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One thing that is rather odd, is that Christians seems to think that they have some sort of monopoly on morals and good behaviour, that the Europeans before the Christianisation were just a bunch of amoral lunatics, raping, killing, pillaging, drinking and having no moral attitudes or self discipline whatsoever. They are often Christians because they are good and moral themselves (they are Europeans in blood after all), and wrongly believe that they need to take the consequence of that and therefore become or remain Christians. They know no other good and moral alternative.

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Many modern so-called Pagans seems to think the same, and mistake Heathendom with Hedonism, and use their cartoonish mock-Paganism as an excuse to be amoral and live what the Christians would call ‘a life in sin’ – and what a real Pagan would call ‘a life without Honour’.

Well, I have no problems with what is perceived as traditional ‘Christian’ values and morals: loyalty, family values, kindness, honesty, self discipline (or ‘moderation’) etc.. But let me be perfectly clear: these are not ‘Christian’ values! These are values the Christians adopted from Paganism – or rather keptwhen they were Christianized. You can even argue that these are values they kept in spite of the Christianisation: these are the European values the Judeo-Christians failed to eradicate, when they created the Christian cult to destroy Rome (and later the rest of Europe).

As a Pagan European I am not the opposite of Christian Europeans. My problem with them is not their morals, but their embrace of an international and racist religion bent on mixing all races and destroying all cultures and religions on this planet – and replace them all with just ‘Christians’ (of any race or any mix) and Judeo-Christian culture. They have done their best to destroy our European culture for more than a thousand years, and they still try to complete this task.

When you meet Europeans who identify themselves as ‘Christians’, remember this: they don’t need Christianity to justify being moral. The exact same good values and morals are embraced in our European religion too. Paganism is not a excuse to sleep around, drink, take drugs or in other ways behave like a complete idiot. Paganism is the foundation on which all good traditions and morals stand! And unlike Christianity, Paganism is without dangerous alien influence, or even alien control, from some non-European tribe not at all friendly towards Europe and European culture. And unlike Christianity, Paganism is friendly towards all other non-aggressive and non-expansionist religions and cultures on this planet, and seek not to destroy them and replace them with the worship of one non-European tribe and their self-proclaimed right to destroy and enslave all others.

All Christian Europeans who seriously want to ensure the survival of Europe as a biological entity should open their eyes to this, cast the anti-European and racist Christianity aside like a wet towel, and become real Europeans again. Only a Pagan European is ‘a European mind in a European body’. 

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Hail the European Gods! Hail and Joy!


“In hoc signo vinces” 

76 thoughts on “About European Morals

  1. “Hail the European Gods” ??? are you drunk or fuked sionist ?? you sound to be like a real marxist. You generalize very much. Europe is just a continent made by different several races and cultures having in common White skin and someone of them the Language too. Europe is not any race…Europe is not any culture… Europe is having DIFFERENT SEVERAL cultures and blood-lines.

    • I hail ALL the European gods, whether they are Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Greek, Baltic or whatever, because ALL Europeans are my brothers, in blood and spirit. Also, ALL these European gods stem from the same proto-European deities, so they are in effect THE SAME.

      Example: Perun = Perkunas = Perkele = Þórr = Juppiter = Taranis etc. etc.

      And yes; Europe is one race, and that race is more or less mixed. It is e. g. less mixed in Scandinavia, and more mixed in Southern Europe, and that’s why they don’t all look like the Nordic ideal man. In the past, they all did. Even the Greeks.

      You should drop the whigger attitude and learn something from the posts on this blog instead. You can also go to my YouTube channel, with the same name.

      • NO, I meant RACES. Genetic Groups. Nordic race (germanic race), mediterranean (dinaric) subrace, slavic subrace. They all have White skin color (pigmentation) but they are very different races.

        • Dinaric is just a mongrel type in the former Yugoslavia (names after the Dinaric mountains in the Balkans): a mix between European and Turkic. The other Mediterraneans are not dinaric at all… because they are mixed with other races than the peoples of the Balkans. Arabs mainly.

          Germanic is a language group, not a race.

          Slavic is a language group, not a race.

          And no: not all South Europeans have white skin… in fact, many of them look like Mexicans…..

          • Germanic is not a race ?????? AHAHAHAHAH LOL are you fuked drunk ???? or a troll ?? …Germanic race is the nordic race ! … Germanic term means pure nordic ..and it was assigned by roman leaders to the most nordic people between all celtic tribes. GERMANIC RACE IS THE NORDIC RACE AND IT DOES EXIST. What it is not existing is your buyllshit marxist of european race cause there are different several races, subraces who born in Europe. Germanic Race (nordic race, aryan race), mediterranean subrace, slavic subrace. South Europe is mad eby many mediterranean subrace members…. and slavics too.

            • And yet you are wrong. Nordic is the European race, unmixed- Germanic is a language group — and originally just a name for one of many European tribes.

              And what race do you think you belong to?

              PS. Your IP address says “Italy”…

              • NO! you are the wrong! NORDIC RACE IS THE GERMANIC RACE. It’s the same and ,,, european race is a shit marxist affirmation cause it is generalizing. Yes I am writing from NORTH Italy… old austrian and german empire’s territory…one old germanic pagan kingdom’s territory (Langbard). The GERMANIC RACE ( that is Nordic race) is present to several territories. North Italy too. ….but Italian peninsula has very few of nordics (that is germanics) elements. Remember what Germanic is also a Race (blood line) …and you can name it like Nordic too. Nordic race and Germanic race is the same one.

              • …I DONT THINK what race I do belong…I KNOW what kind of genetic Group (Race) I do belong to. I am Germanic and I’m proud..I’m Nordic… and I’m proud of that. I AM SURE YOU ARE SLAVIC. Shit slavic.

                • From the way you type/speak, you sound like a loud, impatient latin type. Remember that you’re simply a guest in this blog, you should know that.

                • i am quite sure that you are just a quite stupid, mongrel looking, little italian kid, that just wants to be accepted as a racially pure german or whatever lol. you should perhaps consider the fact that the racial make-up of ‘your’ country, has much more in common with the north african arabs, than with the slavonic or germanic nations. mental case.

  2. There is something I wanted to know concerning your morals, how do you feel about polygamy?

  3. Hi, I’m an American teenager and have lately been wondering about my ethnicity, and bloodline, etc. I don’t have a family tree or anything of the sort as far as I know. I was born with light blonde hair. It seems to be darkening and turning a red-ish color, though it is still blonde colored overall. My whole house hold family has blue eyes, and all four of my grandparents have blue eyes as well. I’m obviously white, but I don’t know which European nationality. I admire the Nordic culture more than any other, but I want to know if my ancestors were Nordic, or Irish, or both, or maybe something different, but my question is: How can I find out what European ethnicity I originate from.
    P.S. I might not have used my terms correctly, as I am relatively new to this topic. Also, I am aware that this is a bit off-topic. 🙂

  4. Hi Varg. I know this is not mixing race, but your kids have mixed nationalities, which obviously have different genes. Would you say it is fine to do so as long as “white” is with “white” no matter where they come from?

    • More or less, yes.

      My wife is Frankish, though, a Scandinavian tribe… I probably genetically speaking have more in common with her than I do with many Norwegians.

  5. Well the first christians were Jews. And to be honest thats the way it should have stayed. And Christ wasn’t the first to be nailed to a tree, there’s Krishna and of course the all father Odin.

  6. Confederate Berzerkers.

    Now, here is a man that stood up for white rights and white women in the U.S. At least the south is not as liberal as most of Europe appears to be. But, IT IS becoming that way! Next thing you know, middle easterners seeking “asylum” will be taking over businesses and taking advantage of Europeans everywhere.

  7. It’s good to see a “intellectual revolt” against christianity instead what so called “satanists” do!

  8. Premise: everything is the will to power,—everything.

    Premise: everything is hierarchical including drives and thoughts.

    A morality is its dominant drives/emotions. The ZOG socially engineer -ologies, -isms, abstractions, social constructs, which undermine the will to power of Europeans making them myopic, compulsive and controllable.

    International plutocrats have socially engineered many Europeans to experience intense resentment against what is essentially just a biological weapon: migrants. The regime is no different to blanketing the nation with trillions of fleas infected with bubonic plague. Although it is our solemn duty to sanitise the germs as if performing a surgical operation, the real enemy is the parasite we know as the plutocrat, who endlessly facilitates them into the nation, and into the Aryan woman’s womb.

    Christianity and liberalism are essentially the same process of consolation, of escaping from the despair of powerlessness. Where religion resorts to the hubris of God and ideas of heaven, liberalism into decadence, promiscuity, drugs & alcohol culture. The two ideologies often meet inbetween, where one facilitates the other. The mob is vulgar and full of treason. Traitors are germs.

    There have always been men and women with an aristocratic sensibility and response, because within their genes is the will to establish high culture.

    An honour code enables the will to power to manifest esteem beyond the self, which in a literal way actually prevents the dysfunctional use of strength.

    There are those who say this realm of thought is also ‘dangerous’. And we heartily agree. The more the better. To affirm our philosophy ‘dangerous’ is to appreciate in full.

    Within the quality of honour is the ability to detect and take measures against heimtueckischkeit. Everything the enemy stands for is built upon the idea that dishonourable conduct is clever and superior.

    Europeans must again surge with the energies of the ancient aristocratic world, writhe with the ambition of true histoic nobility, our morality is the will to power, it is militarism, and fanatical idealism of heroic death.

    Our conception of afterlife is concrete in continued blood lineage and a living legacy.

    The meaning of life is that you die. We must die so that we may live. Seize the opportunity with honour.

    The Aryan soul set violently ablaze comes to incinerate every living shape of verjudung.

    Because we are the last. And because noble love is fury.

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  10. Varg, you seem to have linked the Serbian translation of this article and titled it Bulgarian. I will be translating this one right now. Fix the link when you can.

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  12. Wow ! Thank you very much for all those new posts Mr Vikernes. What happened to you ? You drank your whole box of Chicorée at one time ? 🙂

  13. Where would you say we should find our sense and roots in regions of Europe where we’ve been Christianised for over 2000 years? Should we dig for our pagan origins? Thank you,

    • I am not Varg,but I think we should dig for our “pagan” origins from wherever you are,no region in Europe has been christian for two thousand years,Christianity itself is not two thousand years old, so,it is most likely that there is some good content about the roots and ancient tradition from every region in Europe,even if scarce.

  14. A bit off-topic: I just reread your article “The Coming Darkness” and I have a question about your 2nd survival tip “Buy Iodine pills en masse, and take them very quickly when SHTF. You need to take them before the radiation hits you.” About how many such pills would you say shall one buy for your familiy to survive SHTF? My second question is about your 6th survival tip “Stay in great shape. If you are male run a lot (in the countryside…). ” and it is also a “How many”-question. How frequently would you say should one go running, rather 1 or 2 times in the week or every day or every second day? And how much km should be run at one unit?

      • Hunting is a instinctive skill. The more time you spend in the field the better you get. Read all you can, there are many strategies when it comes to hunting, and it also depends what you are hunting. Source’s from frontier areas would be the best bet as people in these areas hunt for subsistence and have the best skills. Alaska for instance. Now get out there and sharpen your skills.

    • Lodine, Prussian blue, algae and all other means that can protect you from radiation, yes. The more the merrier, I’d say…

      About training, I think that is very individual. Some need to run more to stay in good shape than others do. Personally I run every second day (4-5 km each time), and only change the speed I am running in (instead of the distance). The better shape I am in, the faster I run those 4-5 km (4800 m, to be precise).

      If you start running, just take it easy. Run slowly, run short distances, and increase both speed and distance very, very slowly, when you feel you can. Listen to your body. Rest when it feels as if you need to. Endurance and strength will come with time. If you are in terrible shape and over-weight just walking fast is a good start.

      PS. Sorry if I say things you already know.

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  16. I’ve personally never thought differently. The problem with these so-called pagans is that they don’t really know history. This is the same for some “christians”.

    Reality is that monotheisms has always been the only religions so intolerant towards others (paganism) and so destructive. Anyway, universalism is always a bad thing : it is imperialist, in any form whatsoever, it is the refusal of recognizing the different components of humanity, destroying our race, minds, culturs etc etc etc. In the name of the unity of mankind, liberalism … what is just a levelling downwards … Universalism is mixing, and the christians wo are against mixing are just incoherent with their faith, they have a cognitive dissonnance …

  17. As we can study in History of Philosophy, Augustine of Hippo in Patristic Era “christianized” Plato’s ideas and Ideals of morals concepts, metaphysics and metaethics concepts, with this, he became the Catholic church’s father. When we study his life, he was an “medieval polygamous degenerated junkie playboy”. That’s the root of catholic church. He was adept to the worst kind of Hedonism. He also misunderstood all Epicurus ideas and find moral on Plato’s texts after certain age. In the 13th century when the dark age was in his “ápice”, Scholasticism Era, Thomas Aquinas made the same thing with Aristotle’s concepts and it’s clear when you analysis the real greek philosophers scripts and concepts and compare with the medieval plagiarists Take a look and the evidences will show. They are plagiarists, they stole philosophical pagan concepts. All this Greek tragedians and philosophers, also the pagans society reunited in small communities and in the state/city are the real fathers and mothers of all good moral concepts Europe and also the Europeans colonized lands have. Christians at least distorted the texts and facts for their own good and benefits.
    If Christian have any moral concepts that we can even take a look and agree, they steal from the ancient greek philosophy and tragoedia.

  18. I think that one of the best talents of the early Judeo-Christians was to impudently attribute to themselves the merits and the achievements of the populations they infiltrated in and eventually destroyed.

    Modern Christians just hide their true nature – which they are not even aware of, I’d say – behind this mask of great values and virtues, like those you have mentioned.

    Most of them prefer to live in this state of ignorance; other live with deep personal contradictions; few decide to investigate and dig in their Pagan past, and find out the long forgotten Path.

  19. Many Europeans turn to Christianity in the desperate hope that its morals will subdue the ‘sinner’ within. These people end up ‘moral’ when in sight of the Church, but not in secret. They try to fool their Church (and their God) but they have no innate desire to be moral. True Pagans are inherently moral, and do not require written rules and encouragement to be so.

  20. The own concept of amorality is controversial for a human being. I’ve never met before anybody who was amoral. I’ve met many immoral ones though.

  21. I see so-called “Pagans” fall into this trap quite a lot. For example, I see people who think of themselves as Pagans watching and promoting that horrible Game of Thrones garbage. I watched just a couple minutes of that and was appalled. But this is what “Paganism” is thought of now. Just another attack from another angle (and I guarantee it is on purpose).

    • I’ve never watched this “Game of Thrones” show (I actually don’t own a T.V so) but I’ve heard about it from friends who’ve checked it out or have watched it. Inevitably I completely agree that it is Garbage.

      However I’ve watched that “History” Channel show “Vikings”. And I watched the entire first season, honestly it made me feel sick. In relation to the last post on here it too promotes heavily on myths by the victors. I believe by the second or third episode they had the character playing Rolo rape a Thrall. And other ridiculous things. Like depicting the European religion as a Hebrew religion. Basically it was like witnessing Judeo-Christianity but with Scandinavian names and concepts. And the battles themselves were of course Hollywood cliched. Hell, I could go on, but never again am I giving a “History Channel” show about European’s a chance. I’ll pass.

        • I think that Game of Thrones isn’t the best example because it’s entirely fictional but Vikings is a good example to illustrate your point.
          I like to watch some series and movies and I of course know how to separate the reality of fiction. I enjoyed watching the Avengers and Agents of SHIELD, for example. But firstly I keep in mind that it’s not about paganism, it’s just an action show and geeky. They use science to explain what the asgardians call spells, for example. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s entertainment only and not philosophy, so it fulfills its role.
          But when they will use shows like Vikings with an objective of telling people how is history and how paganismo was like then they completely fail on doing it(or works perfectly they way the intend to). I couldn’t take that show any long either.

          • You should still be careful even of shows that are just “entertainment”. There are subversives in those you may not notice unless you have a trained mind. Better to just read a book. Or watch videos online you know aren’t Hollywood. I don’t have a TV and have never felt the need for one.

      • I think it actually was Knut raping a saxon woman. Anyways, I have the same thoughts on that show, I couldn’t go through it, I only watched 3-4 episodes and figured out it is complete rubish.

        Another thing that I want to point out at is that it has Wardruna’s music in it, I haven’t notice but I heard people talking about this. I think it’s clear why is it sorted to be the worst show; anyway, that was just a side note…not to mention the characters’ ‘authentic’ appearance…

        • Nah I was talking about the Rolo part, before they set out to the west. But yes, they had Knut rape a Saxon Woman too. Then had him try raping a fellow Shield-Maiden. Ridiculous show.

    • Oh, and to clear up the hole in my story when I said I don’t own a T.v, yet I’ve watched Vikings:

      I was visiting my Father and he purchased the First Season so we watched it from there.

      Nothing like family time of Father and Son tearing down disgusting film 🙂

      • I don’t own a TV either. I saw some of Game of Thrones at a friend’s house. This was after Varg mentioned it as being poison in one of this blog posts. I hadn’t seen it at the time, but he was absolutely right. It is whorish, corrupt, conniving, egotistical, homosexual, childish, perverted garbage disguised as Lord of the Rings. I’d really like to see George R.R. Martin end up like this characters…. (as from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty much the same as the books, except for small details).

    • So true Dreogan. There was something so insincere about that from the beginning. Plus, I knew from all the hype surrounding it, it would just be nonsense. The lies spread about paganism are replete. Its sad really, because I think as someone else mentioned a lot of people are mistakenly drawn to Christianity trying to maintain some sort of life stability. The again, anyone who stays in that trap I cannot excuse. Have the power of will to find the truth no matter what form it might take and what kind of comfort it may take away.

      • I think most people (Europeans) think morally instinctively. They are just corrupted by media and false logic. Deep down, they probably aren’t at all comfortable with it.

  22. I just read a depressing article over on the Daily Stormer praising Christianity and saying how it’s a “pro-white” religion by some idiot going by the name “Sven Longshanks”. I guess the Stormer is off my list of regular internet haunts. Pro-Christian sentiment seems to be a major problem with many a supposedly “pro-white” movement. A lot of them seem to subscribe to the so called “Khazar theory” to nullify the accusation that Christianity was originally a Jewish sect, implying that the Israelites of the Bible were Europeans, and that the Jews of today are actually Asiatic Khazars who converted to Judaism in the early Middle Ages.
    I think a major factor in pro-Christian sentiment is that they feel the church is an integral part of European civilization. In their minds, at least I think, Europe only became civilized around classical times, with the Greek and Roman civilizations, elsewhere and prior to that, Europeans were primitive and barbarian, so their religious beliefs were also such. Civilized as the classical cultures may have been, they were degenerate and amoral in these people’s minds, so ever since Christianity came along, they feel that the supposedly both civilized and moral Christian European culture is what we should fight to save, not Europe’s pagan culture. At the core of this fallacy is the belief that the stone age man, the so called “cave man” (by idiots who think he actually dwelled in a cave) was the most wretched and contemptible human being ever to have lived and we have only come up from there. They also model their racial beliefs around said fallacy, believing that our race is only great because we became more technologically advanced than other races. So by their logic, civilized Christianity surpassed the primitive paganism, with all it’s barbaric human sacrifice to gods who are more or less cartoon characters.
    P.S – has there been any positive reviews for “The Ways of Yore” yet? Any I’ve seen have been on metal websites and the general sentiment behind them seems to be “duh, this casio keyboard crap is sooooo lame and boring! Why can’t Varg go back to playing trve black metal \m/”. Ingrates.

    • I can tell you from personal experience that certain “real” music transcends most people. You must be a very particular person to “follow the message” or even “tap into” some of the deepness that some artists are attempting to make tangible. That process can be extremely frustrating to an artist because most times the end product will never be exactly what is going through their mind. Thus it follows that most things of a high quality and good message will be dismissed( very much so like the truth) by the masses and even some extremely intelligent individuals. For this…I am particularly glad. These kinds of things were meant for deep individuals who have truly experienced and felt life. Those who are content with being; also with being themselves. For those who truly understand…it is not a revelation but more a peaceful “I am finding that true sentiment in another” brotherhood. A sharing of a common and rare feeling. A feeling of the blood that transcends itself.

      This is also in my opinion why the classics (Baroque, Medieval, Classical, etc.) are not appreciated by the masses. They cannot comprehend the concept of what the artist may have been living or feeling and get that from the music. Most of the time most people cannot even make it through the first movement of a piece like that. Its a particular state that is patient and takes on many different faces. It brings one into another realm. Almost like reliving a past feeling, a past experience. Its on a whole other unexplainable plane.

      I think one important thing to keep in mind that is actually much harder than most make it seem is where a message of such a nature may come from. Messages do always take the form that one might expect, thus leading many people to pass by important things on a regular basis. Almost like the “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. To many people have a black and white, “Well this person is such and such so their opinion means nothing to me”. For me personally, it is digging deeper to try to understand what may lie in that “muck”. Not getting caught in the “muck”, but having the insight to be able to discern that their may be something of importance there. I truly believe this is where some Christians are coming from. Not many, but some.

  23. Few quotes about pre-christian Slavs before:
    “Fraud and theft were crimes unknown among them. They themselves they were very surprised when they saw bishop’s boxes and chests shut”August Neander. General History of the Christian Religion and Church about the expedition of Bishop Otto I (with a submoniker “the Great”) to Western Pomerania.

    “No one ever found a beggar or someone in poverty among them. As soon as the advanced age makes one of them weak and frail, he is entrusted to the care of a descendant, obligor to taking it with the utmost care” Helmold, The chronicle of the Slavs

    “Besides, when it comes to morality and hospitality, it’s hard to find people more honorable and noble” Helmold about the inhabitants of Wolin – the greatest European city in the twelfth century.

    “To the foreigners coming to them they relate friendly, showing them the way from one place to another, protecting them from trouble, so that if it turns out that due to the negligence of the person who took home the alien, the latter has suffered any damage, the host will immediately start a war against the guilty, taking a point of honor to take revenge for the foreigner.” Strategikon of the Maurice

    “Extraordinarily humane to those in need of help, they even sail to the deep sea to the rescue of to those in danger or attacked by pirates. Many laudable things could be told about their morality,if they only had faith in Christ, whose missionaries they cruelly persecute” Helmold about Rani

    “The Slavic tribes and Antes people have similar way of life and mores and love for freedom; by no means you could prompt them to slavery or subjection in their own country” Strategikon of the Maurice

    “Their captives are not held in slavery indefinitely like other tribes put into practice, but limit the time giving two options: to pay conventional ransom and return to fellowmen or stay in the society as freemen and friends” Strategikon of the Maurice


  24. Gday Varg,
    firstly, thank you so much for continuing to post these. you are an inspiration and a beacon of light for all us of European ancestry in a world that is trying to bring us down.
    I wish you and your family all the best. you have support all the way down in Australia as well mate.

    thank you once again

  25. From what I can tell, “Trail By Ordeal” was a cruel and backwards Christian practice in England, at least. This was of course applied to “witches,” too.

    Here’s an example of early Christian law in England from “The Laws of Wihtred” :

    “12. If a husband sacrifice to devils without his wife’s knowledge, he is to be liable to pay all his goods and healsfang(1/10th of a man’s value); if they both sacrifice to devils, they are to be liable to healsfang and all their goods.”

    Just who are these “devils?” The old Gods no doubt. Already here they are breaking up the family, and pitting man against wife.

    There are other examples of the laws the Christians made here which seem made to exort money from the Europeans and their customs, and to break up families. Most of the laws seem to equal the Church’s status to that of the King and to provide extreme immunity.


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