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Every now and then I get mails or comments from people who claim that red-haired individuals are more European and more racially pure than other Europeans. They have the fairest skin, they argue, so they must be the most ‘racially pure’. This fallacy seems to be very widespread, so I will spend some time telling you what red hair really is all about.

It is quite simple really; those with red hair have very little brown melanin (that turns the skin brown, especially when exposed to Sunlight), but they have much red melanin (that turns the skin red, especially when exposed to Sunlight) – compared to blondes who have very little brown and very little red melanin. So even though the red haired people are very pale, they have much more melanin than blondes do.

This means that red haired individuals don’t tan very well and instead they burn their skin when exposed to Sunlight – and get very red skin as a result (the red melanin). So they don’t handle Sunlight or heat in general very well (but on the positive side red haired individuals seems to be more resistant to poison [alcohol] than others and also to pain).

We don’t really know when the first individuals with red hair appeared, but we know it is a mutation that occurred when Europeans (with very little melanin) mixed with non-Europeans (with much melanin) a long time ago. As you might already know ‘mutations’ occur when species and sub-species mix mainly, and the mutation causing red hair and very pale/red skin was no different. This mixing of species created a mutation that left individuals with much melanin (a non-European feature), but with only much red melanin – as explained above. As a result of this these individuals got red hair and very pale skin that turns red when exposed to sunlight, and also freckles.

So to sum it up; the red haired individuals have inherited a set of genes resulting from a mutation that was caused by mixing, and they are not “purer” than others.

With that said though: the individuals with red hair are not less pure than most other Europeans either, they just have inherited this particular set of genes, that were caused by a mutation resulting from the mixing of species. Other Europeans may have other non-European features or other mutations caused by the same mixing of species, such as brown hair (all purely non-Europeans have black hair [and some Europeans have inherited that trait too]), brown or hazel eyes, olive skin, low IQ, laziness, a weakened skeleton (compared to the powerful European skeleton), loss of muscle volume, etc. etc.. Many Europeans have other ‘defects’ too, caused by the same mixing of species, such as hypersexuality, extreme growth, autoimmune system problems, nerve problems (like MS), metabolism issues, brain damages and so forth, all caused by the mixing of species long, long ago…

If you want a rule of thumb though, you can be sure that the more blonde, blue-eyed, intelligent, courageous, strong, creative and beautiful (=healthy) a European is, the more likely it is that he is indeed as racially pure as is possible today.

Red hair is common in non-European peoples too, in particular the Jews, because these peoples are extremely mongrelized (obviously for geographical reasons: the Jews lived where the species from three continents met) and thus suffer from so many of the effects of mixing, including red hair.

I can add that Scandinavians, the most racially pure tribes in Europe, actually normally tan very well, and this is because they are so racially pure: their fair skin is very good at producing “Sunshine vitamins” even when exposed to very little Sunlight, so when exposed to much Sunlight the skin tans very quickly, because they don’t need the skin ‘to use the opportunity’ to produce that much Sunshine vitamins – instead the sensitive fair skin needs to protect itself from too much exposure to Sunlight. Red haired individuals try to do the same, but has so much red melanin that they fail to do so, and thus Sunburn instead and turn red.

Europe today is a colourful species (yes: Europe is a biological term too, a species), but these features are just on the surface. What matters more is what is inside each European man, in terms of intelligence, courage, general health and the will to make sacrifices for causes greater than themselves. HailaR WôðanaR!

Some beautiful ‘Europeans of many colours’:

images (6)ukrainepagansred-headed-woman

PS. We don’t really know exactly why there is so much red hair in the British isles, but the most probably explanation to this is that the tribes who moved there happened to have many individuals with red hair, and these features thus became very common. Another possible explanation is that the tribes living there (the Welsh, the Irish [including the Scots], the Picts and the Britons) actually partly came from Egypt, a place that at the time (naturally because of the location) was more mixed than the rest of Europe (as a biological term), and that they are in fact the descendants of the last European nobles living there. They in a sense abandoned ‘the sinking Egyptian ship’ before it was too late for them, and went to the British Isles, and were assimilated in the European tribes already living there – leaving behind a mongrel Egypt (the last few dynasties) in decline. There is no proof of this, but there apparently is some evidence suggesting that this is actually what happened. This ‘Egyptian hypothesis’ would also explain why there is so much dark hair and brown eyes in the native tribes of the British isles.

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  1. I do not see the connection between the fact of being a European pure and be smart. It’s really a a simplistic idea. This makes no sense. There blond Europeans who are stupid, and African blacks who are very intelligent. I do not think there was not more superior race than others. Those who believe this have an inferiority complex. It’s sad to think that, really. I call this not see beyond the tip of his nose. Whether one is white, yellow, orange or purple has no relation to being smart or strong. I do not see where is the harm in mixing. The essential is that we are in the depths of his soul, not that one is a pure European, black, Asian or Arabic.
    I think if you were considering travel, discover other horizons, rather to isolating you in what you already know, there then you will see the world as it really is.

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  3. I have a question, if blondes are the true europeans and the superior race why they stay in barbarism so much when the Mediteraneans Romans and Greeks create great civilizations?? And don’t tell me that Ancient Greeks and ancient Romans had blonde hair because they havent. For example the greatest Heroes of ancient Greece had black hair and olive skin like Hercules,Leonidas,Odusseus,Perseus etc and the greatest warriors ever the Spartans were meditteraneans.
    Also today Meditteraneans produce the most brave populations and they have much more testosterone levels from the north europeans, and that give them more aggresive,masculine,revulotionary and inteligence characteristics.

    Blonde hair is an evolution to north population and caused by less sun power.
    I saw mongols in north Russia in Siberia with blonde hair and very white skin.
    Short ,bracucephalic original mongols with blonde hair.
    Also haplogroups are bullshits, asian mongolic hords had R1a haplogroup, and R1b are over 80% in cameroon and nigeria.

    Ancient Greeks and Romans had E1b1b haplogroup and people with this haplogroup
    were the first people with white skin in the world.

    “E1b1b individuals have been the first people to have acquired the alleles for fair skin. European hunter-gatherers were still dark skinned as recently as 7000 years ago (Olalde et al. 2014), while the Early Neolithic farmers from the Near East possessed alleles for fair skin found in modern Europeans. Those Neolithic farmers would have included members of haplogroup E-V13 (confirmed) as well as E-M34 (inferred). It is still unclear exactly when and among which haplogroup fair skin arose, but it has been suggested that the new diet brought by cereral agriculture would have caused deficiencies in vitamin D, which was traditionally absorbed from fish and meat among foragers.”

    What about all that??

    • don’t you guys read Vargs blogs? he’s talking about over a hundred thousand years of European ancestry.I don’t need to read it to know that its true. there’s countless ages that we know nothing of. it is time to free your mind from scientific explanation or shall I say controlled. since you know its not the truth. haplogroups may be real but we still don’t know what things entail. the DNA has barely been analyzed. whoever says Greeks had white skin before anyone else??? I wouldn’t trust a word they say. they are obviously hog wash and only exist upon the pretense factual world that they are kept in. everyone please stop trusting the white Christiana mind controlling data

      • It’s true, the white skin evolution created from the lack of vitamin D. The first people with lack of vitamin D were the first one who created civilization, on the other hand the hunters had black skin because their diet was based on proteins such from fish and meat full of vitamin D.
        Of course the less sun power in the north created the need of the skin to produce more vitamin D, so the evolution turn the black skin to white but they were not the first one with white skin.

        I am totally supporter of european populations, of course there exist mixed europeans but they are not explained from the color of the hair.

        I mean that you can’t say that a blonde man is more european than a black hair man, or that an olive skin south european are mixed.
        Let’s took a real european warrior or hero from the past, like Spartacus or Leonidas,both of them had black hair but they were 100% real europeans.
        You can spot better if someone is mixed from the wide nose (african characteristic) and his bracucephalic index (asian characteristic).
        Hair color mean nothing, i told you before for the blonde mongols in russia and even the lapps from north europe and especially the Finland who their population is totally mixed and even their language is mongolic but they have light hair colors

    • Being “barbaric” -really- just means what? Having beards? Civilization & progress are not necessarily one & the same. I recall Varg mentioning at some point that our European ancestors were smart enough to know NOT to do some of the things that in today’s society are what is considered “advanced” – so something along those lines, perhaps (for part of your query anyway)…

      • Barbaric mean simply not smart enouph to create civilization, just like barbarian niggers in africa today. I agree about modern civilization, but the problem here is that it’s controled from Zionists.
        This is the problem of “civilization” of today, we are controled slaves and worst than barbarians of the past.
        Ancient civilizations had ethic,honor and visions , modern civilization are the slave suckers of Jay-Z and Rihanna. I am totally in pain when i see the youth europeans to make Rihanna their queen and support this nigger bitch, this is not civilization this is madness

  4. hi varg .i have Question about the image that women are jumping from fire. is this some kind of festival?? if it is just give me some information about it like when the festival is done and what’s the mores of it? in my land we have some old Zoroastrian festival that we jumping from the fire. it is an ancient festival back to at least 1700 BCE. thanks alot for answering .more information about this festival can find in

  5. All Irish/Scottish men and women carry the red hair green eye gene. And yes we are immune to alcohol hahahahah its in our DNA. We can get violent on alcohol or do stupid things so its unwise to drink too much. I have made an ass of myself by drinking whiskey [its called the water of life in gaelic].

  6. The Irish did not come from Egypt but from Syria and DNA anaylsis can prove this. They before that came from the far east [Indo-European homeland?] . However the red hair gene is not inherited as much as people think its more common to have brown hair or blonde hair in the British Islands. The island of Aran off of Ireland are all red heads.

    I think red hair and green eyes came from Syria region 10,000 years ago when Aryans lived there. Even many middle easterners carry the gene today. I have seen women from Turkey and Syria and the med region of Europe with green eyes. Green eyes can be found in Ireland but almost always with Red haired people. Most common eye color is actually blue and brown hair. People with Norse surnames usually have blonde hair [some in my family]. It is known that the Mileasian tribe of Celts passed through Egypt but came from Syria before that, and before that the original Indo-European homeland. The Tuathas came from the Danube river region of Europe.

  7. Varg,

    First off, I am happy to hear things seem to be going good for you and the Vikernes/Cachet family! 🙂 I have been so busy that I have not had the time I like to have allocated to keeping up with what is happening in your world (court/legal, blogging, music, etc…) I enjoyed the videos of the fans and like minded European individuals coming out and showing there respect and support for you and the cause and the reason why we are gathered here in the first place. My highest regards in that aspect!

    In regards to red hair, my partner, she is very light red haired with green eyes. She is of French and Italian lineage. She was born and lived in France, here now, but hopefully she and I will be moving back sooner than later. When she moves, I am going with her.

    I was born with white blonde hair and blue eyes. Since “old man time” has hit me (I am 45) my hair is grey and my beard is grey, but what is interesting I have some slightest red hair in my moustache. I am trying to figure out where that came from? Almost orange’ish red.

    My best to you and the family! Take care and STAY STRONG!

  8. According to what I’ve read it seems like red hair originated north of the Caucasus, roughly where Scythia used to be. Near there is a place called Udmurtia which actually has the highest percentage of red haired people, and next to that is Bashkorstan which has a high concentration of the R1b haplogroup. According to Irish mythology the Gauls trace their ancestry to Magog, who was a Scythian. This would explain why Ashkenazi Jews have red hair too since this is right by Khazaria, and there would be a lot of red haired people in that area.

    • yes you said this better than me. They did pass through Egypt and Egyptians make note of this.

  9. Some say red hair is from Mars? ha hm

    I was reading this guy, he said his entire family had red hair but he was born with blonde hair?

    So many strange things… hard to say, need more data.

    I was born with very light blonde hair… like others here it become darker.

  10. Hello Varg, I have read an old interview of you ( but a French translation), and you talked about Thor who was red haired, is it a symbolism or else ? (if you have an article about this, don’t take time to answer, I’ll find it later).
    And the story of Ainu is interesting, they are the first people living in Japan, before Chinese and Korean invasions. Ainu are supposed to be of European (Russian ?) origin, some of them have red curly hair, and they are tallest than the others Japanese.

    • There are also tales of red haired giants that occupied south western US pre-columbus, red hair is also a nordic attribute like blonde or light brown hair, I’ve also heard the Ainu where the first ones to arrive in northern Japan until the Mongoloids came, Nordic mummies have been found all over central asia as well, the Scythians were said to being tall and fair, and roamed various parts of asia and europe. Some archeologist even argue that aryan european origins could lie in the east.

      • Yes, but many old sources (including Roman sources) use the term “red” for blonde, so…

        • The early Phoenicians where also said to be Fair, blonde and Beautiful, many ancient Greek writers wrote about them, Even the Roman poet Virgil described the Carthaginian queen Dido, as being blonde and beautiful.

      • I have recently heard about the Nordic or Gallic mummies in Asia.
        Thank you for the link.
        I know Amerindians in South America, and there is similarity between their name and culture and the Japanese.
        Those friends amerindians also talk to me about a mysterious white Amerindian tribe (tall, white skin and blond), living hiden in forest, using only wood tools, and totaly unknown by the European civilization, so we don’t have proof. Amerindians fear them, but I don’t know if it’s a legend.

    • I thought Thor was red because of the evening and morning red which brings rain? Odin is often referred to as the gray wanderer…

      Evening red and morning gray
      Sets the traveler on his way;
      Evening gray and morning red,
      Brings down rain upon his head.

  11. Another semi-related question, Is poor eyesight a result of the hybridization? I was just thinking today on how I very rarely see an African wearing glasses(excluding those who have developed eye problems with age.) And I don’t see that many Scandinavians with them, but in the US it’s extremely common for people to need glasses(such as myself.) And it seems uncommon to see a jew who does NOT need them(and we know how mixed they are.)

    • USA people are being pumped full of metals (vaccines), GMO… numerous other chemicals.. I’d say that would be 1 factor.

      • Nah, that wouldn’t explain the Africans living here who don’t need them. Also I can track my family wearing glasses on my mother’s side well before vaccines and GMOs existance.

    • Poor eyesight is from sitting on the computer all day not exercising your eye muscles. It’s purely a situational thing. (Maybe some minor causes by nutrition and genetics.)
      With persistent exercises, you can return your eyes to normal.

      • I think I worsened my eyes sitting in front of a CRT most of my childhood, but see above. My eyes are far better than either of my parents and the previous generations actually. They can’t function without glasses, whilst my only problem without them is having monovision.(one eye sees better up close, one far away. Because of this I’m generally only using one eye at a time and have no distance perception.)

        • The reason eyes degenerate is simply because you are constantly looking at things close to you. Your eye muscles re-adapt to this, and then when you look away, they cannot relax enough to focus correctly. You then get glasses to “fix” this, but instead it just bends them even more. And then your prescription gets worse and worse, etc. All this can be solved by doing eye exercises, like you would with any other muscles. Check here for details: There are probably other sites that are free etc. Just take a look around.

          • I’ll give it a try, thanks for the link. If my vision problems are not genetic, there sure are a lot of things that could have caused this issue. I was born cross-eyed(which was fixed through surgery) and a jewish doctor(always a jewish doctor!) made we wear a patch over one of my eyes for a few hours a day for a full year when I was 3. Might explain how I somehow developed the extremely rare ‘monovision’. I do know that I have problems focusing as when I wear contacts everything up close becomes blurry.

            • Hmm, well I’m not sure about this condition. It sounds different from normal eye degeneration. I had to start “correcting” my vision around age 8 because I couldn’t see that well in school. I’d try something like eye exercises anyways to see if you can bring them back into equal strength and then back to normal.

        • And in the US, you must have a prescription obtained from these opticians to buy contacts or glasses legally. They treat them like they are prescription drugs. But you can get around this by just buying from another country without a prescription and importing them.

    • Short-sightedness is correlated with a gene that raises visual-spatial intelligence, which is rarer in Africans. Also, if you’re referring to US blacks, they’re usually far from pure African (farther than jews are from pure European, by the looks of each). As for jews, I don’t think that’s true. Also, do mestizos mostly need glasses? No.

  12. OK, why does the genetic of red hair (and even more commonly red beards like mine) show up predominately in the further most North-Western land of Scotland, that was never conquered or colonised, sons of which proved their worth in the modern world? not just in developing the world as we know it but as some of the most fearsome modern warriors the world has ever seen? We are as far removed from African niggers as you can get, both body and soul.

      • I was reading they have traced it back 70’000 years to West Asia.

        Who can say ultimately though

    • See the Egypt hypothesis.

      Our forebears used to be nomads, by the way. They didn’t stay in one place, so tribes moving about could well move from one place to the other and end up in the periphery, like the Brits did.

  13. I must ask, why, in a time when honour and morality were so important, why did race mixing occur at all? I don’t imagine my ancestors mixed very much, as I am blonde and have blue eyes, though it must have occurred to some extent as I don’t tan well and my hair looks somewhat reddish in certain lights (it also goes curly when grown long which I don’t imagine is originally a European trait) and, well, because I’m not a full-blown Neanderthal. I feel rather angry towards those ancestors who not only mixed with Africans, but allowed mixed individuals to stay in the gene pool. What kind idiots thought that was a good idea?

  14. There is no “red skin” tanning. That’s just a sunburn. It’s blood in the damaged skin. (You can tell because if you press on it, it will be normal colour until the blood returns quickly.) Redheads just get a ton of freckles. I think they probably just lost the ability to tan for whatever reason (mixing, like you say).

    • I agree. My girlfriend got a rather bad sunburn on his upper back this summer (with a bright red pink colour, that later evolved into blisters :S) and when pressed the skin was like that. After healing, freckles have appeared on that zone. His skin is very white (and easily blushing), with some light orange freckles around his nose and eyes, and she comes from a familiy of redheads on his mother´s side.

      • I hope you mean “her” 🙂
        But yea, I don’t see any “red skin”. That’s what some people call/ed the Native Americans, but they have more of a light brown skin. I think the “red” pigment in only present in the hair.

  15. Sorry but i’ve got to believe my ginger (red) beard, coupled with my blue eyes and my fair hair and my pasty white skin, as well as these traits in my family and my fellow Scots, qualifies me of having nothing to do with niggers from Africa whether I like it or not. I care no more for other races of men than I do for other species of life on this planet, if there was no European men like my own kin on on this earth I wouldn’t give a fuck anymore than I would about whether silver-back gorillas survive….and I like gorillas.

  16. I’m glad to see you talking in the deep about population genetics, anthropology and topics like that, because it suits very well to your wife studies, as well as it helps to understand better the reasons why Europeans are so different and various in our beautiful continent. But I would NEVER like to see those arguments transformed in an “I’m purer than you” war, which is totally not useful to our noble cause and would only start to destroy and disintegrate our race unity. Who cares if the hair, eyes and skin tone are slightly darker or lighter, until these remain into the European genetic pool and belongs to our race? I don’t see any real issue if those are originated from Homo Sapiens, if we are practically ALL mixed for almost 0,3% with its DNA. Some populations inherited some Sapiens genes, while some other populations inherited other Sapiens genes; phenotype is not the only feature inherited by the ancestors, there are a lot more genes involving the genotype, which are not shown. Also, Marie in once said that nordics are not blondes because they live in Northern Europe, but they live in Northern Europe because they are blondes ( I think very strongly that the same concept is adaptable to the darker Southern Europe traits. Maybe, this could be a good antithesis to the idea Southern Europeans are “more mixed”; so the truth could be that the hybridization has been more homogeneous in the whole Europe (and so less strong and less destructive) than we hypothesized, and that darker Cro-magnons simply went to warmer European places for adaptation causes. Then, if it is as you said about redhead Jews’ origins, and if it would be true to claim souther europe “more mixed”, today we would had to see a lot of redheads also in Southern Europe, but we know very well it is pretty rare to find them here (and the few ones who exists, are the rests of Norman, Celtic or Viking settlements, as there were before and during the 13th century in Sicily for example).
    Don’t take all that as a critique, it is just an argumentation and an antithesis to your hypothesis; of course I could be wrong, but talking about that, is the only way we can build an always better Odalist phylosophy for every European Man. Thank you for the work you are doing for every of us!

    • I agree with what you say.

      About the red-haired individuals in Southern Europe thing though, I think there is so little there because the red hair is from a much older mutation, and that the darker features of the South Europeans are from later mixing — with slaves in “almost historic times” and Classical Antiquity and long after the original Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens mix. The genes for red hair are very recessive, so any darker hair from African slaves would surely eliminate them in Southern Europe.

      • So, are you saying that Southern Europeans are partly-black mongrels? Sorry, but I don’t agree with that. Even if it was true that ancient slaves were “black”, it is well known that during Classical Antiquity slaves were not allowed to reproduce with citizens, and a son of them must be slave forever cause of “birth right”. And of course we can see very strong racist ideas in Ancient Greek and Ancient Rome (if you google it, you will find a lot of evidences of this) against the rare blacks they saw, which were almost totally not slaves, but most of all merchants. We also have to remember that the major part of slaves in the antiquity were other Europeans, or Jews, in fact Romans took the slaves from the conquered lands (as you can read here ), and in Africa they never reached the Sub-saharian part; it is supposed they maybe arrived only just at the border of Nubia, so some hundreds of slaves could be from there and some from Ethiopia, but they were just very very few, and this is well supported from the fact that Romans never had a strong literature or references talking about Black People. And last but not least, there are not genetic evidences of this black admixture in any real study.

        • We are all partly African, and that includes the South Europeans too, yes. And we mixed with them in pre-historic times as well as in Antiquity.

          Sex with slaves was very common in the decadent Roman Empire. Sex = pregnancy = children.

          South Europeans today are perhaps so negative to race mixing because they see the consequences?

          In historic times we have also seen more than half of Iberia under Moorish rule, and most of these Moors where not chased away during the Reconquest; they were Christianized and “became” Spanish…
          In historic times we have also seen the Balkans be systematically raped by Turks, for the purpose of breaking down the tribal identities of the Balkan tribes.
          In historic times we have seen entire regions in Southern France be occupied by Arabs for more than 40 years, and the same was the case for Southern Italy (the part of Italy that “happens” to be the darkest).

          Come on. I know this is not comfortable for Southern Europeans, but you have to relate to reality.

          The same problem is present in Eastern Europe, where Mongols and Tatars raped entire tribes for ages. We can tell just by looking at many of those living there today.

          Don’t worry though: we are all mixed to some degree and we all need to change this and try to amend the situation as best we can, all of us on the same European team.

          • What you say is partly true, but we would have to analyze case by case to be as near as possible to the truth of historical facts.

            Sex with slaves was common, that’s sure, but the children born from those relationships were condemned to be slaves, or they were left forgotten into the woods (and it’s easy to understand the reasons why they did so) and took away from slave merchants, becoming again enslaved. And, de facto, the slaves were mostly other Europeans, so we are talking about “mixing” with other white people, and only in a very very small amount with middle eastern ones. But even admitting that slaves really participated to Southern Europe genetics, we would see a very big amount of heterogeneity among their people, both very different white traits and non-white ones; there would be anything like a “Spanish Face”, an “Italian face” or a “Greek face”.. Things we know exist.

            Being a Southern European, I can very well tell you that Arabs always desired only just to establish some Emirates all around the known world for political, military and religious domination. Actually it is a myth that they really lived in large numbers among south europeans; rather, it is well known they come here only for looting, raids and White Slavery (as you can see very well described here: and here ), as well as for extending the Muslim World.
            If it was true that they came here and mixed with all of us for 400 years in Spain, 200 years in Sicily, et cetera, we would be perfectly Arab-looking since hundreds and hundreds of years, when the truth is that you can find “weird traits” only just in a very small percentage (3% – 5%). The most of people I know are perfectly white. Just to know: Atlanto-Mediterranean are always classified as not so much different from Nordics, in which differ only for size and hair/ eyes colors.

            Another little thing I would like you to know, is that we look darker also because of the high Solar Radiation we receive in these lands. And I proved it myself: I’ve been in Scotland for a lot of weeks, and when I returned at home everyone asked me if I was sick or something like that, because of my extremely pale skin tone. It also surprised myself to see how much tanning I lost only just living for some weeks in a northern land.

            It’s true, Southern and Eastern European are slightly more influenced with other genes, but the real percentages are not very different from the rest of Europe, and those last ones are very small.
            Don’t trust to the lies of Anti-European propaganda which wants to divide us and destroy the “race” idea. Making you believe that Europeans are all heavily mixed with other races in relatively recent times is a part of that Zionist plague.

            And I strongly agree with your last words: we ALL must join this cause and forge a new, better European man. Now we must consider those Europeans who are enlightened, regardless where they come from and regardless of their hair/eyes colors. Unfortunately we can see so much stupids and useless, corrupted minds in every european population.. Even for those who are blonde and blue eyed.

            • We agree more than you might think, but…

              DNA tests show that many South Europeans have more in common genetically with Arabs than they do with other Europeans. It is so extreme that other Europeans even have more in common genetically with some Chinese peoples than they do with these MANY “South Europeans”.

              DNA don’t lie: there is a lot of Arab blood in Southern Europe.

              And these DNA tests support what I say, for sure.

              PS. By “many” I don’t mean ALL, or even MOST. Just MANY. (3-5% e. g., the number you suggested, would be MANY).

              • PS: And if 3-5% are MORE Arab than they are European, then there is A LOT of Arab blood in Southern Europe. I rest my case…

              • “DNA tests show that many South Europeans have more in common genetically with Arabs than they do with other Europeans.”
                If you look at a Haplogroup J1 distribution map –
                You do notice its mainly found in the Mid-east/north africa and Southern Europe, Now J1 is also known as the Arab/Jewish haplogroup, just like Haplogroup I and R1b are known as western European, Its highest concentrations tend to be found in Portugal, southern spain, Greece, Crete, albania and sicily, if you know history you would know why. J1 is also found in parts of poland, france, and germany as well, but in smaller distributions, Why? Its because the Jewish population that has inhabited those areas for centuries now, and unfortunately with miscegenation, also had a racial impact in some areas of central europe. Its estimated Poland’s jewish populace before WW2 was around 10 percent, remember also southern france did see some arabs as well, fortunately they where destroyed before reaching northern France. The main problem with arabs and their invasions, was that Where-ever the Arabs went, they ALSO brought their slaves, for instance, after the Normans took over Sicily, did they kick out every Moor and negro? NO!, thus miscegenation happened, and you wonder why sickle cell and aids is also common in some areas of southern europe, same with Portugal, theres a reason why Portugal is the WORST PERFORMING Western European Nation In Europe, while the Germanic/Celtic nations tend to be higher in wealth.

                But im in no way saying every southerner is a mongrel….my 2 cents.

          • “A Negro strain is found from olden times all over the Mediterranean area (Negroes in the Roman army, Negro slaves), especially in the shipping towns since the Crusades. Negroes were, and still are, the fashion as servants in the big towns. Marriages with Southern Europeans have brought Negro blood into Central Europe; Italian navvies, particularly, have often shown a more or less evident Negro strain. Into France Negro blood has made its way from the French territories in Africa. Portugal, owing to the former importation of slaves from Africa, shows a particularly well-marked Negro strain.2 To-day it is first and foremost French policy that is intensifying the ‘Black Peril’ for the whole world by giving the Negro, through the granting of full civil rights and officer’s rank, an influence whose full results we cannot yet see.3 For Germany the French domination involves the ‘Black Shame,’ whose results, too, cannot be foreseen — the attacks by Africans on white women in the occupied territory. Distler in his book, Das deutsche Leid am Rhein. Anklagen gegen die Schandherrschaft des französischen Militarismus (1921), has to say that: ‘It is beyond all doubt that the birth-rate of cross- breeds is steadily rising.'” (page 45 of The Racial Elements of European History (1927)

        • I once said that southern europe is not an homogenous region and one can’t really draw a line and he agreed with me, now it seems ignored. Anyway, I put here a link (in spanish, but one can understand somethings) about the medieval times of Spain and faces of peoples: the huge bulk of the population of the Al Andalus were conversos to Islam, that is celtiberian and to a lesser extenct gothic, roman population. Btw, the moorish were also composed of lots of berbers, who are white, some of them were expulsed, blonde and blue eyes, to places like Argelia. They only cared about being the right religion it seems.

  17. If you happen to read last of Crick’s books on DNA he writes about DNA being homonymous. In other word that means DNA plays just a little part in morphogenesis. There is some huge factor we don’t know about jet.
    Take for instance, color of eyes. One cell of Neural Tube will produce eye color, hair color, skin color, face bones and … your neurons. So obviously there are some connection between these five, and it’s not in DNA .

    • I personally want to think that what the Sumerians were talking about…
      Annunaki = Neanderthal

      It seems to me like a logical explanation taking into account everything else explained here.

    • Anunnaki or Anunna is a Sumerian title of nobility. It means “those of royal blood” or “princely offspring”.

      Zecharia Sitchin’s translation of this word is just fantasy. He was a professional liar who made millions by selling his books.

      • Yes, that is true Johann. Sitchin’s work is pure fantasy. He is a hoax. I’ve seen real scientists dismantle his nonsense in no time.

        • I think alien (i.e. proto-Neanderthal) “engineering” of life on Earth is a possibility, and it’s certainly more feasible than macro-evolution and Darwinism, but it shouldn’t be pursued as a theory, as the one and only explanation, we should step back and say “well, I guess it COULD have happened…”

          Once Darwinism collapses it only leaves the possibility of us (and other original species) coming here from space in one form or another….

          I have no time at all for this Sitchin/Ancient Aliens nonsense…The idea was explored reasonably intelligently (for Hollywood…) in the film Prometheus, though, and they at least suggest evolution can only occur either from genes being placed somewhere or through interbreeding of species…

  18. Beyond this we must talk about Eric, the Red,, or the Viking; remember some african people with the red hair, rare in true, and carrying from memory a popular proverb that teach us that the red hair is the devil’ hair…

  19. I usually agree with most written by Varg but not on this one. Red hair comes from central asia mountain region during the glacial period, in fact there’s the highest amount of red hair. For example in Udmurt they have red hair pride day. Basically, Ice Age woolly mammoth hunters, no Melanin. Their MC1R gene is deactivated, so they’re unable to produce melanin. Very high levels of pheomelanin. They possess with red, rosy and bloody skin. In mixes with other races, the bloody appearance tends to retreat to the face, and in the face, to cheeks, ears and under the eyes. Correct,they usually have higher lactose and alcohol tolerance. R and R1b are their haplogroups which spreaded to the west later during the neolithic into Europe. A pure redhead nordic is brachycephalic. Medium-low stature and they tend to accumulate body fats easily. And.. I highly doubt egyptians have anything to do with the native britons, no correlation there.

    • I live in Scotland and even people with dark hair have ginger (red) beards here – Scotland has the highest proportion of red heads in the world.

      13% of Scots have red hair, many more carry the recessive gene and as I said dark or even fair headed Scots have ginger (red) beards, so If these red haired Asians you speak of are so numerouds, I’d say that their red hair is a case of convergent evolution, much like our eyes are similiar to octopuss/squid eyes.

      • No, they are of the same stem, the origin of red hair is not in Europe. Scotland there are many, because many of them migrated there in the distant past, same in Spain for example, but there they don’t show the pure traits because many mixed with dinarics and inherited their brown hair, but still many are brachycephalic “blocky” complexion. Greek philosopher Socrates comes to mind.

        • You can have an opinion a bout this, and express it here, but you are wrong. Red hair is a mutation, a very old mutation, but still a mutation resulting from the mixing of species — as stated in this post. The Central Asians has their red hair for the same reason: they too had some Neanderthal forebears. Most Asians do.

          • It does not invalidate my comment and is not my opinion but the work of another person on all of this. It is a mutation of course but it’s origin is there because the evidence of the genetic path and yes, neanderthals were there too, but not the sapiens. They are a race on it’s own with their own physical features, shared by other few races only.

            • Asians are Denisova+Neanderthal+Homo Sapiens. So yes, Homo Sapiens were there too.

              People with red hair is NOT a race, if that is what you are suggesting here (is it?). Red hair is a mutation that in theory can occur anywhere, in any race, as long as there is both Neanderthal and “other” DNA.

              It is your opinion because this is what you BELIEVE in.

              • You didn’t understand at all my comment… is not red hair but a combination of all those traits that I described before. If some carries red hair is because they have that gene, is simple. I am simply putting what I know (and makes sence compared to other theories about races and origins, like anthropologists with limited material from the 20th century) from the sources I have read long ago, to say is wrong is because you don’t know and frankly, I’m not going to get into an endless argument here. If you want to know and read it, look in google for “The new racial classification (I)”, first link I think.

        • If red hair only evolved once, what natural selection forces caused red hair to have the highest concentration in the furthermost North-Western corner of Europe (Scotland)? My mate has got himself a wee Viking bird from Denmark, and she has the most beautiful long ginger hair, Why do we consider blonde hair a purely Northern European trait, but not red hair? I had golden blonde hair, my sister had too, my niece has, I have darkened dirty blond hair nowadays but a ginger beard, the highest concentration of ginger hair is in Scotland, like the highest concentration of blonde hair is in Scandinavia, we are the same people connected by a land bridge before the ice melted after the last ice age, Spanish people look nothing like Scots.

          • But nobody considers blonde hair a purely Northern European trait!? It’s common to all Europeans! Or used to be, anyhow…

            I don’t know why red hair is so common in the British isles. See the PS in the post.

      • I don’t see your post there, Skaed. Why? I guess you are familiar with the racial theory of lineages then? to me it makes more sence than C. Coon (and his million names for classification…) even though his work is amazing things have advanced so much in the genetic department.

        • Yeah sorry I just noticed it’s still awaiting for moderation after over 9 hours of waiting.
          So I reposted it here, but it seems all too long messages goes directly to “queue list” waiting for Varg to approve them. So even my repost is now “awaiting” … I hope it will be avaialable in next hours so you and others can finally read the post I made in the afternoon 😀

    • Do you have any pics of these red haired Asians. Even so my gut tells me red hair as in strawberry like Thor not dark red like many red heads come strictly from Nordics were passed onto aryan friends or wherever an Odin wandered off to and gave a son. Or a lokster lechered around. Great info.

    • If there was an all thingi we would have a blood died that could lead to a deathmatch if you claimed that red head Nordics had flat head syndrome…LOL…does sound funny. My sword versus yours. A red head Nordic is smarter than any scientist your gonna find buddy….cheers

  20. When I was a young boy my I had white blonde hair, as I have grown my hair has gotten darker & darker brown. I have grey green eyes, my son tho has pure blue eyes & is white blonde, I am wiring to see if he will stay blonde or darken like me. I would like to know if any of you would know of why my hair has darkened like this, although I still have a few blonde wisps in my beard?

    • Rat Woods I am the same and am wondering what is the reason for it. When I was younger I had blonde hair but as I got older it darkened.

      • (Copy & Paste): It is darker now because you don’t grow up anymore, so you don’t need that many “Sunshine vitamins”.

    • It is darker now because you don’t grow up anymore, so you don’t need that many “Sunshine vitamins”.

      • I think anybody who has either blonde or brown hair is in a very limited range – in childhood – of blonde hair, as we grow older I guess it just darkens to varying degrees, which is why I still class brown/”muddy blonde” haired people as blonde – people born blonde will always be blonde. As for me, I seem to have stayed, for my family, exceptionally blonde…

      • Is there a reason why the facial hair could remain predominantly very blonde? Perhaps because it is still useful to have your face absorb the sunshine vitamins even when older?

        • Only the skin absorbs sunlight. It doesn’t matter what colour a person’s hair is, for that purpose. Also, it doesn’t matter what part of your skin absorbs the sunlight. The vitamin D is used the same anyway.

          Oddly enough, red beards with non-red hair of any colour are quite common. Blonde beards with darker hair aren’t particularly common as far as I’m aware.

          • From what I’ve read, some areas of skin absorb sunshine vitamins better than others, with the face being one of the thinnest layers of skin. I was not suggesting that the facial hair itself absorbs the sunshine, but by being very light makes it easier for the sunshine to be absorbed by the thinnest layer of skin. Also, you could imagine that in colder climates when most of your body is covered, this area(mustache and goatee) might be the most exposed. You would still get some warmth while also getting as much sunshine as possible. Just a theory.

            Actually, I have very blonde facial hair(almost white) especially in the mustache and goatee(90%). That’s why I’m curious. The cheeks are about half blonde and half brown, and the sideburns are mostly brown. The hair on my head is brown(since I’ve grown up), but I get some blonde streaks in the summer, and my hairline goes blonde too.

              • The same way it does with blonde hair in children and women who are needing more vitamins. I suppose the lighter the shade, the more it allows the sunshine to pass through without being absorbed or reflected? I’m not 100% sure. Let’s just wait for the experts to chime in. haha

                • Don’t trust any “experts” here who don’t cite their sources. The fact is though, hair is opaque. Sunlight won’t pass through blonde or white hair any more than through a white shirt.

                  • Maybe I was onto something, although I didn’t find anything about vitamin D’s potential role in this process. From what else I just read, blonde hair has less melanin, and white hair has none. This means the sun can penetrate much more than with other darker types of hair. Also, blonde and white hair is much finer. Hold your white shirt to the light, and I think you will agree it is not completely opaque.

                    “Polar bears are white, but their hair is mostly clear! To recap … when light shines on the Polar bear’s mostly clear guard hair, some light gets trapped in the hair and bounces around, creating luminescence. When it hits a light scattering particle on the inside or salt on the outside, the light breaks up even more and gets sent in all different directions. This light scattering gives off more white-coloured light due to luminescence. UV light also gets transmitted along the guard hairs onto the bear’s dark skin, causing florescence and don’t forget about the keratin protein whose molecules give off a slight white colour. Each of these elements brings you the white Polar bear you know and love.”


              • Well, I suppose if it’s white or blonde there would still be a lot of reflecting, but perhaps if some is getting through, it would then actually reflect back on the face? I’m really not sure 🙂

  21. “Of course! All of people is a mix between European and “past a name of any race”!

    Well, that’s not what I’ve said. I was talking about those people who are not European but who still have some fair features. They do have at least one European ancestor, otherwise they wouldn’t have inherited any fair features.

    “Some European guy had a sex with ? (maybe monkey?) and turned to Negroid…”

    The sub-Saharan race developed separately from the Europeans. If you look at their skeleton you will notice that they are very different in comparison to a European one.

    “Maybe you can tell me how your pure white guys had 0.3% DNA of Negroids?”

    I’ve never claimed anything contrary to what you are saying. Yes, most Europeans have a little African DNA but the majority of us are still fairly pure Europeans.

    Sorry, but what’s your point? Your questions are rather confusing.

  22. Varg, in your recent post you say red hair is the result of native Europeans mixing with Homo Sapiens from Africa and is a result of inter-breeding and race-mixing, and you also say that Scandinavians are the most racially-pure Europeans. I agree about Scandinavians, but I would like to ask your opinion on the Scots?

    I am one myself with blue-eyes and fair hair (which has darkened over my adult years). The majority of my fellow Scots have blue or light coloured eyes, and Scotland is about as far North and West from Africa as you can get (like Scandinavia is as far North). As you know Scotland/Great Britain and Scandinavia was once connected by land before the seas rose and the North sea separated our lands after the last ice-age, but before hand both ‘Scots’ proto-Picts and proto-Scandinavians shared the most Northern landmass on the European Continent, therefore I would say we are the same people only separated by the North sea once it arose.

    As well as wishing to know your opinion on the peoples nowadays known as Scots in general, more specifically I would like to hear how you would explain the fact that Scotland has the highest percentage of red heads in he world, much like Scandinavia has the most blonde haired individuals (Scotland has a similar amount of fair haired people according to ‘fair-hair’ maps of Europe I have seen).

    Why does it seem that red heads are more concentrated in the most northern-Western part of Europe (Scotland) if it did not originate in Northern Europe, as you say blonde hair does? If red hair does not originate in the North West of Europe but blonde hair does, why the largest concentration of red hair iin Scotland? Remember Scotland was much like Scandinavia and Germany in that we were never conquered or colonised by the Romans, so I can’t see how red haired genes from the south can be so populated in Scotland if they did not originate in these parts, or if so then what reason is there to say blonde hair originated in the North of Europe if red hair did not?

    I would appreciate it greatly if you could give me your opinion on this matter for my consideration.

    All the best fae Scotland, I like what you do and am proud to be of the same race as such an honourable man as yourself, though I do not match up myself.

    If anyone else feels they have an answer I’d be delighted to hear it

    James Williamson

    • But nobody thinks the blonde hair originated in Northern Europe. The blonde hair was common in all of Europe, before the mixing.

      See the PS in the post. That’s all I can say about the Scots being red haired. We really don’t know anymore than that.

  23. If the highest of all percentages of red hair is in the extreme west of the british isles it only means the original indo european, before the caucausian waves from the black sea area, had red hair. To think that those living most far away from Egypte anywhere, the irish and the Welsh, thus have to be Egyptians because some very few old egyptians might have had red hair (or dyed it or it just faded), is more my brains can handle. There are no red haired painted egyptians on mural paintings.
    Egyptians are extinct, they were neither asian, neither causcasian neither black they were egyptians. Even Greeks have become extinct, look at the statues, those faces we don’t have them anymore.
    I would expect more respect for indo european than comin gout of africa egypt.. People have been living since 800.000 years ago in the british isles . Maybe they just evolved and always stayed there. Who knows. Someone had to evolve, race mixing can’t explain all, if not go is left ‘creation’ of the white man.

    As for the jews having red hair. The only other place on the high % red hair map is in Russia close to Khazaria, well well. Might they have mingled with red russians.

    But Varg is right about one thing, we just don’t know when or why we turned white,or if we turned white. Cro Magnon was not black for sure, I can not see how you can lose black features as big noses and big eyes and protruding mid face, then later lose the blackness. Cro Magnon arrived and was white from the beginning.
    As for Neanderthal, he had a skull like the australian aboriginal that would look weird white, but hey they found black paint in his caves, which would not make sense if he was totally pitch black.

    By the way, if you match the map of the darkest darkest africans with the big ape map, it is a 100% match :-). There where africans are pitch black is where chimpansees and gorillas live. Maybe that could be a hint 🙂

    • Egyptians all wore wigs made from hair from slaves, who were not Europeans.

      The pharaoes had blonde or red hair, DNA tells us.

      No, high percentage of red hair on the British Isles don’t mean that.

      Cro-Magnon was half Neanderthal half Homo Sapiens.

      No, Neanderthals did not have a skull like Australian Aborigines.

      No, man has not lived for 800,000 yeas on the British Isles.

      You don’t seem to know anything at all, so why bother commenting?

      • Oh dear…

        The only mummified “evidence” I have seen that could possibly suggest Egyptians were “African” is the Nubian noble, whose mummy looks totally different from the pharaoh mummies, so the claims that they just lightened and turned red/blonde haired with age are ridiculous. Apparently he was wearing a wig of clearly African hair too, I had not thought about this more generally but I suppose it is fair to assume that, if the artistic depiction of wigs is accurate and not just stylised, any black hair would have been of African rather than Mediterranean origin…

        It seems to me that apart from Greece possibly (this might be up for debate), some areas did take a long time to darken, presumably not extensively until the Arabs, as the likes of not just Egyptians but also Thracians as reported so commonly had red hair (and by implication fair skin…)

  24. “As you can know the mutation of light color of hair and eyes the youngest ( 10 000 yers old) and this is MUTATION, this is not native color of pure European and non-European people, this is common feature for all people over the world!”

    Yes, there are some Africans, Asians etc.. that have light hair and blue eyes but that’s because one of their ancestors was European. Hair color and eye color are not physical traits that suddenly appear. It takes hundreds of thousands (if not millions) years before such features appear. It’s a very long process before one becomes fair skinned etc… .

    Those Africans with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair are Albinos. They have a sickness that suppresses their melanin (but they still have as much melanin as every other African, it just doesn’t show up).

    The Europeans were and are the only race that developed in a cold climate. That’s why we have fair features. If e.g. blue eyes would appear randomly, we would have as many blue eyed people as brown eyed people which isn’t the case.

    If this whole “random mutation” nonsense would be true, we wouldn’t have so fundamentally different human races. We would be more of a homogenous blend of people.

    It really amazes me that the majority of people believe in every idiocy those so called “scientists” tell them. A little bit of critical thinking would be in order.

  25. So long as one is white, European has a good heart and is pagan and close minded to “foreign” ideas and religions then they’re OK in my book! Matters not what colour the hair or eyes are, although I agree blue eyes are beautiful, but then so are green and hazel eyes.

    It’s still worthwhile and interesting to look into these things though, where we come from I mean, and the racial make-up. It’s useful to know these things.

    But I’m no scientist!

  26. Southern Europe got red hair from scandinavia. Not invasion but deep friendship. I agreement about the blond hair blue eye thing but there is different red hair people. Strawberry is totally different than dark red hair. Have you and your wife red about PHEO MELANIN versus regular melanin. Tanning may not be part of the racial purity. PHEO makes you lighter or brighter the stronger the sun…hence…the sun in the north is stronger than anywhere else especially ocean and snow reflection. Thor had red hair and I’ve read a saga version where Odin is Thors son. I’ve also read that there are enzymes only found in certain read haired genes found no where else. Why were red heads hunted but not blonde blue eyes. Why does the us military show a Marshall law training video to soldiers that show a busload of red haired people. Why are there red haired people found all over the world buried. Red hair is not a mutation except maybe the redheads from southern Europe. Also Google sensitivities of red haired people to so many of household products…chlorine being the obvious. I have feelings you know these things already.

    • The military might be interested in red hair as there is speculation red hair = greater psychic ability? (maybe some groups would want to utilize that… or take out any competition)

      I believe red hair has it’s origins in Europeans, not a result of mixing…

      Celts/ Picts/ Basques etc have the highest rate of RH neg blood found anywhere + also red hair? = no rhesus monkey protein.

      Red and Blonde mummies have been found all around the world among the ruins of great civilizations. If other peoples show such characteristics it is only due to diffusion of our once global culture/ explorations.

      • Yeah, but blonde hair turns red when mummified, so that doesn’t mean they had red hair. It means they had blonde hair…

        • Hmm, doing some looking… can’t find anything science wise yet… other than “Woman with red hair, Papua New Guinea. Melanesians have a significant incidence of fair hair, caused by a genetic mutation different from European blond and red hair[4]” *shrugs* ( it is a very different “red”… very washed out… unlike vibrant reds found in Europeans.

          Some experiences of people… a baby born with red hair that turned blonde (x2)… and some blonde hair later in life going red + you have the strawberry blondes // These mummies are found side by side basically, some with red some with blonde why would some change and not the other? Afrocentrists claim the blonde hair mummies had brown/black hair that changed when mummified… though not true, DNA evidence etc etc … I think red and blonde are sides of the same coin, for what ever reason some people display higher % of one or the other.

          I found this..but no source linked: Red hair and blonde hair are part of the same recessive gene. Red hair consists of two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16, and the blonde type contains recessive redhead gene that becomes auburn or strawberry blond hair.

          I am 50/50 re this topic

  27. Very interesting. I would like to ask: must the results of high red melanin levels (red hair, certain skin properties) always go hand-in-hand, or can they be ‘mutually exclusive’? For instance, I don’t have red hair, but I have very pale skin, faded freckles across my face – they were quite a bit more prominent in my youth – and I don’t tan, I just burn. One other thing worth mentioning; I may not have red hair but when exposed to sunlight my brown hair has slight reddish streaks. As for the resistance to poison (i.e. alcohol) I really couldn’t say since I don’t drink much. As for pain I don’t think I have an especially high threshold – I can tolerate it as well as the next guy.

    Very interesting ‘Egyptian hypothesis’. I’d read about up to 70% of men here in the British Isles sharing the same haplogroup as King Tut, but I’d just surmised that, based on that, perhaps we had a common ancestor for whichever reason decided to go their separate ways – some westward, some south.

    • I’d say they can. I’ve got the skin and the tendency to burn(while my mother is blond and can tan very easily) but I don’t have the hair. I actually don’t really understand where I got my hair color from. My mom is blond and my dad has black hair, whilst my hair is brown. I’d say I probably got the pale skin from my grandmother on my dad’s side who has red hair, and the brown hair is either from my mom’s mother(who had brown hair) or it’s a mix of things? Are hair color and hair consistency part of the same genes? Because I don’t have the straight hair everyone on my mom’s side does, my hair is like my dad’s in that regard. Genes are confusing. :p

      • It’s funny, I can ‘trace’ all my physical characteristics to different people in my family no problem except for my pale skin and strong tendency to burn. As has been said, a high percentage of people here in Scotland (approx. 50%, I think?) carry the recessive “red hair gene” so perhaps it skipped a few generations and presented itself to some degree in me? Which brings me back to my original wondering if “red hair gene” traits can present themselves independently of one another.

        Genes may be confusing, but they’re certainly just as interesting. 😉

  28. How can we state that the neanderthal were blond? Can you give me links to the studies on the subject? What if they had white hair like our elders? Maybe they were blond at birth and soon turned white haired…

    • I have made a search on the subject of hair pigmentation and whitening. Looks like they don’t even know which are the genes responsible for the hair whitening process. Some pretend it is caused by the lack of an enzyme responsible of the hydrogen peroxide catalase(i.d est seperating H and O). It then cause an excessive accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. But it seems they don’t know why this enzyme is decreasingly produced. I have always wonder why the hair are turning white. And why some people’s hair are turning white at a really young age. My wife’s grandfather’s hairs have whitened really fast when he was about 18 years old. Some say it’s his wwii military service which aged him rapidly…

      • Hair whitening is caused by the lack of copper in your system to create melanin. It begins when you age because you lose ability to absorb nutrients as well. (Though it can happen in unhealthy younger people as well. I know someone who is 20’s and has some gray hair.) You can give turkeys striped feather by taking copper out of their diet, then adding back in, then taking it out, etc. It is also linked to potential heart and blood vessel issues because of the copper needed in those areas.

          • Yea, I was trying to find the scientific study on the striped feathers, but was not able to. It was some farmers who did it as a novelty thing to sell. But anyways, farmers know that’s why their livestock gets aneurysms and such, so they give them copper. Don’t want to lose good money from dead cows! Now, humans? …well that’s a different matter… *rubs hands*

            I’ve been trying to make sense of this technically. Seems the enzyme tyrosinase is used by the body to control the production of melanin. Tyrosinase is a copper protein (consists of a pair of copper centres). If you don’t have enough copper, you can’t produce this enzyme. Then you won’t produce enough hair pigment. Found this as a good solution (though don’t know how true it is):

        • Can you give me links to the studies confirming what you said? Because I’ve been searching on the subject for a while and I’ve never seen anything about a lack of copper causing hair whitening.

  29. I’ve always semi-joked that I have “retarded” (not technically – the word’s used pretty generically in American English) hair & eyes (strawberry-blonde or red/green). People laugh, but really, it’s not that funny. It’s obvious from the genetics of how they both happen that it’s not supposed to be – it’s like having screwed-up/dirtied blonde hair & blue eyes.

    I have lots of freckles that are the result of my numerous sunburns throughout life. Having this sensitivity to the sun obviously makes no sense for any climate in the world – I get sunburns in winter just as well as summer.

    The anaesthesia thing also seems to be true – as does pain tolerance. That could just be me and nothing to do with my hair color, but I have had physicians and dentists both tell me it seems true in their experience.

    It’s true also that Jewish people end up with red hair a lot, but usually, from my experience, it is the darker red/auburn with no hints of blonde at all & is also often quite curly, sometimes almost afro-able.

    As further “evidence” along the lines of which you speak – I have known separate people in my lifetime with this very bright & dark red hair that was very curly and with very pale skin (unnaturally so) who had one quite black parent & one white. I remember as a child being shocked by it (not so much now of course).

    Anyway, thanks for this post. It’s a sad thing to admit about oneself, but true.

  30. My hair are red, my beard is red, but my mustache is blonde. My torso hair are red, my pube are red, but not my ”balls” hair wich are blond. my leg hair are also blonde. My eyes are of a clear blue. Does that mean my genes are ”HALF” mongrelized haha or maybe my gene are trying to OVERCOME the mix. I am also really tall. 6’3” and burn really fast at sunlight. I dont have a lot of ”frekles”. I alway tough i was coming from northern europe, but you proved me wrong. But since i have blond dna in me. That mean my gene are NEANDERTHAL at first? I am also really pale and hardly tan. When its winter i get more RED because of the ”lack” of sunlight? And when summer come back i start to get ”blonder”, can you explain this fact too or it is just a normal reaction to the sunlight? i cant see dark people getting darker or paler during season? I also too have no freckle in the face, but a lot on the arm or torso.

    I have great health but not a lot of brute strenght in comparaison of my friend but i can say that i have a strong willpower.

    I am also not resistant to alcool (my father wich is ginger is and alcoolic) but i am fairly resistant to pain because i have a lot of tatoo and dont men to ”endure” the physical pain, thats why i think i have a ”strong” willpower.

    I guess i am not a 100% pure ginger, maybe there is still hope for my ”GENE” haha.

    • This is much the same with me. I don’t have much of freckles on my face, but do on my arms/shoulders (but then, they have borne the brunt of sunburns also). My hair gets very much more blonde in the summer than winter.

      My son has red hair also, but very blond eyebrows and eyelashes. He can also tan some and is much more resistant to the sun than me.

      I too see tons of blond men with red facial hair.

      I just think, like Varg said, we most all have differing things that show as to the unfortunate mongrelization.

  31. Thank you for this article it explained a lot, it helps me better understand the negative consequences of race mixing. I’ve also noticed these features in redheads and mongrels. Especially the growth disorder is very evident, many are huge or very small. Redheads also have a lot of freckles which is obviously a pigmentation disorder. Many mongrels also have a very pale skin, which looks very unhealthy. Pure Europeans have golden skin and hair with heavenly eyes.

    Sadly this means that a large part of my family is already mongrelized, which is really a shame because they have noble roots 😦

  32. What about proper green eyes, Varg? Is this also a result of mixing (a dilution of the blue eyes) or a trait that Neanderthal also might have possessed?

    • proper blue eyes have the same amount of melanin as they proper green eyes have. Both are light eyes and common in northern europe. I’m not an eye expert but I don’t really understand the adoring of blue eyes when light green eyes are just as nordic. If its about the lightness, shouldn’t grey eyes be the most “übermensch” since they contain the most less melanin?

      • That’s actually not correct. The green eyes are a version of brown eyes. Gray eyes on the other hand are just like blue eyes.

        Green & Brown eyes = homozygote for the dominant gene or heterozygote for the recessive/dominant gene. Gray a& Blue eyes = homozygote for the recessive gene.

        Blue/Gray eyes are purely European. Green/Brown eyes are not.

        • Yes, I can attest to green eyes being dominant, as my father has blue eyes, while my mother has green, and I am now stuck somewhere in between after having blues eyes as a child…

        • I dont really agree with this. There can be brown pigment in blue eyes just like there can be brown pigment in green eyes, and there is dark green eyes and dark blue eyes. Green eyes arent dominant, in fact green eyes are rarer than blue eyes. Parents who have green eyes have greater chance to get blue eyed child than parents who have blue eyes having green eyed child. In Finland majority has blue eyes, my mother has green eyes and my father has blue. My both sisters have blue eyes and me and my brother have green. My eyes are minority in here, still they are just as finnish as blue eyes.

          • I think Varg is correct. If you look at green eyes, they are blue with sprinkling of brown pigment so when you look at a distance they appear green. It’s somewhere in the middle of a spectrum between blue and hazel.

  33. Do I need to write the comment in english to get it published or is it the fact that I disagree with you on this certain point that makes it worthy as material-not-to-be-published? I just wish you put more effort into searching for real evidence rather than postulating personal theories here and there.

    • You need to know more about what you discuss, and stop talking shit about things you obviously don’t know shit about. That’s it.

  34. Sorry, I was searching about the red haired resistence to pain. I found an article that says that they need a higher dose of anesthesia than others, have less sensibility to sting and burning sensations, are more resistant to spicy foods.

    The specialists suggest that the red haired feel more pain than the others when they go to the dentists and doctors, because they need a higher dose of anesthesia, but probably they need it because the anesthesia have less effects (like stings, alcohol and pepper).

    • Exactly Ibrixner. I always read and follow Varg’s explanations and ideas, but for years I’ve been reading about redheads & blondes, and others, related to racial anthropology and as you well say, I knew same facts. Indeed redheads need more quantity of anesthesia(around some 20% more) (some source: ), and I’ve also read:
      “This can also be due to a faster metabolization. And this fits well with the idea that the RN lost skin pigmentation and toughness by protecting themselves with animal skins, which ended up making their skin tissues look like subcutaneous tissues, losing their hardness. Other studies suggest higher sensitivity to thermal pain and lower sensitivity to electric pain.”

      I was also asking the issue about anesthesia myself to some readheads and seems to really be true…

      They supposedly, also have a good tolerance to lactose, so it’s also said they were the first ones to really start to consuming regularly milk and alcohol.
      In regard to the freckles, it’s said it does not really belong to redhead gens at all if they are supposed to be “pure”. And is suposedly common among redheads mixed with other armenized whites.

      Also as Varg says, the idea of redheads being more racially pure is a very widespread one, and that’s what I also thought until now,. now I’m just bit confused about it after reading this. And another confusing matter (I remembered this cause of the very typical idea in people’s mind of the “green eyed redhead with freckles”) is the one related to green eyes, since in couple of sources it’s said it’s about brown eyes with lower melanine. But, as many of you here may have seen, there are lots of (white)families that share only light eyes among their individuals, and they still give birth to blue eyed/green eyed children.
      And in relation to eyes of redheads,..
      I’ve also read that originally redheads had the first blue eyes, (and they have older gens than those of the blonde persons, probably around 50,000-30,000 years old*). And the grey eyes have even lower melanine, and they came with the first blondes. So I would really appreciate if Varg could explain us what he thinks about these things, or if he knows or any book would be great to get updated.

      *”For the moment, it seems clear that the R haplogroups stem from on or two Armenid lineages by mutation and evolution” ?

      Anyway, there is something undeniable about readheads, and that’s their psycholical nature. You can always see how redheads are so sponteaneous, impulsive, and “explosive”, how they share a love for nature, and few others.
      You can find things like these in most redheads, and in my personal case, in all I’ve met. But, not only in redheads, but also those persons that hold part of those gens, for example, a very pinky skin, with their features and constitution or even persons with a redhead close relative (sister/brother/father/mother/uncles/aunts/granpas). And is really interesting when these gens goes “underground” for many generations, for example some 4 generations, no one of them redhead, but most of all of them share the same kind of pinky skin of redheads.

      • Red haired people need more anesthesia most likely because they are more resistant to poison (and thus also to anestheria). So the anesthesia doesn’t work on them, unless they get higher doses. How hard is that to figure out?! Come on!

        Yes, they are less resistant to thermal pain, but more resistant to electric and physical pain.

        Red haired people are not a separate race, so “they” can not have been the “first to start consuming regularly milk (and alcohol)”. Red hair is a result of a mutation that can occur in any race that has at least some Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens or Denisova blood.

        You say: “there are lots of (white)families that share only light eyes among their individuals, and they still give birth to blue eyed/green eyed children.” What is that supposed to mean? What is “light” eyes if not blue or gray?

        The Neanderthals had blue eyes and blonde hair, so NO, the red haired individuals were not the first to have blue eyes. *sigh* The problem here is that modern scientists don’t want to admit that we have inherited our blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes from the Neanderthals, so they pretend it is a NEW mutation, that occurred “after we left Africa”. What they say is bullshit, of epic proportions, and should be ignored at all cost. OF CORUSE We have inherited our blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes from our Neanderthal forebears!

        Haplogroups means NOTHING, save the fact that ONE SINGLE of your forebears came from this or that group, and that you stem from a male line after him. So ALL the female forebears after that first male forebear might come from another race, for about 80 generations for every 1000 years that has passed since then. Do you understand just what this means? A person belonging to an African haplogroup can actually be e. g. 128000 times more European than a person belonging to a Scandinavian haplogroup. Haplogroups really mean nothing and should be ignored!

        See also here:

        PS. It takes time to approve comments, especially if I wish to give them the attention they deserve.

        • “Haplogroups means NOTHING, save the fact that ONE SINGLE of your forebears came from this or that group, and that you stem from a male line after him”

          That’s true. Most people read too much into haplogroups. They may be interesting to some degree but they can never tell you what race you belong to.

          Maybe we can compare haplogroups to something that is easier to understand, like an empty glass-bottle.

          For example: If you take an empty bottle that used to contain water and refill it with a black liquid it may still have the form of a water bottle but it doesn’t contain water anymore, so it’s no longer a real water bottle. The only thing that you can tell is that it USED TO BE a water bottle.

          • My man, Johann…

            The only thing I know we have disagreed on until now would be the nationalism thing. 😉

            Don’t tell me we look the same too? Ha ha.

            • Ah yes, nationalism is pretty much the only subject we kind of disagree on.

              Haha. No, I’m not your Doppelgänger 😉

          • I think another good analogy for haplogroups is surname inheritance. For example, my Grandfather is Italian. So my last name is Italian. But I am not mostly Italian. And if I were to marry, say, and English woman, and my descendants did as well, and they passed the surname as normal, they obviously aren’t Italians, despite have the surname.

        • Thanks a lot Varg for giving time to read my post. I want to point out that I wrote you the things I said because I’ve read that stuff in pages where is written (as you may know) with total certain of it, and I wanted to know about your kind of answer about it, not as an attack but to clear things up, cause also, I’m sure more people visiting this blog read that stuff, so is good if it get’s cleared up.

          “You say: “there are lots of (white)families that share only light eyes among their individuals, and they still give birth to blue eyed/green eyed children.” What is that supposed to mean? What is “light” eyes if not blue or gray?”

          (Sorry to consider green eyes among the “light eyes”, I know you don’t consider them well..)
          But the thing is.. as we both have read, green eyes are some kind of brown eyes with lower melanine, and I said “light eyes” because I was talking of families where they all have blue eyes and green eyes , but not brown eyes.
          Through the so many generations I think they should loose the green eyes, and if they didn’t reduce or stop the “production” of green eyes, might be because someone in the past indeed had brown eyes..
          Or you think that ONLY unless they get more blue-eyed persons (to have children with) they are not at all going to loose this feature?
          There is also an old book of anthropology (yeah, one of those that still consider racial differences, and truly investigated about it), that says that even brown eyes parents (but obviously, if they are true whites) has some kind of 25% of chances to still get some blue eyed child.
          And about hair, in Europe we can easily see when both parents are brown-haired(both with european ancestors since many generations) and have a child with dark hair, and another totally blonde (the kind of blonde that lasts through years), I don’t remember the percentage of the probabilities for blonde hair but it also had some percentage.. And well, for both examples I know cases myself..
          What do you think? 🙂

          • That’s just because the parents have different genes, and the children inherit different sets of genes. There is nothing special about it.

            Brown-eyed parents can get blue-eyed children only if they both have genes for blue eyes. As simple as that.

            • Yes I know that,
              but what do you think about this part?

              “(…)I was talking of families where they all have blue eyes and green eyes , but not brown eyes(never).
              Through the so many generations I think they should loose the green eyes, and if they didn’t reduce or stop the “production” of green eyes, might be because someone in the past indeed had brown eyes..
              (I consider this since the blue/grey eyes are the evolution)
              Or you think that ONLY unless they get more blue-eyed persons (to have children with) they are not at all going to (reduce/)loose this feature?”

    • They are more resistant to poison (and then I guess also to other similar effects, such as anesthesia), so that makes perfect sense: they need more anesthesia because it doesn’t work so well on them.

      • Why is my comment still waiting for moderation after 9 long hours? I quoted my post here in a new post, and is not even visible yet..

        • Because there are dozens of comments waiting moderation, and I give priority to adding links to translated posts, writing new posts, putting my kids to bed, eating, driving my son to riding classes, etc. :-p

  35. Now this makes me wonder, from where comes the hairy body of the iberian men?
    Blacks and arabs don’t have any hair on the chest, scandinavians hmmm not so much neither. You only find it in the peninsula (correct me if I’m wrong).
    One thing I’ve noticed is that when a man shows this hairy features he also tends to look more muscular, with strong facial traits and fairer skin than other men from the zone without that body hair.
    Maybe it was an iberian tribe who boosted these genes after the mixing.

    • Just in case… I’m not a troll.
      It may sound as a stupid comment but I’m just curious about all these small things.
      I always collect little pieces of information and get a big valuable picture after.

    • No, you are simply mistaken. Scandinavian men are very hairy too, but the hair is fair, so it is not so visible. Scandinavian women too are rather hairy, just like the Iberian ones, but their hair is very fair, so it is not visible.

      PS. I tried to Google it to provide you with some examples, but I must quit. I am eating…. Googling “man with hair on his chest” was a mistake, I can assure you. :-/

      • Okay I see. I was lacking real information.
        It makes sense and gives some confirmation to my observations.

        There are two major kind of men in the southern Europe.
        A more european mix (strong body, neandertal facial features, fair skin but with brownish hair and eyes) and another mix (skinny body, darker skin, zero body nor facial hair).

        It doesn’t stop on the phisical side… personalities are different too.

        Well, thank you. I can continue with my investigation.

          • Yes, that’s just what I wanted to say haha
            I function following always my guts feelings and… I would never trust the weak looking ones.
            I find all this fascinating. How different we are, how much you can tell just by the looks and how hard “they” try to made us think we are all the same.

      • I think this is a good example of a Scandinavian with hair on his chest, visible from the t-shirt collar.

        (p.s : I have exactly the same in dark version)

  36. I am English, grey eyes, 198cm tall, healthy and smart. I feel as “pure” European as the next person. But according to this I am not because my hair is brown? I thought most of Europe had brown hair.

    Can we really say whether someone is more European than another purely based on hair colour? Remember that brown can be blonde in some light. I was blonde up until my teens, now at 30 I have brown hair, but in the sun it looks very light.

    • No, we can not say that based on hair colour, but we can say that based on a number of other factors as well. Hair colour is not very important, and your brown hair might not originate in Europe, but you are not less European because of that. Other Europeans have other traits that are not European. We all have on average 0,3% African DNA…

      • That’s so true!
        Every time I’ve talked about hair color and this kind of stuff with someone I’ve tried to explain them the basic things we all even subconsciously know about features.
        As you have said Varg, in many posts, and also in Burzum page, how an entire person is, says much about themselves.
        I always try to focus a lot in features in the different persons we see.., something some people completely forgot about it about after all the brutality from media that people is getting used to, like the hollywood movies, there you can see women with faces that are some kind of hybrid of amerindian and something unknown… they put these kind of persons as “the blonde character”, and obviously, is very possible this woman at the same time, show dozens of non white features like very big lips, no forehead, etc.
        For me is nothing else than some intended “unculturization” of people, so we completely loose the notion of the white race, and “finally” we totally loose the notion of the european face.

        And hair color is nothing, if the owner of it is a weak man, with brown eyes and pretty stupid brains.
        We also got to show of what we are so proud about, and we got to ALSO show ourselves, the intelligence, strenght and wisdom of the race we belong to and talk about.

        There are too many factors to consider…

        Something personal -> I got to know just few years ago, that my grandfather checked all of the newborns in my family..
        “by some reason” he was touching our skull, measuring our fingers, checking the jaw size and shape, etc.
        My grandmother also used to say “show your forehead” among other things when my mother was for example changing hairstyle.
        Just now, when my grandfather is dead I got to know about it, and just now I understand it. And just few years ago I understood why my grandmother said that among many other things, for example, only white people has this kind of forehead. LatinAmerican natives don’t even have forehead, and about the rest of races, the shapes are different.

        • Btw: the fake blonde woman in The Game of Thrones (the one with the dragon eggs). She looks like a freak. Her face is not even close to being “blonde”.

          • Oh yes! You don’t know how much I’ve said to others “how I hate that character…” and then they are “but why?! she is great! and she is so cute!”.. WTF.
            I don’t hate the character, but the kind of woman they picked, and her looks.
            Since the first time I saw her I was just.. even bit shocked. Absolutely nothing in her face is right… not even some things of the attitude of the character…
            I only quite like “Eddard Stark”.

            • You’re right ! I don’t know how you could have see that, but I have look Emilia Clarke on google, and the actrees has dark hair. At first it would have been Tamzin Merchant (seems to be a blond) but she has been replaced.

              • She looks more normal indeed, but as bit of separated eyes lol… still more norman than the actual “blonde” from Game of Thrones 😉

  37. Very interesting conclusions! Though I’m somewhat unsure of myself, since I got blonde-brown’ish hair with very slight red tones, but very prominent red colour and certain areas of very pale blonde in my beard. I’m fairly sure the red tones are from my German side, though. Pretty much everyone (at least from 1850-) on that side had some kind of red tones in their hair.

    • My mustache and goatee is blond with red like Barbarossa, but I’ve got a black beard. I must be a strange mix… 🙂

    • I have a similar thing myself Johan, red and pale blond in my facial hair. My hair itself is light brown, my father had the same (he’s grey now) and my mother is blond. From what I gather this kind of mixing is common in Northern France where my ancestry is based.

  38. Hello, Varg! I was reading your post on which you linked me to in this post, and there you spoke of nose bone and shape. This made me wonder if some of the concave shaped, quite low bridged (nose bone present) non-wide (we aren’t mixed with negroes) noses that some people in my family have are european. I have read studies that classified europeans based on their looks, like “the Alpine Race” and it was rather common for them to have a lower nose bridge, while being europeans. Could you please help me to know if it’s and european trait or not, if possible, of course?
    Thank you,

  39. About the racial purity of the Scandinavian tribes. Many, if not most, “pure” Scandinavians are very tall and not so muscled. Don’t you think, Varg, that the body constitution is far more superior factor indicating Neanderthal descent than the eye colour and fairness of ones skin? And even if you think it’s not, you must agree that it’s at least worth consideration. All the Neanderthal skeletons were stout and non-tall – perfect for combat and hunting, not apple-picking like contemporary Scandinavians.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m blonde, fair skinned and I’ve never felt more in spiritual harmony with nature than when I put my feet on Scandinavian soil. I am just curious of your opinion about that.

    • The Neanderthals were NOT short. That is a myth. They have found Neanderthal remains that indicated a man about 1,9 m tall too. Some where short, others tall, just like Europeans today.

      Scandinavians are often tall and powerful built, but we have our share of weakened individuals too — who are basically wimps, because they never use their muscles for anything. If you live in a town I am sure you see more skinny wimps than you would in the countryside, where people are still using their bodies more.

      The skeletons of Europeans is a weakened Neanderthal skeleton. The dimensions are the same, and very different from African skeletons, but it is usually much weaker than the Neanderthal skeleton, because of the hybridization.

  40. Don’t they believe that some Neanderthal also had red hair though? Could that be the explanation for the British Isles?

    • The red hair mutation is very old, so some of the late (mixed) Neanderthals might have had red hair, and this is indeed one of the possible explanations for the red hair on in the British Isles (see the first hypothesis in the PS of the post).

      You should take everything they say about the Neanderthals with a grain of salt though, because they almost consequently tell lies about them, in order to cover up the facts. They want us to come from Africa, so they ignore all evidence suggesting otherwise. E. g. they claim that we have blonde hair not because the Neandethals had blonde hair, but because we — just like the Neanderthals and “completely” independent of the Neanderthals — adapted to the environment (in less than 30,000 years we went from Negroes to Blonde Europeans….sure) (the good old “evolution” bullshit).

      • Speaking of Neanderthals and the (broadly) British isles, there’s been news recently that, supposedly, the last Neanderthals were on Jersey….

        It’s also worth noting that, if I am correct, in Neanderthal times there was a land bridge between Britain and the Netherlands…

  41. “Europe today is a colourful species (yes: Europe is a biological term too, a species), but these features are just on the surface. What matters more is what is inside each European man, in terms of intelligence, courage, general health and the will to make sacrifices for causes greater than themselves.”

    I totally agree 🙂

  42. With regard to the Red people they are d isolates Celtic, as l was also certain blond.Much this Evidament in Gaul in the past and still known today in England and irland. Or strong culture Celtic still life.It has been seen that some Jewish it are true are red and blue eyed blond.I think not by blood isolates or ethnic, more can be by converting judahique!In any case, blond, red are real Europeans… Ancestral origin

  43. I have actually taken a gamble and ordered a 2nd hand book on this subject:

    It seems amateurish but non-professional history can often turn out to be the best and most enlightening (David Irving being a good example).

    I think we need to differ between “more race-mixing” and “more extensive distant race-mixing”, the latter being true like you say does not necessarily mean they have less European heritage than us, it probably just means some of their ancestors were subjected to more concentrated race-mixing so more of these mixed genes were passed down…Well, that’s my theory as a “layman” anyway…

    • Also, Michael Tsarion asserts that the Irish were the Egyptian pharoahs in one of his books; hence why some pharoahs had red hair, and even blonde hair, I think.

      Good luck with that book, though!

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