A little positive attention here in France…

French. Magyar.

For those who speak French (and understand my English), here is something as rare as a neutral media report about yours truly w/wife.

The video itself: 


43 thoughts on “A little positive attention here in France…

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  2. Maintenant qu’ils vous ont diffamé un maximum, porté atteinte à votre honneur et votre intégrité, ils viennent feindre d’exercer leur métier avec professionnalisme …
    Leurs procédés en général sont tellement viles qu’on en vient à se demander parfois dans quel but ils présentent les choses de façon plus ou moins objective, surtout quand on constate la propagande quotidienne à laquelle on a le droit …

    Pour eux l’information n’est qu’un produit marketing mais quand ils ont en plus l’opportunité de taper sur un individu ethniciste et fier de ses origines (c’est à dire tout ce qu’ils détestent car à l’opposé de leur cosmopolitisme métissolatre , leur esprit “citoyen-du-monde” infecte) ils n’ont plus aucune retenue …

  3. Just out of a serious curiosity. Why do you not identify yourself as a national socialist? I assume you do have some sympathies for it, but what is it with the it you do not embrace? It would be very interesting if you could give your thoughts – pro and cons- about the historical German national socialist ideology.
    PS. You have a beautiful family and house. My Juno protect you all.

  4. Finally, a somewhat objective journalistic document. Good to see and you have a beautiful house 🙂 Coucou a Marie et aux enfants.

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  6. BFMTV a dépensé beaucoup d’énergie et a mis beaucoup de cœur à accabler et harceler votre famille lors de l’arrestation arbitraire dont vous avez fait l’objet le 16 Juillet.
    BFMTV, comme tous les autres, vous a livrés en pâture et salis devant la France entière, à grand renforts de mensonges et de contre-vérités. Enregistrer un bref reportage maintenant, 8 mois après, ayant pour but de plus ou moins vous réhabiliter, alors que vous n’êtes plus sous les feux de l’actualité est vain: le mal est fait.
    Salir et déshonorer les gens quand tout le monde s’y intéresse et les blanchir quand plus personne ne regarde est une infamie, mais rien d’étonnant de la part d’un média qui, comme tous les autres en France, est aux mains des fanatiques sionistes.

    • That is true, but I know they did this in an attempt to repair that damage. They knew — like all the other media institutions too — that they were wrong and treated us unfairly and very badly back in July last year.

      I think that even though the media is owned by “the enemy”, many who work there are tired of taking orders from them, so to speak.

  7. Varg, this is off the topic, but what do you think of Aleksandr Dugin’s political thought? If you’ve discussed him before, I missed it.

    • Thanks, my friend. I will be better prepared too, mentally. The last time I had no idea what I went into, and was a bit overwhelmed by it all. A rustic peasant in the big modern city… 😉

  8. Can someone please translate it into English?

    Varg, as someone previously mentioned, you survived Marie after walking through the house and up the steps in mud covered boots? You are a VERY courageous man! 😉

  9. Bon reportage, surtout par rapport aux précédents. Maintenant, il faut avouer que toutes ces accusations sont débiles. Surtout quand on voit la définition de l’odalisme sur Wikipédia…

    • Maybe Marie didn’t want to make a scene in front of all those journalists.
      Also I record you posted some photos of beautifull european women in some of your articles. I only hope that Marie didn’t get jealous.

      • Nah. The boots were not that bad; it was dry outside, so they only look dirty.

        Actually, I think Marie helped me find a few of the photos of beautiful European women. She also helped me weed out a few with dyed hair. (Yes: I try to have no false blondes on TP… my rule).

        • Well then how do you explain Marie’s hair color in the Terroristes video and in this one. It appears to me to have gotten blacker (especially from the base)? Does not look like genuine blonde to me but more like dyed hair. There’s also a comment on the Terroristes video on youtube which says: “she dyes her hair”.

          This is a serious question.

          • Lighting is different from one clip/film to another.

            Her hair in a film made in the summer will naturally be fairer than her hair in a film made after 4 months of darkness and rain (winter).

            The Sun bleaches the hair naturally, meaning the hair’s roots are often darker than the hair that has been more exposed to sunlight.

            All blond Europeans know these things….

            I live with her, and she never dyes her hair.

            I can add that my hair is light blonde (beard), middle blond (the top of the head) and dark blond (the sides and back of the head), and of course it is all fairer in the Summer than in the Winter. When I had long hair my roots were darker too, and the tips were light blonde. (Actually, today more and more of my hair is gray, and the dark blond hair becomes gray first.)

            • Thanks for the answer, it completely addressed my concern. I was worried because you’ve rejected/deleted some of my comments in the past.

              >>>”All blond Europeans know these things…. ”
              This sentence gave me the feeling that you’re considering me inferior, non-European; I myself am light brown, my mother even lighter and in my area you don’t find any non-dyed blondes (Northern Romania if you wonder); this may sound funny but I thought that when you say blondes you really mean blondes like ALL blond.

              • No, but I do know that non-blond populations don’t know these things. Immigrants in Norway find it very strange that our population has much fairer hair in the Summer and darker in the Winter.

              • As a woman who dyes her hair (actually darker than my natural hair color, just personal preference but thinking of letting it grow out naturally for a change), I’ve never had a doubt that Marie’s hair color of purely natural. It must be a guy thing not to recognize this right away 😉

          • I’m a bit late in commenting, but I do know for a fact that after having a baby the hair will naturally darken. I do believe Marie will agree with me. It’s also more likely to accure after the second or third pregnancy. The feet also have a tendency to grow.

  10. I still don’t quite understant what ”apology for war crimes” mean. I bet it has something to do with nazis, camps and denying. If you know what I mean…

  11. A nice, small illumination amongst the forest of lies. I liked seeing Marie in her traditional dress. Very fortunate you are Varg 🙂

  12. bonne vidéo!! bon reportage.. ils n ont fait que rappeler ce qui c était passez, et vous avez pu dire votre point de vue! tenez bon, tous sa serra bientot derrière vous et pour de bon!! Bises a tous

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