The Fall of Man, part III

Francais. Serbian. Spanish.

Domesticated animals are broken creatures, as explained here, but agriculture has had an interesting effect on man too: the man domesticating animals has himself become domesticated. Modern human beings are cramped together in unnatural environments, in ‘cages’ in towns, where man had to invent sewers just to get rid of all the accumulating human manure resulting from this unnatural lifestyle. Today man has become so domesticated that the adults no longer raise their own children, but instead send them to be ‘trained’ for their future slave tasks in kindergartens, in schools, at universities, by TV, radio and other ‘entertainment’ and so forth – just like we train animals for certain tasks too. Their offspring is vaccinated and in effect taken away from them most of the time to be further domesticated. “Trained” like we train dogs, only for more complex tasks. 

Man has been trapped in this vicious circle since the introduction of agriculture, and unless man can free himself from this there is no other end to it than the end of man himself. Just like the animals we domesticated we will become (even more) broken and unable to survive on our own, and then simply die out… the quality of mankind has already dropped dramatically over the years, and at one point we will be so weak that we can not survive without medicines, vitamin injections and you name it, and then one day something happens that was not supposed to happen, and e. g. the medicines run out or fail to arrive where they should, and that will be the end of mankind.

Mongrelized, disabled, handicapped, weak, stupid and feeble, will man disappear from the face of the Earth.

(Good riddance… )

21 thoughts on “The Fall of Man, part III

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  4. French translation:

    La descente de l’hommes partie 3.

    L’animal domestique est une créature brisée, mais l’agriculture a eu un effet intéressant sur l’homme aussi : l’homme qui domestique l’animale est lui-même devenue domestiqué. L’humain moderne s’est retrouvée à l’étroit dans un environnement non naturelle, dans une ‘’cage’’ qui est la ville, là où l’humain a due inventer les égouts pour se débarrasser des eaux usées résultant de ce style de vie non naturelle. Aujourd’hui l’homme est devenu si domestiqué que les adulte n’élève plus leurs propre enfant, il les envoie plutôt se faire ‘’entrainer’’ pour leurs future tâches d’esclave a la maternelle, à l’école, à l’université, par la TV, la radio et autre sorte de ‘’Divertissement’’ et ainsi de suite – tout comme nous entrainons les animaux pour certaine tâche. Leurs progénitures sont vaccinées et en effet son amenée loin d’Eu la plupart du temps pour être mieux domestiquée. ‘’Entrainer’’ comme on entraine des chien, seulement pour des tâches plus complexe.

    L’homme a été piégé dans ce cercle vicieux depuis l’introduction de l’agriculture, et a moins que l’homme se libère de ceci il ni aura pas d’autre fin que la fin de l’homme elle-même. Tout juste comme les animaux que nous avons domestiqué deviendrons (encore plus) brisée et incapable de survivre par nous-même, et alors, simplement mourir… La qualité de l’être humain a déjà descendu dramatiquement avec les années, et a un certain point nous seront trop faible que nous ne pourrons survivre sans médicaments, injection de vitamine je vous laisse les nommez, et alors un jour quelque chose arrivera qui n’était pas supposée arriver, et ex : Pénurie de médicament ou il rate a arrivée ou ils devraient, ce sera la fin de l’être humain.

    Mélangée, dépourvue, handicapée, faible, stupide et impuissant, es ’ce que l’homme va disparaitre de la face de la terre.

    (Bon débarras…)

  5. Oh boy. I will keep this short.

    “…the quality of mankind has already dropped dramatically over the years, and at one point we will be so weak that we can not survive without medicines, vitamin injections and you name it…”

    Yes, and it is sad that the average person today seems to care more about voting to save their favorite[meaningless] reality TV star than taking an interest voting for someone to help run their local community. The quality of mankind has declined indeed.

    The rest of your sentence reminds me of all the diet pill advertisements I see. That highlights what is wrong with the mentality of this culture: people have become corpulent and lazy to the point where they don’t want to sweat to stay in shape; we(I use ‘we’ loosely) think that a pill will magically fix everything effortlessly and that leads to my next point: everyone today seems to want to be sick or diagnosed with something. No wonder medical industries are so wealthy.

    In summary, I agree completely.

  6. Maybe some will survive and create a new golden age of hunting and gathering on earth. Who is to say it hasn’t happened before, even? The talks of Atlantis, Thule, ruined and forgotten cultures, and so on could be remembrances of this.

  7. I wonder if the smartest man had had his way and we’d remained as hunter gathers would science have still developed to the state that it is in today or would the development of humanity be completely static?

    If the former I wonder if the European Religion would survive against the onslaught of rationalism that is currently destroying Christianity, leaving atheism and nihilism in the wake.

    • The European Religion is rational itself, so… rationalism is what makes the European Religion return.

      • Of course it is, I’ve gathered that from your previous posts and I don’t dispute this but a lot of atheists that I’ve met (and usually ended up disliking it has to be said) just don’t appreciate the need for religion, rational or not.

        • The funny thing is that Atheists are not rational at all. Atheism is not what it claims to be. It’s a marxist and humanitarian cult. They are totally oblivious to the real world.

          They say that they only trust in scientific facts when in reality they don’t.
          What they call science is in reality nothing more than politically correct nonsense.

          • Once in Varg said that Atheism doesn’t really exist because we all believe in something, for example Love, Justice, etc., even Atheists. And all those are metaphysical concepts. I think it is still a good point to shut up the mouth of all the degenerated and anti-European Atheists.

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