Deceptive Images


The poisonous lies that came from Norway spread out and infected an entire sub-culture. In Norway the entire society was soaked in lies about me, but abroad only the black metal sub-culture was infected. At least initially. And all of this happened whilst I was in prison, often knowing nothing about it, always being unable to do much – if anything at all – about the little I got to know about. I was in prison anyhow, so I had other concerns. I spent 10 years on isolation, and another 6 years amongst criminals, and just trying to survive mentally was a big enough challenge. Why would I worry if some arseholes – pardon my language – pretended to be me on the outside, and said stupid things in my name? I thought people were smart enough to understand that they could not be me, and that what they said could not be true. Alas! The naivity… Alas!

The lies from Soviet Norway grew and multiplied, and they were allowed to be cultivated pretty much sans objections from me. Naturally I tried to object, when I could, but when I did I was not heard. I tried to speak up, but who would let me? The Norwegian media only wanted negative news, filth, to support their image of me as an ‘evil incarnate’. Some did let me speak, but their magazines were small and rare, and it was to little avail – and when I did try to defend myself I was ‘of course’ attacked for that too: for being an attention whore. The lies prevailed. Their fictional image of Varg Vikernes prevailed.


In 2003 I received a letter from a Russian gentleman, who wanted to help me amend this situation, by making a Burzum website that was supposed to fight the lies, by concentrating all the truths on one website. That way all the lies spread by others, about me or in my name, would be at least weakened in force. It was a start, a good start, but we were fighting against all odds. What would one website be able to do against the might of the propaganda machine of Soviet Norway, and the hordes of duped metal-heads spreading their vile lies? Some of them even did it thinking they helped me by doing so!

Now, do you think that was what I wanted to spend my time on, when I finally got out of prison, in 2009? Should I spend all my time arguing on different forums, write articles and give interviews, to expose the many lies? No. I had better things to do. Trying to argue with trolls, complete idiots with no life of their own and individuals working actively to just spread lies about you is in any case useless. It most of the time will even be counter-productive.

At times though, I still spend some time trying to correct and explain – like I do here and now. It is not in my nature to accept injustice. Hopefully a day will come when the truth is appreciated, when justice will prevail, and even though nobody will care to listen today, then perhaps better men will listen in the future: dig up old information and find the truth, under the many layers of lies.

As you can understand, I say this now because next week I will go to court in Paris, the 3rd of June, at 13:00, and I risk not only the lies of the prosecutor, ordered by certain politicians in France to present false evidence against me in order to harm me as much as possible, but also the lies of the propagandists of the mainstream media. I know that some of them are aware of the injustice I am being exposed to when I am charged with “racism, anti-Semitism and apology for war crimes and crimes against humanity”. I know that some few of them are there to tell the truth, and I hope that many – or even most – of them will do the same, but wise from harm, I have no expectations, and I wish to warn you in advance, of what might come.

The wind is turning though, the enemies of Europe are losing the battle, and more and more Europeans, even journalists and editors of mainstream media, have started to at least try to do the right thing – to stop letting small groups of ruthless anti-European gangsters dictate what and how they are going to report.

Europe has a proud history of justice, only interrupted for short periods of time every now and then, by periods of injustice – coming from the ‘head’, but never reaching all the way down to the ‘toes’. We are in one such period of injustice, it is mostly at the ‘head’ level and we are at the end of it – and we are because the injustic is so extreme and so random, it is harming Europe and Europeans so much, and it is so massive that it beomes harder and harder for ordinary Europeans not to see it – as clear and bright as the blue sky itself. The good thing then, when individuals like me are being viciously attacked by politicians who hate Europe and everything European and whose loyalty lies elsewhere (quand même!), is that it becomes so clear and so obvious that we need a change: we need to return to and embrace Justice!

Fellow Europeans, good men and women, gentlemen and ladies, journalists and editors; no matter what happens to me the 3rd of June, use it for all it is worth to disarm the enemies of Justice – the enemies of everything European.

Hail Justice! Hail Europe! 



64 thoughts on “Deceptive Images

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  5. Sir, your tribulations remind me of Socrates’s ones. In Zarathustra’s Nietzsche there are many passages from which you can gather strength to weather the storm. Good luck and stay strong.

  6. Good luck , i would like to be in court that day.. anyway ill be there in spirit like thousand of Europeans

    VArg, courage and strenght

  7. Varg,

    You have been on my mind and your upcoming court date. If there is any justice left and anyone has any integrity left within there very fiber, all these lies of false charges will be dropped!

    You have been such inspiration and not only that, i have enjoyed very much your time you have taken to email with me on subjects covering all kinds of topics from your latest vehicles, to the birth of your most recent child. I was touched you sent me a photo of the proud father and newborn baby!

    The world takes no pride in themselves and there home countries. People are spineless puppets that allow enslavement of themselves to those that want to crush the truth and the building and re-building of a better world! You on the other hand are trying to make Europe…EUROPE! It is amazing how wrong people want to make that appear to be!

    I wish you the very best and my equal best wishes and thoughts go out to Marie and all your beautiful children…i also do not forget the family dog! 😉
    I eagerly await the 3rd to come and go and hear that you are back home!


  8. I just watch this video of you in prison, and never find it so actual…It may say much about you and who you really are.

    I wish i have some money to be able to travel to the Paris… 😦

  9. The truth about you will come out to the light and the people who can actually read and research they will find out and they are doing that, though still not many because they like to be spoon feed by the media.

    That day we will be with you, and you will surely triumph over the silly claims and lies they accuse you of. Hail Forseti!

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  11. “Young was I once, and wandered aloni.

    And nought of the road I knew ;
    Rich did I feel when a comrade I found.
    For man is man’s delight.

    The lives of the brave and noble are best,

    Sorrows they seldom feed ;
    But the coward fear of all things feels,
    And not gladly the niggard gives.”

    Nothing to add. You’re post was really touching.
    I’m sure that 3rd of June you’re gonna be with your childrens and your wife, in your home, writing here the good news.
    My thoughts are with you.

  12. I really woke up to the lies after 22 july 2011.
    I was interested in what so called “right wings” thought about the Breivik terror attack . I read on the blog of Varg Vikernes that he was definite against Breivik . I was glad because I felt that Breivik was not our man . He is against Islam , great , but speak nothing against the real enemy of Europe .

    Therefore the surprise was big when I read that Varg Vikernes was arrested in France for supporting Breivik….??

    After that I became a fan of Varg Vikernes , even I was not a fan before 22 july 2011.

    So I hope this case can wake up even more people to the lies !

    • Well, we have clearly the same taste in music zuriaskatasuna … This is the European spirit !
      And of course, good luck Varg !
      It may be strange to say that, but somehow you already won a battle as you have awakened a lot of people and gave them confidence in what they believe . Our ranks are growing day by day ,we get stronger and have hope for the futur and that’s thanks to your efforts.

  13. Never lower your head in front of the enemy because that is what they want, a decent and honorable man does not have to be afraid of those who want to harm him, face them and let the truth prevail!

    HailaR WôðanaR

  14. Looking forward into the future, I see you Varg as a commonly accepted truth teller, a brave submitter of truth, as truth WILL ALWAYS prevail, truth has been written in steel, deception can only tarnish that steel temporarily, not change its reality. I may not agree with everything you speak, but I do agree with 90% of it, and I respect your confidence to push forward with the truth through a forest of smog, thorns and lies. Continue pushing European warrior, those of truth are watching over you. Hail the Strong!!!

  15. I will wish you luck, but you won’t need it. I’m in the USA and I want to pre-order Ways of Yore, is there an official way to do this?

  16. Mr. Vickernes, I know you may not want to relive the moments you’ve spent living amongst criminals, and you probably have many more purposeful things to do, but have you ever considered writing a book or documentary about your personal experience in prison?

  17. And a big thanks to yourself and this Russian gentleman for hosting that website. I first visited it in the name of wanting to understand what the musicians I listed to stood for. The seed was planted and a thought put in my mind “the schools were wrong, that ideology is not dead.” Of course at the time I had no interest in politics, not even enough so to be hostile toward these ideas despite leaning toward the left at the time. That is where most people stand today, so cynical about politics or so apathetic that they have no loyalties.

    What changed for me, many years later was my health crisis that I have talked about before. To summarize it really quick I had been done wrong by numerous doctors, was on death’s door, and was staring one in the fact who insisted that I give up on life and take a drug that would basically numb me for the rest of my life. The majority of these doctors belonged to a certain group and that brought back what I had read years prior. The seed had finally gotten some water and began to grow.

    Our job is simply to plant that seed, we can rely on our enemies as they become more tyrannical and paranoid to water it for us. And when the masses do decide enough is enough it will be like a tidal wave striking, until then we will have those of us who had personal experiences that put us onto the right path, those who were lucky enough to have a family member do it, and those who are truth seekers above all else.

    They are playing a risky game attacking you in this way. I remember a year ago we talked about how any publicity was good publicity and how when they finally did set their sites on yourself it would show that they are afraid. Well, they are afraid. They are counting on simple terror overcoming the lack of knowledge. They have finally been put on the defensive, so I say it is time we go on the offensive(and I mean this in the sense of an information war, don’t want anyone putting words into my mouth.) This means getting out there and helping out your neighbors in the name of your race, namedropping our people and sites, and bringing our debates into their circles.

    • That’s a good point about bringing our debates into their circles. I think it’s important to stress giving thought to exactly what form of the debate is best to have with your particular audience. For example, I work with foreign masculine white men(odd that I need to state that) who are still very politically correct. I tried the race issue and that went very badly. I tried the immigration issue, and that went slightly better, but still not very well. Then, out of the blue I ask them “in your countries is homosexuality rampant?” Some of them bursted out into laughter, others into shock, and they brought it up all day without me saying another word. Even the boss got a good laugh out of it. My only defense, when approached, was that “I have a limited vocabulary.” The next day the European is all of a sudden going on about gypsies and Jews. The other guys are questioning why the males in the music we listen to sound so feminine. I gather that the important element in all of this is to find the right angle, and not waver or apologize. It also helps to let things sit, to make people laugh, and to throw some witticisms in.

  18. Varg,

    For you…a battle hymn. I used to play this to mentally prepare myself for “the attack” in fencing competition. May the good knight prevail!

            • Hahahahaha!, I was thinking the same when I posted the video. Maybe they look at my profile picture and think it’s a Nazi Swastika and a British flag made by a KKK Great Wizard on L.S.D. And when they found that is a Basque flag, I think it’s gonna be clear that I’m the new John fucking Rambo of the E.T.A.
              And your jacket on that photo looks a little bit too militar; maybe you’re a crazy Locotenent of some terrorist group planning to conquerer Moldavia. And, hey, you have a moustache. That’s dangerous too. That’s a clear sign saying “I Support Vlad Tepes And Im Trying To Bring Him Back To Life In My Basement Lab” and it is obvious that you’re building a nuclear bomb to destroy Estambul.
              Yeah. I think that’s enough for them. They have a solid case. We’re screwed. I’m scared.

  19. The best hamingja to you on that day! Remember, the people around the world are with you and support you! No matter what happens we will continue the fight, each in his own country and his own way, but for the same values, for what we love, for our Europe!

    HailaR Furasitan!

  20. We are almost at the end of the darkened path of injustice. The light is getting stronger by the step and is becoming more than just a few trickling rays. One day we will step fully into it and emerge from the cave into the beautiful forest.

    The truth will prevail over all of the mendacious lies. It always will.

    Gods be with you Varg.

  21. I would like to support you and your family in Paris 3rd of June, but unfortunately i’m on the other side of the world. Good luck and thanks for everything.

    Keep strong!!!

  22. “…apology for war crimes and crimes against humanity”
    Oy vey! What does this even mean? I don’t even remember Varg talking about those subjects too often…

  23. Good luck, Varg. I’m still shocked how they can nail to nothing. It’s obvious you did nothing illegal, of course, if love to own traditions is still legal.

  24. Good luck Varg, may our ancestors straight things up for your own peace. Whatever will happen from now, I guess many of us are more prepared than we ever were without your help to keep fighting and carrying Woden’s banner.
    HailaR WargaR!

  25. Good Luck Varg !
    I don’t agree with you on everything , but I think this case against you is deeply unfair. I am from Norway and I know that Norway is ‘Soviet Norway’ . It’s not exaggerated ; it’s simply the fact . I am sorry to say it .

    • Varg,

      Many have been fighting this fight since the beginning. We may not be known by many but we still fight, its in our blood. Its all we know how to do and how we stay alive. The spirit of truth is alive and here to stay! No fight for facts is in vain…truth eventually reveals itself from underneath the heaps of muck.


      We are here to support you in any way we can. Please know you are not alone as a mother struggling to keep your European family alive!

  26. Good luck next week, Mr. Vikernes! The tide is turning in our favor, and Europeans are getting ready to bring the hammer down.

    When you guys seize power over there, keep me in mind as an eager volunteer.

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