Heill auk Sæll!

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First some Pagan music from beautiful Illyria.

Christians want us to think that there was a Celtic, a Scandinavian, a Slavonic, a Greek, a Baltic, a Finnish, a Thrakian, a Basque, an Illyrian, a Roman etc. religion, making Ancient Europe a mish-mash of different Pagan religions. For some reason they also intentionally mix linguistic terms with cultural terms when they talk about Ancient Europe, like I have done above to illustrate this, to spread confusion.

When the Romans e. g. talked about the Gallic and Scandinavian deities by Roman names they didn’t do this because these deities resembled their own Roman deities: they did because these deities were identical to their own deities, known to them by Roman names.

The Romans didn’t “steal” the Greek religion either, and made it their own, like Christians often try to make us belive; these two religions were so strikingly similar because they were the same. All the native peoples of Europe had at some point the exact same Pagan religion, and although geography and different language influences made this religion look somewhat different in the different tribes of Europe, it was in fact the same all over Europe.

The mythologioes were not really different from each other, but they are presented as different from each other today because the one European mythology has been recorded differently and often at different times and by very different types of people too, with very different motives for doing so – and with very a different level of understanding of the European religion and mythology.

Finnish Perkele is the same as the Lithuanian Perkunas, the Russian Perun, the Greek Zevs, the Gallic Taranis, the Scandinavian Þôrr, the Italian Juppiter, etc., and the same is the case for all the European deities: they are found everywhere in Europe, and if they are not this is only because our knowledge about them has holes today, because the Christians have destroyed the memory of them.

The traditions were the same all over Europe, the rites, the high festivals, the customs, the habits: everything was the same all over Europe. There is only one single Pagan religion in Europe!


Another thing that confuses many is the fact that there are so many different deities in each and every European mythology. We can easily boil it down to four main Pagan deities though: the Sky God, the Earth Goddess, the Sun God and the Moon Goddess, or if you like to just a Sky God and an Earth Goddess – and then all the other deities are just different faces of these four or two deities: the Sun the right hand of the Sky God, the Moon his left hand, the Sea Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, the Thunder God a face of the Sky God, the Goddess of Love a face of the Earth Goddess, the War God a face of the Sky God, the Death Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, and so forth.

The Sky is masculine because the rain fertilizing the soil falls from the Sky like the semen of men does into women. The Earth Goddess is feminine because the plants come from her like children come from the womb of women.

The Pregnant Mother Earth:

Pregnant Mother Earth

There are no “good” or “evil” European deities either. They all just work for some time and for a purpose. They are all welcome when they enter the stage and play their part. Even Death is! There is no “good” or “evil” in Paganism, like there is no “good” or “evil” in nature. The Sun is not “good” when he lights up our world, and not “evil” when he blinds us: he is not “good” when he warms us, and not “evil” when he burns us. Everything in nature is good; natural, meaningful and necessary. It only becomes destructive when it has worked for some time, and it is then still good, because destruction is a necessary part of nature too.

The attempt to make e. g. Loki look like a Scandinavian “Devil” is absolute nonsense; Loki is the lightning that strikes from the Sky, and is therefore naturally always chased in the mythology by Þôrr, the God of Thunder. If in doubt you can just try to see for yourself if you ever see the lightning on the sky not being followed by a thunder!

All the European deities serve a purpose, and none of them are “evil” in any ways. They work to explain natural phenomena, ideals, processes in man and nature – and perhaps in particular in the minds of men. Some deities represent man himself too, or stages in the life of man. A goddess is the ideal of the unmarried woman, another the married woman, and yet another the pregnant woman, and yet another the mother, etc., but they are in fact all the same goddess, only at different stages in her existence. And she is a part of the feminine divine force that we define simply as the Earth Goddess. What name we use when we identify her is not important. Freyja, Venus, Aphrodite or whatever else this one side of her may be known as: they are all beautiful and suitable names!

The Sky God steaming with Life!

Living Sky God

We must stand united under the Pagan banner against the Judeo-Christian deceit, treachery, cowardice, lies and dishonour! Europe is one, like your body is. I, a true (=Pagan) Scandinavian, am not only willing to fight and make sacrifices for my non-Scandinavian European brethren too: I long for this opportunity and do everything I can to help each and every people in Europe as best I can, because I know that we are one! Your cause is my cause. My cause is your cause.

When Europe has liberated herself from the Judeo-Christian yoke, by our efforts, we can all stand alongside each other and praise the same Gods and Goddesses, practise the same rites, appreciate the same values, share the same traditions and all work together to ensure a prosperous and harmonic future for the European species and all our native lands! BalðuR (Belbog, Apollon, etc.) will return to Europe once we let him; so let us!

Hail Europe! Hail all true (=Pagan) Europeans! Hail all European deities! Hail and Joy!


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  5. This is my favorite post so far, hail Pagan Europa!

    Indeed, there’s no good or evil in Nature, these are relative inventions made by man.

    There’s a good reason why there are so many gods in paganism. Most names are just titles for the same god or the same name in another language. More obscure deities are the spirits of the land like Arduinna (Ardennes), Nehelennia (the North Sea) or life giving wells and rivers like the Ganges. There are also many tribal deities and guardian gods like Juno and Athena.

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  8. There is one thing I still don’t understand about your conception of the European deities. If the deities originally where (and still are?) personifications of natural phenomenons, which obviously are ‘beyond good and evil’, how and when did they evolve into personifications of ethical concepts, which clearly are ‘good’?

  9. or they had the greek religion and travelled around splitting up from other greeks, and when they became romans they forgot some names so they changed names like “ouranos” to “uranus” for example?

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  12. I encourage people to comment the unfair imprisonment of Nationalists in Hellas as being very similar to the persecution of Varg lastly… I think am not out of subject and I hail Varg again for being what he is and making us feel so proud supporting him always.

  13. The liberation of Europe prophecized by an anti-zionist jew:

    “(…) the dismantling of the Holocaust Religion (…) will benefit most of the Jews. Because as history teaches, the downfall of every power is bound to happen sooner or later. In this case one can reckon with a fierce Anti-Jewish backlash, which should be considered as a direct result of the arrogance and immorality of the pro-Israel lobbies propagating the Holocaust Religion. As the main sources of the extraordinary and abnormal influence of the Holocaust Industry are clearly the special relationships between the U.S. and Israel, once they come to an end, the situation will change dramatically for sure.” – See more at: http://www.stateofnature.org/?p=5266#sthash.VXBnfohM.dpuf

  14. From Albion to Attica all Europe is proud of this article…enlightening Wisdom of yore.

    • Ha ha. If the time is right for it it will come.

      We will see.

      PS. What do you think about the Bosnian Pyramids? Are they another hoax?

      • I personally think that they are another hoax. I once tried to read something of Semir Osmagić, a writer who allegedly discovered the pyramid, it was complete garbage. Another thing, I do not understand where were the pyramids hiding till 2006. Maybe they are a tiny pyramids.

      • Yes they are another hoax ,it is confirmed by 2 English scientist or i think they are from England.That was just a media stunt and trick for earning money by archeologist/adventurist who discover them so he can make name for himself and stupid “bosniaks” who claim that they are the oldest civilization in the world 😛
        PS.Is it true they you had plans to escape from prison and help my people in war against NATO and Albanians?

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  16. Pagan beliefs(deities) were identical as nature rules. Varg, you wrote that there is no evil in nature, but everything is good (natural, normal) – I think, that this is the most important sentence from this post, and we should always remember about this.

    Christians(and other similar religion systems) twisted everything. Nowadays everything what is connected with pagans is presented as “demonic” and “evil” – If I say to average people (or “zombie people”, you know what it means :)) that I am pagan and I feel blood of my ancestors in my veins, they immediately say – “Well…. you are satanist and balsphemer” or “go to church, you are possessed by satan”….

    Varg, I have question:

    Have deities from scandinavian mythology some diffrent names? For example – in slavic mythology we can call supreme deity as: Sventevith(Swętowit) , Perun, Jarowit or Rugewit, but this is addicted to region, where they were worshiped. I think, you know what I mean 🙂 I’ll be thankful for answer.

    • yeah there is no evil in nature, but i still think it is important for heroic roleplaying fantasy in our daily lives and pretend there is evil so we don’t stop fighting : ) after all, a common enemy makes it easier for the people to unite against someone they know is the enemy

  17. This is my first comment on this blog (I’m a french nordic man).Usually I just read and appreciate the charming atmosphere of Varg’s articles but after reading this one I can’t remain wordless this time.I just feel bewitched and in total harmony with what you say.Furthermore I can add that I found here what was in me from the beginning and that you give a life to my spiritual conceptions, you give it light .Mostly, what you say is for me obvious, and the rest of the time I learn things that I consider being trustworthy.
    I can say that ; I’m trully relieved when I’m here and for a moment the pain leaves.My daily life is hard living in a world that I can’t bear anymore …
    The reason why the current europeans are so debauched , cynic and nihilist comes from a lack of joy.No real joy has been brought by technology and “modernity” We suffer from a lack of joy because we abandonned ourselves and the gods … but they never abandonned us … they always were here for us … and will do …

    Anyway, thank you with all my heart.You are a strong and great european man.

    • Merci beaucoup! I appreciate your kind comment a lot.

      And I agree that we can feel the truth when we see it.

      Have you read this post? It is about intuition versus sense perception.

      • Yes I just read it and it sounds very familiar to me.As I see it , the key is the search of harmony …I’m insatiable with that … our intuition has harmony for purpose …I’ve myselve spent so much time in the skies feeling the majesty and the divine .The truth is that I’ve more learnt traveling in it than studying in my university …

        Nowadays it comes out as the need for some european to feel that they belong to something again … they need to know what forged their inalterable blood and soul …

        Thank you for answering me.

  18. New Grange! I saw it four years ago and made me feel proud that my ancestors had built it. Ancient Britain and Ireland fascinate me, before the Jewish god came to the islands there was a pure culture. Our religion is so fragmented because the priest cast had been murdered by the Judean Christian church. Most of our ancient traditions, actually in every European culture were passed down by word of mouth. Mostly by a priest cast system that would be trained for up to 20 years on just how to remember mythology, clan/tribal history, and the stories of the gods. They also had to learn religious rites, how the environment had worked during the season, they knew so much more about our culture and because of this they were silenced.

    Anyway nice article. I liked this one and so much truth is within it that I am surprised today Europeans do not see it. I also want to add today modern ‘scientist’ are saying [in London] that Stonehenge and New Grange were made by Africans or Phonecians and not indigenous Irish/Brits. The stupid masses are accepting these lies. Not to mention these same ‘scientist’ even say that the Celtic cross is a Jewish symbol [Christian] when it is a symbol of the moon [circle], and the sun [cross], it predates Christianity. Another symbol or cultural artifact stolen by Jews along with our holidays. Not to mention in America and British Islands Halloween is a Celtic/European holiday which they have been trying to banish [the Church]. In America its banned in certain areas because its pagan but where I grew up so many Celtic peoples live there that they refuse to get rid of their culture.

  19. Truly insightful and enlightening post Varg, thank you! As with all of your writings, it has helped me understand the European religion even better.

  20. “The Sky is masculine because the rain fertilizing the soil falls from the Sky like the semen of men does into women.”

    It’s interesting that you say this, because it’s the literal meaning of the word Zevs.

  21. Hail Eris, Discordia! Hail the Dagda! We know people can be known by different names so why not the Gods?

  22. Ahhh… The ‘Dyaus Pitr’ (Sky Father) and the ‘Prithvi Matr’ (Earth Mother) – they are still worshipped here with all the ancient ‘mantras’, ‘shlokas’, rituals, etc. intact, especially the Earth Mother.

    Although the Sun God, according to many, was both male and female in the ancient ways, the inner Sun being female whereas her rays being male :

    Btw this is a video concerning the Moon deity and the connection to ‘Mannus’ (Germanic), ‘Manu’ (Sanskrit), ‘Mind’, ‘Intellect’, etc. – very interesting, deep and elitist in consumption :

    • The sun is passive (female) and rays of lights, or spears of heaven are active (male) This Thunder Wizard made some good videos, thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Don’t mention it. The Moon deity video here is one of my favourites from the channel. Also check ‘Thor vs. Indra’ series videos. There are 6 videos in that series I think. Intriguing wisdom.

  23. I was about to write something along the lines of “Shouldn’t you be preparing your legal defense for the 17th instead of writing all these posts?”. But then I reminded myself that these posts are the reason why you’re being attacked and terrorized in the first place, and therefore writing them is obviously very very important. So instead I’ll just write this (in caps even):


  24. I believe Julius Caesar was the beginning of the end for Rome, as Karl was it to Germania.
    Julius was the first general to pay his legions in gold, wich indicates to me that this was the point where a certain people took the stage. Julius destroyed the roman republic and turned it into a central governed empire, ruled by an allmighty emperor.
    I have no idea wether Julius himself was part of the tribe, but I am quite sure they pulled the strings, as they do today.

    A couple of houndred years later, they sit down with the jews, and create christianity by stealing and perverting truths from our common religious heritage and mix it with the dirty products of jewish spirituality and thought patterns.

    • The Roman empire technically survived in the form of Byzantium until about 1453 and it was a Christian empire. Western Roman collapse was caused by multiple factors such as social decay, a failing economy, over stretching their military in Europe and increased raids and sackings from Germanic tribes. Octavian, which was technically the first emperor, did a lot of good things for his nation.

      • Their military was remodeled to be cheap, they even fire all foreign mercenaries most of which were Gauls, Germanics, Slavs etc..] proved their big mistake. Their military was remodeled into a weaker military comprised of peasant part time soldiers who were ill equipped and poorly led in small groups against entire hordes of well trained warriors from Germania or Eastern Europe. This proved to be the end of their empire. I read this by a military historian who mentioned how their economy became bad and they remodeled the military probably to balance their budget like America is doing now. As a result they got rid of their best warriors and most professional to have lesser trained men man the borders. Now I am pro everyone fights but anti get rid of your elite military to have a cheaper force of less trained men. Today America is down sizing to terrible levels. I know many people who recently joined just to be kicked out because the services cannot afford to have them, they feel betrayed by the government for doing that. This is probably why the Germanic tribes were welcomed in Italy because they provided better leaders at that time. They looked at it as who could guard the realm better? Which king could provide safety for Italy the fools who took our strength away or these powerful kings? powerful leadership =prosperity. Only decadent societies have weak leadership and that exist all over the world today.

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  26. Varg, what do you think of minor deities in the Greco-Roman religions, such as Dionysus? What would his equivalent be in Germanic paganism? Or are deities such as these an example the slightly different “hues” in the religion and culture between different regions, like you have said in an older post?

  27. Of course the deities are synonymous in all European languages and cultures. Does the word “love” or “sky” or “wind” not have the same meaning in other languages? Why should the deities be any different than any other word? It is not lost in translation.This is a topic that has always been hard to grasp for a lot of people it seems. I can say that it was a bit confusing to me at first also. It just takes a little research and cultivation of the deities inside you to discover it. Such thought is incapable for the sheep.

  28. For life! This one made my heart feel great! You have my sword in this matter. S(WORD). Im preparing skaldik “raps” just for this. Would rather share with only fellow pagans. You remember the personifications of individuals. Through bragi others may be inspired to do so. Varg, what’s your viewpoint about DNA activation? I feel the remembering of the ancestors does this

  29. Good timing! I find it odd how common place it is for people to think of having mixed European ancestry as constituting a mongrel. I think that it’s related to the fragmentation you’re speaking about here. It acts as a mental framework to think of race mixing as being nothing exceptional because after all, ‘we’re all already mongrels’. Maybe it’s predominantly a North American thing. This place has little hope for turning Pagan. Perhaps it is more difficult to gravitate towards Paganism when you don’t live on your own native soil. The geography is similar, and you can argue the Northern hemisphere is for Europeans, but that doesn’t really sit well with me. Maybe it should though. Personally, I can’t stand the Christian culture of North America. It’s not been annoying as much as destructive. People are either fanatical Christians, or fanatical Atheists. And there is no strength in either. I grew up with my Father telling me there is no spirituality, and my Mother and Step-Father not able to have a conversation with me that didn’t involve trying to convert me. I used to even receive random conversion letters placed in my backpack. Christianity provides no answers, and no nature. Paganism at least supplies nature and in doing so, some answers. At least you can have some harmony and peace of mind.

  30. Can we not put our monies together, buy a huge landmass , start a cult with you as our leader, Varg? You have a brilliant mind!

  31. Hey everyone, I have an article to share:

    “Bible scholar claims Christianity invented as part of ancient Roman psy-ops campaign”

    You may think that this is good news and people are to start understanding this and denounce what was responsible for some of the worst horrors the people of Europe endured up until the Renaissance.

    Well… The article also says this:
    “Joseph Atwill will present his controversial theory Oct. 19 in London that the New Testament was written by first-century Roman aristocrats as part of a sophisticated government project to help pacify Jews in occupied territories.”

    Let me highlight: “…sophisticated government project to help pacify Jews…”

    Now, we know that is not the case at all and is the complete opposite!
    Any other thoughts would of course be appreciated.

    • They always try to twist things so that they are the victim. What’s that saying… “The jew cries out in pain as he throws a punch”. I guess the real question to ask this researcher would be “Who was pacified? Who suffered most? Cui bono?”

      • And don’t be surprised if the researcher reveals himself to be a quack. From then on, anyone who talks about Christianity being an invention will be labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the masses. :/

    • I read that. He sounds like a foolish man, the Romans created a police force to rid Roman society of artificial Judaism this is well know. I forget what they were called by but they would root out Jews and Christian preachers and expel them from mainland Europe. I watched a program on Christianity in early Europe and it was a religion spread by Jews to usurp the Roman government, and it was also founded and spread by criminals within Roman society and Criminal Jews. They spread the religion and convinced the plebian classes to convert and thus and army on Rome’s door step.

    • There’s also a popular new theory that Jesus was Julius Caesar and the new testament his mistranslated gospel. I find the timing of all these new theories rather suspicious and I wonder what they try to achieve with this… a sophisticated government project to help pacify Jews?! :/

  32. You have my full support Varg our spirits will never die and we shall stand united together and crush this sickness the world has been dragged into

    HailaR WôðanaR!
    HailaR Þórr!

    Support from Sweden

  33. Hail Europe and European Spirit!
    Varg, I want to share with you this short beautiful song performed by Russian folk bands Vnuki Svyatoslava and Krynitza. From the very bottom of longing Russian heart and soul.

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  35. How you can think of a great white strong Europe with a Hellas tormented by a jewish crisis? Hellas is the light so follow this light supporting a Hellenic European future. A Europe without Hellas is a family without father.

  36. Interesting idea (even if you sound borderline Wicca at some points 😉 ), do you have any useful sources in Comparative Religious Studies that go in the same sense ?

    • yes, it did sound me like that aswell, but no,, I understand that wiccans could use that principle but for different reasons, in this case to justify their universalistic false principles, their mascared abrahamic false deity,, In this case Varg expresses the true nature of our politeism: that all the Gods and Goddesses are related between Them (sons and doughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, just like our race, just like our Folk… working together in balance and in cicles)
      Hailar Wodanar!!!

      • We are also all genetically related. Even jewish scientists cannot refute that truth! the craven dogs!

  37. the people from Scandinavian countries knew of England well before the documented arrival of the Vikings in on Lindisfarne.

    look at the grave finds from Sutton Hoo and then compare them with the grave finds from Vendel and Valsgarde Sweden. they are almost exactly the same, in fact the helmet decorations (press bleaches) are so identical that they believe that they were not only made by the same smith but also by the Same die.

    so if you look at this find alone is is saying that the Scandinavian people had contact either through migration or trade within the UK in the 5-6th C. which take it at the latest (6/7thC) that’s is still about 100 years before the “Viking attacks”.

    so this has brought me to a theory.

    why did these Northman suddenly start attacking an area where they have migrated or traded with? and also why were the majority of the attacks on Churches?

    i believe that they witnessed the infestation of the Jewish-Christian religion in these lands and decided that they must strike and fight there before the taint touched their ancestral lands.

    so they began to attack and destroy the Jewish-Christian filth by taking down their churches and monks. Then the Jewish controlled kings of England set out on the defensive.

    and after many years of fighting they realised that direct combat with the Nobel warriors of the north was a loosing fight so they called for a time of false peace and divided the land. the Jewish-Christian filth got their share of the land as did the Northman, which the Northman named Dane law.

    then seeing as how the filth cant win in direct combat they set about poisoning the Dane law peoples and eventfully infiltrating and poisoning the lords of Scandinavia.

    and when the rulers of the land were poisoned it didn’t take long for them to set about laws banning paganism, which was punishable by death. and then they also burned and destroyed all our sacred lands and built the brainwashing churches upon the ashes.

    and the result of all this is that the “Vikings” are painted as these murderous barbaric people who have no respect for anything but killing and that their “mythology” are just child stories.

    well i say no.

    you can see by grave finds they they were a Nobel and honourable people who valued life, family, clansman and honour. and it wasn’t until the weak willed got controlled by the Jewish deviants that they started to lose their fight for what was right.

    i am with you Varg we need to keep the fight up, not just for us and our future kinsman but also for our Ancestors who bravely fought and died to keep the filth from corrupting our European heritage

  38. Isn’t the Egyptian sky goddess female? Or hermaphroditic at least? I seem to remember it being depicted as such anyway…

    The only thing you can maybe accuse Romans of “stealing” from Greeks is architecture, you can’t “steal” gods you have already under different names. It was just a transferring of language vita the Etruscans…

    • Well the Romans Romanized it significantly. But I think greek architecture is beautiful. I noticed in the lord of the rings films the Gondorians had the same architecture.

  39. The Sky is masculine because the rain fertilizing the soil falls from the Sky like the semen of men does into women. The Earth Goddess is feminine because the plants come from her like children come from the womb of women.<— this is wonderful I read this part like 5 times.

    Umm is there a pagan relegion outside europ with the same similarity or the European one is different. That leads to ask if all the pagans in this world are naturally the same?

    Personally I saw a lot of lighting without thunder… Maybe Thor was busy with something… Or it's too far? I dunno…


    • even tho the Australian Aborigines are not European, there culture has been free of the Jewish influence due to isolation.
      and when you look at their stories even tho they are different due to climatic and environmental differences with Europe the basic same thing is there

      the roots of the old ways of Europe are present. they have the sky god the earth goddess. they even have the giant rainbow serpent with carved out the land before disappearing into the seas (jormungandr maybe?)

      so yes i think the same type of beliefs/religion exist, just Christian missionaries are doing their best to wipe it out. its happened when Australia was colonised and is still happening to them now. the only problem for the Christians is they have enforced this Multiculturalism(just as long as you are of Jewish or Muslim religions) and due that term some Aboriginals have been able to hold on and spread their culture.

      same as i have always found it funny that to be Jewish your mother has to be Jewish otherwise you are nothing. where as pagan cultures like the Aboriginal’s say “being Aboriginal isn’t about Race its about Culture” they hold their culture in higher regards then Race as without their culture they are nothing

    • Most Asian Paganism is basically the same, as it too derives from the Neanderthal (European) religion.

  40. Jag tänkte på Loke… han anses vara tricksterguden. Är det för att han, i egenskap av blixten är oförutsägbar? Man vet aldrig var blixten slår ner. Är jag på rätt spår?

        • Jag tänkte det Loki anses en tricksterguden, eftersom den kyrka försöker att presentera han lika en djävel. Så de förmodan det loki är en tricksterguden är falskt.

          ps. Jag är från finland så min svenskä är inte så bra…

          • Jaha, jag tror du missförstod mig lite.
            Jag menade alltså att han är lite av en skojare, oberäknelig. Man vet aldrig riktigt vart man har honom. Han är alltså inte ond så som satan framställs i kristendomen.

          • Loki is a very useful “starter”. He is the Greek Prometheus, who initiates and starts processes necessary, and therefore he is seen as a “trickster”. I think the “lightning coming from nowhere” bit could well be seen in this light

    • Framför allt är han väl den som framkallar förändring. Många myter handlar ju om att Loke sätter i gång ett skeende, som när han skär Sivs hår.

      Om du skulle ha lust att snacka med en landsman så är min mejladress per.gard@hotmail.com 🙂

  41. Ah! now the Finns using Perkele! as a curse makes more sense 😉 I hadn’t read much about the Finnish Deities. Good article!

    • Still almost no one in Finland knows what they are actually saying when they say it. Most of them just thinks Perkele is the grandfather of Satan or something equally stupid. The Christians have demonized almost every aspect of our culture so most of the pagan deities are now either become part of Christianity or being considered as something realated to witchcraft and devil worsipping.

      • I was going to comment on the Perkele thing. I remember that when I was in Finland a couple of seasons, I heard it many times, it as a curse word and also there is “saatana”. Wikipedia states “As Christianity was introduced to Finland, the church started demonizing the Finnish gods. This led to the use of “Perkele” as a translation for “devil” in the Finnish translation of the Bible, thus making the use of the word a sin.” Another example of how bad Christianity is, disrespecting the native traditions and cultures of the Europeans and also of other cultures around the world.

        • Yes. Most of the known Finnish curse words weren’t curse words at all at the beginning but they shaped as such later. Religious based curse words in Finland have however lost their power and Finns prefer to use the sexual ones today. Vittu for example, most popular curse word you’ll hear in Finland which literally means “cunt” but is translated as “fuck” too.

  42. I was thinking of the absurd idea that Romans stole the Greek gods. It never made any sense to me, and I’m amazed people actually think that.

  43. This is with no doubt an article-diamond of a brilliant mind for a srong Europe. I am so prud of being here supporting you. You are a brave man. Illyria and Hellas stand by you forever. Please make an article about the convictions of Golden Dawn members in Greece. I will be extra thankfull.

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