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First of all some music to set the mood.  

We already know that we live in a world not walking, but running willingly into the abyss, high on consumer goods and entertainment.

So how can we bail out, do the right thing and actually survive instead – while the dregs of humanity (i. e. the vast majority…) jump off that cliff and get crushed on the sharp rocks below?

One of the most important properties we have is our blood. If everything else fails it really doesn’t matter as long as we have our blood intact. You might think I am talking about racial purity here, and sure I am, but I am actually mainly talking about individual human quality. If the world is going down the drain you personally might do well in life anyhow, if you have a sharp mind and a good health – and an equally healthy partner that can father or give birth to your equally healthy children.

A good health is achieved by:

I. Don’t take any vaccines. They only break down your immune system and leave you a broken human being.

II. Don’t eat food with preservatives, aluminium-based dyes or other poison in them. Buy as much food directly from the producers – and only buy from ecological and small farms. Never eat ‘industrial’ food.

III. Use your body as nature intended. Don’t lift weights: instead work and walk much. If you wish to work out use your body as the weight: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.

IV. Don’t surround yourself with many plastic items or painted walls. They poison the air you breathe in…

V. Live in houses made of massive wood or natural stones. Glue (found in most other materials) poison the air you breathe in…

VI. Live in a rural environment where they don’t use many pesticides.

VII. Live a simple life, with as few modern “improvements” as possible.

A sharp mind is achieved by:

I. Stay away from school and turn off your TV (in fact: throw the TV in the bin, where it belongs). Ignore everything the government tells you to do, or better: do the opposite! They are not our friends anymore.

II. Stay away from the universities. They are indoctrination camps designed to remove the last bit of resistance you may have in you to their lies, after all that time in school.

III. Read about and learn to understand Stoicism.

IV. Always take the hardest and most difficult path to the objective: you learn more by doing so.

V. Live a place were you can see the stars at night.

VI. Be autodidact when you can (and you can most of the time!).

VII. Know your gender and don’t try to be something you are not (and all feminists should read that advice a few times at least…).

How to get life-worthy children:

I. Get a partner who looks like you (i. e. who is of the same sub-species).

II. Get a partner with good natural (!) teeth, nice natural skin and beautiful natural hair. The teeth, skin and hair says a lot about a person’s general health and thus about his/her genetic makeup.

III. Get a wife who didn’t take P-pills when she chose you: the pills ruin her ability to tell whether or not you are a good partner (i. e. a genetic good match) for her. Women “on the pill” are basically like bats without a radar. They have no clue and repeatedly “bump into” anything and anyone… (*yuk*) If you are a woman get off the pill asap – and if you don’t you belong in the crowd running into the abyss!

IV. Get a partner that smells good naturally. If he/she does you are a good genetic match. NB! This does not work for women on the pill or who is using some other similar prevention. See III.

IV. Get a partner who doesn’t smoke. If he/she smokes he/she has a weak character that your children might inherit. The same is of course the case for drugs and alcohol abuse.

V. If a man find a feminine and beautiful wife, if a woman a masculine, brave and tough man.

I could have added more to these lists, but I think you get the picture.

Most of mankind is going down the drain as we speak, okay, but let them… just make sure that you don’t follow them. Whatever the rest of mankind does really doesn’t matter. Let them. If they wish to live in sewers, in cages cramped together with all sorts of creatures, then fine: let them. But just make sure you don’t! If they wish to expose themselves to all the depravity and degeneration our world has to offer, fine: let them! You just have to make sure that you don’t get exposed to the same! If they wish to degrade themselves and turn their kin into sub-human weaklings, fine: let them! Just make sure you do the opposite! If they want to become or remain human cattle, fine: let them! Just make sure you don’t turn into the same or remain the same.

The Future of the European Majority:

emilie-the-most-precious-handicapped-girl-painterartist-fins-husband-maestro Robert-Lenkiewicz

PS. Don’t worry. They will not survive the coming fall of civilization. Expect to find their bones pilled up in the ruins that used to be cities… 

The filth of our world is washing over us like was it a tidal wave, and we can fight it if we wish, but if we do we will lose. The tidal wave will then simply crush us, smash us into walls and destroy us, before it washes our lifeless bodies back into the vast biblical sea of degeneration, from whence it all came. Instead we should just step aside and let it wash away all those who don’t. Instead we should take a few steps up the hill, and sit there in peace and quiet until it is all over. There will be only ruins left down below, devastation caused by the tidal wave, but so what? We have our European blood intact and can therefore start anew anytime. No problem. I will fell no tear for this modern Sodom. The world will be a better place when it falls. *spit*

HailaR WôðanaR!

The Future of the European Minority (i. e. the Survivors of the coming Fall of Civilization)!


Red Hair


Every now and then I get mails or comments from people who claim that red-haired individuals are more European and more racially pure than other Europeans. They have the fairest skin, they argue, so they must be the most ‘racially pure’. This fallacy seems to be very widespread, so I will spend some time telling you what red hair really is all about.

It is quite simple really; those with red hair have very little brown melanin (that turns the skin brown, especially when exposed to Sunlight), but they have much red melanin (that turns the skin red, especially when exposed to Sunlight) – compared to blondes who have very little brown and very little red melanin. So even though the red haired people are very pale, they have much more melanin than blondes do.

This means that red haired individuals don’t tan very well and instead they burn their skin when exposed to Sunlight – and get very red skin as a result (the red melanin). So they don’t handle Sunlight or heat in general very well (but on the positive side red haired individuals seems to be more resistant to poison [alcohol] than others and also to pain).

We don’t really know when the first individuals with red hair appeared, but we know it is a mutation that occurred when Europeans (with very little melanin) mixed with non-Europeans (with much melanin) a long time ago. As you might already know ‘mutations’ occur when species and sub-species mix mainly, and the mutation causing red hair and very pale/red skin was no different. This mixing of species created a mutation that left individuals with much melanin (a non-European feature), but with only much red melanin – as explained above. As a result of this these individuals got red hair and very pale skin that turns red when exposed to sunlight, and also freckles.

So to sum it up; the red haired individuals have inherited a set of genes resulting from a mutation that was caused by mixing, and they are not “purer” than others.

With that said though: the individuals with red hair are not less pure than most other Europeans either, they just have inherited this particular set of genes, that were caused by a mutation resulting from the mixing of species. Other Europeans may have other non-European features or other mutations caused by the same mixing of species, such as brown hair (all purely non-Europeans have black hair [and some Europeans have inherited that trait too]), brown or hazel eyes, olive skin, low IQ, laziness, a weakened skeleton (compared to the powerful European skeleton), loss of muscle volume, etc. etc.. Many Europeans have other ‘defects’ too, caused by the same mixing of species, such as hypersexuality, extreme growth, autoimmune system problems, nerve problems (like MS), metabolism issues, brain damages and so forth, all caused by the mixing of species long, long ago…

If you want a rule of thumb though, you can be sure that the more blonde, blue-eyed, intelligent, courageous, strong, creative and beautiful (=healthy) a European is, the more likely it is that he is indeed as racially pure as is possible today.

Red hair is common in non-European peoples too, in particular the Jews, because these peoples are extremely mongrelized (obviously for geographical reasons: the Jews lived where the species from three continents met) and thus suffer from so many of the effects of mixing, including red hair.

I can add that Scandinavians, the most racially pure tribes in Europe, actually normally tan very well, and this is because they are so racially pure: their fair skin is very good at producing “Sunshine vitamins” even when exposed to very little Sunlight, so when exposed to much Sunlight the skin tans very quickly, because they don’t need the skin ‘to use the opportunity’ to produce that much Sunshine vitamins – instead the sensitive fair skin needs to protect itself from too much exposure to Sunlight. Red haired individuals try to do the same, but has so much red melanin that they fail to do so, and thus Sunburn instead and turn red.

Europe today is a colourful species (yes: Europe is a biological term too, a species), but these features are just on the surface. What matters more is what is inside each European man, in terms of intelligence, courage, general health and the will to make sacrifices for causes greater than themselves. HailaR WôðanaR!

Some beautiful ‘Europeans of many colours’:

images (6)ukrainepagansred-headed-woman

PS. We don’t really know exactly why there is so much red hair in the British isles, but the most probably explanation to this is that the tribes who moved there happened to have many individuals with red hair, and these features thus became very common. Another possible explanation is that the tribes living there (the Welsh, the Irish [including the Scots], the Picts and the Britons) actually partly came from Egypt, a place that at the time (naturally because of the location) was more mixed than the rest of Europe (as a biological term), and that they are in fact the descendants of the last European nobles living there. They in a sense abandoned ‘the sinking Egyptian ship’ before it was too late for them, and went to the British Isles, and were assimilated in the European tribes already living there – leaving behind a mongrel Egypt (the last few dynasties) in decline. There is no proof of this, but there apparently is some evidence suggesting that this is actually what happened. This ‘Egyptian hypothesis’ would also explain why there is so much dark hair and brown eyes in the native tribes of the British isles.

The Return of Man

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Modern man is a broken creature, a domesticated man no better than cattle, and the mixing of species is what caused this – as explained here, here and here. It started a long time ago, and still happens as we speak, and it will probably go on for some time before the modern man is gone.

Mankind still has quality though, individuals worthy of life, strong in mind and heart, in limbs and bones. They shy away from the human domestication, they feel repulsed by it and take steps to free themselves from the cage they live in. They understand that our modern life style – with the domestication of both animals and humans – is destructive and try to find alternatives.

They don’t cling to utopian dreams where all our problems are solved in the future by even more “progress” in technology and science, by some deus ex machina. The “progress” is in effect only domesticating us even more, and thus just accelerate the fall of man (as can be seen very well the last hundred years or so). Instead the good men accept reality and know that the gods must cherry pick from humanity, so to speak, and let the rest pass away into death and darkness. Those few cherries must be preserved for what is to come after the great deluge – that has to come and that Mother Nature will bring about herself.

The real “god from the machine” is the man who sits down and finds out how he can survive the great deluge, and return to the lifestyle of the most ancients. He will also understand that all the technology we surround ourselves with, that makes life so easy, is just making us weak and stupid and useless, and must also pass into oblivion. And stay there.

Some music before we continue:

When a man in the new world tries to make something easier he will not be allowed to. Life is for the strong and able, the healthy (beautiful) and harmonious man, not for lazy weaklings who always try to take the shortest paths to the objectives. Man will become better again, slowly at first, and then fast, until he is as strong, able, beautiful and harmonious as he used to be, in the forgotten ages. Until he is what he can be and what he should be. HailaR MannR! HailaR WôðanaR!

The Fall of Man, part III

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Domesticated animals are broken creatures, as explained here, but agriculture has had an interesting effect on man too: the man domesticating animals has himself become domesticated. Modern human beings are cramped together in unnatural environments, in ‘cages’ in towns, where man had to invent sewers just to get rid of all the accumulating human manure resulting from this unnatural lifestyle. Today man has become so domesticated that the adults no longer raise their own children, but instead send them to be ‘trained’ for their future slave tasks in kindergartens, in schools, at universities, by TV, radio and other ‘entertainment’ and so forth – just like we train animals for certain tasks too. Their offspring is vaccinated and in effect taken away from them most of the time to be further domesticated. “Trained” like we train dogs, only for more complex tasks. 

Man has been trapped in this vicious circle since the introduction of agriculture, and unless man can free himself from this there is no other end to it than the end of man himself. Just like the animals we domesticated we will become (even more) broken and unable to survive on our own, and then simply die out… the quality of mankind has already dropped dramatically over the years, and at one point we will be so weak that we can not survive without medicines, vitamin injections and you name it, and then one day something happens that was not supposed to happen, and e. g. the medicines run out or fail to arrive where they should, and that will be the end of mankind.

Mongrelized, disabled, handicapped, weak, stupid and feeble, will man disappear from the face of the Earth.

(Good riddance… )

The Fall of Man, part II

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About 10,000 years ago man started to cultivate the land as well. Mankind all of a sudden became more numerous, and probably for the first time in the history of man famine, tyranny, slavery and malnutrition became a reality. Famine because the crops failed from time to time. Tyranny because someone owned the land and decided who was to eat and who was not to1. Slavery because tyrants could make use of humans as ‘cattle’ workers. Malnutrition because settled men had a less varied diet.

1The word “Lord” (“l[ev]ord”, from Norse hleif-vörðr, from proto-Nordic hlaiba-wardaR, from PIO klaiba-wardas) even originally means “guardian of bread”.

But why did they start to cultivate the land?

Because it was easier and less exhausting than to collect wild berries and other eatable growths?

Well, the spread of agriculture in Europe did not come because of “progress” brought about by the lazy and weak mongrelized man – as was the case for domestication of animals. The European knew well how to cultivate the land before 10,000 years ago too, but he only did so when he had to, and he usually only had to when there was not enough room for the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Domestication of animals had caused an explosion in the human population, and when these human beings spread out they forced more and more Europeans to turn to domestication and agriculture to survive. Even if they were smart enough to see the adverse effects of this they no longer had any choice: they had to drop their healthy and harmonic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in favour of agriculture. There were too many human beings by then….  

The Fall of Man, part I

Francais. Serbian. Spanish.

Let me hold unto this music for some time…

About 12,000 years ago man started to domesticate animals. Mankind all of a sudden became more numerous, and probably for the first time in the history of man diseases started to spread from animal to man. The domestication created a new and unnatural relationship between animal and man.


In this situation the animals changed too. As stated here creatures of different species or sub-species don’t mix in nature, if they have a choice, because of their genetic differences, but also because of their different lifestyles and their geographical locations. Domesticated animals were forced to procreate with animals they otherwise would not have procreated with, because they had to or because they were forced to by man, who wanted to promote certain qualities in their animals.

With time the domesticated creatures became broken, unable to survive on their own, and they were thus completely dependent of their human masters, often in order to even survive. E. g. milk cows today produce a lot of milk, but they will soon die from teat infection unless they are milked every single day – because they produce too much.

But why did they start to domesticate animals?

Because it was easier and less exhausting than to hunt wild animals.

But why did man all of a sudden want to take the easier path some 12,000 years ago? He was no less intelligent even 400,000 years ago, so why this development at that point?

Because the native European man, the Neanderthal, had been a little bit mixed with Africans, Homo Sapiens, and the adverse effects of this mixing were many: loss of speed and muscle-mass, the weakening of the skeleton and a lowering of intelligence. Hunting became more difficult for the “new” and mixed European (the Cro-Magnon). Also, this “new” European was less intelligent than the old European, so he didn’t understand that domesticating animals could have such dramatic and adverse effects.

We have “progress” today too, because we are intelligent. So we e. g. invented pesticides, and by doing so got rid of a lot of the problems we had in agriculture. Today we try to reduce the use of pesticides though, because we understand that they actually do more harm than they do good. I say this, to make you understand that had we been more intelligent than we are today, we would probably not have invented pesticides or used them, because we would have understood that doing so is actually not at all good. The Neanderthals might have not domesticated animals because they were intelligent enough to understand that doing so was not very smart. The mixed Neanderthal though was not that smart….

So the with time dumber and dumber mixed race human beings finally ended up thinking that it would be a good idea to domesticate animals, and they eventually were dumb enough to think this was a good idea around 12,000 years ago.

So why were the Neanderthals dumb enough to mix with Homo Sapiens? We don’t know, but the most likely explanation to this is simply pity. The much stronger and much more intelligent Neanderthals defeated the tribes of Homo Sapiens attacking them in Africa, but they were good at heart, like Europeans still are, so they could not kill the African babies, or leave them there to die, when they had killed or chased away the African adults. So they adopted these babies, probably knowing it was not such a good idea, and every now and then some of these adopted children grew up and was allowed to procreate with a Neanderthal. The female offspring they had was fertile… (as is often the case when two different species mix). Over the course of 120,000 years of conflict in Africa, between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, some Homo Sapiens blood was mixed into the Neanderthal tribes, who brought this female African DNA with them back to Europe when the Ice Age ended. And because of this we – Europeans – have on average 0,3% purely African DNA.

The mixing of species or even sub-species is never a good idea. It left much of the European species if not broken, then at least dramatically reduced in quality, and with time this reduction in quality spread out all across Europe.

The last to fall to this racial decline was the Western and Northern European tribes, simply because they lived furthest away from the source of the problem; the land connection between Asia and Africa… 

Hallow & Heal

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Many of you probably know the fairy tale about The Princess and the Pea: (cut and pasted from the Wikipedia entry about The Princess and the Pea): “The story tells of a prince who wants to marry a princess, but is having difficulty finding a suitable wife. Something is always wrong with those he meets, and he cannot be certain they are real princesses. One stormy night (always a harbinger of either a life-threatening situation or the opportunity for a romantic alliance in Andersen’s stories), a young woman drenched with rain seeks shelter in the prince’s castle. She claims to be a princess, so the prince’s mother decides to test their unexpected guest by placing a pea in the bed she is offered for the night, covered by 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds. In the morning the guest tells her hosts—in a speech colored with double entendres – that she endured a sleepless night, kept awake by something hard in the bed; which she is certain has bruised her. The prince rejoices. Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding.”


Remembering this fairy tale today made me think about… yes: autism.

Today they normally give autism as a diagnosis to people with certain character traits, such as a heterogeneous intelligence, hyper-sensitivity (to noise, to certain fabrics, to changes in routines etc.), special interests, a tendency to think with images rather than words, a special ability to focus and see details where others don’t, a special interest in collections and/or other traits.

They normally differ between “high functioning” autists (often just called “Aspergers”) and “low functioning” autists, and the latter is usually what normal people think of when they hear about autism. I am going to talk about the former here, because they are very interesting from an historical perspective and there is nothing wrong with them – unless of course they also have some problems that are not actually related to their autism, like many non-autistic human beings have too.

Aspergers are often socially a bit difficult to relate to for many, but they possess some abilities that normal human beings simply don’t have, and they are therefore believed to have been extremely over-represented in all the types of work where the combination of extremely high intelligence, exceptional sense for details, complete disregard for what other pople think about them, an extreme ability to focus and exceptionally good memory has been important. Somewhat jokingly researchers on autism have said that probably every single great historical figure in the history of man was an Asperger: political leaders, inventors, generals, composers, scientists and you name it. Only Aspergers have the exceptional abilities needed for this, they claim (and I agree).

Asperger is a “diagnosis” today, and this is of course very odd, because Asperger only means that you are different, that your brain works in a different way. There is nothing wrong with Aspergers! They just work in a different way.

My (Asperger) wife has suggested on atala.fr that the features of an Asperger might well be features inherited from our Neanderthal forebears. When our forebears mixed with Homo sapiens the skulls changed a bit, over time of course, and because of that the brain changed too, and the Europan man became dumber and also less happy. So unhappy in fact that he started to do all sorts of things to help his situation; he created art because he no longer was able to see the (details of the) beauty of nature itself, and he created civilisation and new technology, because he could not bear life any more and tried to make it better.

Aspergers too suffer from this metaphysical vertigo, and I dare say; in particular Aspergers suffer from this metaphysical vertigo, because they see and understand so much more of the natural and original state of things than the normal people do, and probably all the innovations and technology was brought about by Aspergers.

Normal people are more like homo sapiens…. they are not very inventive, they are not very artistic, they are not very good leaders, they don’t plan ahead so much, they desperately need friends, they commonly care a lot about what others think about them and don’t usually want to be different, etc. And they are not very smart either.

Asperger is a “diagnosis” alright, and you either have it or you don’t, but the traits that identify an Asperger are many, and you don’t have to have all of them, or all of them to such a degre that you would have been given the “diagnosis” Asperger had you been examined for this, in order to be seen as having a European mind. In Europe we can even see entire tribes thinking much like Aspergers. The most obvious example is of course Finland, but also the Scandinavians are very much behaving like Aspergers on a collective level. They e. g. more or less need to intoxicate themselves with alcohol in order to even communicate with each other on a “modern” (…) level, and see a week or two alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere as the best holiday there is – away from all others, and the less electricity and running water there is the better!

And why not? Do you think our nomadic forebears were so very sociable? Do you think Europe was so very crowded that wherever they turned they bumped into others? No! They were very much alone, in small groups (families), and only talked to others every now and then, when they met them most commonly in pre-arranged meeting places (to exchange news and not least to find spouces for their children). The ultra-social and highly un-European societies we live in today are very alien to our European nature! No wonder why we need to intoxicate ourselves to “work” in accordance with modern social rules!

Now, these “Asperger tribes” up there in Northern Europe also happen to be the most racially pure tribes of Europe, with the most Neanderthal features. So why would they not also have the highest percentage of Asperger (Neanderthal) “symptoms”?

Post-homo sapiens-infected Europe was a changed society, but the more or less mixed Europeans were for sure able to still recognize those good old European mental characteristics, and this brings us back to The Princess and the Pea. To keep and even cultivate these European qualities they created systems to find them; and this explains the coming of the European religion, grown out from the Neanderthal Bear Cult. In The Princess and the Pea we see that they wanted to see if she was hyper-sensitive; if she could feel the pea under those 20 mattresses and those 20 featherbeds. When she could feel the pea, and even failed to sleep because of it, they knew that she for sure was a true European, and not just European by looks – so the prince wanted to marry her! You see: these Neanderthal characteristics are passed on from parents to children…

Most of the Europeans who also look European are also more European in mind than they are African, even though they are not and probably would not be diagnosed as “Aspergers”, but many “Europeans” are really not mentally European.

Just like we ensure that the best amongst us survive in context with beauty/health, physical strength, creative abilities, intelligence, honesty, courage and so forth, we must ensure that we cultivate the European way of thinking and being too. The only way to do so is to embrace the European religion, which was made for this very purpose in the wake of the mixing of species (starting some 100,000 years ago). The European religion is a tool to heal Europe, and to restore the European man, in flesh and spirit, in blood and mind. HailaR WôðanaR!

Heill auk Sæll!

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First some Pagan music from beautiful Illyria.

Christians want us to think that there was a Celtic, a Scandinavian, a Slavonic, a Greek, a Baltic, a Finnish, a Thrakian, a Basque, an Illyrian, a Roman etc. religion, making Ancient Europe a mish-mash of different Pagan religions. For some reason they also intentionally mix linguistic terms with cultural terms when they talk about Ancient Europe, like I have done above to illustrate this, to spread confusion.

When the Romans e. g. talked about the Gallic and Scandinavian deities by Roman names they didn’t do this because these deities resembled their own Roman deities: they did because these deities were identical to their own deities, known to them by Roman names.

The Romans didn’t “steal” the Greek religion either, and made it their own, like Christians often try to make us belive; these two religions were so strikingly similar because they were the same. All the native peoples of Europe had at some point the exact same Pagan religion, and although geography and different language influences made this religion look somewhat different in the different tribes of Europe, it was in fact the same all over Europe.

The mythologioes were not really different from each other, but they are presented as different from each other today because the one European mythology has been recorded differently and often at different times and by very different types of people too, with very different motives for doing so – and with very a different level of understanding of the European religion and mythology.

Finnish Perkele is the same as the Lithuanian Perkunas, the Russian Perun, the Greek Zevs, the Gallic Taranis, the Scandinavian Þôrr, the Italian Juppiter, etc., and the same is the case for all the European deities: they are found everywhere in Europe, and if they are not this is only because our knowledge about them has holes today, because the Christians have destroyed the memory of them.

The traditions were the same all over Europe, the rites, the high festivals, the customs, the habits: everything was the same all over Europe. There is only one single Pagan religion in Europe!


Another thing that confuses many is the fact that there are so many different deities in each and every European mythology. We can easily boil it down to four main Pagan deities though: the Sky God, the Earth Goddess, the Sun God and the Moon Goddess, or if you like to just a Sky God and an Earth Goddess – and then all the other deities are just different faces of these four or two deities: the Sun the right hand of the Sky God, the Moon his left hand, the Sea Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, the Thunder God a face of the Sky God, the Goddess of Love a face of the Earth Goddess, the War God a face of the Sky God, the Death Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, and so forth.

The Sky is masculine because the rain fertilizing the soil falls from the Sky like the semen of men does into women. The Earth Goddess is feminine because the plants come from her like children come from the womb of women.

The Pregnant Mother Earth:

Pregnant Mother Earth

There are no “good” or “evil” European deities either. They all just work for some time and for a purpose. They are all welcome when they enter the stage and play their part. Even Death is! There is no “good” or “evil” in Paganism, like there is no “good” or “evil” in nature. The Sun is not “good” when he lights up our world, and not “evil” when he blinds us: he is not “good” when he warms us, and not “evil” when he burns us. Everything in nature is good; natural, meaningful and necessary. It only becomes destructive when it has worked for some time, and it is then still good, because destruction is a necessary part of nature too.

The attempt to make e. g. Loki look like a Scandinavian “Devil” is absolute nonsense; Loki is the lightning that strikes from the Sky, and is therefore naturally always chased in the mythology by Þôrr, the God of Thunder. If in doubt you can just try to see for yourself if you ever see the lightning on the sky not being followed by a thunder!

All the European deities serve a purpose, and none of them are “evil” in any ways. They work to explain natural phenomena, ideals, processes in man and nature – and perhaps in particular in the minds of men. Some deities represent man himself too, or stages in the life of man. A goddess is the ideal of the unmarried woman, another the married woman, and yet another the pregnant woman, and yet another the mother, etc., but they are in fact all the same goddess, only at different stages in her existence. And she is a part of the feminine divine force that we define simply as the Earth Goddess. What name we use when we identify her is not important. Freyja, Venus, Aphrodite or whatever else this one side of her may be known as: they are all beautiful and suitable names!

The Sky God steaming with Life!

Living Sky God

We must stand united under the Pagan banner against the Judeo-Christian deceit, treachery, cowardice, lies and dishonour! Europe is one, like your body is. I, a true (=Pagan) Scandinavian, am not only willing to fight and make sacrifices for my non-Scandinavian European brethren too: I long for this opportunity and do everything I can to help each and every people in Europe as best I can, because I know that we are one! Your cause is my cause. My cause is your cause.

When Europe has liberated herself from the Judeo-Christian yoke, by our efforts, we can all stand alongside each other and praise the same Gods and Goddesses, practise the same rites, appreciate the same values, share the same traditions and all work together to ensure a prosperous and harmonic future for the European species and all our native lands! BalðuR (Belbog, Apollon, etc.) will return to Europe once we let him; so let us!

Hail Europe! Hail all true (=Pagan) Europeans! Hail all European deities! Hail and Joy!


The Bone Flute

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European dolmens investigated in the 19th century unveiled remains of men with skulls slightly different from the skulls of modern man. The skulls often looked more like Neanderthal skulls.


Because they were racially very pure Europeans, and thus often still had these very clear adult Neanderthal skull features. Like racially very pure Europeans today still have all the other very clear Neanderthal features – including the child Neanderthal skull features.

Those who found these skulls were men of the church though, priests in black robes serving a Jewish faith, so they covered this up and mentioned it no more…

The Neanderthal man still finally reached the public attention. Not the ones found in dolmens from only a few millenniums BC, but the much older remains. Again it was priests of the Judaic faith who controlled the flow of information, and they presented their own interpretations to the public. The proto-European man thus ended up being presented like this:


In reality the Neanderthal man existed well into historical time and actually looked more like this:


After some time science took over, and man became so much more enlightened. Ah, those foolish religious people didn’t know any better, but now man did! Aye! Scientists investigated the matter, and…

Well, they actually came to the exact same conclusions as the men of the Church had: God’s Creation was just replaced with “The Big Bang” and “The 7 days of Creation” was replaced with “evolution”.

However, the scientists were much more successful in spreading their propaganda, and just like people before had blindly believed in their priests man now instead blindly believed in their scientists. “It has been scientifically proven!” They said.

The Neanderthal man, who actually looked more like this:

reA reD reC reB

Was (still) presented like this:



Because had he not still looked like that it would have come into conflict with their new version of Christianity: “science”.

Whenever archaeological evidence shows up disproving their lies they either cover them up, destroy the evidence or ignore it. So if you find this bone in Europe after the African Homo Sapiens are supposed to have come to Europe then it is “ a flute”:

bone-fl nearnderflute

If you however find out that this bone is older than that, and actually stem from the Neanderthal Europe then it is just a bone gnawed upon by animals.


Because it has to be like that for their evolution theory to hold any water.

You might understand by now that their theory of evolution actually doesn’t hold water, but don’t you dare say that in public! If you do you are a Creationist and your perception will be called “religious”. You are thus just an ignorant fool in conflict with science and scientifically proven facts. In other words you are laughable! Ha ha ha! What a fool!

Science has spoken…

This bone flute is according to science not the work of Neanderthal man, but the result of animals gnawing on the bone. Ok, animals don’t actually make holes like that in bones; they crush the bones instead to get to the marrrow, but this time an animal did. Just like with the evolution theory, stating that it is 0,000000000000000000000001% chance that a frog will develop feathered wings and then start to fly, and then make this an advantage somehow, there is at least a 0,000000000000000000000001% chance that an animal gnawing on a bone makes holes like that, perfectly aligned in a scale making it by chance into an instrument, and also at least a 0,000000000000000000000001% chance that this particular bone survived and was found by modern man… so statistically there is a chance that this happened – and obviously it did (…). The chances that this is the case is of course so much more likely than the absurd notion that the Neanderthals made this flute. Why would they? They were primitive animal-like brutes, weren’t they? Sure, they had a bigger brain and everything, but their brain was different from our brain, so this doesn’t matter…


NB! Statistically it is also perfectly possible to roll a 6 on a dice 10,000 in a row, but even though it is statistically possible it will never happen. Not even a 1,000 or a 100 times in a row.

Before we continue you can enjoy modern music played on “a bone gnawed upon by animals” (i. e. a flute made by proto-Europeans [Neanderthals]) between 43,000 and 60,000 years ago:

Much of the scientific work is good and valuable, but whenever the scientific work comes into conflict with the dogmas of Judeo-Christianity it is placed under “control” by those in power. No scientific work is allowed to unveil the truth in relation to history, pre-history or indeed in relation to the races of men.

Science today is very dangerous, because it is presented as a real alternative to the religious nonsense of Judeo-Christianity, but in reality it is only allowed to be the exact same only with a different facade. It is only allowed to support the dogmas of Judeo-Christianity! The scientist is in practice just a priest dressed up differently.

The true Face of modern Science:


What makes modern science so dangerous is that while all people with a three digit IQ ignores the nonsense of Judeo-Christianity, almost everybody blindly believes in whatever the scientists tell them (and they tell them exactly the same as the Judeo-Christian religions, only with different words!). If it is science it has to be true! So science is being actively used by the Judeo-Christian people in power to manipulate the people and control their minds.

Whenever you see a scientific result supporting anything those in power says about history, pre-history or the races of men you can be sure it is a lie! The truth is that man was better before, and that everything in our world has degenerated since the introduction of Judeo-Christianity. Everything is going down the drain! Man is getting dumber, weaker, uglier and more racially mixed as time passes by, because this is what the Judeo-Christians in power want; they need man to be like that for them to gain total control and fullfil their dream of a J*****-controlled World Government. The rest of us, the non-J****, are to be just cattle to them, but we are not, so they have to turn us into cattle, and they do… and they have done that for 2000 years now.

Modern “science” is a means for them to achieve this.

There was actually no “pre-history”; we knew our history before. We had everything recorded, but the Judeo-Christians burned our records and also those who knew this history. They banned the truth and with time our history became erased from the memory of man. We knew. We remembered.

Our modern history suffers a similar fate, when their medias twist the truth and tell us only lies about what is really going on in our world, as we speak. E. g. their actions to prevent Gadaffi from forcing them to pay for oil with gold, using CIA- and Mossad-trained foreign mercenaries to attack the Libyan regime, was presented to us as a “popular uprising”. The only country in Africa with a welfare system, a popular and loved leader and no debt became just another slave-colony for their banks.

It is funny how “hated dictators” can ride in open cars like this, being cheered on by their peoples, while American “elected” presidents need to travel in armoured cars in secret:

History as told to us by our rulers is a lie! Never forget that!

We are still Neanderthals! HailaR WôðanaR!

About Voting

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Today all political elections are hoaxes and the whole voting system is nothing but a means to keep the sheep in line. Voting used to be something else though…

Some music before we continue.

Voting in Pagan Europe was not seen as the right of the voters, but their duty. It was not as much a privilege as it was a burden. Today any person who happen to have lived in your country for 3 or more years and who has been able to become 18 years old is allowed to vote. His intelligence, loyalties, knowledge, lawfulness, self-sacrificial will and connection to the land he lives on is completely irrelevant.

In the past only the married nobles were allowed to vote though, and before you start to get the wrong ideas: the nobility in Pagan Europe made up around 70-75% of the populations, or even more. The rest of the 25-30% was made up of free men and thralls (the latter being not slaves as such, but more like serfs) – and of course a few outlaws as well.

To become a noble you had to be a native and also own an Ôðal property, i. e. an allodium: a property that has been in your family for many generations, usually at least for 5 generations, or even for 250 years or more. The exact rules in this context were different from realm to realm, and it changed over time too.

Only noble men were allowed to vote, not because women were seen as inferior, but because only married noble men were allowed to vote and they were assumed to have been given sound advice from their spouses before any voting took place. Further, he had not only to be married, but also to have children! His vote was not his vote, but the vote of his household. So: one family, one vote.

The idea was that only those with deep roots in the nation and those with children should be allowed to influence the direction of that nations, because only they would have the nation’s interests in mind when voting. Only they would be really concerned with the future of the nation!

So what did they actually vote for?

The King and Queen ruled the land, i. e. they made sure the kingdom, the interests of the people and the traditions were protected, but whenever important desicions were to be made, usually regarding whether or not the kingdom should go to war, the nobles were asked to vote for or against. Only the King could call for such a vote for or against war, and the impartial Queen was the judge and decided the outcome of the vote.

Most of the time the nobles ruled their own lives; they cultivated their own lands and interests as they saw fit and relied on the King only for military and religious leadership, and when they were in conflict with other nobles in the land: the King was a God, and he was the God of Justice too.


The King was the Head of the Kingdom, but each and every Noble was the Head of his own Ôðal property, and not even the King could touch that sacred right, and this sacred right of the nobles was symbolisd by their High Seats, known as the Öndvegi (“the journey/road of spirits”) – called by that name because the noble rights and duties of a dead noble was transferred to his oldest son as he sat down in his dead father’s seat and thus took over the management of the family and the Ôðal property.


Our pre-Christian Europe was very different from the Europe we know today, in most respects, and also when it comes to voting, the right to vote and what to vote for.

I vote for a return to a European Europe and the traditions that our forebears selected their best men and girls to protect. The only thing that should be different in a future Europe is the level of tolerance towards destructive alien influence. No man should be allowed to embrace the ideas of alien peoples or to allow such ideas to grow on his Ôðal property. HailaR BalðuR!

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