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Many of you probably know the fairy tale about The Princess and the Pea: (cut and pasted from the Wikipedia entry about The Princess and the Pea): “The story tells of a prince who wants to marry a princess, but is having difficulty finding a suitable wife. Something is always wrong with those he meets, and he cannot be certain they are real princesses. One stormy night (always a harbinger of either a life-threatening situation or the opportunity for a romantic alliance in Andersen’s stories), a young woman drenched with rain seeks shelter in the prince’s castle. She claims to be a princess, so the prince’s mother decides to test their unexpected guest by placing a pea in the bed she is offered for the night, covered by 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds. In the morning the guest tells her hosts—in a speech colored with double entendres – that she endured a sleepless night, kept awake by something hard in the bed; which she is certain has bruised her. The prince rejoices. Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding.”


Remembering this fairy tale today made me think about… yes: autism.

Today they normally give autism as a diagnosis to people with certain character traits, such as a heterogeneous intelligence, hyper-sensitivity (to noise, to certain fabrics, to changes in routines etc.), special interests, a tendency to think with images rather than words, a special ability to focus and see details where others don’t, a special interest in collections and/or other traits.

They normally differ between “high functioning” autists (often just called “Aspergers”) and “low functioning” autists, and the latter is usually what normal people think of when they hear about autism. I am going to talk about the former here, because they are very interesting from an historical perspective and there is nothing wrong with them – unless of course they also have some problems that are not actually related to their autism, like many non-autistic human beings have too.

Aspergers are often socially a bit difficult to relate to for many, but they possess some abilities that normal human beings simply don’t have, and they are therefore believed to have been extremely over-represented in all the types of work where the combination of extremely high intelligence, exceptional sense for details, complete disregard for what other pople think about them, an extreme ability to focus and exceptionally good memory has been important. Somewhat jokingly researchers on autism have said that probably every single great historical figure in the history of man was an Asperger: political leaders, inventors, generals, composers, scientists and you name it. Only Aspergers have the exceptional abilities needed for this, they claim (and I agree).

Asperger is a “diagnosis” today, and this is of course very odd, because Asperger only means that you are different, that your brain works in a different way. There is nothing wrong with Aspergers! They just work in a different way.

My (Asperger) wife has suggested on atala.fr that the features of an Asperger might well be features inherited from our Neanderthal forebears. When our forebears mixed with Homo sapiens the skulls changed a bit, over time of course, and because of that the brain changed too, and the Europan man became dumber and also less happy. So unhappy in fact that he started to do all sorts of things to help his situation; he created art because he no longer was able to see the (details of the) beauty of nature itself, and he created civilisation and new technology, because he could not bear life any more and tried to make it better.

Aspergers too suffer from this metaphysical vertigo, and I dare say; in particular Aspergers suffer from this metaphysical vertigo, because they see and understand so much more of the natural and original state of things than the normal people do, and probably all the innovations and technology was brought about by Aspergers.

Normal people are more like homo sapiens…. they are not very inventive, they are not very artistic, they are not very good leaders, they don’t plan ahead so much, they desperately need friends, they commonly care a lot about what others think about them and don’t usually want to be different, etc. And they are not very smart either.

Asperger is a “diagnosis” alright, and you either have it or you don’t, but the traits that identify an Asperger are many, and you don’t have to have all of them, or all of them to such a degre that you would have been given the “diagnosis” Asperger had you been examined for this, in order to be seen as having a European mind. In Europe we can even see entire tribes thinking much like Aspergers. The most obvious example is of course Finland, but also the Scandinavians are very much behaving like Aspergers on a collective level. They e. g. more or less need to intoxicate themselves with alcohol in order to even communicate with each other on a “modern” (…) level, and see a week or two alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere as the best holiday there is – away from all others, and the less electricity and running water there is the better!

And why not? Do you think our nomadic forebears were so very sociable? Do you think Europe was so very crowded that wherever they turned they bumped into others? No! They were very much alone, in small groups (families), and only talked to others every now and then, when they met them most commonly in pre-arranged meeting places (to exchange news and not least to find spouces for their children). The ultra-social and highly un-European societies we live in today are very alien to our European nature! No wonder why we need to intoxicate ourselves to “work” in accordance with modern social rules!

Now, these “Asperger tribes” up there in Northern Europe also happen to be the most racially pure tribes of Europe, with the most Neanderthal features. So why would they not also have the highest percentage of Asperger (Neanderthal) “symptoms”?

Post-homo sapiens-infected Europe was a changed society, but the more or less mixed Europeans were for sure able to still recognize those good old European mental characteristics, and this brings us back to The Princess and the Pea. To keep and even cultivate these European qualities they created systems to find them; and this explains the coming of the European religion, grown out from the Neanderthal Bear Cult. In The Princess and the Pea we see that they wanted to see if she was hyper-sensitive; if she could feel the pea under those 20 mattresses and those 20 featherbeds. When she could feel the pea, and even failed to sleep because of it, they knew that she for sure was a true European, and not just European by looks – so the prince wanted to marry her! You see: these Neanderthal characteristics are passed on from parents to children…

Most of the Europeans who also look European are also more European in mind than they are African, even though they are not and probably would not be diagnosed as “Aspergers”, but many “Europeans” are really not mentally European.

Just like we ensure that the best amongst us survive in context with beauty/health, physical strength, creative abilities, intelligence, honesty, courage and so forth, we must ensure that we cultivate the European way of thinking and being too. The only way to do so is to embrace the European religion, which was made for this very purpose in the wake of the mixing of species (starting some 100,000 years ago). The European religion is a tool to heal Europe, and to restore the European man, in flesh and spirit, in blood and mind. HailaR WôðanaR!

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  1. Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley.

    Temple Grandin

    • Sorry. I had to approve your comments. And I am slow… real slow. Being completely focused on one thing at the time… you know: HFA style. 😉

  2. For all this bullshit about people saying people with autism can’t make intellectual work, I have Aspergers and study at an art Academic doing graphic design in the second year, and got in without a degree with an intelligence test. After 2 years I have my Bachelor of Arts

  3. Im half American Half dutch and I have autism, thanks for this post. Alot of people nowadays speak negative of autism, even use it as a bad word.

  4. Well, I live in South America but am a descendant of southern europeans, and since I was a kid I’ven been experiencing a lot of symptoms of aspergers like noticing patterns in everything, being sensitive to lights and noises, few but strong friendships, not standing crowded places (also being introvert) and having more talents and higher IQ than my colleagues. If in Europe it is treated as a diagnosis, imagine how it its having autism and living in a multicultural hell where they completely ignore the european contributions to the culture of the country and promote african culture and its extrovert way of doing things. I just hope I can return home and sing and play while their “sapiens society” crumbles and falls.
    PS: since I was a kid, I was always pissed off at all the injustice and dishonesty which the people of my country showed, and they regarded me as “inocent” and “foolish”.

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  9. May I ask; how do you (both) know that you’re wife is “an Asperger? for sure”. Bear in mind, there are no clinical findings whatsoever that supports this. No X-ray, CT or other methods can establish this so-called diagnosis. ICD-10 with its ridiculous subjective examinationmethods has no legitimacy in the case of psychiatry.

    I have met and worked with tens and tens of autist youngsters. Some deeply haunted and plagued, others pretty well-functioning considered their obstacles. The underlying fact is that not a single one of them was/is capable of producing intellectual work of any class. Also; autists and especially “Aspergers” (to be honest I hate this “diagnosis”) seldom has any capability of a well-functioning social life with others; creating a family and be able to function as a stable life-partner and reliable caretaker is extremely vulnerable in these cases. To be honest, I deeply doubt your theories when it comes to your own household – an intelligent lady that goes beyond the culturally acceptable does not need any medical diagnosis to “explain” the rarity of it – the most suitably word here would be; she has guts and has more the mindset of a man.

    • Centre Resource Autism in Limoges diagnosed her. The diagnosis is official.

      I don’t think the autists you worked with had only autism…

  10. I was ‘diagnosed’ with Aspergers when I was younger. I used to view it as an unwanted affliction, a sign that I was somehow lesser because I couldn’t fit into normal social situations, I was always on the outer and viewed as someone odd, and I of course did have a narrow field of interest. It only got worse in my teens, without being intoxicated I just couldn’t function socially with people, I’d much rather have been at home reading about the Third Reich. In fact it wasn’t until I started realizing the National Socialists were honourable and decent men that I began to realize I didn’t want to associate with most ‘normal’ people anyway. I’ve kind of learnt now how to act socially by studying others, even though alcohol still helps. I still am very selective about who I befriend though, ironically many of my other friends are Asperger themselves, nearly always of high intellect. Interesting to note that a symptom of Aspergers is clumsiness and un-coordination. That was about the only symptom I never had, I’ve always done well at sports.
    I certainly don’t view it as a curse anymore, in many ways it can be a gift. Great post, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!

    • I, too, went through a long period of using alcohol as a safety shield to be better able to socialize. By the time I hit 17 I was a full fledged alcoholic. Actually, I believe I was mentally addicted from the very first drink I took. I convinced myself that I couldn’t function without it…couldn’t enjoy music, film, etc. I found myself drinking up to 36 cans of beer a day PLUS whatever else I could get my hands on. But I’m proud to say that I’ve been sober for 14 years now. And without the “help” of AA or any other groups! I am NEVER even tempted to drink! Well, after being hit by a car while crossing the street, having my mother die the following evening while I was in hospital on morphine, and spending 9 long weeks in traction, flat on my back– that might be enough to get some to stop! But after my release I took up the bottle again for 6 months, then, one day, without any prompting, I just STOPPED! I hadn’t planned it, I just “forgot to drink”! After several months I realized I could never drink again. Do I miss it? NO! Not in the least. It’s nice to remember what you did the day before, where you went, who you may have encountered. I blame no one, nor anything, for my descent into alcoholism. Looking back, it’s just made me stronger. I see others drinking themselves into a stupor, blaming this or that for their problem, and while I UNDERSTAND, I can’t feel much pity for them. People CAN stop on their own! YOU are your highest power! I may be helpless when it comes to alcohol, but I’m all the more powerful without it. When I think back on those days, they seem VERY dark days indeed!

  11. Ironically the night after I read this post my pyjama trousers and new mattress kept me awake all night until the midday. I think it all conspired to prove a point. The constant noise of police helicopters in the distance does not help either. Thank goodness I mostly live at night in the (relatively) quiet dark.

  12. Hm, interesting. I’d like to mention, as a diagnosed Asperger myself, the curious relationship most autistic people have with animals and young children. There’s a lot of “therapy” going on for autistic children involving animals. Contact with animals (particularly dogs and sea mammals for some reason), has always been strangely moving to me, and I’m sure to many others.

    Also, are you implying southern European cultures are somewhat “less European”? I’m curious about your personal opinion regarding this subject. I can say they are surely less welcoming to people with characteristics such as ours…I should know, since I grew up in one and my autistic behaviour brought me much more trouble than it would have in a Northern one, I’m sure.

  13. I never looked at the story this way, I guess it takes a real European to think out of the box and see the true meaning in things, like you did in this post. By the way, I find it kind of funny reading all the self diagnosis that’s going on in the comment section. I do not think I have Asperger Autism, but now I kind of wish I knew how it felt to have those traits.

  14. The Princess And The Pea was one of the fairy tales my dad used to tell me and my sister as a “before-going-to-bed” story, among the others. And I can say that, although I used to understand pretty well the general meaning and the teachings of all the other tales (all European miscellaneous fairytales, though I never interested myself about the authors…), this one was pretty meaningless to me. To better say it: I just thought that the whole story was about this princess who was so pretty, so delicate, so “fragile”, pure and innocent that she was actually able to perceive the presence of a pea under so many mattresses, using this as a metaphor to enphasize her purity, innocence and so forth. Now that I read this, I see it in a new light and I guess it can make sense. At least it makes more sense than my incomplete interpretation.

    Another thought, that may be relatively off-topic: I’m referring to the point of the article when you write about man that created art because he was no longer able to see the beauty of nature, I’d say that man did it also because he felt the inborn desire to reproduce that beauty and harmony that surrounded him. Man, driven by his creative force, started to “make art”: music, painting, poetry to name few, maybe because by doing so, he also felt a more intimate connection with this beauty, that is beyond the mere fulfillment of his creative impulse.

    Anyways, I enjoyed this post, mainly because my knowledge about autism (and its forms) is close to null, so I guess I’m going to read what Marie wrote on her blog one more time to get a clearer picture.

    Thanks Varg

    • turn that argument up-side-down: maybe they moved to Northern Europe to live in isolation because they were anti-social?

      • Could the same be said for the British Isles? Or would the military conquests that went on there negate this? I must have gotten my reclusive traits from somewhere.

        • When the Glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age, yes.

          They lived in Central and Western Europe before that. At the edge of the glaciers.

          The Neanderthal valley, for instance…

          • So north was covered by Glaciers when they melted they moved on territory of Scandinavia?
            P.S.This post consist of your personal opinions or facts?

            • That’s common knowledge, and official history… so..

              You didn’t know that? Seriously?

              • It is not true that Scandinavia was ever completely covered in ice. It is a theory based on the land rising from the reduced weight of 2km of melted ice. If the land rises and sinks for some other reason, as I think, you no longer need a km thick ice layer.

                That the completely covered in ice theory is wrong, can easily be seen from the landscape, as you find geological formations that would not have survived under an ice sheet. Varg has mentioned Lyngsalpene, and three more are Gaustadtoppen, Besseggen and Prekestolen. (Google images, if interested to see for yourself)

                What really is the nail in the coffin, is the biological proof, as Scandinavia has a very diverse arctic fauna and flora, whose closest relatives lives in the Alps, the Pyrenees and Iceland.

                That the sub-artic fauna is less diverse, is however proof that there were a lot of ice, so it is not that the current theory is all wrong.

                PS. Lykke til med rettsaken

                • It might also seem that Lofoten and Vesterlen was ice-free even during the Ice Ages, because of the Gulf Stream… Not sure if this is true, but it might mean that this area at least was less covered or covered only for some time.

                  PS. Takk!

                  • If it is colder than -5 to -10C, it doesn’t snow, so I don’t get the argument that a colder gulf stream would have to mean more ice. It could be the opposite, that a warmer gulf stream, leads to more snow in the winter than the sun can be able to melt in the summer.

                    IIUC, it is not warm summers that makes the current Norwegian glaziers shrink, but too little snow in the winter.

                    I have seen a couple of Master thesis on dating how long stone have been exposed to cosmic rays from various locations in Norway, and they found dates ten thousands of years older than 10.000 years. Scandinavia might very well be the result of many ice ages, none of them completely covering the landscape.

  15. I have a good friend with Aspergers. He’s like a walking encyclopedia. People with autism have a very beautiful spirit. Thanks for the post, ill be sure to share it with my friend.

  16. I don’t think this is only exclusive to white Europeans. I personally know a lot of Aspergers who are not white. I don’t know if I am one but many of the traits seem to match my characteristics. I usually don’t communicate with people unless he/she is very close to me (which is very rare) or holds interest in the things that I am obsessed with (Burzum and it’s music might be regarded as an example of it 🙂 ). When I happen to see people coming towards me on the streets I usually don’t interact or just end the conversation with a ‘hi!’ because it makes me uncomfortable to have a casual conversation. I love talking about a subject but I am not into casual conversations, whether on phone or directly. I am left handed and my parents tried to make me use my right hand when I was little but they were not successful in doing so, and also I hold pens and pencils in a weird way (weird way in the sense that it seems weird to others, both left and right handed people) when I’m writing or drawing something. And I also try to maintain an order or a pattern in everything I do. I don’t feel comfortable with direct sunlight in my room either. I like being alone or with someone very close to me alone in calmness.

    • So if you are left hand, then you have some Jewish gen,i suppose so, sorry to say but in my head its and have been always left the negative side.

      • Really? I never knew that. Will check into this although it seems weird since I can trace my lineage back to the Vedic clan/’Gotra’ of Rishi Svavarna which is itself a sub-sect of the house of Rishi Bhrigu. Fenriz is left handed. If you’re true then the phrase of ‘Norsk Arisk Black Metal’ on ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ record seems to be even weirder. 😛

      • Come on! That must be just silly. Left-handedness occurs pretty randomly as far as I know.

        • I dont know Mr.Vikernes that was my own opinion about the left side in general in my head and my mentality but i found something in Wikipedia that they say in Ancient Europe also the word left in several languages evil things ( f.eks. the word sinistra means Left or many other words from Greek language osv.)
          Anyway sorry if im too pessimist to the Left and many things which belong to it. 🙂


          • The connexion between lefthandedness and evil comes from Christianity. Christians saw left-handed people as the Devil’s children. I am left-handed and as far as I know I am a perfectly fine European man 🙂

        • I’m left-handed. I can assure you that I am not Jewish in the slightest. :p It’s not random though, I can trace it back through my father’s side.

          • Strangly enough there is a link between being left handed and being charismatic. Most of the US presidents were left handed. It seems a strange link and I’m curious where it originated.

          • So, it was a good subject to talk about because now we know already that there were many Left-handed on TP…….. 🙂

        • Varg: Any thoughts on someone who, like myself, is ambidextrous? I worked for a long time as a painter and am able to easily use either hand. And when I was a child and played baseball, I threw with my right arm , but was a left handed batter. I can only write with my right hand though. Just curious.

          • And there’s certainly no Jew in me! So I hope no one has any theories about the ambidextrous having some obscure Jewish trait. A bit of humour. I hope.

          • That’s just an advantage, isn’t it?

            PS. My right arm is the strongest, my right foot too, but I still prefer to kick the ball with my left foot…

            • It’s been years since Norway got a killer two-footed striker in the vein of Solskjær. Maybe you could have been the end to your country’s search for the next Ole. 😉 Big Manchester United fan here. 🙂

          • It’s the same with me actually. Although I never played baseball but I played cricket (if you’re English you’ll surely know what I’m talking about). I was a left handed bowler and a right handed batsman. I bat with my right hand, other than that it’s all left. I am not ambidextrous though.

    • Most non-European autists are low-functioning autists though. And that is a different thing altogether.

      • Maybe but the ones I was talking about are high-functioning ones of course. My best friend is one actually. His name is Ankush. He is extremely brilliant. There are others. They are all pretty god at what they do. One, especially, is a brilliant artist and another one I know ranked as the top 10 nationally at the entrance exams of one of the premier engineering institutes in the country and also the world. He also did very well in the Maths Olympiad and stuff like that.

        • The Europeans were mixed with Homo Sapiens a long time ago so the “errors” that arose from this mixing have been stabilized. The non-Europeans were mixed with Europeans not very long ago so the “errors” have not been stabilized yet.

          Oh, and yes: only non-Europeans with European forebears ever get autism.

          • I’m half-European, Half Native American-Asian. I’ve always noticed ever since I was a kid that I had features of autism but had never been diagnosed with it because it was deemed that I was not autistic so I am not sure if I truly am or partly or not.

            • I think a lot of people have autistic/Ausperger’s traits, but that some are less pronounced than in others. That, and from birth most children are indoctrinated, socialized, and medicated (if needed) to suppress such things. Then, those who maintain the advantageous traits of high-functioning autism are ostracized and portrayed as victims whom should be pitied rather than intelligent and worthy members of the race.

  17. The internet has really wrecked culture. In internet-speak, “Asperger’s” is a term like “ad hominem” that is frequently spoken against an adversary, but never really defined or used correctly, if it’s correct at all. (This is why when you mention verbal duels, it’s useful to remember that this tradition caused people on the sidelines to watch for illogical statements, the modern “talking points,” and shred them.)

    If you think about it critically, most of what people say about people with Asperger’s is that they are too logical. Wait — cough — too logical? One of the great problems of our world is that it isn’t logical enough. It also lacks passion, but I’m not sure that’s an opposite to logic.

    I think it’s more Crowdist hogwash. They want you to think that the only path to success is by being brainwashed by socialization into following trends and doing what the rest of the herd does. If you don’t behave like them, you’re obviously a Bad Person.

    Many of the best people I meet are more logical than emotional. This is because they can think clearly, determine what result they want to get, and then act logically toward it, instead of making a surface effort consisting of emotional statements and symbolic acts that do not achieve their goals.

    In many ways, we can view the two world wars as similar emotional statements not achieving their goals. Perhaps we should put the “Aspies” in charge for a change.

  18. Sorry to say, but this “fairytale” was written by H.C. Andersen. This is his invention (or maybe his grandma, because he could hear this story from her along with some others).

      • Well, as far as I know, Andersen wrote “konstsagor” (art tales) and did not record “folksagor” (folk tales). It means he wrote his tales in a manner similar to old fairy tales. That doesn’t say anything about where he got the inspiration which might as well come from an older tale.

          • That is possible. From wiki: “Andersen had heard the story as a child, and it likely has its source in folk material, possibly originating from Sweden as it is unknown in the Danish oral tradition.”

  19. And again I feel reminded on Orwells 1984. Winston is able to see the truth and they try to make him believe that he has a mental illness and hallucinates. Aspergers feel and think much more naturally and the psychologists try to tell them that they have an illness…

  20. One more thing: has anyone on here used 23andme to trace their ancestry? I seem to remember some folks in the older posts mentioning this. Is it worth the $99.00? I’ve used Ancestry.com and have been able to trace my family back to 1800 or so. Swedish, German, and Polish. Looking to take this back much further. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • My friend and I were thinking of doing that as I’d read other people here mention it before. Then we found out that the co-founder of 23andme is married to the co-founder of Google and we got a bit skittish about it…

      • Really? I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for that info. And I received your answer regarding the T-shirt. I still want one, but money is very tight. Soon……

  21. Greetings Varg and friends! I decided to change to my full name and to add a picture. Since I like to know just whom I’m speaking to, I thought it only fair. NOW: my daughter has a son with Aspergers/ autism and I share many of those traits as well…so, thanks for this post!

    • Not worth the time. It should have been called “The Story of Odin as told by Christians”.


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  24. One problem I have had with the diagnosis of aspergers is the “lack of empathy” part. I think aspergers people actually have more empathy, but they just are overwhelmed by it. Maybe with a bigger neanderthal brain we would be able to handle it, but with smaller hybrid brains we cannot process the higher empathetic feelings as well.

    • I think that’s just an issue of terminology. In psychiatry/psychopathology, there are three types of empathy: affective empathy (which is what people commonly mean when they say ’empathy’) cognitive empathy (understanding other people’s thought process) and simple sympathy.

      I’ve never seen it explicitly stated (in mental/neurological health journals and the like) that autists don’t/cant feel affective empathy and sympathy; I think it’s just a misunderstanding which came to prevalence because a lot of people who write about the subject don’t bother to specify between the three and was then spread further afield by people who’ve misinterpreted the writings because they aren’t familiar with the technical terms.

      All of that said, if there are writings out there that do make the above assertions then I believe, simply put, they are talking out of their arse. Autists are a far cry from psychopaths, and that’s an understatement.

  25. I have to say, what you and Marie have written about Asperger’s/Autism has made me understand A LOT about myself. It just makes so much sense. Thank you both.

  26. Perhaps Finns are more neanderthal than other Europeans, since they are also genetically more different compared to other Europeans.

    • The more Neanderthal features (like blond hair, fair-skin and blue-eyes) the general population has, the more Neanderthal it is.

      So yes, Finns along with the Scandinavians are more Neanderthal than other Europeans. Generally speaking.

      I don’t know if Finns are very different genetically compared to other Europeans, but if they are it is only because of a higher admixture of Sami (Mongol) blood, and this has nothing to do with the Neanderthal heritage.

      • Finns unique genes are caused by the isolation of Finns. while in central Europe different tribes were in contact with each other all the time. racial mixing happened and such. That didnt happen nearly as much in Finland. Modern Finns still carry portion of the genes of those people who walked on Finnish soil 10 500 years ago. Sami people and Finns have always minded their own business, Sami inhabited Lapland, which Finns feared, because it was believed all the diseases and such came from Lapland. And its true Samis have a significant root from the east. But Finns dont genetically share much with them. Heres a few charts I uploaded

        and an article about this

      • Do you think red hair was an original neanderthal trait? Many with red hair have fairer skin that blondes, since blondes can usually tan while redheads cannot. I was thinking that during the ice ages there were probably small isolated groups of neanderthals that would show different traits.

        • Red hair is probably the result of a very early hybridization between Neanderthals and Africans.

          The red haired people have fairer skin because they have much red melanin and very little brown melanin, and thus don’t tan. The blondes on the other had have very little of both types of melanin. So the red haired people actually have much melanin.

          Tanning is not a bad thing. When you do it only means you don’t need any more “Sunshine” vitamins. The quicker you tan from exposure to Sunshine, the less Sunshine you need to produce enough Sunshine vitamins.

          Red haired people don’t tan because they have so much red melanin.

      • Finns speak a partially Turanian-derived language like Magyars; do you think it’s possible their slight Asiatic influence is from that, rather than Saamish origins? Saami strike me as low Asians, where Turanians would be higher on the scale if not proto-Asian. It seems to me that there’s also a predominant Swedish genetic influence at this point.

        • I think you approach this from the wrong angle, assuming that Finnish is not a European language. Not only Indo-Europan languages are REAL and TRUE European languages. The Indo-European languages are just one of several European language groups, with Basque, Finnish-Estonian and Magyar being others. Perhaps even the original Egyptian was such a European language! And Sumerian.

          I recommend this post:


          and this post: https://thuleanperspective.com/2013/01/28/haplogroups/

          They deal with this subject.

        • The most ignorant thing you could say about Finns is that we are outsiders in Europe, mongols who simply look white because of swedish influence. This sort of propaganda was practiced during 1800’s by swedish pseudo scientists and was accepted fact that Finns were orientals. The only thing that ever connected us to Asian origin however was the language. Knowledge wasn’t very vast about it back then, but it is now. Therefore I’m amused to still see comments like this, perhaps study before talk

          • I agree with you, Kalevanpoika. What he says here is absolute nonsense. The Finns are in fact even fairer than the Swedes (a little bit only, but still), so what he says is obviously not true at all.

            The Finnish language is NOT Asian either.

  27. For me aspergers has just been social handicapness. Inability to read facial emotions. Inability to act in social situation, and habit to create obsessive interests to stuff like train schedules. This was a bit funny writing for me, I kinda did smile while reading it through, no doubt your wife having autism has affected you to think this way about it. Culture has a big part in your social behavior, brain functioning is different thing

    • You really don’t know much about Autism, and when you don’t please don’t talk about it… You share some prejudice only, and that is not worth anything.

      Where do you think culture comes from, if not the brains of the people creating it?

      Btw; what makes you think I am not an Asperger too?

      • Sorry if I seemed prejudicial, but I’ve read some stuff about it before and watched “documents” about it, aspergers introducing the people their syndrome and such, Ive even read an article about sexual life of aspergers, despite all that I still have thought the way I wrote. I think cultures partly roots from the environment the people inhabit. And its a lot adopting from foreign cultures. But I cant really say much but speculations about the social part, no doubt environment has affected this too. Farming is way to get food and part of culture, like it was in Finland. Food was often in shortage, because of winters when you couldn’t farm. So families simply stick to themselves, they didn’t want any business with outsiders in fear they might want their food. I could have affected social behavior in our culture perhaps

        • Keep in mind that good European traits (like Autism) are typically going to be spat upon by much of the mainstream scientific community. Just like every other community…

        • Food in Northern Europe was in abundance *especially *during the winter, because hunting is so easy during the winter…and fishing too. So what you say doesn’t make any sense.

          They could even hunt and fish a lot and much more than they needed, to keep for later, because of the freezing temperatures.

          In Norway they had so much extra food that we invented all kinds of ways to preserve it for later on: *gravlaks *is salmon that they simply salted and buried in the sandy ground, just abode the water line (yes, sounds good doesn’t it..). Then you have smoked fish, salted fish *and *dried fish… then you have *lutefisk *(fish prepared in a potash lye [yes, “very” delicious), the latter being a good way to make sure nobody else wants to eat your food, ha ha.

          And that’s just fish…

          They didn’t starve in Northern Europe. Ever. Anyone telling you this are full of shit. As simple as that.

          • I simply learn from what I hear. There are plenty of finnish folk tales that have reference to the shortage of food. For example the story where swedish crusader, a priest, was killed on lake ice by Lalli because he had “bought” their foods from his wife. And then there was this terrible famine in 1700’s that forced finns to make bread from bark. Getting food wasnt that easy during Finnish winters. If the harvest was bad during summer you would starve. I’m sorry but famine was reality in north.

            Heres a painting of starving Finns practicing slash-and-burn farming in order to survive the next winter http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fe/Raatajat_rahanalaiset.JPG

            • Cornelius Tacitus too talks about the Finns starving, but I am pretty sure the Scandinavians never starved. And I don’t understand why the Finns would starve. Don’t you too have thousands of elks, reindeer, deer and such in your forests, and plenty of fish too, in those few ( ;-p ) lakes you have?

              • Good question. Nobility and swedish royalty exploited the more humble finnish folk. This also caused the “great” cudgel war 1596–1597. So perhaps slavery was to blame? Finns were technically the lowest form of beings to swedes.

                • That is a lie. Finns were never seen as second-rate Swedes. If they were you wouldn’t still speak Finnish because you would be forced to speak Swedish. Finns were Swedes just as much as any other tribe in Sweden. It was easier for the people in Stockholm to go to Finland than to Göteborg. And the Finnish soldiers were like any other soldier. That Finns were seen as lower than Swedes is a Finnish nationalist myth from the 1800’s.

                  • And you are swedish I presume? I love it how you deny your unpleasant past like bunch of commies. Being a Finn in swedish kingdom really meant to be a lesser being. Many Finns would change their family names to swedish in order to increase their status. If you couldn’t speak swedish you were good for nothing else than slave work. Finns weren’t seen as welcome to swedish lands. Finns who farmed or lived there were burned out and finnish language was banned, everything, from speaking to literature. And discriminating finnish language isnt even old thing in sweden. In västerbotten which has high rate of finnish speakers, had schools that wouldnt allow finnish to be spoken even during recess still in early 1900’s. It disgusts me how we still learn swedish like the slaves we were.

                    • Actually, I think you still learn Swedish because so many tribes along the coast of Finland are Scandinavian, and not Finns — and they ARE native to those regions… so Finland is a two-language nation.

                      Correct me if I am wrong.

                    • Swedish was the language of the government, and the government couldn’t care less if the farmers spoke Swedish or Finnish. To become an officer or polititian you had to be able to speak Swedish, though, just like you have to speak English today to become something. The only time when Finnish was seen as lesser than Swedish was during the extremely nationalistic 1800’s and 1900’s, and then Finland wasn’t even Swedish anymore. Finland (that didn’t exist before 1809) became a part of Sweden in the same way as Småland etc. There has been over 30 wars between Denmark and Sweden, but not a single war between “Finland” and Sweden, because they were the same country. And many Finns became leaders in Sweden’s army, like Gustaf Horn. Finnish peasants were probably treated badly, but just as badly as Swedish, because there was the same law in Sweden and Finland.

                    • I do not know much about the history of Sweden and Finland since i am Bavarian (German [South Scandinavian]), but i think you should read this post again: https://thuleanperspective.com/2013/10/12/divide-et-impera/
                      Europeans are Europeans! Finns and Swedes are the same people speaking another language and with (very slightly) different customs and myths like it is also with us Germans and the Hungarians and any other european peoples. Leave the past be past, our forebears in the (near) past (including the swedes AND finns) (and thus we ourselves) were blinded by the enemy. Let us forget this strugle and unite against the forces that try to destroy Europe! United we stand, divided we fall! Remember the story about Athen and Sparta! They allway were in war against each other, but when enemies attacked Greece, they united and crushed them. Let us not base our thoughts and deeds on our blinded forebears from a few hundred years ago, but on our honourable forebears from antiquity!

                      Hail to the Bavarii! Hail to every Scandinavian (and thus every swedish) tribe! Hail to every skythian (and thus to every finnish) tribe! Hail to Europe!

                    • its not that simple. We have no reasons to be multilingual country, except being submissive to swedes and therefore keeping their Nordic title. Because they’ve said we would lose this title if swedish language gets removed. Swedish people who came here were colonialists, christians, but they tried to destroy finnish culture, language, everything, not enforce it with myths.

                    • I can’t directly reply to your other message about scandinavian tribes in Finland, but no, thats quite wrong. Finnic tribes ruled the areas far in Fennoscandia. It was not until 1200’s swedish crusaders invaded Finland, before that there was only random crusades made by vikings.

                      this map shows how far Finnish tribes reached. Swedes arent natives here. They are colonists like I said

                    • But the Finns used to live closed to the Urals before!

                      Vikings never made any “crusades”. Crusades is a Christian thing.

                      Finns too went “Viking” every now and then, by the way.

                    • Finns have nothing to do with Urals. There are finno-ugirc related tribes in urals, the Samoyed. Finnish language however did not come from there, its believed the birth home of finno-ugric languages is in the bend of Volga river, in European Russia. Crusade was probably wrong way to say it, but vikings did come in Finland to invade the villages so that they could start collecting taxes from them. However vikings never succeeded in this, survived vikings ran back to their boats more than once. They called Finns “the giants of the east”. And they did take strong men from Finland to join them too. I heard this new viking document tv-show on history channel features one viking as finnish.

                    • You are aware that you sound a bit blind in favour of Finns and Finland?

                    • Heh, yeah. I’m heavily Finnish nationalist. But what I’ve said is gathered information, not my own speculation about Finnish superiority, I do have some of that too but nothing that I’ve mentioned. Finnish history is something that’s in shadows, nobody knows much about Finnish tribes who lived in Finland before swedes, that’s why I’m a bit obsessed about my ancestors. There’s actually quite interesting story about one viking “expedition” to Häme. Not sure where I could find english translation of it. but here’s the story in case you are interested.


  28. Why diagnose an evolutionary trait that brought about more intelligence as an illness? This seems to be very silly, nobody is diagnosing black people as ill because they have an extra muscle in the leg which makes them run faster than all the other people. Nobody is diagnosing white people as ill(not yet ofcourse) for having more upper body strength than the other races. Why diagnose an evolutionary advancement which helps the person to be more ahead of everybody else as a sickness?

    • Because it goes against their interest and their plans to break down the European man and make him feel inferior, guilty and basically worthless. They don’t want us to know we have a lot of genetic advantages.

    • Because they need a way to classify it to target those that they know will be a threat if left unharmed. An aspie is really dangerous for the jew: they don’t care about society’s norms, are brutally honest, and generally quite outspoken, as well as highly intelligent with no tolerance for ‘political correctness’ or such bs.

      That is why in the schools they do their best to cripple aspies with drugs; or to turn them on to liberal ideas. Aspies tend to turn into ‘moral crusaders’ if you know what I mean.

      • Sounds like a counjured up ad hominem to prevent social instability or cognitive dissonance, if you ask me. If these people are indeed only (as Varg has put it, very probably incorrectly) suffer from a greater intelligence and no negative aspects such as anti-normative behaivor, weird mentally retarded beliefs that go against logic and science(historical, equality, multicultural belief amongst many, all of which gol against anything normative), and very much self-centeredness, then i guess it would and should be a classified disease. Wouldnt you agree?

        • It’s not so simple though. I was the most popular kid in school in the first grade before they began ‘treating’ my autism. The treatment involved telling other students that I was dangerous, and telling me that I was sub-human and destined for an institution.

          What seems more likely to me is that this anti-social behavior is a result of both abuse and the fact that we simply don’t care about the things that today’s masses do. In the past when everyone was interested in the same thing(survival, craftsmanship) there was less of a rift between Aspies and the average person.

          Though I do think Varg is right that Aspies generally prefer being alone(not exactly something one ‘suffers’ from) and I know myself that the added brain power can get in the way in everyday conversation. Over-analyzing everything leads to stress and worry, though this is something I learned to overcome myself.

          I do think there should be some kind of help center to help people with Autism, but it shouldn’t be mandatory, nor should Autism be classified as something negative.

  29. Maybe Asperger only is a noble Aryan soul ?
    Today I think you have to be “wierd” to pretend to be normal…
    A “normal” soul today kind of scream and yell in the pubs , and I don’t know if all this is normal…

  30. Interesting blog, Varg. Is there going to be perhaps a blog about ADHD and other ”learning disabilities”?

    • No, I don’t know anything about that. Save perhaps that it is probably more a problem for the school system (being a worthless system after all) than for the poor kids being diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities…

  31. Asperger isn’t the only diagnose that is portrayed as an illness when in fact it’s far from it. I suffer from depression and I can tell you the pain is very real. However, it took me a few years to realize there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. What is wrong, is that I’m born into a world filled to the brim with things that goes against my very nature. 9-17 jobs, sterile environments, meaningless personal possessions that you are just going to throw away anyway. I could go on.

    How ever theoretically practical those things might be, I’m not a machine and I don’t fit in with the formula. Trying to adjust myself to match with the standards of modern society is without a doubt the cause of my sufferings and modern society has also presented a solution. Screwing me up a bit further by tossing “medicine” into my brain. For the record I’m not eating pills no more!!

    All of that took me quite a while to realize, but that’s only natural when I had a long unlearning process to go through before I could see things clearly. Whenever I felt the best I was always outdoors and as far away from civilization as possible. Not because I’m anti social, because I’m not, but because I had come home so to speak 🙂

    Now I just need society to break down completely and I’ll be “cured”. The sooner the better 😀

    • Europeans easily become depressed. I think the modern diet has a lot to do with it, too. Europeans should be eating a meat heavy diet, since that is what our ancestors ate.

      • I don’t think it can be simplified like that except to the extend that modern man grows his vegetables in the supermarket and does his hunting the same place. The nutrition value might be the same as if you did the manual labor yourself, but your mind will suffer from it.

        One of the supposedly leading authorities in studying “mental illnesses” said that, “Depression is the inability to appreciate a sunrise” and I absolutely agree with that. Except that I don’t think depression is an illness and that the cause of the inability of appreciating a sunrise, is all those nasty man made buildings blocking the view 😀

        Children are really the ones that knows about it the best. A simple sentence like, “can I go outside and play?” tells the tale of someone yet unpolluted that prefer the garden over playing indoors in an IKEA home.

        I’m by no means looking for sympathy(not that you suggested that 🙂 ) and I’m largely fine anyway. I just thought I’d point out another “illness” that really isn’t one and how we are manipulated into thinking it is.

    • Excellent response Lasse! Everything is labelled today – if one differs from “the mob” socially, emotionally and/or logically then there MUST be something “wrong” with you. Therefore, one must expect to be held up for social ridicule OR worse, identified openly as having a “disability” that needs to be treated, often with medication.

      The question that I feel begs response is: What if Asperger’s is simply an attribute, a genetic characteristic of a line of people, not an “illness” or “disability” to be recorded or treated with therapy or drugs – but to be embraced?

  32. Bloody good post! Really enjoyed this, I have a cousin with Aspergers and he is left handed and incredibly smart and cunning also very manipulative.

    Hails from England, Varg.

  33. That is not a new idea though, some kind of egrodicity in evolution neuroscience Nash wrote about . Maybe sleeping genes really exist and they sleep for ergodicity purpose, mechanisms similar for those in our Sun.
    Asperger is more like a curse, it ruined my life. You cannot fall asleep when clock is ticking in another room. I read no fiction, watch movies, only books on mathematics, theoretical and applied. And it’s unbelievably hard to start a family.

  34. Aspergers have some have some handicaps in the field of science though. Especially problematic is their inability to grasp abstract concepts. It becomes a thing for them, an object with form and other properties of objects.
    Thus Einstein gave us his universe where the concepts of time and space have become integral parts in his objectified universe.
    Aristotle would have shook his head and given him an F on that.

    But, as with all people who are aware of their cognitive or physical limits, Aspergers can be brilliant in their field of work. A surgeon is excellent with the knife, but probably makes a lousy or at best mediocre psychiatrist..

    • Einstein was a complete fraud. He didn’t give us anything. He stole all his ideas from European scientists.

      • Absolutely.
        And, along with the rest of the big bangers and quantum physicists he violates fundamental definitions and precepts of physics and come up with an absurd notion of reality and the physical world.

        It is what you get when you are unable to separate between concepts and objects and physics and mathematics.

      • Very true, “the Father of Modern Science” lol…nothing but a con man, lying about his ideas and achievements, and stealing the work and the research of others. The equation E=mc^2 was first published by Olinto De Pretto …two years prior to Einstein’s publishing of the equation. In 1903 De Pretto published his equation in the scientific magazine Atte and in 1904 it was republished by the Royal Science Institute of Veneto. Einstein’s research was not published until 1905…Einstein drew from the work of Hendrik Lorentz and Henri Poincare in formulating the theory of special relativity. Elements of Einstein’s 1905 paper paralleled parts of a 1904 paper by Lorentz and a contemporary paper by Poincare. The truth is known to many scientists and historians, even if they are afraid to say anything. Wonder why? Einstein was a minor contributor at best and in any case an intellectual thief and pretentious braggart.

  35. This is essential to understanding the European mind. He is unique and inimitable from the other races. This is an article that I could directly relate to as I was reading and was immediately familiar with your description of autists and Aspergers because I have been classified in such ways and can self-identify with it immediately. I am sure a lot of Europeans can. I was and still am very quiet, introverted, isolated and extremely anti-social. I never have cared about others’ perceptions of myself and have always disregarded their opinions of me. Indeed, I was known as the “quiet kid” in school and was always of special interest to my teachers. I was an individual. I preferred nature and reading over the hum of electricity. I have a limited set of interests (of which I am very passionate for), can detect and sense things others cannot, am very detail oriented and meticulous and have always felt the most comfort when alone or in a silent environment. I was always noted as a picky eater and could always distinguish (in panic) any discrepancies or unfamiliar objects when chewing 😀 It shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of us autists/Asperger’s live repetitious and monotonous lives and have such interests in ambient/electronic music and historical topics.

    Also, as you said Varg, what is wrong with being classified as an autist? Why does society consider it a “mental illness?” Is there something “wrong” with having an extreme interest in something? Is there something “wrong” with being naturally proficient in a skill or trade? Isn’t that how inventions and innovations are created? Isn’t that how all writers, poets, painters, artists and philosophers create their work?

  36. This can’t be more correct. The solution IS embracing the European Religion. I did lots of researches and found out this solution you, Mr.Vikernes, proposes, stems from a lot of study and knowledge, aside from a good logical thinking. I myself have many Asperger’s characteristics. I’m not social, have a few friends , but can’t stand being in a crowded place plus I CANNOT develop good social skills, I have a few friends whom I can trust, real good people, I really care about friendship, it must be a strong link. I have other characteristics that match Asperger’s though I feel they’re not necessary to be described here. Thank you for providing great information here on your blog, for free. And I’m Southern Euro…everybody says we’re “highly” mixed in relation to other european countries, but, eh…not true…

  37. Good memory? While I got ripped off there. 😉

    I’m curious, but would you also say that the average modern European(us autistic included) are suffering some confusion/depression because we are not 100% pure? Maybe this helps explain how ‘irrational’ our race is known to be during the teenage years?(Blacks, Asians, Arabs, and even Jews generally act the same regardless of age from what I’ve seen) The alcohol consumption amongst other things reminds me a lot of what I’ve seen mixed race people suffering from, albeit on a smaller scale.

    I think you’re probably right on the ‘Princess and the Pea’ too. That makes a lot of sense, and I could certainly see someone actually being that sensitive. When I was very young, my feet would feel as if they were on fire when I’d put on a pair of socks. I’m glad I grew out of that…

    • Anyways, I feel I should get this out there before it comes up and causes a stir. I was wrong about being mostly Scottish/Irish. My relative who wrote the book on our family is though, hence my misunderstanding. Myself, I’m at least 40% French Canadian, 10% Scottish, and a mix of German/British on my dad’s side. Just thought I’d clear that up. 🙂

  38. I suppose it’s a blessing and curse. Here’s a quiz I took years ago which was forwarded to me by a friend who was diagnosed with Aspergers. He sent it to me because he was certain that I had it too, and he was curious to know. According to this quiz he was correct. There is the option to take this test in many different European languages too: http://www.rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php

    • My score was 172, many people call me autistic, but I just don’t care, which seems to be a Asperger treat as well 🙂

    • Your Aspie score: 64 of 200
      Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 141 of 200
      You are very likely neurotypical

      I used to be much more…awkward though. Guess it had to do something with the fact that I didn’t really have the chance to socialize.

    • Greetings! I’ve just took this test and my Aspie score was 112 of 200, while my neurotypical (non-autistic score) was 116 of 200. According to this, I seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits. Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

      • That’s a very interesting result. Do you think that you have had to make many mental and behavioral adaptations to arrive at your current disposition, or do you feel quite natural?

        I find myself relating a great deal to all the others who have stated that they have aspergers.

        I am not quite sure what it means, but I know for sure that remaining such in the modern world, without having found a niche is extremely displeasurable. I suppose some would argue that that is the case for everybody, but I would argue that it much harder for the person with aspergers to make even minor concessions which others see as trivial. However, the point is not self-pity but rather solution-based. 🙂

        • Actually, at this point in my life, I am quite comfortable with myself, in spite of my surroundings (Chicago). While it has taken me many years to reach this level of understanding, I feel it has been a natural progression, and one without compromise. I think my acceptance with being the way I am has helped me immensely. I, too, seem to relate well with other’s who may have Aspergers, and my daughter’s son was diagnosed with it as well. And as for the modern world, I feel I am extremely lucky to have found my niche. My passion. While others may look upon me as eccentric, anti-social, or just plain odd, I feel enlightened. They are the ones lacking, not me. I’ve always suspected that, but tried to haul my ego in, though it’s now clear to me that I was right. I DO find it difficult to make concessions, but why should I care if others find this trivial or not? I’m very content working on my paranormal research, my writings, my music, and am able to allow my mind and imagination to roam free, without boundaries. Sorry if I’ve rambled on a bit, but I really had to try to phrase my answers to your questions carefully. Another symptom, perhaps? Where do you reside, Adalwolf? I know you’re somewhere in Europe, but…?

          • Thanks for the response. I appreciate the thoughtfullness of it. I think you have a healthy perspective. I think you are right that others are the one’s lacking. It’s always important to understand the value of the opinions of those around you. If the underlying elements are not things you value, it’s not so important what they think in a way.

            I actually don’t live in Europe, although I wish I did. I am currently living in Toronto. So, pretty much the same size as Chicago, but there are probably still some major differences. I think Chicago is probably of greater intensity. I don’t think there are nearly as many black people here as in Chicago. Everybody has their area here, and it is REALLY diverse. Everybody is here! Little this and little that. Also, I live in a White enclave( I use the term loosely). That’s why I found it curious that you could be so balanced. It really is impressive. If you can do it there, you can probably do it anywhere.

            • Thanks. In Chicago we have blacks asking for “spare change”, cigarettes, bus transfers, on every block. Within minutes of leaving my front door I’m assaulted by their constant barrage of “give me, give me, give me”. They linger at supermarket entrances asking you for money to buy food, when I know damn well the majority are simply looking for booze money. Some whites claim it’s all because of the economic situation and try to instill guilt in you for being “racist”. People love that word! But I’m easily able to ignore them and keep on walking. Last night a friend of mine was waiting for a bus when he saw a white female jogger stop for a moment before a black male whisked past her with her I-phone in his grip. He ran, and surprise!: she chased right after him. No one else did a thing. I hope she had taken self-defense classes and caught up with him and beat him to a pulp. One thing I cannot abide are thieves, whether they be black OR white. And this shit happens all the time.

  39. Looks like the notorious antizionist and anti-american Bobby Fisher was a bit autistic,
    I remember that in the documentary “BOBBY FISCHER AGAINST THE WORLD”, he couldn’t even bear the noise of TV cameras during chess tournaments, wasn’t sociable at all/truly looked like a misfit in this world…

    • I think many Europeans are, and many more than have been “diagnosed”. It is a very common European “feature”.

  40. I’ve never been in a psychologist or something to have a diagnosis, but I found that I and my sister are autists when I read Marie’s articles. All became clear: it was the explanation why we were marginalized as “weird”, “wildman”, “antisocial”…, why we always bought certain fabrics and we cut the labels of the cloths, why we always were called “genius” by our teachers and classmates, why we perceived smells and noises others ignore.
    And so on…

    We are not blond, blue-eyed, so strong, so tall and so nordic-looking, but we were certainly the most autistic and intelligent person that we ever met personally, even some very nordic-looking, honestly.

    I feel very good following this blog, because I feel most of the persons here are very intelligent and think similarly, and mainly due to autism. I feel as if it’s my tribe.

    • PS: I think it’s also a sad consequence of the hybridization: the genes were ‘dispersed’, so the strongest guy is far from being the most intelligent, and the most intelligent is far from being the strongest. Naturally the nordic-looking ones tend to be strong and smart; almost never the strongest and smartest at the same time, but certainly the most beautiful ones.

      PPS: The above statement was taken into consideration the area where I live: I Germanic city in southern Brazil.

  41. I can say that the majority of British people seem to rely on alcohol to socialise with people properly too…The traditional pub is a cornerstone of the British social life after all, though this is increasingly being pushed aside by “bars” and “clubs”….But they’re useful for keeping the rabble and the retards out of better places, I suppose….

    I can honestly say I tick none of those boxes for a “normal person” haha, it bothered me for quite some time, but the more I thought about it, the less it bothered me, ans actually the more time passed the more these “normal” people infuriated me with, as you say, a total lack of interest in either enjoying or creating real art, an obsession with getting on with everyone, of being liked by everyone, they all think and act the same way, regurgitate the same “humour” of the internet, and indeed do not plan ahead at all, happy just drifting around for the money…..The thought of winding up in some dead end job day in day out horrifies me though (and I prove to me totally “unfortunate” in failing to be offered such an opportunity….)

  42. Sen med stormsteg striden nalkas,
    Män sig uti brynja klä,
    Näppe kan den stridslust svalkas,
    Den som tänts i heligt trä.
    Uti seger som i vånda,
    Hirden svarar likt en man:
    Vi med konungenom stånda,
    Hvar och en är kongen sann!

  43. I get along and relate to people with Asperger the best because of less need of talking a lot to communicate. We can both be in the same room, not talk and it not seeming rude. I don’t understand the need for verbal communication with everyone all the time like silence is a problem. I have a close friend with Asperger and it’s actually relaxing to be around her. She is also extremely intelligent and artistic.

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