The Siege of Courtroom # 17

French. MagyarSerbian.

As some of you know, yesterday I was in a court of law in Paris, and was under attack from the prosecutor, the lawyer of LICRA (“International League against Racism and Antisemitism”) and the lawyer of SOS Racism in France, who all referred to different print-screens, attributed to me and my blog. My lawyer informed them about the fact that a print screen is not sufficient evidence in a court of law.

The Thulean Perspective blog is a standard free blog from WordPress, that anybody can dublicate in a few minutes (using the same standard blog, with the same setup, and by copying and using the images used in my blog), and then by using cut and paste replace their own address with that of my website – and then make a print screen of it. It is thus very easy to make false articles seemingly written by me on my blog.

Which one is real? You tell me… (look at the website addresses). 

Fabricated Evidence 4Fabricated Evidence 3

My lawyer then moved on to prove beyond all doubt that there are many out there who wish me no good, so to speak, and that there are hundreds of individuals who claim to be Varg Vikernes and several of websites who claim to be official Varg Vikernes-websites, and who produce material in my name – most often material that I don’t agree with.

I can not take action against them though, because I have unfortunately legally changed my name to Louis Cachet, and thus I have no papers confirming that I am Varg Vikernes.

If the evidence used against me yesterday proves to be enough for a conviction, something it by the way has of course not been in any previous cases here in France, then it opens up for a world very different from the one we live in today, and a world very far removed from justice: a world where anybody can just pretend to be anybody else, write something in their name, publish it and have the person they pretended to be pay for it – legally, socially or in other ways.


I wish to thank my lawyer, Julien Freyssinet, who did a very good job pointing at the facts, when the opposition spent all their time focusing on emotions, thoughts, theories, wishful thinking and false evidence.

Also, I wish to thank the several good men who helped me out in Paris, before and after the trial, and who courageously spend so much of their time fighting for Justice and Truth – in a system that seems to be losing more and more of both. I will not name any of you this time, because some of you got in trouble after the last time you helped me out. You know who you are, and so do I. Thank you very much!

Further, I wish to thank the Gendarmerie in the court building in Paris, who kindly helped me avoid the harassment of the journalists and photographers who refused to stop taking pictures and who followed us wherever we went, even after I had talked to those of them who were not only there to produce lies and slander.

Finally, but not least, I wish to thank all those who came to show their support, for whatever reason.

77 thoughts on “The Siege of Courtroom # 17

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  5. About using “Varg Vikernes” and being the legal owner of the name.
    You need to ask a judge for a “Certificat de notoriété” which will allow you to be the legal owner of the name varg vikernes, take legal actions against people who falsely use your name and create trouble for you and your family and even be able to open bank accounts and do whatever you want using your “stage name”.
    All you need to do it to prove you’ve been known Under that name for 10 years, since you legally used this name for a certain period of time it won’t be a problem. I am no lawyer but I am very familiar with these legal tricks as I own a lot of copyrights and actually make money out of it, feel free to e-mail me should you have any questions or request advices !
    Sending support and positive thoughts toward you and your family !!!!

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  7. I can not take action against them though, because I have unfortunately legally changed my name to Louis Cachet, and thus I have no papers confirming that I am Varg Vikernes.

    It sounds like your name has taken a life of its own.

  8. Surely you can also claim to be ‘one of the pretenders’. If you are no longer ‘Varg Vikernes’ according to their legal system, then how can they prosecute you, Louis Cachet, as ‘Varg Vikernes’? Does that make sense? You can investigate this concpet further by researching “legal fiction” or “legal strawman”.

  9. list of the president of SOS racism

    – first one harlem desir, now french minister for european affair (socialist party)

    – second one julien dray, former member of the french parlement (departement of essone) for the socialist party

    – third one , fodé sylla, member of the communist party

    -fourth one , malek boutih , new member of the french parlement for the departement of essone and for the party socialist (of course)

    -fifth one, dominique sopo, member of the socialist party , try to get a job in the gouvernment

    -new one, cindy leoni , member of the FIDL, a student “association” notoriously linked to….the socialist party .

    no secret, it’s just a rat trap for varg ;(

    • That man Harlem Desir has piqued an interest in a few circles I have been in who are interested in the topic of genetics. When someone with European DNA and African DNA mixes the African traits are near always dominant. Mr. Desir shows few African traits(in comparison) providing an interesting insight into the genetic dominance of his other ethnic group.

      He looks almost exactly like my old pediatrician actually, minus the darker skin tone, and that man had no recent African.. or European DNA in him.

      Just some food for thought to anyone who relies too heavily on one’s skin color to distinguish them, in most liberal’s minds skin color = genetics/race. An ignorant and unscientific approach to the subject if I’ve ever seen one.

    • Yes, but perhaps this is an action not just for Varg…but to sort of lay out some “groundwork” for future litigations. Especially for people with notions like Varg’s. There are a lot of ways this case can be looked at. Many elements point to attacking Varg for his political beliefs. However, I also believe(and this is just an opinion) that there may be some “larger” things at play here. Recently, in France there has been some uprisings against what the above said people represent. There is almost always a bigger plan at hand especially when it comes to a “power agenda”. Bringing the court of law into the picture also may give them ground to “test” some of what they may be trying to enact. Generally when a country becomes ruptured politically and culturally it is not the act of a few players. They are carefully laid out plans(granted the people are half-way intelligent) that go in stages according to some pre-meditated actions. Its a sort of cause and effect game. Don’t want to sound too conspiracy theorist here(then again don’t care because skepticism is a good thing) but I think some bigger scheme is at hand. Something tells me this is not the last of it. I believe it is a naïve thought to think people come to the court of law not knowing what they are about to do (especially if there are big “power players” involved). Something is still amiss in my opinion. Who knows what and on what scale and what the next “chess move” will be.

      • Aye, a tactic they like to employ involves allowing their opposition to build up a tower before kicking it down. Usually they do so by removing people they see as a foundation of said tower.

        I wonder though if they don’t project their own mindset onto our own fight. They thrive in the dark, and cower when the light is shined on them. Perhaps they think everyone who would be deemed ‘a rebel’ would do the same. Unfortunately many of our people are fearful much like the enemy so such scare tactics do in fact bring them down.

        • I’ve been reading the “Anglo-Saxon Chronicles” and there is certainly a different code of ethics, and honour, but of course cowardice still exists. If the king died in battle you were also expected to be dead, or victorious. To return alive if the king was dead only brought you shame. Sure, you saved your life, but it was in vain.

          They even let the Vikings pass through a difficult water passage so they could fight them fairly and not just be slain in trying to cross the waterway. You might say it is bad that brothers were fighting each other, but at least they fought honourably.

          In this story, some did not; a coward hops on the king’s horse as soon as he is slain. Many other men think it actually the king retreating, so they follow. Not in cowardice, but loyalty. So, the coward further weakens those who remain and fight with courage. They still won, so the cowards look even worse. One coward can vastly weaken a solid force.

      • I would imagine that “they” have lists of dissenters who they monitor and are just waiting for them to do anything that they would be able to use for leverage for their grander scheme. Varg is a perfect subject for these plans and for future litigations. And what better way to instill fear into people than make an example out of a well known figure? Of course, this could (and hopefully would) backfire and people would actually start to wake up and take action. But that is only hopeful thinking.

  10. Since I am not familiar with French law, you are being prosecuted by two additional parties aside from the prosecutor itself? Is this at all legal? Can this be considered a fair trial? Or do so called “equal rights” not apply to “extremists?” Was there one prosecutor in that courtroom or three? Or are there special circumstances that are only applied in the case of trying “extremists?” I thought this was only one case? Do these two anti-racist parties have a specially granted relationship with the French government where they can circumvent French judicial law and join forces with the designated prosecutor? What have you done against these two specific parties? Don’t they need to file independent lawsuits against you?

      • Sane and the court system never belong in the same sentence. It can best be described as a “theatrical play” by all standards. A tragedy(to evoke fear). The “play” starts out with some lines that vaguely resemble the script and then the lines start being played out ad libitum(of those with the “script” in hand). Unfortunately most “plays” of this nature have no heroes. The plot becomes the spectacle and the spectacle becomes the plot.

        At best it would also be likened to an “Agôn(contest)” of sorts where the first speaker who loses is “pre-determined.” And then the “chorus”(media) comes in singing the praises of the “winner”. An act of “hubris” to make someone appear what they are not (someone or something like a political notion). Remember who writes history!

        Anagorisis in hindsight.
        Peripatea following the verdict when one starts to see the big picture.

  11. All fairness went out the window upon initiation of the whole trial. Presenting Internet information without direct proof of you producing it is legal nonsense. Let alone the whole premise… I say well done!

    Also, I found it odd that the prosecutors were unrelated third parties (LICRA & SOS Racism). Are they government agencies? Maybe this is a French legal thing? Maybe it is like here in US too, but I don’t think so.

    • Agreed. Why are these agencies able to bring these charges against you? What is their status and affiliation to government bodies? As I pointed out much earlier, in Canada when these types of charges were brought about by an independent, but also government affiliated human rights tribunal, the people in question successfully got the law they were being charged with thrown out completely. The investigation also turned away from the accused and onto the human rights tribunal.

  12. Varg, I have reason to believe that the two screenshots are ACTUALLY of this here blog itself.

    Why? Because both show the viewing-statistics at the top of them which is only viewable when a blog-administrator views his own blog.

    Therefore, you either own a clone of your own blog on some French government server which just happens to have the same viewing-statistics as your actual blog; or perhaps both screenshots are just of this here blog itself… 😉

    Both the former and latter case fail to incriminate the government and thereby arouse justified suspicion therein.

    Therefore, I suggest you do a better job next time, buddy. 😉

    • Ha ha. Damn it!

      Actually, no. My point was only the address vs front page thing, so my point was made. 🙂

      • Yea, I get your point. It is just that if anyone else noticed like me, it may—to them—devalue your argument. 🙂

        I use the same theme as you, incidentally. It is a lovely theme. 🙂

    • ?? I thought he was just doing it to prove how easily it could be done and then introduced as “evidence” in a court of law, like they did in this exact case. He obviously copied and pasted another address bar into the fabricated example, just as he said in this post. I don’t think it would be possible to replicate those same viewing statistics if it wasn’t Varg just trying to make an example. Obviously it was.

      I think we’re over-examining this..

  13. SOS racism eh? I heard of those guys here also. They defend everyone else, except europeans (blacks, jews, muslims,etc. can be the only victims of racism or it seems) that organization is antiwhite, plain and simple. NGO’s also fund all kinds of programs like this, here at least they use the catholic church charity to help the muslims in welfare, but if you’re native european there’s not help for you. This is well known. “the opposition spent all their time focusing on emotions, thoughts, theories, wishful thinking and false evidence.” is what they do, crying and victim game.
    I’m glad you and your lawyer put up a good defense against all that.
    The print-screens plan failed, lol.

  14. So, their proofs…are…print-screen? Seriously?
    I hope the judge informed them they were in a tribunal, not at the cabaret.

    However, stay strong, you’ve a great family, a lot of people (me included) supporting you (even at distance), and the Truth on your side.

  15. Anti-racists acting in a courtroom as prosecutors… just the realization of that gives me goose bumps. It makes you wonder what the next step in this process will be – anti-racists acting as special police units as well?

  16. Anyone can mofify a print-screen with a little help of photoshop and no one would notice…
    They are ridiculous.

    • Il ne sera jamais condamné à de la prison je pense. C’était le souhait du procureur, prononcé avant la plaidoirie de l’avocat de Varg, mais cette dernière m’a semblé d’une clarté absolue: ils n’ont strictement rien contre Varg Vikernes. Si les juges veulent l’inculper, il faudra démontrer clairement que c’est bien Varg Vikernes qui a écrit les propos qu’on lui reproche, ce qui est impossible à mon sens.

      • moi je pense qu’hélas varg risque de passer en prison pour 2 à 3 mois ne serait ce que pour sauver la “crédibilité” de valls (nouveau premier ministre) qui a lancé tout ce ramdam ridicule et scandaleux pour se faire mousser. Varg est une cilbe parfaite, il ne laissera pas passer l’occasion.

        espérons que je me trompe!!

    • Merci beaucoup marie je chercher un bref résumer et comme je me mefie de toute source que je ne suis pas sur !!
      avec vous je suis sur que ces un bon lien !!

  17. HI,I was there, Varg, In fact they want some money those empty assocs subsidized by the same, 5000 euro minimum said the f.. prosécutor

  18. If there case is that poor I have to wonder if a counter-claim might be in order. 😉 Time to go on the offensive?

    • It appears that the whole processes against him that lack a solid fundament (as turned out in the earlier processes and according to the available information appears true for this process as well) are meant to exhaust his time and money as well as make his life as difficult as possible (closed bank accounts, harrassment of journalists, interference in family life etc…), so that he just won’t have the opportunity for such juristic steps and to discourage him from continuing his blog. While the latter didn’t seem to work, the first might unfortunately.

  19. It was a honor and I hope to see you next time in a quieter context, to have a nice talk ;-). We came to support you as person, for a question of justice (of course we love your music and culture…but we wheren’t there to make fans’ stuff).

    Take care!
    Naali (from Switzerland)

  20. Congratulations to you, Varg! This is a happy message for you, but also for your fans, for all blog-followers, it is good news for justice and privacy, for freedom of speech and independent thinking, good news for the battle against political correctness and good news for supporting true pluralism – true pluralism as a contrast to the contemporary tendency of ideologically motivated “Einheitsbrei” (uniform-mixture), which finally could lead to the extinction of practical common sense, authenticity, honour and personally acquired dignity. So, it is good news for Ôðalists and it could also be good news for all pagans worldwide. It can be regarded as good news for all people who truly regard “our” modernity as the expression of an undesirable development of man, a false development of a declining respect for deep roots and Heimatliebe, an erroneous development of a declining respect for long-term historically grown community, mentality, solidarity and trust. Thanks for being a beacon of authenticity! Enjoy this happy day together with your wife and with your children!

  21. This entire case should serve as nothing more than proving what the motives and purpose of the media are and who is behind it all. Anyone else notice in that news report showing those “excerpts” about Hitler and muslims that it conveniently avoided the address bar? Why would those two topics at all be relevant to a post entitled “Some Facts about Varg Vikernes & his Case?”

    I’m sorry for posting it again, but this video perfectly describes what is happening to Varg and how we are living in this 1984-esque world.

    The truth is right in front of your eyes.

  22. It really seems as though the point of all this was not to convict you of anything, but to make you waste time and resources fighting ridiculous accusations while they use the media to further tarnish your image in public opinion. Now we understand their filthy underhanded tactics even better than we did before..

  23. I hope you will be a free man , and that they will have to pay you for what they have done to you and your family .

    What did ‘we’ have a ‘French Revolution’ for ?
    To jail people only for guilt by association ?

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  25. Good news. Sadly the world is really a mess a long time ago. No worlds to this childish prosecutor.
    What kind of “professional” take a screenshots as a prove in a court? Probably one with bad intentions in mind.
    When population still ignorant in philosophical therms, justice concepts, low assertiveness, bad logic formulation and behind the mask of this so called “democracy” (never exist) we’ll see more and more stupid “theaters” like this on. We don’t need this systems they imposes to us, we need a very low ignorant population.
    Congratulations to your and your family…

  26. Varg, I must say, your new album arrived today via preorder: it is perhaps your most finest album as of yet! 🙂

    I am now not only the proud owner of SRAS and a signed copy of Forebears, but of all your albums, too, in CD-format! :3

    Can’t wait for my signed MyFAROG copy… 😉

    • Surely this is not the only evidence? No prosecutor would be that daft. There is more to the case probably that we are not aware of…

          • You replied to my comment with something about Varg’s trial, whereas I was discussing his music.

            So either you frequent the miscarriage thought-process of making impertinent responses, or you just happened to reply to my comment out of mistake. 🙂

            • Ælfric, mate… I believe it is neither. Simply, I started in the thread earlier on (when there were only about 2 comments). The comments then expanded and yours landed in the wrong spot. Or something along those lines…anyhow we can all make impertinent responses at time haha 🙂

      • I guess, due to the actual political system, for Varg it might still be necessary to avoid finding himself in a position, where the prosecution can find other mean to convict him. It seems, certain powers need scapegoats as a reason for their existence.

  27. So, if you are Louis Cachet, and there are no any documents proving you are Varg Vikernes, then why whould be all those clone blogs(with domains in US) be of Louis Cachet if there is written Varg Vikernes, and why would anything written on american blogs with the name of “Varg Vikernes” to be a reason to charge a french citizen whose name is actually Louis Cachet? And to demand from him for this? And this to serve as reason for prison sentence?

    The prosecutors logics are just simply brilliant.

  28. Varg
    Are you out of legal jeopardy? Are you free to live your life as you please? I could not find any news on the internet about your case. I think the powers that be censore the internet.

  29. Funny enough Kevin(Sommers) and I were just discussing this yesterday. There are ways to save information to prove when and where a certain page was accessed. Computers have a way of “storing” information in the “recesses” of the system. Just like on the internet “cookies” leave a trail of where you’ve been. Someone with large knowledge in this field can have a great amount of power. On a simpler level, as you say…anyone could make a “pretend page” and presto they “begin” to mount the evidence for the case. However, there are many elements together that would have to substantiate any sort of claims as to who actually was writing pages. If someone has great knowledge in computers, more power to them in this situation. However, funny things happen in the courtroom. We have seen that in other cases where people have time and time again been punished without even a shred of probable evidence As you say, this would be a large red alarm if they still convict without substantiating FACTS. You are more than lucky to have a good lawyer and with good hopes(substantiated facts), all will be well. I can’t really see it in their favor to make a large wave of this as there have been a lot of “uprisings” as of late and it may bring more light to the cause which is precisely what they don’t want. This is probably a scare tactic used to try to deter you from speaking about a plethora of things on the site under the “guise” of “crimes against humanity” and all the other nonsense they claim. It is a “warning” to those of us who are “less known” of what can happen. Still, it also shows they are watching your every move and waiting for you to make the wrong one…which is something to take into serious consideration. Also, I’m sure some Politian somewhere has some ulterior motives for some of this. No question, there. We still strongly stand behind you Varg!

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