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First of all some music to set the mood.  

We already know that we live in a world not walking, but running willingly into the abyss, high on consumer goods and entertainment.

So how can we bail out, do the right thing and actually survive instead – while the dregs of humanity (i. e. the vast majority…) jump off that cliff and get crushed on the sharp rocks below?

One of the most important properties we have is our blood. If everything else fails it really doesn’t matter as long as we have our blood intact. You might think I am talking about racial purity here, and sure I am, but I am actually mainly talking about individual human quality. If the world is going down the drain you personally might do well in life anyhow, if you have a sharp mind and a good health – and an equally healthy partner that can father or give birth to your equally healthy children.

A good health is achieved by:

I. Don’t take any vaccines. They only break down your immune system and leave you a broken human being.

II. Don’t eat food with preservatives, aluminium-based dyes or other poison in them. Buy as much food directly from the producers – and only buy from ecological and small farms. Never eat ‘industrial’ food.

III. Use your body as nature intended. Don’t lift weights: instead work and walk much. If you wish to work out use your body as the weight: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.

IV. Don’t surround yourself with many plastic items or painted walls. They poison the air you breathe in…

V. Live in houses made of massive wood or natural stones. Glue (found in most other materials) poison the air you breathe in…

VI. Live in a rural environment where they don’t use many pesticides.

VII. Live a simple life, with as few modern “improvements” as possible.

A sharp mind is achieved by:

I. Stay away from school and turn off your TV (in fact: throw the TV in the bin, where it belongs). Ignore everything the government tells you to do, or better: do the opposite! They are not our friends anymore.

II. Stay away from the universities. They are indoctrination camps designed to remove the last bit of resistance you may have in you to their lies, after all that time in school.

III. Read about and learn to understand Stoicism.

IV. Always take the hardest and most difficult path to the objective: you learn more by doing so.

V. Live a place were you can see the stars at night.

VI. Be autodidact when you can (and you can most of the time!).

VII. Know your gender and don’t try to be something you are not (and all feminists should read that advice a few times at least…).

How to get life-worthy children:

I. Get a partner who looks like you (i. e. who is of the same sub-species).

II. Get a partner with good natural (!) teeth, nice natural skin and beautiful natural hair. The teeth, skin and hair says a lot about a person’s general health and thus about his/her genetic makeup.

III. Get a wife who didn’t take P-pills when she chose you: the pills ruin her ability to tell whether or not you are a good partner (i. e. a genetic good match) for her. Women “on the pill” are basically like bats without a radar. They have no clue and repeatedly “bump into” anything and anyone… (*yuk*) If you are a woman get off the pill asap – and if you don’t you belong in the crowd running into the abyss!

IV. Get a partner that smells good naturally. If he/she does you are a good genetic match. NB! This does not work for women on the pill or who is using some other similar prevention. See III.

IV. Get a partner who doesn’t smoke. If he/she smokes he/she has a weak character that your children might inherit. The same is of course the case for drugs and alcohol abuse.

V. If a man find a feminine and beautiful wife, if a woman a masculine, brave and tough man.

I could have added more to these lists, but I think you get the picture.

Most of mankind is going down the drain as we speak, okay, but let them… just make sure that you don’t follow them. Whatever the rest of mankind does really doesn’t matter. Let them. If they wish to live in sewers, in cages cramped together with all sorts of creatures, then fine: let them. But just make sure you don’t! If they wish to expose themselves to all the depravity and degeneration our world has to offer, fine: let them! You just have to make sure that you don’t get exposed to the same! If they wish to degrade themselves and turn their kin into sub-human weaklings, fine: let them! Just make sure you do the opposite! If they want to become or remain human cattle, fine: let them! Just make sure you don’t turn into the same or remain the same.

The Future of the European Majority:

emilie-the-most-precious-handicapped-girl-painterartist-fins-husband-maestro Robert-Lenkiewicz

PS. Don’t worry. They will not survive the coming fall of civilization. Expect to find their bones pilled up in the ruins that used to be cities… 

The filth of our world is washing over us like was it a tidal wave, and we can fight it if we wish, but if we do we will lose. The tidal wave will then simply crush us, smash us into walls and destroy us, before it washes our lifeless bodies back into the vast biblical sea of degeneration, from whence it all came. Instead we should just step aside and let it wash away all those who don’t. Instead we should take a few steps up the hill, and sit there in peace and quiet until it is all over. There will be only ruins left down below, devastation caused by the tidal wave, but so what? We have our European blood intact and can therefore start anew anytime. No problem. I will fell no tear for this modern Sodom. The world will be a better place when it falls. *spit*

HailaR WôðanaR!

The Future of the European Minority (i. e. the Survivors of the coming Fall of Civilization)!


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  2. I also got vaccinated as a child, and being a teenager now vaccines are still provided. I wonder that, my body already being affected by vaccines, if it is in my best interest to not get vaccinated anymore. Wouldn’t I be asking something of my body that it couldn’t handle anymore?
    Also, I would never be able to convince my parents of giving me a home-education and it’s to late for that anyway. Self-education, concerning schools and scholarships, is not allowed at my age. Are there alternatives?

  3. Thats a great simply wisdom!If you don’t mind,I would like to post it in Russian on my wall in VK.Everyone should know and understand this…

  4. Varg,

    You fail to realize that many of these things are unavoidable (For me at least). As a teenager, vaccines are required. I cannot refuse them. School is mandatory. University is encouraged, and I’ll most likely end up going. In this twisted world, since I’m an American, if I ever wish to move to Europe, I need to attend college. Otherwise, I’m stuck in America the rest of my life…

    My only hope of ever getting into Europe is through college, or marrying a European woman. My body is already polluted and twisted (I live in the most polluted city in the world. No choice). Only my mind remains pure… Hopefully it will stay pure, and I have time to get to Europe.

    • Hey brother I wouldn’t be so gung ho in trying to move to Europe. Yes America is awash in political correctness, anti-white racism, black crime and violence, and the ever growing Zionist control over our heads…but so is Europe. At least in America we still have free speech (at least in theory) and we still have the right to bear arms. Europe will soon be so overrun with muslims and Africans that white Europeans will soon be an alien minority in their own country. Sad but true. We must not abandon America but instead fight to the death to release the grip of the Jewish hand that is squeezing the life out of lady liberty. As for school do what you must to get good grades while teaching fellow students the real truth of history and current events. Never stop spreading around information, we must awaken our dormant European blood!! KEEP FIGHTING BROTHER!

  5. Although i agree with you on most subjects, your opinion on weight-lifting being “unnatural” just plain wrong. Quite contrary weight-lifting is THE european form of exercise and cisel the god out of your body.

    1) In the old times to be a sailor, you’d have to be insanely strong. Oarsmen were the strongest people there were. They did heavy-duty weight-lifting in a certain sense, so there’s nothing wrong with cable-pulls, dumbbell rows etc.

    2) It is commonly known, that e.g. in Iceland (and thus we can assume in the whole germanic world) the warriors did really heavy-duty lifting with large stones etc.
    The body-building term for “picking up a very heavy object” – this you need to do in every fight – is DEADLIFTING. It can’t get any more natural and practical. Bodyweight exercises may help IF (and thats a BIG IF) you have enough body-weight (muscle-mass of course) to challenge your muscles hard enough. You don’t get e.g. huge arms from bodyweight-exercises, sorry but it’s not going to happen.

    3) Heavy weight lifting doing basic exercises like deadlifts, chin-ups, barbell-rows etc. mixed with some sprinting or obstacle running is the best way to get an above-average physique.
    The whole view on long-distance running is just BS in my opinion, i’ll explain why i came to this conclusion: We, the germanic people, lived (still live) in the lands of forests, mountains and rivers. The great steppe ends somewhere in Romania/Hungary. We are no Aithiopians, neither do we live in the great steppe, there’s just no point in running 30km straight at slow pace. When our forebears needed to go from A to B they used boats on rivers and seas, because walking 100km through dense forest is a pain in the arse.

    Just look at pictures both from marathon or other long distance-runners and compare them to sprinters.

    • Sure, you might be right.

      …and I lift weights myself. 🙂 Only not in a gym. And I prefer push-ups, pull-ups and such.

      • The famous Charles Atlas, inventor of the bullworker, used dynamic tension I.e. body weight exercise, to develop his marvellous, classical “Olympian” physique. When one’s own body weight is insufficient, employ the additional weight of a partner e.g. try push ups with your child on your shoulders or sit ups whilst being restrained – methods tried and tested by warriors for thousands of years.

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  8. Hello Varg, could you please tell me your alternative to shampoo? It ruins my hair. Dries it all and ends up giving me dandruff (I’m a clean man) of quite long hair

  9. Varg, did you get vaccinated as a child? I grew up in Skien in Telemark and we did not have a choice, I remember bawling my eyes out and the nurse held me down and did it anyway.

    • I am yes, so I get often sick. My children are not, so they are very healthy and almost never get sick.

      • I have the same problem, i try to live healthy and eat right ( organic foods and I bake my own bread) and exercise, taking long hikes in the woods of Norway ( the ones who Are still left that is ) but I still keep getting sick. At least I got a good head on my shoulders.
        Thanks for the reply.
        Thulean pride

  10. I think there are several good points in this post. Especially staying away from drugs and highly processed foods is recommendable.

    Lifting weights however, as part of a more balanced work out, is without a doubt excellent for building strength. I dont find the argument convincing, that one should abstain from it, because it is “unnatural”. Lifting dumbbells is not more unnatural than say, doing pull-ups. I would however advise people to supplement with cardiovascular workout. Endurance is perhaps even more important healthwise than building strenght.
    And it goes without saying, that one should stay away from steroids.

    In general, doing sports is a good activity that strengthens body and mind. And for many people, doing hard physical labour on a regular basis is not a practical option, so sports are a fine substitute.

    I would however not recommend people to stay away from universities. It is not practically possible for many people to drop out of society and live as peasants or hunter/gatherers.
    We unfortunately live in a modern world, where it is necessary to make ends meet by having a job. If you dont have an education of some sort in todays world, then chances are that you will be cleaning toilets or other forms of lowpaid service type of job in the long run.

    It is possible to learn a craftmanship instead, but not all people are cut out to do this type of associated job. If you are more academically inclined and like reading books, I really cant see why one should not go to university. Unless that is, that it will indebt you for many years to come.
    Still I would choose a degree that is more employable. Technical degrees or natural science. Fields that also are prone to far less political indoctrination compared to the humanities.

    And realistically, if you want to become a doctor or engineer, there really is no way out of going to a university.
    It sounds great to be an autodidact. A true free spirit. But when you are looking for employment, you will most likely just come across as a low-skill type of person.

    The bottom line is; if you like studying, then go to university. But choose wisely, and dont let it impoverish you.

  11. I’ve just been looking for information about measles vaccination, here in UK recommended for babies just after they turn 1 year old. This is what I found at Ontario Ministry of Health website: ”Measles is a serious infection. It causes high fever, cough, rash, runny nose and watery eyes.”

    Oh no- cough and WATERY EYES- we will all die 😉

    However, does anybody know anything about the factual risks of measles causing other, more serious illnesses like pneumonia, encephalitis or meningitis?

  12. I’d also add to the list of harmonious living: avoiding wireless internet connections, when possible use simple cable internet to avoid unnecessary electric pollution and other adverse effects of WIFI (such as it can reduce sperm activity)
    The same advice applies also to pretty much every electronic device: unpower it once not needed.

  13. The utopian world of independence, without lies and oppression, this is certainly good. But life is a struggle, a struggle kills the weak and strong makes stronger in the end, the weak will die anyway, whether on his side lie, treachery, deceit or deception… its end was predictable… the Current severe world contributes to the thinking of those who want to think and closes the eyes of those who do not want to think. In the world of good and balance” with no enemies people will become vulnerable. For example animals do not have natural enemies in Australia, have lost all their skills, and for many species it was fatal. People were brought to Australia rats and cats, who exterminated the entire population, the misfits birds and marsupials

  14. I wouldn’t marry a woman who smokes. It would hurt the child while pregnant and through passive smoking, and its very unattractive. I do smoke casually, but when and if I get a child I will quit the habit. Same with alcohol, hurts the child while pregnancy. Woman should be intelligent enough to protect the child she carries, from herself too.

    • Clearly there’s a difference between someone who smokes a cigar on a rare occasion and someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. I’m pretty sure we’re in the same boat as far as tobacco and alcohol goes. I had an ex that tried to convince me that Vikings were potheads, I would also like to point out that I’m calling her my ex.

        • It is sad how modernists try to use the past to justify their current behaviour. The appeal to tradition is a strong one. The irony is that the modernists hate tradition yet try to use the past to justify their habits ”the Romans encouraged in adultery so it’s OK for us” ”The Greeks practised abortion so it’s OK for us” ”The ancient Germans and Celts were high as kites so it’s OK for us” ”Our ancestors were immigrants therefore we have to accept all who come” and on and on and on….

  15. As for training methods I;d recommend kettlebells to anyone. Gives you a good all over workout and can be done in a shorter space of time as opposed to going from station to station in a gym.

    Smashing tyres with a sledgehammer, excellent core workout and great fun.

    Carrying barrels full of water, great for endurance.

    • It’s interesting you mention smashing tyres with a sledgehammer- this is what I was doing with my husband, except we didn’t have a sledgehammer so we used my battle axe (we also jumped through a stream and run for short distances in intervals). Then I noticed I was pregnant and I quit the battle axe exercise because I didn’t want to harm the baby. Most importantly, since I had my son I have noticed that the very best exercise for a woman is looking after her children- carrying a baby who grows larger and heavier every week is a perfectly balanced ”exercise plan” which shapes the whole body and makes it both thinner and stronger. I also recommend family sword fighting and family boxing- I’ll never forget our son’s first ”real” laughter- when I accidentally got hit in the head by my husband’s sword (and since then he laughs every time he sees his mum getting hit, one way or the other ;P ).

      • Lovely :p

        I can vouch for carrying babies. I like to fling my 2 year old around when we play together, he loves it, he’s only a small child but even the, his weight is like throwing a kettlebell around. I think mothers always developed good strength from carrying their children around. And a dozen backs of shopping at the same time 😛

        I’ll teach my boy how to box as soon as I can, plus the basics of other martial arts I know, like Judo, Jujitsu, kickboxing. He’ll have a head start on other kids before he starts taking lessons that way.

        And yes, the chopping motion of an axe is just as good as a sledgehammer, great for building grip strength too,

  16. One of the best posts ever. Its worthy of a second and third read. My dad threw a big ass TV in the dumpster when I was a kid. I admire him for that now.

  17. Modern Europeans are in their majority living dead.As a hard practicer of hiking in woods and nature,I tried many times to take some people with me who pretended to be interested by that.I will never do that again.The modern man is drugged by the urban life,too lazy to cook food himself,and too lazy to walk.Everything must be easy and quick;thanx to the USA for their degenerated cultural invasion,especially through fast-food and “plastic pop culture”.About indoor sports,it’s for me pure modern shit.The archetypal of the modern man’s enslavement:a gay job the week(like banker or teacher)and body-building or fitness the week-end.Modern,urban,anti-traditional.I’ve by far more admiration for the peasant always wake up at 5.00 AM to feed his cows.Only physical exertion through nature deserve to be praised.

  18. Great article, that’s indeed one of the most useful you have ever wrote.
    But about food I’ve always been very paranoid.. It is a so much delicate and difficult argument I can’t really understand which would be a good choice about it. For example, avoiding industrial food is not enough.. Unfortunately, in some zones there are also contaminated lands in which some farmers let their products to grow, and we eat them, which are dangerous as much as any industrial food (if not even more). How can we fight so much hidden threats in modern food? How can we be sure we are eating natural and healthy stuff?

    P.S.: I don’t know if someone already asked you it, but.. Why don’t you write a deeper post about food and the diet an European man should follow? That would be enormously interesting.

  19. I’ll mention this as it does seem very relevant, people should look up if they are not aware recently the two recent cases of Romani abduction of children in the media, one in Greece, one in Ireland, conveniently within the same week, and, guess what, they claim DNA “evidence” shows that they do belong to Roma parents. Roma can’t give birth to blonde, blue eyed children! But oh wait, it’s “just a skin colour”, right? And blonde hair is a “modern mutation”…

    Admittedly they have shown no pictures of the one in Ireland, but why would people report it if she is Roma? A Roma child would look like one, so wouldn’t arouse any suspicion…

    • See the pictures of the kidnappers? They’re disgusting! There’s no way such mongrels could give birth to a blonde-blue girl. I can’t believe the media would have the nerve to assert that.
      I pity the real families of those girls.

      • No, you see, the bizarre thing is they claimed DNA evidence showed they weren’t her parents (do you really need DNA proof?…), now they claim she belongs to Bulgarian Romani parents instead. Why would gypsies kidnap other gypsies? Do they really expect us to believe this crap? Poor kids, she must have been so hopeful she’d be reunited with her real parents, now she;ll just be moved to another gypsy camp to have her life ruined…

      • She’s clearly not Albino, it’s easy to tell the difference. Not just in facial structure but around the eyes and in the hair colour too – her hair is blonde, if she were Albino it would be white.

        It sounds like she;ll end up in a foster home anyway, as despite their efforts Greek social services kicked up about the idea of just moving her from one gypsy camp to another…

  20. Vaccines are horrible for animals as well. A pet cat died after being vaccinated when I was a child.
    How can one safely remove paint from walls and what can it be replaced with?

    • “How can one safely remove paint from walls and what can it be replaced with?”

      Do you know what kind of wall paint was used for your flat/house? Not all paints are health hazards, only those which contain preservatives like formaldehyde.

      You don’t need to remove the paint from your walls. Simply overcoat your existing layer of paint with a non hazardous one (like mineral based paint).

  21. I wanted to ask, if new species appear in result of species mixing then why is it bad? It seems to be natural thing.

    • It is not natural. The result is always worse and mixing between species only happens in unnatural and extreme situations — like in cages (and towns…).

  22. I would like to discuss the point about universities. Being a student myself (Folkloristics), I definitely don´t have the feeling of being indoctrinated in any way, shape or form. I would rather say that that such studies can contribute to the spiritual/intellectual fulfillment of man and bring much to the one willing to study. of course, it might be different in areas such as gender studies or economics where there are much outside influences at work but I would say that universities can be good overall.

    Also I find it strange to hear that from someone who himself attended university (and was probably not brainwashed in the process).

    • Had I not attended the university you would have said that I don’t know what I talk about because I have never been there…

      • Come on, this would be the level zero of argumentation, that´s not what I want. I just do believe that it is indeed possible to learn interesting/important things at the university. I feel like l-most of the things I´ve learnt at school until he age of 18 were quite useless (bar Art and Art History) but on the contrary I have learnt quite a lot of things at the university (which are, to be fair, surely of no use in the modern world).

        I think most intelligent people (that is, a minority of those attending university) can clearly see propaganda where it lays and can use what´s learnt to good use. You surely cannot mean that all the universities of the whole world have only meant ill do you ?

        • Check out who funds every single big university in the world. UEA in England is owned by World Bank, for example.

    • I attended university for one year and emerged relatively unscathed… it became clear to me in that year just what the procedure and the purpose of the whole exercise really is and that I didn’t want that for myself. I think there are a few who come to the same conclusion, many others who think, “I can just hold my nose and get through it long enough to get my degree,” and still many more who go through the system like cattle to the slaughter and who love every minute of it. The whole “school spirit” thing was particularly disturbing to me. It never did and still doesn’t make any sense why people go along with that chanting and nonsense…

      • It’s a tough situation. Even though I hate colleges and everything they stand for, working at McDonald’s for the rest of my life isn’t exactly ideal either. The option of picking up a trade is always there, but who’s to say if it can make you enough money to survive. There’s no such thing as freedom these days.

      • Yes, ”school spirit” and constant group work which teaches you nothing except of how to be a part of a group, and which is supposed to be more entertaining than educational. Well, for me it wasn’t even entertaining, I felt like I was a part of some enormous joke being played on humanity. So I switched to part-time home-based studies- much better but still, after a few years, I can confirm that organised education,in general, is pointless.

      • They created us money; throu it they were able to program our lifestyle and limited it from progressing to what’s already natural to be.like old tribes, ancient Greece, were their knowledge throu nature. Philosophy, mind and meditation. Clear from filthy system..

        Most of the population today, their gaol….school,collage and then unversity “which now they ganna be owned by bank for “student loan” MONEY, were “they can just hold their nose and get throu it long enough to get a degree” then find job throu this whatever “degree” they put themselves into! I bet most of unverstiy pple they hate their job becuz they wanted a whatever degree to go throu this process, now I don’t see all this, is a natural lifestyle, do you? So that’s why we don’t see tr00 philosophers nowadays and such lifestyle as we see filthy scientists “the degree guys” their mission is supporting the lies of freemasonry the creators of the new god unfortunately “money”

  23. Very inspiring. I am exactly on school reading this. Made me reflect, amongst other things, about the evil doctrination they do in places like this. I’m lucky because I have an european and prepared mind against the zionist teachings that they spread in school (lies against Adolf Hitler, pagans, about how good communism is).
    But unlike me, I see many other students that believe and trust the lies teached in the classroom.

    • well he never said that “lifting weights is bad” he only said that it’s good if you don’t do it 🙂

      • In some cases it can be pretty harmful. It’s not natural. The way bodybuilders use muscle hypertrophy in barbell training isn’t observed by physiologists as useful, instead it restricts your mobility and breathing. Also, their is a increased risk of injury or long term stress on the joints. Functional strength that can be achieved by outdoor labor or calisthenics is more rational. I believe that’s where he is coming from.

        • And you care about what psychozionists have to say about that?
          Their god is Sigmund Freud, so not a word to waste about what they think…
          And you go into extreme by using a bodybuilder example.

          • I believe you switched physiologists with psychologists. The former observe the functioning of organisms, organs etc…, and the later the mental functions and behaviour.

  24. very interesting post. There is a lot of food for thought in it and it will take a long exegesis to comprehend it. However, in the article there is an emphasis on finding one’s ideal woman adhering to a certain vision of the world and such. I have lived quite a long life but in these parts of the world those women are extremely rare and difficult to identify. I have frequented even those so-called pagan/political circles but in the end the women were there purely for a personal fantasy desire about those dangerous radical men. It’s a truly like seizing the Holy Grail, a mere illusion maybe. My admiration is immense for those who have succeeded in encountering the true love of one’s life. But as we all know the struggle goes on…

  25. Health III made me think about Pilates. Unlike weight lifting (which basically shortens your muscles), Pilates lengthens your muscles and improves muscle endurance and flexibility. Pilates primarily focuses on strengthening the core of your body (abdomen, back, hips, etc) which most workouts tend to forget. It really improves my fitness and strength!

  26. I agree with the smoking part, I hate frenchkissing an ash tray haha. Oh well, the amount of people who think and feel as we do is so little. I recently stopped drinking and smoking. I rarely did both anyway, mostly on weekend, and I never really liked it but society dictates that that is ”fun” and ”hip”.

    But, I have been smoking pipe once or twice a week, for the past 4 years and I gotta say it is great. For once, pipe tobacco is much closer to its natural state than the chemically ridden cigarette tobacco. Also, my heart rate is lower, my teeth are better (claimed by my dentist, who thought I had quit cigarette smoking) but most important I feel relaxed and at peace. To each his own, I guess

    • I Alex, I hate to tell you this but tobacco is tobacco – it is all grown the same way. Cigars get the full leaves, pipes usually have blends & the tobacco is often fresher and not “mince cut” as cigarette tobacco is. The only way to ensure you get tobacco that is not chemically ridden with chemicals like fomaldehyde and arsenic is to grow your own. You would have to check the laws in your country before doing so tho.

  27. Sure; griffin speaks up about it, but doesent actually want to do anything about it. If the BNP are going to play at the ‘parlimentary politics’ game, then they will remain subordinate to zion. Griffins father is also Britains longest serving freemason, and we all know who freemasons serve and worship 😉

    • Hello again Marc. Look, i’m not trying to diminish your view of Griffin, the inert politics that cloud the BNP is something you will you inevitably find out about for yourself. I’ve been involved in nationalist groups, both political and paramilitary for the past 15 years, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that Odalism is THE only way forward for our folk; and by ‘folk’, I do not mean ‘anybody with white skin’, because the vast majority of our enemies, as Odalists in Europe, have white skin. They are the dumbed down peasants that cling to a belief in parlimentary democracy, the airheads that make compromises for the sake of cultural popularity, the traitors that have compromised everything, even their true European spirit, for the sake of ‘fitting in’ with planet zion. When I say ‘folk’, I mean those of us who can hear the call of the blood memory, those of us who not only remain loyal to our ancestry, but see exactly where the future is heading. I think your idea of writing a book on Odalism is very positive, and I wish you well in your endeavors. Heil Evropa! 🙂

      • They could never ban Odalism. They have been trying to destroy paganism for over 2000 years, and have achieved little more than marginalising it; and they had to completely dumb down the vast majority of the non pagan peoples in order to do that much. Paganism can never be destroyed, simply because it is in synchronicity with nature; she is our ally! I would vote only for a genuine populist NS party; nothing else will do for me i’m afraid. We’ve yet to experience anything ‘genuine’ in Britain, on a parlimentary level. Perhaps the only authentic ‘movement’, was David Myatt’s ‘Reichsfolk’ from the mid 90’s onwards, and even they had the sense to abandon parlimentary politics and the false democracy of the voting system. Maybe something genuine will spring up; maybe WE need to create this possiblity for ourselves 😉 Heil!

    • Here’s just a start of some of the antics Griffin has got up to


      And there’s plenty more. Remember his idiotic performance on Question Time aswell?

      He just wants the BNP as his own little club to keep him and his family financially secure. Believe me Marc if he ever saw you as a ‘problem’ in anyway he’d stamp on you like a bug. Almost everyone falls out with Nick Griffin at some point.

  28. Sorry for this maybe stupid question, but should race mixed people then get married to other raced mixed people? I saw a danish woman in the train yesterday holding hands with an african male who couldnt even speak english, I pity her for the things that will come from that.

    • Ideally, interracial people shouldn’t procreate at all. This is not some irrational conclusion but based on rationality. There are many studies (see heret and here) which show us that racially mixed people are more likely to become sick and to develop mental diseases in their lifetime. This group of people is also prone to manic depression (bipolar disorder)

      Bi-racial children are almost always very unhappy about their situation because they don’t know where they belong. That’s why most of them take part in one of those degenerate sub-cultures that we have today (drug-addicts, pop-culture, hedonism, egalitarianism, leftists etc…). Just take a look at the USA. They have so many sub-cultures and most of the people who belong to one of them are almost always bi-racial

      It all comes down to how much they are racially mixed though. In my opinion, first generation bi-racial people shouldn’t have children.

      Race mixing should be considered as a form of child abuse if you ask me.

      • “It all comes down to how much they are racially mixed though. In my opinion, first generation bi-racial people shouldn’t have children.”

        Of course, the same goes for 2nd, 3th, 4th… generation of bi-racial people. It’s really hard to say when someone can be classified as a European. This has to be determined individually.

          • it doesn’t matter if some is 1/8, 1/4, 1/32, a Bastard is always gonna be a Bastard. Hybridization is one of the biggest problems this world is facing now, with Races, food(GMO’s), and animals.

        • The offspring of bi-racials are an unfortunate lot – because they are hybrids – neither the race of their mother or their father. No race wants to claim them really – so they become nationalistic as many of the governments welcome their “diversity”, and image of a functional “multicultural” society. But it isn’t, it is bastardisation of the races.

        • Does this mean that you yourself would feel fine mixing with a 5th generation bi-racial person? I know you said ideally they should not procreate at all. Personally, I would tend to think they should be sterilized. Going back thousands of years to where there were a few drops in the bucket is one thing, but what we have now is not something that I think should be tampered with.

          What’s the point in having mixed-race people breed with each other? Should they also then being giving a certain area of land? As I posited before; if this is the case then is that land the Americas – the land of the mixed-race?

          • You didn’t understand my comment at all.

            What makes you think that I would engage in an interracial relationship?!

            There is not one sentence in my comment which would suggest otherwise.

            Racially mixed people shouldn’t procreate with another race nor with another bi/multi-racial person. I’ve never said anything contrary to this.

            You cannot say if someone is European just on the basis of how many generations of that person were “European”. As I’ve already said, this has to be determined individually. For example: If your ancestors were already of mixed race, you will be an interracial person too, no matter how many of your family’s generations lived in Europe before you.

            • “What’s the point in having mixed-race people breed with each other?”

              Again, where did you read this? Certainly not in one of my comments.

            • “Of course, the same goes for 2nd, 3th, 4th… generation of bi-racial people. It’s really hard to say when someone can be classified as a European. This has to be determined individually.”

              That’s the part that led me to question if you were saying at some point a mixed-race person could be considered European. Maybe you’re right, and I don’t understand what you’re saying. I think that’s why I was looking for clarification.

              I wasn’t suggesting that you would engage in a mixed-race relationship. I was only asking that question because I think that’s a good gauge to determine what I would think about another person’s ‘purity’.

              “What’s the point in having mixed-race people breed with each other?

              You didn’t say that. I was just saying that myself based off Holliday’s original comment. I probably should’ve specified that.

              • Ah, now I understand where you are coming from.

                Yes, those two sentences could be interpreted as “pro-interracial” statements but this was definitely not my intention.

                As I’ve already said, my main point was that we cannot judge someones purity by how many generations of his family were of “European” descent.

        • “Of course, the same goes for 2nd, 3th, 4th… generation of bi-racial people. It’s really hard to say when someone can be classified as a European.”

          Just look at Brazil to understand what happens when you try to “whiten” and somehow remove non-white genes inherited in the population, by having whites mongrelize with the darker races. They thought in those times that somehow the population after a few generations will whiten, so the church promoted it as well. But of course did this come true in the end??? apparently NOT, its the mongrel capitol of the world now.

          • Come on! Is my comment really that badly written? Well, it must be because you are the second one that thinks I’m pro-race mixing.

            “Of course, the same goes for 2nd, 3th, 4th… generation of bi-racial people. It’s really hard to say when someone can be classified as a European.”

            I still can’t fully understand what’s wrong with those two sentences. Maybe I should have written “Of course, the same goes for 2nd, 3th, 4th ETC…” ?. Does this make more sense to you now?

            My point was, that, in regards to your racial purity, it doesn’t matter how many generations of your family were of e.g. European descent when most of your ancestors already were mongrels. You would still be a mongrel, do you understand what I’m trying to say with this? The number of generations that lived in e.g. Europe doesn’t say anything about your racial purity.

            “Just look at Brazil to understand what happens when you try to “whiten” and somehow remove non-white genes inherited in the population, by having whites mongrelize with the darker races.”

            Where did I write anything contrary to this??? Am I going nuts or did you read someone else’s comment and mistook it for being one of my comments?

            • Johann. Just to clarify, I don’t think you are pro-race mixing. I understand what you are saying. I thought about it a little bit, and I actually thought to myself that if you had said ‘ETC’, I would not have misunderstood you. I can see that your ‘…’ meant that the process was being continued indefinitely. There could be other structural elements that produce a discordant effect, but I am clear with what you were intending to say.

            • Im NOT trying to say your advocating Miscegenation, Im making a point.
              Im just saying there are allot of Clowns out there who think its somehow Ok to accept 1/4, 1/8, etc… mongrels as white! and that somehow their nonwhite genes with magically fade in the future. If we accept this nonsense, we might as well open our arms to heidi klum.

              Look at the views of these Judeo-Universalist religions, They spread their gospel of Race-mixing in North africa, Iran, the Middle east, and latin american back then, and now they are largely a Poor mongrel cesspit, well this what they’re trying to bring to the West as well.

        • “It’s really hard to say when someone can be classified as a European”
          It is hard to agree on how to do that but I would say: a person can be classified as European when the mayority of his/her ancestors were of European ancestry, when the “different kind of” gens are recesive, and you can see the European ancestry clearly shown in his/her face and eyes expression 🙂 As a way to see, you see Europe and nothing else, nothing looking weird. That’s an european to me. You see Europa!

          When some people claim some specific mexicans or brazilians (for example) have “european ancestry” and then we get a look on them, many times it happens that they have some damn weird nose, weird eyebrows, weird eyeshape, and instantly one can recognize that the european ancestry is not really the dominant gen, and it went right to the trash bin. Same applies to some modern southern europeans.

    • just sterilise them, best thing to do…but as Varg said, we’d be best retreating to the countryside and just leaving this hopeless idiots to rot in the hell they embrace so willingly

  29. do you think that if you don’t smell good you must smell bad? for example i dont use deodarant often (however the fuck you spell it lol) and since most people around me use it, they think that someone who doesn’t automatically smells “bad” instead of average…..like it seems that it can only either be good or bad, a third option is out of the question

    • I’ve never used deo or perfume in my entire life. When I tell people they say I’m “wierd” and “disgusting”, but when I don’t tell people they don’t know about it… Hypocritical.

        • I think this is getting out of hand. Deodorant is great, it wont give you cancer unless maybe you eat it, but then you’d be dead by poisoning before cancer occured anyway. There’s nothing wrong with hygene. Sweat smells bad, showering is great. Let’s not reject technological advance alltogether, not every invention is out there to dumb us down and poison the population…

          I personally love the smell of quality perfume on a girl. Out of everything, of all the girls Ive ”befriended”, the memory of each of their smell (natural or perfume) is the strongest.

          • But thing is, we don’t get disgusting if we don’t use deodorant. And with perfumes you can never find your natural mate. We aren’t saying we do not shower, I shower every two or three days. We just don’t see no use for having a strong perfume odeur around us. Most “deodorants” are rather “odorants”.

    • I never use deodorant either because I don’t sweat much and my sweat doesn’t smell that bad anyway. In fact I used the same pair of trousers and the same shirt for three weeks and they weren’t disgusting at all.

      • lol ive done that before too, and most people think that just because you wear a shirt for 2 days (even if you did nothing to make you sweat or dont even go out or anything) that it means that its dirty and smells bad, just because the time has passed….

    • This really was misunderstood. It is not if you smell good for everyone. What was explained was about the “smell chemistry” in a couple. Personally, I can say that the close members of my family (mother, brother, father) have some amazingly nice type of smell (for me). And my partner also has some very nice smell to me.
      It doesnt mean these persons are going to smell nice, and it doesnt mean they smell nice because they use perfume!. It is because through smell, specially with partners, and we want it or not, we are getting a whole idea of the quality of genetics and compatibility between that person and oneself. One is going to feel their smell if awesome, if we are compatible genetically.
      Is about the subtle personal (and sometimes unique) smell, not about rotten sweat smell or stinky feet.

  30. A few points are problematic for my situation…

    “Don’t eat food with preservatives, aluminium-based dyes or other poison in them. Buy as much food directly from the producers – and only buy from ecological and small farms. Never eat ‘industrial’ food. ”
    What is your opinion on biological products? We have a shop in our town called “Biofiedler”, they claim to only sell biological products. Would this be an alternative to buy the food from a big industrial supermarket?

    “Don’t surround yourself with many plastic items or painted walls. They poison the air you breathe in…”
    I decided to only drink water a while ago, because it is the most natural and the healthiest. The problem is, that i buy the water in plastic bottles. Maybe i should start drink water from the water line…

    “Stay away from the universities. They are indoctrination camps designed to remove the last bit of resistance you may have in you to their lies, after all that time in school.”
    Actually I stared to attend a university in september. I am not proud or happy to do this. But the school I attanded before did not provide any qualifications for a job…, and i am already 20 (because school took 2 years more with me…). However, I am quite sure that i will not eat their lies. I will learn the lies and reproduce them in the exams, but i will still know the truth. There was nothing to study that interrested me and provided chances for a good job, so i chose to study to get a teacher, because some people i know, did the same. However i will try my best to show the children Europe as good as possible (allthough I have to be carefull to keep the job). Just think if everyone of us, who know the truth, would become teachers, we could destroy the biggest tool of our enemy from within! I know your opinion (Let those the filth go down the drain, so that the good can live), but the children of today are 1. children and 2. manipulated. I think they deserve at least the little chance of realising the truth. (I was myself manipulated and had many left-wing ideas until about 2 or 3 years ago, so i think there is indeed a chance of “rescue” people, who are already manipulated). Further we can make the “surving minority” you spoke about, a bit bigger, so that more of Europe will survive.

    “Get a partner who looks like you (i. e. who is of the same sub-species).”
    I am blond and blue-eyed and my wife has brown eyes and hair, but she is definitely european and has apart from the hair and eyes many European features (physical and mental). Furthermore she was my first (and last) girlfriend and i was her first (and last) boyfriend, because we both believe in fidelity until death, which is obviously a European thing.

    “Get a wife who didn’t take P-pills when she chose you”
    She did not take them when we met each other the first time, but now she does…
    But we are planning to get children later, so she will not take it forever.

  31. I am not sure if this is the correct article context to share this, but I found it so interesting I wanted to share it.

    Now, this video can be seen on several levels. You can focus on the topic presented, and test the hypothetis.
    But you can also focus on the fact that people have such ideas in a sublimated matetial and judeo christian world. To me, this represents subconcious undirected paganism. These people have heard the call of nature and the gods, without necessarily understanding what it is. Their pagan subconciousness speaks to them, as it does everybody, and for some reason they pick it up and experience a pagan breakthrough.
    I believe we will see more and more of this in the years to come. And more and more people will understand the connections.


  32. Varg, you mention that women should not take birth control pills. Be sure to warn women of depo-provera shots. This form of birth control is recommended for women too absent-minded to remember to take a daily pill, for women who don’t do well with the estrogen in oral contraceptives and for women who may be at risk for stroke. Depo-provera is evil. It is a progesterone shot that shuts down reproductive activity in a woman’s body for three months after a single shot and has hideous side effects seldom communicated to the women who get the shots.

    Every woman I have ever known who took it has had extreme difficulty becoming pregnant once off the drug and those who managed it had smaller, less healthy infants. I also have seen anecdotally that 90% of women on depo-provera gain weight. Not just a few pounds either. Normal weight women can become obese taking depo-provera.

    Then we have these more serious health risks. Women should not be on depo-provera for longer than two years because depo-provera is proven to cause osteoporosis, but good luck finding a doctor who knows this. Even with black label warnings, the majority of women on the drug have no idea they can end up with major bone loss. And then there is the chance for cervical cancer, which for most effectively ends the need for any birth control.

    The USA and the UK push this shot heavily, especially at universities. I learned about it on my college campus all those years ago and no one explained the risks. The Internet was not a font of information then so women really did rely on doctors to give them information. They didn’t and they still don’t.

    Seriously, the drug was developed to chemically castrate male sex offenders. So of course, let’s introduce this drug of last resort for the violent pervert into the bodies of child-bearing age women.

    Sorry for the long rant – tl;dr version: young women should NEVER get a depo-provera shot.

  33. I’ve really been feeling recently how much of a pathetic simulation working out in a gym is. I find myself using rowing and skiing machines quite often, which makes its glaringly obvious that those are simply things one should be doing in real life. Lifting weights which are too heavy on a frequent basis is definitely something I am not built for. Moderate free weights and bodyweight(with attached weight) is good for me.

    In terms of people in modern times turning to substances; If you think of the modern world as a massive culling of the weak, I’m not sure I’d agree. Maybe a culling of the blindfolded too. Maybe a culling of some of the strong as they’re the one’s ostrasized whether by self, or society at large.

    The modern female mind is so infected that it doesn’t know what is good for it. Many women do not see a man who looks similar to them as being good. Views on race and homosexuality can also be detrimental. Not to mention all the women who’s instincts are completely thrown off by delaying marriage in order to be educated and join the workforce, only to develop baby rabies. Varg, I think I’m turning homosensual. haha. Just kidding. I think it’s an adverse effect of reading your blog too much. You should let the French authorities know. Maybe they’ll drop all charges.

  34. I think that the key to a healthy person – Think about what you’re doing and why you do it. Perhaps this is the main thing. In today’s society (judging by Russia), people do not think much and adrift. State helps them do this. Who needs a servant of thinking?
    PS Varg, is it possible to add a link to your blog burzum.org. It sounds ridiculous, but on your blog, I found out from the media. Sorry for bad English, пожалуйста.

  35. Griffin kinda ‘exposed’ the EDL too, he clearly has an anti-zionist viewpoint which is GOOD, BUT they have to be more uncompromising like the golden dawn and Jobbik, They can’t go the way of the Front National either. Real hardcore British Nationalist need to infiltrate the BNP if Griffin decides to jump ship. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRRIm8hYfBo

    • BNP were the best party in Britain only a few years ago. The government actually forced them to accept non-Europeans amongst other things. It’s the same story over and over, once a party begins growing and gaining ground (i.e. Golden Dawn), the powers that be will stifle them somehow. The sad part is how the bulk of the masses still believe the government.

  36. Could you imagine the diets of Ancient European men?
    They must have been eating the cleanest and best of foods but in such a huge abundance because the forests were so rich with game and herbs and other edibles.
    The onset of agriculture and civilization really did cripple us in terms of size, so can you imagine the size of Ancient European men?
    They would make me look like 12 year old!

    All of these serious powerlifters and strongmen eat a humongous caloric surplus, most of them bulk up to 350+ pounds so on their bodies there is a high percentage of fat and a very high percentage of muscle. This is to obtain that myofibrillar hypertrophy which means very dense and strong muscles over large muscle mass (sarcoplasmic).

    Example of this: http://i.imgur.com/iyk7jj8.png

    These bodybuilders, these vain, idiotic bodybuilders are all steroid users and you can tell because of their thin waists. These bear-like strongmen however, most of them are not steroid users because you have to eat so so much to become that strong and thus have excess fats.
    Building this sort of strength is not achievable at a balanced diet, and what is to blame for that?
    Estrogen! Lack of testosterone in most modern men. Why? From the pollution, from the soy products, from BPA in packaging, etc. It’s all disgusting.

    Now, imagine what men’s bodies were like when they were eating a plentiful source of food they just got from the forest (game, herbs, etc.)
    They would have been huge!
    Rapid like a hare and at the same time as strong as a bear

    Sorry for the long rant

    • Wow, I should have just posted this picture instead:

      Basically sums up a lot of what I just wrote about

    • “…idiotic bodybuilders are all steroid users and you can tell because of their thin waists.” or rather the opposite: roidguts from HGHs…

      • Yes, but sometimes this is tough to distinguish between very strong core or roids side effect.
        One thing to look for to see if they are using or not, is a really puffy face but very low fat percentage. That, or just find out how long they’ve been training.

  37. A point about number III of achieving good health:

    For strength, lift some stones. Heavy stones. Ancient Man did it routinely to become stronger just as I deadlift a bar with weights.
    Check this out:

    And even all the way back to the Stone age and the Golden Age of Neanderthal, there were men having their sons lift heavy 150+ kg stones to be accepted as men themselves, of course always climbing huge oak trees for a variety of reasons, and wrestling their brothers and friends. I can imagine different feats of strength practiced by men in their tribe’s mead hall, or rather their version of a mead hall.

    Great post, Varg!

    • Good comment, Duncan! I was just going to make similar comment about how lifting weights is good. Our ancestors lifted weights, just different kind of weights like swords, axes, stones, tree branches and hunted animals 😀

      I just started lifting weights. I’m doing the good old stronglifts 5×5…

      • You don’t lift e. g. a sword 6 to 15 times straight up and down… You use it in all kinds of ways.

        That’s a very bad comparison. Weapons like that are tools and are used in harmony with the body.

        • There are different kind of dumbbell exercises that aren’t just lifting thing from ground and dropping them… Obviously the big muscle freaks don’t do these exercises because they don’t create strength but endurance.

          Weights and swords both are tools that are used – at least they should be used – in harmony with the body.

          Doing exercises with weights are obviously going to help you if you have to use sword, axe or lift heavy objects.

          What do you think, Varg? There are two guys, other is skinny and weak other is muscular and strong. Which of them would win an sword fight?

          • The guy with a shield wins…

            PS. The skinny guy can also fight defensively and exhaust the big guy.

            PPS. I have knocked down people much bigger than me in fist fights. Size is not all. I did when I was a skinny kid too. 😛

            • I’ll never say that push-ups and pull-ups makes you skinny. Pull-ups are extremely good for your back and arms, am I right? I try to include them to gym program, but they sure are hard…

              And I remember reading your blogpost about your old schoolfights. Being aggressive is better than being strong? I believe that too 🙂

              ps. few weeks ago I got into a ”play fight” with my buddy who is much bigger and stronger than me. He expected me to give up when he drew few hits to my chest…well I didn’t give up. I tried to give as many hit as possible and not give a damn about the pain. I’ll have to thank about those advises that I red from that blogpost. Thank you!

              pps. I hope that my English isn’t too crap, I’ll do my best :/ Its hard to use proper grammar when you are in a hurry. There is sauna waiting for me, since its friday and I’m Finnish. Finnish bloggers can relate :p?

              • Cool. 🙂

                Yes, pull-ups are hard, but very good. You learn balance, you become strong, enduring and get that nice V-shaped back.

    • Making a living off writing is a tough business when self-published. I’m sure you could ask Varg about that, and he even has name recognition.

    • He is since he kept the accounts hidden, expelled decent members and played unfairly in a leadership election. The man is a snake, desperate to hold onto his position at the expense of all else.
      99% of the activists, more maybe, have left. He won an election by a handful of votes and had the backing of armchair members while we activists backed his opposition.
      He has ruined the party by his own hand. He sabotaged various campaigns as far back as 2001 to prevent anyone else in the party achieving success (in that case Steve Smith who with his local activists won several council seats in a short time)
      Unfortunately we are mostly either inactive, given up or off working for other parties like the National Front or BDP. We have no strong movements here and Nick Griffin will not allow “his” party to function, he is happy with his tiny high paying membership that does not threaten his position.
      He has really screwed us over, I wish my comrades had never allowed him to take over, he caused a lot of trouble in the NF in the 80s also. John Tyndall was a better man, unafraid of those who could lead and organise. He cared about the movement and the British people, Nick has a superficial caring that comes second to his own greed and vanity.

    • Griffin, and the BNP are part of the ‘Friends of israel’ lobby in the uk. As with the jewish funded EDL, they should be avoided like poison. There really is no viable nationalist movement in Britain right now, at least none that are not compromised by jewry. Some of the folkish movements, like ‘Wodens folk’ for instance, show some promise however.

      • Here is a BNP link, that demonstrates their own attitude to israel (the defining statement is at the bottom) : http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/israel-%E2%80%98protect-its-jewish-nature%E2%80%99-building-concentration-camp-10000-african-%E2%80%9Cinfiltrators%E2%80%9D

        Israel has NO right to exist whatsoever, and any true nationalist movement should oppose it completely, not just half heartedly. Also check out how many jewish members there is in the BNP. This is why most uk nationalist ‘movements’, focus only on islamic immigration. Islam IS a threat to European values, but islam itself is NOT the root cause of immigration: the jewish UN and EU is. By simply just kicking out all the muslims, does not solve our problem as Europeans, because it leaves the jew to retain it’s power and influence over our political structure. The jewish stranglehold over our economy, political system, media and social structure MUST be our first and most urgent priority, otherwise, we are merely trimming branches of a diseased tree and foolishly hoping this with cure the sickness.

        • We must also remember that ‘Britain’ or the ‘UK’, is a zionist christian construct; one that needs to be destroyed and rebuilt on Odalist principles. The true name of these lands is ‘Albion’, which means ‘White Island’. Never forget that the ‘British Empire’ was a jewish controlled zionist empire, and we the people, were nothing more than it’s dumbed down subjects. DELENDA EST BRITTANIA!

  38. Interesting points with the plastics and paints. I need to research more on this. I know about BPA in plastics, but there’s probably more…

  39. Duncan S., what have you all found to be the best kind of exercise? From what I remember, you train a lot, and I’d like to know the methods you’ve found to be most effective and with the fewest drawbacks. I’m looking for something other than weight lifting, which is what I’ve been doing. Although, I do a lot of cardio as well and plan to stay with it.

    I suppose martial arts training would be time well spent. It would help with physical conditioning, AND I’d learn better self defense skills … Two birds, you know ….

    Varg, great post — HailaR WôðanaR!

      • I think it depends on what you want to accomplish. The more you do of one thing, the better you will get at it. If you want to be able to run fast, you practice short running spurts (sprints). If you want to be able to lift heavy objects, you lift heavier and heavier objects. If you want to be able to open screwed-on jar lids, you practice opening screwed-on jar lids.

    • Just regular powerlifting. Deadlifts, squats, bench press, although I really hate the bench press.
      I love throwing in some Olympic lifts every now and then (snatch, clean and jerk, etc.)
      I love kettlebells. I love doing Crossfit workouts on occasion.

      I am well aware this is not an entirely natural way to become physically stronger.

      Soon I am getting a pair of very high-quality wooden training swords and I am going to start training with my younger brother, as well as hopefully some martial arts. (European disciplines like Pankration, none of the Asian stuff)

      • Plyometrics are great for maintaining strength and agility and are really important to remain limber and loose for doing heavy manual labor and combative arts.

  40. Varg, please come home, Norway needs you!
    Virkelig Varg, Norge dør litt etter litt og nordmenn har blitt lært opp i altfor mange generasjoner og bare sette seg ned og se på, hva i all verden skjedde med det stolte folket som gikk på den samme jorda som vi nå pisser på?!?
    Vi etnisk rene nordmenn er fra vikingætt og her blander vakre blonde kvinner seg med svarte og brune og forpester blodet vårt, jeg skammer meg hver dag men det er som du sier, eneste vu kan gjøre er og ikke være en del av det! Hyller deg Varg!
    Kjærlighet og stolthet fra moderlandet!
    Thulean pride forever

  41. You forgot clean water in your Good Health section. This is important because in many rural areas, pesticides may have been used a lot at one time and can remain in the soil and water for a long time. In the US, the rural areas have a higher rate of cancer than you would assume, since pesticides used 50 years ago can linger long after their usage stopped. If using well water, always have it checked since it could be killing you slowly.

    • My house is on a hill, pretty safe to assume there weren’t any pesticides sprayed here. 😉 Maybe that’s something to look for when buying/building a house? You can a well, but don’t put it where there was once farmland?

  42. Is there anything to be said of exceptions?

    For example, let’s say you step on a rusty nail (or more likely, you manage to survive having a rusty shank driven into your arse by some mongrel). As far as I’m aware, the only way to not die from i.e. Tetanus would be to get a Tetanus immunization. Does anyone know different?

    • Unfortunately youtube has deleted Dr. Lankas videolectures again, but this article might get you started on digging into vaccines and germ theory of disease.

      What you get out of it, is entirely up to you, your analytical skills, knowledge of nature and biology, and last but not least your trust in your own ability to decide what is right and wrong.
      The responsibility for your own health is entirely your own no matter what you decide. Because, when you go to a doctor you have also made a concious choice; to trust and put your life in someone elses hands.


    • I’ve stood on rusty nails many times and never gotten tetanus. Never had a shot either. I did once get blood poisoning from a ferret bite though.

  43. I think smoking cigarettes also relates to the part about pesticides and chemicals. All of the stuff they put in the tobacco… yuck!

    • I think Varg and griffin are poles apart. Griffin allows jews in his party and he is extremely pro christian and anti pagan. The BNP is NOT a folkish movement in any way, shape or form. You should check out the background of this so called ‘Nationalist’ party before endorsing it’s pro jewish leader. Heil Evropa!

    • My views regarding jews are a little more absolute i’m afraid Marc, whether they claim to be anti zionist or not. As for kicking out the foreigners; sure, but we also need to effectively kick out three quarters of the ‘native’ population too; most people are too damaged by the destructive mind poison of marxism, consumerism and gluttonous capitalism to even consider the transition into an Odalist culture. This is why, in my opinion, we need to forget about the masses, forget about parlimentary democracy and ‘votes’, forget about political campaigning using the traditional zionist methods, and begin to prepare for the coming storm. After the deluge my friend, most of these diseased irritants will cease to exist, and we, one day, we will inherit our birthrite, and re-establish the sacred union between our blood and the fertile soil of Evropa. Heil!

  44. Om jag visste hur jag skulle gå tillväga så skulle jag bo i en stenstuga i Dalarna (landskap i Sverige). Ha egna djur, egen mark och egen vattenbrunn.
    Har inte du byggt ditt hus själv Varg?

  45. I think this one fits in the ‘important posts’ category, since it’s written as such a handy and pragmatic summary. But shouldn’t music and other art forms be mentioned under the ‘sharp mind’ heading? I can’t really imagine thinking clearly without ‘anti-brainwashing’ myself with proper sounds. To me, music is to the mind what taking a shower is to the body.

  46. There’s something magic about the night sky, I watch up there every night and every summer, many days, I go up to the mountains and spend some hours looking to the stars. (I’ve seen very strange moving lights too…)

    About the sharp mind… if you have time me and I think other people too would appreciate a list with nice books recommendations. I know you have read quite a lot!

    Good night everybody.

  47. Great advice,Varg. Love the points about TV and Stoicism; also being autodidactic is of immense importance. Let the fools sit at home watching TV, imbibing a veritable poison, while you better yourself with knowledge.

  48. I see it now…another cycle of death and renewal, like you describe in your last post! All the waste is washed away and only the good returns.

  49. maybe it is worthy to add… -try to not trade at all, and much less to coexist with subhuman and people related to the agents of the system- that only if you live in a urban enviroment, and you can not affort yet to move out to country side.

  50. Very good advices which I try to follow the best way I can. Considering the coming fall of civilization, which will surely come, I afraid that this civilization is far too mighty to have any end but a cataclysmic one. The tidal wave you are speaking off could easily swipe away the whole world.

  51. What is wrong with lifting weights? They at least seem to get people in good condition, so what’s the downside in it?

    • It’s a very unnatural thing to do. You might become big, and strong, but you lose all natural endurance in the muscles. E. g. I’ve seen weight lifters try to paint a wall once: they did 10 strokes and then their muscles ached and they had to take a break….

      • That’s very true! They look impressive but have little endurance.
        A good muscle is a muscle relaxed at rest and strong when needed. It’s unnatural to br always in tension, that’s why this kind of guy walk like croissants.

        • This video is a good example of that:

          Btw, another good substitute training to chopping wood is getting a sledgehammer and beating a tire with it. There´re lots of videos about it.

          • Look at those disgraceful creatures. How any woman could be delighted by it?

            Some time ago I did some Taekwondo competitions and the muscular guys always got beaten up very easily haha.

            • I’m not speaking for all women of course, but I have never found this look attractive at all. It’s actually quite scary to be honest. lol It’s usually a tall and strong looking man (strong as in healthy and able-bodied) that grabs attention instinctively. A woman naturally wants a man who can protect her and their children. I would rather have an agile and lean partner over a man stomping around in the woods scaring all the game.

              • Sure, I was generalizing. Hopefully there still are some women like you! 🙂 (hard to find I must say, at least here)
                And the same goes for men who like bone bags and plastic dolls.

                But well, we don’t care about those beings.

        • You know that lifting weights doesn’t automatically turn you into a croissant, right?
          There are natural ways to lift (compound movements, proper healthy diet) and then there is the bodybuilding way (huge caloric surplus, all kinds of gainers and roids and 1000 made up exercises to train 1 muscle each). Lifting is a very beneficial thing to do, especially when combhined with endurance training.

          • I know. I was talking only about croissants 😛
            It’s not bad to make some sport and build your body, without overdoing it.

      • there is good weight lifting, the Greeks used dumbbells, and if you’re going to do it, free weights is the way to go. I’ll never use weight machines, it’s as if they are designed for physically disabled people, they achieve nothing, they just force your body into certain positions. Free weights alone don’t cut it, though. No specific area of exercise alone cuts it. Ideally we;d be getting a mixture of grueling manual labour, lifting, running, swimming and rowing, but few of us are in a position to tick all these boxes…

          • Also I more than agree when it comes to choosing mate .. I was always naturally attracted to girls that had something of me ,you could say girls that were the mirror image of myself..

                  • Why do you think Freud made that disgusting claim of men always looking for a women that was ‘exactly like their mother?’ It was to make men disturbed at such an idea and to make them look for women who could never be confused with a family member of theirs. As an educated psychologist Freud knew just what to say to cause severe harm to his host society.

                • Male and female are separations of a singularity. They separate like many opposites in our reality. But they must join to be complete and in balance. Your mate is the other half of this singularity, so will have similar characteristics.

                  • exactly I couldn’t put it any better,this is the nature of every living creature..too bad many people have convinced themselves to be attracted by creatures way different than them..this is unnatural and utterly catastrophic

        • I know Irish used to pick up big stones and throw them!
          But I don’t think there is much difference between that and using other weights. It’s all in what you want to be able to do. If you want endurance, you do many more repetitions. If you want high brute strength, you do small amount of reps at high weight.

          • shotput, it’s in the Olympics, it’s a more extreme version of spear or discus throwing, I guess…I’d rather just practice spear throwing, if I had spears and the space to do so

          • Then there are always the Scots – Caber toss, Stone put, Hammer throw, Weight throw and Sheaf toss. Key it into Wikipedia to take a look.

        • I completely support you on this one. It highly depends on what kind of training you actually do, and compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses) transform very well to “real life” strength, like lifting a cart, throwing away a stone, etc. (for more literature on this see Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength) As for what you said flexibility can be achieved by proper stretching and endurance with added endurance training.
          Now bodybuilder style hypertrophic training (putting on muscle without much sense) is really all about putting on loads of muscle, quite often with no health benefits or quite on the contrary as steroids are a must on professional levels.
          Also, using machines (see: the horrifying Smith Machine) is dangerous as develops muscle on given paths, and if someone’s training is not coupled with compound exercises rather easily this person can get torn muscles and injuries when tries to convert it to real life scenarios. Now this is the standard bodybuilding way.

          Compound weightlifting (combined with chinups/pullups) is a great and systematic tool for gaining actual strength and nothing else is needed but a barbell and a bunch of weightplates, can be rusty or whatever.

          Pretty much all you need: http://www.legendarystrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Power-Rack.jpg

          The bare bone weight training is something everyone should be aware of, especially man, who can greatly benefit from it!
          Summed it up here, because I think it’s very handy to know if we are about to stand our ground and make a healthy and strong Europe!
          I also need to add that it’s not only about the body, but about developing discipline and mental focus as well through the regulated training.
          Of course the main use of our body is to use it for actual _work_ , but to sum it up: weightlifting is not just only smoke and mirrors.

          For a brighter future, my friends!

      • Hi,
        that’s good to hear because some days ago I decided to quit doing gym and I was feeling bad about it. But in your example, you are talking about those guys who get really big right? Can you provide more reasons for weigh-lifting being bad for your health?

        • If you are doing compound movements with correct form weightlifting is only GOOD to your health!

      • Varg are you referring to people that take it to extremes eg bodybuilders or just for aesthetics, opposed to general weightlifting? If it’s the former I agree. Look at someone that weight trains for health and fitness, like most personal trainers, and I think you’ll find that statement untrue.

      • I lift weights. My body weight is 77kg. My squat “record” is 150kg and deadlift “record” is 180kg. And still got endurance with 12minutes runinng test 3050 metres. Whole weight liftting is about HOW you lift. Light weights, kettlebell, olympiclifts and train whole body in a one work out.

        • When I weighted 75 I lifted 115 kg benchpress, did 20 pull-ups in a bar, managed 60 push-ups on my knuckles and ran 5000 m on 18:00 (yes; exactly 18:00). 🙂

          Now I am 90 kg…. and in a bit worse shape, but still ok.

          Today I buy new and better jogging shoes, to get started for real again. 🙂

            • Pretty much, yes. Running and pull-ups in the yard. Weight-lifting in the little gym. Push-ups and such in the cell. At least one of these things every day. Usually two and often all three.

      • I think you are confusing someone who lifts weights with body builders. I agree pumping muscles for the sake of pumping muscle does much more damage than good, but exercises with weighted bar such as deadlift, biceps curls, power squats, military press etc. are terrific for power and endurance gaining.

        • It’s better to use the body naturally. Lifting a weight straight up and down 6-15 times is not natural. You never do such a thing in nature.

      • Lifting weights doesn’t mean that you’ll become a muscle freak, like those on the video that Llew posted. Lifting weights creates endurance, strength, and willpower. Being able to push yourself closer to maximum is – to me at least – beautiful.

        Those guys on the video are idiots. They are most likely on steroids and other drugs. People like them don’t aim to get stronger. They wan’t to look strong. They probably don’t even do cardio or stretching. They also have unhealthy way of eating food etc…

    • I don’t think weight lifting is all bad, although I certainly agree that pull-ups, push-ups, planks and such are better. Weight lifters(of course not all, but many) tend to heavily use pre-workout drugs/supplements which are terrible.

      • About pre-workout ”supplements”. They found meth like drug in one of the most popular pre-workout drinks (or powders, I don’t remember). So there are lots of bodybuilders who accidentally became users of illegal supplements 😀

        • Yeah, when I was in the Marines they pretty much banned every new supplement that came out because there was always some drug in the ingredients.

      • Weight lifting is not bad… and pull-ups, push ups, planks don’t build muscle or raw strenght (more endurance and some muscle tone, but thats all) the way doing bench press, squats and deadlifts do, they are more like auxiliary exercises or what is called Calisthenics, but in that one you just use some weights instead than your bodyweight only. The ones who usre all those shakes and pills are bodybuilders, is not functinal strenght but just aesthetics looks. Like in this picture, not very accurate but still, shows the point: https://scontent-b-mad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/q71/1376467_10151911792150568_278129946_n.jpg
        I don’t use machines because well…I train at home, with my own powerack and freeweights. No fucking gym. Using compound exercises has many benefits, like neuro-muscular conection, strenght and muscle growth. For example, Squats would be like lifting logson your back and deadlifting, well lifting rocks or logs and so forth, but more comfortable because you modify the weight and the grip is easier… I completely disagree with one of the points of this post that weight lifting is bad. Weights are means to an end, is just the person (or idiot..) behind it and what goal that person wants to reach.

        • I think when he talks about weight lifting he is referring to muscle isolation that results from certain machines. Not so much the lifting of heavy objects. I’m not sure though, I don’t want to put words in his mouth.

  52. I know many people who will go for their Flu-shot each year. I advise against them getting it, but they do not listen.

    As for trying to live more naturally, you can always buy from local farmers, or do the gardening yourself. As well there is easy ways to replace synthetic things like glue, by utilizing resin from trees, it’s very easy to do.

    This lifestyle is easily accomplished, if you have the desire. I fear there are too many people who have already become so far indoctrinated into the system that they will fight to protect it.

    Another excellent post, by the way those paintings of the future are quite ghastly.

    • Indeed they are. I know the “ethnicity” and religion of at least one of the painters…

    • When the last big Flu paranoia wave crashed my mother got one shot but I didn´t because I Lived far from her at a time. I went okay (just like 99,999999999999 of the human race) but my mother reported feeling quite bad after that. I guess they just wanted to make quick money.

      • Either way, humans catch the flu. I don’t know why people get the shot, if anything getting a little sick is the best way to make sure your immune system is in shape.

        • Even though I don’t question the existence of mutated strains that can be much more dangerous for man than normal flu. Considering everything that´s happening in those farms, no wonder diseases start out !

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