The Bone Flute

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European dolmens investigated in the 19th century unveiled remains of men with skulls slightly different from the skulls of modern man. The skulls often looked more like Neanderthal skulls.


Because they were racially very pure Europeans, and thus often still had these very clear adult Neanderthal skull features. Like racially very pure Europeans today still have all the other very clear Neanderthal features – including the child Neanderthal skull features.

Those who found these skulls were men of the church though, priests in black robes serving a Jewish faith, so they covered this up and mentioned it no more…

The Neanderthal man still finally reached the public attention. Not the ones found in dolmens from only a few millenniums BC, but the much older remains. Again it was priests of the Judaic faith who controlled the flow of information, and they presented their own interpretations to the public. The proto-European man thus ended up being presented like this:


In reality the Neanderthal man existed well into historical time and actually looked more like this:


After some time science took over, and man became so much more enlightened. Ah, those foolish religious people didn’t know any better, but now man did! Aye! Scientists investigated the matter, and…

Well, they actually came to the exact same conclusions as the men of the Church had: God’s Creation was just replaced with “The Big Bang” and “The 7 days of Creation” was replaced with “evolution”.

However, the scientists were much more successful in spreading their propaganda, and just like people before had blindly believed in their priests man now instead blindly believed in their scientists. “It has been scientifically proven!” They said.

The Neanderthal man, who actually looked more like this:

reA reD reC reB

Was (still) presented like this:



Because had he not still looked like that it would have come into conflict with their new version of Christianity: “science”.

Whenever archaeological evidence shows up disproving their lies they either cover them up, destroy the evidence or ignore it. So if you find this bone in Europe after the African Homo Sapiens are supposed to have come to Europe then it is “ a flute”:

bone-fl nearnderflute

If you however find out that this bone is older than that, and actually stem from the Neanderthal Europe then it is just a bone gnawed upon by animals.


Because it has to be like that for their evolution theory to hold any water.

You might understand by now that their theory of evolution actually doesn’t hold water, but don’t you dare say that in public! If you do you are a Creationist and your perception will be called “religious”. You are thus just an ignorant fool in conflict with science and scientifically proven facts. In other words you are laughable! Ha ha ha! What a fool!

Science has spoken…

This bone flute is according to science not the work of Neanderthal man, but the result of animals gnawing on the bone. Ok, animals don’t actually make holes like that in bones; they crush the bones instead to get to the marrrow, but this time an animal did. Just like with the evolution theory, stating that it is 0,000000000000000000000001% chance that a frog will develop feathered wings and then start to fly, and then make this an advantage somehow, there is at least a 0,000000000000000000000001% chance that an animal gnawing on a bone makes holes like that, perfectly aligned in a scale making it by chance into an instrument, and also at least a 0,000000000000000000000001% chance that this particular bone survived and was found by modern man… so statistically there is a chance that this happened – and obviously it did (…). The chances that this is the case is of course so much more likely than the absurd notion that the Neanderthals made this flute. Why would they? They were primitive animal-like brutes, weren’t they? Sure, they had a bigger brain and everything, but their brain was different from our brain, so this doesn’t matter…


NB! Statistically it is also perfectly possible to roll a 6 on a dice 10,000 in a row, but even though it is statistically possible it will never happen. Not even a 1,000 or a 100 times in a row.

Before we continue you can enjoy modern music played on “a bone gnawed upon by animals” (i. e. a flute made by proto-Europeans [Neanderthals]) between 43,000 and 60,000 years ago:

Much of the scientific work is good and valuable, but whenever the scientific work comes into conflict with the dogmas of Judeo-Christianity it is placed under “control” by those in power. No scientific work is allowed to unveil the truth in relation to history, pre-history or indeed in relation to the races of men.

Science today is very dangerous, because it is presented as a real alternative to the religious nonsense of Judeo-Christianity, but in reality it is only allowed to be the exact same only with a different facade. It is only allowed to support the dogmas of Judeo-Christianity! The scientist is in practice just a priest dressed up differently.

The true Face of modern Science:


What makes modern science so dangerous is that while all people with a three digit IQ ignores the nonsense of Judeo-Christianity, almost everybody blindly believes in whatever the scientists tell them (and they tell them exactly the same as the Judeo-Christian religions, only with different words!). If it is science it has to be true! So science is being actively used by the Judeo-Christian people in power to manipulate the people and control their minds.

Whenever you see a scientific result supporting anything those in power says about history, pre-history or the races of men you can be sure it is a lie! The truth is that man was better before, and that everything in our world has degenerated since the introduction of Judeo-Christianity. Everything is going down the drain! Man is getting dumber, weaker, uglier and more racially mixed as time passes by, because this is what the Judeo-Christians in power want; they need man to be like that for them to gain total control and fullfil their dream of a J*****-controlled World Government. The rest of us, the non-J****, are to be just cattle to them, but we are not, so they have to turn us into cattle, and they do… and they have done that for 2000 years now.

Modern “science” is a means for them to achieve this.

There was actually no “pre-history”; we knew our history before. We had everything recorded, but the Judeo-Christians burned our records and also those who knew this history. They banned the truth and with time our history became erased from the memory of man. We knew. We remembered.

Our modern history suffers a similar fate, when their medias twist the truth and tell us only lies about what is really going on in our world, as we speak. E. g. their actions to prevent Gadaffi from forcing them to pay for oil with gold, using CIA- and Mossad-trained foreign mercenaries to attack the Libyan regime, was presented to us as a “popular uprising”. The only country in Africa with a welfare system, a popular and loved leader and no debt became just another slave-colony for their banks.

It is funny how “hated dictators” can ride in open cars like this, being cheered on by their peoples, while American “elected” presidents need to travel in armoured cars in secret:

History as told to us by our rulers is a lie! Never forget that!

We are still Neanderthals! HailaR WôðanaR!

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  2. Another bone flute, bear jawbone flute from Potočka zijalka. It is not so widely known as the flute from Divje babe. There is some information about it in the text below the video. More information about the mentioned archaeological site in general is present in the extensive article on the link below.

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  4. Revealingly, Richard Dawkins, purportedly a great opponent of Christianity, actually admitted that he was “a cultural Christian”…… (see minutes 28:00 – 29:30)

  5. Hello Varg, unfortunately I do not fully agree with you on this neanderthal issue. Recently I have come across an article that argues pretty much the exact opposite of what you believe, and that it is in fact Jews, Semites, and Middle Easterns who have the most neanderthal DNA out of anyone. Which is why they want to dominate the world, because they have resentment against homo sapiens who have conquered Europe and wish to retaliate against them. Neanderthals are always depicted as short with sloping foreheads, jutting mouths, and weak chins which are all traits that jews have.
    Yes I know you may immediately disagree with this, but I really urge you to read it anyway.

    Also, pigmentation is not as important as you think. Take a look at this Somalian man, if he was light skinned he would look European:

    • This is old news. In fact: these are old lies.

      So you want to agree with the same “scientists” who claim that “we are all Africans”? Why is it so hard to understand that they lie to you about this too?

      I don’t care how they present the Neanderthals. Why don’t you go to instead, where all their silly claims are dismantled and proven false?

      No, this Somali man would not look like a European had he had light skin, and the Africans in Ethiopia/Somalia have Neanderthal DNA too, which explains their few European features.

      You can always go on believing in them too, and if you do I suggest you go all the way and kneel in front of their Jesus, accept that “there are no human races”, that we need a global society etc. etc. etc. Accepting their lies about the Neanderthals is no less stupid than accepting Jesus Christ as your saviour and the Jews as “the chosen people” with special rights to destroy the rest of us.

    • I’d suggest further research on the author of that article; as well as the owner of that site. The author is a jew and known drunkard; while John has an extensive history with the US military/government and promotes the chemtrail theory amongst other things.

  6. Finns are the closest descent to Cro-magnon people in Europe, if not direct descent. Finns show very little if any Mediterranean and African genes. Does this make us the “purest” Europeans?

    • No. The Cro-Magnon is a mongrel, a mix between the Neanderthal (European) and the Homo Sapiens (African).

      The real European is the pure Neanderthal, and don’t worry: I think the Finns are as close to the Neanderthals as the rest of us. 😉

      • Funny you’d say that, because European is supposed to be a mix of Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens as well. While I agree with very much all your ideas. Its only this 99% Neanderthal thing that goes over my head. Cro-Magnon was pretty much intellectual man, we believe they had better linguistic skills, and thus developed their technology and worked in groups better. Neanderthal died soon after Cro-Magnon arrived, and after that pretty much the whole Europe got inhabited by this man. And by measuring skulls, Finns have the closest skull resembling the Cro-Magnons skull. There has been people living in Finland since the ice age ended, 10 500 years ago. If not the oldest people in Europe, definitely the oldest in Fennoscandia

        • Go to to find the FACTS in this Neanderthal issue. You know much, but what you know is not true.

          • I’ll do that, because to be honest, I have not yet fully studied your view on this but still am judging it as ridiculous which is not fair. I’ll read it, I want to learn more, no matter how much it differs from what I’ve learned. It offers new perspectives.

          • Varg: It appears that your post “Norway After 1000 Years of Christianity” has been removed! I certainly can’t retrieve it. Why?

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  8. Ahahah “Adagio di Neanderthal-Albinoni”!!
    Anyway here in Italy I learned at school about this flute. Not all the teachers tells the same lies. There’re different people too – and interesting opinion that deserve child attentions

  9. You lot need to read peer reviewed papers, ‘nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution’. There is random genetic mutation and NON-random natural selection. Although macro evolution of course cannot be observed there is literally tons of evidence left behind, like a crime scene. Its not just fossils (which there is a fantastic record, just go to a museum) Also it is impossible to observe the transition of one species into another in regards to fossils, evolution does not work like that ( natural selection makes tiny adjustments in each generation, selecting for favourable traits that will ensure that individual will pass on its genes). Distribution- The fossil record clearly shows changes in life through almost any sequence of sedimentary rock layers. Successive rock layers contain different groups or assemblages of fossil species. Of coarse we now have genetic evidence that further concretes the idea of evolution. Genes show how the physical traits of living things are handed down and modified from one generation to the next. By comparing the DNA of many animals, we can map the relationships between species. The map is in strong agreement with Darwin’s predictions. The structure of chromosomes and particular genetic sequences point to the conclusion not just of common design, but common descent as well. There is TONS more mutually supporting evidence, DONT be afraid of evolution, its a simple idea, just please read PEER reviewed science and not internet rubbish. Its all there, Most scientists don’t have some hidden agenda, the whole point of science is to seek the truth, and as a scientist its an insult to hear people say such things.

  10. Many poignant points in this article. You point about “science” is right on (and I intended to write an article showing EXACTLY how “evolution” is complete garbage). But it’s the “layman” science that is bad. If you read the whitepapers they are facts and very useful (but obviously not free from lies either). Your point about Libya is right on as well.

  11. Hey varg! Hows it going buddy it would be kool to have a beer with you! The properly brewed stuff:) hey you know in the science world they prove neanderthall is (not to say superior) but the elder race. The negative blood factor. Comes mostly from Scandinavia then France and basque Spain. I found a map of all the blood types in the world. Each one has a centralized regional location. It exists in every race just mostly from Neanderthal line. This leads to another point. Jews are nothing to us that know but an infestation. They may not be. If our elders wanted them gone they would be. They would get sick again and die. Another bridge…we are all tested and surrounded and find our ancestors are the only way out. Memory and thought is in the blood. Jews don’t have blood so you can’t blame them. Their minds are feeble and cause us pain because of our auras overlapping. Its a great escape to blame Jews but no matter how true it is sometimes its a waste. Oh by the way creation and micra and macro evolution is true. Its all true. Why are you guys talking how obviously shitty science(psy=sci en=Suffix for within CE=common era=Psyche in the common era) when we know within our blood exists many ages unforgotten just dormant. Lets not get sucked into the mind state of trying to “prove” anything to them. Build your strong family like varg. The best model he has given his listeners. Don’t think twice or be responsive like a Jew. Think a thousand times at the same time like our ancestors did when runes were and still are many things at once

  12. I did not like Gadaffi because he was an idiot who promoted Arabs mixing with blacks(I do not care about their races mixing in particular, but the fact that someone was advocating mixing in general, and on such a large scale, unsettled me) as well as having ties to some pretty crappy people in Africa. Still, he was a strong leader in his country and kept the Muslim Brotherhood & al Qaeda out of Libya. But a lot of his political views I found idiotic and remarkably close to Marxism.

    Removing him may not have been a good idea but the guy still had some terrible ideas.

    • Sorry but I beg to disagree sir, have you any evidence of Gaddafi promoting mixing between black Africans with Arabs? Here’s a few quotes from Gaddafi “We don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans,””We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions”. During his Rome visit, Gaddafi asked the EU for 5 billion Euros to block Black Africans from Invading Europe and turning the continent into “another Africa”, which for him is a continent of starving and ignorant black barbarians. I know Libya firsthand pretty good…as well as members of the ex Jamahiriya in exil and even though Gaddafi wanted de federate different Africans countries economically he never promoted mixing between blacks and arabs, I can’t remember having ever seen any mixed black/arab couples in Libya. Gaddafi was the leader of a North African country, who are we to judge how Arabs should organize their societies as long as they promote Arab nationalism and fight against the immigration of their citizens to Europe? My main reason for supporting the ex Jamahiriya was for geo-political concerns pertaining to the welfare of my beloved EUROPE as for all my thoughts and actions, I’m still in North Africa as I write because the game isn’t over yet…you can’t fathom how much I miss rain, snow, and the smell of the damp forests of northern France…le climat, les sons, et les paysages du désert ne trouve aucune résonance en moi.

      • Gaddafi was a well known proponent of Pan-Africanism and the integration of blacks and Arabs. Like I said before, I personally don’t care what Arabs do with blacks, but isn’t this blog a stalwart admonishment against race-mixing in general?

        Gaddafi partnered with the EU to prevent blacks from immigrating to Europe simply because he wanted €5 billion. The key word here is €5 billion.

        On Gaddafi’s Pan-Africanism:

        Also, he touches on this subject in his “Green Book.”

        Of course it was never going to be popular or accepted by North African Arabs because of their dislike of black Africans, but Gaddafi promoted it nonetheless. There was a video of him saying that every Arab man should take a black wife, and every black man should take an Arab wife, although I can no longer find it :/

        From his Green Book:
        “There are inevitable cycles of social history: the yellow race’s domination of the world, when it came from Asia, and the white race’s attempts at colonizing extensive areas of all continents of the world. Now, it is the turn of the black race to prevail in the world.”

        And for laughs as well as insight:

        Like I said, Gaddafi was a strong leader and his removal from power has given worse people opportunities to influence Libya. But I still did not like nor trust him.

        • I don’t actually embrace Gadaffi or his ideology. He was e. g. one of those who helped “refugees” get across to Europe in the first place, and threatened to flood Europe with immigrants from Africa. He too was scum. My point with this video is only to show that what we are being told about him and the Libya conflict is not true.

          The guy was a freak. Just like most other leaders down there are. And here too, for that sake…

          • He really wasn’t somebody that needed top be removed from power, but the media definitely made it look like he was evil. Yes, the media really made up a lot of crap about Libya.

        • No contest my friend concerning Gaddafi’s Pan-Africanism, but keep in mind that Gaddafi was cuning and do not take for granted everything he said concerning his supposed support of black/arab miscegenation…in reality it was only a political strategy whom he thought would be useful to his ambitions…don’t believe all you read about who and what Gaddafi was in reality it’s mostly bullshit…I know IRL quite a few people who were either his bodyguards (those who are fortunate enough to still be alive) or part of his staff and he was way different than he is protrayed by the Western medias, but that’s another story… He did indeed ask for 5 billion euros to prevent sub saharian immigration to Europe, And then proceeded to effectively prevent it and that’s what matters to me, I fight for Europe and my people… anything that contributes to my struggle is GOOD, I don’t care where it comes from, you dig? My support for the Jamahiriya had nothing to do with liking or hating Gaddafi c’mon! There are many ways to fight for Europe, either on the European continent or elsewhere if and when necessary…what is important is to DO SOMETHING. Actions speak louder than words my friend. Hail Wotan!

          • Yeah, that was the thing about him. Some people didn’t think he was sincere about Pan-Africanism, and he certainly contradicted himself in many of his actions.

  13. Evolution should mean gradual change over time which all life on Earth has undergone. It didn’t happen in a day!

  14. Holy Hawkings, Dawkins, and Darwin! You don’t believe in evolution? I do find the degree of self-righteousness which people proclaim in the name of science which they don’t personally understand and haven’t researched at all, to be an odd thing. Why don’t they just admit they are taking somebody’s word for it or that they don’t really know, and they just want to think it?
    All the same, I do consider making a strong effort to study science myself. In the right hands, I think science could be a useful thing.

    • Yeah, the one phrase that has always stuck with me “Good scientists are always looking for the proverbial black swan.”

      Modern man does just the opposite. Just yesterday my dad acted just the same way. We were discussing putting peroxide on a small wound. My dad said it would be fine, and my mom said that she heard that would damage the skin. When my dad came home from work he proudly stated “I found some sites on the internet that support my claim” I responded “What sites?” “I don’t know”, then “Did you look into at any sites saying that the opposite was true?” “No, why would I do that?” Modern science is about finding evidence that proves you’re right, and ignoring anything you don’t want to hear.

      • Interesting. I have a friend who is a scientist, but who is utterly opposed to basically everything that I think. In a big city I don’t have much choice, so I might as well know people who can intelligently argue, until I move. Well, just the other day he tried to discredit me by saying that I was finding Black Swans in what he says. I didn’t know what that meant. From the way he was saying it I thought it was something unscientific. Maybe he’s not a good scientist. It is fun to test the limits of his knowledge though. I’m interested in science purely as a tool set. We already know so much bullshit science. I want to use my instinct for truth and be able to engage in scientific debate from that viewpoint. At the moment I’m limited to mostly logic, which is unsatisfying for many reasons. 1) It’s limited, and 2) logic is no longer very useful as a form of debate because it’s lost it’s mathematical qualities. It used to be a requirement that the meaning of words and the understanding of them had to be adhered to. This meant it was known when a point was actually objectively proven. Now, an opinion which disregards this process is supposed to hold the same weight. It makes a mess and a mockery.

        • What were you discussing when he said that? When talking about absolutes(as most scientists do) one ‘black swan’ can disprove a whole theory. When talking in general terms, ‘black swans’ are completely useless. The exception that proves the rule, and all that.

            • Let’s say you’re talking about the average IQ of the black race. A useless black swan would be the one or two blacks who are brain surgeons.

              When you’re talking about, say gravity for example, an object that floats would be a helpful black swan. You wouldn’t be able to claim gravity as a law of nature; until you figured out why this object was floating and could prove that it was still affected by gravity; but was countering it’s effect with an opposing force.

              • Ok so basically it boils down to the value and cause of the exception and how it relates to the statement. We should demarcate between the ‘black surgeon theory’ and the ‘black swan’ haha. Who knows if he used it correctly. Sometimes I’m forced to look up his science lingo in the dictionary, and have found he appears to have absorbed the usage of the terms with an incorrect understanding. However, I’m not claiming a useless black swan on this one! 🙂

  15. “” It is a juvenile cave bear femur, broken at both ends, but showing 4 holes in line.Found in 1995 by Ivan Turk in Slovenia, at the Divje Babe site, the juvenile cave bear femur bone, known as the Divje Babe flute, was a major find of recent times.The reason for that was because it provided significant evidence that Neanderthals may have been the equal of Homo Sapiens in the evolution of humankind. It became the oldest known musical instrument, and the first known instance of a diatonic musical scale sequence”” ( )

  16. I could listen to that bone flute for days on end. I wonder if any of those ‘scientists’ actually picked it up and tried to play it…

  17. Hello. Many of you probably know how they reconstructed neanderthal physical appearance in Krapina Neanderthal Museum:
    Reconstructions are much more similar to the way Europeans look like today than the “reconstructions” that have been around until lately.

  18. I fail to see logic in comparison i mean who presented Germans from 2000 years ago like reconstruction of Naenderthal and how they look 80 0000 years ago?

    • That is not what I said.

      I said that the skulls in the fairly young dolmens too looked like Neanderthal skulls, and these skulls were from the Bronze Age or even the Iron Age. So they looked like most Europeans did even in Classical Antiquity.

  19. Perhaps this is nothing, but when I first played the bone flute video, my cats acted rather strangely. Also, in regards to Obongo and Syria; Assad looks and behaves like a human being, Obongo on the other hand I believe is a crack smoking homosexual, as alleged by Larry Sinclair (and I don’t generally believe accusations like this because of course they are leveled at everyone as a means of character assassination by people who cannot debate the issues)

  20. Im still a bit fuzzy on the area. I understand that homosapiens and neanderthals are two different species, but where did they originate? I know “science” says there was a common ancestor, but from what I’m gathering they both appeared independantly at different parts of the globe?

  21. An important aspect consists in the fact that the great majority of people doesn’t have the proper knowledge to be able to study – and then judging – fenomena as such, for exemple. It would require a lot of time of studying (depending on your own skills) in order to “get the basical tools” to get into such analysis.

    Another problem is the fact that science (just like the Christian religion did – and does) hides her filth behind a shield of wonderful and useful discoveries occurred in history.

    These two aspects combined make sure people would blindly believe in anything, if
    it has been “scientifically proven”.

    • The problem is not science, it is that people blindly believe what they are told.
      If someone tells you that our ancestral religion is about sodomizing each other in a blood orgy, you shouldn’t believe him.
      Well, don’t believe blindly journalist talking about science either.

  22. I found this an interesting post. I’ve been reading a bit about Neanderthals rececently as I am interested in where I/ we come from. Everything I’ve read says that Neanderthals had a very small impact on us as a species, & that we come from Africa. I don’t believe that we do. I am a white European, I have an Anglo-Saxon name and can trace my family back hundreds of years in Europe. I would like to understand my culture better rather than being forced to believe we are all Africans & the same! I do not think of myself as rascist but I do feel I should be free to be proud of MY race, culture and heritage. It shouldn’t be lost because the current trend is for everyone to be seen as the same, & that I should feel ashamed of loving my own culture!

  23. Your video of the Neanderthal Bone Flute Music inspired me to look up more flute music and I came across this beautifully soothing song from another part of the world.
    Anyways, I completely agree with you about not trusting the so-called “reputable” sources of the scum that still high above on a throne of Native bones. I am extremely sceptical about anything I read, and as of late I have been hearing more about this Malala Yousafzai, the girl that was shot by the Taliban. Hundreds of people die in that part of the world weekly. What made her so special to be air-lifted to England to save her life? Why her? She was relatively unknown before the event occurred. So what is her connection to the Western World? She is now becoming a dearly loved mascot for the Taliban opposers. The happenings and “scientific discoveries” of the world greatly confuse me (and contradict themselves left right and centre) and I trust no one save the few independent sources such as yourself.

  24. How likely do you think it is that full Neanderthals survived in Northern areas past the “prehistory” period? My assumption was that the theory of the Homo Sapiens traits spreading through all of Eurasia is feasible mainly because of the presumably universally nomadic nature of the Neanderthals, so surely ALL of Europe would have been at least slightly mixed by Roman times?…

    I just love that Gaul on the coin you have posted several times…

      • I guess the point is really that they were mixed so much more after this that it got to the stage now when, despite Nordicists’ claims otherwise, it does not really matter that much anymore…we’re all mixed on fairly similar levels now…you still get the odd surprises, though, with noticeably slanted or at least “rounded” foreheads…

        • Well it still matter but in a less noticeable way. The facial angle is still pretty relevant. Also the nasal shape. The rib cage shape. The skin, eyes and hair color. The more similar to neanderthal features you have, the more European you are(id. est: Neanderthal)…

          • I think the only think that matters now is eye and hair colour and skin tone, and the further south you go nose shape. that aside we are all the same more or less. The whole science of skull shape and facial structure is all well and good, but all this focus on the different “types” is misleading, I think, we need to remember that like many older German fields this was a movement in its infancy, and since WWII it has been dismissed as “pseudo-science” and thus not properly pursued (or corrected) since, so it’s inherently flawed, really…

            • Well I think it’s a combination of most of the features that may be looked upon as relevant. The hair color is probably amongst the least important in my opinion. Many great European had dark hair. You’re definitely wrong if you think hair color is of main relevance compared to many other more significant features.

  25. The thoughts about modern science made me think of the ancient scientists, free of the dogmatic pressure. I can’t even describe how many subjects they studied. Music, literature, philosophy, mathematics, physics, biology, religion, politics, rhetorics, history…It’s simply amazing that one person knew so much about so different topics. And, more importantly, they managed to keep the harmony between science and nature. They didn’t want to “conquer” our world, their goal was to simply understand it. I guess the Renaissance was the last period of history when scientists behaved like that and something went terribly wrong during the “Enlightenment” – maybe because of the effects of industrialization. Ancient science still influenced them but they no longer lived a natural way of life so their philosophy was soiled from the beginning.

    • The problem is that you get financed only if you specialize in a very narrow field. If you wan’t to get broader knowledge, you need to finance yourself.
      Which limits you to purely theoretical field unless you’re rich.
      But I’m confident that there is a future for polymaths not so far away.

  26. Calling the claim that this Flute is a gnawed bone “science”, is like saying that Milley Cyrus is the White Woman.

    The way that the evolution theory is presented by the media is a fallacy.
    Richard Dawkin’s Books, are excellent if you want to understand a lot about evolution and biology in general.
    And for true, everything said here is not in contradiction with today’s most solid development of the evolution theory.

    • What exactly is your stance on evolution? I don’t think it’s good to make an analogy between creationism and evolution, except in the loosest sense, or are you referring to the understanding of the “blind followers”. You’ve mentioned survival of the fittest before, at least where the European race is concerned, so I assume you give some credence. Also, is that percentage supposed to be an attempt to show the theory to be ludicrous or should it be taken literally?

            • Macro-evolution = e. g. a fish with no genes for feathers can all of a sudden grow feathers because of some mutation in its DNA.
              Micro-evolution = e. g. a fish species can produce bigger or smaller individuals over many generations, if being bigger or smaller is advantageous.

              If Wikipedia says something else then add that Wikipedia entry to your “bullshit” list.

              • I know this though: evolution theory never says that anything happens “all of a sudden”, observable changes occur over millions of years.

                • Yes it does. Mutations are supposed to happen “all of a sudden”, and then if they are beneficial somehow they survive in the species.

                  • OK, yes. But a single mutation won’t produce, for example, a set of wings. I used “observable changes” to mean those changes which dramatically affect the nature of the organism (eg flippers to wings). I assume neither of us think that a new species can develop by chance over a single generation.

                    My crude understanding of evolution is that it occurs via millions of steps over millions of years and that these steps occur through selection, mutation and other mechanisms.

                    • Although saying that there are mutations that can change the colour of an apples skin in a single generation, which is observable but still much less complex than the development of a new organ.

        • You don’t believe then that everything on this planet shares a single source? To be honest, I’m not really qualified to argue here but I thought that there is strong evidence of this within the different genetic codes (ie different species share certain proportions of genes). Also then how do you explain the origins?

          (excuse me if my initial assumption was wrong)

        • These terms are part of the propaganda of the enemy. They’re used to obscure, rather than to reveal. Rather than say “micro-evolution”, we should speak of adaptation, changes in form, hybridization, genetic loss, etc. If “Macro-evolution” has any meaning at all, it is better referred to as the theory of common descent. Which is indeed nonsense.

            • And then you have my theory that all the different ‘micro-evolutions’ were stored in the genetics all along, and that depending on circumstance, these traits could re-surface over a few generations. If macro-evolution was to exist, the genes for these evolutions would have to be there already and they would have to take place quickly. Creatures with half-fin, half-wing growths certainly would not survive for long.

              I don’t necessarily believe in macro-evolution, I’m just saying that the only way it could be possible is if my theory is correct.

              If you want to see a bit hole in the evolution theory, you have to look no further than your nearest city. Despite living in white societies, you will find the non-whites much the same as they were in their own countries. Unfortunately you will find a lot of white people who have developed non-white minds as well. Adaptability is not always a good thing…

              • From the creationist point of view, all adaptations are, at best, expressions of the original forms. “Stored in the genetics”, as you say. But living beings can lose genetic information. We can breed a dachshund from a wolf, but we can’t breed a wolf from a dachshund. Aristotle is the rubbish of an Adam.

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  28. I’m pretty sure evolution doesn’t work on a random number generator. To the best of my knowledge anyway a species will only adapt when it needs to. If a species is constantly being chased down by a predator, after thousands of years it will either go extinct or develop some way of evasion to ensure its survival, be it speed, agility or some defense mechanism.

    • The point is that with such a process (alone) in place it seems very unlikely that everything would turn out as it did. It’s statistically possible, but no matter how ludicrous the theory it’s still technically possible if no evidence is shown to completely contradict it.. What we want are proven facts, which just can’t be found right now.

      • Surely we have some empirical evidence in the fossil records? Also, statistically there are a massive number of outcomes for evolution but it is absolutely certain that one of them must come about (or we wouldn’t be sitting here self-aware surrounded by a particular universe)!

          • Gah! you’re right, you (at least in my philosophy) can’t really trust anything unless you’ve fully understood it and witnessed it first hand. I do take comfort though that there is no real force (except my own inertia) stopping me from accessing this information (scientific papers are usually available for a fee online), developing the skills and investigating the issues myself (I might even come to the same conclusions that are presented here).

            However, when I’ve calmed down after initially reading articles like this I find myself agreeing with the underlying sentiment: that there are malevolent forces at work in the otherwise pure field of science.

  29. I didn’t knew they started with the “animal doing theory” I thought it was accepted that our ancestors did it .I listened to this flute some time ago. However I failed to found more music from this beautiful instrument. Aren´t you interested in interpreting this flute? maybe even a cd of this(Hopefully). We are still Neanderthals!

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  31. I greatly enjoy the music of the gnawed bone 😀

    Science always seemed a bit like religion to me. Some scientists research something and the normal people have to believe it, because it is impossible to check on all research on your own. So you cannot know, you can only believe. And there MUST be at least _some_ things in science going wrong, after all they are not cut off from worldly issues like money, corruption, politics, laws etc.

  32. Hello Mr. Vikernes,

    I’m a little bit off topic here, but I just wanted to thank you for your comment concerning Gadaffi and Libya, for indeed, very few people are aware of, and acknowledge that the real reasons for the Libyan fake “revolution” had nothing to do with democracy, human rights, and all that other bullshit utilized to “feed the gnous”…it was about Gadaffi’s gold dinar project like you mentioned in your post. There were also a couple other reasons like the African communications satellite and Gadaffi’s growing influence to promote his countries “direct democracy” system abroad. I was present in Tripoli during the war to show solidarity with the Libyan Jamahiriya…why? simply because Gadaffi prevented sub-saharian immigration to Europe from his seaports and wanted Africans to stay in Africa and fight for their lands instead of fleeing like cowards to Europe. He was vehemently opposed the the NWO In pre-revolution Libya the Libyan people did not pay medical care, electricity, rent, or water bills…everything imported from abroad was sudsidized by the governement so that the people would, for example pay only 50% of the original price for cars, food, etc…when they got married they received a gift of $25.000 from the state and a free house…there were no bums on the streets either. What a dictatorship eh? There will be a return match methinks (smile)

    • I’m curious how the government was able to afford all of that. Surely they couldn’t be that rich on oil alone?

      • ??? Elaborate please….regarding the “6 million” they only used coke then in crematories I have been told, rather than oil as is used today, so even malnourished bodies would have taken even longer to burn…

        • He clicked reply to the wrong comment. He meant to reply to the comment above asking how Libya could afford all the social programs it had under Gaddafi. Libya has a population of less than 6 million. He’s pointing out that Libya really did have enough natural resources in terms of oil and gas.

  33. Can you give the sources related to this bone flute thing ? And also maybe something about the Neanderthal features of stone age skulls ?

    • Don’t be so un-scientifical, Frederik! It’s not a flute! It’s just a bone that has been gnawed upon by animals.. Don’t you believe in Science?!


        • Yes! The more synthetic the better.

          And you need mercury as an ingredient too. Otherwise it just wont work. And mercury injected directly into your blood system is of course NOT harmful to you. 🙂

          Too bad the “X-rays are good for you” scheme was unveiled. It worked for some time though…

          • ha ha …and don’t forget that fresh meat is dangerous. it’s way better processed in factories, ”cleaned” with ammonia and filled with conservatives agents. just like crude milk cheese and all the other traditional processing and conservation methods are dangerous… 🙂

            • Even that type of meat is dangerous. They want us all to eat a vegan diet just like our ice age ancestors somehow did (lots of fruit growing up on the glaciers you see).

            • In the US, government funded ‘scientists’, were telling the people for decades that, ‘lead in paint is safe’, ‘smelling gas fumes is harmless’, ‘asbestos is safe’, ‘fluoride is good for you’. It was not until some time after WW2, when people in the US came across research papers from those ‘evil nazi scientists’ which proved the above things to be very dangerous, that independent scientists were finally able to get funding to conduct their own research. You can thank those ‘evil nazi scientists’ for doing the original life-saving research (and the US government for attempting to cover it up)!

          • There is mercury in the air you breath and the fish you eat. Is it what is classified as safe that you disagree with here or the fact that it’s injected directly into the blood?

            • The mercury we get naturally go through our digestive system. Having it injected directly into the blood system is something else.

      • But who said that it is just a gnawed bone? We were allways told in school that this is a musical instrument…

  34. there is just a magical, empowering and familiar feeling you get listening to that flute being played. Its the same with all the old instruments when they are played, they call to you

    Also Gday from Australia Varg. Your music and wisdom have reached down under and are embraced.

  35. And they tried to do the same to Bashar al-Assad. Syria was one of the most civilized and peaceful nations in the area until the Mossad and CIA backed militants invaded. Now we hear the same lies from the western media of the popular uprising against the heartless dictator who has been killing his own people with gas and turning children into lampshades and so on. Everything today is a lie, and the liars have been the same for thousands of years. A small tribe from the desert with no concept of honor.

      • You can tell that Assad has European blood. He looks sort of like a Slav and even has blue eyes.

        • And these people are Arabs? They look like an Italian or Spanish family… now I understand why the jews hate Assad so much: he acts like an European and even looks pretty Europish… (and also even in the hard times is ready to go with war on Israel, I love this man :))

          • Long ago Indo-European tribes had settled a very large portion of the middle east. All the from Europe, through the middle east, down to into India. The non-whites eventually took over the middle east. Largely through miscegenation and out-breeding the Indo-European tribes. Through those means, over time the European elements mostly faded out, mixed away into a multi-racial stew.

            Some of these elements have however remained in a minority of the population. Often referred to as “genetic throw-back”. Leftover genes from ancient times. There are still people in the middle east who are absolutely indistinguishable from Europeans today. Of course they are incredibly rare, but they do exist. There are also elements of the middle east which, while obviously mixed, still show a significant number of European features.

            Saddam Husein’s vice president, could be mistaken for a Scotsmen. The Afghani Pashtun tribe is one of the lighter tribes. Many of them have at least some European features, and a tiny minority are almost indistinguishable from Europeans. In Egypt, 2% of the population has the same DNA as the inhabitants of the British Isles. In Syria and Iran, there are a minority of some very European looking people.

            The middle east is the historical proof of concept, of exactly what happens when Europeans let non-whites live in the same space as them, miscegenate them, and out-breed them. Portugal is what happens to a European country when it is 90% white and 10% non-white and interbreeding takes place. With current trends all of Europe will look absolutely and completely indistinguishable from the middle east if these invaders are not 100% forcibly removed. Absolutely NONE of them can be allowed to stay.

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