Why talk about the Neanderthal?

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Much archaeological material has been destroyed, intentionally or by accident, or is being kept secret, or has been ‘lost’, or is deemed not important enough by the scholars to discuss. They ‘forget’ to mention so much to us, to the public.

It is no coincident that the first ‘archaeologists’ were all priests, who often systematically went forth to destroy all evidence suggesting that Europeans had had any type of culture prior to Christianity. Some were probably even doing this not at all because they had an interest in what we today call archaeology, but solely to destroy all evidence undermining their own version of the world’s history. “Quickly, dig up the grave and destroy everything you find, before somebody else finds it!”

When priests found Neanderthal skulls, they did the same. They found large skulls, that obviously had held brains larger than those of modern humans, so they had to do something! Both those believing in the theory of evolution and the Judeo-Christians claiming that Pagan Europe was primitive had a serious problem. So they intentionally misplaced the spinal column and the lower jaw, making the Neanderthal look ape-like. This image has been proven to be false already, but the image of the Neanderthal as some ape-like creature with a protruding face remains, and when you visit Neanderthal sites most (but thankfully not all) of the guides still talk about them as if they were like that. When you point at the fact that this is wrong, most of them already know, but for some reason keep telling the ‘well established’ lie instead. I don’t know why they still do, even when they know they are wrong, but they do. Yes, in reality the Neanderthal didn’t have a protruding face at all, and the supra-orbital ridge found (in adults only) can still occasionally be found in modern adult Europeans.


Gallic Coins with portraits of Gauls with clear Neanderthal features:


350px-Coin_Vercingetorix RRC-448-2-Obverse France11

They didn’t look like apes at all: they looked pretty much just like Nordic, Baltic, Finnish, Slavic, British and Gallic Europeans do today. And when I say this I am attacked from all directions, by those who have seen – over and over again, and for more than a hundred years – the ape-like images painted of our Neanderthal forebears by the Judeo-Christians priests. They don’t want to have such a forebear! A hairy ape!? No thanks! But they are wrong. They believe in lies. And instead of accepting the evidence provided to them they often just parrot the official lie. The lie has been told them too many times for there to be any room left for the truth. The Cro Magnon mulatto is hailed by them as the ‘proto-European’, and the proto-European Neanderthal is spat upon and called an ape…

Neanderthal-looking Neanderthal Descendant:


Before the Truth has had the time to put his boots on,

the Lie has already traveled twice around the world”.

The truth about the Neanderthal has been found, and is spreading. Eventually the truth will prevail, and we – Europe – will be much better off when it does.

A photo-shopped photo (the skull has been moved), showing the real facial angle of the Neanderthal

compared to that of Svante Pääbo. For more information on these angles click here:


PS. In France everything of metal from before the Christianization was defined as ‘Gallo-Roman’, suggesting that the Gauls themselves had nothing of interest, no culture, no technology, nothing, until the Romans arrived. It is only lately (the last few decades?), that they have begun to admit that almost all of the magnificent art they have found, stems from the pre-Roman era. 

82 thoughts on “Why talk about the Neanderthal?

  1. I used to be ashamed to have Neandethal roots, with my slighlty sloping forehead and heavy brow. I used to believe all the crap but now I am proud. Thank you.


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  5. Looking at your pictures, it reminded me of a friend coming from French Brittany. He almost looks like a pure Neanderthal with a very big skull and eyebrow bones. He married a slim woman who had to be cut to give birth to their two daughters as their skull was too big for her body to pass through natural path. The girls really look like their father.

  6. Varg, always impressed and slightly dumb-struck, where do you obtain your knowledge? It surely can’t come off the top of your head?!! You must certainly have committed a good deal of your time to this and the subject matter in various posts you write up on here. Did you take every opportunity to read a lot while you were in prison as it really seems to be advanced learning with good foundation. How long do you spend writing entries for your blog? Do you research online when you’re typing or have you been thinking and preparing in the long run?

  7. I totally agree with you, but you have not mentioned the iberians when you were talking about the common traits between europeans. Or maybe are they from “gaulish culture” too? I am from Ufa, Russia, and right now I am on holidays in Spain, and I can say that a lot of people from here just look european to me, even some blonde people I have spotted. (At least in Catalonia, North East Spain).
    I’ve always had a huge curiosity about the origin of spaniards, what do you think?
    Good work, Varg.

  8. Good post.

    I would include some modern reconstructions.

    Could be the brother of Dirk Nowitzki 😉

    Or this thought experiment:
    Imagine you had never seen a non european in your life. You move through the forest and see a fight going on between those two people:
    1: http://thiswoo.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/neandertaler-im-museum.jpg
    2: http://www.2daydream.com/galleries/tribes%20large/45.jpg

    Would you think: “Oh, number 2 looks exactly like me, while number 1 seems to be a whole different species! I should join my fellow human number 2!”? 😉

  9. OFFTOPIC- Varg, is it true that you have been fined 8000 Euros and received 6 months prison sentence in probation for the recent court case? This is what they say in this Polish article http://www.mojanorwegia.pl/wydarzenia/norweski_satanista_powraca-8224.html#commentForm They also call you ‘the most famous Norwegian satanist’ and tell a bunch of lies about you.
    I gave them a piece of my mind in the comment section and I encourage everybody to do the same. You can comment in English. Just let them know that they cannot lie and get away with it.

      • It is utterly ridiculous for a modern nation to fine and imprison a man for expressing his thoughts on a blog just because the opinions are traditional and conservative. They call these opinions “far-right”, but in reality the meaning of this term has changed over the years, so that “far-right” is anything short of the extreme left. Most neo-conservatives would be considered very liberal and unaware by older conservatives.

        This whole situation would never happen in the United States where we still have freedom of thought and expression. It seems the extreme left in many European nations like France has become way too strong, to the point where there are literal anti-conservative thought police.

        Your posts have been demonstrably non-violent and your opinions would have been considered the ONLY sane opinions before the 1960’s. It’s a terrible situation you’re in and I feel sad for you and your family. But you’ll survive and we all know that even during these troubles you held on to your honest opinions and didn’t back out like many “celebrities” do. If I were you I’d consider leaving France as soon as possible to a country where you’re allowed to tell the truth as you see it without any problems.

    • This article is on a par with “Bad Norwegian” published in the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. It seems that mainstream journalists have problems with facts and are oblivious to criticism.

      • Gazeta Wyborcza, of course. To everybody who doesn’t know, it’s the most popular newspaper in Poland which poses as ”liberal media” but is in fact governed by post-communists and the God’s chosen tribe.

  10. It is very much appreciated that articles such as these are posted. I have been reading this blog since it’s conception and after first hearing about it on Burzum.org. Unfortunately I have posted infrequently as I feel that most of what I want to say has already been said. This must change however, I see this blog is turning into a real community of likeminded individuals and is something I want to promote. Regardless, I digress.

    It is very apparent that we stem directly from Neanderthals, and Christianity is on it’s knees in Europe here anyways. The youth don’t buy into it and therefore we can see the future. Sadly it is being replaced with mindless consumerism and environmental destruction on a scale larger than what our known history has ever shown. We know this too will fall and the natural European will eventually regain society.

    Modern European Society fights against nature and we know it will never win.

    • It is true that Christianity is being replaced in European youth, but what it is being replaced with, is just as bad.
      Also, it is true that we hear “humans are destroying nature” and similar statements all the time. But I simply do not believe nature can be destroyed by us. We simply are too insignificant to cause a catastrophe, that nature cannot recover from.

      • Nature is a complex word meaning many things. In my context I meant our human nature as people. Christianity is against the “soul” of our people. It degenerates us, and when it does we attack other aspects of nature, including the physical environment we need to survive. However; nature is ultimately the forces of the cosmos acting in the world including all the ecosystems and other life humans continually degrade. Of course this will go on without us as you said. However, in the process we may cause degradation to the point where some species are permanently lost along with their habitat which eventually leads to the loss of what we rely on directly for survive.

        We can never truly destroy nature, It will go on without us. When we lose our inner nature, we degenerate, and natures plan is survival of the fittest, and so it goes on..

        I agree what is replacing Christianity is just as bad; however with the increase in mindless consumerism and environmental issues currently present, I don’t believe this society will last as long. “Improvements” to our technology has given people the power to destroy the physical environment we need to survive at an accelerated rate.

        What is replacing “Christianity” (being the religious belief, unfortunately much of the ideology has been retained) is also against human nature. When we go against our own nature as humans on this planet, we start to degenerate, and with degeneration comes other forces of nature acting to clear the slate once more.

        • The only good thing about the new mindset (in my opinion) is that people do not believe in god, which might make those who are strong enough be more independant. A lot of good people flock to Christianity just because it is accepted as good. Maybe soon they will retain their good nature and lose their faith in the fantasy bearded man.

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  12. Varg, it’s always a pleasure reading your articles because you write with courage conviction and knowledge. And you have the balls to take on the Global Usurers! That alone is worth respect, which you have from me 100 per cent.

    As I also regard you as an authority on Nordic Paganism, so I would like to ask you a question about the usury. What’s the Pagan standing on it? Is it acceptable?

  13. I was just looking for pictures like this. 🙂 I printed one off so I can show my coworkers later how similar the Neanderthal skulls were to ours. In-person is the only way I can be sure I’m making progress in teaching people, so I’ve been trying that lately. (The plan is to educate them before I leave because I assume that one day I’ll find a European husband and move away from the US. I think it’s a good plan.)

    • As for educating people, my husband does the same thing at work and he’s been surprisingly successful so far. It turns out that a lot of men and women he approaches, especially young ones, are still pure at heart even though they have been contaminated with the poison of the modern world… but it seems they can be changed, or at least understand certain facts- which is great for the beginning.

      PS. It’s a great plan- I wish you the best of luck. Although there are probably still some men in the US conscious of their European roots who could merry you and move to Europe with you, so the options are many 🙂

  14. I have made a presentation on Marie’s Neanderthal theory for school, at least my co-pupils will learn something valuable 🙂

  15. You mentioned Svante Pääbo, and during his research he’s found that there’s a surprisingly significant amount of Neanderthal genes to be found in China. Perchance it has to do with Neanderthal settlers? There’s a fascinating book
    ‘The Tarim Mummies: Ancient China and the Mystery of the Earliest Peoples from the West’ that actually shows archeological findings suggesting that was the case. I wonder whether there’s anything to it. And you couldn’t be more right – the subject would have been so much more obvious were so many finding not destroyed or tampered with.

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  17. “The lie has been told them too many times for there to be any room left for the truth.”

    This is only scratching the surface as I’m sure you know, but at the same time this is the totality of the situation we find ourselves in. There is no more room for the true human. Perhaps he can live in the countryside. This is not nostalgia, but the reality. Where can you go and still attempt to be true? You cannot do this in a modern city. Try it. You won’t last long. Time is up. Fate is coming to call your hand, ready or not.

    I have noticed recently that I have not seen the whole picture myself. It goes much deeper than I had previously thought.

    Recently your celebrity status has been mentioned here. I would like to state that I don’t believe that that is what bares credence to your message. This is not the reason why you have travelled through the layers. First of all, who has had the time? Secondly, who has the character to begin with? You have had both. People will always find their reasons to discredit you, and they will even fault you for your success. I, however, believe that you have acted independently, or from a good source, as far as I can tell,

    It is my impression that you approach things from a center of truth to the best of your ability.

  18. A very apt quotation, I think. And yes, judeo-christianity tends to adapt to these situations and organize cover-ups of all sorts. Not doing a perfect job there, though – we would be having this discussion otherwise 🙂

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  20. Something that we really have to care: Spit**

    Varg keep on fight as we do this with your picture in our heads.

  21. Do you have any proof? I need more evidence. I am Russian Jew (or a gypsy, I was born in Ukraine, but my mother is Russian and my dad is half-Polish/half-Ruthenian, but I suspect the polak part is jewish, because I have black curly hair and red beard and pubes, I got bullied for looking the way I am since my childhood to this day, but not as much anymore, because I don’t go outside that often anymore) and don’t look like a black man, but people often say that I do look like a Neanderthal. But you say otherwise. I don’t know who to believe.

  22. And soap, in the true sense, came from Romano-Gaul.

    …..Correction: the first KNOWN soap came from Romano-Gaul; but who’s to say that soap didn’t originate in northern Europe BEFORE Roman influence? 😉
    (which it maybe did)……

    • I also recall reading something about Gauls using strong base soap to wash themselves, apparently this used to cause a bleaching action in the beards and hair of the men. I can’t for sure if it was intentionally used for this purpose or simply as a result of the strength of the soap.

    • The problem is that really most of the ancient European history we learn is based on Roman sources written by the masters of early propaganda – the Roman ‘historians’. Fortunately part after part that is being debunked, and even Terry Jones in his ‘Barbarians’ series unveils that the tribal cultures of Europe were much more sophisticated than we believed.

    • This is exactly the mistake the ”scientists” always commit- they assume that what they happen to find is always the FIRST in the entire human history.

    • But do we really know that the Neanderthals were our main ancestors?…. For me it is very uncertain. All the Neanderthal skulls I’ve ever come across have sharply receding foreheads: i.e. small frontal lobes = less impulse control(?), less empathy(?).

      In contrast, the Nordic type that we see today has a higher, more vertical forehead.

        • Wow, that’s impressive! I think I’d seen one of the coins that you’d posted with other articles, but I thought it might have simply been a peculiarity of that one coin. Yet what you’ve shown now is a striking pattern.

          It’s still strange to me this frontal lobe issue, and our people’s origins… Though for me you’ve tipped the scale significantly more in favour of what you are saying.

          • PS: Thanks for all your inspirational work Varg and Marie. It’s really appreciated. 🙂

            • Thanks for all your intelligent inspirational comments here, and your work elsewhere too. 🙂

          • Maybe you already know this, or just remember it when I remind you here: Marie suggested (somewhere on atala.fr…) that it has to do with getting mature. As you might know some mongrelized animals don’t mature properly. They never really become real adults.

            Young animals and humans need to be cute, in order to ensure the protection of the adults, and also to reduce the chance that others want to hurt them. This is a common survival mechanism in nature. E. g. we don’t even kill wolf pups, when we find them, because they are too damn cute. An adult wolf on the other hand… is just scary.

            The supra-orbital ridge is found only in adults, and this is the feature that makes them look serious and scary to others. This too is a survival mechanism in nature: the strong adult looks scare to scare off threats to their pups/children. When adults don’t have this feature, they look less scary. They look kind. They are still cute actually.

            The young are very playful and curious and competitive, because playing and curiosity and competitiveness is what makes them learn and be selected by one of the opposite sex, and they need to learn and mate in order to survive. The adults on the other hand, are not like that, or at least not to the same degree or in all contexts.

            We, the Europeans, most of the time don’t really become adults anymore, because of that on average 0,3% non-European genes in us. So we don’t look as scary as our forebears did, when they were adults, but — and there is a big but here — we continue to be young in the mind, so we never stop being curious, creative and not least: competitive! Even long after we have found a mate, we continue to have a need to impress, and we do in all sorts of ways, including by trying to create new things, and do things in better ways. And this — my wife has argued — is what made us all of a sudden invent new technology and also create civilisation.

            PS. I found it: http://atala.fr/2012/09/26/3-the-man-with-the-wise-eyes-en/

            • Strange, how could only 0.3% of foreign genes could stop our growing process?
              Secondly, are africans mongrelized too? I think they are pretty much 100% Homo Sapiens, since we haven’t found any Neanderthal genes in them. So why don’t they have those “adult characteristics”?
              I think mongrelizing isn’t the only reason, it might help, but I’m not sure it’s the main reason (again, what in those 0.3% could stop an entire growing process? For example when mixing a tiger and a lion, the hybrid is like 50% lion and 50% tiger, then it’s easy to understand why he has so many problems).
              I liked when Marie talked about “auto-domestication”. It sounds really convincing to me. Those “adult characteristics” of the Neanderthal were really useful for surviving in nature, with the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. But in the modern human lifestyle (when I say modern, I talk about the past 10 000 years), we don’t really need these, which made them progressively disappear. An auto-domestication. We are to the Neanderthal what Labradors are to the wolf.

              • It’s all explained on atala.fr.

                It has to do with hips and the inheritance of skull shapes. If the ‘European’ shape is too large for the hips of the mothers, the ‘non-European’ shape will quickly and without many DNA changes become the dominant. And then this features remains afterwards, even though the actual genetic change is so small.

                0,3% on average, that is. Some less, some much more.

                Africans are homo sapiens yes, but we don’t know what they have mixed with in the past.

                I can not say too much here, without risking further legal persecution, if you know what I mean.

                Africans in Eastern Africa has Neanderthal DNA too, by the way.

                Yes, I agree that this is not the only reason, but I do believe it is the main reason, and also the reason for this to start. After that other factors have contributed too. Today e. g. we see civilisation as a sign of superiority, and thus strive for it for that reason too.

                • Now the interesting question is: are the genes that made us “real adults” are lost forever, or are they just present, but not active, recessive or “sleeping”

                  • If we can draw any conclusions from similar research on dogs, wolves and foxes, the adult characteristics disappear much quicker than they reappear, and in some cases, the changes seem to be partially irrevocable (at least in the time-span observed). Your question is somewhat tackled in the documentary ‘Dogs Decoded’, only from a canine perspective ;). BTW it’s the same studio that showed us Svante Pääbo’s research on Neanderthals in ‘Decoding Neanderthals’.

                • Hi Varg

                  Do you think that east Africans have as much Neanderthal admixture as Europeans and east Asians? One of my colleagues is a Kenyan (Luo, to be precise) and is phenotypically the polar opposite of what you and I regard as European. Of course, there is a great deal of genetic diversity within Africa (a Kikuyu is much lighter than a Luo or a Kalenjin, for example) and this should be taken into account.

                  Secondly, I wish to contribute my own ‘tuppence worth’ (I doubt it’s worth that much…) regarding this debate:

                  “Even long after we have found a mate, we continue to have a need to impress, and we do in all sorts of ways, including by trying to create new things, and do things in better ways. And this — my wife has argued — is what made us all of a sudden invent new technology and also create civilisation.”

                  Could this not be a significant factor in (if not outright causation of) high levels of promiscuity, divorce, adultery and depressingly low fertility rates in Europe? Of course, this seems counter-intuitive; as according to your wife’s argument our nature means we need to constantly *improve* – and I’m sure you’ll agree that none of the character traits I’ve described constitute improvement. Nevertheless, you have also criticised the concept of ‘civilisation’ in your writing, and I wonder whether there may be a causal link between the advent of civilisation and higher rates of promiscuity etc etc?

                  Like I said, this may seem counterintuitive, but you often emphasise the importance of a return to a simpler (i.e less agricultural, more rural, less ‘modern’ life) so I can’t help but wonder whether there is a connection.


            • Thanks, Varg. The work by Marie is very thought-provoking and ingenious. And of course the subject of our origins is vast in scope. Yet due to this vastness, and the very limited evidence we have (and large quantity of disinfo by those who shall not be named), I still have a lot of uncertainty about this subject.

              Maybe I misunderstood some things because the English at atala.fr is sometimes difficult for me to follow. Maybe an abstract and introductions for sub-sections in the work may clarify and reinforce things more(?). But very good points have been brought forward by you and Marie, and I’m open to reason! 😀

              • 🙂

                We will see what can be produced in the future, in form of convincing interpretations and explanations to our very own fairy tales, myths, songs and more. Both in the English of a Frenchman (…) and here on Thulean Perspective, in the English of a Norwegian.

                • so if i have a ridge that is noticeable but NOT overly much then i am European 100 percent and not Mongolian at all? i heard Mongolians do NOT HAVE brow ridges?..is this correct?

      • Read Marie’s blog (Varg’s wife). She describes it very technically. It seems very certain that Neanderthals are our very old ancestors. Some of the implications of that, not as certain, but still likely or possible.

  23. Coins depicting King Jugurtha of Numidia seem to show strikingly Neanderthal characteristics. Interesting that he was a Berber, as I would have thought that Neanderthal traits would have died out amongst North Africans first.

    • See the updated post, with images of Gallic coins.

      The Berbers are just like the Iranians, the Indians and some Afghans; originally Europeans. I think even official history tells us that the Berbers originally came from Europe. So this is not a big surprise, so to speak.

      • Funny, not so long ago I read some ridiculous Afrocentricist website called Realhistoryww (world wide?) that claimed using those exact coins as supposed “evidence” that Vercingetorix and the Averni were actually one of the last black tribes in Europe, since according to them, the native inhabitants of Europe were actually black, until “albinos” from Central Asia invaded around 2000 BC, and since then gradually conquered Europe from the native blacks, stealing their cultures along the way. Never the less, according to this shite, most of Europe’s most prominent figures and cultures were black, including the original Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Early Romans (at least several emperors), Greeks, Celts, Carthaginians, Egyptians (an old favourite of the Afro-nuts), Ancient Britons and more. They say that blacks have always been a part of European history, from kings to commoners. Naturally, Halfdan the Black is one of their favourites, for all the wrong reasons.

          • Go have a read of it, but I warn you, that website is the literal black hole of knowledge, a sort of anti-Thulean Perspective, if you will. You will feel your IQ dropping the longer you stay there. Another one I forgot to mention is that it claims that the Holy Roman Empire was run by blacks and mulattoes, the only “true nobility of Europe” according to them.
            Surprisingly, this abortion of a website is rather prolific, if you type in “Cheddar Man”, “Ancient Britons” “Holy Roman Emperor”, “Emperor Charles V” and I’m sure more, into Google Images, it won’t be long before their pictures. You can always recognise them because they have a beige banner along the bottom with a (normally bullshit) caption written in it. However I haven’t found any blogs or videos even mentioning it, never mind mercilessly ridiculing it as it deserves. It really can not be ridiculed enough.

              • Well, it it so absurd that is seems like someone is ‘trolling’ as they call it on the internet I believe. But I think that says something about negroes. They often seem rather primate. The one who screams the hardest and makes the most noise is right.

                • They’ve but too much effort into it for it to be just a troll website. I’d say those who wrote know that it’s bullshit, but have an aggressive anti-white agenda (i.e they want blacks with poor knowledge of Europe’s history to think that they have more of a right to Europe than us) and portray the “white man dat always be opressin dem” as a defective albino from Central Asia who usurped their civilizations or they simply want to combat low self esteem amongst blacks over their perceived lack of historical achievement, so they claim that literally ALL civilizations and empires were theirs, from old favorites of the Afro-nuts like the Egyptians and Moors, to completely absurd ones ranging from the Incas to the Holy Roman Empire. They even claim fucking Hawaii was their originally, and that Hitler was black, as per the one drop rule.

                  One question I do have however, is about Dorothea of Denmark, Duchess of Prussia. The picture they had on Fakehistoryww shows a mulatto woman. I looked her up, and it seems the painting is legit, as it is used on Wikipedia. What’s the story with that? How did 16th century Scandinavian royalty end up becoming racially mixed?

      • That i can not be agree with about north africans (berbers), if you just meet and talk with Iranians and berbers then you will see the big different on everything and it dont matter how much the both of them are mongrel. Maybe you see some of the berbers look European and thats because of french who mixed with them and still do but still they have completely different attitude to compare with Iranians.

        • PS:. By the way in Iran the people are mongrel mostly but still they NEVER mix with niggers,mongols or arabs but in the other countries they do that often.

      • Even now if you google image search Berbers they look not far off European, many no less than southern spaniards and Italians, certainly not bad considering being surrounded by Arabs anyway. More to the point the case of them, Sumeria, Egypt and ancient and modern Assyrians/Mesopotamians show to me that most or all middle eastern peoples were originally European. This is what Semitic culture is to me – or rather broadly Afro-Asiatic culture – a mixture of those tribes who were heavily degraded and mixed at a very early stage and those who remained more or less European for a lot longer. I think some of these peoples like Assyrians can be considered European still, though I’d much rather they remained where they were, or at worst attached themselves to the south east extremities of Europe for practical reasons. If we can let more mixed Greeks, Italians and Spaniards stay where they are and contribute to Europe then I would suggest the same for these other cases. The question is “where do you draw the line?”….It’s pretty obvious that Iranians are basically Arabs now. Assyrians have at least managed to preserve a lot more than otherwise possible by remaining Orthodox Christian all this time.

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