The Divine Man

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The truly free man is a man able to survive and provide for his family even when the institutions of society collapse.

A people should be made up of such free men. This will make it a viable, prosperous and happy people. No man in such a people will be another man’s slave. No man in such a people needs to accept any form of humiliation in order to survive. No man in such a people needs to kneel in front of others at any point in life.

The Un-kneeling Man:


The institutions of society should rather than be aimed at enslaving the citizens (by making them depentent on these institutions for food, health care, transportation, infrastructure etc.) be aimed at protecting the people’s interests vis a vie other peoples and at protecting Justice. Most importantly though: the institutions of society should be aimed at liberating man from his metaphysical vertigo by offering public religious ceremonies and by serving the Divine.

The King should be the High Priest; the Queen the High Priestess, and their only responsabilities vis a vie the people should be the military, law & order and public religion. The rest should be left for each family to take care of, so that they remain truly free.

The King and Queen should be found not through election, but through selection; the able men should compete for Kingship in different yearly contests, the May games, known from Christian times as “Knight Tournaments” or as different challenges for the protagonist of the Fairy Tales, intended to show who is the best of them all; the Bragi. The King’s main task should be to protect the Queen and to preserve her innocence. The most healthy (i. e. beautiful) girls should compete in a yearly bride’s race (a brûðlaup) for Queendom and should be selected based on their skills, their youthful beauty and their innocence.

May Queen:


The King and Queen should be married, but only symbolically; the Queen should never bleed, and if she did (and when she does) she would have to be replaced.

May King:


New contests should be held every year, to ensure that the King is always the strongest and wisest man in the realm, the most able to protect the innocence of the Queen, and to ensure that the Queen is always the most beautiful, healthy and innocent of all the girls in the realm.

The military should be made up of the people itself; all able men should answer the call when summoned for war by the King, and all men should be responsible for their own equipment and their own training too. A military unit should be made up of the able men of a tribe. The army should be made up of these tribal units. Women should be able to join in war campaigns too, as shield maidens, assisting the men on the battlefield, brining the men whatever they need when fighting.

The law & order should be the responsibility of the (professional) guardsmenn of the King and be based on Honour. The innocent Queen should always be the judge in all legal issues. The King should himself be responsible for the upkeep of this guard. Being a King should not be profitable; it should be a burden to be carried only by the most successful and able.

The temples should be made up of young men and women eager to learn, and the bards willing to teach. Philosophy, music, poetry, mythology and all other beauty in general should be their main priority; divine harmony the ultimate goal! Each tribe should build their own temples. Young men and women should never serve the deities forever, but should marry after around 10 years in service for their deities, when they are around 17 years old. When old they could return to the temple, and serve as bards.

The Well of Wisdom:


Each kingdom should be tiny. All the European kingdoms should be in a European confederacy, protecting the interests of all the tribes when needed.

The European nations should be made up exclusively of individuals who are close to each other in blood, so that they know perfectly well just by looking at the others in the nation that the link between them is strong. No true trust can ever be achieved between individuals who don’t look much like each other. No common purpose and meaning can be achieved in a nation where the members are very different from each other. When a man died he should know that his children would be raised by others who were just like him; honourable Pagan Europeans. Without this knowledge a man is less likely to willingly risk his life for the betterment of the tribe.

May King & May Queen:

May King & May Queen

Honour should be the foundation of everything in society, and of the society itself. Each tribe should work to gain Honour for the tribe. Individual Honour should be gained from acts of heroism and self-sacrifice and individual achievements out of the ordinary. Only the good and Honourable should ever be remembered and cultivated. The bad a man does should pass to the Shadows; it must never be kept alive. Cast it aside, into the bog, and let it sink into oblivion!

No matter how you interpret the idea of reincarnation, the idea that man will be reborn in his kin should be the official teaching. Every individual is egotistical by nature, and if man is made to believe that he will be reborn in his kin he will work to ensure a good future for his descendants, because he believes that he will return to this world as one of them.

The European man should return to the ways of the Ancients, so that he can become better again, and re-start his ascent on the ladder to divinty. The European man should study the nature of his deities, and become divine himself!

The Philosophers say that there are Gods, and that Their Will directs the Universe … But the more important lesson is to discover the nature of the Gods. Upon discovering that nature, a man would please the Gods by making his own nature like unto the Gods’. If the Divine is faithful, he must also be faithful; if free, he must also be free; if beneficent, he must also be beneficent; if magnanimous, he must also be magnanimous. Thus to make the Gods’ nature one’s own, a man must imitate Them in every thought, word, and deed”. (Epictetus)

The path to divinity is open. Why would any of us willingly chose any other path?

The path to divinity is hard, but that hardship, the strife, pain, patience and perseverance, is what makes us divine! Let the dregs of our peoples take that other path, to slavery and ultimately to oblivion. They will vanish from the face of the Earth and from the memory of man. Nature wills it that way; life is for those who want to live, not for those who actively seek the obliteration of everything that is their own. Fell no tears for them; rejoice when they are gone!

See the world we live in today not as our doom, but as the doom of the dregs amongst us and as an opportunity for the good to do its deeds; for you to act Honourably when dishonour is in fashion! The misery of our age is the labour of a new and better age, the Golden Age, that will come because it must come – as it has before, over and over again. Leave the damp and dark dungeon behind, wash the muddy bog-water off your feet, and enter the wonderful vast wilderness outside; free and fertile, ripe with new opportunities. Harmony. A world returned to its equilibrium after two thousand years of winter and pitch black darkness. The Sun will rise again for our world, like it does every morning for each and every one of us. HailaR Sôwili!

The Past & the Future:


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  4. Well to me you suggest something like a Confederation of Tribe as oppose to the Joke of a ‘Union’ Europe has today and like America. Hmmm the articles of Confederation come to my mind. Something the Confederates in America used to justify the creation of the Confederacy! Unfortunately I am no Southerner. I am a Yank in New England, but have always felt the articles of confederation was a positive thing. It did not allow for big business as it made it more difficult for bigger businesses to cross state boundaries and when they did both states were given taxes so businesses had to contribute everywhere they went otherwise they would not be allowed to sell their goods anywhere. This could work in Europe and would be more positive than Fascism. I think this confederation would need one ruler and then many lesser rulers [kings]. The leader of the Kings should be an Emperor and his duty should be to watch over Europe. Sometimes if too much liberty is given to a King then he makes his own mind, so if half of Europe was invaded and the other Kings in these smaller kingdoms did nothing then Europe would be doomed. So a militaristic Emperor who had to work more so as a protector as oppose to someone dictating over the smaller tribes. In Ireland and England these men who worked as law enforcers but for the entire kingdom were called Lord Protector, or High Sheriff. Their job was to observe other nation states outside of their kingdom and also apprehending high ranking criminals within their own kingdom. They were generally right hand men of the King but had the duty of maybe modern Police men. One thing is for sure all counter terror units across Europe would have to be under such a mans leadership to ensure stability and that no harm is done to the fatherland!

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  6. So role of queen who is child is symbolic i mean king handle all the tasks important for tribe and his people while she “pose” on the “throne”?

    • A bit like that yes, but not really. She was the vulnerable nature that had to be protected by the strong king, but her innocence also gave her special powers that only the innocent can have.

      • Is it a little bit awkward to have child queen like on picture of this post and 30+ years old king? Or im understanding this too literally?

        • Read the post. The marriage was symbolic. She was to remain a virgin, and if she even bled she would lose her title. The king was there to protect her innocence.

          • I know that they didnt really married but i still dont see the point and the purpose of child on the throne, for example the may queen on last picture is not a child i mean what child knows about “ruling” and decision who are important for people child needs to learn and to socialise with other children.

  7. I didnt expect you to be so heavily leftist. You made some points and pictures us a beautiful world to live in. But its all utopia, typical leftist dreaming. Men are gregarious beings, we live in packs, but in such packs there has to always be discipline and order to make it work. We cant just blindly believe in good of humanity, that everybody go by the rules and work to benefit everyone. Theres always someone who wants more, and those need to be hold back. Thats why restrictions exist. Free man might also be a dangerous man

      • aye. excuse my text, I wrote it at very late hour and I had enjoyed some alcoholic beverages before, might had affected my reading comprehension. Remove these comments if you like

        • You have now truly removed every doubt that you truly are an idiot… the good thing is you can get better, stop getting drunk will be a good start. Don’t let the ettin powers to take the European in you away.

  8. Hello Varg Vikernes, I’ve just recently discovered the Thulean Perspective from a repost of The Hidden Mosaic. I wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying your writings. It has allowed me to look over another wall to take a peek at something that feels so intrinsic and inherent; yet I have never experienced it before.

    I look forward to reading more of your works.
    Thank you.

  9. Beautiful post. One of the most important on here I’d say. A true vision of what Europe should be. What our Europe can be. It brings a tear to my eye to know that we could be living like this. I suppose the closest we came to this in more recent time was in the 30’s and 40’s. I have always been an admirer of a monarchical system except for the idea of the “Divine Right of Kings” and Christianity as the state religion. Every man in a homogenous society is born equal, without any privileges. No man can be born a King. He can only be born with the powers and his European intuition to become a King. The May Games are a perfect solution to this. Let every man who has the potential to become divine be able to prove it! Let every beautiful maiden prove her innocence! Let every able bodied man prove his honour and Hamingja by defending his soil fearlessly. It saddens me to know that we once lived like this in homogenous societies and worked together regardless of class towards our own interests. Indeed, democracy has dragged us down a path of greed, filth, grime and bribery for too long. Toss aside the rule of the masses and let those who have the capacity to lead the people do so! Let them prove it! In the event of a great decision let the people approve or disapprove. If a greater threat to our people shall arise let us unite with our European brethren into a confederacy as you describe and defeat it. We can solve our problems and deal with our own affairs once we have eradicated any threats to our existence.

    HailaR WodanaR! Hail Europa!

  10. Varg, I have one question… I do understand the ideo of small communities conformed by people who is similar between them, I also think it is the best for the future Europe, different tribes living among the most similar to them, right? But then comes the thing about blood washing, how will it be possible if dark Europeans (like me) are only among dark Europeans? I am the only dark guy in my family, should I live in a different comunity then? Or my girl who is much lighter than me, should I broke up with her? Sorry if I am making a fool of myself but I am curious, just that. It is not necessary to say, but great post as always! You always bring up posts that are better than the one before, alles gute!
    HailaR WodanaR!

    • Dear Matías

      Thanks, my friend.

      This is difficult, because there are ideals and there is reality. I think we would have to suffer through a change-over period when not everything is ideal. Quality is not alone found in fairness; many darker Europeans are great men, and better than most other Europeans, and I think the problem with these “visual nuances” should be solved with time: through positive race hygiene.

      • I had something like that in mind… And I do believe my children will be proper Europeans through positive racial hygine. Thank you for your kind answer. My my will and spirit will be with you next 17th 😉

  11. Great post. This rings true with a lot of ideas I’ve had myself. I love what you said about small tribes and kings, bards and riddles, and tests of wit and valour. You’ve described the glorious world I’ve dreamed of since I was a child. Hail the folk! Hail WôðanaR!

    • In school today I just heard that there is some idiot who interpreted Hamlet as being both homosexual and at the same time in love with his own mother… It is scary how Freud’s sick fantasies have influence over people even today.

  12. If the modern world will consume itself, then in a way, there isn’t much point in trying to change it. I suppose that your resistance comes more in the form of trying to ensure that you can live a life in line with nature without the modern world encroaching in on your space? Perhaps shining a light on it may also accelerate it’s path which it is trying to delay.

    • My question aside, I think you have done a great job here in outlining the structure of a pagan society. I think the areas where I see myself struggling the most are the areas where logic reaches it’s limits. Can I know through logic that the world will consume itself? Can I know by pure logic what my own nature is? Questions like that. When I try and use logic in certain places it seems to become a destructive loop. This is probably where intuition is needed. How do we know how to listen to our intuition? I think it might just be a type of feeling. You know when you know. You know without knowing in the intellectual way. In this context, I think many people will struggle with the notion of the young female being given so much power, but for all I know, that might be the right thing to do.

  13. I guess I am a bit off topic here, but I’d like to know your opinion on Senecas Epistulae morales ad Lucilium (moralistic letters to Lucilius?). For me, they speak out of my soul and are the very foundation of my life.

  14. I thought that the positions of May king and Queen were merely symbolic and for the purposes of religious ritual, and that the real power rested in the hands of warrior chieftains with years of experience commanding men in battle and who have proven that they know how to get things done well and effectively. How, for example is a prepubescent girl supposed to make sound legal decisions? I really can’t see that working in real life.

    • A. Read about the “Kumari” in Asia. This is a remains of the same European tradition. B. The May couple became symbolic at one point, yes, but originally they had real power.

    • It makes sense (to me at least) if the Queen deals with questions like ‘what is the morally correct thing to do?” and the mentioned warrior chieftains deal with more pragmatic and organizational matters. Knowing how to command men in battle is one thing – knowing when it is right to do so, and making sure you do so with Honourable intentions is something else entirely.

    • Yeah, I’m sorry V, but that is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Innocence is only a good thing so long as there is no chance of the tribe running into other species. If this was implemented I can guarantee that the innocent king/queen would bend and allow in ‘asylum seekers’ or worse at the topics first mention. To achieve that you need an Authoritarian government with strong, experienced leadership… catch22? Plus I see many cases where the ‘innocent’ queen would be exposed to a case that would destroy said trait.

      Likewise, a good leader needs to have the personality of a leader. None of these tests seem suited for finding charismatic or empathetic people. I agree that such festivals/tests would be effective along side IQ tests for figuring out someone’s capabilities; but picking a ruler based on the results would be disastrous. Especially as you’d always have young and inexperienced rulers. Maybe a symbolic king/queen would give you a good compromise but I’m all for the actual ruler being the public figurehead, and taking all the blame for his actions alone. Personally I think a better idea would be to keep it separate, maybe have a “Miss Europe” ‘pageant’ and the male equivalent. You could have the winners as central religious/cultural figures, but they should not be part of the government.

      I’m not sure they’d have time for both anyways, and with the invention of the mass media it would be great to have these people dedicated to said role. Along with the nation’s leader(s) they would be positive role models for society.(much as today’s celebrities are bad ones.) Not everything with the modern system is evil you know? In fact I’d say most of it was designed to appeal to the European spirit/mind and then corrupted to fill our minds with poison. The way such things are organized though is fully European.

      • Anyways, I guess if I’m going to criticize I should say what I believe is right. If I were to put things the way you do, I’d say these festivals are good for finding the strongest/smartest in society and should be the first step of earning the right to vote. Voting should be limited to only the very best in society, and likewise these people should be direct advisers to the nation’s ruler. The only purpose of voting would be for selecting a leader, or if need be, impeaching.

        These high-level advisers are also on the top level of a hierarchy as follows: King’s advisers>Continental advisers>supra-national advisers(different regions)>national>state/county>local=family(for any families that have proven themselves. They would be on the same level as local adv. but not replace them). Generally you’d have more advisers in each category the further down you go and the hierarchy would have people from the same communities/countries reporting to each other where possible. And these people would of course do more than being simple advisers. The King’s duties would be in law/culture/religion/economy/war/trade/health/media/(probably things I’m missing but these are the main things.) Most everything else would be decided on a more local level. Any field in which an intrusion could bring down the nation should have the King in charge.(and whomever he appoints as it all can’t be done by one man obviously. If the King’s judgement can be trusted, he can be trusted to find honorable people to head important fields as well) Concrete walls are stronger than brick, the less people that can be corrupted, the better.

        • Again I think you see this from a horrible modern perspective, and also that you forget about the fact that the future world will not be anything like the world is today.

          • Perhaps there is room for both of our ideals in this future society. Having both the older more experienced leaders working together with the best of the youth would fix a lot of the tensions that exist between generations.

            Still, I’d very against putting the whole of society under the control of a person under 20. I think you should look into the ‘frontal lobe’. To summarize, it isn’t fully developed until the mid-20s and it’s responsible for decision making, planning ahead, and other such things. Think back to yourself at this age, you’ve even talked about before of all the reckless stuff you’ve did. And being under that age myself, I really do notice myself being too impulsive at times. It’s something I’m painfully aware of and try to keep in mind anytime I decide on anything. I suppose it could also limit the intuition as people without a fully matured lobe would be more reliant on that. So maybe having a mix of ages in the government would be a positive thing? Each age group has their weakness, but together they are strong.

            • *sigh*

              Were did you read that? The King is hardly under 20. Most men are at the strongest when they are around 30, and wisest later on. The average King was probably around 35.

              • I guess I must have misunderstood something. So then how old is the Queen supposed to be? And still would you not want a king who has leadership skills rather than just strength and intelligence?

                • But Kevin, why do you think the games don’t deal with leadership too? I have you a few examples of the tests in the post, but this is not all. You seem to assume that they didn’t need any leadership skills. Why on Earth do you?

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  17. I really like your notion of ‘small-scale’ so to say. I believe this of vital importance for a healthy and free tribe/community!.

    • I agree. People who know each other are much better towards each other. The bigger scale the colder the society, and the less you care about the others in society.

      • True. And it could also be good on the other end of the spectrum – if there’s something wrong with someone, everyone else will know about it and the problem can be dealt with accordingly. As opposed to nowadays when the mentally unstable, disabled, and/or downright dangerous just assimilate right into society and we’re supposed to just treat them like regular people.

        • People behave more honourably in small communities, because what they do is seen by people who know them.

            • In classic books about my country always says about patriotism and pride of it. Most of these books were written before 20 century when nations weren’t mixed. Now I often hear from people that they don’t like our country and even hate… It’s sad. Maybe they don’t like politics? But before 20 century people lived worse, nevertheless they were proud of their country. So It is obvious that it was because they were one nation.
              What happened to Rome will happen to Europe.

      • Marcus Aurelius “Thoughts” is maybe the definitive manual of European philosophy and way of life. I have a version of Epictetus with a wonderful introduction and comment by Pierre Hadot, maybe Marie – or you – are aware of his work to help understanding the “Manual”.

    • Thanks guys. It’s very kind of you to express your appreciation of what I do with TP. You have big hearts.

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  19. I sound like a broken record but, Varg, your recent contributions have been exceedingly wonderful and exceptional.

    This is truly amazing content and well written.


  20. I’ve fallen in to the habit of saying this a lot, but this might be my choice for the most meaningful TP post.
    Who in their right mind would not say that running society in this way would be not only ideal, but Heaven on Earth? Why don’t things still operate this way? You’d have to be an idiot not to suspect foul play on a massive scale.

    Hail Brigandu! Let the cleansing light destroy this pitiful darkness.

  21. I can’t say I’m convinced that winning a Knight Tournament proves you’re the best choice for the King title…

    • There is more to the May Games than just fighting. Word games, riddles, skill tests and so forth. Read the Fairy Tales and see what Askeladden has to do to become the new King…

      • Klart jeg kjenner til Askeladden. Det skulle bare mangle….. :/

        I think I misread that sentence about the May Games. Been having problems sleeping lately, so my brain is in semi-zombie mode and just skipped to images of Knight Tournaments as portrayed in random medieval movies. My bad.

        One thing I thought about while reading this post is a parenting dilemma that I suspect will make me rather neurotic when I have kids of my own one day. On one hand, you want to create a healthy and caring environment for your children, to keep them safe from all kinds of harm. But then again, children with ‘protected’ upbringings often seem to be so much weaker and dumber than those who had to struggle and fight from an early age (and who managed to win those fights, of course). “…that hardship, the strife, pain, patience and perseverance, is what makes us divine” seems to be very very true. So to what degree should you shield your children from the realities of a sick world? I don’t have anything resembling an answer…

          • I think there’s a point in everyones life where they will have to rise out of something, protected or not. Times like that will be left to the wyrd I suppose.

          • I think people have been asking that one for all eternity. I’d lean more to the lenient side really. Set a few strong basic rules that carry harsh punishment and then go from there. You need to be like a wall, uncompromising on important issues, but open-minded with everything else. And like a wall you need to always be there when necessary for support and defense. Also, you must be able to ‘block’ your child out if they stray into enemy territory.(save this for the teens though obviously)

            Fortunately the people that claim ‘genetics mean nothing’ are wrong so you should have a pretty good idea where your future children may stray. All the better reason to strengthen yourself so that you can lead them right as well. Be direct with your flaws so that when your children face them they are neither caught off guard nor feel alone.

            Offer an experienced when you can, do your best to dissuade them from hanging around bad influences(peer groups have proven to be a large influence, I’m guessing this goes for products/media targeted at children too!), and where you are uncertain go with your gut(and if it’s not dangerous maybe let them learn for themselves.)

            Keep in mind that I’m only 19, so I am talking without any experience here. Just remembering what my parents done, and where I think they could do better. They were the complete opposite of all I say above. :/

      • Yeah, it’s mind-numbing to think that all these great wisdom of a lost identity and forgotten past is recorded in the DNA of fairy tales. It astonishes me as much as the times when I think about quantum mechanics, that everything that is real is made of things that are unreal and indefinite. Beautiful, this universe is and grateful am I to be a part of it.

    • Thank you, Chakravartin, for that link! That’s great! Christians should be forced to read that article and discover the true origins of their hideous “religion”.

  22. I like all of those concepts, very fair. However, what if the King with age would still be the most honorable and wisest man and would still be able to produce healthy children, but couldn’t compete anymore against the younger ones in tournaments ? Should he still have to be replaced or are there exceptions ?

        • He can still be wise and Honourable in another role in society. For example like a bard.

          He will also still be able to vote at the Thing, when important matters for the tribe are to be discussed. That’s where the Queen is the most important participant, by the way; she decides the outcome of the vote (oh, yeah; they used to vote by making noise with their weapons against their shields…). An innocent girls can not be corrupted, so her opinion is very much impartial… divine.

  23. Beautiful post, I believe that even if leaders alone were picked based upon their willingness to lead, and leadership qualities as opposed to greed we would live in a much better place.

  24. State religion? That sounds like the roman church to me. But at least with the roman church we had inside princes and kings protecting us from the roman excesses (and vice versa). Further I conceive monarchy as the dumbest institution on earth. To have the one who reigns over the Volk based on birth right and privilige and not merit does not sound very viking to me. We only have to see for the french and german king history. For one great one, Friedrich 2 or Louis 14, you get a dozen clumsy and weak ones. Our leaders should be chosen among the best after a hard struggle (intellectual), by the people but without political parties. Well this is all what national socialism and its Fuhrer is about.

    • The Roman church and the European religion are chalk and cheese with equally different purposes. The European religion promotes health, freedom, responsibility, and above all, honour. The Judeo-Christian church promotes spiritual laziness by way of “faith”, stifles learning and responsibility under the ludicrous notion that “god will provide” and promotes a grovelling, slave-like mentality by encouraging poverty and deference to judgement, absolution and salvation. Can you see that it wasn’t the fact that the Roman church was a state institution that made it a bad thing?

      “… based on birthright and privilege…” That is why Varg said new contests should be held on an annual basis to ensure that each King/Queen is still the most intellectually and physically able of all the candidates to rule over the kingdom. Did you even read the post?

      As for having the people choose (elect) leaders, that’s part of what landed us in this mess to begin with.

      • Yep, you’re correct, I missed out on the word yearly in contest indeed as bazzled as I was by a king through game system. I am not sure Varg is serious in this post or if it is for his reenactement game he is working on.
        I don’t know what kind of ‘games’ (fear factor?) those kings have to compete in, but a king that can be changed every year is the most unsuitable form of monarchy for a state and a Volk who desire stability.
        As for elections : without political parties as an intermediate and the media turned loose and independent, elections are the best way to have a firm and stable leader. Benini and Adolf proved last century that elections can lead to great leaders. The only thing is that people need to be hungry to see through the lies of the mass media, that’s why all media has to be bought free of banks and industry. Then political parties, the bankers instruments for division creating have to be abolished, and elections can be hold directly via the People.
        A contest in which some dude becomes king because he wins a chess game or a horse back tournament is not of this century and never was.

        As for religion :
        ” Young men and women should never serve the deities forever, but should marry after around 10 years in service for their deities, when they are around 17 years old. When old they could return to the temple, and serve as bards.”
        This is a frightening idea for me, a STATE religion for which young children are being indoctrinated ? In what is all this germanic, state religion, yearly kings?
        I thought our ancestors were into freedom of thought and religion and in working together in Volk assemblies, which is what we see in Iceland, where people are the closest to their roots.

        • Elected leaders can’t make a significant difference unless they are allowed to rule for a significant amount of time. By winning games there would at least be a chance for consistency, not this “your turn is over, now let someone else rule” garbage. (And I don’t think there would be a drastic enough difference in change in the individuals’ skill levels from year to year to make the unstable rule you seem to be concerned about. Such a large change would probably take a while.) As for the freedom of thought and religion thing: our ancestors were a homogeneous group of people who were members of the same religion and way of life. It sounds like something that would result in people generally agreeing on things. But, then again, that’s just what I think.

          • In a homogeneous society like I describe there are no political parties, only one tribe, working for a common goal, so there will be no change in politics, and the people will always be asked to vote for or against e. g. going to war, and other important issues too.

        • Regarding stability; as the post stated, the king would be responsible for the institutions of military, law and order, and public religion. The remainder of societal function would be left to the people and the ‘changeover’ from one ruler to another wouldn’t interrupt that function. Also, there is no rule stating that one king can’t claim kingship again the following year. The competitions would ensure that no morons or unscrupulous liars are selected and, as such, drastic and/or detrimental changes are not likely.

          Political parties are not the source of strife with an electoral system – it’s the people themselves. The masses as a whole are not fit to make decisions regarding the direction and well-being of their nation i.e. they often disregard reason and vote on emotion alone. And while we’re on the subject – how do we know the prospective leaders of the electoral system you’re so fond of are fit to make aforementioned decisions as well? What proof do they have that shows they’re a fit leader; a college degree in politics or rhetoric perhaps? Sounds like a trained and educated liar to me (at worst, but still). People’s opinions in an electoral system can and do vary wildly and can be the source of a lot of societal strife. Additionally, opinion and manifestos of prospective leaders can vary wildly as well – returning to the point of voting on emotion, what would happen if one elected leaders has, as of yet, failed to fulfill a certain promise or solve a certain problem and the people, not taking into consideration that this might take some time or considerable resources, vote out of anger for another individual with a starkly contrasting manifesto. This is your idea of stability?

          Regarding religion; see my other comment in which I explain the difference between the European religion and religion in the connotation you’re used to. How can educating children on such topics (health, freedom, responsibility, honour) be considered a bad thing?

          • Yes. Elections without any sort of objective selection process (competition to find the best) will most often result in the biggest liar being chosen.

        • You should read some history.

          The Ancient kings had very little actual power. So it doesn’t matter if they are replaced every year.

          Hinduism and Buddhism still has a form of this rule. Google “Kumari”.

        • Yeah, we can already see in the US that politicians are unable to get things implemented in even 8 years(when’s the last time they haven’t gotten re-elected?) and they’re pretty much all on the jews’ side too. It would be chaos having many different leaders, each with their own differing ideology. I think overall we’re close enough ideologically that if one guy got put in there and implemented his ideas we wouldn’t have complaint. But seeing as the first thing a leader does is try to ‘clean up’ what his predecessor has done, you’d just have people spending their whole term repealing minor laws that they had a few nitpicks with!

          Anyways, it is as I always say “democracy was rendered obsolete at the advent of the mass media”. The masses will do what the media says is right always. Might as well be honest and not have the illusion of choice out there. Of course a good king will ask for the opinions of the nation’s intellectuals before making any controversial changes, the less people that can be blamed for a poor decision, the better. When it’s all on one person, you know they will do whatever is needed to have the most complete image of the situation before acting.

          • There is nothing to DO for the King and Queen, save KEEP the status quo. They are there to protect and keep the TRADITION. Those best for this task are found through selections.

            • And working with those things is how tradition will be kept. I would like to see the tradition kept as much as you would, but that time did come to an end for a reason. We were weak against outside influences and too easily manipulated.

              The way I see it the job of the government is to keep these influences away, manage relations with foreign countries diplomatically. Pretty much it’s job is to help make the weaknesses we suffer from(limitless altruism for example) a non-issue.

              As for who influences the European people, I’d be inclined to go along with your system, though my idea was to change it a tad so that the government leaders are seen as respectable and honorable as well. And that way you’d end up with people of different generations all promoting the same healthy ideals.

              I don’t know how the world will be when this all goes down; but we can guarantee two things: We will not be left alone by the other races, and history repeats itself. We need to have some form of protection in order to stop the ‘modern world’ from coming back again. We can learn from the old ways, but we must also see where they failed to protect us. Nothing is perfect, and we need a tradition that is flexible enough so that it remains relevant and helpful for the people. Obviously there will be parts that we cannot compromise on, but overall it needs to be mold-able. Just like you wrote in your book about how the tales changed when society became a patriarchy, that’s the same adaptability we need today. And we have a few thousand years to catch up on.

  25. The last paragraph is very good! “The misery of our age is the labour of a new and better age, the Golden Age, that will come because it must come – as it has before, over and over again.”
    Fimbulwinter will soon come to its end!

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