A Thulean Perspective

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First some appropriate music


Imagine a life where people trust each other completely because they all are very similar and think the same way. Imagine a life where you don’t worry about death, because you trust those around you to raise your children the right way when you are no longer there. Imagine a life where you trust your peers so much and feel so connected to them that you look for excuses to make sacrifices for them, and they do the same for you. Imagine a life where you know that if you earn it you are to be reborn in the future, by your own children or their children, and imagine how much this would benefit your children and their children too. Imagine a life where walking uphill is seen as an opportunity for you to prove how strong you are, or to become stronger if you are not. Imagine a life where the gods and goddesses are not your masters, but your ideals and upholders of the good in man. Imagine a life where the beauty of nature is appreciated, celebrated and maintained as it is, rather than sought destroyed for short term profit. Imagine a life where you never start your life anew, but continue with all the honour and none of the dishonour you had in previous lives. Imagine a life where your achievements and loyalty is what earns you respect instead of the amount of time you spend begging for forgiveness for ‘sins’ you never committed or even knew. Imagine a life where nothing is urgent and where you have enough time to manufacture everything the best way possible, with the highest quality and beauty you can produce. Imagine a harmonious life in a homogeneous society…

You have just imagined a life in a European Europe. Let us work together to rebuild what once was, and make room for it in our different world today. HailaR WôðanaR!


70 thoughts on “A Thulean Perspective

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  2. Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring on other websites?
    I have a blog centered on the same topics you discuss and would really
    like to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would appreciate your work.
    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

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  6. “Imagine a life where walking uphill is seen as an opportunity for you to prove how strong you are, or to become stronger if you are not.”

    Today i dreamed that my whole family and friends are on a high mountain and i want to climb on it to get to them and i always fail, but every time i managed to climb a bit higher. This sentence of your post reminded somehow on my dream.

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  8. Beautiful. A dream my family and I would love to play a part. The words describe our thoughts and the hopes we carry for a better life for our child. Thank you.

  9. “Imagine a life where people trust each other completely because they all are very similar and think the same way.” And this means honourable warfare. Honour cannot exist in a global scale.

  10. Beautiful vision of the renaissance to come. I like to dream of a Europe like this when reading about the lives of our forebears. There are still places that are pure, where time does not seem to exist, and where you can feel free again.

    The melody sounds so familiar, yet I can’t recall the name of the song, it sounds Celtic. Varg, will you ever record a folk album?

  11. This is a great post for us and a great advertisement for people who haven’t found us yet.
    This post should be printed out, perhaps slightly altered to explain what the Odal rune is, and handed out as flyers to attract more people to us.
    One of the primary means that small groups like ours always use to spread the word is leaflets or flyers.

    In fact, I think I will make one right now!
    I’ll post it here when I am done.

  12. Awesome post and of course the music.
    Off topic Varg,
    This is how the Danes are now hhv. ´´ny danska´´ :

    PS:. I guess Varg its really really unfair if someone blames on you no matter where you are that you are racist because i believe that everyone can or could see on the thuleanperspective.com that you communicating with the people from around the world for eksempel i saw here often Indians,Persians osv.

    Hail to the genuine Europe and Europeans.

  13. Beautifully written, Varg.
    This is the vision of life my husband and I very much long for, and we do our best to put this vision into life. It is such a shame that in the contemporary world this kind of life in not something we can actually LIVE, but something which we must STRIVE and FIGHT for, to achieve it maybe some day in the future. We are striving, though, and we are fighting, as strongly as the sick rules of this world allow us to.

  14. The music and the words are working so beautifully in ameliorating the numbness in Europeans… Without reinforcing of archetypes life would be a mistake for people of these lands.

  15. Yes we can build our own reality…but what when you can’t find the person who will shared your ideology?…its better to be alone or maybe to trying accept crazy reality?

    • You will find it, with time…and it is not necessary for that person to have your same view and ideals from the beginning…if it is the right person for you, your ideals will unite in an unique road.
      Live your life according to your ideals, what will come, it will be. The more the path is complicated, more Honour you’ll get.

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  18. Et vakkert og fullkomment liv du beskriver her. Ett samfunn i harmoni for Nordens og Europas befolkning, og de kommende slekter. Du trengs her hjemme i Norge før alt er for sent. Vi trenger en leder som kan samle den våkne del av befolkningen, noe jeg ikke er i tvil at du har evner til. Takker så mye for dine gode innlegg.

    Kirsti Knutsdåtter, Haugesund

  19. Reading a blog like this is like breathing fresh air after a long time being closed in a shabby basement. It is like a healing of the spirit.

  20. I had the most beautiful vision while reading this. It’s exactly what I have always dreamt.

    Could you, for a future post, write about what does it mean to be a manly man, how do you achieve it etc. ?
    I mean something like the article written by Marie about being a femenine woman, but for men this time. All from an odalistic point of view.
    I would like to know what are your views on this subject.

    • This what I’m going to write down isn’t at all meant as an offence to you, but, you should know what does it take to be a real man.
      If you don’t, I’ll tell you and if someone disagrees with me, say so… To be a real man one should, first off, live honourably, which means honouring your ancestors, stand behind your word (if you promise something do EVERYTHING in your power to make it happen, and if it doesn’t do your best to make up for the loss). Get and education, and by education I don’t mean a college one because we all know what they teach there, even though it’s never bad to have a degree at something useful. Never stop developing yourself in the spiritual matter. It’s almost the most important thing in your life. I think one doesn’t earn to call him/herself an Aryan if they disregard the spiritual. As a man, you are obliged to take action and protect your own, even with your life. You must always take responsibility for your actions… If you’ve done something wrong, to anyone or anything, for the sake of your personal honour you must take responsibility.
      I think that I don’t really have to tell you this all these things for being a man isn’t something you learn reading Ancestral Cult… It’s something deep inside you, with which you have to get in contact with. That’s all.

      • Oh, no offence at all! I cannot be offended easily hahaha.
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need anyone to tell me how to behave and grow as a man.
        I just thought it could be interesting to put it on words and have somehow a guideline or a treaty (that’s how you say it?) defining our beliefs.
        It could serve for example for some lost youngsters.
        I don’t know, it was just an idea.

        • In those places where divorce is common and boys are only raised by single mothers, it is important to get that information out there. Of course, it is better to learn by example and being exposed to manly behavior, but because of feminism many boys do not have a good example these days.

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  22. I really like these blog entries which let you dream about a better world together with those nice music pieces – how do you always find them anyway? Haven’t been disappointed by any of those that you linked yet, thank you for that.

  23. My family and I do imagine these things, and we also try our best to live the way WE think, in the woods, in harmony with our Mother Nature, with our animals, on our soil, with the elements, rules and values. We desperately wish, hope and make each and every thing you’ve said become TRUE and REAL. We try to carry on living with our resources on our land and this is how we are HAPPY. It is our duty to mother Europa, to our children to our closests and heritage.
    @ Marie: un fraternel salut a vous venu directement de notre belle Bretagne.

    All the best of support to you and your dearest family, from a family somewhere in the woods of Britany.

  24. voila les seul chose qu’il faut retenir !!! tu a tout a fait raison !!! la plupart des gens ce laisse vivre sen voir toute les chose autour d’eux !!! sa m’arrive de partir dans les bois et de m’asseoir pendant 1 ou 2 heure et rester stupéfait par la beauté de la nature environnante j’aimerais pouvoir faire confiance a mes voisin mais quand il t’accuse de les avoir cambriolé (ce qui et totalement faux !!!) ces impossible

    PS: la musique que tu a mis avec vas très bien avec la lecture de ce texte elle et entraînante sa me donne envie de taper du pied de partir avec la seul idée de vivre paisiblement de retourner a cette époque ou tout était si peux compliqué j’ai quelque musique qui pourrais je pense te plaire a l’occasion je te les donnerais ces principalement des musique médiéval tien moi informer par mail si tu les veux je te préparerais cela

  25. to think that the man who wrote these words had only this week to defend his beliefs in court.
    How truly rancid and diseased modern society is.

    • Exactly. Makes you wonder how many beautiful innocent people have to deal with similar injustice, just because they are misunderstood by those who cannot think clearly.

  26. I think you put not only our culture but our current anxieties in a nutshell perfectly there….We could worry about how what we try to achieve in this life will not last, the answer to that is raise your children probably so you can be certain they will carry on the same legacy and live by the same values, and their children and grandchildren after them…

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