Varg who?


From 1993 and until this very day I have had a problem with the Norwegian media and even the Norwegian educational system, who systematically, consequently and intentionally spread lies about me, to undermine me as a dissident voice. So even today the most common perception of me in Norway is that I am just some retarded lunatic, a ‘satanist’ and a ‘neo-nazi’, with serious mental problems. As late as last year they had a psychologist say in the media (Aftenposten) that I would have been given a diagnosis, had I been examined today. It is indeed interesting to see that a psychologist I have never spoken to thinks he can tell that I need a diagnosis, when psychiatrists, and not at all psychologists, are the ones who normally diagnose people (after talking to them personally). Well: apparently it is not so in Norway, and certainly not in relation to me!


We know well the tactic of giving diagnoses to dissidents, from the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, DDR and other totalitarian regimes, and this is done to undermine them and basically destroy their credibility. Yes: Norway is no different from these regimes in that context! This should not be surprising though, considering that a fair number of the politicians, journalists, reporters, lecturers and teachers in Norway were Marxists, Maoists, Enver Hoxha fans and Pol Pot-supporters in the 70ies, and many even consciously worked as agents for the Soviet Union or – more commonly – DDR. When the Cold War ended the former Warsaw Pact countries changed, but ‘Soviet Norway’ was on the winning NATO side, so it mostly remained a horribly oppressive, socialist extremist system. The one single state-controlled TV station was given controlled competition (Yes! We had one single state controlled TV station in Norway until 1991!), and the few state-controlled radio stations too, but by and large the totalitarian system remained – supported by the USA and NATO. The petroleum industry alone ensured Norway’s economic survival – and much of the ‘oil wealth’ was and still is used to create a false image of Norway abroad, and even to bribe others to talk warmly about Norway: “the best country to live in in the world”, no doubt.

Parts of the extremists in power in Norway also try to ignore me though, to pretend that I don’t exist, to erase me from the history of Norway. The official Norwegian online encyclopedia for example does its best to do just that: I am only mentioned once, and only in context with Mayhem – and of course without mentioning my real name… they just call me Kristian Vikernes. Varg Vikernes never existed, according to them… “Varg who? Never heard of him.”

A journalist who reviewed “Belus” in 2009, and was rude enough to say he liked it, had to defend having done so in several radio interviews. According to another journalist, the leaders of the mass media institutions in Norway have agreed upon not to review any more of my albums. I am not to be described in a positive way, and thus to describe me as a creative musician is a big no no. If they are to mention me, it is only to be done in a negative way: as a terrorist suspect, a ‘satanist’, a ‘neo-nazi’, a murderer, a church burner, and not least: as a person who should have been given a diagnosis…

Ah! So they do know who Varg is after all then, and they know well who I am. *Phew* I almost thought I was imagining my own existence there for a moment…


Will this never change? Will they continue to ignore me or spread lies about me in Norway? Well, I honestly believe that things will change. Even in Norway, the most totalitarian state in all of Europe, information seeps in, the truth prevails, slowly, but surely. Now, don’t get me wrong: the information itself flows freely, we have the Internet now, but the truth is struggling to get through the truth-filters that most people today, and in particular Norwegians, have been equipped with – by the educational system and the entertainment industry, by the system itself. They are taught that up is down, and down is up, so they struggle to see the truth even when it hits them in the face, so to speak, but like I said: the truth seeps in, slowly, but surely. With time they will open their eyes, and after some time of feeling only shame, for having been so easily duped, they will grow angry – and when they do they will demand a change. 


30 thoughts on “Varg who?

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  3. Varg, fra en bergenser til en annen, deilig lesning, trodde det bare var meg. Det er tøft å være den eneste som ikke følger flokken. Jeg søker ekte sannheter og har funnet tilbake til asatro. Heier på deg, STÅ PÅ Varg!!!

  4. I checked out this encyclopedia. Burzum is mentioned in ‘black metal’ category: Darkthrone, Enslaved, Immortal – those bands don’t have their own category either. So you propably made a mistake, although I don’t speak norwegian – so I’m not sure what they had written about you.
    I believe though about things you’re writing about Norway. I haven’t seen ANY review or interview with you in norwegian press.

    • No, they just do the same with the other bands as they do with me, and try to ignore us all as much as they can. They don’t like that these bands are the biggest cultural export Norway has. So, I didn’t mean that they only ignore me in this context. They ignore all of us.

  5. I can’t find the exact quote, but I remember that is was along the lines that Freud did not want to cure people. When other psychologists mentioned how they successfully cured people, he felt perplexed as that meant that they would no longer need to seek out their “service”. In my view, we should never give these tricksters the time of day. Zero consideration for their methods and practice.

    I find this to be an interesting Lao Tzu quote: “If the Great Way perishes there will morality and duty. When cleverness and knowledge arise great lies will flourish. When relatives fall out with one another there will be filial duty and love. When states are in confusion there will be faithful servants.”

    There is some positive in that. We will make our way back around.

    I never knew who you were, or about Black Metal before I watched “Until the Light Takes Us”. I only watched it out of curiosity for the Norwegian music culture as I was trying to study as many music cultures as possible. You definitely said some things that echoed in my head for years and light a fire in me. It took time to grow, but I felt it right when it happened. For the most part I was affected by what you said about not being able to know about the European pre-Christian culture because they destroyed it. This was in fact the exact problem I was having when I was trying to learn about ancient ethnic European music culture. I was more able to do this with all other cultures. Why not European culture? Still, the change was not immediate. As the slaps in the face continued(and there were many), there was your echo, and often disassociated with your image. Your echo changed the way my mind responded to these slaps. I can’t say what way you affect others, but with some good fortune and perserverance, the echo will become louder for all to hear, and will change the way they respond when they are slapped.

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  7. “This album fits for a calm moment after a few severe church-burnings and murders.” they said in a review of your album “Sôl austan, Mâni vestan” in a Finnish webstore. It has nothing to do with the album, but yet it seems they are trying to still bring up the things you have done in the past, in a negative way.

  8. Varg,

    Sometimes when we think the battle has finished, it has only begun. May strength and courage find its way to you in the most troubling of times…


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    • varg,,you are the same person..your a good father to your children like i am to my daughter..i think yo know who this is btw :)..i am responding here because i agree with you i see past the propaganda of 1993-1994..the pictures of you are you at that time that doesnt mean yuor the same person then as evolved into a better musician, a cool father..i repsect you more than most to be changed history for black metal..your a true inspiration and a positive rolemodel..i speak the not trying to kiss your ass btw..i just say what is real to i guess i have realist tendencies..anyways thank you for the music..and dont let the haters get to you!…hails wotan (for you) ……for me (hails hecate)…

  10. I have seen several reviews of your music on the internet by amateur music journalists (for curiosity sake, I don’t need a critic to form an opinion on something for me) …anyway everyone of these videos has sort of a disclaimer from these people trying to distance themselves in anyway from “ideologies” you are claimed to possess.

    Again it comes back to bad journalism (implying there is such a thing as a good journalist haha) As for psychologists/psychiatrists they’re just created to sell pharmaceuticals that no one needs. They tried to diagnose me with ADHD when I entered kindergarten! My father wasn’t having that though ; ) and thankfully saved me from being mentally and creatively neutered.

  11. Psychiatry is for all practical purposes meant to control the mind and to diagnose those who are deemed a threat to the state. It is used to label those who are perfectly healthy, creative and “awake”, so to speak, as being mentally defunct in some way. The diagnostic “symptoms” are completely falsified and have no legitimate scientific evidence to back them. It only serves to benefit it’s creators from the desert and to suppress any form of dissent or free thought. I myself was “classified” at a young age with having ADHD because I had no interest in my homework in grade school! Psychiatry destroys beauty and imagination. It is the most insidious form of mental manipulation since they contrived their original creation of Christianity.

  12. Psychiatry, psychology likewise, is a tool developed by Freud who was a proud member of the chosen tribe, a ruthless manipulator and, worst of all, a pervert. It is wrong on so many levels- from justifying various forms of weakness, to eliminating ”dangerous” ”misfits” from the society, to manipulating crowds into believing something which is obviously just grotesque nonsense in order to change us into intellectually and emotionally confused unthinking mass. Example- Freud got literature critics, teachers and students over entire generations actually believe that, in children’s books, every single father- son relationship, especially when such items as scissors or knives are mentioned anywhere in the plot, is symbolic of boys’ fear of being castrated by their fathers in an act of punishment for sexual desire they, i.e.the boys, naturally feel towards their own mothers. According to Freud, this is the case, both in literature and in life. In fact Freud was probably the only one who had such feelings towards his parents, as an exemplary member of his tribe, and he just loved watching European people learning this ”wisdom” and applying it in their science and their art…

    Is the Internet in Norway heavily controlled by the government? In the UK accessing some websites means having the police at your door.

    Varg, all the luck at the upcoming court hearing. Let the truth prevail.

      • True, perhaps I have put it wrong- this was not my intention. What I meant is that Freud ”developed” (not invented), or had a strong impact, on both psychology and psychiatry, by creating his theory.

        • French author Hervé Ryssen talk about it in books and video, that Freud was member of the tribe, but all his patients too, when he developed his theory. According to Ryssen it seems to have many homosexuality or incest in the community.

          • I didn’t know about the patients, but it doesn’t surprise me at all, especially the incest- Freud was obsessive about incestuous relationships.

            • According to Ryssen (I didn’t read the books he talk about), many author from the community are obsessive about incest (they speak about with ambiguity).

  13. I heard Szasz being interviewed on the semi-WNist Political Cesspool radio show a few years before his death. “I love the name of your show,” he told the hosts with obvious delight.

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