27,5 minute documentary about the 3rd of June process in Paris

Bulgarian. MagyarSerbian.
Yes, it is in French.

Procès de Varg Vikernes du 3 juin 2014… par agenceinfolibre

Photo from the same case, but in October 2013. ‘Some adventures seem to never have an end’…
Banderole Procès Vikernes Mensonge d'Etat

16 thoughts on “27,5 minute documentary about the 3rd of June process in Paris

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  3. You speak well, calm and wisely. I suppose it took quite some time to prepare for what might happen that day.
    Looks like the media is pretty decent in France. At least not the mainstream-one.

  4. At least an English subtitles would be really useful as I am pretty curious whats going on. I was not there physically, but I support you with my spirit and mind. You are doing really good job Varg. 🙂

    • Varg speaks in English in the two segments he is present for.
      I can’t speak French either so I’m clueless for the rest though reading the french subtitles, its possible to see a few words here and there that are similar to English words and so you can vaguely guess.

  5. After the intelligent judge drops everything , are they going to apologize for their war crimes against you and your family?, pay for your families house and mental stress damages, and give your children bullet proof vests for next time they oops , confuse rifle club membership with terrorism?

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  7. From what I could make out (not speaking a lot of French myself and listening to your excellent English), the prosecution have no evidence and are so desperate to prosecute you that they revert to bullying to try and make you loose your temper.
    How much lower could they get?
    Correct me if I am wrong.

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