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Today all political elections are hoaxes and the whole voting system is nothing but a means to keep the sheep in line. Voting used to be something else though…

Some music before we continue.

Voting in Pagan Europe was not seen as the right of the voters, but their duty. It was not as much a privilege as it was a burden. Today any person who happen to have lived in your country for 3 or more years and who has been able to become 18 years old is allowed to vote. His intelligence, loyalties, knowledge, lawfulness, self-sacrificial will and connection to the land he lives on is completely irrelevant.

In the past only the married nobles were allowed to vote though, and before you start to get the wrong ideas: the nobility in Pagan Europe made up around 70-75% of the populations, or even more. The rest of the 25-30% was made up of free men and thralls (the latter being not slaves as such, but more like serfs) – and of course a few outlaws as well.

To become a noble you had to be a native and also own an Ôðal property, i. e. an allodium: a property that has been in your family for many generations, usually at least for 5 generations, or even for 250 years or more. The exact rules in this context were different from realm to realm, and it changed over time too.

Only noble men were allowed to vote, not because women were seen as inferior, but because only married noble men were allowed to vote and they were assumed to have been given sound advice from their spouses before any voting took place. Further, he had not only to be married, but also to have children! His vote was not his vote, but the vote of his household. So: one family, one vote.

The idea was that only those with deep roots in the nation and those with children should be allowed to influence the direction of that nations, because only they would have the nation’s interests in mind when voting. Only they would be really concerned with the future of the nation!

So what did they actually vote for?

The King and Queen ruled the land, i. e. they made sure the kingdom, the interests of the people and the traditions were protected, but whenever important desicions were to be made, usually regarding whether or not the kingdom should go to war, the nobles were asked to vote for or against. Only the King could call for such a vote for or against war, and the impartial Queen was the judge and decided the outcome of the vote.

Most of the time the nobles ruled their own lives; they cultivated their own lands and interests as they saw fit and relied on the King only for military and religious leadership, and when they were in conflict with other nobles in the land: the King was a God, and he was the God of Justice too.


The King was the Head of the Kingdom, but each and every Noble was the Head of his own Ôðal property, and not even the King could touch that sacred right, and this sacred right of the nobles was symbolisd by their High Seats, known as the Öndvegi (“the journey/road of spirits”) – called by that name because the noble rights and duties of a dead noble was transferred to his oldest son as he sat down in his dead father’s seat and thus took over the management of the family and the Ôðal property.


Our pre-Christian Europe was very different from the Europe we know today, in most respects, and also when it comes to voting, the right to vote and what to vote for.

I vote for a return to a European Europe and the traditions that our forebears selected their best men and girls to protect. The only thing that should be different in a future Europe is the level of tolerance towards destructive alien influence. No man should be allowed to embrace the ideas of alien peoples or to allow such ideas to grow on his Ôðal property. HailaR BalðuR!

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  3. This is beyond[ déjà vu…more like an update of Paganism: Part IX – The Ancient Democracy.

    I’ve always liked the elaborations and greater details of Your http://www.burzum.org Library, though. 🙂

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  5. I really like this post and I am saving it as a reference. I’ve been trying to sort out my opinions of democracy and you just did it for me with this post. I like democracy but I can’t stand that everyone has an equal say despite the fact that a lot of these same people are not capable of making good decisions. It’s like Facebook where every idiot can comment and thinks their opinion holds some weight or meaning.

    The democracy you describe in this post explains that only people with the best interest of a country, or people whose opinions matter, have the power to vote. Also, one family = one vote. That dispels the feminist “but it wasn’t good democracy because only men could vote” BS that I was taught in school. A family should be united in its vote; I love it.

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  8. The clearest case of the failures of modern democracy is my country, South Africa. Everything started going downhill post-apartheid and everyone is in a worse situation than they were during apartheid, both black and white because the government elected by the majority is excessively corrupt and does not properly invest in the country and steal everything for themselves. And they keep getting a clear victory year after year.

  9. But what if the queen wasn’t impartial? Was there any opportunity to control? I think we’re disabled to choose anything. In Germany we have the “Wahl-o-mat”, a computer program “helping” us to choose the party matching the most with our opinions. An instrument to hinder people from thinking.

  10. Call me slow, but what i still not completely understand is, if voting for a political party nowadays (even if they are [while still a bit anti-european] the most pro-european of the parties you can vote for) is just useless in the sense of they will anyway not change anything or only very little and if they would, then most of the manipulated people wouldnt vote for them; or would this even be counterproductiv in the sense of: it would just show my acceptance of this corrupted ochlocratic system. Maybe this is a silly question anyway, because even if it was “only” useless, there would be no good reason to do it, but it interessts me and it would be better to do something with almost no hope than do something with no hope. By the way, if it is really counterproductiv, would you say it is better not to vote at all, or to go to the election and throw an ampty voting paper into the ballot box? The reason why i ask this is, because many say things like “People who do not vote should not complain about the government, they had the chance to change it.” And if i go there, but throw an empty voting paper into the ballot box, then at least i participated but came to the conclusion that no party is worthy to vote for and more important i expressed this opinion with the empty voting paper. Not going there at all i am not sure if this would not rather express an opinion like “Never mind what happens to the country, I do not go to the election, so everything is fine like it is. Do what you want! Silence constitutes acceptance.”

    I am interested in your opinion and please correct me if there are any thoughts in the comment that you think are wrong.

    • The most pro-european party in austria is the FPÖ and i know i asked you this before and you answered as long as they are not anti-christian and anti-zionist there is no point in voting for them, but i forgot to mention something: They are heaviliy criticised by the media and schools and portrayed as Neonazis. So if they are really part of the system, is this maybe all show to make us (the nationalists) go to the elections nevertheless, because we would think that they are on our side because they get criticised by the enemy? Their boss, Heinz-Christian Strache said that he has many jewish friends, so …

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  12. I have to say, sounds much better to me than modern democracy. The only modern system which is even slightly effective is the Swiss model.
    Do the nobles have to make their vote in front of the King and Queen? If that is the case, I could see the role of the innocent Queen as serving the purpose of helping the nobles keep the right perspective. If you had to vote on important issues and you were faced with the presence of pristine innocence, that could have the potential to influence your decision in the right way. Much different than rushing through an anonymous polling both and handing your paper to an elderly stranger.
    Is the Kumari thought to be derived from ancient European practices?

  13. Varg you write too many brilliant and thoroughly European posts to keep track of. When are you going to release your Odalist/Pagan treatise compilation so we can have them at our fingertips 😉 ?

    Unfortunately, anything on the Internet can be easily removed/censored by some secret international agency without any forewarning.

  14. After reading this article I began brainstorming some possible improvements which could be made to our future society.
    So I really quickly came up with this…

    Residency Eligibility
    1. Must be racially European. No exceptions. Jews are to be considered fully non-European.
    2. Must be a tax paying worker or the wife or child of one.
    3. Must commit no major offenses or violations or residency is revoked.

    Citizenship Eligibility
    1. Must be racially European. No exceptions. Jews are to be considered fully non-European.
    2. Must have been a legal resident for a minimum of 15 years.
    3. Must have committed no major offenses or violations.
    4. Must receive acknowledgement and approval from citizens of the local community to gain Citizenship.
    5. Time of residency required for citizenship reduced to 10 years if married to a citizen and produces at least 2 children with said partner. The requirement of community approval still stands.
    6. Citizenship automatically granted to offspring of citizens.

    Voting Eligibility
    1. Must be a natural born citizen with at least two generations of ancestor who are/were citizens.
    2. Must be a married man.
    3. Must have fathered at least 2 children.
    4. Must have served at least 1 year of military service.
    5. Must be at least 24 years old.
    6. One vote per family. The father casts the vote for the family.
    7. As the voter, the father must pass an IQ test scoring 105 or higher.

    Candidacy Eligibility
    1. Must be a natural born citizen with at least three generations of ancestors who are/were citizens.
    2. Must be married.
    3. Must have produced at least 3 children.
    4. Must have served at least 2 years of military service if a man.
    5. Must be at least 26 years old.
    6. Must pass an IQ test scoring 115 or higher.
    7. Must be a land owner.
    8. Must swear an oath of loyalty to both the European race and to his/her local nation.

    Not perfect, but it is a start. A template that could be worked with. I think the issues of residency and citizenship are far too important to be legislated in a normal bill. That leaves them open to alteration. They should be enshrined in a countries constitution itself and deemed unalterable. More specifically, I mean that in the future, our countries constitutions should outright declare that ONLY racial Europeans can become residents and/or citizens. Racially-non-Europeans could be ‘tourists’, but not ‘residents’, not ‘temporary workers’, and especially not citizens. Our countries need to be set up in a way, in the future, in which they very explicitly and obviously serve and protect the interests and well being of the European peoples, and nothing else!

    HailaR WôðanaR!

  15. In a modern day democracy, the people who actually are native to and were the foundations of it have no power. Instead anyone and everyone can vote regardless of creed, status, land ownership or race. The lousiest, darkest, most repugnant and filthy negro has as much influence on the fate of the nation than does a noble. Even then, in today’s democracy the elections are already decided by the Zog overlords with the political parties parroting the exact same policies with different numbers. It is essentially just Zionist Party A or Zionist Party B. It was much better when we could just round up the filth and expel it.

  16. A little off topic but I would like to get your take on left wing interpretations of nationalism such as National Bolshevism,National anarchism,Strasserism,Aleksandr Dugin and north Korea’s Juche? I do see my self as fascist, but more of left leaning on economic issues, and thus what a lot of people would call a left-fascist or national syndicalist.

  17. I’ts most likely been said before, but for those who are new: I, along with others on this blog, propose finding an anti-Zionist (and anti-Christian/Islam if you’re lucky), pro-White party and get the word out to the public, then vote for the Nationalist of your choice. At least by voting for a Nationalist, you can disrupt the mainstream party’s number of votes/officeholders. Example golden Dawn’s win of Parliamentary seats in Greece.

    • Golden Dawn is causing a lot of trouble for the “government”. They might ban them.
      And I have a comment on the “can’t support Nationalist Party X because they are partially Christian”. Wasn’t Hitler at least publicly Christian?

          • I think telling the truth about Christianity was more difficult back then. Their minds were still in chains…

            • I find this rather interesting too. Seems the Jewish media has actually HELPED in this regard. In the US, at least, “liberal” Jews and other media whores always complain about Christians and such. They want us all to be atheists like their Jew leader Lenin or something. So, they actually ended up helping us get rid of that stranglehold on our minds that is Christianity. People have nothing now, sure, but they will look for something to replace their nothing and logically find Paganism. That’s exactly what happened with me at least.

              • They actually help us a lot all the time, because they are stupid, incompetent and ignorant.

                Take the “terror” case against Marie and me, for instance. It is a burden to us privately, but it has helped our cause enormously!

                • Yea, there are many cases. I think their over-ambition often brings them down. They always feel the need to do SOMETHING, even if just sitting back or laying low for a while would actually help them more.

      • To a point, he promoted something called Positive Christianity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_Christianity

        which is basically Christianity without the Jewish elements (ie. fear of a tyrant god, submission, etc.)

        My stance on the anti-Christian part is 100% personal opinion, although I think we can agree on the anti-Zionist part. 🙂 Maybe in the end, it’s the lesser of two evils, if I may use the phrase. I, personally, have found a party that is not beholden to special interests or foreign governments. They’re pro-White to boot! http://american3rdposition.com/ It doesn’t seem like they have a particular stance on religion, though.

        While I admire Golden Dawn’s active approach to addressing real issues, I do wish they were smarter about it.

        • There is nothing called “Christianity without the Jewish elements”. Christianity IS Jewish. These guys are FREAKS who live in denial and who cling to their Jewishness rather than cast it aside and become real Europeans.

          • Understood. I still feel it’s necessary to find (or form, if possible) an anti-Abrahamic/Zionist party. It is a stance which will never be swayed! Feel free to remove my previous comment, and I offer my apologies for this mistake.

        • I was just reading about this today…. Hitler did his best in this regard, but Christianity was too entrenched in the minds. The minds needed to die…

          • He was certainly well intended in many endeavors, but as Varg said Christianity IS Jewish, no matter what Jewish elements you take away. I misinterpreted what Positive Christianity was. Only REAL Paganism (Othalism) is the only real alternative to the Abrahamic darkness in all it’s forms.

  18. A despot is like a dragon. A republic is like a hydra. A democracy is a ravenous swarm of insects.

    An evil dragon may be slain. One must sever many heads to slay a hydra if it is evil. A swarm is unstoppable and will devour everything in its path.

    • Besides: a despot will probably most of the time want the best for his people and he will do a good job.

      • A despot will typically serve his own best interests; sometimes this will be to the benefit of his subjects, but not always. All infrastructure and public works are the invention of kings and tyrants who needed both the popular support that such endeavors could generate as well as the support infrastructure needed to maintain rule. Despots, however, are prone to decadence, especially if they are hereditary despots. One king spends his lifetime consolidating his holdings so that his son may abduct and rape townsfolk’s wealth and daughters.

        In some ways, I think that a representative government can be ideal, but once sickened with corruption and polluted by democracy can be nigh impossible to fix. Once a majority realizes that it can vote itself money from the treasury, it will never give up power until it has bankrupted the state.

        I’m in a bit of a flux as to the form of governance I would find preferable. Of course I’m not an anarchist, but populism has driven my country to ruin while the original mechanisms of republican governance have been dismantled (originally only landed individuals who paid taxes were eligible to vote, gentry in all but name). I’m finding myself fascinated by the Phoenician oligarchy where a hereditary king ruled so long as it was in the best interests of the people or risk being deposed by an elected body of the artisans and merchants who owned either land, means of production or means of transportation. But that, too, has its flaws…

        • Yeah, I think we can all agree that Kingship should not be hereditary. If the child inherits the King’s good genes, they should easily be able to claim the title for themself as anyone else would. I’d say a ruler should rule for at least 20 years though(if not until they feel they are too old for the job) so that they have time to make their mark.

          Paganism and Despotism really go hand in hand though, the belief in reincarnation is necessary to ensure the honor of the ruler. If he thinks that he only has ‘one life’ he will act more selfish; if he knows that he will be reborn and suffer/prosper the effects of his rule, he will do what is best for the people. You can’t eliminate human selfishness, but you can re-direct it.

          • I could be down with a meritocratic chieftainship in a small enough society in which there were no bureaucracy. Folks are left to their own devices more or less, but under protection of a bailiff or shire reeve selected from the strongest and wisest.

        • History of despots who last shows this to be true – wreckless, megalomaniacs and sadists are always taken care of by their rivals fairly quickly. In Europe though I think that we can say that, in terms of monarchy and nobility at least, such cases are few and far between, even with the likes of the Crusades taken into account. Plus there are those who have been smeared and fictionalised to a ridiculous degree, e.g, Vlad Dracula, Nero, Caligula etc.

          • The unstable weaklings who can’t handle the power given to them often stand out more. The majority are either good or neutral (stabilizing). I like to think of despots as political modifier effects. They increase your political “leverage” so to speak. There is more potential for change etc.

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  20. Coincidentally we just had a provincial election here two days ago. Most people I spoke with about it had little to no knowledge of the issues or what the parties had done during previous terms in power. Those few who did actually vote, did so based on the personal appearance or speaking style of the candidates and nothing more. There must be a better way.
    Excellent use of a T-SHIRT to make a statement there at the end 🙂
    Reminder that I still have t-shirts available! Contact me at jaloriki at gmail.com if you are interested.

    • An entire family I knew in Norway voted for the Conservative party solely because they had the most funny-looking candidate, and they argued that if the Conservatives won then they would see this guy so much more on TV, and have a good laugh every time…

      Another guy I knew voted for the Socialists because that would give him so much more money from Welfare…

      The intelligence level and knowledge level of the average voter is so low that had half of us understood just how low it is we would have seen a revolution.

      • Few years ago here was president elections. It was between this jewish looking guy Sauli Niinistö and this ultra-gay Pekka Haavisto. Many people voted for the gay guy to be the president JUST because he was ”progressive”. He got too many votes…

      • Not to mention in America the fools who voed for Busch turned a year later and screamed ‘impeach him!’. They do not vote based o a canidates intelligence they vote based on what necesseties are good for them not the nation as a whole. This to me is Jewish but hey this is what happened when America allowed 12 million of them to move from the fake death camps to the USA. It seems now America doesn’t have enough money for the Jews so they wll leave, accuse us of war crimes and go to India or China and pollute their culture next. This is my prediction because the Jews have gone from East to West so West of us is the Orient. Not to go off topic but I know for a fact they are behind Modern Plebian democracy my term for American democracy].

        After the war of independence here, only the land owning class could vote. Most of which were rich and prominent members in British society before the war. This class is what built America but the fools here think it was the immigrants that built America. So this Plebian Democracy [created by Jews as a way of countering Noble Democracy] is what has been replaced without anyone noticing. This is why part of me thinks a police state is much better because enemies could be rounded up and expelled from a kingdom within a day and if Democracy had this ability then we would not be in the mess we are in today. The Jew has polluted Democracy to the point were I would much rather be a fascist than a ‘republican’ or a ‘democrat’. I tend to agree with most of what you right though and this article to me is a perfect example of what true democracy is, not the socialist garbage we see today.

          • I call it that because true democracy should not be tainted with the terrible excuse we see today. Its funny how people living in your lands from lets say Arabia can vote on cultural things affecting your culture or make decision for OUR best interest when they have not a clue. Not to mention people with the intelligence of an Earth worm are allowed to vote, these same people may own no property and have the right to vote but pay less in taxes every year. The land owning class will have to pay more for the untermaschen class [think ghetto mammas in Detroit]. I argue they should be returned o the fields or returned to Africa because currently they are of no use here. I do not thin they would be of much use in Africa either because their racial kindred may put them back into slavery hahaha. Its amazing how you get paid free money for doing nothing, talk about draining a nations resources and waste of money!

        • One thing that fascinates me is the fact that in Pagan Europe you could only vote if you provided military service to your clan, and bigger the entire tribe. This meant that our ancestors were all in a way soldiers, you were rewarded ‘rights’ when you served. Not only was Europe a place of early enlightenment it was safe guarded by a people who believed in a strong civic duty to serve something much greater than themselves. We must break this individualistic mentality and drive it from the European body and reinstall a sense of stronger civic duty, this modern socialist republic of the west does not possess a single sense of selfless service, civic duty or for blood and soil which makes it the worst form of government one could possibly ask for. Ask not what you can get out of your country but ask how you can serve it! One must place himself/herself before the fatherland [Europe-not just Germany] and ask how can they serve not what they can have.

          Sometimes I think no one should have the right to vote if they did not serve their nation. What rights are owed to them? Maybe Christianity believes in giving out things for free but there is a reason why Pagans do not! For blood and fatherland!

    • Or if you work in town administration you must vote for person which is supported by it (read “which is already voted”). Or voting sometimes is not secret.

  21. Unfortunately the voting that takes place in modern “democratic” I’m saying this with massive quotations is but an illusion to give the masses the belief that that have some choice.

    • I bet its all rigged. Especially ‘American’ democracy. We do not have a choice just look at the laws the last two turd brains we call presidents did, they went behind everyone’s backs and passed the gay marriage laws, abortion laws, socialized healthcare, welfare reform, immigration reform [like its not easy to gain citizenship as it is], etc…..this is the disease I cal Plebian Democracy. If you look at modern ‘Democratic’ parties they are [in Western Europe and USA] all on the left. Pro-Left, Pro-Jew, Pro anything abnormal to us. However to the masses it is not seen as abnormal because they were born in it. Today young children, including two nieces think that modern Democracy is the same as it was back during the Revolutionary war. I told them no it isn’t but warned not to say this in school because thye will get in trouble for saying otherwise. That how America is and we live under a fallacy that we have the freedom of speech. Sometimes I am afraid to go online because these Jews [FBI] watch everything and hunt you down for calling them out on it.

      Not to mention even the right to bear arms here [which came from Europe, land owning men and women could own arms], if you buy a gun or obtain a permit/license to do so your name and SSI go into a database with the nations criminals, pedophiles, terrorists, armed robbers etc…. This is modern democracy, a CessPool of Mankind.

  22. Reason #42 why democracy don’t work anymore: “Today any person who happen to have lived in your country for 3 or more years and who has been able to become 18 years old is allowed to vote. His intelligence, loyalties, knowledge, lawfulness, self-sacrificial will and connection to the land he lives on is completely irrelevant.”

    • I’d love to hear your 41 other reasons why democracy doesn’t work. 🙂

      A list would be much appreciated.

      I don’t remember who said this but some historic character said that “Voting is about being given the privilege of being allowed to vote for someone others have already picked out for you”, or something like that.

      Another good one is: “Lowering the voting age to 18 has made the puberty problems of the voters a direct influence on world politics”.

      In Norway the Socialists want to lower the voting age to 16…

      Democracy is nothing but Ochlocracy, and no doubt the preferred system of absolute idiots.

      • Apparently Mark Twain said “If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

            • I’ve been meaning to add this quote by Mark Twain on one of V.’s previous blogs about school:

              “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”.

              • A normal person would say, “Sorry to rain on your Twain parade, but –.” However, I am not normal. I am about to rain on your Twain parade. We really have to see those Twain quotes in the context of the time they were thrust upon society. When Twain spoke like that AGAINST school education, the normal American school education was GOOD, it was local, and it was fit for each neighborhood. Twain helped tear that down.

                Now, although it will shock you, I would like to add that I wrote long ago about Twain — real name SAMUEL Clemens. I added up a ton of evidence, and I said, “Samuel Clemens was a jew.” A version of that is on my site now.

                James Laffrey

                PS. Fine article, brother Varg!

                • I respect and love to hear different opinions. It rarely changes my mind (it still doesn’t in this case) but that’s what make conversations interesting 🙂

                • PS: I do need to find your article about Twain being Jewish ’cause that truly made me scratch my head but maybe you can convince me otherwise.

      • Voting is nothing more than submitting your acceptance of the corrupted system, and waiving of your inalienable rights and responsibility.

      • Not to mention in old Europe land owners had to provide military service and when they did they were rewarded, it was a system build on reciprocating. You gave to your King [country] and it gave in return. There was no welfare, no foreigners holding political office and no waste of national resources. This is the opposite of today.

        Today people from foreign lands go to France to live off the indigenous people who built that Republic. Now Imagine me doing this in Japan, how long would I last? Not long they would get rid of me or throw me in jail. It seems our entire culture needs to be reworked from the ground up, that is how you build a strong house. From the ground up we shall reconstruct and repair what the Jew has destroyed.

  23. Excellent explanation of how voting should be for OUR people. For most people, in Western nations at least, I advocate NOT voting. Voting is implying that you consent to the way the system is being ran. Voting with your dollars, or your feet, are much more effective ways to elicit real change.

    • Well if you do not vote the Jew just is granted more and more power. Its best to find a political party and put them on the ballet even if your gut tells you they will lose. Countess jerks would tell me they agree with this person in this party but then would turn around and vote for the opposite person and when confronted about it they would appear dumbfounded. This is not a rational system of government.

  24. Wait, Varg, wasn’t there a court hearing today? I’d imagine you would have written about the verdict.

  25. Just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly. The voting itself was not the deciding factor? The queen was the one who made the decision, and the votes were just to see where each family stood on the issue?

    • In a sense yes, but she was innocent, impartial and of course only declared the side with the most votes as the winners.

  26. Voting and democracy is simply a system in which a mud-skinned, nappy-headed, bubble-lip Nigger crackwhore who effectively shits out another two mud-colored subhuman coons of a similar nature every year has the exact same voting power as a rocket scientist or a nuclear physicist, or even a soldier or a (hopefully Permaculture) farmer.
    It is flawed to the core, or at least that is how it is over here.

    It used to be that only free, property owning, White men could vote (here).

    • I should mention that I meant that it is like this today, but not the traditional, true democracy.

    • You stole the words out of my mother, henceforth Plebian Democracy. Plebian Democracy has become the platform the Republicans and Democrats work on, not what the founding fathers believed in. I found this out after reading as much as possible to use against the liberal untermaschen in my class at college. Im going to see if I can find some of them tonight to mention the titles, but I remember how one book read that Anglo-Saxon common law [which to me is the same Old European political system use to be the governing political platform. It today would be interpreted as ‘fascism’ by the stupid Plebian Americans from the inner cities, because they cant vote because they own no land and do not contribute to the culture.

      As a mater of fact only the middle class and upper class could vote in the 1700s and when the British ruled even less Americans could vote. But the ruling elite always had those rights. The men who signed the declarations of independence, the bill of rights etc… were all examples of the ruling elite here. Many of them descended from the Land Gentry in old England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and afew from other places in Europe. Today any immigrant can rule America because we have become a nation of immigrants. The founding fathers should have been more clear on who could come here and who couldn’t! That was a big mistake on their part!

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