symbols in gothic armours and architecture, and I have been trying to find out why it was so popular of a shape. I was wondering if it could be inspired by the linden leaf rather than an actual heart. I’m not sure if it is true but I’ve heard the linden was a sacred tree in paganism, especially in slavic places. So could this “heart” shape really originally be a pagan symbol rather than a Christian “heart of jesus” or something like that? I didn’t find much about this from google, unfortunately. I’d like to hear more about what the linden was a symbol for or why it was sacred if someone happens to know about this. And of course about the Christians, did they come up with the shape in the later time period by themselves or did they adopt it from pagans and turn it into a Christian “heart” symbol?

  30. I’ve seen instances of vicious name-calling too, of closed-minded people simply dismissing ideas by going ad hominem. It reflects much more on them though.

    You’ve accomplished incomparably more with your inspirational work, Varg. Even if they find something disagreeable, people should give respect where it’s due, to someone who is obviously brave, talented and trying to do the right thing. There’s no excuse for the ad hominem attacks.

    • PS: On the other hand, in the spirit of balanced discussion, I must say that unfortunately statements such as these that you wrote don’t give the fence-sitters on this issue much confidence in objectivity:

      ‘The Neanderthal is the original European. Homo sapiens is the original African. That we know as facts.’ [‘Facts’ italicised.]

      But the most one could say is that the first KNOWN inhabitants of a certain place is this or that group of people.

      What was going on tens of thousands of years ago is very uncertain, especially considering the huge time span and relatively little evidence, being mainly channeled through archaeology under censorship, including so many lies coming from the establishment.

      And even in a much closer time period, there is still so much uncertainty about where the Indo-Europeans came from and how they came to be in relation to other branches of our people. And considering that archaeological and cultural evidence shows overwhelmingly that our race was on almost every continent in pre-history… and on top of that the theory/theories of evolution in contrast to what our mythologies say of how we came to be…

      So without giving up at the sheer depth, complexity and uncertainty of it all, I still would have to uphold the good old Socratic saying: “I know that I don’t know”. 😉

      • Pre-history is a very long time…

        We were in Europe (including parts of Asia, bordering Europe) for 500.000 years. Elsewhere in 15.000 tops… so I’de say Europe is our homeland, and the rest is not.

        I don’t find Indo-Europeans very interesting. It’s just a language group. African-Americans are Indo-Europeans…. they speak English! 😉

        • I’ve been thinking about what you wrote, and you are being inconsistent. We don’t KNOW the things you wrote above. It is uncertain.

          And the ancient Indo-Europeans weren’t merely a language group. The ancient Indo-Europeans had strikingly similar cultures. Furthermore, it seems very unlikely that branches of the ancient Indo-Europeans, who founded civilisations in Persia, Tocharia and India for example, were of a different race than ourselves.

          People have made comments here such as “This theory makes perfect sense. The modern priests are focused on complicating everything, even history of origin, …”, “The truth is always obvious…”, “Read the blog “Atala” ( All you need is right there”. This sort of relationship to research is very unhelpful. Research into the past needs a balanced view, not dogmatism.

          • ( The comment ” The truth is always obvious ” did not refer to the article but to the statement ” There is no more logic today. Only equasions. ” )

          • All the bones, the remains, the DNA of the remains, etc. prove the information in this post. So we know it as far as we can know something.

            Not only that, we also know with the same certainty that the out-of-Africa theory is nonsense.

            Sure, the original speakers of I-E were of the same European race, but so were all the other peoples of Europe.

            Did you know that e. g. as much as 40% of the Germanic vocabulary is not even Indo-European? That’s right: 40%! These words are Proto-Scandianvian, a non-Indo-European language.

            What you refer to is one of many Euroepan peoples and their culture, which is not the culture of Europe anymore than e. g. English today is the language of Europe. There were many slightly different European cultures, and only one of these were like the one you think of as Indo-European.

            I think the whole fascination for the Indo-Europeans is a bit annoying. As if they were the only Europeans that mattered. They were not.
            And they were not that different from the other Europeans anyhow.

            Referring to other blogs or other material is not unhelpful, is it? The links to the scientific sources in relation to the Neanderthal theory are all on

            • I wrote above:
              ‘there is still so much uncertainty about where the Indo-Europeans came from and how they came to be in relation to other branches of our people.’
              But how much evidence is there for ancient non-Indo-European groups in Europe? I didn’t think there was much evidence, especially literary. I’m undecided about this, but maybe (among other things) there was a difference between a goddess-controlled pantheon of some non-Indo-European groups versus the god-controlled pantheon of the Indo-Europeans. And there is the question of where these different branches of our race developed such differences, and how this relates to the Ainu and the Solutreans, for example. Plus there are the ancient myths of our coming to be versus what evolutionary theory/theories say. There is a lot going on here.

              On another point, you wrote:
              ‘All the bones, the remains, the DNA of the remains, etc. prove the information in this post. So we know it as far as we can know something.

              Not only that, we also know with the same certainty that the out-of-Africa theory is nonsense.’

              Actually, these things are not equally likely. The first is a theory, while the second is merely disproving something.

              • PS: Not to detract too much though, and your writing is always stimulating. Hopefully my Socratic gadfly activity hasn’t been too annoying.
                I’ll be away for some time doing other things, but I’ll stop by now and then. Best wishes to you and your family.

            • Exactly its too much about I-E, they started the civilisation so what ? they also started the race mixing more than anywhere else i think.
              But Varg i am always thinking about the old Norse language why there are still several words common with persian language which you can not see in other languages so far as i know
              like in old Norse = Fíll same in persnesku,
              old Norse=Peningar in old persian Pung
              old Norse=Refir in persian Rufa
              old Norse=Værgur(im not sure about thr rightspell) in persian Verg:
              old Norse=hjaðna in persian Evna, and im sure if i study more about old Norse than it comes up many more common words with old persian,

              PS;. the term IE is just sound uncomfortably for me i have no idea why, maybe because i remember the last time the four persons who called me IE were freemason and one priest and two of them christian, and by the way for the people who thinks that IE is an useful term i should inform them that who were behind the making the term Indo-European, maybe my bad feeling it was of these two thomas 😉


  31. Interesting, thanks for this piece, Varg.

    “Even today, dark-skinned human beings need to take ‘Sunshine vitamins’ to even develop properly, and to be able to survive for a long time here in Europe. ”

    Do you have any sources for this?

    • It follows rather logically from the nature of dark and light skin. The reason Africans have dark skin and Europeans have light skin is that the melanin that makes skin darker prevents the absorption of sunlight, and therefore production of Vitamin D, by the skin. So, if you live in an area with a lot of sun (Africa) you would need more melanin to protect from the negative effects of too much sunlight, but you would want less melanin where sunlight is more scarce. So, if Africans were to travel to Europe, where there is less sun, they will not absorb as much Vitamin D, meaning they will have to take supplements or will suffer from lack of this essential vitamin. I hope this helps.

      • FWIW:

        I sure can’t figure out what they are trying to say. Do they expect bone density in black people in USA to decrease virtually overnight? Why wouldn’t they have denser bones even though they live in a temperate climate? It’s their genes at work. Over many generations of living anywhere than near the equator, they’ll eventually develop somewhat lighter skins and somewhat thinner bones. At least, that is the way it would seem to me. Anyway, go to the last paragraph of this article, and read the comments, too, if this topic really interests you.

    • Not only dark-skinned people should take vitamin D, but also women who spend their lives indoors and are covered by burka’s when going outside.. They simply do not get enough from the sun. Most of them do not know or care to take any though. Good, hope they bloody rot.

  32. This is interesting Varg, but I have a question about something
    On certain physical anthropology message boards they often divide Europeans/Caucasians into two groups – one which has a long face with a slender (leptomorphic) body, and the other which has a broader face, typically deep set eyes, and a mesomorphic body. You can find this dichotomy all over Europe.
    If you want a good visualization here just google Ryan Gosling to see a good example of the former and Oliver Kahn for the latter.

    So the question is, which of the two is closer to what Neanderthals looked like? Clearly the robust body type like Oliver Kahn has is better suited to a cold climate, but Neanderthals don’t have the square head like he has…

    Also, I want to know what you think of this website:
    It has some good information on Nordic racial types, most of which is based on Carleton Coon’s typology.

  33. Are there any English language publications regarding the Neanderthals and European prehistory that are worth reading?

    • Pretty good, but I dislike the part where it says ancient people “frequently inbred engaged in inter-species and interracial sex”, yet another attempt to tar our ancestors as a bunch of degenerates, and make it seem as if the behavior of broken people in the modern day is normal and acceptable human behavior.

  34. Hey Varg. You are wanted in the closed facebook group Races of Man. Its a classification site, with quite a few competent people. There are however people speaking about you all the time, and recently someone posted pictures of you and asked for your classification. Hilsen Norsk

    • Well, you can tell them that my skull index is 0.78 (0.78003, to be exact) and I have a classical Eastern Norwegian Nordic skull. My skull was measured ‘professionally’ by Kurt Jarle in KultOrg Skandinavio in 2002. 🙂

      I am 181 cm (evening) or 182 cm tall (morning), weight 95 kg, have a straight nose (very typical Norwegian), blue eyes and blond hair in all nuances (from yellowish-blond and light blond to middle blond and dark blond, depending on where it grows [don’t make me get into details here…]). Well, today much of it is grey, but you get the point.

      My forebears from the last 250 years come from Telemark (amongst others: Susanne Malene Quisling! 🙂 ), Nannestad, Skjeberg (near Halden), Bore (Jæren), Sogn (but they too were Eastern Norwegian types) and Gilberja Sogn in Sweden.

      Before that they come from e. g. Denmark (Quisling is actually a Latinization fo Kvislemark in Denmark) and Tønsberg.

      My forebears were sheriffs (lensmenn), clergy (yuk!), farmers (the Bore-family, for example) and some ordinary workers too. Most of them were actually sheriffs, sheriff-daughters or clergy (yuk, again!). The clergy parts came mostly from Denmark.

      I can trace my family back to the early 17th century. I have only Scandinavians in my kin, as far back as I can tell.

      PS. I would not join or as much as visit any Facebook group even if my life depended on it… 😉

  35. Thank you varg! I was having a convo with an old friend of mine about this the other day. He spewed the liberal theory that we all emerged out of africa, and could not state a point that made any since. He refered to us as tropical homosapiens that are naturally adept to tropical climates and neanderthal just so happened to disappear magically while homosapien mutated into the modern european, asian,middle eastern etc… after reading what you have to say, I was easily able to crush such logic within seconds. So we can safely say the out of africa theory is a load of shit.

  36. Somewhat related: there is an alternate theory to Earth plate tectonics that I read: Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics. To me it makes much more sense.

  37. When I first heard this theory put forth I was amazed at how logical and obvious it was. To deny that this is what happened is to ignore logic. The sad thing is, most people dont care for facts and logic. People will believe what they want to believe

    • My estimation is that the darker ones (like Indonesians) are basically denisovians, the lighters ones (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mongols, etc) are a mix of neanderthals and denisovans, and the Turkish groups are a mix of the lighter ones and cro-magnons. Not sure about the Australians or Polynesians, as they are much larger.

  38. I had a “discussion” with an idiot some time ago. You can see the arguments of these people… Also they called your wife’s theory “vikernes stuff”, they’re too informed…

  39. Thank you. Assuming you are right, I have a question: why have we been lied to, then? Is it on purpose or is it mistakes?

    • Both on purpose and by mistake.

      It’s a long story, and it started with the priests who described the first Neanderthal remains as ape-like creatures.

      Today I think the main problem is ‘racism’, and the fear that when we get to know about this, and the consequences this has had for us, many people will become much more ‘racist’. As we know: they don’t want that.

      You should read more about this on In French even…

      • The lie is something like “we were all African once, so we are all immigrants (in Europe)”. I’ve heard this before and was astonished.

        I really need to get into detail with your wife’s material because it is very scientific and precise (which I like). Since the trend seems to be “go farther back in time”, I’m curious what happened in previous Ice Ages. Did this same pattern occur? Did we mix before that as well? Is it an endless cycle? Etc.

        According to archeologists, Homo neanderthalensis “appeared” ~half a million years ago. Possibly from an older type dubbed “Homo heidelbergensis”. There was some very cold Ice Ages about 0.5 million years ago (

        Finally, about Neanderthal cranial capacity: while it was ~1600 cc vs our current ~1400 cc, they were larger people, so larger brains are usually required (refer to: Encephalization).

        Another map: Shows origin point at very near Israel. Coincidence?

      • Yes, I understand french much better anyway.

        I’d like to say something personnal about racism: from my particular experience, being racist doesn’t mean being disrespectful or hateful. Where I work 70% are algerians or tunisians, and saying loud and clear ” I don’t like you being in my country ” doesn’t prevent from sharing meal and working together, even joking and so on. They just don’t care that I would be racist as long as I’m respectful ( including not being hypocrite ).

        Plus, they know most french people think the same but don’t just SAY it. So they just laugh at me being white as I laugh at them being tanned, jokes about the differences, hard working days together, no hate nor violence here. No white guy, in my job, ever had a problem because of telling how they feel about immigration.

        I think ” they ” get it all false by saying racism is a bad thing by itself. Respect alone is enough to live peacefully with anyone, to me.

        But if you are right saying “they” want to destroy us, then my opinion is that forcing people into keeping this sort of thoughts to themselves is the best way to create tension or worst between people.
        Sorry for my clumsy English.

        • Your English is fine.

          I agree.

          In prison in Norway up to 93% of the prisoners were foreigners (almost all of them Muslims…), and I did like you do: said that I was against non-European immigration on a racial ground, and not only did most of them understand my point of view, they thought I was right to think like that, and also told me that they had much more respect for me, who told them this face to face, than all those ‘anti-racists’ who pretended to like them, and who then talked shit about them behind their backs.

          Also, on a side note, I can tell that I mostly spent my time in prison socializing with foreigners: Poles and Balts mostly, because most of the Norwegians there were junkies. And I really, really dislike junkies… Talking to some Somali about ‘technicals’, or to some Palestinians about ‘them’, or to a Russian about the Red Army, etc. was more interesting to me, than talking to some junkie who only wanted to talk about drugs or the football on TV.

          PS. One time I spent one full month in a prison without seeing a single Norwegian prisoner… I saw only Muslims.

          Ah, the blessings of multiculturalism… 😉

          • I heard a similar statement from a french guy I maybe should not mention here whose first name is Vincent. His stay in prison ( 8 or 9 months ) was, according to him, very bearable, and he socialized much with people there who were mainly black and arab french people.

            He was in jail for supposedly spreading racist hate…

            I wonder how stupid they think we are.

            ( I would like to add, speaking of the government, that I’m very sorry of what happened and happens to you in the name of France. Please understand the name is usurped and you are welcome here. )

            • Racism is natural and healthy, but as we know it, it is untolerated only in White countries. I experienced racism everyday when I studied in China for 6 months but it was not a bad thing and I didn’t feel insulted. Chinese people treated me differently because I was a foreigner. They were not going to pretend like if I was one of them.

              Being White in China is not unpleasant, since you experience mostly positive discrimination. But since Chinese people are very teasing by nature they can sometimes make fun of you. Asians are quite a hairless race so they may be surprised to see so much body hair on White people and other non-Asian races. So I had a few Chinese kids who pulled my arm hair for fun. I even had a Chinese guy who told me jokingly that White people forgot to evolve and are still keeping this ape-like feature. Also, being French, I had some Chinese people full of clichés who asked me why French people are so romantic and adulterous.

              But I like better when the Chinese make fun of White people in a good natured way than when they idolize them. I found it disgusting when I saw some Chinese girls obsessed with White guys and who tried everything they can to get a White boyfriend. They say they find White boys more sexy, more manly, and also they want to get a mixed race child because they think that mixed race children of Asian and European extraction are superior in beauty and intelligence than pure Asian children. In short they want a White boyfriend because they want to improve their status.

              I found it funny when I saw some nerdy looking loosers who apparently had difficulties to get laid in their own countries with White girls and were now succesful with Chinese girls. So they end up by despising the girls of their own race and even their own country and their own culture, and by idolizing China and Chinese girls.

                • If some individuals from other races agree with the “white supremacists” that we are on the issue of white genocide, maybe we are not that far from the truth after all. 🙂

                  Here is a video that sums up pretty well how each race is treated in modern culture so each of us, whatever our race, end up by being self-hating and neurotic.

              • For the most part women in Asian countries are not as stupid, cynical talentless, materialistic and promiscuous as 90% of western women these days. Something “happened” here to women that hasn’t happened in developing countries. You may see white men who prefer them as losers, I just see them as sane.

                • The truly sane take the time to find a good specimen of their own race.

                  Race mixing makes you lose forever.

                  I see your point though, and I agree that they have a reason for what they do, but they are stupid not to see a better solution.

                • Asian women are in general more traditionalist than Western women because Asian countries are much less corrupted by feminist and LGBT movements than Western countries. It is true that part of the reason why some White men prefer Asian women is because they must be fed up with feminist women in their own countries and are seduced by those exotic creatures who behave like proper women. But still you can find traditionalist women in Western Europe — at least in France you can.

                  Getting a Chinese girlfriend in China is the easy solution. An ugly, stupid and unpopular White guy can easily get a Chinese girlfriend simply because he is white.

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