Some Facts about Varg Vikernes & his Case

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These facts about Vikernes and his case are published here to counter the lies of the many media institutions.

-Born in Bergen 1973 as Kristian Vikernes. Is not baptized.

-Changed name officially to Varg Vikernes in March 1993.

-Has never had either of the middle names Larsson, Larssøn, Kvisling or Quisling as claimed by many media institutions.

-Is not a “self-declared Neo-Nazi” as claimed by many media institutions. Vikernes is an Óðalist

-Stopped playing so-called ‘black metal’ in early 1993. Has recorded three bardic metal albums since then, but is no longer even a metal musician. Vikernes plays electronic music

-Convicted in 1994 for first degree murder, but claims himself that he killed in self defence (in August 1993), and explained himself in complete accordance with all technical evidence. Aarseth was killed because he panicked and attacked Vikernes when Vikernes approached him to tell him to stay away from him. According to many witnesses, Øystein Aarseth had plans to knock out Varg Vikernes with a stun gun, tie him up, put him in the trunk of a car, drive him into the forest, tie him to a tree and torture him to death, whilst filming it. Vikernes knew about these plans as Aarseth told about them on the phone to a friend of his, who let Vikernes listen to it all. The ‘Norwegian’ court (and the media…) still claimed that “Varg Vikernes had no clear or understandable motive for killing Øystein Aarseth”. All of Aarseth’s friends of course knew better, as proven by this letter (from Anders Odden). 

-Øystein Aarseth was not a “band collegue” of Vikernes, but an acquaintance and a business associate: Aarseth owned the label that released the first album of Vikernes’ band, Burzum. The relation Vikernes had with Aarseth’s band, Mayhem, was that he helped as a studio musician in 1992 by recording the bass track on one of their albums, and was for a brief period a member of the band. Vikernes had not been a member of that band for more than half a year when Aarseth was killed.

-Convicted in 1994 for having set fire to 4 churches, solely because one single witness for each case (and 2 in one of the cases) gave false testimony against him in court. The witnesses were ‘big surprise’ all friends of Øystein Aarseth, some of them outspoken enemies of Vikernes, and they were also the ones who actually set fire to these churches (they too were convicted for this, but were given more leninent treatment because of their false testimonies against Vikernes). One of these witnesses (Bård G. Eithun) admitted in 1998, under oath in a court of law, that he had given false testimony against Varg Vikernes, and that he had done so because the Norwegian police had asked him to do so (“to get back at Vikernes for killing Aarseth” and to get a more lenient treatment himself, when going to court for his own crimes).

-Varg Vikernes was also found not guilty of having set fire to Fantoft stave church. I stress this, because there seems to be a general understanding that Vikernes set fire to the Fantoft stave church.

-Was in 1994 defended by a lawyer who according to medical examinations was 100% unfit for work during the whole process. Vikernes was given no opportunity to test his guilt again, in a court of law. He was not allowed to appeal to a higher court, save in relation to the length of the sentence.

-Vikernes stated clearly in all contexts where he was allowed to express himself that he was a nationalist and an Odinist (his preferred term for Pagan at the time), but was consequently presented as a “devil worshiper” or a “satanist” by the media. Not one single media institution in Norway diverged from this practice until 1995, when Dagbladet finally admitted that Vikernes was not a Satanist.

-Went through meticulous psychiatric examinations in 2002, concluding that Vikernes is not a psychopath and has no indications of psychopathy (“personality disorders”) or any other mental illnesses or deficiencies either.

-Was in 2003 convicted to 14 months in prison, after having not returned from a leave, for having hi-jacked a car during an escape from armed men in the Norwegian mountains. The Norwegian police claimed never to have been there, and the judge wrote in the verdict that Vikernes had encountered hunters with ski-masks, automatic rifles and German shepherd dogs, who blocked the only escape route Vikernes had from his cabin by parking a huge SUV sideways in the middle of the road. The SUV was by chance (according to Norwegian former FSK soldiers Vikernes has spoken to) identical to the one(s) used by FSK, the Norwegian Special Forces, a military unit with police authority (…). Vikernes drove his hijacked car to Oslo, in order to give himself up to the police in a place where there would be many witnesses (…). Vikernes claims to have escaped in the mountains only because he by chance spotted the armed men before they spotted him. Vikernes was himself unarmed. Odd Einar Dørum was minister of justice in Norway at the time (please Google translate the Norwegian entry: the English entry is very deficient).

-In 2002 the Norwegian government changed the law stating that prisoners with a 21 year sentence should serve only 12 years in prison to a law that stated that prisoners with a 21 year sentence should instead serve 14 years (2/3 of the full sentence). This law was in relation to Vikernes (but not in relation to several other prisoners…) made retroactive, in violation of both the Norwegian constitution and international law. When Vikernes had served 14 years the department of justice turned down his applications for a release on parole on grounds that Vikernes now had served for so long that he needed to be ‘better prepared for a life in freedom’, and that they had not been given the time to do so yet (…). So Vikernes had to serve another 2 years before he was finally released after just under 16 years in prison.

-The wardens in all the prisons Vikernes served in (when this question was discussed) and even the Norwegian secret police wanted Vikernes to be released after 12 years in prison, but politicians in Oslo still turned all his applications for a release on parole down, until the media (VG and Dagbladet) put so much pressure on them that they finally released him. According to the lawyer John Christian Elden, Vikernes was released after heated debate in Oslo, and with only one single vote tipping the scale in his favour.

-In 2008 Vikernes officially changed his name to Louis Cachet: Louis after a great uncle and Cachet being the surname of his wife. He did with help of the Norwegian secret police, who advised him to do so, and also because the name “Varg Vikernes” was very impractical in Norway at the time. Vikernes experienced that solely because of the name “Varg Vikernes” he was e. g. not allowed to order plane tickets, rent cars, order train tickets, rent a room in a hotel, open up a bank account, etc., either because the person taking to him though he was joking or more often because ‘good citizens’ didn’t want life to be easy for a person falsely declared by the media to be a “self-declared Neo-Nazi”. Vikernes still uses the name Varg Vikernes in everyday life, and only uses the name Louis Cachet when he has to (i. e. for signing things, legal documents etc.).

-Had in 2010 according to the Norwegian secret police more than 350 impersonators, pretending to be Vikernes, on Facebook alone.

-Moved in 2010 to Bretagne, later the same year to Auvergne and in 2012 to Corrèze – all in France.

-Arrested in 2013 by DCRI accused of “terrorism or conspiring to commit acts of terrorism”. False evidence was produced and presented to a judge to make him sign papers giving DCRI the right to arrest Vikernes and his wife in the most gentle way possible. No information about any children in the house was given to the judge. Nor was any information given to the judge about the fact that Vikernes’ wife was pregnant at the time. DCRI shot their front door open and smashed the window and did not even identify themselves as policemen until after they had entered their home. The evidence used as an excuse to arrest Vikernes and his wife was an e-mail address claimed by an anonymous source to be Vikernes’. Apparently a copy of Mr. Breivik’s manifest had been sent to this address (as if that would be a good reason to arrest even the rightful owner of the e-mail address).

The front door after DCRI had been there:

IMG_8147 IMG_8145 IMG_8143 IMG_8141

-DCRI already knew that the e-mail address used as an excuse to arrest Vikernes and his wife was not his (they have means to find such things out, fast and easily), so they were satisfied with an investigation into the matter consisting of a single question to Vikernes/his wife: “Is this your/Vikernes’ e-mail address”. Vikernes and his wife replied: “No”, and that was it (…).

-All charges for terrorism were dropped, and Vikernes and his wife were released from custody after three and two days respectively. The names of Vikernes and his wife were cleared by the police (but certainly not by the media). The police found that Vikernes and his wife had done nothing illegal whatsoever.


-Vikernes’ wife had purchased and owned 4 hunting weapons (a .22 LR bolt-action rifle, a .22 LR lever-action rifle, one 12 Gauge side-by-side shotgun and a .223 Remington bolt-action rifle). These weapons were bought legally over a time period of several months, and not all at once or in a very short time, as claimed by most media institutions. The firearms were purchased by Vikernes’ wife, because she was in a rifle club and wanted a hunting licence to be able to hunt medium and small game later on, something she believed was important in relation to survivalism.

-Mr. Manuel Valls was at the time the head of the department responsible for the arrest.

-In 2013 politicians (and not at all the [secret] police…) tried to have Vikernes expelled from France, on grounds that he was a risk to national security. Three different judges in Brive declared that there was no reason whatsoever to expel Vikernes.

-Vikernes and his wife work in France, and pays taxes normally like others working and living in France do.

-In 2013 Vikernes had to go to court in Paris accused of “racism, Antisemitism and apology of war crimes and crimes against humanity”, but his defense lawyer was not allowed to see the ‘evidence’, made up of 900 pages of mainly print-screens, until a few days before the trial, so it was postponed until the 3rd of June 2014….

And that’s where we are now…

Banderole Procès Vikernes Mensonge d'Etat

125 thoughts on “Some Facts about Varg Vikernes & his Case

  1. I hate that this happened to you and your family. It is a sick world we are living any more and the minds and hearts of men are continually evil. I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything turns out alright and they stop hassling you. No government should be able to do this. Best wishes.

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  6. not only is it a very serious crime to publicly link someone to the child-massmurdere Breivik. It is also a crime against the victims themselves and their relatives and friends left behind. The way I see it, the people behind these accusations have misused the tragedy at Utøya as a tool for their own agenda.

  7. Does anyone else notice that all of the “anti-racists” (read anti-whites) are ugly beyond description?

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  9. I have also read what Mr Varg Vikernes has written on this blog, and it is obvious that the charges against him are false.

    In contrast, let all be aware that then-president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, called for the genocide of French children. Here is the evidence where Sarkozy calls for the GENOCIDE of French children:

    People are recording what is being written and said. This evidence is being used to inform others. When the political situation is ready, this evidence will be used to properly enforce the law on genocide.

    The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 1948, defines genocide as ‘any of a number of acts committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; DELIBERATELY INFLICTING ON THE GROUP CONDITIONS OF LIFE calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.’

    To journalists and others spreading lies: Beware of supporting the policies of Sarkozy, Valls, and others supporting genocide. One day you may also find yourself on trial.

  10. I am astonished at how many times Varg has repeatedly had to write articles and give interviews like these saying the exact same thing that he has said before and yet they will still accuse him of so many falsehoods and absurd claims. All of these can easily be refuted just by simply Google searching his name. He has persistently stated that he has had no contact whatsoever with the Zionist Breivik yet they will still link him to his name because of an email that was sent to an imposter. By this logic, I would be liable to a prison sentence because my neighbor ordered the Communist Manifesto from an online retailer. Is it really that difficult to see through all of the lies and illusions? He has written article after article professing his pagan worldview and morality on both this blog and the website. Does google not allow access to either of these sources? The truth is right in front of you! Anybody remember this video?

    Very frustrating… This situation could happen to any of us.

    • The ongoing insinuation of this connection with Breivik is actually even more absurd than that. Even if that mail address was Vargs and Breivik had somehow managed to find it, Varg would be in absolutely no control whatsoever of what people would send to it. I get a flier from Jehovas witnesses once in the while too and I certainly haven’t asked for those either, but I get them anyway.

      Besides that, if I had had that manifesto send to me I would likely have read it. Not because I would look for something to identify with, but because I would like to know what goes on in that filthy head that could make him justify murdering all those children. A lot of those very same journalists went out of their way to get a copy too. Maybe we should put them on trial since they have actively sought out Nazi propaganda 😉

      It’s absurd if you look at it from that perspective isn’t it 🙂

      • That prosecuter obviously hasen’t done his job when he link Varg Vikernes and Breivik . After 22 july 2011 I was interesting in what so called “right wings” thought about the attack and I was glad when Varg Vikernes on his blog definite was against Breivik . That a prosecuter in a trial hasen’t read that when I as an “amateur” got it it’s surprisingly .

    • I don’t understand why they call Varg ”EXTREMIST”, the man just tries to defend/ save his culture, everyone should see Varg as an example of person to follow.

        • Sad… I hope that some day these people become aware that they were wrong in judging him and start to see him as an example. It’s what every sane mind should do.

      • They love to use big scary words such as those and then along with ‘neo-nazi’ to make sure that nobody pays attention to Varg’s message. I’ve seen this one countless of times also: ‘convicted murderer’ like they can’t move on and instead point to the facts Varg gave here and in the Burzum site, they don’t want to point out true facts because it would hurt their plans.It’s a dirty and dishonest old tactic they use.

    • The things supposedly said on blog are nothing compared to what you would hear the crowds chanting on the football terraces.

    • Encore de grosses approximations dans ce reportage … Cependant ils ont pris soin d’écarter l’accusation de terrorisme ce qui est déjà une bonne chose. Bon courage à vous pour la suite : )

  11. All I can say about this entire trial is that it is the most shameless piece of hypocrisy that I have ever seen in my entire life. And the saddest part is that this is all over just one man speaking his mind. Those in control will silence you the second you don’t agree with them or if you speak out against them.

    • Unfortunately this is the current society we live in, if one speaks the truth the majority turns against because they are already familiarized with the lies, the truth is torture for most people.

  12. I guess I can say that it has gone quite well. The sentence is not yet given, but the prosecutor has requested six months suspended prison sentence and € 5,000. Deliberation: 8th july.

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      • Yes , maybe , but I haven’t read Varg Vikernes saying this about islam that the court is claiming him for. What I have understood of Varg’s writing is that he sees christianity as the big enemy of Europe !

        • No, Varg being and raised norweigan, I have a hard time imagining he actually believes christianity to pose a serious threat. He is simply condemning christianity on theological and historical basis, and the impact it has had on european civilisation etc.

          I haven’t gotten the impression that he differs between islam versus christianity on any doctrinal base either.

          Pehaps he simply sees some potential ‘juice’ in islam & the arab world? Considering they have yet to be brainwashed into zionist lackeys like the international churchian.

          • I think he aknowledges that the muslim world was responsible for the preservation of many pagan texts that we wouldnt have without them because the christians destroyed them. They are an expansionist abrahamitic religion, but at least they put pagan knowledge to their own use instead of destroying it.

            It lacks the christian “accept that youre a filthy worthless sinner capable of only evil” mantra, the refusal of anything worldly (especially enjoyment and curiosity), designed to break the european mind and spirit.

            • It comes down to his “fix the roof, mop the floor” metaphor. Christianity being multifaceted in it’s destruction of European culture is the main offender. Islam and Muslim immigration being a secondary problem easily dealt with after the primary problem has been properly acknowledged.

        • We’ll just have to wait for Varg… Untill then — only speculation… 🙂

          Hope he’s doing well :/

      • Exactly! As far as I remember what was said here before: both Christianity and Islam stem from the same Abrahamic root, and were introduced by “those of the root'” itself, for them to benefit from the resulting wars. What was added is that thus Europeans fought out wars which “those of the root” found crucial to be fought, wars with Islam included. There is no choosing which of these “religions” is better as it comes down to the question: “would you rather lose one eye or be half blind?”

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  15. Sort of an update to those that aren’t in court or can find a live thread in a language they understand.

    I’m reading about it from a Norwegian news source, so bear in mind that it could be heavily biased what I get to read of what actually goes on. But a little is better than nothing.

    What worries me about the case so far, is that I’ve been unable to cross reference any of the “evidence” with what I have read here or on I have a pretty good memory and so has google if mine fails, so I’m leaning very much towards fabrication of evidence. Varg confirms none of these wittings are his.

    Other than that, things that have been brought up are family relations, the survivalist way of life, income, black metal etc.

    I know it’s not much of an update, but I figured some of you are as concerned about this as me and wanted whatever you can get. The court is on break now, so I don’t know what comes next. If we don’t get to hear from anyone that is actually there, I’ll do my best fill you in on what I get to know.

    • Hearing has ended and judgment is set for 8. of Juli.

      I didn’t get much out of the second round to be honest, but that was also to be expected given the source. Some of the updates where 1 minute apart and others 20. A lot of things can be said in that time frame and it’s reasonable to ask if something was left out 😉

      What I got out of it though, was that it was an emotional play from the prosecutors with at least 2 “witnessed” from anti racism organizations.

      Prosecutors demand between 4-6 months of conditional prison time and a fine of 5000 Euro.

      That’s what I could make out of it all from a distance anyway..

      May I suggest a bit of crowd sourcing if this goes any further? I could spare a few hours reading up on some of the old posts and see if there’s anything that could be taken out of context. If we can rally up a good bunch to do that, we can also make sure things don’t go out of perspective. Comb every blog post Varg has ever made for things that could be twisted and we could also give advise on how to deal with it when the prosecutor wings things.

      • Lasse,

        Thank you for the update. I am a willing person to help in any way possible to archive, sift or read through information in order to get things clarified. It would be good anyway to have a “backup” of things he has written. Please keep me updated. I appreciate the time you took to update us. 🙂

        • No problem friend. We’ll likely hear about things in greater details later. I just figured that since I’m a Dane I had the option to report faster with what little knowledge I could pick up.

          The crowd sourcing thing? We should have thought of that earlier, but such is hindsight. It depends on both the ruling and how Varg and Marie fell about it. I wouldn’t blame them if they would walk away with a relatively light sentence. They have certainly been through enough as it is.

          But.. I kind of doubt the prosecutors have the same manpower to investigate as we do if we pull together. If we could deliver Vargs lawyer a comprehensive list of everything he ever said, with a warning of what the prosecutors might take out of context, his defense would be flawless. 900 pages isn’t something you easily memorize after all.

          • Yes, perhaps something that should be taken up with Varg first. In any case…I hope someone has been archiving the posts since day one. It would be a shame to “lose” that valuable information one day should anything happen. However sometimes such is life, better to live and act than to recite from passages or books, or the net for that matter.

            About the crowd sourcing, it may be a little more complicated than that. The “justice system” varies from country to country, state to state, town to town, etc. There may be certain things that cannot be provided as evidence in the court. Its kind of complicated. Most things have to be corroborated with facts such as substantiated facts that back up any “claim”. Its harder to prove you are right more often than proving that someone is wrong. Even with outlandish claims, unless you can prove otherwise, crazy things can happen in the courtroom that make absolutely no sense. Especially with someone like Varg who has been through the court system multiple times, it can add more complications. The trickiest part too is knowing if the lawyer is doing all they can to help your case, or knowing just “who” is involved in that system and what is going down. If you have a good lawyer and knowledge of who is involved in the case and just what you have to do it helps tremendously. I personally have experienced lawyers(went through 3 separate lawyers in a matter of months) who were otherwise purposely inept(because of what’s involved) and it hurts your case in the end. One misstep in the court system can cost you greatly in the future. There are a lot of things at play here we are not aware of or may never be aware of. I am certainly glad Varg “cleared up” some things with this post but as he says, he has been so “demonized” through time that negativity persists and persists. Its a pretty complicated and disappointing situation. I can relate slightly but can’t even half-way imagine the strain of dealing with the legal system constantly. If anything, at least we see things here on this site that contradict a lot of “truths” out there which is the beginning to understanding what we are dealing with.

            • That’s great to know Kevin. I don’t know enough about computers on how to save certain information that may be critical In proving when something was posted and things of that nature etc. I can always save the “hard copy” though. Any ideas Kevin?

              • Yes, I remember a conversation regarding this a time back. I am just glad more than one person has these words archived somewhere.

  16. Varg
    You have given me a whole new perspective on life. I will be thinking best wishes for you. Good luck.

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  18. Ollillo,

    I concur with what you state here. It is nature in modernity to attack that of most innocence and good nature (precisely why they attack children in the way they do as well). The leaders of today bear no resemblance to the wise ones of yesteryear. As you say, the youth have no one to look up to, enter the current trend towards nihilism or atheism. It could be likened to a sort of “purgatory” of their soul. They no not where to turn or how to go about a change once they realize the truth. It is an extremely hard battle when you feel like you are the only one around you keeping any form or morals or values on a daily basis in every environment you are faced with. It is even harder when you have your own family working against you on that because they do not understand it or find the change so drastic they rather revert to the familiar. That is one hard battle to be faced with as a youth and otherwise! You hit the nail on the head precisely about the European soul and their attack on it. This will be an example in the future of where we can or want to go with what we are presented. In a way, Varg is the predecessor to some drastic changes that must be taken or face ultimate demise of the European sense and soul. In all my years I have not come across someone speaking in the manner Varg has and with the conviction to completely stand by it no matter the outcome. This is a courage that will proven further in the future when people reflect on what has transpired and why this is happening. He has brought to the forefront the main issues plaguing the whole of society, not just Europe. This is a worldwide issue. That is truly commendable in these times! It will serve as a great example for future generations if the decay continues. Anything of truth and absolute value has a way of finding itself out of the muck and into the right hands. We are on this path together, fighting for the greater good and for ultimate justice!

  19. I hope they don’t sink you into the sea of lies. Support and good luck for you and your family.

  20. If those false witnesses were given ‘leninent treatment’ they wouldn’t end up all so well I think. 😉
    Red prosecutors tend to act according to the rule: give me a man and I’ll find him a paragraph (which you must know by now). We’ll find out how red Europe is…
    Good luck in court!

  21. Good luck, I can only hope that the justice system in France is more independent from politics than others… because your case was fabricated from the start as an exploit of petty polititians to grab some more “popularity” and votes, they failed at first, but it’s not over yet.

  22. I will not be there in the court as I was last time in October, but I expect you to come out of this unmerited lawsuit unscathed once more. Woe to the judge if this is not the case!

    Only for being a noble and decent European man Varg is so horribly attacked and demonized, accordingly it is also our pure European spirit which is directly targeted. But the only thing the criminals responsible for this will harvest, is the unbridled flame of fury which only our race possesses. May they be scorched by its invincible fire!

    You carry the torch Varg, and the impact can hardly be overestimated and will be without doubt counted among the most honorable deeds of current times. Additionally, its light has done even more then unveiling forgotten truths, since I have met my dear woman thanks to Thuleanperspective. We are together for one year now and happily living together, for which we would like to thank you.

    Your case today concerns all of us, as it deals about the fate of Europe. In spirit we will be there today, in thoughts of strength, courage and wisdom.

    • That’s true, this is a beautiful song and now the best part…if you search about the personal life of Hilmar you will be surprised, he spent many years of his life trying to save the pagan culture, Germanic/Norse paganism.

  23. Is everyone here alright, comrade-wise?

    I always read the Thulean articles, I get the emails. I just don’t always comment because I don’t want to repeat “Great article! Way to go!” 6 million times.

    The movement can get stressful, especially if you’re fighting alone. I keep in touch with my friends and comrades on a daily basis on Skype.

    So, I’ll share my contact information for those who want it. All are welcome to find me on Skype (my Skype name is sionsmang) or on Facebook (ask me for that, because it changes all the time since I frequently get deleted by the Zuckerbots hahahaha)

    Looking out for my fellow Europeans,

    “Sven” 😉

  24. Very good to have itemized your declaration of facts. Nobody can get it straight better than you. I know morning is approaching there in France, shower up, have a good cup of coffee, and face the day like you have been through all these tests of time. Know that you are loved and supported and we firmly believe in you. It has been the storm before the calm most of your life, you are a true survivor.

  25. So many odd and erratic things seem to have happened to you that are just astonishing. Alas! This is what happens to someone who has so vigorously and unrepentantly defended all that we love. It is as if you were meant to fulfill Havamal’s words.

  26. Best of luck 🙂 They’ve nothing to go on and are only going to show themselves up for what they really are.

  27. I pray for the mother that you and your family go unspoilt through this crusade they have set on you. Also hope that the children don’t get any traumas over it. Lots of love.

  28. I hate those “good citizens” types the most. I’m a little guilty of having those traits myself, but those types prove to me that good and bad are really two sides of the same coin.

  29. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Your middle name never was “Larsson”? Who comes up with this shit and why? How on earth would it ever be beneficial for someone to make people think your middle name was Larsson? Seriously, what.

    PS; Sorry if this comment was posted twice, that may have happened by accident.

  30. Our prayers and offering to the Gods are heartfelt from my family to you and yours. May the Gods smile on you tomorrow and truth and justice prevail and let you live in peace from persecution.
    Hail Odin!

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  32. Varg, do you ever intend to write a biography?
    Or at least do you think there’d be a possibility?

    I read somewhere that you had no intention to, I think it was from an interview on, but I can’t remember.

    But I ask because possibly your mind has changed.
    (I’d definitely purchase it).

  33. Hehe, Varg honestly and seriously before I was going to read about mr.Dørum i norsk i just saw his face and then suddenly there was alarm in my mind coming because my brain could see the “GOds chosen” 😉

    PS: the germans,poles,Hungarians are mostly mixed with them.

      • No, I’m saying that they’re mostly mix with Ashkenazi s in the past and now on better say “with european jews” (of course I have to buy my tongue when I say that 😉 )
        And still for a lot of pure European s is difficult to recognize the faces and they think ok if you are born in that country and talk the language then you are from that country and then easily mix with “THEM” in these cases and situations you have to have so called Menschenkenntnis.

        PS:I have met many germans maybe with pure European features BUT with an extremely Jewish (abrahamic soul)

        • Ah, OK. Yes, many are still brain-washed and those 3 countries historically did have a lot of Jews.

        • Are you saying that these nations are mixed genetically, or that they corroborate with them, or practiced their faith? If you are saying that they are mixed with them genetically, I don’t support this statement. Also, to support your statement you listed individuals of three different nations ie, UK, France, Norway, which were not the ones you originally listed.
          And yes, you should bite your tongue(but clearly did not) when you claim Poland, Germany, and Hungary to be mixed with Jews.

          • Yes I’m saying certainly that they mixed genetically especially with the germans what I saw In germany was only Jewish faces and souls and of course the most hateful and disgusting mentality of germans so to speak eklige Mentalität some of them even they accept and stated to sorry guy if you are german but i detest the new Generation of germany PUNKTUM

            • I won’t deny that Germany faces huge social problems due to their abillity to completely comply with cultural marxist initiatives. What the Germans do, they do very well, even when it comes to doing something which they shouldn’t be doing, ie practicing cultural marxism. I don’t know about the faces, because I haven’t been there, and the German part of my family moved long ago. I think that Germans are amazing people, they just need to return to their former glory, just like all Europeans do.

        • BTW, do you live in Iran? How many Persians do you think still could be counted as a type of European?

          • No i don’t live in Iran but I’m living in Greenland, and about the second questions I gotta say that still there’s a lot of European features in Iran or at least in my city in North east Iran I proved that one time to Varg but i can do it to you too because I guess I have more pictures now from the blond blue eyes people in my city.

            PS:the Iranians these days have much more European souls and attitudes in compare with a lot of “EU” countries !
            You know their union (Europäische Untergang) make them to listen and act much more like their leaders in Tel aviv and “Jerusalem” 😉

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