To Each his Own


Your kin is made up of different families, and they are important to you, but not as important as your family. Your tribe is made up of different kins, and it is important to you, but not as important as your kin. Your race is made up of different tribes, and it is important to you, but not as important as your tribe. Et cetera.

You should first and foremost work to ensure the survival of your family. When your family is safe, you can spend any time you have to spare to ensure the survival of the other families in your kin as well. If you have even more time to spare, you work to ensure the survival of the other kins in your tribe as well, et cetera. Mankind is of course your last priority in this context. You can in any case best ensure the survival of mankind by first ensuring the survival of your family, your kin, your tribe, your race and your species, in that order. Trying to ensure the survival of mankind before you ensure the survival of the smaller units is not only illogical and suicidal, but absurd. Even un-natural.


To fix our broken world we must start with our own families: the traditional family is the foundation of all human life. So we must first of all form traditional families. We must marry within our race, home-school our children whilst living a simpler life, and perhaps not finally, but at least next: return to our Pagan roots.

So I propose this as the solution, but know that it is not that simple. This is perhaps not the only things we need do in order to fix our broken world, but unless we do this first there will be no use for any other actions and then all we do will be in vain anyhow. There is no point in fixing the broken mast if there is a big hole in the hull and the ship is sinking. First mend the hull!

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We can, fairly easily, do what I propose above, and if we do, no matter what happens in the world, our families, our kins, our tribes, our races, our species and thus also mankind will prevail, survive and thrive. The other individuals, those who chose not to do this, will probably not, but… why should we care? “To each his own.”

HailaR WôðanaR!

PS! Because another person is now claiming to be me on Facebook I can remind you all of the fact that I do not have a Facebook account. Anyone claiming to be me there is a fraud. 

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  1. An interesting lecture I’d like to share. Following it is also a question I have pondered on for some time. To what extent were our pre Christian forbeats agricultural. We know from the viking eta that there wete rather large farms in Scandinavia, but if we go back to the roman invasions, it seems the germanics, britons and celts were forest people..
    Any thoughts/knowledge about this, Marie?

    All the best. 😊

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  3. Yes, having a family not only gives us the reason to fight for a better world for our children, but also teaches us the European values and makes us better human beings.

    Varg, thank you so much for this post- I really needed this right now. I have just been called a ”Jew” by a guy who used to publish my poems and articles, because I fought for the big change in our society to be conducted first and foremost at its very foundations (I guess this is what I get for writing for someone who describes himself as a Germanic supremacist and nationalist…). I’m so glad there are still people in this world who think similarly to me.

  4. Varg.
    I was wondering if you or your wife has studied the concept of astral projection as known as ‘out of body experience’. I’d be glad to hear your – or anyone else – take on that subject. I have been reading about astral projecting for a while, it is really interesting.

  5. Varg (or someone else), considering that quite (?) all toothpaste contain sodium fluoride…it is better to use only water or you are aware of an alternative?

    Someone knows the possible consequences of that we can suffer from the use of toothpaste?

    • I recently heard that 70 percent of drinking water in the US still contains Fluoride….
      Alternative toothpaste are probably organic ones, they use salt and herbs.

    • I have been using a homemade toothpaste for a few months now. I mix a quarter cup of baking soda with an eighth cup of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of peppermint extract. It needs to be kept in a dark container or the peroxide will degrade. Also it is not very tasty!
      If you drink fluoridated water, your teeth remineralize themselves using the ions dissolved in your saliva, and additional fluoride in toothpaste is unnecessary and potentially harmful (fluorosis).

      • Jlorik, we briefly spoke a while back. I am the one from Cape Breton! Do you have a facebook or anything, i remember you were selling TP shirts! Get back to me!

        • Hi Nick! Yes I remember. I do not have facebook but I do still have some shirts available. Send me an email at, anyone who’s interested in owning one of these lovely t-shirts 🙂 profits go to Varg’s fundraising.

  6. One thing that has been ingrained in English culture for hundreds of years is that every Englishman’s home is his castle. In this case, Europe is my home, thus my castle. The walls have been breached from the inside! We must fight (legally) to push the invaders out and save our homes, our women, children and cultures. For if we do not do this, we will all surely perish.

    I’ve seen through the propaganda and outright lies about our people since I was 13 (Now 19) I grew up, like you, Varg, hoping for a war. As shit as it may be, it would allow me to break free from these invisible chains and do something honourable for Europe. Now I’m slightly older I realise such a war isn’t coming yet, the white race is still too comfortable to care.

    I feel trapped. Of course, as a healthy European, I desire the simple life. This is not as easy as it may seem. (At least not in England) Land is so expensive here, not to mention the social stigma behind off grid living.

    However, although the present seems bleak, there is always tomorrow!

  7. This post completely destroys any left-wing global humanistic arguments and burn them to the ground everyone bow before the mighty Varg 🙂

  8. I thought I was the only one thinking just exactly that which you wrote, Varg. But apperantly and fortunately not! Good post!!

  9. I found an interesting channel on youtube its called ”ThisisEuropa”. Lots of pro-Europe videos. I think you people might like this channel 🙂

  10. “We must marry within our race…” So what if I as a blonde and blue eyed man have a (white) wife with brown hair and eyes? Am I a bad race mixer who works for the enemy? I know that the (genetical) optimum would be a wife that looks as similar to me as possible, but I am an European, who still believes in the value of fidelity untill death. So, call me a race mixer if you want, but I will do what you wrote in your second paragraph, I will first and foremost work to ensure the survival of your family.

    A quote from Wulf Sörensens “The Voice of the Ancestors”:

    “What once was so alive within the Ancestors that it formed their faces, is now hidden within our blood and dreams.

    Because of this the faces today often mislead.

    Many a man, whose hair and eyes show the colour of the south has the majority of his blood from the nordic fathers.

    And many a man, who looks like 2000 years have forgotten him, carries his fair hair and his grey or blue eyes as a misleading mask, and his blood has not even remembrance of the fathers in the Northland. One has only adopted the appearance of the foreign and kept his nordic blood.

    The other took the foreign blood and kept his nordic face as a mask.

    What is better?

    Today you have to look into the eyes, if they are still firm and shining and keen. The soul looks through the eyes, and it [the soul] does not mislead.”

    • If you take the time to read more of the articles, you will see that we acknowledge That a European with brown hair and or eyes is just that. Admittedly that means that throughout time their forebears were more mixed, but that doesn’t disqualify them from being a European. I would fashion to guess that there are more of us without blonde hair and blue eyes than with. Myself for example. Until I was around 7 years old I had blonde hair and blue eyes. My hair turned brown and so did my eyes. As I have gotten older my hair, but especially my eyes have gotten lighter. They are now a honey \green color.

      As you mentioned, the European mind and spirit and probably the most important thing. There are many who are “more pure bred” who are empty in spirit. I live in an area that was settled by dutch immigrants 150 years ago. There are a lot of tall blue eyed blondes around here, but they are brainwashed by christianity and consumerism. I consider most of these people not worth the time to try and sway to our way of thinking, but I have considered leaving some flyers pointing here.

      • I have green eyes but rarely, on certain occasions, they appear blue or at least more blue than green. A momentary manifestation of the recessive genes? Someone else had an experience like this or an idea about it?

        • Mine are light brown, but with blue borders( like if i had a blue eye underneath the brown)
          I was born with blue eyes but turned brown soon.
          its said that all Europeans are born with blue eyes,i dont know …

        • Hmmm, interesting anecdote, artusofabio93.

          I wrote a while back that I believe that the psyche influences the genetics, so that if one wills to be a certain way, then the genetics can be influenced in that direction. And I believe that this is especially powerful when it comes to conceiving the next generation.

          That is a reason why it is so important to surround ourselves with beauty and to have noble aims.

          Btw, since I wrote this I came across the work of Dr Rupert Sheldrake, a Cambridge-trained biologist, who provides evidence and a theory (what he terms “morphic resonance”) that seems to support such an idea. See his interviews on the excellent website called – the first episode of skeptiko is with Dr Sheldrake, and there are other interviews with him as well.

          • Interesting, but also strange.

            I only know that, in those very rare occasions when it happens, I always remain enchanted with the hope that my eyes will remain like that forever…a sensation of purity.

            • Not so strange,i once took a picture and i came with a brown eye and the other one blue,i assume it was from the effects of negative, but now i dont know what to think maybe we have and underneath blue eye…

          • Polydoros Talin.

            I remember reading about Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and his theory of morphic resonance. I remember also reading that Sheldrake was a fraud and he made the whole theory up. Whats your take on that?

            • Hi svanforts, artusofabio93 and all others interested.

              So-called “sceptics” try to belittle scientific research on NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and psychic abilities (such as remote viewing, astral travel, telepathy, etc.). These “sceptics” often use ad hominem attacks, such as calling a scientist a charlatan. But when one hears both sides in a critical investigation, where both parties are able to speak, then it is clear that psychic abilities etc. actually do exist.

              See especially this episode of skeptiko:

              See also interview number 2 of skeptiko, where Richard Wiseman, perhaps the most prominent “sceptic” in the UK, alongside Richard Dawkins, actually admits that Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s experiments on whether some dogs have psychic abilities did show results that for other, less controversial, fields of science, would have been accepted as showing that there are psychic abilities.

              See also skeptiko interview number 237, in which Dr Patricia Churchland, a well-known, arrogant, loud-mouthed “sceptic”, completely breaks down and admits that she basically knows nothing about consciousness.

              Other interviews on skeptiko are also well-worth checking out.

    • A blue-eyed man and brown-eyed woman can have all blonde blue-eyed children too if the brown-eyed mother had blonde, blue-eyed ancestors. That’s what happened in my family. Of course, I’ve known blonde blue-eyed Jews with every stereotypical Jewish physical feature. So, hair and eyes doesn’t say it all. By that same token, I am pretty curious how exactly any plan for racial hygiene would look.

      • Still,it is very unlikely they will have all blond and blue eyed children,what will probably happen in a case like this is that all children will be born with dark eyes,and light hair,and later,their hair will get darker, darker/worst genes prevail over good genes, my grandfather was blond and blue eyed,my grandmother was brunette with brown eyes,they had 13 children,none of them had blue eyes,but most of them had blond hair.
        My point is,those with lighter hair,and eyes,and with more european features, should not be mixing with those of darker hair,skin,and eyes.
        PS: I have dark hair and eyes.

        • Perhaps you’re right. I really don’t know what the odds are, or exactly how all the variables interact with each other. I wonder, is there a way for fairer Europeans to absorb darker Europeans while still assuredly retaining their fair features and tipping the scale to the fairer side overall?

  11. The first nation is the family, then the race. This is why the cultural marxists or multiculturalists, the enemy of the last things pure and noble in the modern world, want to destroy both. They already pretty much have destroyed the concept of family, a long while ago. Now, their ultimate goal: the race.

    Image is: “Splitting the skull of the enemy” by Danzig Baldaev from ‘Drawings from the Gulag’

    • ThisisEuropa has a great youtube account, and website; plus it’s great to see the mantra throughout the Internet!

    • However, TewdwaR, I have recently read “For My Legionarii” by Corneliu Z. Codreanu. What a man. Pure and Noble as few.

  12. This is especially hard here, in post-communistic areas, were during many decades was done everything possible to destroy the institution of family, kin, tribe, race/nation, specie, and they did it succesfully I must say you, and I tell you (especially) from my own example and what I’ve saw during my short life. I will not give my situation in too much detail(because it will take an infinity of time), but I haven’t never know what is this a family, what is this a love in a family, what’s this to feel the unity through the kinship, and now I’m facing a real problem, how can I make a family if I don’t know what it really is? How can I make a family if the only feeling I was exposed to was hate? What a father will I be if I hadn’t any worthy example to follow? What a husband will I be if I had a dumb cultural marxist weakling slave father lacked of any dignity and not even able to figure his own life?

    Questions, many questions, and a lifetime to figure them out, this is the only legacy I am left with in a an post-communistic acid desert…

    • Don’t worry. The family is the natural state, so when all else fails we return to it instinctively.

      • Although the thing that worries me the most is educating the children, first of all when you do not know how to do this (right) and the other thing is when you are afraid to do this badly, you being not a good example to follow because you haven’t an example to follow yourself, (and especially when hamingja in your kin is under the zero level), it seems like a vicious circle though, although it’s worthy fighting for breaking it…

        • I don’t know how to fix cars either, but today I opened the hood of my car, found the gas leak and fixed it myself anyhow….

          We are able to do much more than we think. We just have very bad self-confidence after the Marxist terror we grew up under. E. g. I am afraid to change oil filter in my car, because I have so bad self-confidence and think I will break everything I touch, but if I just do it I will succeed. The fear is our worst enemy. We can do pretty much anything we want to do.

          ….even marry and have children, and raise them to be good men and women — much better than we are ourselves. Unbroken. Unsoiled. Positive and happy.

          The Hamingja is not ruined by the actions of one or two generations. Our forebears will just hold back all the luck, and save it for those who deserve it. 😉

            • The mainstream media and educational system fill people with dread about how difficult it is being a parent. Though as Harald Eia’s documentaries called “Brainwashing” show (available on youtube), really the parents don’t have to worry tooooo much, as the genetics are so influential. And as children grow up, they will naturally try to form their environment according to their interests and talents.

              • PS: that’s not to say that a Marxist upbringing will not negatively influence a child (e.g. confuse a person and be anti-instinctive); but if the parents have a healthy worldview then I wouldn’t worry too much. 🙂

                • PPS: what seems to be very important, according to studies by evolutionary psychologists, is the children’s peer-group. That’s one reason why it’s so important to know other families who have a healthy worldview.

                  • But remember that children have almost nothing to do with their parents anymore, because they spend most of the time away from them, in kindergarten and school, and when home they spend their time in front of their PCs or TV. Had they spent more time with their parents the parents would of course influence them much more than this research suggests. I am 100% sure that home-schooled children are much more influenced by parents than by peers.

                    • And this is one of the reasons they don’t want home-schooling… it doesn’t ruin or at least seriously degrade the parent-child relationship, like school does.

                    • “But remember that children have almost nothing to do with their parents anymore”
                      That’s a very good point, and I hadn’t figured that into the research.

                      On some related issues: The Amish population is booming and expanding into new territory. I read that when they begin a new settlement, they have at least four families; that is their minimum to have a community, in which they can support each other materially and in terms of friendship and worldview. I’m no fan of the Amish, but it’s just something that I thought I’d bring to the discussion, as maybe they have some strategies that are effective.

                      As we all know, one of the problems in today’s “society” is social-isolation: profound alienation. Actually, even though I haven’t met any of you in person from Thulean Perspective (at least that I’m aware of, and in this present life…), and many of you are an ocean or more distant, I actually feel closer to you in many ways than I do to many in my kin-group.

                      And I’ve been thinking about what you wrote in the article, Varg, and I realise that this ranking of loyalties was the way things were in antiquity. Though aren’t tribes, and even larger divisions such as ethnic groups, an Achilles heel of our greater people? Weren’t we better off without such divisions, when we were all simply, for want of a better word, “Proto-Indo-Europeans”?

                    • To elaborate – I think we Proto-Indo-Europeans were the victims of our own success: by expanding so far, we gained foreign-race slaves, which meant miscegenation, and the geographic distances between our people meant divergence from each other. Indo-Aryan became alienated from Persian-Aryan, and in the West there was also alienation. One of the greatest thinkers of antiquity, Tacitus, admired the Germanics for their purity and freedom; yet even though Tacitus was disgusted by the contemporary Romans, he still promoted Roman conquest of the Germanics(!), because Tacitus identified the Romans as his people, whereas the Germanics were “barbarians”……

                      Likewise, in the modern world, we see how “nationalism” has been a terrible Achilles heel for us: the disastrous brothers’ wars would be unlikely if we behaved like one great proto-Indo-European group,… as we once did, far back in prehistory……

                    • Just a little reminder here, Polydoros Talin: the proro-Indo-European people is just one of many European peoples — and all of them are equally “Aryan” (for lack of a better one-word term).

                      …I see your point though.

          • That’s actually a really good analogy on how the fear of failing at everything is part of the current society. Even if you don’t know if you can fix that leak on your own, the car isn’t going to fall apart just by opening the hood and have a look. Yet so many wont even make that first step.

            I certainly am in a process of unlearning from what society has taught me myself, so I can see where you come from TewdwaR Leukessøn-Lazarius. Fear not though, you are asking questions of your own abilities rather than jumping to conclusions about lacking them. That’s a big step in the right direction 🙂

            Here’s something about the unlearning process that maybe some else can use for something positive. I think I’ve mentioned it before that I’ve been diagnosed with “clinical depression”. The pain is very real, but the disease isn’t! Allow me to elaborate.

            I’m a man that by my nature wants to do good. I will try to fit in even if it goes against my own wishes. It has a self sacrificial edge to it and it’s there the pain part comes in. For many years I was dumb enough to prioritize meaningless things and it slowly wore me down. I was also dumb enough to swallow the lie that something must be wrong with me for feeling miserable about the society I was trying so hard to fit into. Never again am I eating those pills that they gave me!

            What I did was go back to my childhood memories and look for the situations that gave me peace in my mind. A child’s mind isn’t yet polluted and thinks a lot more freely in many ways. My place was in the woods. A good long walk and my mind would start wandering and come up with things I didn’t even know I was asking. Much like listening to Burzum, but I prefer the sound of the wind in beechwood trees 🙂

            As an adult I’ve started repeating that and the answers shows up once again. Every time I free myself from what modern society wants me to think and do I get a little bit healthier. I have in other words curred myself from that made up disease. Well, almost.. That would require a very step decline in the human population hehe 😀

            To stay a bit in the analogy with my near spiritual relation ship with trees, here’s an observation I’ve made. I used to live in Copenhagen and others call it the most beautiful capital in Europe. I’m of a different opinion.. The only time a complete stranger would smile at you, is if they walked around in their own zombie world and nearly bumped into you. An embarrassed smile when they where pulled out of their coma like state.
            If I pass just a single individual while walking in the woods they are always smiling back at me when our paths cross. You suddenly appreciate another human and there’s a bit of kinship between you if for just a short while. You are properly doing those walks for similar reasons.

            Like said, beechwood is my thing. For others it might be mountains or the ocean. It might even be the desert for some, though I doubt they read this blog;)
            Isolate yourself from modern life’s noises and go back to what you forebears saw and all will be clear. That’s what I’ve learned anyway.

          • Fortunately with older cars, most repairs are mostly common sense, and its a lot harder to screw things up. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit.

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    • This is bullshit.

      Yes, 9.4% of all Norwegian women say they have been raped.

      What the other number tells us about though is the ASSAULT rape statistics, and yes: 100% (down to 99% since 2013, I think) of all ASSAULT rapes have been committed by Muslims, but only a small portion of all RAPES are ASSAULT RAPES. So… almost 10% have been raped, but most of them by their friends, at parties, when everyone involved were drunk. Many of those rapes too were by Muslims, but still: not even close to 10% of Norwegian women have been raped by Muslims.

      Oh, and the header of the website you link to us very tasteless. That bimbo is a very bad example for European women. She looks like and dress like a slut.

      So they promote looking like a slut as being good for European women, and they spread disinformation.

      Who runs that website?

      • don’t you mean a small portion of all rapes ‘aren’t’ assault rapes,Varg? just got confused there sorry lol

        • No. I mean what I said: only a small portion of all the rapes are assault rapes. Most rapes are NOT assault rapes.

      • I want to hear your opinion and I also do not believe in these statistics. Such as the Croats exaggerated for Serbian women whose were reportedly raped in large numbers by the Ottoman Empire. But that is a lie. The fact is that European nations will go as Serbs in Kosovo, and it will happen very soon.

        I do not know who owns this website.

        • The problem I face is that I see so many lies and exaggerations that in the end I see only lies and exaggerations…

          In other words: I no longer trust ANYTHING I read or hear. I automatically assume that it’s a lie, or at best an extreme exaggeration. Unless I see it with my own eyes, I don’t believe in it. :-/

      • Agree Varg, it is a strange website. Apart from the bimbo with plastic boobs, the comment section is full of trolls, time-wasters, blacks bragging about the size of their thingie, turks posing as germans, wasting my time in discussions and what really put me of was their T-shirt section, where they sell-or sold – a smiley type Hitler saying “Nazi, just do it”, as a joke with the Nike commercial. It made me suspicious of this site, it might be joo-run, and seems to pick its articles right of the “Daily Stormer” -website. Still, the dailystormer had some alarming numbers on swedish girls getting raped as well. Would you say this is disinformation too? I do hope it is, because even one in ten is bloody unacceptable, wouldn’t you say? If only one muslim girl got raped by a white, they would set Stockholm or Malmö on fire again, for a week or so, and what is the white mans’ reaction to these figures? None whatsoever. I am not going to start a riot any time soon, and all the others do not even know, as the news is censored the minute it is aired. One minute there is a story about a minor girl having been repeatedly gang-raped by “teens”, on the bloody PLAYGROUND,next the story disappears alltogether, never to be heard about ever again, giving me more than just a clue about the nationality of the aformentioned teens
        Your article is touchingly true, but home-schooling is illegal in Holland, and as I am just a simple “lønnsklave”, I would not be able to homeschool them, alas. My children are prone to internet-filth unfortunately, as kids in school have smart phones on them. It has been manageble so far, but I fear the near future .But your way is the way to go, just keep promoting the positive aspects of our traditional European and pagan culture, it is all we can do. I read a lot of the negative stuff as well, but in the end, it tends to get me down. Heil Wotan, lets keep our heads and spirits up.

      • Looks like they could be / are affiliated with the National Alliance. They are a US organization, which used to be associated with Dr. William Pierce, but now I don’t know. If they are using skin-tight clothing and slutty schoolgirl outfits on women to try and get people to pay attention to their cause, sounds a bit questionable to me…

  14. Hei

    Jeg skrev en mail til deg på fremmedehenvendelser, men kom på at jeg mente å ha lest at du ikke leste mailen som kom dit. Mailen handlet om runer og skriftspråk. Jeg kunne selvsagt ha lett etter en annen mail.adr. eller sendt den til kona di, men har vel bestemt meg for om det skal være så vanskelig, kan det være det samme.

    Om du synes det er tull, er det helt greit, men det ville være dumt om du ville synes det var interessant, men aldri hadde lest det, så derfor sier jeg i fra her.

    PS kommentaren behøver ikke publiseres for min del, men du gjør som du vil.

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  16. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to live by a “to each his own” style philosophy. We’re seeing governments in power that openly despise people being independent from them.

    A great example is the German family who had their children taken away forcibly in a raid last year. Their only crime was home schooling their children. It’s completely illegal in Germany. I wouldn’t be surprised if more European countries follow them soon.

  17. Nietzsche spoke of marriage in a very eloquent way. Now, the question whether everyone should be cultivating parenthood and offspring and I believe that some of us might have a different task to carry out in this world, a different mission if we can call it that way. Especially when one recognizes that in one’s lineage the spiritual malaise is too high to be extended onto the next generation.Maybe a more Platonic approach, but then would it become a brave new world? A question lingering in my head but I regard self-doubt a way to understand oneself.

    Edited, sorry.

  18. Nietzsche spoke of marriage in a very eloquent way. Now, the question whether everyone should be cultivating parenthood and offspring and I believe that some of us might have a different task to carry out in this world, a different mission if we can call that way. Especially when one recognizes that in one’s lineage the spiritual malaise is too high to be extended onto the next generation.Maybe a more Platonic approach, but then would it become a brave new world? Question lingering in my head but I regard self-doubts a way to understand oneself.

  19. The idea of the nuclear family is the most hated unit of socio-cultural existence to the Marxists. It is the greatest form of greed to the Marxist; that of a cohesive unit that only cares for the well-being of it’s immediate members. It is the most despised form of relationships that the Marxists know. They do not want the people to have a sense of identity or pride. Only for themselves.They want everybody to feel a sense of obligation and multicultural unity with all races and cultures, no matter how severe the differences are. This is why they do everything in their massive influence to try to undermine, subvert and ultimately destroy traditional family values. They know that a strong family unit is infinitely stronger than a population without it’s own native culture.

    • The people I’ve known that come from broken families are generaly super-leftist. I guess it is hard to appreciate what you’ve never had. It’s no surprise the solution they come up with to their own family issues is a bigger state. “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

      • The state simply replaces the family. Why have a mother and a father when you can have a million colored mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers?

      • I’m from a broken family of super-leftists(or better to say post-homo-sovieticus slaves) and haven’t observed at myself to have any pro-left disabilities, although it might be just another exception case. And yes, it’s really hard to appreciate what you’ve never had, but it also happens that when you lose something (trivial and natural at first glance) you appreciate it much much more, and it might also to turn into the only dream of your life.

  20. Essentially, our grandparents, and moreso our parents’ generation was offered a very nice settlement package for their compliance. The terms of acceptance for this package is to essentially remain quiet while a new social order is implemented. This involves the slavery of their children into the service sector, and the elimination of their seed by way of race-mixing, birth control, or just the lack of environment to have one feel motivated towards having children. There is really not much further down to go. Once the seed is gone, YOU are gone.

    ” In Upsal’s town the cruel king
    Slaughtered his sons at Odin’s shrine —
    Slaughtered his sons with cruel knife,
    To get from Odin length of life.
    He lived until he had to turn
    His toothless mouth to the deer’s horn;
    And he who shed his children’s blood
    Sucked through the ox’s horn his food.
    At length fell Death has tracked him down,
    Slowly, but sure, in Upsal’s town.”

    • I actually respect my grandparent generation to some degree. They actually worked hard and were mindful people (though perhaps were duped or didn’t end up supporting the right causes). The parent generation however are completely hopeless. Really quite lazy. I think of them as the Great Whiners. 70’s “counter-culture” alien ideas ruined their brains.

      • My grandparents were way better too, and much more family oriented. Although this even ended up being exploited to work against the family too. For example, a grandmother who raises a child so a mother can work even if she doesn’t need to. I think you’re right that they didn’t support the right causes(or did, but not strongly enough) and ultimately had no clue where all their passivity would lead.

  21. One problem I see in the future for those of us who wish to see Europe survive, is that are very few women amongst us. I’d wager over 90 per cent of those who read Thulean Persepctive on a regular basis are male. How are we to go back to the ways of our ancestors without many good women to marry?

  22. Spot on right! Like we have talked about via email. It goes against the natural law “to hug the world and hold everyone’s hand”. It is not how the natural world works, it goes against all that is natural and what is meant to be! The liberals live in this obscene fantasy of “hug the world”. It will NEVER EVER happen! If it did, this world would be a massive killing field as the opposite races and peoples are not meant to peacefully co-exist!

    “The natural law is tooth and claw, all else is error!”

  23. About the situation in Ukraine in my Polish perspective:

    What I see now in Poland is a bit of unease, but in the regions closer to East one can feel it (e.g. people are more nervous, drivers pay even less attention to those who walk, etc.). Everything is controlled by the media. Capital city and the western parts of my country seem to be oblivious in their everyday lives, as they are too hypnotized/ addicted to their slavery. Only some are a bit more inquisitive and want to know who are “those rich” who killed the poor in “this financially battled country (which is dangerous economically too, in a longer perspective)”; that only a few months ago was so close to join our “Great, Glorious and Shiny, Buildings-erasing EU” or “who are those who destroyed that pretty city centre of Kyiv”. As you see, this interest is only in pure materialism- number of kills, money, etc. That is a battle scar of Communism, which uncured evolved into the ulcer of Capitalism- a true social gangrene. Majority of people seem to think about the past 2 years or future 1 month. Some might want to know “alternative truth” about the real Them (which are behind the wheel in Poland), however the reality might become very tough before the awakening comes. Long and crooked will be the way to free Polonia, Slavonia & Evropa.
    Polish writers tend to write that one has to treat his own fatherland as he does his woman. The interpretations vary..

    Chwała Polanie! Chwała Welowie! Chwała Varg! Chwała Evropa!

    P.S. The movie You made is a pure craftman’s art. I’ll try to spread the word to friends as it’s easy to understand the essential message even without being very good at English- only with the senses and imagination (the same as Burzum). Thank You!

    • Incidentally, the Ukrainian “nationalists” recently made ​​with the intentions to take away from their former territories of Poland. Poland’s rulers many years washed the head of western Ukraine, pitting them against Russia and Belarus, and now those who have claims against Poland itself)))

      • Since a couple of decades (since 1936 when Józef Piłsudski died), Polish politicians are all but traitors, useful idiots and/ or not Polish at all. The current prime minister of Poland once said that ‘Polishness is abnormality’. The Polish leaders are the most contemptible sorts of people…
        – Good Morning, Gentlemen!
        – We are not Gentlemen. The Gentlemen were killed in Katyn.

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    • If I recall correctly, that would either be (Norse) Heil Frigg, or (proto-Nordic) HailaR Frijjo. 😉

      In fact, I think the feminine form of “HailaR” must be “Haila”… because in Norse it’s just “Heil” (masculine “heill”, neutral “heilt”), so there is no double l turning into a -laR ending.

      So I guess it should be “Haila Frijjo”, but if anyone knows better than me, please do correct me.

      If I only knew proto-Nordic fluently…

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