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  1. Adalwolf wrote: “This 5 year self-support mechanism [of the UKIP] is a clever way of massively limiting immigration, and focusing on it as an economic issue, as opposed to one based on race. Although certainly not my preferred stance(do you understand this already?) it will drastically minimize the damage being done to the UK. If this is the MOST possible option which contains the MOST positive elements, then this is why I favour it currently. ”

    Actually, in case you didn’t realise, there are ALREADY so many non-whites in Britain that even if non-white immigration were completely stopped, it WOULD NOT stop White genocide without actually addressing White genocide. White genocide must be addressed directly. That is essential.

    But instead, you are spreading the meme that “respectable” parties will make a significant difference. THEREFORE (according to you and this psy-op), it is preferable to vote for the “respectable” parties: i.e. to sell-out, controlled opposition – to shills who don’t say a word about White genocide.

    It is you, Adalwolf, who has dragged the debate on the BNP to the asinine level, such that you deal in caricatures, and attempt to smear me with your “American”-bashing and other nonsense. Anyone can check what you have written, to see that your writing has been sloppy and unclear (for example, that “Griffen [sic] is not very bright”), so you’ve only yourself to blame for people taking you at your word. Even worse is the sadism, of wishing to pay money to see Americans suffer. And you wrote on another thread that you think South Africans deserve to be tortured and murdered. And then you have the nerve to preach about morality and to call others on this website “immoral”….


    Communicating with you is in itself probably a waste of time. I’m writing this so that others don’t get fooled by your B.S.

    • Your comprehension issues are severe. Stop twisting my words. You are nothing but a liar. You are the sadistic one. You failed to understand my humour about Americans. In fact, you have failed to understand everything at every point, or else you are constantly lying. My exact words: “I think that White South Africans’ days are numbered. I feel very bad for them, but they are asking for it. There will come the day when those you haven’t been murdered will have to leave anyways, I think.” If another people is attacking you, and you are trapped, and you don’t leave, then you must take responsibility for the situation you are in. If you don’t, then what happens to you is in essence “asking for it.” You could also say ” inevitable.” To say that I think they deserve to be tortured and murdered shows to me what kind of person you are. The same would apply to myself. I don’t want it to happen to them at all. Are you really that stupid?

  2. Those parties do not reflect a complete weltanschauung, too many loopholes. For instance, what’s their stance regarding capitalism and its ravages? What’s the correlation between immigration and the above mentioned economic system? I wonder what Varg thinks about this plague of materialistic origin.

  3. For all the Britons reading this, there is only one political party that has both the will to save the Indigenous British and the ability to actually get into power and GET SHIT DONE!

    This party is, of course, the British National Party.

    The NF are long dead and run now by a disorganised bunch of skinheads; their party is currently busy infighting between different factions.

    UKIP want to divert our source of immigration from Romania, et cetera, to that of the traditional Commonwealth countries; id est: MORE Indians, MORE Africans and MORE Pakistanis!

    Love Britain? Vote BNP.

    BNP political party broadcast:

    …And should you abstain: say hello to another Anti-White government! And MORE immigrants! MORE liberalism! MORE “enrichment”!

    “Vituð ér enn – eða hvat?”

    • I would rethink your seemingly fervent support of the BNP.

      According to BNP founder, John Tyndall, current party head Nick Griffin is untrustworthy and a snake (see here). Why take his word for it, though? See it here, from the horse’s mouth.

      Additionally, I used to visit their website daily a few years ago and I don’t know if they’ve upheld this habit but they featured a rabidly dogmatic Christian ‘sermon’ post every Sunday and I recall one in which the author (a reverend – I don’t remember his name) denounced pagan gods as barbarian superstition. I’ll have a look for it – if I find, it I’ll be sure to link it.

      BNP aren’t much more than controlled opposition. They’re somewhat informative but the information they provide is… well, ‘watered down’ would be an understatement. The same information with far greater clarity as to the source of the problems and prospective solutions is available from a variety of other sources, anyway.

      • No, no, no. The British National Party ARE a White Nationalist party fundamentally (they expose White GeNOcide, Communism and Liberalism, et cetera). The one thing that you’re alluding to is their lack of “antisemitism” which the NF, on the contrary, espouse; but the NF, also, are a bunch of skinhead thugs—yes, some of them are good, but most of them are thugs fundamentally.

        Therefore, the only party worthy of any Pro-White Briton’s vote is the British National Party.

        Yes, it has its flaws; but compare it to LibLabConUKIP, and you’ll realise that we have no choice but to vote for them!

        Until the greater-awareness that comes with harsher times arrives, then we’ll have to stick with the British National Party in its current form; however, when said time comes, other radical parties will no doubt arise from the ashes and then, should the BNP not become more radical in its policies (and expose and kick out that Adam Walker race-traitor!), then we shall vote for said alternative parties. But the NF ARE dead. The NF seems to me to be more of a disorganised paramilitary force, rather than a competent political party; yes, they have some good speakers, but they will NEVER get into power.

        Yes, we all wish Tyndall was still here; but he’s not. It is time that we start to make compromises, lest we be swarmed with more alien invaders, more Anti-British propaganda, more Islam and the enemy with more shekels.

        And that reverend is far better than most reverends (his name is Reverend Robert West).

        No, I do not like Christianity; but it’s better than listening to another Christian preaching for multiracialism!

        And, anyway, he’s but a mere side-component that serves the purpose of securing the Christian-vote. One must remember that many who oppose Islam and Liberalism ARE (sadly) Christians. Therefore, such is strategically sound as far as BNP-stratagem goes.

        • They highlight the symptoms of the problem and are reluctant to highlight the problem itself. I don’t care whether or not they’re “antisemitic” – I care whether or not they’re honest and just.

          I never said anything about the NF.

          “No, I do not like Christianity; but it’s better than listening to another Christian preaching for multiracialism!”

          Why should we have to listen to either one? I don’t see the force behind the compromises you suggest – Judeo-Christianity is a poisonous, destructive force and, IMO, accommodating it in any capacity is potentially disastrous.

          “And that reverend is far better than most reverends (his name is Reverend Robert West).”

          ‘Better’ than most reverends? What are you talking about? Let me show you something about that reverend; you don’t want to hear a Christian preach multiracialism? How about one that preaches Judeo-Nationalism instead?

          Not only is the man an utter moron, the complete nonsense he espouses is dangerous.

          I’m not at all confident that voting is worth anyone’s time. The BNP have said it themselves – between the immigrant votes, ghost-voters and underhanded ballot counters, votes don’t mean much. Even if they did, the Jewish powers-that-be aren’t about to relinquish their fiscal grip over Europe simply because we ticked a box. They have established societal and political paradigms that further their own goals and it seems to me that these paradigms are inalterable as long as we’re working within them.

          • Of course, Christinsanity is poisonous!

            Just a note on Rev. West, he’s actually very well-learned in economics and he’s very capable of articulating himself; shame that he’s a Christian.

            I do agree that his Bible-bashing is uncomfortable (namely his referencing to Hebrew occasionally).

            What would you rather have us do?

            • Reverend West is an idiot; did you listen to the sermon I linked? In it, he proposes that we should look to Jewish writings to better understand the nationalistic will of a Jewish god and for a disputatious foothold and guidance against (you guessed it…) Jewish attacks (the effects of which he attributes to the devil). He’s being lead around in circles and he doesn’t even see it.

              Svarog – your stance in some cases might be agreeable, however what good is booting brain-dead leftists out of power if their replacement is not only a massive proponent of a Judeo-Christian Europe, but also welcomes Jews into the fold unreservedly and employs the idea that we should hold Jewish values in high regard?

              I also believe the BNP doesn’t employ the necessary proactive foresight in order to highlight and solve the many issues that currently plague us; this societal and political structure is unsustainable in more ways than one – socially, racially, economically, industrially etc. Sure, the BNP propose some appreciable solutions for the first two, but I believe they aren’t looking far enough ahead with regards to the latter two. The fuel crisis poses a gargantuan threat to the industrial system, national or global. Additionally, the European economy is greatly unstable, I believe its collapse will likely render the BNP’s economic policies largely insufficient.

              As such, I’m of the opinion that collapse of at least one aspect of it is inevitable. With regards to what to do; I don’t know exactly, other than do your best to prepare yourself and those close to you for it.

              I realise that for the most part I’m cynically pointing out problems without offering competent solutions and while the BNP may, in some areas, show some short-term promise, I believe that what they legitimise is too costly a price and in the long-term may fall victim to industrial and/or economic instability anyway.

    • Are you sure UKIP said they want to revert to the traditonal common wealth as a source of immigration? Farage did recently say that he wanted to reestablish ties with the common wealth, and all emerging economies with higher growth rates. By saying this he is trying to reassure the public that there is no economic argument for EU membership. As you know, the modern world makes sure the economy remains in the highest rank of importance in the voter’s mind. He also mentioned that they currently lose 20million pounds a day by being a member. He is trying to revive the idea of a ‘Great Britain’ over a ‘little england.’ The strangest thing he said was that the British were not Europeans, but then later said they were the true Europeans. A little strange, but once again, I think he was just trying to stress the more recent British tradition of Magna Carta, etc, as being better than the current European model and Human Rights Charter.

      What I think Farage is doing is playing all the cards available to him in the form of a modern democracy. He is highlighting first and foremost that UKIP states they are not racist. He is trying to take the wind out of the establishment’s sail, and their first and strongest line of attack. He is even trying to appeal to immigrants to vote against immigration on the basis that it is bad for them also.

      Many political parties in Europe somewhat similar to UKIP have been moving closer to this sort of rhetoric out of necessity due to the short comings of a multicultural, politically correct, democratic framework. Farage risks cutting himself short at both ends though. He will lose both people who believe that he is softening his stance too much, and also those who think his softening is nothing but a trick. Of course he has to boot out people from his party who don’t adapt to his newly refined, and more nuanced rhetoric, and distance himself from other similar EU parties who aren’t willing to play his game. Overall, I think he’s the best chance you have in a rotten situation.

      • The so-called “Commonwealth” is a JOKE!

        “The strangest thing he said was that the British were not Europeans, but then later said they were the true Europeans.”

        Many Britons don’t consider Britain to be part of Europe. It’s just assumed that Britain is separate from Europe. I’ve often heard British people talk about going for a journey to Europe – i.e. to Continental Europe, but many Brits don’t see it that way. For them, there is Britain and there is Europe. Two separate entities. From memory, Lindybeige said words to this effect as well.

        Ah, the joys of geography! 😉

        • It probably just comes down to a basic form of tribal distinction, which is common among other Europeans too, I’m sure. My Grandfather mentioned that when he travelled from southern England to northern France, he still felt completely at home, in terms of geography.

      • They’re a novelty; that’s all that UKIP are.

        Farage is the safety-valve of this corrupt political establishment—is there any politician that has gotten more airtime than Farage has over these past few years? Not that I am aware of! The BBC practically love the man! They’re running scared of the BNP—that’s why they do everything that they can to reinforce the NF-image of skinheads running around singing, “Heil Griffin!” But that’s simply not true any more.

        If and when UKIP get into power, soon thereafter people will realise that he’s just another Tory Toff, but with a particular dislike for the EU, probably for monetary reasons (he used to run several businesses in London); he’s nothing but a petty civic nationalist, just like the English Democrats are today.

        Look at this FB post about UKIP:

        Farage said it in Brussels: he wants immigration! He wants non-Whites as long as they can pay more tax instead of scrounging off the Nanny-State.

        On the contrary, what the British National Party says is, “NO MORE! Whether Red, White, Brown or Yellow—NO MORE!”

        That is why when the time comes, I will be voting for the British National Party.

        P.S. I think after a few years of BNP-governance, many foreigners will leave (policy of voluntary repatriation) or compulsory repatriation will eventually be introduced.

        • The BNP would perhaps solve the immigration problem, but they will not be given power. I think this is quite close to a certainty.

          The other element to consider is the leadership qualities(or lack thereof) along with the reputation of Griffen and Farage. Griffen is not very bright, well-spoken, confident, or charasmatic. He also doesn’t look particularily healthy. This might seem overly superficial, but physical features do register. They can be overcome, but not in his case. They need a new leader if they are ever to stand any chance. He may do well with a portion of the White British underclass, and blue collar folks, but that’s probably the extent of his reach.
          Farage possesses all the qualities of a leader. Obviously it’s hard to tell with politicians what their true motives are, and what they will actually do. Personally, I think that your facebook link might just be nothing more than a UKIP vote grab. If it’s sincere, then I admit it’s very bad. Strategically, it’s a no-brainer though. Why not scoop up all the ‘minority votes’? Why let the others have them? It’s just a numbers game. The conservatives did that here, and it worked.

          Mostly, I don’t think that democratic process will lead to change.

          • Griffin looked far better when he was younger (id est, minus a few chins). However, I do find him to be INCREDIBLY intelligent and a rather good speaker. Sure, he might not have the oratory of Mosley, but he does a damn better job, in my opinion, than Clogg, Camoron and Milipede!

            Give it 10-15 years or so, though, and there will be a new BNP-leader.

            First and foremost, we need to leave the EU.

            • If your goal is first and foremost to leave the EU, then UKIP is a better option currently. But if you want to stick to your principles, I understand. If UKIP doesn’t deliver, then it will only strengthen the anti-immigration, anti-EU stance, and state of discontent in general. Let Europe see what happens when an anti-EU party is in power. Even if in a worse case scenario UKIP is favourable to some immigration, it is doubtful that it will be on the scale of the Conservatives or Labour.

              • Well, apparently they are planning on giving out 60,000 work-permits per year to Africans, Indians—commonwealthers; not to mention their policy of: one Briton leaves, we may then bring in a non-Briton.

                UKIP’s policy is one of ethnic-displacement.

              • “The BNP would perhaps solve the immigration problem, but they will not be given power. I think this is quite close to a certainty.”

                Of course the BNP will not be “given” power. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about waking up Britons to fight White genocide! Sine qua non. As Britons wake up, political power will follow.

                “The other element to consider is the leadership qualities(or lack thereof) along with the reputation of Griffen and Farage. Griffen is not very bright, well-spoken, confident, or charasmatic.”

                Griffin “not very bright”??……. He is extremely bright, and he studied history and law at Cambridge University!! Griffin is also an excellent orator. (Note Adalwolf: his name is spelt Griffin, not Griffen.)

                “Farage possesses all the qualities of a leader. Obviously it’s hard to tell with politicians what their true motives are, and what they will actually do. Personally, I think that your facebook link might just be nothing more than a UKIP vote grab. If it’s sincere, then I admit it’s very bad. Strategically, it’s a no-brainer though. Why not scoop up all the ‘minority votes’? Why let the others have them? It’s just a numbers game. The conservatives did that here, and it worked.”

                Farage is a SHILL!!! He does not address the ALL-IMPORTANT ISSUE: White geNOcide! Actually, Farage is FOR the genocide of Britons.

                “It’s just a numbers game. The conservatives did that here, and it worked.”

                That is B.S.! It is not “just a numbers game”. It would be “just a numbers game” if all people were equal, but that is not the case! I have faith in the potential of our people, such that when enough of us are awake nothing will stop us from ensuring our survival.

                • He is not very bright as a politician. That’s more precisely what I mean. His academic achievements don’t count for much in the field of politics. Maybe they do to you.

                  And yes, I spelt his last name incorrectly. Big deal. It wasn’t a letter to the Queen. It’s actually a proper variation anyways, and it’s not the first, and probably not the last time that I’ll spell his last name GRIFFEN. Focus on something important, would you? While you’re at it, I also spelt ‘charismatic’ as ‘charasmatic.’ Perhaps you should’ve pointed that out too?

                  Farage possesses the characteristics of a leader. This doesn’t mean that he holds the best values. He is in a position to remove the UK from the EU, and it’s basically the platform that his party is based on. If he doesn’t do this, it would be outrageous. Don’t you think that is good?

                  Modern democracy IS a numbers game. Modern democracy IS the shill. In a modern democracy everybody IS considered equal. “Rabble above, rabble below.” Soon in the USA if you manage to wake up every White person in your country, you’re votes will be completely useless. And do you think an army of drug addled Porky Pigs on cruches are going to lead a successful revolution when they wake up in the midst of a Big Mac combo while watching another episode of ‘We’re All Retarded Now: Season 10’? I’d pay to see the look on that face.

                    • “Farage possesses the characteristics of a leader. This doesn’t mean that he holds the best values. He is in a position to remove the UK from the EU, and it’s basically the platform that his party is based on. If he doesn’t do this, it would be outrageous. Don’t you think that is good?”

                      But it won’t make an important difference if the UK still has an open border and assimilation policy with non-whites. The result will still be genocide. That is obvious. Yet you continue to support the shill Farage over the BNP.

                      “Modern democracy IS a numbers game. Modern democracy IS the shill. In a modern democracy everybody IS considered equal. “Rabble above, rabble below.””

                      Do you really believe that? The system is rigged! And not all political parties are shills. If you think victory will be gained by sacrificing THE MOST important message in order to become “respectable”, then the fight against White genocide has already been lost…

                      “Soon in the USA if you manage to wake up every White person in your country, you’re votes will be completely useless. And do you think an army of drug addled Porky Pigs on cruches are going to lead a successful revolution when they wake up in the midst of a Big Mac combo while watching another episode of ‘We’re All Retarded Now: Season 10′? I’d pay to see the look on that face.”

                      LOL. Another strawman argument and dehumanisation of Americans. So sadistic and full of assumptions…

                    • You are wrong regarding UKIP’s immigration policy. Here’s their actual policy from their website:
                      • Regain control of our borders and of immigration – only possible by leaving the EU.
                      • Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependents for 5 years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education and private housing – they should pay into the pot before they take out of it.
                      • A points-based visa system and time-limited work permits.
                      • Proof of private health insurance must be a precondition for immigrants and tourists to enter the UK.

                      This 5 year self-support mechanism is a clever way of massively limiting immigration, and focusing on it as an economic issue, as opposed to one based on race. Although certainly not my preferred stance(do you understand this already?) it will drastically minimize the damage being done to the UK. If this is the MOST possible option which contains the MOST positive elements, then this is why I favour it currently.

                      Politics in a modern democracy is a classless act. There is practically no honour in it. The fact is that will outwordly Farage’s message is more “respectable,” his policies still contain important elements. I think that you need to be more objective about it. You are to hysterical, and uncontrolled. And frankly, you misunderstand a great deal of I say to you. It’s rather tedious.

                      I’ve been to the USA countless times. Most Canadians live close to the border you know.

    • It’s a shame that Nick Griffin has some major shortcomings, such as the stale “Christian” rhetoric, and anti-Islamification. And he is criticised for this from numerous quarters.

      There are many good people in the BNP, and it does have a lot of influence on the public debate (even if the poll numbers don’t seem to reflect this; as described in the video Ælfric posted, the influence spreads, even though usually the BNP doesn’t get credit for it).

      And in the last couple of years, and especially in the last half a year, the BNP propaganda seems to have improved greatly, so judging it by how it’s propaganda was a couple of years ago doesn’t do it justice.

      • Thank you! 🙂

        As I see it, it is the British National Party or it is nothing.

        (Wouldn’t mind a British Heathen Front. :D)

      • And I’ve just found the uncensored BNP cartoon, by the way (MILES better than the censored version):

        Here are the lyrics to the song:

        All the spongers of the Earth

        Come here to have a ball

        Bet you’re glad you’ve been ‘enriched’

        Our taxes pay for all.

        Some come here to take our jobs,

        They tell us it´s OK.

        And others come and sign on –

        We Brits just have to pay!

        It’s time for hope and action

        To set our people free.

        Tell em all just where to go

        By voting BNP!

        Some come for operations

        And some to steal and beg.

        Our pot is here for everyone

        With no feathers and two legs

        All sorts of backward cultures

        Around our country roam

        Refusing to adopt to our ways

        It’s time to send them home!

        They give them homes and benefits

        Great place for them to be.

        But just who gets to pay the bill?

        You guessed! That’s you and me!

        There’s some who prey on children

        From takeaways and taxis

        While some sell the Big Issue

        Some kill with knives and axes.

        As long as you have two legs

        And don’t have any wings

        They’ll welcome you to Britain and

        They’ll give you lots of things.

        They say they’re just ‘minorities’

        No need to make a fuss.

        But if you don’t help turn things round

        The ‘minority’ will be us!

        • THAT is a POWERFUL video!! No wonder why it was censored! Thank you, Ælfric. The BNP has really stepped up in the last year.

          • 🙂 Shame that I showed my mother and father the shitty version. 😀

            I was really excited to see the ACTUAL version, but was dismayed to see the censored version on BBC2.

            It confused my mother why it had been censored—“What’s the point of showing it if they’re going to bleep things out?”

            For example, “****** grooming-gangs”.

            BBC bleeped the word out and presumably beforehand told them “No, no!” to the cartoon.

            The cartoon version is FAR more better. They’ve increased by a thousand likes or so on Facebook and they’re apparently getting loads of, “How can I join, mate?”-calls.

            They ought to make these more often! 🙂

            • Absolutely. And it’s good that the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been losing so much credibility in the last few years! Thanks to the Internet and all the good people exposing the lies and double standards! Compared to even a decade ago, the difference is very significant.

  4. Hello,

    I have been thinking about the correlation existing between the two symbols from the Roman and Germanic worlds, I am referring to Mjollnir and the phallus that the Romans wore around their necks. Is there a similarity pointing towards a common heritage? Maybe…..

    • Both are symbols of strength and vitality, but I think that all pre-Christian Europeans revered those qualities, so there doesn’t necessarily have to be a direct correlation.

      Keep in mind that Mjollnirs were mainly developed worn as a sign of disrespect towards the early Scandinavian Christians, so there wasn’t really any single continuity.

  5. What ever the malignant media hordes are complaining about or aspersing is what they don’t want the sheeple to know about. This almost always backfires because they are only giving the said topic more publicity.

  6. Yesterday I read something really interesting in the newspaper. In my homeland austria, or more accurate in the region Styria (in the southeast of austria), they found an ancient underground system of tunnels, which is several kilometres long. Now, the interesting thing about this is that these tunnels are asumed to be almost 11,000 years old and they are built in a way that would in fact need modern machines.

    There is also a book about these tunnels by Dr. Heinrich Kusch, who is the main researcher of this phenomenon. The book is called “Tore zur Unterwelt” (Gates to the underworld). Unfortunately it is in german and I don’t know if there are any translations to other languages.


      • They look like initiation caves of some sort, probably built in this period by Pagans. They seem to be made so that they could be easily kept from the view of the Christians. Before that they used burial mounds instead. And after… they were all burned alive, so to speak.

        Of course I can be wrong, but they sure look like that: the young man or women enters, finds a sacred object therein and leaves — “reborn”.

        Only the brave will succeed.

        • Here is also an almost 2 hour documentation about it, which is unfortunately also only in german. I have not watched it yet, so I do not know if the documentation is good or not, but it is anyway interesting.

    • That video is disturbing. But thankfully the mantra has been posted on that video.
      Someone wrote a couple of years’ ago:
      “@ourwallaceclan yes they were brother and sister. However, some PC moron decided to change the white kid out and put in a black kid. Anti-racism is really a code word for anti-White.”
      And a posting by someone else:
      “Open borders, forced assimilation, and race-mixing propaganda.
      So-called “Diversity” is an Orwellian codeword for White genocide.”

  7. Received my order from Varusteleka today, all good, except for some minor details.

    Medium size either too loose or too tight, seems the soldiers back in the day were of smaller stature, certainly arround the waist, probably bigger arround chest. Some of the buttons are rather large, implying they might have been put on after the original piece. (That doesn’t make the slightest sense though, it’s probably how the clothes were made — to be worn out that is)

  8. By virtue of definition alone:

    the ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations

    It would be Impossible to “test” someone’s” intelligence through any “test”. It is essentially the ability to adapt(which has so many different measures in of itself). How can that even be measured? Perhaps through history, nature and time?

    A better indicator lies in nature and history…in my opinion. Time is the ultimate test for many things and people. Blood holds strong ties to intelligence and the way that “blood” may need to adapt to survive even the most harsh environments and maintain an actual living(thinking) and feeling human being.

    Intelligence will never be able to be “measured”. Its just NOT that black and white.

  9. Hi Varg!

    Could you do a list of the candidates on TP who we should vote for in the European Parliament elections? I think the smartest way to impact on the election would be concentrate our votes for one canditate in each EU countries. The Finn pagans should vote for one candidate in Finland, the Estonian pagans should vote for one candidate in Estonia, the Swedish pagans should vote for one candidate in Sweden etc.

    In Finland our problem is that many people vote for Jussi Halla-aho of the True Finns party. It is a problem because the True Finns party is a Christian Socialist party and Jussi Halla-aho is the most popular immigration critical politician in Finland who supports post Christian nationalism. For example, constantly Jussi Halla-aho praises Timo Soini (chairman of the True Finns) who is a fundamentalist Catholic Christian and who does not care about islamisation and mass immigration from the third countries at all. In addition Jussi Hallo has said that he sees Christianity as a very imporant part of the Finnish culture.

    Could you open a topic about this subject in order to we could discuss about for whom we should concentrate our votes in each country in the upcoming elections?

    Thanks to your whole family for the great work for our European heritage, culture and future.

    • I’m American, and I stand with him completely. I just want to leave for Europe, and I won’t care what happens in the U.S. The people who complain about illegal immigration here are full of s**t, since we’re all here unfairly. The Native Americans were and continue to be enemies of Judeo-Christianity just like us, so we have a lot of common ground, and they’re plight is also a perfect example of what could happen to Europe if we’re not careful.

      I say that America is their land, and my evidence both historical and intuitive.

      • *their

        And the Hispanic “illegal” immigrants have much closer ties to North America than we do, by the way.

      • The American Indian has a point, although whether he is making it sincerely or to illustrate how ridiculous the anti-immigration argument here is I’m not that sure.

        Also, these types of arguments are contrary to what I have read the Nazis believed. They had the concept (or so I read) of Lebensraum where it is nearly the duty of a particular rare to displace that of a perceived inferior race.

    • My youtube account doesn’t work at the moment, but someone wrote on youtube:

      “I must show this to Polydoros Talin lol…”

      Do you think that I’m not aware of such things?… lol
      We’ve debated such issues over and over on this website. As someone else correctly wrote:
      ‘[an] essential point that pro-Whites don’t understand, “You can’t do education when psychological warfare is going on.”’

    • The National Socialists of Ukraine have been fooled; they are tools of the enemy.

      “This week, that fantasy can be seen clearly for what it is, as Dmitro Yarosh, the leader of Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) has met with the Israeli ambassador to the Ukraine, Reuven Din El, and pledged his allegiance to the Jewish race.”

      The Ukrainians ought to seek total independence, not this mockery of joining the EUSSR.

  10. Concrete….everywhere, up to the sky.
    Someone told me this:
    “When you search so much and find nothing, how much can nothing weigh? Enough to crush you.”

  11. Darn! This is some beautiful piece of music Varg! I love the sound of the first one minute especially!

  12. Humans have become a virus for the Earth – almost everywhere we go we turn the landscape white and scarred – like a cancer. Give me a small place away from that to live as sustainably as possible – sun, wind, water and earth generation of all we need – and the occassional journey to a town to trade the excess of what I have with another – so we all live well.

    Love your work Varg.

  13. I have nothing but sadness and dismay to be living in a world like this. And to think that we lived in harmony with nature on the very soil that was desecrated. One day we shall restore her to her former beauty.

  14. I’ve always thought that enormous congested cities were unnatural. It’s a wonder that humans would actually want to live in them.
    Here’s an interesting quote about the ancient Germanic peoples from a book published in 1857 called “The Franks, from their First Appearance in History to the Death of King Pepin” by Walter Copland Perry (page 9):
    “…they were unconsciously faithful to the indelible instincts of their race. They lived apart, each man in his own fashion; they built no cities, nor even connected houses, but – with as great a love of seclusion and independence as their descendants, the Westphalian boors, and the English country gentlemen – every man surrounded his house with as much open space as possible.”

      • Copland does refer to the “Germania” of Tacitus in the first chapter of his book, this first chapter being a general overview of the characteristics and customs of the Ancient Germanic peoples.

    • Beautiful music Varg. Quite relaxing.

      A bit off topic… Have you ever listened to Johannes Schmoelling or Ulrich Schnauss? I believe you might enjoy their music.

      China’s not the only place with such appalling cities. Its a disease spread round the world called modernism. People are more robotic than ever. I’m glad this kind of talk against it(modernism, globalization, etc) goes on. However, its much easier to sit and talk then for some to follow through. Intention only goes so far. It takes a real warrior spirit to forge ahead through the grime of life and remain true to their cause despite all. Actions are few and far between…this is what worries me. What is to become of this world for my children and their children and your children?

  15. Ailments, illnesses are big business for pharmaceutical companies. It’s all about making money, money and more money. A lot of today’s folk are very gullible and have utter faith in those pontificating scientists and doctors who are a caste in itself.

    • It’s a shame that the Christians feel the need to copy our traditions and claim it as their own because they could not create any of their own (to destroy us with also).

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  17. How long will this chaos last ? I dearly wish a more meaningful world, more natural, more harmony within. Shall I be able to see the golden tablets during my lifetime ? I’m more sure than desperate about it.

  18. The latest video has just been released, from the same creators as
    “AntiRacist Hitler” and “How Whites Took Over America”:

  19. This “progress” is a pseudo benefit. On the one hand, life becomes easier. On the other hand, everything natural (from a human body to the environment) is slowly withering.

  20. Brings to mind my favorite Nietzsche quote, “The earth, has a skin; and this skin has diseases. One of these diseases, for example, is called “Mankind”.” Friedrich Nietzsche, from Thus Spoke Zarathustra,

    The idea of progress — indefinite betterment — is anything but modern. It is probably as old as man’s oldest successful attempt to improve his material surroundings and to increase, through technical skill, his capacity of attack and defence. Technical skill, for many centuries at least, has been too precious to be despised. Nay, when displayed to an extraordinary degree, it has, more than once, been hailed as something almost divine……

    Read More: http://www.vaidilute.com/books/savitri/savitri-01.html

      • O shit! I forgot about that. Definitely rings home how much Judeo-Christianity needs getting rid off.

        Tell me, have you heard of these “Christian Identity” retards?

          • Basically, they believe that Whites are actually God’s Chosen People. 😀 It’s a long story… (One which I shan’t tell.)

        • ALL forms of identitarians are conservative by default! Avoid and contempt them! They are dangerous; they disguise themselves in our case but they will ALWAYS without exception be ready to give up ground.

          • I can’t say especially christians as that would be dishonest, many atheists are even worse in that sense. But they are only different plagues equally intellectually passive in face of our demise.

          • Do you know to whom I am referring by “Christian Identity”? You know, the loons who believe that we are God’s Chosen People. 😀

            • Yes I do… Unfortunetely that is.

              We whites are of the tribe of blablabla, God’s true little jews.

            • Those people from christian identity,are our enemies,I have spoken with some of them by stormfront, and they believe that we shall retake the holy land,that europeans should fight for Israel and retake what is rightfully ours,they believe the indo-europeans were jews,and that the indo-european peoples spoke hebrew,also they think that all languages of europe that descend from indo-european languages,actually descend from hebrew,not only do they claim that we are jews,but that we must by all means repent for our sins,and give up europe for jesus christ,”our lord”.

              • I agree! But it must be noted that they are no friends of those whom we call “Jews”; they merely try to denounce said people as being sons of the devil and thereby strengthen their case against them. However, they, too, tried this with our forefathers long ago; and they were successful. Christianity is nothing but a tool of tyranny, a despot’s greatest toy.

                At times, I wish that we were a little bit more righteous. It must be said that in order to defeat organised religions one must employ like organisation amongst one’s own ranks. If one is to defeat an enemy who possesses a weapon, then is it not wise for oneself to, too, possess a weapon? Hence why it must be said that I am an admirer of Ben Klassen’s work; albeit, I believe that such a movement cannot and will never begin in the US. If there is to be a new and revolutionary movement which will recruit the Whites of the world and unify them here in Europe against all opponents, then ’tis here in Europe that such a movement must come into fruition.

                Look at all the organised religions and tell me that they haven’t survived as long as they have and have been as successful as they have because of organisation, because of clear structure and delegation? Organised religion does have the power to mobilise people to do great, or equally terrible, things. The trick, methinks, is to make sure that said religion is good and pure right from the start; that said religion is well-rooted in the sacred principles of Blood, Soil and Honour.

                I think we desperately need such organisation; but to a certain extent, of course. This is, methinks, a subject worthy of much debate; and I do so look forward thereto. 🙂

  22. This is why I can’t talk about politics or the world’s future with anyone. In order for me to think about a world that is healthy or even passable, so much would have to change, so much would have to just disappear. If someone asks me what we should do to improve things for future generations, I don’t even know where to begin.

    By the way, the first song reminds me of an old game called “Warlords II”.

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    • My dad is currently trying to convince me to look for one of these cheaper alternative lifestyles. The kinds where you can find a room and afford to just live there for around about the minimum wage of any country. He sees this to be a way to escape capitalism and return to a simpler life. I’m trying to explain to him exactly what these pictures illustrate without bringing Odalism into the discussion directly, but I don’t think he grasps the scale of the lifestyle changes I’m talking about when we discuss these things.

      • I wont and I think we will get there eventually, he is willing to listen, I’m just not great at reiterating points.

        I want to inquire into this ‘impending doom’ that is spoke of a lot on this blog. I understand why Varg and the rest think it will happen to an extend, but I don’t know fully what your predictions are for what will actually happen and what will come next, how ‘survivors’ will be chosen.

        • I think that’s because nobody knows exactly how anything will happen, or what would come next. There could be numerous ways that things could unfold. I don’t know if anyone has the mind to hone in on the ultimate probability. A major conflict between the US and Russia could probably do it. The markets crashing and the Chinese getting upset could do it. A virus from the animals that we treat so poorly. A virus from mass international travelling. Even the people rising up, although I don’t know what it’s going to take for that. We do know that our way of living is unsustainable. Even the masses know this. They just try to prolong their death though. Try to prop up a corpse. It’s “Weekend At Bernies” all over again. For the most part, they are unable to look at the deeper causes, and this is why a collapse is certain. I don’t consider it doom, though. It will in fact, be the release from doom. Right now, is the doom. I do like that saying, “give a push to that which deserves to fall.” Some might consider you a bad person for doing so, as it might be difficult to discern the true nature of your course of action, and whether you are in fact a good person. That’s only natural.
          Who will survive? Those who are in a position to, either by luck, or by virtue of their foresight. A rural setting is most advantageous, but probably still not a guarantee. Some of the city dwellers will make it out.

          • Thank you for the clarification. I’m not in a position right now to have any real input into this conversation as a whole (I still need to do a lot of thinking and thought refinement) but thank you for your input.

            • No problem. I don’t mean to speak for everyone anyhow. It’s just a large part of what I’ve gathered from reading this blog for a while, and my own thoughts.

          • They probably have enough room in the whole of China. They just crowd everyone in the cities in big prison apartments because they don’t like to farm. I can’t understand how that is better than farming…

            • Neither do I. I can only assume that appreciation comes along with another 10 or so IQ points. 😉

                • If we are talking about IQ, studies show that ashkenazi jews have higher IQ than northeastern Asia,it does change the fact that they are mongrels,the only reason north eastern asians are considered by some studies to have the highest IQ is because Europe is full of mongrels who pass as europeans,and also because of mass immigration.

                  • You can see the Eastern European countries have lower IQ than German etc and they have basically no immigrants. So I don’t think that’s it. It think it really is education and training to do good on the tests. Because you can prepare for them. They just aren’t that good tests. They all use the same general stuff, and when you do one, you can do a lot better on the others.

                    As for Jews, they are a smaller population with lots of funds to train themselves and probably have a will to “prove themselves” (as the “chosen ones”).

                    • I know preparation and training is related still, some people have higher IQ than others,because they are simply more intelligent and creative.
                      Such as europeans are smarter than Africans,thus we have higher IQ,the impact of education however can be seen in western Europe,since some countries have developed a higher IQ than eastern Europe,such as Austria and Netherlands, that now have higher IQ than China for example.

                    • IR test is a test of logic and calculations depends on education, “Eastern Europe” median “spoiled” the kind of education can have a Ukrainian or Serbian? if U.S. bombs constantly satisfied revolution and tries to weaken and subdue. Analytical skills necessary to develop, and in these countries need jobs (that would pay off sha), and not “analysts”

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