Panem et circenses I

French. MagyarSerbian.

A fairly objective news report  has arrived from Norway in relation to the process.

If you by any chance don’t know Norwegian you can always try Google translate.

As stated in the news report I did not want to comment, but I was allowed to read through it and point out errors, which Mr. Skjærli, the journalist, kindly removed.

PS. I am sorry for troubling you with these annoying egocentric and non-mythology related posts, but since I am under attack I use whatever legal means I have available to defend myself. Bear with me. Better times will come.

Paris, the 17th of October 2013:

Banderole Procès Vikernes Mensonge d'Etat

26 thoughts on “Panem et circenses I

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  2. Please don’t think of these types of posts as annoying or egocentric. Not only do most of us enjoy your posts on mythology, but we also support you as a person and want to show that support. We care about what’s happening to you and want to show our support in any way we can. Even if it’s just commenting on your posts.
    Support coming from Minneapolis Minnesota, USA.

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  4. My every so often comments hold little significance, I know this. However right now all I wish to say is yet again, a good luck. I’ve spread the word as much as I could of this event from all points of social interaction I have at my disposal. Especially to my friends in France. And as I said before I’d be there in full support if I weren’t stuck in Saskatchewan. I’d have purchased a plane ticket if I had the funds.

    But again, I wish the very best of luck for you. And justice. You and your family, and yes even your children have been and will forever remain shining ideals and, if I may, God-like goals in my eyes and I’m pretty certain many others.

    I’ll await the good news 🙂

    P.S. The Ways Of Yore is truly a masterpiece. Can’t wait for MYFAROG!

      • It was released on June 2nd. Which would have been yesterday in a more Western European time.

        So I ordered it right then and there.
        However a friend of mine sent me a link to it on Youtube (The Full Album) and I gave up to the temptation and listened to it once which I feel guilty for :-/

        I believe it was taken down however, which is good.

          • Ok, thanks for the explanation. I’m not criticising you, I just happen to know that every time Varg releases an album some lowlife, somewhere, ‘leaks’ it early. Clearly this has happened again, even if only a little bit early. It is a good album though – and there’s a treat for fans of old Burzum on there too 😉

  5. Egoism it is not when this is something that could happen to any of us. We all share the same roots and beliefs, the sanctity of which can never be destroyed.

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  7. Can someone who knows French explain the sign in the photo? Google is translating it as the cryptic statement, “Vikernes trial lie Condition”.

  8. We are with you Varg Vikernes !
    As a “landsmann” I am strongly with you !
    This case against you is unfair . PUNKTUM .

    I am thinking about when a man has done something wrong and gone to jail for it and finished with it he must be allowed to start a new !
    But they won’t let you because you are not political correct !

    I am thinking about this political correct murder in 1977 when a woman set on fire his husband’s bed ; and got away with it…
    The difference between this case and your case is enormous and tells us we are not all alike…

    (Hope it’s not off topic to drag up this ‘burning bed’ case from 1977 , but it came to my mind what a huge difference there is on PC murderers and other murderers)

  9. Good luck for tuesday!!! The pressure in this situation is very hard. It is given by those who disrespect the myths, spirits and the way of living, which we readers of this Blog are sympathising with. I think all similar-minded people, who derive a personal benefit from reading this blog, in spirit they will accompany their fellow to the court!

  10. Interesting, I had not seen the interview with neighbors of yours. I don’t believe your personal posts are of any nature are “egoist” you have work to do! I’m wishing the best resolution to the upcoming legal matters.

  11. We don’t care if it’s mythology or not. Our culture and its folk are also sacred to us and we’ll all support you Varg, regardless our location in the world !

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