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Today we need technology to survive, not least because groups hostile to us and bent on destroying us are equipping themselves with all the technology they can get their hands on. Also, we have to achknowledge the fact that we do need some technology no matter what, even in an ideal world. I mean; even a javelin and a knife used for hunting is a type of technology.

Before I continue I wish to separate between technology that is necessary and not detrimental to either the environment or man himself, and technology that is not necessary and is detrimental to the environment and man himself. For the sake of simplicity, I will call these ‘good’ and ‘bad’ technologies respectively.

A serious problem with bad technology is that is interferes with the positive natural selection, and even promotes the decay of man. The man without any natural abilities suddenly is given an opportunity not only to survive, but to survive at the expense of those better than him.

E. g. the hunter no longer needs skill or courage, but can just shoot any creature from a safe distance and location, with some rifles up to 2 km away. In fact, industrial farming even makes hunting obsolete, and has removed man so much from the natural processes (even the process of feeding himself) that he has completely lost all healthy and normal links to nature – and the man with no such links to nature will easily destroy everything natural. So the modern man does: in his environment and in himself.

In the long run this bad technology ruins mankind, and the once creative, skilled, brave, healthy and sane man slowly but surely turns into a terrible and sub-human creature, suffering from all sorts of ills – both physically and mentally. At one point mankind will become so degenerated that it will not even be able to uphold the high tech society it has created for itself, and what will then happen?… Yes, man will eventually become so degenerated that he will not be physically able to change even a simple light bulb, or even understand how to do so.



In the long run this bad technology also ruins the environment mankind needs to survive. Forests formerly full of herbs and game are turned into fields producing genetically modified crops, all owned by a tiny corrupt, cruel, cynical, greedy, dishonest and sinister ‘elite’. Lakes and oceans formely boiling with fish are turned into huge dumps for garbage and chemical waste. Only the cities grow, and accelerate the decay of man even further. More bad technology is hailed as the solution to the problems created by bad technology, and there seems to be no way out of it other than through disaster

The world depending on bad technology to uphold itself is very vulnerable to the whims of nature as well: solar storms, earthquakes, vulcano eruptions, returning Ice Ages and also just bad weather can destroy it. So even if we never run out of the energy needed to uphold the modern world, and even if man does not have the time to be ruined so much that he is no longer able to uphold world he lives in, this modern world will at some point fall into ruins.

One might wonder: how can an intelligent species willingly place itself in a situation where it will be destroyed? It is just a matter of time before this happens, and it can happen in so many ways!

Until the day comes when the modern high tech world comes crashing down, I will use bad technology to promote the dream of a simpler life, of life in ‘good tech’ societies cultivating the healthy man and his healthy relationship to the nature he lives in and is a part of. When the day comes I will be ready and able not to depend on bad technology for the survival of my kin, and so will many others.

The fall of the ‘bad tech’ modern world will not be a disaster for ‘mankind’ though, but mainly for those who did not have the wits to escape this death trap – something they fairly easily could have done by returning to a simpler life. Mankind will in fact profit from such a ‘disaster’, as it will be purified and have its ‘cancer cells’ removed. Both Mother Earth and mankind will be rejuvenated by such a ‘disaster’. Mother Nature will reclaim what has been taken from her by the ‘civilized’ man. Earth will once again grow green and rich with life. Time will remove all traces of the bad tech world, and mankind will enter a (new?) long period when bad technology will no longer be seen as something good. Perhaps even universal rules will be made, and followed, to ensure that it will take very long time before any bad technology is invented again: before man (once again?) enters a period of decline…



It is some times said that “there is nothing new, only what has been forgotten”, and perhaps much of it was intentionally forgotten, because some were wise enough to understand that it was bad technology.

A Simpler Life

The Coming Darkness

7 Examples of ‘good’ Technology:

Clay pots

Clothes made from natural fabrics and fur

Magnifying glasses made from quartz (… yeah, you didn’t know they had that in the Stone Age, did you? [They were used to make fire quickly])

Yurt-like tents

Accoustic musical instruments

Herbal medicine

Wax candles


7 Examples of ‘bad’ Technology:



Industrial farming (and in fact: farming itself….the hunter-gatherer lifestyle is superior to the agricultural lifestyle in all ways)


Paved roads

Modern medicine

Electricity (in fact: everything that needs electricity to work)

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  4. I want to point out one thing techology =/= civilisation. You can have relatively low tech civilisation (like Aztecs) and relatively high tech barbarism (like european barbaric tribes).

  5. On the farming topic, I like this site:


    He not only goes into the health reasons hunter-gatherer is better than farming, but the ecological reasons as well. I think a pastoralism is the best option for today in the modern world, providing the benefits of hunter-gatherer but with more food availability. As long as the livestock is raised naturally, it is the best way. Just replace all the useless soybean and corn fields with grazing areas. Sure, it is not as good as forest, but it is better than desert, which is usually what people get after centuries of farming the same land.

  6. You could also try to behave in a more civil manner, and help your local community to deal with the problems you all face — together. If you go about killing others to get their stuff it will surely get you killed sooner than you would like, so to speak.

    • Varg, google defines “civil” as “courteous and polite” and “civilised” as “polite and good-mannered”.

      • Ok. Civil AND civilised it is then. 🙂

        PS. Civilised originally means something like “city-dweller” though.

  7. Hallo Varg,

    as a person who follows Burzum (i.e. your musical development) for over a decade as well as your blog from the beginning on, I felt the urge to express my diverging opinion on this matter of “bad” technology, though.

    First of all I could sign nearly all of the statements you made within your articles and I, myself been raised in the countryside, also despise what living in urban regions makes of people. I also agree on the fact, that modern technology enables the most lazy and stupid people to survive in this times, no matter their mental / physical or moral health. But after studying electrical engineering my point of view changed from stating that modern technology is generally bad. I too would gladly accept a live under pagan conditions, though, despite my profession being neither ignorant of nature’s perfection nor physically lazy and/or untrained (quiet the opposite)!

    I actually believe that what makes up modern technology at it’s base is quite “natural” at all. I mean, speaking of electrical polarisation etc., this is nature at it’s core and what our pagan ancestors also saw and felt in a more intuitive, macroscopic way, describing natural phenomenas in the form of ancient deities. Actually everything modern engineers developed is based on ancient insights, only taking it further through newer methods. I also strongly believe that is a very european urge to understand nature in it’s full complexity and if one could meet Pythagoras and tell him how his observations could be taken further or that e.g. in certain metals electrons are so loosely bound that you can easily make them stream and transport energy by connecting them to points of differing potential energy, he would be greatly interested! In every logical element of our PCs tiny “switches” made of the (natural) element silizium enable the presentation of to binary states 0 and 1 by changing the flow of elemental electrons and so on.
    I believe that it isn’t unnatural to research and understand such things, because it is completely based on what nature gave us and very often directly derived from nature, no matter if you take capacitors (see thunder and lightning in nature) or the whole field of control engineering, packed in every car, plain, train, thermostats etc. (our whole physiological system is made of and kept working by control mechanisms).

    Coming to the point of what people acutally make of these insights is a totally different thing, though, and here I meet with your opinion again, leading modern man into degernation and decadence. I hope that I somehow made my point clear, which is that I just don’t blame the modern technology itself and the interest in understanding it as “bad” or generally useless, but that what is actually made of it.

    Alles Gute für deine Sache und viele Grüße,


    • Then what happens when a great solar storm hits the Earth (and it does every now and then) and possibly even electrifies those who carry metal objects, and certainly destroys all electronic components — and even make them burn?

      Yes, technology is natural, all of it, but some of it is bad — like electricity, that makes us lazy, but also extremely vulnerable to e. g. great sun storms.

      I am not adamant in claiming it is all bad, but generally speaking it is.

      • Then what if an asteroid is to hit the earth? Would you, Varg, have our race wither into non-existence at the hands of such catastrophe, just as the dinosaurs supposedly did?

        If you believe that solar storms occur, then surely you can fathom the innumerable amount of astrological chaos that could befall the earth.

        And what if there are aliens? I believe there most likely is. Only advanced methods of warfare, transport and communication could save us then.

        Yes, urbanisation is a scourge on the earth; but technology when used as a tool, rather than a luxury (id est, for gaming and television), can elevate us even higher.

        The strongest survive. The weakest die. If we remain forever in the same “tribal” state of non-development, then one day we will be crushed; not to mention that another race with full missile-capability will crush us therebefore (namely the Middle-Eastern nations).

        In our everyday lives we are better off to live at one with nature, but it is my believe that we must not abandon sophisticated technology completely; but rather, we must do what we have always done and find ways to overcome problems such as solar storms.

        Think of the many inventions that our race has brought into existence. Look at your computer-screen and tell me that we are not capable of radical problem-solving?

        We must not reject sophisticated technology out of fear, but rather we must allow our caution to inspire us to eradicate the need for fear by overcoming of the problem.

        We must strive to become übermenschen, both in body and mind (which naturally means the creation of more sophisticated technology in order to perpetuate our survival and further our pursuit of knowledge which the Whiteman naturally craves).

        If there was only the earth, then we could live out our perfect daydream of “Norse Ásgarðr on Miðgarðr”; but alas! such is not the case.

        Sophisticated technology must be made to exist with nature.

        Think about the dissemination of information en masse without computers.

        As a computer programmer, I am in favour of the continued use of computers; but for intelligent purposes (like what we are doing now). 🙂

        This is what we need: sophisticated technology made for the sake of invention, rather than for the sake of furthering capital. Perhaps the 1800s strikes me as being such a time-period (minus the terrible living-standards of the proletariat).

        Discovery of both land and knowledge has always been a driving factor in the Whiteman’s existence; and then applying said knowledge to create good and destroy the bad (or, at least, in an ideal world…).

        I just feel that what you propose is—when applied in its entirety—completely impractical, unless if you plan on eradicating the other races and all astrological threats to the earth (which we are told that even our sun will one day be such).

        I cannot simply be content with securing the existence of our people for the next few hundred years; this time we must get it right in its entirety, or as close as we can get thereto. Otherwise, we will fail; and thereby our kind will perish like the Romans, the Ancient Greeks, the Norsemen, the Egyptians, et cetera, before us. So, yes, I am thinking a few thousand years ahead, perhaps.

        But, of course, what matters the most right now is that we straighten out the thinking of the White man and woman, and rid our lands of all things foreign; such is the mere foundation to the future that we must create if we are to survive as—what I believe to be—the most beautiful and creative race of them all.

        And if you have successfully read all of this crap, I thank you. 🙂

        • You fail to address my main points though:

          A. A great solar storm will eliminate all electronics on this planet, and no computers or even power plants will work anymore — and the nuclear power plants will more often than not melt and pollute our planet with radiation. And this is out of our control. There is nothing we can do about it, and it WILL happen, sooner or later. Two or three big solar storms came from the sun a few weeks ago (or was it last week?), and we dodged that bullet simply because they occurred on a side of the sun not facing us.

          B. I never meant we should forget all we know. I mean that we should prepare for the worst, and embrace it when it comes, as it will improve our species. Then after some time, when WE are better, we can bring back up that ‘forgotten’ technology — and try living in high tech societies again. Like I said in the comment field: totalitarian civilisations can work.

          C. If Europe falls because of a solar storm, so will all else.

          Also, TODAY 99% of mankind is ‘worthless biomass’, and we should rejoice when it is ‘cut away’ from our species’ body, so to speak. With the dregs we can not have anything we want. So we should embrace the fall of civilisation, and prepare to build a new and better civilisation, some time in the distant future — after we have improved a bit as a species.

          Asteroids? And you think technology can save us from that, before a huge solar storm makes that technology destroy us? I mean; we are already in that situation: most of the nuclear power plants will melt if the electricity is out for more than a week. They don’t have enough fuel to run those power generators more than that. And then what? ‘Nuclear wasteland here we come’… Technology is already more of a threat to us than anything else — including asteroids, aliens, the stupidity of women ( 😉 ), pandemics and you name it.

          • I agree with you about the risk of nuclear-power. Why not use solar-power and hydraulics en masse and decrease the energy-usage (get rid of televisions and stop playing video-games, et cetera)?

            The only safety from asteroids is galactic expansion: perhaps via the tera-forming of other planets within our solar-system, and eventually those of other galaxies; or building a death-ray, or some form of shield-generator…

            Perhaps I have been watching too much Star Wars. 😀

          • Varg has a point here which I share… the sun, the king of stars, can in any given time shut off the artificial lights of this planet. And the threat of a new ice age is very latent…it is coming. I think humanity already caused too much excess of energy and waste, too much production already. Mines and huge quarries, oil disasters near coasts…forest fires (great majority of them are intentional) rivers and lakes that you could swim and fish on before and today are toxic and full of filth. Varg has mentioned that zones that were forested during his chilhood today are horrible house blocks for….invaders. In my humble opinion this must stop. A very long break from all of this and hopefully forever.
            The more dependant on technology man becomes, he will be of worse quality each generation.

        • As a computer programmer you are aware that a solar flare of the magnitude your talking about would shut down the whole electrical system. I admire ur dedication to the ubermensh but without real survival skills U r just food.

  8. Modern “medicine..” I have had an infection in my left ear for somewhat over a week already. Initially, I thought that I was going to lose half of my hearing as there was this low pitched ringing that was rather distinct from my age- related tinnitus (relative to the industrial shit age in which we live, immersed in man- made noises consistently) which would rise in pitch whenever I, for instance, stomped my foot on the ground or turned the key on the bathroom sink. It turned out that the ringing was being precipitated by some bubbles behind the ear drum which weren’t allowing the drum to vibrate as it should. Subsequent to a week of having consumed these pharmaceuticals, the ringing has, for the most part, disappeared, however, half of my hearing is still compromised mostly and it feels as though I have some kind of earwax obstruction/ impaction therein even though I don’t. Normally, I can hear the ticking of my Swiss watch, but with this infection, I can only hear it out of my right ear.. and sometimes, in the morning, I might just hear it out of my left ear also until I get out of bed. Subsequent to a few minutes of being up and about, my left ear becomes half muffled again. I was also prescribed these ear drops for the inflammation in both of my ears (albeit, my left ear is more inflamed than my right) and, out of sheer curiosity, I read a sheet of paper that accompanied the box wherein the drops had come. Apparently, I ought to utilise these drops for only ten days as anything over that number can cause damage to the hair cells in the interior auditory canal.

    As for my main question, this ear infection.. Would it clear away on it’s own if I, simply, let it be? If not, what herb(s) and/ or treatments would you recommend me?

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  10. This is so true. Technology destroys man and his common sense. People will become degenerate in a few years, unfortunately this is already happening. They will not be able to survive without technology, but again I say, this is already happening. When it comes to a natural disaster and that time comes, because man is destroying nature in various ways, will survive just people like us. Varg, your blog is awesome. I regularly visit your site, but unfortunately I think that here are most of the people who share the same opinion and have the same view of the world and what is really going on today. I think another kind of people have better things to do in life (or they think they have), and do not even know for this site, or they don’t want to know, because all of this is probably stupid for them. I think it would be much better if people stop being blind and open their eyes, but it seems that there is a small number of such people. And when the day comes when all technology is gone, I do not think we should care about these people, because they probably will not be able to light a fire without a lighter, not to survive. They do not know why they live, anyway… I think that world will be better without them…

  11. I’m sure the photo of those young men pictured are the sons of the once infamous gangster John Gotti.

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  14. About the “bad technology”, in my opinion the real problem it’s not only the technology itself, but how and why the people use it! one example is, why someone buy a Hammer(the car! not the tool!) to carry only a single person in a middle of a city, we can go to space, we have high tech computers, high tech TVs, high tech planes but we still use cars with combustion engines, technology of with more than 50 years.

    People become stupid, just look the picture of that guys, i doubt they have one single drop of wisdom and i am certainly they are the “cool” guys where them live!

  15. The Rocket Stove is the perfect technology for any survivalist, as it uses 1/5 or less of the wood than any stove on the market today. It can be made from scap metal, actually the inventor intended that the rocket stove should be easily made with many cheap or free materials. These can be used for home heating, water heating and cooking. They are actually intended to use sticks, not chopped wood, so even less work needs to be done to get the heat.

    Indoor rocket mass heater

    • I’ve heard from a reliable source elsewhere that rocket stoves are ideal as well. Thanks for the link.

  16. Thanks a lot for bringing up this subject. Here is one very interesting technology. Let me explain first, too. I think many people wants to go back to a simpler life-style.What I suggest, is that we can not go back “just like that” we have to have a period of time while we make the right moves. And I think this is definitely the right move in making your own energy.

    This is not meant as an ad, it is meant to show that this technology is viable. People can build these themselves. This HHO gas can be used for welding, runnning an engine ( for electricity, transportation), heating and a lot of other uses. The only byproduct is H20:

    The “Tallinn” Version Are Available,!!! One & Six Tube Design.

  17. I hate to rain on your parade, but what would we do in a survivalist society about invasive plant species like Japanese knotweed and Rhododendrons? Here in Scotland nearly every forest is choked with them because thoughtless Victorian landowners decided introducing them to Britain would look nice. Even at this level of monitoring they’re nightmarish to keep in check.

    • Nature is not a static entity; it changes all the time. Some species die, others prevail. It’s no big deal.

    • It is clear that they aren’t native to Northern Europe..I know of many plagues like that, even introducing animals such as rabbits or sparrows to places that never had them become a plague. But that’s what the “looks nice” does to everything, included our own people.

      • I haven’t read that book, but I just read an article which may be related about Europeans leaving North Africa at the end of the last ice age and moving slowly into Northern Europe. They later, in 1180bce, raised a great fleet and attacked around the Mediterranean to try and stop an early, and foreign, judeo patriarchal religion from spreading. Eventually they were defeated at Egypt.
        Interesting read, although quite long. Offers an explanation for the dark haired Irish also. http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/bronze/seapeopl.htm

    • Maybe his “The Greeks Myths” is better…I read both and both have useful information but he if far from having all the answers.

    • His better achievement maybe is the development of the theory of the Sacred King writed by Frazer.

    • Hi again, Ælfric!

      I agree with the impressions of artusofabio93, that “The Greek Myths” by Graves is the most important of his works. Actually, as far as I know it’s the most complete compendium of Greek myths in the English language (or in any language?). The style is pleasant, the organisation very systematic, with separate sub-sections on a mythical character according to various myths, folllowed by a sub-section on Graves’ interpretation, then reference lists.

      The drawback is that Graves’ interpretations are one-sided. But, nevertheless, he respects the reader so much by narrating according to the primary material in separate sub-sections. Plus it’s so complete, so one gets even very obscure myths which are ignored by more recent books.

      Btw, some more recent books on myth may have more realistic interpretations and serve better as an introduction to Greek mythology, such as Barry B. Powell’s “Classical Myth” (which is now up to maybe its 8th edition). That book is well-worth getting. But in terms of a compendium, Graves’ “The Greek Myths” is incomparably better than anything else I have seen. 🙂

      • Probably you are right, but also Kerényi Karoly’s “Gods and Heros of the Greeks” is a must. The better book on this context after that of Graves. Kerényi’s book has revealed to me many important details or informations about the Greek Myths that I never found in other sources (and maybe he cites more sources than Graves in his book…).

        • Thanks, artusofabio93, but I couldn’t find a book exactly with that title. Did you mean these ones by Károly Kerényi?

          ‘Die Mythologie der Griechen (The Mythology of the Greeks)
          Volume 1: Die Götter- und Menschheitsgeschichten (Gods of the Greeks) (1951)
          Volume 2: Die Heroen der Griechen (The Heroes of the Greeks) [later also published as Heroengeschichten or Heroen-Geschichten] (1958)’


          The author seems to ring a bell, but I can’t remember actually reading these books! 😉
          Anyway, thanks for the recommendation, and if that’s what you were refering to then I’ll look them up.

          • Yes, those two (I have founf them in an single book, luckily…). However, if you can’t find a single book with them and the separated copies are expensive, you can pass over. Now and then in those books you can find some useful and rare information on the myths that makes sense in relation to the initiation ritual described by Varg, but you should buy two books…I don’t know. Maybe keep them in mind as later readings.

  18. Wow, why didn’t i know about your blog earlier?? Found it at youtube just an hour ago. This will be bookmarked, keep on the good work VV. Greets from the north.

      • But in the long run it allows the weak, lazy, stupid and cowardly to excell at what they naturally would be unable to do. Thus the same people are tolerated and able to procreate, making humanity more weak,stupid, lazy etc. with every generation.

  19. Hello, V.! A. here! Great post, pertinent, terse and gripping as usual! Everyone, please msg. me on my blog if you are a playtester and would like to play MYFAROG over video conference I have my 3d6 ready and can be GM or a player. Also, V., check your e-mail. I sent you a private video asking about some proper pronunciations regarding some of the deities and different races of men encountered in Þule! Hagall OTHINN! -A. of Heathens of Vinland blog

    • I speak English fluently, also passing Deutsche and a smattering of Norsk, so any person that is a playtester that can speak decent English I would highly enjoy playing MyFaRoG with! Get your 3D6, manual, pencil and paper and dissolve with me into the rich and varied world of Þule!

  20. Someone posted this video a while back and it seems relevant to post it again – about a potential bird flu pandemic:

    And further on survivalism: There are some wonderful techniques for making bushcraft candles and bushcraft glue:

    This channel has many other good videos as well.

    • PS: For some reason the second video I pasted was to the incorrect link (same channel though). Here is the intended video:

      Survival – How To Make A Survival Candle.

        • Hi Galloglach,

          I’m glad so many here are planning to get back to a more natural lifestyle. Have you seen Geoff Lawton’s permaculture work? Someone else here recommended it some time ago, and it’s amazing what can be done to create flourishing ecosystems: e.g. with swales, food forests, greywater systems, etc.

          I highly recommend seeing his videos on youtube:

          And by subscribing at the website http://www.geofflawton.com you can see longer videos. 🙂

          Best wishes,

          • I’ve seen more people post videos of Geoff Lawton on this blog, and I watched some of them myself in the past. I always felt there was something odd about this person though, so today I did a little search on him. I found a ‘boycott Geoff Lawton pdf’ on google. Apparently he is married with a muslim woman, and has a child named Latifa. The main goal of his foundation is to make as much profit as possible, while giving his students at the Zaytuna farm (former name: Diversity farm) the cheapest products, too little food, etc. It’s also claimed that people have to abide by sharia law on his farm.

            Of course I can’t verify any of this, but the document includes some pictures which at least prove his muslim affiliations.

  21. I think this is an excellent post. My only area of possible disagreement, is that I do not necessarily understand how you think it is fairly easy to return to a simpler life. Yes, if I had a way of working from home and was having money deposited into my bank account from anywhere in the world, I would not have an excuse(I don’t mean that rudely). And anyways, I do not want an excuse. I can only suppose that by easy, you mean that when weighing your options it is better to sell all possessions and build a mud or straw hut over having to live(or die) in the big cities. I do think the big cities will fall. Who knows when? My situation is not cut and dry. Firstly, I was not born in Europe. Second, there is no sense in moving to the country if I will immediately perish there. Am I to show up to the forests of Europe without a penny to my name and just immediately figure out housing and hunting on the spot while being an llegal? Well, perhaps I could. Perhaps I am playing it safe, and not fully utlitizing my wits. Aggresively pushing the best in us is not too common, anyways.

    I usually consider patience, foresight, and planning to be virtue; but considering we are dealing with the collapse of the world, I suppose more immediate measures and actions might be required. Who knows, maybe I won’t make it. Too little, too late. If that’s the case, I still hope many others do. I don’t think everybody is meant to survive, but I tend to think I am going to, of course.

    • It isn’t easy for anybody. Also not for Varg: he uses a car, drives on paved roads, they possess firearms and they use modern medicine (remember when Varg told the story about his son going to hospital because of his foot?) and uses loads of electricity (obviously, otherwise there would be no blog like this). So also he is deep in “bad technology”. If i was you, i would take it easy. All this talking about “bad” technology… Try the best you can to free yourself from modern life and don’t take Vargs word as an order.

      • Don’t worry, I am not taking his words as an order. I can understand how you could read that based off of my tangent, though. Really I’m more curious about how it can possibly be “easy.” I would honestly want to hear that information, or view. And since the rest of the post made perfect sense to me, I felt as there might be a good answer to that question. If he thinks it’s easy, I figure he must have good reasons. When I try and search my reasoning, I don’t find much that looks easy, so maybe I am missing something.

  22. I was actually just talking with my brother, who is an engineer, earlier today about him making me an “apocalypse walkman,” using a crank and a rechargeable battery from a crank-powered flashlight attached to a walkman so that I can still listen to my favorite music (such as Burzum :)) on cassette after SHTF and the power goes out. I figure one bit of “bad technology” is ok if it is to preserve the bit of music from our age that deserves to be preserved.

  23. Returning to a hunter gatherer lifestyle is not desirable for the animals or wild plants so long as our population numbers are too large. Also, people can learn to grow food, but how many want to kill, skin & gut an animal?

    Can you see the millions in large cities escaping to the country in case of a sudden economic collapse and shooting animals left and right? Is that a desirable sight to you? The animals would be gone by nightfall, every last squirrel and raccoon, too. There’d be not one fish left in the sea or lake. There’d be no time left in which to become wild, natural men once again. We can’t go home again in that sense. There are too many people, even if the population were magically cut in half.

    Calgach: you are so, so right about the degenerates to be found in the country areas. The whole human species, pretty much, is biologically and morally degenerate and useless. Virtually all of the country people I know are in love with their beer (and other forms of alcohol, too). They cannot go one day without it. I know because I live in the country. A creepy relationship with booze is one of the white race’s major problems and it has been that way for so long. Alcohol seems to be the center of so many white people’s lives.

    • Trust me, if you knew any blacks, native americans, or mestizos, you would not say it is whites with an alcohol problem

    • Are you by any chance in the American countryside?
      I can say that in my country the people who drink a lot are the ones who don’t do very much work, and most often are old and retired drunkards.

    • Again: don’t mistake the American countryside with the European countryside. They are two completely different things!

      Your point would have been very good had it not been for the fact that the millions in the cities will die long before they are able to leave the cities. In case of a collapse, within a few days the drinking water will be polluted, there will be garbage everywhere, epidemics will take a huge toll, gangs of “you-know-who” will plunder, kill, steal and rape until they too run out of clean drinking water, all roads out of the city will be blocked by broken down cars, cars that ran out of fuel, crashed cars, cars stopped by looters, car abandoned by people who panicked and didn’t want to stay for several days in the traffic jam caused by all those who tried to get out etc. Then you have the food problem; the shops will be looted within hours, and then there will be no more food left. No fuel and no food will be transported into the cities. Those who try to make it out of the city will also wait for too long before they do, so most of them will fail. Well: in short: and so forth.

      Then to those who do make it out of the city: what then? Do you think they will be able to hunt anything at all? Will they be able to find drinking water and shelter? Will they be able — I mean physically able — to walk (and they will quickly run out of fuel, so they will be walking) far enough to get away from the horrors of the city and near-city areas? They are probably already sick, from drinking bad water. They are probably already hungry, from lack of food. Are they carrying cooking equipment? No? Then how will they even be able to cook the food they might have? How will they deal with the others out there, who have the same problems? Will they all be friendly to each other? Do you think their “survival medical equipment” (made up of a few bandages [that will all be used up after one person cuts himself once]) will help them much?

      Finally, about animals. How many of the city-dwellers do you think are even able to catch a squirrel? Or a deer? Or any other animal? The criminals with guns usually don’t even know how to shoot and also have little ammo, so even if they have guns, they will be to little avail to them.

      Other than that, I do share your concerns: there will still be too many for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, but I am not advocating that! I am advocating a change-over period of small scale farming, that will end up in a healthy world where we can life as hunter-gatherers. 🙂

      • I shudder at the thought of dealing with city-dwellers in such a situation – many, no matter their race, have come to be much like “you-know-who” and will do whatever it takes to continue their pathetic existence. Not a shred of honor can be expected. In their attempts to rise above what is natural, people living in cities have only become more like wild animals.

  24. The last two articles are very thought-provoking. Civilisation does tend to remove natural selection, and thus decrease the genetic quality of the population.

    I’ve tried to think of exceptions to this, yet the exceptions prove the rule.

    The Spartans had a civilisation, yet they were very conscious of maintaining the quality of their genetics. They understood that they needed to be isolationistic in order to protect themselves from the degeneracy of outside groups. And their concerns were justified. There were notorious examples of Spartans who, once outside the rigorous constraints of the Spartan state, became debauched in the luxuries of civilisation.

    And essentially the same pattern is seen with the Greeks generally, of the Classical period, vis-a-vis the Persians. The Greeks understood that the Persian lifestyle of great luxury was degenerate. Yet when in close contact with this luxury there were Greeks who fell into the degeneracy.

    Looking further back, the Homeric Greeks were very Nordic and their aristocracy despised weakness and egalitarianism. The aristocrats were all-rounders who weren’t that far removed from nature: a leader such as Odysseus tilled his own soil; he single-handedly built his own wooden bed; and he could build a boat.

    But by the Classical period, the aristocrats looked down on physical labour, seeing it as below them. That was a recipe for disaster.

    • PS: By “egalitarianism” I meant the way it is used by Rousseauites and Cultural Marxists: i.e. the dogma that all are the same. And of course our ancient ancestors did not believe such a thing.

      That being said, our ancestors did not live in tyrannical, rigidly hierarchical societies, as existed in the Middle East. Rather, members of our culture disputed openly with each other, and leaders were far from omnipotent. It was a true meritocracy.

      As professor Ricardo Duchesne perceptively shows, the personalities and lineages of a great many members of our societies were acknowledged in Indo-European epics, such as in Homer and in Northern European literature. That level of individualism, and respect for the individual, is unique to our culture.

    • I think it is possible to have a (homogeneous) civilization, but only if it is based around a totalitarian system — like that of the Spartans (good example, by the way! 😉 )

      • Then why not. All hail Varg our new emperor. After all you may get your job of Europes Emperor. 😉

        • On a more serious note, I think small realms are the best, because only in small societies does people really know each other and care for each other — and it’s hard to keep a secret — so no “you-know-who” can come from nowhere and grab power, just like that. No perverts, no liars and no cowards can ever get the power, because everybody knows everybody, and that means no such individuals will ever be selected for leadership roles.

          A European confederacy (made up of many small realms) is the ideal, I think.

          • This is perhaps not the right place to ask, but did you ever read the book “Det biologiske mennesket”? It was surprisingly good. Of course there was a lot of atheist modernist thought in the beginning. Their conclusion, though, on how to make the world sustainable was almost like copy-paste from the AHF site back in the days. It spoke a lot about what you talk about here. Small “in-groups”. Just enough people to make it possible to survive and feel part of a larger community, but small enough for each and everyone to care for each other. 🙂 The leftist hated the book, and I read a book report in a newspaper that it was “a punch in the face of the left-wingers”.

  25. As to herbal medicine, I couldn’t agree more. I do not take any sorts of modern medicine whatsoever and do not take any oriental herbal treatment as well (many think it’s the only type of herbal treatment and do not even know that ancient Europeans used it as well and even better…). I agree with most about technology, but disagree to some extent.
    Trains are an easy way to transport materials from one place to another and can be on suspended railways, so they don’t need to cut forests and take the smallest token possible on nature. As to the hunter-gatherer and villas, I find it quite difficult to be done with all of Europe. There are millions of people, and if those were all to hunt, gather and make clothes out of fur instead of cotton, there would be a crisis. There are many nice ideas of buildings with traditional architecture, which can reside in the middle of the forest and have entire villas in it, saving a LOT of space that can be used to farm for the people who live there.
    In the middle of that, we would still need someone to represent each villa to avoid internal problems and possible fights. We would also still need someone to represent the European face and gather everyone when necessary, e.g. outsiders invading.
    Concluding, supposing we were to live in a pan-EUROPEAN society, where there’s free exchanging of goods (I’m against monetary systems) and knowledge, quick transportation, enough room for everyone and national sense, some type of “order” would be necessary, and that would include some extent of technology.

  26. We need more national government programs that directly reward all the traits that technology interrupts. We need to balance it out with incentives etc. (Also a good way to get the immigrants to leave without violence.)

  27. Interesting blog post. I am currently reading some of Freidrich Nietzsche’s philosophy, and what he seems to think is let these people destroy each other; those who can see beyond and transcend what they have been told to think etc will not be part of this conflict.

    • Yep. If you think about it there is no practical reason to waste time trying to save them directly. The strong will seek/find the truth on their own.

  28. In regards to what you, Vårg, stated in A Simpler Life with respect to “them” utilizing pharmaceuticals to poison us, as of late, I’ve been consuming the finely ground/ powdered variation of Salvia Officinalis ((common) Sage) with much of my actual meals, being a (type I/ IDDM) Diabetic myself (yeah, yeah. I know. There’s no hope for me..). According to the Wikipedia entry thereupon (though I’ve been studying herbs from “my” country on and off for a few years already, so I’m only presenting a staple of information that I’ve confirmed to be likely to be the truth), Austrians, traditionally [sic], steeped the herb in tea or chewed thereon to cure respiratory tract, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and skin afflictions and that “modern evidence shows possible uses as” a natural antiperspirant, antibiotic, antifungal, astringent, antispasmodic, estrogenic, and hypoglycemic.


    There is, then, this page which, if you read far into it enough, will actually state that Sage does, in fact, treat Hyperglycemia: http://www.appliedhealth.com/nutri/page8453.php

    The above link is the page that appears when you click on the 9th reference in the wikipedia entry. The statement on wikipedia and that of the latter link contradict one another (once again, Wikipedia claiming it as a possibility and the other page, claiming it to be a fact that it’s effective), so perhaps someone is attempting to obscure the truth? Eh. Even if it doesn’t treat Hyperglycemia, it has plenty of other medicinal uses. I just wanted your thoughts on it. That is all.

  29. Interesting point made about modern medicine. Like in Brave New World everyone needs its soma for a life of hedonism and instant gratification. And for those who do not espouse this criteria, there are the pharmaceutical companies making huge dividends by making the masses dormant and mentally paralyzed.

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  31. The mesage and the music are so majestic! I feel again like my forbears somewhere in Carpathians enjoying the rising of sun and natural awakening from long night sleep…

  32. Good post! As usual actually. Also, the picture of those three “whatever creatures they are” is really a perfect example of sub-humanity!

  33. As a curious mind, I would compare the loss of Wikipedia to the burnings of the libraries in Alexandria. But I’d also have to ask myself what all that knowledge is really worth. Does it stack up with sitting around a fire with your loved ones, eating an animal you hunted down and skinned yourself? I think not.

    I’d still miss it, but if the deal is to go back to basics I’m ok with trading it out.

  34. I think the current generation, is quite possibly the most out of touch when it comes to any type of survival at all. In comparison to past generations, and in the event of some failure of the electrical infrastructure the first places to collapse will be the most populous. Naturally the people who live in cities for the most part, don’t know anything about how to live. Or at least essential life skills anyway…and heating food in a microwave doesn’t count haha

    • I totally agree with you! I’m 30 years old and I live in the countryside in the center of Italy. Although I live in a little town (3500 people) where agriculture and breeding are widespread, if I compare my father’s generation link to nature with my generation one, I can notice a terrible gap. And people younger than me are even farther from nature…

  35. Varg Off-topic if that’s OK, on track 3 of the new Cd, Heill Odinn you seem to pronounce as “Audith”, is this the correct pronunciation as I have always pronounced as Oh-din ? Thanks, Acre.

  36. The fact that you added the steriotypical Jersey shore style guidos makes it much easier to picture what you’re talking about when you speak of humans devolving into subhumans. Speaking of which, do you encounter any of those types in france?

      • The ironic thing is they’re more common to white suburbia here. The cities have their own special brand of degenerates. I too am a fan of the country side, but in america often comes with a price,fundamentalist christians and the steriotypical all american rednecks can be just as bad as whatever dwells in the city. America for ya. As for decline in society, the same time we started towards this global recession or whatever you want to call it, the number of mix breed children started increasing, coinsidence?

        • I know exactly what you mean. Yes, there are plenty of degenerates in the cities, but if you move into the American countryside you will mainly only find a different type of degenerate.

          • You should not mistake the US countryside with the European one, though. Things are very, very different over here. No red necks. No Christian lunatics. No degenerates. The only odd thing in the European countryside would be a surprisingly high number of Dutch and English “immigration refugees” (i. e. people who fled England and Holland because of all the immigrants living there) and also a very high number of (ironically usually very racially pure) left-wing extremists.

            • Myself and WG are saving up to come home over there! Since I have much French/Norman (after 1066 A.D. by way of pure English) DNA in me, it will almost be like a ‘home’. We can dream, can’t we?

            • Left-wing extremists in countryside how is that even possibe arent they city dwellers and is there any hippie in French countryside?

    • Haha, yeah that picture made me laugh. Can you imagine whenever I take a tour to the city I am confronted with these types the whole time. I find it amazing still that people can be so useless. Sometimes it even sickens me. Allright, I do not live near the city and I do not go often so I am not used to it. But still.

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