Hope is the Dreams of the Man awake

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You don’t know, you say? Well, some people handle that just fine, and simple accept that they don’t know, but others need some sort of assurance. They need to feel that what they ‘know’ (as in: “believe in”) is the truth. Without this assurance they crack up, so to say, and don’t cope well with life anymore.

Such individuals are drawn to ‘miracle men’ like flies to manure, and often they end up in a camp purely by chance, only because that particular camp was the first to ‘catch’ them when they fell. When reason, logic and evidence make it impossible for them to stay in one ‘miracle camp’, they simply change to another ‘miracle camp’. They rarely – if ever – grow wise enough to simply start accepting that they don’t know. No, they just change the contents of ‘the truth’ they believe in, and when one such ‘truth’ falls they just replace it with another. They need to. They cannot stand a life without ‘knowing’…

Often it is hard to believe in the ‘truth’ presented to them, because the evidence supporting it is flimsy at best. But quite often these ‘miracle seekers’ simply lower the bar when it comes to accepting ‘evidence’ supporting their ‘truth’. Likewise, they reject all evidence against their ‘truth’. Alas! They are stuck, as if caught in a loop…

Naturally, when I say this, we probably all think of different extremist Christian groups, one more ignorant and deluded than the other: British-Israelites and Creationists being good examples in this context. When reality is not good enough for them, when reality doesn’t fit into their religion, they just invent a new reality, more flattering to them, more easily comprehensible for them and more easy to live with.

One thing that is symptomatic to such ‘miracle seekers’ is the strong will to convince all others that they are 100% right. The doubt others have regarding their beliefs is enough for them to start losing faith, so they have to convince all others that they are right, and all dissidence is seen as ‘evil’ or even ‘satanic’. And in a sense it is to them: it makes them lose faith, and they need this faith to survive.

This naturally explains the need for Christians to mission. Deep within their hearts they know that what they believe in is – simply put – bullshit, but if they can only make others believe in it, then it will be easier for them to believe in it as well…

So we should all believe in the same, have no dissidence, and never question anything that our group stands for… that would be so much easier, so much better and so much more comfortable. Right?…. An entire globe with one religion, one human race and one culture! Hallelujah!


Well; maybe not…

If only man was stronger, had a stronger character, had more backbone and a better ability to on his own separate right from wrong. If only man could be more Stoic, and accept that some things are, some knowledge is, beyond the grasp of the human mind. Aye, perhaps this will change, and we should seek to ensure such a positive transformation of man, but until man is better, we just have to accept that there is so much that we simply don’t know or understand. And we can and must live with that, without making up stories about a virgin giving birth to the son of some desert god, or about fanciful stories told us by an imagined being in caves, or similar nonsense.

Life is good, sans ‘miracles’ and ‘salvation’, sans a beginning and an end for our world, sans self-assuring lies and ‘greater-than-man’ beings. Yes, we can enjoy and even wallow in all sorts of fantastic ideas, we can hope for and dream of a more colourful world, and by doing so make our own world more colourful, but we must do so without the weakness of character that we so clearly see in many political and religious individuals, who base and explain their entire existence on such wild hopes and unrealistic dreams. The sky does not come crashing down if we admit to ourselves that we don’t know what is true and what is not; if we live our lives in accordance with what we do know, instead of what we would want to know. 

62 thoughts on “Hope is the Dreams of the Man awake

  1. Greatest articole I’ve read so far honestly. In these times, we, the young, are so vulnerabile to dangerous ideologies and “shepards” , because our past and culture are systematically being destroied and we are being turned against them, and everyone is seeking something to fit in.

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  4. Exactement…Excellent poste, Monsieur Vikernes.

    This has me think about different things right now, but if I had to summarize, I would speak about the religious organizations and their constant work in annihilating the self and its important journeys in order to discover the different paths of life, until one becomes absolutely like a ” hypnotized believing empty shell”.

    Take any of them, Christians are not the only threat, sadly. Like this thing : I do not validate everything from Jiddu Krishnamurti, but I agreed when he was speaking about those Hinduists practicing Yoga. How do they practice it? Well, they sit in a secluded place, and basically battle with their mind, trying to “tame it”, until they literally kill what they are, and they call this meditation. Voila, that gave the whole Prabhupada circus. How could one reach this so called ‘Oneness’ with nature if he/she is just becoming numb and asleep with such dogmas? No no, don’t enjoy anything, this will just feed your “fake-ego”….Hmm vas donc te faire f…. ,mister orange monk troll…

    People who constantly separate this “good” and “evil” are annoying creatures. This is absolutely absurd to still think this way in this century. This would be like taking one blood circulation out, and leave the other in…Fine, but you will die, buddy, because one is just necessary for the other one.

    So many scriptures, rules written by men and so on, and all this have the people stop watching around them, feel and learn. Many need to be spoon-fed and put everything on a “cosmic baby-sitter”‘s back, and nations go on living this way, with this infinite wisdom opened like a book around them.. But if it’s not written somewhere, heh “that must be questionable then”…..(ugh…).

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  6. No Varg, life is not good, not at all in this little world, this planet is a very primitive/archaic ecosytem, a very coarse system of predation in which you cannot be happy unless you’re a complete fool/simple-minded, you just delude yourself thinking the opposite. Besides, the spirit/soul of man is still in ’embryonic’ stages, the majority of men/women still wallows in animality, dominated by their primal instincts.

    Death is probably our best friend/ally in this very long (often very painful) spiritual journey, it gives us peace/recovery and true knowledge before the next incarnation; our gold, the greatest art/science/idea/truth we can enjoy in this material life, are all forged earlier in the spiritual world/after-life.

    • Maybe life sucks for you, but many people, myself included see beauty in a great deal of things. Being happy among family and friends and nature doesn’t make one a fool. It’s that pessimistic attitude that further projects pain and suffering in the world. Yes, there is suffering, but it is not all exclusively so.

    • The true European rejoices when he faces adversity, and he sees all the ‘evil’ in our world as an opportunity for him to perform acts of goodness, to learn and to grow even stronger and better. Only the weak and worthless face life with the attitude you described here.

      There is no afterlife, only a return to life after death. Reincarnation in the kin.

      • As “after-life”, I meant a period of peace/recovery between one life and another, as for being reincarnated in the kin, you can’t have certainties about it.
        I agree about the good attitude to have in front of adversity, but it has nothing to do with being a “true European”, I think many human beings are able of this on this planet, I really can’t lock up my mind in primitive human constructs/belief systems, and be a follower/leader.

        • “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.Don’t walk on my side either, just fuck off and leave me alone.”

          • Just don’t try to put your words/thoughts in my mouth/mind if you want to be a friend and walk on my side.

            • Maybe you don’t have enough passion…If you think life is worthless…you should learn, train yourself, discover the magic that can be found near a river…

              • There’s no magic/beauty having to kill to survive. Humans (the ultimate predator) can experience/dream whatever they want on a personal/subjective level, it’s not of a great help to me, as long as we are stuck in this archaic system….

                  • indeed….:) I see too much darkness piling up in those young guys, in this place, in those times, the forces of life vs. chaos & destruction/death; BM used music properly, as a catharsis, an expression of vileness, as a strong form of magic, to escape and go beyond…. definitively not for the masses at the time.

                  • I want nothing, there’s nothing to do anyway, just allow me to not share your optimism/enthousiasm about life in this corner of the galaxy, no doubt there’s much worse elsewhere, but I’m also convinced there’s much better. Nothing is impossible, the possibilities are infinite.

  7. Hey Varg, i was just listening to the first Burzum album and again again it’s one of my all time favorites! Hail!

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  9. Except the fact that now those who define themselves as Christians don’t burn you at the stake if they fail to christianize you, not so much has changed since the Medieval times, when they used to do so with the “witches” and the Pagans.

    They have been doing so (striving to convince you) for so long, and they still do it nowadays.

    Talking about the situation of Italy, the country where I live in, I can say that despite the harmful presence and influence of the Vatican State, not everything Pagan (old beliefs, traditions, folklore et simila) has been completely soiled and twisted, or worse: forgotten.

    To mention an example: last week I’ve been in Valle D’Aosta (not too far from the French border), and the night of the 24th of June, on every hilltop a pyre was set on fire. As you know, in those days falls the Summer Solstice, and a pyre is traditionally set on fire, and young boys and girls use to dance around it. Also, – though it is not done anymore – wheels made of wooden branches are set on fire and rolled down the hills. Now, this festival has completely lost his Pagan meaning, and it has been christianized and turned into the “holy day” of St. John the Baptist. Though now it is totally void of meaning, this festival is still celebrated, similar in form, but not in substance. Same goes for a lot of other folkloristic festivals that has been christianized.

    Of course I’m glad to see that the Christians, no matter how much they strive to destroy, soil, twist and pervert all of our traditions, cannot completely manage to do so. They have been pursuing their “holy mission” since millennia, but still they fail…
    But I’m also sad to see a lot of good people deprived of their true religion and traditions, following a foreign death-cult, falling in thousands and millions in this spiral of emptyness…

    • That sounds very nice. It’s comforting to know that people continue to do that sort of stuff in Europe, especially with the big Kupala festivals in Slavic countries.

    • In Poland, there are two burial mounds in the city of Cracow- one is of a legendary queen-goddess Wanda and the second of her father Krakus who were rulers of the Lechitian Empire. On the summer solstice, the rising sun can be seen above the mound of Wanda from the mound of Krakus. In the evening in turn the setting sun can be seen over the mound of Krakus from the mound of Wanda. There are people there every year to watch this natural calendar and to celebrate the solstice, even though for hundreds of years various hostile forces have been trying to tell us that the story of Wanda and Krakus is false and that the mounds are in fact either ordinary hills or burial mounds of some foreign rulers.

      • Also in Italy, since even before the fall of the Roman empire, there has been hostile forces (such as the emperor Theodosius the First, the various Popes and their vicars) that managed to destroy everything preexisting the Roman culture as we know it in its decay. The Etruscan culture was annihilated first, then the Celtic one, and finally the German and the Longobard ones. But still, you can always hear their echoes in the toponymy of the great majority of Italian regions, cities, rivers and lakes, mountains, valleys and surnames…

        Their main task was to deprive those people from their ancestral roots and beliefs, and to achieve this they simply converted to Christianity those who came on their way – and when they failed to do so, they simply killed them.

        Many sacred stones (menhir, big stones used as altars et cetera) has been taken into their new christian churches,often marked with a cross to better fit their new role, or they were built over them.

        All of this continued in the Medieval times, as the “official” culture was owned and dispensed by the church.

        Even today in Italy, with some rare exceptions, the authorities work as hard as they can to prevent you to access to the culture of you forefathers: the libraries and the town halls have very little material and sources for you to investigate any further; the museum’s exhibitions are very rare when it comes to this matter and everything which is not in accordance to the Great Roman (read: falsified ad hoc culture by the medieval priests) Culture is simply not considered or mentioned. At best it doesn’t receive the attention it would require.

        Still something survives, and you can also find some remains of old traditions in remote small villages lost in the heart of the mountains. You have to “filter” it though, because pretty much everything has fallen under the malevolent clutches of Christianity…

        • Same story all over Europe, all over again. But as you said, we can still hear the echoes of the days long gone in the great and indestructible natural monuments of mountains, seas, lakes and rivers, and this is something to hold on to, and something to build on.

  10. It would be great if some European Pagans could get together and live side by side. Physical Pagan villages would achieve far more than ‘internet communities’

    • Yes, Varg has mentioned in the past and I couldn’t agree more…that Auvergne would be a good physical place( correct me if I’m wrong Varg). France is so magnificent on its own, immigrants and modernity aside. It is so close to perfection in its natural state(the countryside). But, then again…I may be biased as I have always thought the world of it since a child, deeply connected. Still, yes the idea of Pagan villages sounds lovely. Hard in practice, but perhaps doable.

    • It would be very, very nice, however difficult. My biggest concern is that since our enemies would not like that to happen at all, they could just make up some lie about us being some bizarre, malevolent cult like in Waco or Jonestown….and who knows what they could do if they were to sway public opinion against us…

      • Well our enemies will attack us non the less, they will try to turn the public opinion against us anyway and the more people that can directly give support to each other (instead of only a internet comment) the better (they arent happy in general for example, when parents homeschool their children) and altough it will for sure be difficult it will be such a victory in the end 😉 .

    • You can start on your own and see that others follow, that could be a way maybe. I left my old life (Well payed job, big city appartement, Audi Q5, after work parties, shopping tours on weekends) behind me some years ago. I filled the void with spirit, ancient and pagan spirit, love for nature, love for life, my family… My family followed, EVERYTHING got better. And it was not that hard. Of course, i lost some “friends”. But i have a new life now, everything is so easy and simple now, so pure and clean. Although some would call me poor now. But there are ex-colleagues of mine, good and honourable europeans, that are awaking from their materialistic slumber. And if only one of them follows, so much is won. So go and do your thing, turn your idea of a village into reality, i am sure, good people will follow!!!

    • Indeed the more difficult the more we can prove ourselves as good Europeans! my main priority is to give my future children a healthy place to grow up and live.

      So the people who are interested in helping and organising to make the village idea reality, my mail adress is julienboverman@gmail.com

  11. Clear article FULL OF STRENGTH
    Confusion is their epitaph,experience & knowledge will overcome

    What do you think of the King Crimson expérience Varg ?

  12. Yes, another excellent article.

    I’ve noticed that some Christians have tremendous fear that others will not be “saved”. So they desperately try to convert others, in order to “save” souls. So a fear-based altruism/aggression… A very warped mix.

    • That’s most certainly projection of their own insecurities. Its what makes the religious world go round.

  13. I both agree and disagree. I think it is part of our psychology, almost like that of a child, that we love thinking up stories and creating mythology that we can base our lives around. Without falling into the ‘its real in my mind!’ camp of the chosen who need to force their beliefs on others to keep themselves … less mad… we can have our own beliefs even ones that are far out there so long as we keep two things in mind:

    The purpose of these beliefs is simply to improve my mood/well-being, in essence to strengthen my willpower and make me more likely to act in a positive manor.

    Being incorrect or correct is no matter, whether others follow our same beliefs is of no matter. Whatever the truth is there is no evidence to the fact ‘believers’ and ‘disbelievers’ of any religion are treated differently by nature or any force that governs our life.

    Naturally I am talking only about religious beliefs, things related to the ‘supernatural.’ Culture and beliefs which have a distinct impact in the here-and-now(Odalism for example) are far more important, relevant, and life-changing. In essence I am saying that religion is a good way for adults to be imaginative and to still keep alive the inner-child(a stage of life that never leaves us Europeans.) And imagination is good as it leads to bold ideas that can be put to the test and create new things(inventions such as boats, artwork, music, etc.) The pure essence of religion and many forms of culture is ‘what if’ and the questions are usually answered through acting. Just as one mimics the Gods to understand the morals they personify; you can mock a believer of a made-up religion and see how following such practices effects your mental state.

    The entire concept of religion though has been unfortunately corrupted with non-European thought. But there is no reason to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    • “Whatever the truth is there is no evidence to the fact ‘believers’ and ‘disbelievers’ of any religion are treated differently by nature or any force that governs our life.”

      This a reality that I have thought very pensively on. It is depressing and almost pitiful to think that there are those Christians and other religious bigots who dedicate their entire life to such mad ravings. Then again, I cannot have much pity for them. Even if they were born into it, they still decided later on to live in such a way. They completely reject nature yet are treated the same by her as is everybody else on this earth. This is a very intriguing thought. They live their entire lives in fear. They need to be absolved, whatever the cost, even if they have to deliberately go against the morals their religion stipulates (i.e. “thou shalt not kill”). They will never know if they have fulfilled this ideal “righteous” lifestyle and will never know if they make it to their fantasy afterlife. How many of them are actually sincere about their attitudes and good deeds? Or do they just insincerely comply in bleak hope of being rewarded for their “good actions?” The end product of their input will never be fully recognized and no pathological entity will be judging them in the afterlife. The only ones who will be judging them are their own people.

      I do realize that there are some very good Christians who are moral and decent. I am only disappointed that they completely ignore this beautiful word around them and instead substitute their entire existence in order to secure an imaginary afterlife of paradise and gratification.

      This non-European corruption of the mind can be easily be remedied by a form of “mental eugenics”, i.e.: proper religious (Pagan) and moral upbringing.

      • Well the troll has been removed, but I will say what I was going to say to him anyways. Most ‘Christains’ are Christain in name only and their personal beliefs are all over the place and change depending on what the television is promoting. It is a common thing in my state to see people raised in Christain families quickly jumping on the ‘God is an alien’ bandwagon promoted by shows such as ancient aliens. When society at large isn’t forcing Christainity on the people their beliefs in it are very weak as there is nothing within them that solidifies them. I used to call myself a Christain in my school days simply because I thought Athesm was the only alternative and I sided with Christainity as it seemed to be more concerned with good morality. I suspect many are still in that position, and they will jump ship as soon as something else breaks into the ‘mainstream.’

        And I’ll use this oppurtunity to shill for my recent interview on Renegade where above all else, I discuss why various Christain teachings are harmful for the individual and for society at large. http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/the-return-of-tyr-w-drew-7-1-14/

  14. We can’t prove the widely accepted, standard issue Theory of Evolution, either. The origin of the universe is not knowable. I don’t know how things came to be, and I’m not so quick to smirk at those who have unpopular ideas on this topic. We are all equally ignorant.

  15. 🙂
    Just a thought:
    “Science (refering to the christian one) could be ‘exact’, but is uncomplete… Myth(paganism) by the other hand is unexact but Complete”
    José Ortega y Gasset (Iberian philosopher)

  16. That’s a perfect characterization of those religious nuts. It’s all self-deception. Indeed, I think that’s the same for those “chosen ones” as well.

    • ANYTHING in life that becomes a crutch, is the first sign it is probably not good for you. This is a very hard concept for most humans. The stoics had a lifelong struggle in it as they saw just how easy it is for a human being to “attach” themselves to external “needs”. The quest is never-ending It is oft a daily struggle, but then there is also a point where one must just let go. This is also a very hard concept for humans. Letting go so that nature can actually guide you and show you the truth. Our intuitions have become so deluded that this is almost near to impossible for most the human beings on the face of the earth. Ghandi was a good example of that struggle, yet as one can see…even he struggled in this quest.

      To delude oneself enough that one believes they must have control over most external things… that is the first step in losing all your power as a human living symbiotically with nature. It is when you learn to let go…that the journey can commence in getting back to that symbiosis. The quest after that…maintaining the symbiosis, this is what most human beings throughout history have struggled in. Its not in finding the meaning, but maintaining the meaning. Its almost a paradox because everything is bound to change.

      Enter this quote:

      “To study the meaning of man and of life — I am making significant progress here. I have faith in myself. Man is a mystery: if you spend your entire life trying to puzzle it out, then do not say that you have wasted your time. I occupy myself with this mystery, because I want to be a man.”

      Faith in the self. That is where it begins. For some, that is where it ends.

      • “Ghandi [sic] was a good example of that struggle, yet as one can see…even he struggled in this quest.”

        How is Mohandas Gandhi a good example for anyone here?

        Mohandas admired Christianity and Tolstoy. He gave away much to Muslims at the expense of the Hindus/Pagans. He was a wordist, extolling unhealthy principles over nature. And he is promoted heavily by the MSM as a saint-like figure, almost to such an absurd level as the frauds Einstein and Freud, and the pervert MLK.

        • PS: Maybe I shouldn’t have used such a harsh tone in the post above. But Mohandas is so heavily promoted by “you know who” and not coincidentally…

          • I said Mohandas was a good example of that STRUGGLE. Struggle being the clue word there.

            Not sure the tone as it is “computer” jargon and has no emotion 😛

            I understand what you say here and it makes sense. People make mistakes period, no matter what time in history…no matter what country, no matter what race. It is where these mistakes lead them and ultimately what it inspires in others that says something in the end. Mohandas was a good example as such. Maybe not the best, but good. People can be inspired by the “bad” also, not only the “good”.

            I realize he is promoted by “you know who”, but look at it from this perspective. They saw the good in him, they saw that people gravitated toward that….naturally they use this as leverage for their own game. Countless things such as that have been done through characters throughout history. It is sometimes important to remove the trash to the get to where there may be something of value. Now, once again…I am certainly not saying he is perfect but he was a good example of the struggle.

            Oftentimes, we have partiality due to some heavily engrained notions which we cannot separate the parts to truly see what is there. Some people are complex beings and as so should be treated as such.

            To truly see where a person is coming from in this day and age, but really I can extend it into even Mohandas’ time…is a very difficult task. Especially when you are bombarded from many angles as to how you should think.

            As I have stated once before…it is easy to take THIS side or THAT side. What remains much harder is to truly step back, TRY to be impartial and look at the facts. Not saying of course you or others have not done this. But, it is quite an undertaking.
            I mean, take historical writing, or really most writing for that part. How many authors can you truly find that speak from that tone of impartiality? Probably few, if any.

            Its just a thought…I could be wrong. That’s just the way I try to conjecture. There are always two sides to a story and much surface “play” is not always the “true game”.

            Especially when “you know who” is “playing” around.

            Good points though, Polydoros.

            Why is admiring Tolstoy bad? (could be rhetorical or you can answer if you like) 🙂

            Kierkegaard was a “Christian” but I certainly wouldn’t throw him or his notions to the curb simply for that “fact”. Some things in life are not so easily defined. It is our duty to place doubt on all…but eventually a choice must be made to try to see the big picture. Or else you wander around never committing yourself to anything, which is a “sad” existence. Its human nature to attach what we observe and “know” through experience and tack it on to someone else. But truly, it may be a poor assumption. This can be likened to peoples understanding of things like probability. They attach themselves to numbers without thinking they may be in the wrong. Example, thinking that a pair of dice couldn’t possibly role an 8, 13 times in a row. But it can and does happen. And its not that rare. This is mainly why gambling works so well. People gamble in their lives on notions or assumptions from “their experience” but that may not be the big picture.

            The above statements are not meant to criticize, simply meant to give a thought to how we as humans have error in judgment more often than we would like to believe.

          • PS
            I agree with all the “frauds” such as Einstein, Freud, MLK, many others,etc.

            But I don’t believe Gandhi was so easily defined. Not saying he was amazing either.

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