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Last year individuals in the government of France, without permission from a judge, had their police shoot up our front door in the early morning (rather than just knock on the door). They did not identify themselves as policemen until after they have breached the door and entered, but thankfully I could see through the glass that they were indeed policemen. (We can only speculate on why they did it that way.) They arrested my pregnant wife and me, and left our scared children – age 2, 3 and 5 at the time – to the care of my boomer parents-in-law, who (according to the children) instead of comforting them hit the oldest one and told them all that they would not see us again.

The police arrested us without having any evidence against us, and without a judge’s permission to do so. We were not charged with anything, and the evidence they had been told by politicians to use as an excuse to arrest us was proven beyond all doubt to be absolute nonsense – and the police knew that it was even before they arrested us. In the meanwhile, the media presented us as Neo-Nazis and terrorists with links to the Zionist terrorist Anders Breivik. They did because they had been told to do so, by the same politicians who had ordered our illegal arrest in the first place.

Our home after the arrest:

IMG_8147 IMG_8145 IMG_8143 IMG_8141 IMG_8139

When we were released from custody, cleared of all suspicions, the media were told by the same politicians not to talk more about our case, and most didn’t either. So the image of us as Neo-Nazis and terror suspects remained in large parts of the French public…

Shortly after the release from custody, my wife and I got our children back, in spite of my parents-in-law, who wrote a letter to a judge and tried to take our children from us. They wanted to keep them, to spare them of the ‘evil Nazi’ influence of their parents and to send them to public school (we home-school our children, something they obviously don’t approve of). The judge naturally ruled in our favour, and our children were allowed to return home after one week away from us.

After our release the bank closed our account without any explanation, and then an online bank service closed our account, again without any explanation, and banned us forever. Then the same politicians who had ordered our arrest to start with tried to have me expelled from France, on grounds of me being “a threat to national security”. The judges, again, ruled in my favour. Finally the politicians decided to have me charged with (I am not kidding): “apology for war crimes and crimes against humanity”, “anti-Semitism” and “racism”, because of my posts here on Thulean Perspective. They held back the ‘evidence’ against me, some 900 pages of information, until a few days before the trial, so my lawyer asked for the case to be postponed, on grounds that he had not been given the opportunity to prepare my defence. The judges agreed, and postponed the case to the 3rd of June this year.

So the process continues, and I risk up to 5 years in prison, because of things I supposedly have published here on Thulean Perspective. Yes; up to 5 years in prison in France for writing on a blog…. in English, on a server in the USA.

This is the status of Europe today: the so-called ‘democracies’ are in reality dictatorships, where those in power can do whatever they want to , without consequence. Yes, on paper we could have sued the politicians responsible for our illegal arrest, but they prevent that from ever happening by continously persecuting us or having others persecute us. They are thus draining our ecomony, leaving us without the means to sue them. Having boomer parents-in-laws, who jumped on the opportunty to punish their daughter for having married me, by trying to take our children from us (probably to use them as hostages, to force my wife to divorce me), naturally didn’t help either. The trial the 3rd of June thus makes sense: they want to make sure that I will never be able to sue them. You see, I need a lawyer for my defence, and lawyers are very expensive. They don’t need a conviction to win: they ruin my ability to sue them no matter what. It’s a win-win situation for them.

So why were we arrested in the first place, when we had done nothing wrong? The answer is simple: they don’t want anybody to speak up against them and their lunatic agenda. I promote European culture, by advocating good European ideals, values, traditions and ideas, and they don’t want me to. Nor do they want any others to do so, and nobody wants to have their doors shot up, something the authorities are apparently willing to do even with pregnant wives and small children inside, and even when there is no evidence whatsoever of any criminal activity by whoever is inside… In other words: it’s psychological warfare. They scare people into silence, by terrorizing me and my family. They make people not want to promote our own Pagan culture, and thus make it easier for them to replace it.

Why do they want to replace our culture? Well; you ask them…

My friends at Scriptoblog have written a post about this case, with a link to a Facebook support account, encouraging people to show up in Paris the 3rd of June, around 13:00, to support me and my family against the terror of politicians in the government in France. I hope to see many of you there. Show individuals in the government that we don’t tolerate their behaviour, and that we are not afraid!


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  1. I wish you luck tomorrow for this maked up trial, and luck for your family (your wife and your children). Tomorrow is the day of Tyr and Forseti, may you spit upon the face of your persecutors, after justice has been served. Best regards from Germany

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  3. Somewhat delayed but better late than never: Wishing you the best of luck on the 3rd Varg, may justice prevail and here’s hoping they’ll just shoot themselves in the foot just as they have done several times already. My regards to Marie and the kids, how’s the new bundle of joy?

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  5. Serving five years in prison for views written on an internet blog appears a complete farce. The trouble is – you generate headlines, Varg. The establishment may well want this court case to have wider implications and make you an example – that’s the danger!!

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  7. I wish you the best of luck varg, i’m sure many more of us will become victims of the zog machine one day. Off topic, but something ive always wondered, what is your opinion on marijuana?

    • Not that I’m Varg (no disrespect since this is his “space”) Lord Charles, but marijuana is just another Jew-owned trick to make the masses more numbed down so that they don’t stand up and fight the BS. Take away all motivation. This is easy to see if you look at the prevalence with which it is being normalized in places like the USA. Whomever here promotes its recreational use should delve into some research about how it effects the brain and why it would be the perfect drug for people who want to manipulate others’ actions(or lack thereof). Take what I say with a grain of salt and do some research…

        • I wont lie, i love smoking weed, but still, i agree with everything said here and on similar sites about zionism, race mixing, communism, capitalism, christianity etc…i find many often mistake me for a liberal hippie type, so when i explain my views, most are usually shocked and disturbed.

  8. I wish you the best of luck varg. Off topic, but i was curious. What is your opinion on southern europeans like greeks, italians, portuguese ec… Its really tricky to classify them race wise. I figured you would know.

    • The perhaps most interesting thing is that this is a the result of a survey, and we know how difficult it is to express such opinions today, openly of course, but even in private, so perhaps many actually ‘held back’ and pretended to be less negative than they really are?…. They didn’t want to think of themselves as “that horrible”.

      Just a thought…

      • My thoughts exactly!

        If I received such a survey, to be honest, I’d feel compelled to give the PC-answers.

        • Surveys are problematic because the history of certain people’s wrongdoings is so extensive you cannot contain your thoughts into ”yes” or ”no” answers, and even if the ones who conduct the survey ask about the reasons behind your opinion they always expect straight and short answers… and my answers can be very straight but can never be short, not on this topic and not when I speak to people who have no idea……
          I would still answer honestly but I would feel awful about not being able to explain my answer fully.

          • This seems to be one of the constraints of these basic “yes or no” surveys. When they are conducted like this, incomplete conclusions are often made because as you say, there is no allowance of reasoning or opinion behind it. You are expected to express a complex thought in only a few sentences or a few words. For questions pertaining to this specific topic, it seems that the Jews will benefit from these surveys no matter the results because of the shortness of the answer. The average uninformed person will see these incomplete conclusions and no reasonings behind them and will automatically think of how bigoted or “insensitive” the surveyed group is without knowing at all their thoughts behind the subject. So in essence, brevity is a good indicator of a person’s thoughts but fails to provide a full explanation for them. The problem is, how many others will think like this though?

            • Exactly the reason I avoid surveys. What is truly astonishing though is the inability of the populum to notice that the fruit which has been spat upon for centuries must be rotten… Millions of people who have been spitting on it for such a long time and so many times cannot possibly simply have a bad taste.

    • Looks like it’s an unusually good day for the anti-German propaganda machine:

      Why is it that they keep “discovering” these alleged documents about some sort of secret plan or covert operation involving National Socialists after the war? Assuming this article to be true, why is it portrayed as so horrible for these men to want to defend their country? One would think that the media has some sort of “agenda” or some kind of suspicious motivation with their news reports 😉

    • Yes, Ollillo. That makes absolute sense with how the Jews operate. When I saw that survey I immediately smelled something “off”. The Jews do many things like this through media statistics and “studies”. Most of the populous are innumerate and so then statistics are used to exaggerate or at best completely flat out lie about most situations. There are so many variables that simply cannot be taken into account in most studies. Those variables cannot simply be ignored to get a full picture. When developing any kind of algorithm one quickly realize that things can get out of control due to the complexity of real life situations. Even studies that have occurred over the long term ignore variables for the sake of argument. The more complex the algorithm and its variables, the harder its is to solve or get “answers”. Thus, you get an incomplete study which is not reflective in any way, shape or form to reality. What I find so alarming, is how deeply rooted in the psyche and blood this innumeracy is and then how it affects the populous on the whole. While ignorance can be remedied(somewhat), I think the innumeracy is a brain deficit within the genes passed through time from environmental and sociological stimuli to adapt to things that people willingly refused to try to learn. Numbers and theory behind it take a certain frame of thinking(lots of logic). Most people as I have mentioned several times on this site are lacking in that department. Also, school facilitates the degradation of any way to cultivate logic. More importantly, like I said…its also a genetic anomaly that has become widespread. I believe our ancestors had a much greater ability to use this logic without even trying…it was deeply rooted in their genes. Perhaps this is why they favored simplicity, it made sense! This all of course is my own opinion, but something perhaps to consider regarding statistics and studies. Also important to consider, is…along the way there are of course many people who would study these weaknesses within the population(such as innumeracy) for purposes of exploitation and ONLY that purpose. Most things are not necessarily what they seem. Most statistics are used as tools to favor arguments that do not make sense or can often be overlooked by general consensus. In the end one must put blame on themselves as well in order to help this problem. Most people don’t like to look at their own problems and easily dismiss and project onto others. Its the framework of most if not all sociopaths and you know most people in places of power fall into that category.

    • Absolutely astonishing analysis, dear fellow!

      One moment whilst I go and clean up my spilt tea… 🙂

  9. Yes, i’m doing another donation next days. However, i’m thinking all of us, apart donation and physical presence at process, we could also do something, even at a local level. Legal and peaceful meeting in public area (nothing stupid or fastidious, it should be a spiritual and well done support), talking with people about this fact (and Odalism), writing article in local newspaper or your own blog/site/forum etc.

    ps: Varg, if i wrote something you don’t approve delete the comment or add your critic 😉

    • Well, I orderer the book from the link that is posted in your Burzum site (plastichead). And about the court day…that exact same day (June 3th) I have one of the final exams. I guess June is always that way for the ones who are studying something….bad luck :S I will do my best to follow the news anyway. You have all my support Varg…

  10. You have my full support, Varg. Recently I had to make leaflets with information about human rights as a school homework. I decided it’s useless and I’ve made leaflets about terrorism of French government.

    It leads to my message to you, all other readers, brothers. Don’t be a passive reader, just self-educating yourself. Spread the word. Let others know it. It may help, even one more concious, good European is worth the effort.


  11. What they are doing to you is unacceptable, inexcusable, and more recently, all too common here in the USA. The “chosen people” have such a deep rooted sympathy with the populace here it makes me ashamed to be an American.

    They have eroded the justice system from within, created barriers of propaganda and outright lies that make it a crime to question any decisions they make, lest you be branded an “anti-semite” or “nazi apologist.” They use these terms to such great affect that it is exactly as you wrote, fear-mongering. The fear campaign is two-pronged; Fear from the ruling body (them), and fear of being branded. “Anti-Semite” now carries the weight of 6 million alleged deaths, and once the curse is uttered aloud, the accused is shunned.

    Good luck Varg, my thoughts are with you and your family.

      • Sweden’s influx of muslim immigrants in the last 5 years, coupled with the government’s inability to curb the behavior (remember the 20 muslims who raped an 11 year old swedish girl in a bath house?) of these animals, I think sweden would be a poor choice.

        • I was talking about the women actually 🙂 I’ll be always thankfull for the lack of tourists and the few inmigrants present in the place where I live in south Castile, more or less far from big cities and surrounded by nature. If I have to move I’ll look for a similar place in Europe.

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  13. Hei, Varg!

    Ønsker deg og familien hell og lykke i den kommende rettsaken. Skulle ha dratt ned og støttet deg om økonomien hadde vært bedre, men jeg får være der i ånden.

    Europa trenger Menn som deg og Kvinner som din kone.

    Om Europeerne idag bare hadde skjønt at det er vi, folket, som gir slimålene og parasittene i staten “makten” de har idag.
    Hadde de bare løftet hodet opp fra “smart”-telefonene sine, tven sin og sett samfunnet for hva det faktisk er…..

    Hadde nok mennesker gjort som Ingunn Sigrudsdatter, så hadde det kanskje åpnet øynene til folk….. og kanskje ikke…

    “SKIEN: Ingunn Sigurdsdatter fra Skien har tidligere meldt seg ut av det norske samfunnet. Nå hevder hun at huset hennes i Skien ikke lenger er en del av Norge, men et suverent territorium.”

    Gammel artikkel, men så vidt jeg vet så har ingen kastet henne ut fra den selvstendige staten sin enda ;=)

    Heil og sæl.

    Nordisk hilsen,

  14. Good luck Varg. You are being driven from France. A lot of effort (money) is beng directed against you. It’s mis-use of public money on unethical activity (political faction). Somebody with something to lose/gain (incentive) must find you threatening/useful to make this effort. Maybe you are political fodder – a politician stands to benefit by your suffering. Or now seeks to avoid embarrassment by finishing the job on you. Since you are characterized as a hater, few can afford to stand in your defence or get tarred by the same brush. Perhaps you can appeal for help from political opponents of your enemies. They may stand to gain something by aiding you, if you make compromises to survive.

  15. I know that it is easy to say all of this from the other side of the ocean, safe and through the anonymity(if it even exists) of the internet…

    Although it is in a way a “win-win” for the politicians who persecute you(especially in that you don’t get to sue them), the situation also holds the potential to be a win for you, and those who support you, and what you stand for. The justice system in France has ruled in your favour on every occasion thus far, and this is very encouraging. If you win this upcoming case – in that you are cleared of all charages brought up against you – you stand to enoble what your stand for even further. Even if the mainstream media is not displaying your judicial victories along the way, many people have taken notice; not just of the court procedings, but of the character and spirit you have put forward. You have meant a great deal to many people. You have been showing us the lost heroic element that we are so lacking, and in a time when most people lack the courage to do so due to the extreme nature of our societies. I think that no matter what the outcome, your actions will resonate and echo for years to come. You have emboldened many. The poets would be fools not to sing the vestiges of your story!

    A excerpt from Epictetus’ Discourses….

    In this way an athlete also acted who was in danger of dying unless his private parts were amputated. His brother came to the athlete, who was a philosopher, and said, “Come, brother, what are you going to do? Shall we amputate this member and return to the gymnasium?” But the athlete persisted in his resolution and died. When some one asked Epictetus how he did this, as an athlete or a philosopher, “As a man,” Epictetus replied, “and a man who had been proclaimed among the athletes at the Olympic games and had contended in them, a man who had been familiar with such a place, and not merely anointed in Baton’s school. Another would have allowed even his head to be cut off, if he could have lived without it. Such is that regard to character which is so strong in those who have been accustomed to introduce it of themselves and conjoined with other things into their deliberations.”

  16. a 90’th french sketch

    hillarous when you read the text. Now for that joke you’ll get in jail for almost 10 years!!!

    translation for the end

    -“daviiiiiiid , you was awesome , more viking that you it’s impossible, super”
    -“are you sure i was credible ?”

    • It’s clear that we all came from what is called Atlantis (or Hyperborea, Thule, the name doesn’t matter). But I think Here the mythic Island is totally at the wrong place. If we read all the original texts that talk about Atlantis, nothing actually suggests that it was located there, in the Atlantic ocean.
      Don’t know if it was translated in english, but if you find it, read Jean Mabire’s “Thulé” and all Jean Haudry’s works, especially concerning his “circumpolar origin” theory. If there is an original land of all europeans, it’s near the north pole

    • I think it does more harm than good.

      The first thing I noticed is the “self portrait of a cro magnon in mammoth ivory”… I mean… come on… it is so extremely obvious that this is a primitive fake!

      Than there is the whole concept of an “invasion from outside of europe”… The same arguments are used to make us believe, that there was some “asian axe culture” that took over europe. Now this people take the same theory as an argument for some kind of “invasion from atlantis”…

      Their whole atlantis cro magnon theory ist nonsense. Ideas and websites like this make it really easy to discredit us. We do not need some mythological island anymore, because we now have a solid theory based on reality: Cro Magnons are early neanderthal sapiens hybrids!

      BTW: Do not take this as a personal insult!

      • “The same arguments are used to make us believe, that there was some “asian axe culture” that took over europe. ”
        The Indo-european invasions theory does not say that and asian people conquered Europe,but waves and waves of europeans that lived in a territory that is Now part of Asia conquered Europe over centuries,probably thousands of years,through mixing with the local population,or most likely through conquest,and imposing themselves as an elite.
        One people invading other,conquering them,and imposing themselves as a sort of elite has happened many times in European recorded history,and it could just as well have happened with the “indo-europeans”,the theory does not dictate that they invaded and exterminated the local populations,but intermingled with them.
        It is not really impossible that a Nordic purer people using axes took over most of Europe over hundred of years of invasions,just like it was possible for the Romans to invade and conquer most of western Europe,northern Africa,middle-east and south-eastern Europe,and impose their culture,just like it was possible for the British to conquer most of Africa,north america,Oceania,and India and impose their culture,just like it was possible for Germanic tribes to raid all over the roman empire bringing the roman to their knees,and impose themselves as an elite/nobility for centuries all over Europe,and the list goes on.

        • As far as I know the only indicators that something like that (indo european invasion) took place are the spread of technologies and language families, so it does not necessaricly need a foundation in genetic heritage. It could have been just… a spread of technologies and language. And the naming of people (celts, slavs, skythians…) has historically been based more on geography than heritage and never was static. So I agree with you that a big part of asia was populated by europeans. In that context I can not stretch enough how stunning the tarim mummies are. And Im not an egalitarian either.

          But that was not the central point of my post: I think the website is not reliable. I may be wrong, but I think it does more harm than good to promote the theory that the cro magnon came from atlantis (!) when there is a theory available right here that is far more legitimate and is gaining ground, even in mass media (and this was not the case just two years ago). And: I do not want to insult the writers of tis website. I just watched over it briefly and some presented facts seem to be legitimate and are definately interesting, But the general context is too far etched (you lost me at atlantis, Reichslugscheiben etc.). I need something more grounded to be convinced.

          • I would say that an article which seems to be relying on “Madame” Blavatsky as a source is probably pretty questionable. She also thought that the “teutonic race” was a “root race” which would act as the basis for the production of the 6th root race ie, in the Anglo-Sphere where the largest amount of mixing has occured. I find this to be absurd, and she is full of absurdities as the new-age movement tends to be. As I’m sure people on this blog will agree, the mixing that has occured has not produced a superior breed.

      • “Cro Magnons are early neanderthal sapiens hybrids!”
        Some semites probably have very large neanderthal admixture.

        “…high aggression against all other groups and a tendency toward fanatical monotheism in “religions” that Neanderthal-descended people invented… ”

        • This site is even more dubious!
          Yes, the chosen have a certain amount of neanderthal heritage. The ashkenazim (aka chosen who live in europe since the early middle ages) have it to a higher degree than the sephardim (aka chosen who stayed in their holy land), because their european fraction is bigger.

          If I had to name one typical character trait of the neanderthal it would be pragmatic. You can still see it in modern europeans. Just compare how vain other people are in comparison (like how fancy and jarringly coloured their clothes/haircuts etc. are, how they strive for unnecessary luxury items…). But this is very far etched.

    • I think the simple habitual preference we Europeans have for cold environments is solid proof that we are not originally from somewhere in Africa but somewhere farther north. Such a genetic feature cannot be passed on from a process of evolution I think but instead from within the blood.

    • There are some prety nice illustrations there. There’s an entry about antarctica too, interesting. I’m sure there are a lot of unsolved mysteries of the past of this planet and our history…I hope one day we will know what happened.

  17. The “Chosen People” were tolerated in Medieval Christian Europe to a greater degree than any other non-Christians. They always fail to mention that. The occasional pogrom is nothing compared to a Church sanctioned crusade, like that the Baltic Pagans had to face. Hell, they even crusaded against rival Christian sects like the Cathars.

  18. I wish you and your family good luck in this case. I don’t share all your ideas, but you are defenitely a better man than those rotten to the core parasites who oppress innocent people like you.

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    • My guess is that she is made of shadow or of thousands of tiny spiders dressed up in a suit made of human skin. She simply does not seem to be made of flesh and blood.

      • There is one book, when autor describe “The choosen ones” as a Reptilian race. 😀 It fit 100% on them

      • Ever since watching “Der ewige Juden” I have always favored the animal they were compared to in that film. She is no doubt of similar nature to such a species.

    • She is and is just one of many. Imagine all of their kin who don’t appear on the TV but wake up every single day thinking in how to screw up the half of the world. They breath hatred, they are hatred embodied.

    • Whether it is the ears, nose, lips or eyes they will always have a distinct feature that a well trained eye can catch and identify. I’ve always called this feature you speak of to be “Bug eyes.” I’ve noticed that typically a lot of Polish Jews will have this feature and is a dead give away.

  20. We are taught from childhood how to act in society. We spend a lot of time with American mainstream movies, sitcoms, TV shows that condition us like we’d be Pavlov’s dogs. That teach us how to react to certain stimuli, that it is OK to be a degenerated scum/see the hipster culture of the lefties. They fear you because you gained popularity through your music and even though there are many people that think the way you do, you also have the chance to be listened and followed by many and this way they see the risk – of us many from this side of the fence to realize we are not alone, to realize we are many, smart, devoted and to coalesce and to open the eyes of many others that will eventually group on this side of things – a stand for Europe, Europeans, traditions, honour, culture, peace, basically a non-belligerent future centred on family, what these warring neoliberals hate most. Through bullying you they want to intimidate us all and make us shut our mouths. They also expect a violent answer from us so that they could use violence against us – let’s not give them that! Words are the swords! And as you can see, it’s now only our (your) words they want to punish! Shame on them! Democracy is at risk in Europe and we’re slowly heading towards a Plutocratic regime this way (wiki: “Plutocracy, from Greek πλοῦτος, ploutos, meaning “wealth”, and κράτος, kratos, meaning “power, dominion, rule, or plutarchy, defines a society or a system ruled and dominated by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. Throughout history, political thinkers such as Winston Churchill, 19th-century French sociologist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville, 19th-century Spanish monarchist Juan Donoso Cortés and today Noam Chomsky have condemned plutocrats for ignoring their social responsibilities, using their power to serve their own purposes and thereby increasing poverty and nurturing class conflict, corrupting societies with greed and hedonism.”). Dumber, poorer, with no roots and tradition, we’ll eventually be the perfect slaves for the corporations. See how they misinform people with their tabloids and turn us one against the other.

  21. Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:
    The whole idea of ‘white nationalism’, is to buttress and support ALL of our extended Race-Culture, thinking in terms of Family and blood.

    One must always remember that what happens to ONE…happens to YOU.

    Good Fortune to you and your family.

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  23. Hee Varg,

    First of all, thanks for all youre hard work, in music, and in written tekst. Second, this is a unpleasent thing, but we all saw it coming what they did to you and youre familly. Gov doesnt like people telling them what to do, there secret judeo christian agenda just keeps on rolling. The fact that they are exstremly bugd by you, gives away that you are making a change.

    Keep on going, keep the good work up, i will allways stand behind my people.

    Cheers from Mike.

  24. Your story seeks to feed the journalists to hide the failure of the current government. Speaking of your story on TV, we’re not talking about the real problems of our country. And in addition some Ministers want to become “superheros” in the eyes of the French

  25. ” Having boomer parents-in-laws, who jumped on the opportunty to punish their daughter for having married me, by trying to take our children from us (probably to use them as hostages, to force my wife to divorce me), ”

    Varg, i said this several times in the past that me and my wife are exactly in the same situation as you are about the boomer parents-in-laws so we can say HAILAR FURASITAN:

    PS:. (Der Prozess) If you mean paa tysk then i suppose is with z .

  26. These are sad times when those who promote sexual violence and substance abuse in popular entertainment are considered normal and those who promote European culture are considered a threat, even if they are a harmless family.. Well, that’s what the God’s chosen people are good at- persecuting pregnant women.
    I can’t even begin to imagine how it felt to have your children taken away for a week.
    You have my family’s full support in these harsh times, Varg. We know that what is happening to you can happen to any of us, this is why we all must unite against those people before it is too late.

  27. Fierté et passion, Varg! I have family in France, and have told them about your cause. I’ll be thinking of you and your family this June, and hope (as well as greatly assume) things will rule in your favor. Strength in numbers.

  28. As much as everyone may be commenting and believe they understand Varg and his situation… Its not as simple as stating the obvious or that the obvious situation(the truth) will win. I know personally that no matter how much “evidence” one has in their favor, the “system” is no “system”. It bears no reason and if “someone” wants to prove a massive point, THEY WILL. Not trying to be overly pessimistic, but I have an “inkling” of what Varg is up against and believe me, its not pretty and it has nothing to do with stating the truth. Things are VERY different when they actually happen to you. Especially when family is involved. Its a complex situation with Varg. Everyone must try their best to be there! If ANYONE can make it…this is extremely important methinks. The more, the better! They need to see that people are watching and DO NOT support this HUGE invasion of privacy and thought! Once cases like this reach a certain verdict…they CAN and WILL be used as examples to further the silence of TRUTH. They can and will be used again in the court of law to prove why they CAN do this. Varg is a major figure and if they do it to him…think how easily it could happen to another “less famous” person. I’ve seen this firsthand. They will suppress these situation so that people are not aware of what power is at play. This isn’t just about the situation at hand, this is part of a MUCH larger picture!!! Please reflect deeply on this situation, everyone…I implore you.

    • Not in France. Trying to gather the funds at the moment…looks like it should happen. I had been saving the money for emergency and I can’t think of any other situation more dire than this. This is much bigger than just Varg. I truly believe if people could see this…they may have second opinions. None so blind as those that cannot see. If anything…I will fly, stay for trial and leave right away as job requires.

      Where can I find the specific details(address etc.) for when I fly into Paris? Is their any possibility any of this may be postponed; or is it a date and time set in stone? I know sometimes the lawyers can postpone things to gather time…Thanks.

  29. Varg,

    Certes, adversity (withal, even the harmless variations such as showering with or bathing in ice cold water or performing progressive calisthenics with slow negatives and positives) will strengthen you, however, it’s about time that these arschloch bureaucrats leave you and your family in peace (struggle is one matter, yes, but dealing with the same old tired shit ad nauseum?). You, as much as myself and every other true respectable Heathen/ Oþalist, must do what has to be done though. I wish that I could consider you an actual friend as you’ve been of, astronomically, greater help than even my own family. I also wish that I could be present physically on the 3rd of June to proselytise you and your family, however, I’m stranded in ‘Murica with, hardly, 0,1 USD in my pocket, so hopefully, me being with you all in “spirit” (thought) will be adequate.

    Post Scriptum: If anyone has any exhortation on how to overcome social anxiety, I would, highly, appreciate it and I thank you in advance.

  30. The more who stand up, the harder it is for the ZOGs of Europe to clamp down. Only problem is, it takes balls. We have Varg and a few others willing to draw enemy fire, but do we ourselves hah the balls to stand up and be counted?

    • I second that SerpentSlayer. I’ve been silently around this blog for awhile. Observing. Few are those that actually stand up and fight! Cant tell you how many people I’ve encountered that swear to the moon that they will stand up , but when actually presented with the situation cower away. And they know whom they are. STOP being that kind of person. Here is a REAL situation that actually has merit. Stand up and use your supposed courage!!!! You came here for a reason…stand up and defend those things!

  31. Hlíðskálf Burzum music and growling zombie Jesus…

    Jesus just became awesome. 😀

  32. Corrupt sociopathic and psychopathic “humans” with no integrity and no thought for the peoples, civilizations and the cultures they will continue to destroy. The hypocrisy and lies seems to have no end!

    Free speech in the USA (where i live) is NOT free! Yeah, someone can say what is on there mind, BUT if it is against the liberal lunatics, one will PAY for what they say! There is no such thing as free speech in the USA unless it is by those that want to and do supress us that speak the truth of reality! Peoples lives are destroyed daily in the country for our right of “free speech”!

  33. A gentlemen commented on Marie’s YouTube upload of the Forebears film some time ago purporting to be making a Pagan film…


    That is a photo of the film’s producer with a “Anti-Racist fighter”. This same “Anti-Racist” organisation is the one that the bald bloke on YouTube who talks about weaponry is affiliated with—and perhaps Skallagrim the Anti-White is affiliated with them, too!

    Therefore, let this serve as a “heads up” to ye all. 🙂

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    • Seeing as most of these people seem to be American, I think this is one good example of what happens when you create such a strongly multicultural society – all-encompassing hatred.

      • I agree Calgach. America is a melting pot of utter chaos. It will ALWAYS be that way. NOTHING will change it. It makes NO sense to try to integrate multiple cultures in one area. Not biologically, not physically, not logically. By nature, your first attempt(deepest in blood) is to survive by any means. Then, how is it that this ideology makes any sense? Put distinct peoples and culture together and we can all get along? WHAT?! ANY logical person should be able to see through this ridiculous notion. Problem is…logic is rare. Logical people even worse…

        • Segregation is the most fundamental observation that can be seen in nature with animals in their habitats and breeding. No animal has ever been observed living or mating with a member of another species. Yet, for some reason, Liberals and the enemies of Europe will still insist on VASTLY different peoples inhabiting the same lands (ones that are not even their own) and living spaces.

          Logic is a rare quality indeed. Children seem to instinctively notice this natural phenomenon. Not surprisingly, this natural instinct is immediately quelled by the school system. Is it any wonder that childhood is the most innocent time in a persons’ life?

          • Yes, and how the liberals will argue this is based on there complete and utter lack of living in reality! They will just insist animals are racist and find someway to force them all to live together. :-O To quote Forrest Gump; “Stupid is as stupid does”!

      • So from this example it is completely acceptable for blacks and Mexicans to advocate racial segregation and racial empowerment but not acceptable for Europeans to want to live in their own homelands and advocate their own culture.

        Yes, yes. Great place this American land.

          • From Wikipedia: “A shallow cylindrical glass or plastic lidded dish that biologists use to culture cell – most often bacteria – or small mosses”

            You only need to use your own imagination to replace a few of those words to describe our current situation.

            Also, that explains why the inhabitants are completely brain-dead and deprived: No air.

    • I’ve noticed this claim by the multicultural crowd that those who are capable of oppression are the ones who actually possess power. They will claim that only Europeans are oppressors while we have absolutely no power in our own countries. And yet the erroneous idea persists that Europeans are still in power when our home countries are being run by all forms of minorities, homosexuals and the occupiers from the desert. So, we are in essence, still the “oppressors” when we have no real power at all and the media, government and school systems are all within the control of a foreign usurper.

      Stupendous logic.

  35. sounds to me like the judge made all the right decisions. The loosing part has to pay the expences of the case right? So you will get the money spend on lawyers back if you win?
    There’s probably a lot more to this for you and your family than money but I’m ready to donate again if you want to take them to court. We’ll do it all again, only this time it’s “us” against them.

    As long as you keep us updated, it’s money well spent. Good luck.

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  37. My heart is always with you Varg, has been for 20 years. My family and myself have,and are, under similar pressure here in England, though not to your extent, Yet…
    We have had the ‘talking to ‘, the police visit and the threat of further action. I am not as brave, therefore I no longer blog , but my wife does very carefully.
    We pray to the Gods for you and your family. Truth will prevail.

  38. No matter how many laws, procedures, and bureaucracy that is forced upon a legal system, it means nothing unless it is run by people that actually care about the truth. Without a strong culture, it will always be abused by the worst kind of political opportunists. The French justice system appears to be rotten to the core.

  39. I just want to share with Varg and Marie my belief – a conclusion I have come to lately. There is no use in a life free of struggle. For those of us who believe in the persistence of a soul beyond the body, or of reincarnation, life in this plane is nothing more than an opportunity for the growth and development of the soul – the honour, the Hama, the Orlæg. Many of us sometimes wish for a life of ease and pleasure, but it serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things and we should, if anything, pity those who never have to fight for anything – who never have to demonstrate their strength and courage.

    Varg and Marie have been given the opportunity for great struggle, and though they may at times feel tired of it, it is a wonderful opportunity, and they are proving to the World the vitality of their being. Such actions – as indicated in Havamal – are never forgotten. Heroism and sacrifice is the only thing that will preserve the European peoples.

    • History has proven that those who have the strength to persevere through a struggle are the ones who are remembered. Demonstrating one’s strength in the face of adversity is the greatest honour of them all.

      Those who cannot struggle will never be remembered throughout history. They will only fade. Those who are presented the opportunity for struggle will be revered and held highly one day.

  40. This is not the time for hopelessness, but motivation. Stay strong my good friends, and remember the advantages of your Hamingja.

  41. Varg,

    As someone who has been through the “justice system”. I sincerely feel for your case. Yes, all people reading… You CAN get tried with “no evidence” it happens much more often in many more cases than are presented! I know this PERSONALLY as a fact! Even with vast sums of money if the powers want to, they can throw any “system” out the door to prove a point. At the very least, you have your loving family intact for the present time. The “boomer” thing I completely relate to. The way I fought it and continue to fight it is by simply being myself. I keep my mind strong and of my own. Because, at the end of the day…your children will recognize good vs. bad. No “indoctrination” of any sort by ANYONE can take that away. It is in their blood. Sounds like some narcissists at heavy play here. Sociopaths rule the world, there is no “winning.” Personally, because I know about the powers at play… I know what an uphill battle you have faced and will keep on facing. You are most certainly not alone there! I can tell you, from everything I have observed here on Thulean Perspective…your ideals are most certainly not just your own. The most important thing we have is our mind, all else is tangible and subject to destruction by outside sources. The European soul is alive and well! I wish much wisdom and some kind of solace at the heaviest of times…


    As a woman(and mother) and as someone who has had their own family working against them …know you are not alone! Stay the strong, beautiful woman I know you are! Stay true to those deepest feelings. I wish for you much strength to keep fighting. You are in my thoughts often.

  42. “It’s not that they see you as a threat to their zionist conspiracy (I believe). It’s that they are so ignorant, so close-minded and therefore believe so deeply in established bullshit that they dismiss everything that’s not widely accepted to be wrong…”

    And who established the bullshit, that they believe in so blindly, if not the zionist jude’s?

    • If one person tells me I am an idiot, then I can assume that he might be wrong.

      If many says so, I might in fact be an idiot.

      If everybody I come into contact with dislikes me and think I am an idiot, wherever I go, wherever I come, then… I probably — if not surely am an idiot.

      Now, let us take a look at the history of “a certain people”, and how often they were persecuted….

      Poor victims of the intolerance of ALL others? I don’t think so.

      • Varg,

        It may not be my place to say this, but I think this arguing is useless and pointless. He will either find his way or get lost in the muck like the rest. Or perhaps he PURPOSELY is riling you up. Either way, there is no win. Therefore, the words are of no use.

      • Yep, they’ve been thrown out of various lands over one hundred times… It simply cannot be coincidental.

    • I agree with mmartel. We’re fine with discussions concerning opinions contrary to our own, but please do not insult us. You are not behaving as a proper guest should.

      I understand that you are young, but so am I.

  43. Nous serrons nombreux a venir soutenir Varg le 3 juin!!
    Les Lémovices répondrons a l appel!!!!! 🙂


  44. My top priority would to be there. Unfortunately I’m on the other side of the world with no way of reaching.

  45. I’m sorry to hear about the people trying to tear your family asunder, people you should have the support of but it often is that way unfortunately. I’m wishing for the best possible outcome for you and your family on the 3rd of June!

    They would not try to silence another person with the same message, but it is because they know you have the articulation, and recognition to reach a larger audience with the message than say someone like myself.

    Any and all legal action that can be thrown upon you in heaps like the ridiculous accusations of this year past; it only further makes matchsticks of their own arguments!

  46. Really pitiful what your boomer parents-in-law are doing to your family. I suspect it would be much the same for other boomers who don’t care about how much they have ruined their childrens and grandchildrens lives’. They have been manipulated by the enemies of Europe to destroy their own people. Thankfully, we can reverse this heinous trend in the next generation by raising our children as healthy and responsible young Europeans.

    Marie is a very lucky lady to have found someone like you. I cannot say many other good women have found the same

    Good luck Mr. Vikernes. We will prevail over the enemies of Europe! Thank you for all do!

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