Money, money, money!

French. MagyarSerbian. Spanish.

Many have asked me questions about how the French legal system actually works, and have reacted in many cases very strongly to the fact that SOS Racism and LICRA were there as third parties able to argue in favour of my conviction and able to ask the judge for economic compensation directly to them from me, if I am found guilty.

This apparently sounds completely absurd to some, and is difficult to understand, but Frenchmen I have spoken to have explained to me that these organisations work that way, and are allowed to work that way, to ensure that everybody who oppose them and their agenda will not only be destroyed financially, but also be forced to finance their organisations. The ‘racism’ of Frenchmen (or others they get the opportunity to sue) has thus according to the Frenchmen I have spoken to become a source of income to them, and they use this for all it is worth.

Nobody in France (or elsewhere for that sake) filed a complaint against the Thulean Perspective blog, and the case against me was started solely on the initiative of politicians in Paris, and came after and as a result of their illegal arrest of my wife and me in July last year. When LICRA and SOS Racism heard of this, they jumped on the opportunity to go to court and ask for compensation from me, for according to them having sabotagued their effort to race mix the French people.

Yes, you probably didn’t misunderstand anything of what I said above: the lawyer representing LICRA (“International League against Racism and Antisemitism”) said in court the 3rd of June, as I and others present there too understood it, that the organisation he represents is working to completely race mix the French population, something they aim to have achieved in 50 years from now, and my work, with my according to him ‘very effective weapon’, the Thulean Perspective blog, had made this work so much more difficult for them. He also argued that I made money from spreading ‘racism’ with my blog (although in reality I have a dramatically lower income now compared to what I had before I started the blog, something the court knows). According to him, because of me they had to spend more money and more time to achieve their goal. Ergo I had to pay them 5000 EUROs, as some sort compensation…. and another 5000 EUROs to SOS Racism, in addition to the 5000 EUROs the prosecutor argued that I should pay to the French state, as part of the punishment – if found guilty.

I will not discuss why organisations whose common agenda is as I understand it to expose the French people to what International law define as genocide (see in particular c below, but also b and d) are allowed to even exist (in France itself!). Nor will I discuss why there seems to be a consensus that their work is legitimate. Nor will I discuss who are behind these organisations, but I encourage you to investagate the matter yourself.

According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II, genocide is:

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

As explained here, the evidence used against me is made up of print screens, but I can add that the evidence is also made up of some other fabricated evidence, where real posts from Thulean Persepctive have been modified by ‘anonymous’ individuals, and have then been presented as real TP posts to the prosecutor (and presented in court as print-screens…).

Cui bono?

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88 thoughts on “Money, money, money!

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  6. I am quite shocked by the organizations motives .Where does it say that racemixing everyone is their motive ,I have to see it with my own eyes .

  7. It’s terrible that organizations such as this exist; truly a disgrace to all mankind. If blogs are as dangerous and effective as these criminals say, we ought to all have blogs! Keep up the noble fight, Varg.

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    • “Listen Leader, and listen well! You have humiliated the system once again! Blood, Honour Golden Dawn!”

  10. They know about the whole Ôðalist community and know we are a treat for them. They managed to create all of these events as some sort of “intelligent” move to show they are still in control, but it’s clearly not like that.

  11. Absolutely horrified by the dark intentions of these groups (LICRA, SOS Racism). Unbelievable, it is the world upside down. It is they that should be filed with charges (racism and planned genocide).

  12. Let us all dance to this Dark Age, let us all dance to the whimpering of our enemies. We will prevail sooner or later. I am certain of it! With people like Varg who gives the anti-European system a kick in the side once in a while, we will get reactions from that system, which also triggers reactions in society. It is really funny to see how many Norwegians supports Varg in this case here in Norway. Even after the medias effort to make him into the devil himself all these years.Tomorrow belongs to us!

  13. Naughty, naughty, Varg… 😉 I see what you did there whilst I was not looking… 😉

  14. I have read this with my jaw falling more and more open until it hit the floor! I know the world population (except for some) are perpetually in a death trance doing whatever it is everybody else tells them to do (good little slaves). I though am really at a loss as to how so many can be so brainwashed!?

    There was at one time in the not too distant past a heroic man that stood up to “them” and tried with all his might to correct the corrosive blood mixing in Europe and send “them” packing… Now “them” are hell bent to destroy Europe as revenge, and all (good little slaves) embrace it from the “fictitious guilt” that has been suppresed upon them. Damn, what a toilet it all is!… FLUSH!

    Varg, my thoughts go out to you everyday! I try to tell people about what is going on, most actually care once i explain your situation and how America is not exempt from the same nightmare!

    As always my best to Marie and the children. I know it has got to be hard on her also. She is strong and has a good husband to care for her and vice versa!

    Take care my friend!

  15. The mask of the so-called “anti-racists” is slipping. Here is more evidence:

    -Frustrated about how to counter the ‘Mantra’ against White Genocide, one Solomon Wong wrote to another cultural Marxist:

    ‘Anti-racism is anti-white, and we should embrace that. As for the charge of genocide? Accept it. You can argue against it, but what’s the point? Any conscionable person should want the white race destroyed.’

    “We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”
    Noel Ignatiev, editor of the anti-white Race Traitor magazine.

    -A week ago, the Anti-Whites stated WORD FOR WORD that Europe is for EVERYBODY!

    The so-called “anti-racists” are not saying that Africa belongs to everybody, or that Asia belongs to everybody. Of course not.

    The comments on that video were a chorus exposing the hypocrisy and denouncing multiculturalism as the biggest genocidal SCAM in history. So the entire comment section was deleted…

    These so-called “anti-racists” KNOW that they are GUILTY of GENOCIDE.

    So again, to those supporting the policies of Sarkozy, Valls, and other genocidalists: Beware!

    People are recording what is being written and said. This evidence is being used to inform others. When the political situation is ready, this evidence will be used to properly enforce the law on genocide.

    One day it could be YOU who finds yourself on trial……

  16. All charges made in Canada under the Human Rights Tribunal hate speech act(formerly section 13 I believe) were made by the same person, who worked for the tribunal, and reportedly received money every time he made a charge. So, no Canadian citizen used this tribunal for this purpose. Allegedly he even brought up charges on websites that only 3 people in total had viewed. The politicians, when bringing up the charges up against the defendants who had the law thrown out, were on the defensive the entire time. The defendants were obviously angry. The politicians didn’t seem to know anything in regards to how the tribunal acted. Hence the eventual investigation and abandonment of this particular Human Rights initiative.
    The basis of the charges were due to comments made by the defendants Steyn and Levant, in regards to Muslims.

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  18. The French people have to wake up and see that these are the organisations that are destroying France, they are the worst kind of people and theirs plans will fail.

  19. Appalling! So the French government has specially contracted anti-racist interest groups that function as prosecutors in court and have the power to demand compensation from those who do not support their genocidal agenda when that said party has done NOTHING against them except resist their efforts to destroy our cultures and peoples. Their stated goal is the destruction of the French people through miscegenation and they are even funded by the French government itself! Your tax dollars are going directly towards your own extermination. Nevermind the hordes of Afro-Asiatic immigrants entering our countries every year.The agenda could not be any more clear or blatant and yet still none of the sheeple will do ANYTHING. When will the insanity end?

  20. I support your case and understand firmly the situation you are in (I myself have recently been convicted heavilly in an even bigger hoax racist terrorism case than this one) but I have to get something off my chest- especially to all the readers of your blogs. These things (the harrasments, prosecutions, wichhunts) not only happens to Mr Vikerners. Be the responsible European people you claim to be and support ALL political harrassed, prosecuted, convicted and even executed victims by the courts and judges controlled by hands with hidden agendas. Evn those who did break their country’s laws because what is wrong with breaking a law when half the lawbook was created with the only intention to break your whole people? From Wiking Jugend to HNG, VMO to BBET, Vlaams Blok to Front de la Jeunesse, there is no end to the list (and I only named a few organisations!) and there are hundreds upon hundreds of people already in jail or either awaiting imprisonment in ALL of Europe. You all must have read and or heard about numberous of these occasions happening. Be just, leave your keyboard for a few hours and give them some support with writing a letter of support. There are enough places on the internet where adresses can be found. The problem is not a European named Varg. The problem are ALL the named European! It’s too easy for you all to just type that these things happen. Do something. Show that there are people who care about their kinsmen in trouble, even when they are not a famous musician (no offense intended, Mr Vikernes. I respect your work a lot.)

    • Confront yourself…

      Thank you for calling this out. Too many people are the survivors of crime in the court system(myself included). We should try to support each other. This whole Varg thing is not just about Varg. There is a bigger picture. One that clearly shows this can and does happen to anyone, anywhere. What will it take for people to start waking up and acting! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  21. They are just so blatant about things. I’m stunned! The worst part is that they can easily spout this nonsense with a straight face as they have convinced themselves that doing so will ‘save the world’ or end in some utopia. The only thing more dangerous to a man who wishes you bad fortune is one who is convinced that he, and only himself, can save you from yourself. And the best salesman is the man who believes his own lies.

    The whole ‘God’s Chosen’ thing they take very seriously. They are history’s largest supremacists, hypocrites, holier-than-thou, imperialists, and madmen. And those are words which my generation has been programmed to respond to. Use their own language against them, they are so blatant because they feel they can do no wrong.

    • Well said my friend. It’s just unimaginable how hard they work to destroy the europeans. Their methods are deviant and very violent.

      • The low-level libtards, though, are just suicidal imbeciles with non-existent amygdalas. Whereas the top ones are the perpetrators. Don’t know which one Varg is meeting in court, the master (which is not ACTUALLY liberal, at all), or the serf. Well, it matters not, all these bastards work in perfect harmony & accordance with their order – position… in the plan…

        • Just thinking about them and all their mischief is gut-wrenching. If they would just leave their betters alone for exchange.. but not to forget, these people are high-caliber narcissist that must constantly rationalise & justify their own failed existence by evil and pretense. Always setting new wickedness in motion. Varg is the test subject, of course. :/

        • Every termite and cockroach knows what its’ role is when it comes to fulfilling their duty.

          • And yet, even the lowest of insect have the instinct to work for his survival, to better the group and add unto it [whatever] for its purpose. These people on the other hand … will wind up destroying themselves, mark my words. These people are literally suicidal and faulty to their nature.

  22. First: Well done! I’m sure the 8th of July you will strike the final blow! I’m very happy for you and your family.

    About the new album: I think that the “talked” sequences could in certain cases be more appropriated with a female voice, even if only in few songs. Take it in mind. In certain contests the voice of Marie could be very appropriate, to reach e new level of atmosphere.

    P.S. Have you a good text to conseil about the Arthurian cycle? You too think that the Lake where resides the White Lady is the Burial Mound?

  23. Nothing that these ‘anti-racism’ groups do surprises me anymore. They will plumb the lowest depths of depravity and create outright fabrications to achieve their genocidal goal of eliminating our racial conciousness. They’re going to fight to the death, because they know that if we come to power the reprisals would be swift.

    All the best Varg, keep giving inspiration to our people around the world.

  24. A terrible crime it is to use false evidence against you, and how ridiculous it is having to pay corrupt organisations who aim to destroy the French. Poor citizens out there who have been brainwashed to the extreme of not noticing this to fight back…how easier would it be if they weren’t as cunning and coward?! But I believe that Europeans know something is wrong and, once you give them some light and discuss it peacefully, they start to think more and more about it, and that is what they don’t want us to do, and it is what I am going to do.

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  26. Considering one thing we should be thankful to SAS Racism and LICRA: now we are sure that our weapon is efficient. (If we weren’t till now.)

  27. Another thing I’ve noticed that these types of organizations do is that they will state objectives or missions that are so absurdly extreme, right in the open, with full admittance. Normal people look at them and don’t think they can ever do it, because it is so extreme. Maybe they can’t do it, but by setting their goal so far, even if they achieve a small percentage of their goal, they have done a considerable “achievement”. I don’t know if there is a name for this tactic, but there should be.

    Also, notice how they do it in the open, even brag about it. This is to do a few things: 1) They need to operate in the open to receive government funding. 2) By acting in an “honest” way, they get brainwashed people to help them. 3) They try to intimidate opposition with their aggression. 4) By normalizing an absurd situation, you are already half way to your goal.

  28. is it not possible to get a transcript of what has been said during the trial? I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I just thought a link to some sort of official site with the racemixing quote, would be a good way to expose how radical this organisation actually is.
    Again, having followed this blog and read many comments aswell, I actually believe you when you say, that this quote was said out loud in court.

  29. I’m shocked at this trial’s format. In the US (and I thought Europe as well), there are civil and criminal procedures. It seems they just put the two together with a “3 vs. 1” format. It’s like three trials at once, with a mix of types. I find this amazing. How does Europe even function with this kind of nonsense?

    And I say this as if LICRA and SOS Racism are NGO organizations. That they are indeed private special interest groups suing you for something. (An absurd offense, in my opinion, even if technically illegal against the French state.) BUT THEY ARE NOT. They get direct funding from the French government, so they are de facto a sort of contractor group. So, they are funded by the government AND need money from citizens who “hurt their mission” or whatever? And I thought corruption in the US was bad…

    The French government (or an “arm” of it) is also breaking Article 2 section e (i.e. “child services”). But like you say, the breaking of section c is directly stated by LICRA and SOS Racism. It would be as if I were to state my mission to kill black children, get government funding, and then sue you for not helping.

  30. this situation is absolutely tragicomic….
    the wolf protest aginst the sheep…. becouse the sheep don’t want to die…


  31. “the organisation he represents is working to completely race mix the French population”

    No way … So they admitted that ? It means that they are so powerful that they don’t even hide their plan anymore, that’s insane. One knew that they worked against the white race but I’ve never heard them say it so clearly. Unbelievable.

    • Unbelievable. No… It’s OUTRAGEOUS. They don’t deny anything, they say it openly! I’ve reread Varg’s words about 5 times, and couldn’t believe. But if they say openly about this, they’re sure that their plan is out of danger, so… Has Europe already died? Is there no possible way to stop them, to prevent their actions? Is there no way just to escape? They don’t fear to say about their plan, and it’s a terrible sign.

      • Perhaps their over-confidence is a hint of an eventual slip up. Europe’s slowly waking up, maybe they’re just too blind to see it. Or maybe their openness is an attempted to intimidate the awoken. Either way, the fight should never slacken nor tire, victory or chaos.

      • Just imagine it like the classic Villain revealing his entire plot to the tied up Hero.

        • And suddenly the Hero gets free, and punishes the Villain? And Happy end? I hope, but I just can’t believe in “happy end”. There are a small number of people who are not brainwashed. The only case they manage to convince others not to prevent them from “awaking Europe” is if they have as much power as politicians have. There are crowds of brainwashed, and they will fight like fanatics against normal people. Oh, they even protest against Thor Steinar, in spite of the fact it’s not nationalistic or something like this. They attack shops, lol. So what will it be if “intolerant” people unit, and disobey their “tolerant” rules?

  32. Varg I think since you live in France you noticed by now that in the French society there is what we call the “pensée unique/pensée officielle/politiquement correcte” which is, for non-french speaking people, a “official thinking”. This happened first because of the “Mai 68” events and the (far) left taking over among young people mostly. These people along with the mass media created this mental frame to stop people thinking by themselves thanks to intellectual fear. Indeed these “troupes d’occupation mentale” (mental occupation troops), like Laurent Ozon calls them, managed to implant stimulis and Pavolvian responses into people’s mind. For exemple just go in the streets of France and ask people :” If I tell you Front National you tell me ?” Guess what kind of answers you’ll get… This worked pretty well for a long time (espacially in the 80’s) but reality takes its toll eventually and French people just grew more and more fed up with it. We French people we endure a lot for a long time but when we say “enough!” this can get of control you see 😉 The olligarchy at work right now knows perfectly the fact that things are changing in the mind of the french people and that to some extend the intellectual fear doesn’t work as well as before (thanks to Dieudonné for instance). So now comes the financial fear and that’s when SOS Racisme and Licra come into the picture. I must say I never saw them so active and they don’t hesitate to attack everyone who says something “wrong”. Sorry it was a bit long and I wished I could come to support you but some camardes of MAS were there to encourage you. We stand by your side Varg !

    • Oh one more thing : here’s a video explaining why the LICRA was created. To sum it up quickly it was created to cover the murder of a Ukrainian nationalist on French soil who was said to be guilty of pogrom. The video is in French but I am sure that your wife can help you out (and it is also a good opportunity to improve your French 😉 )

  33. I was certainly one of those that was confused by what they where doing there, so thanks for clearing that up. I was trying to transcribe for some of the others via a heavily biased Norwegian media what went on, but I couldn’t quite figure out their part.

    I was also wondering why that SOS Racism “woman” would start out with a story about a museum shooting in Brussels, completely unrelated to anything, but now I can connect the dots.

  34. Sarkozy calls for the FORCED race-mixing of French children! That’s geNOcide!

    The genocidalists, Sarkozy, Valls, SOS Racism, and LICRA, want to geNOcide French children! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!

    • Thanks for the video.

      Yes, and as those who doubt my understanding of what the lawyer said, can see that even the former president of France has said similar things, and he did whilst he was president — of France.

      • Yes, and the original video recently went viral. In the last few days it was deleted by youtube.

        Sarkozy, Valls, SOS Racism and LICRA know that they are GUILTY of GENOCIDE.

        To those supporting those groups and individuals:
        People are recording what is being written and said. This evidence is being used to inform others. When the political situation is ready, this evidence will be used to properly enforce the law on genocide.

        The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 1948, defines genocide as ‘any of a number of acts committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; DELIBERATELY INFLICTING ON THE GROUP CONDITIONS OF LIFE calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.’

        Beware of supporting the policies of Sarkozy, Valls, and others supporting genocide.

        One day it may be YOU who finds yourself on trial……

    • If, let’s say, Barack Obama came on stage and said the same thing in the US, you might have some core followers of him swoon and kiss his multi-racial feet. But you would have the vast majority of the country (blacks AND whites) be appalled. Most whites don’t want to mix. Most blacks don’t want to mix. It’s a natural instinct.

      • Sarkozy has a Jewish mother and a Jewish father. Pretended to be Chistian but the day he was elected I saw a documentary with his father wearing kippa.

  35. It is so wrong and backward, the real criminals who are bringing genocide to the native French are not only backed by the legal system and the state, but are forcing the native French who speak against this to pay fines towards their own demise, and maybe go to prison. Leaves a sick feeling in the stomach.
    Your blog is so valuable, I hope you can keep going. I also hope your verdict is good next month.

  36. Yes Varg, he described the racket & the process perfectly. France is a strategic piece to be destroyed.

  37. “Organisation he represents is working to completely race mix the French population, something they aim to have achieved in 50 years”.
    Varg did he really said that or you misunderstood something?

    • Well, I asked a few others who were there about that myself, because I could not believe my own ears, but they too heard the same, so…

        • Ha ha.

          Apparently they say this every time they are in court (and they often are), to get money from some “racist”, so people are used to hearing it here in France.

          You should not be too surprised either. It’s basically the same as what Barbara Specter/PAIDEA is saying/works for in the first video I linked to in the post (only they talk about all of Europe).

          • I watched that video long ago and im dont saying that you speak lies or something similar im just shocked.

      • It’s shocking to me that they have come to the point where they publicly announce their plans, and that people passively accept it. I guess it’s a matter of desensitization to these people who have it constantly bashed into their heads.

        Then people act blindly towards it as if “that’s just the way things are done.” attitude. It reminds me of the five monkeys experiment.

        • This is what irritates me the most when ordinary people just accept it with a shrug and say “can’t do anything about it,” and do absolutely nothing to prevent the destruction of their future descendants.

        • The monkeys wouldn’t have a problem getting the bananas if they just knocked over the ladder. It seems to be a matter of adding at least one smart monkey that knows how to work around the brainwashed crowd to achieve the desired result. Compare it to racialists of low and high intelligence: the low-intelligence ones will run around screaming slurs at people and will eventually largely be ignored once everyone is desensitized to their behavior, but the high-intelligence ones will actually do research and educate people to achieve something productive.

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