Runes in the Green Grass

French. MagyarSerbian.

First some music.

In case you didn’t know: I don’t enjoy writing. I don’t want to write. I don’t plan to write. I fact, every time I do write something, like I do now with this post for the TP blog, I plan not to write anything more, ever again, but I always fail to do so. I fail because I feel a strong need to ensure the survival of the most essential parts of our European (Pagan) culture, and to do so I have to write down what I know about this, and what others don’t seem to know, and eventually publish what I write in form of books.

Every man must die, but a tribe can live forever. I worry not about my life; my life is good and I have no complaints personally, and if I die today I die knowing that I spent my time well. But I worry about the life of my tribe, my people, my race. Our Pagan culture is the foundation on which we stand. Without it we will fall, sink into the ground – like we are doing today, and like we have done the last thousand years – and eventually disappear from the face of the earth. As part of my tribe I don’t want that to ever happen: I am alive, my survival instincts are intact, so I keep writing… to ensure that the foundation remains strong and powerful. To ensure that our glorious, thoroughly good and deeply honest tribes will be able to at one point rid itself of the foreign yoke, Judeo-Christianity, and then return to greatness, in mind, blood and spirit, and live honourable lives again, like we did in the days of yore.

The blood of our Pagan forebears is in us, so we can remember and miss that Golden Age of Europe. We can feel the longing deep within our hearts and minds. We can remember the Europe that was not committing suicide, that was not destroying itself.

And we can miss it.

And we can work to make it return.

Hail the European Deities! Hail and Joy!

51 thoughts on “Runes in the Green Grass

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  2. The boy in the Lithuanian film made me think of Varg and Marie’s boy in their film ‘Forebears’.
    Watching the flax being worked for making linen fascinated me as I have not seen that done before (by hand).
    The film also had me realize how out of touch and lazy we have become; it touches on many details V.V, brings to our attention in his blog here.
    It has helped me put some things in perspective. The blog and the Film.
    Are there any other films that could be recommended along the lines of ‘Forebears’ and ‘Lithuanian Folklore’ that depict our heritage?

  3. Even though there are dark forces behind the ethnic self hate and the cultural genocide of the Western World, a full grown white man and women are not victims. They DO have a free will of their own. No adult -no matter the brainwashing and sublime propaganda – are forced to be a whigger, live like a PC zombie, be totally apathetic to the extreme and sadistic abuse, killing, rapes, crime wave, humiliation and demographic catastrophe the multicultural and mass immigration from the non-white world has forced upon the white West.

    Every single white person might not have the same strong discipline and ability to live like Varg and his family. But no matter what. Every single white Germanic, anglosaxon, French, Celtic, roman and every white person can DO something. First of all, change from within. Understand that this vile and dangerous massimigration is killing our people and civilization. Take pride in your race and embrace it. It is the most important thing you can do.

    • Just watched it, and it is a good movie/documentary.
      Quite different by modern standarts, but that is exactly the reason it is good.

  4. The lyrics i mentioned are from John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”..
    Rights to the rights, right?

  5. Melhor reinar no inferno do que servir no céu..

    Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven

  6. The paper deals with topics of interest like the domestication hypothesis.

    African Eve: Hoax or Hypothesis?

    Abstract: The replacement hypothesis proposes that “modern humans” evolved only in sub-Saharan Africa, through a speciation event rendering them unable to breed with other hominins. They then spread throughout Africa, then to Asia, Australia and finally to Europe, replacing all other humans by exterminating or outcompeting them. In this critical analysis of the replacement hypothesis it is shown that it began as a hoax, later reinforced by false paleoanthropological claims and a series of flawed genetic propositions, yet it became almost universally accepted during the 1990s and has since dominated the discipline. The numerous shortcomings of the hypothesis are appraised from genetic, anthropological, and archaeological perspectives and it is refuted. The resulting hiatus in the history of the human genus is then filled with an outline of a comprehensive alternative theory presented recently, which not only explains the origins of “modern humans” but also numerous so far unexplained aspects of being human.

  7. Hey Varg,
    As others have previously stated, you have helped me tremendously. I used to think that I was the only one on the planet who thought and felt the way I did. Finding out that was not the case has been incredibly comforting. I first found out about you from a documentary on heavy metal by Sam Dunn entitled “Metal: A headbangers journey” I had seen in which you were described as “the most notorious metal musician of all time” of course hearing this, I had to investigate and what I found, I liked.

    Obviously I didn’t draw the conclusions the film hoped for but instead I had a lot of respect for you. I have followed your odyssey since finding out about you in 2006; your music, your arrest, your escapes, your release from prison, your moving to France, your raising your family, your “terrorism” arrest, and now your “terrorism” trials. It is refreshing to know there is someone who lives life according to uncompromising principles and can endure things which most modern people would crack under.

    Upon finding Thulean Perspective a year or two ago, I was excited that there was a place where I would be able to read what you yourself had to say about things and where I would be able to interact (albeit in a modern, technological way) with you. The more I learned about your beliefs (which are really not just ‘yours’ but those of our ancestors, our race, etc.) the more I found they were my own. I know you have a misanthropic streak as one can hardly not have considering the state of the world and you don’t like to perform like a trained monkey for people and give them what they want, but I hope you do keep writing because not only does it make a difference but it is something which you are good at.

    I am truly grateful to you for being one of the small number of people in history who have influenced the way I think and view the world (which I assure you is no small feat). I know you will prevail in your upcoming confrontation with the scum whom oppose us and I wish you and your family the best of luck/fortune for the future.

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  9. I don’t comment often on this blog, but I always read it.

    For one thing it shows us we don’t have to fall into the trap of false choices. For example communism versus capitalism. BOTH are destructive of all that is good! We reject Marx, but we also reject the rule of the banks!

    Or Christianity (or Islam) versus empty atheism. We reject both!

    Thank you Varg, for your bravery.

    I live on a farm in the Australian bush, but Europe is still in my veins, I hope to return one day to my tribe. Maybe I’ll meet you in France, Varg, when SHTF

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  11. Varg, your words rescued me from the void of darkness I was being dragged in constantly during 2013, and I will be always grateful for that, you helped me open my eyes. I hope you keep posting stuff, my salutes, from Argentina.

  12. Varg, my European brother…

    Your words have given me much thought and searching within my spirit and with that your words have opened my eyes and woke my mind from a somewhat slumber as to who and what is the real threat to this world we must live in. Your words do not go unheard. You have really helped people that are of the European bloodline find there true selves in this dark world. Please do not stop writing. Never let those that spread lies and false history ever get the best of you!

    You are a good man, you are a great warrior! One of your most powerful weapons as a warrior is your words!

    My thoughts are with you and your family on the upcoming court date!

    I am in America, but my blood is European. I am there with you in spirit!

    H A I L !

  13. I can’t wait until you publish another book, Varg. What happened to the article “Marxist Norway” ?

    • I trashed it, because it had served its purpose, and wasn’t really made to “stay”…

  14. Like the soldier who hated war…..
    There’s probably some good to this conflicting emotion. If one writes because one cannot help oneself, one only write what matters most.

  15. I know it may seem like “preaching to the choir” sometimes, but I can’t stress enough how consoling it is for me (and probably many others here) to read words which seem to be coming from my own mind – the chances to do so are few. Not to mention the fact that I’m personally very bad at explaining my own thoughts, I always just get frustrated searching for words.

    Plus it’s cool to always have this mini-tribe we have here, I wouldn’t want to see it broken up.

  16. And we thank you for your service. It is also obvious that for every hour you spend writing you spend many more studying. Though one must assume you enjoy that more so than writing.

  17. I feel like I’m in the same situation. I write posts on my Facebook page and on an Instagram page about these things (I use these “devices” because I feel and have noticed that there aren’t many, if any, pages like this on them so I introduce it). I also type/write out on paper in countless booklets and duo-tang’s for both myself and for friends/anyone interested in these things, simply because I fear for the survival of our European (pagan) culture, traditions, religion, etc. And yes I’ve printed out quite a few TP articles (under your name certainly) and I do have SRAS. In fact I keep it all physically handy for the future, for in case when “The coming darkness” comes. Also it can help as something to leave behind, a foundation point in case it’s forgotten. I can memorize these things fine, but perhaps when I’m long gone people will still be able to pick it up afterwards, even if their knowledge of it is small. Perhaps I won’t have enough time to teach and pass it on verbally to my (future) children, at least there will be the physical writings left to learn from.

  18. Beautiful music.

    Varg, you have done a great duty to our race and culture with all your writings and music over the years. I myself personally owe you much for enlightening me. More and more people are awakening everyday.

    When there are those who have no light in their life, sometimes it takes someone to point out the path. As a wise man once wrote, the one who has escaped from the cave would have a great task upon them to return to the cave and bring back more prisoners.


  19. Well said. Writing is the way, not the purpose… or we’d lost in a sea of words and no facts.
    Sig und Sal!

    • Varg,

      I’ve come to realize , personally some of the deeper things about your site(s). First, I’m obliged to say that its nice to see a “positive” post from you. It must be disheartening to be in the position you are in constantly. Often perhaps very depressing. Many times you must be consumed by the modern darkness…much more so than people might realize or begin to understand. In a different sense than most can quantify. Some of this may have been brought on by outside forces meant to silence you. But I feel that a lot of it is purposeful and coming from you. You draw that darkness inward for deep reasons. What drew me here and keeps me coming back is not the posts, its the intention. I feel it in your writing, your work. It may not
      always be eloquent, it is something you are deeply connected to and that is where the story begins for me. Too often you roll through life feeling you are in the wrong place, time and it is unexplainable. People have theories, and you have your own opinions…but none can doubt that there is something of significance here. Its often that we have icons of whom we put on pedestals benighted of their true intentions and ultimately if one can be honest within, our own. As I’ve said before things taken too literally and not literally enough. As someone who finds it very hard to express myself in modern words…I see this frustration. There are feelings(perception and meaning) that one attempts to convey which escape many. As you say…you’ve lived a good and honest life standing for what you believe in. The profundity of that none will truly see or feel. If one day your posts shall end and we cannot deny that it will inevitably happen…know that some of that profundity is felt beyond what anyone can corporeally touch. I don’t personally rely on such things as these posts or anyone’s word for that matter. Although let it be known…it brings joy to my day. What I feel is felt deep within my blood…pulsing through my being. Its been there since I can bethink. It will forever remain. Here I don’t think I am alone. These feelings are much larger than just that. Its in OUR veins, our blood…our being. Its in nature and ultimately stronger than anyone I believe realizes. Yes…these are indeed dark times. Where most are creating their own doom. All the more necessary, for it is the cycle of nature and ultimately life. In a deeper sense…I feel it will come around. Perhaps the worst is yet to come, but when fear is vanquished…This is when the true nature of living begins and ends. The chains which oppress become the circles which protect and help us see our true nature.

      May our blood be the ultimate guide to our true nature. May it find its way back to what its true meaning is.

      I saw and was silent, I saw and pondered, I listened to the speech of men.
      Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself too soon must die, but one thing never, I ween, will die, The doom on each one dead.
      It is the still and silent sea which drowns a man.
      We speak them fairest when thoughts are falsest and wile the wisest of hearts.

      -Norse Proverbs

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