The Longing

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First some appropriate music.

As some of you might understand I miss Norway. Not today’s Norway. Not even the Norway I grew up in. I miss the Norway that used to be, long before I was born.

How can I miss something I never knew, you say? Well, what makes you think I didn’t know Ancient Norway? I was there, and the memory is stored in my blood and my spirit. My forebears for thousands of years were all Scandinavians.

Yes, I miss Ancient Denmark as well, and Ancient Sweden. I was there too. I have not only Norwegian, but also Danish and Swedish forebears. Scandinavia (*Skanþin-awjo; “Skanþe’s land by the sea”) is my homeland, my cradle, my hope, my love and my pride. My grave too, I hope.

Scandinavia and the Europe she is a part of is the only motivation I have for my vocal attacks on internationalism and the depraved internationalists. I hate nobody. I only love what is my own, and when necessary at the expense of what is not.

If I ever come across as aggressive and impolite, as ruthless and perhaps even cruel, you now know why. Bear with me; I fight for the roots of the tree that nourish me and keep me alive.

Thank you for the attention.

HailaR Skanþe! 


101 thoughts on “The Longing

  1. “the memory is stored in my blood and my spirit” – this is the conclusion I came when I observe myself, I mean.

    I am Catalan, from Catalunya a province of northeastern Spain, bordering the south of France (Languedoc-Roussillon). The province is rich in history and traditions with a different language than Spanish. My second surname is quite common in Catalunya, but has its roots in the Netherlands and Germany.

    My relationship with Scandinavia and Norway goes back many years, since my childhood. Since childhood I was attracted by the Scandinavian tradition and culture. But it was not until my first visit to Norway that something inside of me woke up. I remember being in Flåmdalen when suddenly everything stopped and an inner voice told me – “this land is where you have to be” -. 3 years later I moved to Norway.

    Shortly after arriving I met a person who reads the Runes. He told me to do a question and take a rune from the bag. The question was ¿why Norway?, I removed the bag until a rune was in my hand. The Odal rune was the choosen one , it’s meaning is heritage and ancestral homeland. Maybe was a coincidence or maybe not…

  2. When a child I use to dream of Norse warriors, and knights and what not, well I use to be one in my dreams.

    Your words speak to many Varg, as I have not been able to put this into words myself. Blood memory.

    A youtube clip I found of a fellow Anglocelt, who feels it also.

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  4. Wonderful story. I think we all long for our past. I think it’s in our blood. There are all the memories from Allfadr. I don’t think Man is “progressive”. I think He is “regressive”, and all the time longing for “Garden of Odin”
    I don’t think anyone really LOVE modernism with all it’s stress and mobility. Children cries in airplanes, and noone really likes it. It’s not made for Man, but for money.
    No, we are longing for meeting our ancestors again ,free from The Dark Force, in the “Garden of Odin” !

  5. I am currently in a dilemma that even few would consider worth of worry, but has found me in the middle of the night, stripping me of sleep and during the day where tasks must be handled. The problem is that I have no cultural identity. I have American citizenship, and my parents are from a place with short roots. Now the culture there now has degenerated to a heaping pile of negroid-like shit that I can never see myself relate to.
    My own images of what this place used to be like (from when I was a child a decade ago, visiting an aunt) are filled with open farming fields enveloped with tropical foliage. With cultural music reigning throughout, and loved by everybody. With women who were all beautiful, yet never so provocative to the extent where one would claim them as whores. With men who worked hard and all strived for something beyond their grasp.
    But I realised that this type of land is no more. I have absolute disgust with what I see of my people in the current state that I live in. I visited this place recently and this negroization of my people has convinced me that I cannot relate to any of my peers. The cultural music that would only hail from this land is no longer predominant, and rap-like music is produced everywhere. It has no real cultural affinity. Nobody is a farmer anymore, and I wish to continue this tradition because American food is poisoned with unnatural genes and cruelty.
    My peers all act like filthy niggers. Promiscuous, self-centered, egotistical faggots. It ails me that I have no cultural identity, that I live in a country controlled by Jews, and that my short-lived 500-year-old sapling no longer exists. Burned down to the roots. I don’t care if my roots can only go back that far. Those are my roots, and they have been desecrated by its own people.
    What does one do in my situation? Do I practice a dead culture? Or are the ashes still there?

  6. Sorry for the off topic post. this concerns Uncertain Identity?
    Posted on 24/02/2013 by Varg Vikernes. I have an uncertain identity because my family is such a mix I live in Canada and have mostly European descent(mostly Celtic), Irish, Scottish, British and French but my great grandfather was Lebanese/Syrian and my great grandmother was a Native American. I am having a hard time identifying my identity but consider myself European because I am white, born with Blonde hair and blue eyes, although over time my hair changed to dark brown but when I look closely at my beard or hair I can see individual hairs that are blonde and red as well. I am a bit tanned in the summer and a lot paler in the winter. I agree 100% with all posts by Varg and have been following him for quite some time and am on Europe’s side. I can see the problems we are facing and want to fight along as well. My last name is Arabic from my great grandfather and means Lion. I hate my last name and want a more European last name, My Family’s European last names from what I know so far is Brunette and Brown but I think there is a lot more from the past which I want to find out and trace my European ancestry. I would like to hear what everybody else thinks I have been finding it hard for a long time about my Identity. I hope to hear some answers that might give me a direction or who I can Identify. Deep down I know I am truly European.

  7. You know, Richard Dawkings, that Atheist Evangelist and biologist was going to investigate this Neanderthal theory to some degree.
    I believe it was derailed and he claimed that the project was “impossible for him.”

    I’ll try to dig up something on this. It was something from a comment on the 99.7% Neanderthal video.

  8. That was so simple, so great ! To me, you are somebody who I respect, I love your pride and commitment, and I hate that you are mistreated.

  9. Varg, are there any armies you consider worth fighting for? Russia maybe?

    Been flirting with this idea semi-seriously today, pondering over what countries I would consider, as I would certainly never fight for mine, or any EU state (I would join Germany’s, but…what army? 😦 )

    What is your opinion on life of African tribes i mean they didnt create civilizations but instead they live very primitive life hunter gatherer lifestyle similar to Neanderthals

    • It is probably nothing like the lifestyle of the Ancient Europeans. The climate is very different, and the mentality too.

      • I consider them as intelligent apes rather than inferior humans roughly equivalent to Neanderthals….

        I think the only relevant hunter gather comparison to Neanderthals that we are familiar with is native American tribes. The ones that weren’t eating each other or sacrificing each other by the masses (most of them, it’s fair to assume) are strikingly similar in terms of lifestyle. The overall attitude towards the environment, they way the perceived things and understood the world…

        That they had this culture in the modern period still makes one wonder how far we could have gone with it had we not been stopped in out tracks…

        • i did not want to compare them directly just that both were hunters and gatherers and European man abandoned lifestyle step by step

          • yes…Asians did a better job of maintaining such a lifestyle (far east and therefore native Americans, I mean)

            But we would have maintained it, had it not been for the success of Rome’s empire and the spread of Christianity

      • I know what i meant is that they were hunters and gatherers for very long time
        they are still atleast some tribes.

    • I guess it’s the same they are tribes. Sure climate is different, but about mentality well… It’s not like a comparison Between a guy who live in the castle think different from a guy who live in the hunt.
      All tribes need food to Hunt, weapons to defend their familys and land many things also I think… So in GENERAL all tribes share same important interests like mentioned above.


  11. How are you all today? Varg has been churning out lots of posts recently, a lot of them short and sweet, which is great.
    We all long for the past, the past is glorious, I wish I was there in ancient times and times unknown and I would give anything to step in the shoes of my forebears.
    To either take down a wooly mammoth or either Roman legion (as my Pictish forebears did), any of these great and glorious feats the ancestors accomplished would be an honor.

    However, it is our enemies who look to the future! They did engineering our downfall way, way, way far back! The fact that the Jews were commanding the slave ships and bringing the niggers here comes to mind…
    So I give this, an idea:

    We ought to begin construction of Odalist communities throughout Europe and North America. I have plans to purchase 100+ acres of land wherever it is cheap and begin building an actual neighborhood or village. Of course I would rent out these houses to whomever I see fit, live off the income and constantly improve the land.
    There was a man named Craig Cobb who was trying to build a town on his own land in North Dakota only for White Nationalists. North Dakota is sounding really nice right now.

    Anyway, it is something to look forward to, I’d like to hear anybody’s thoughts and ideas on this.

  12. I must say that when I had the pleasure of visiting Norway two years ago, some part of me felt very much at home there, in a peculiar spiritual way I found it difficult to explain. In particular I visited a site in Østfold where there are nine stone circles at the edge of the forest. From what I read it was an old bronze-smithing site and cultural center of the community. One of those places where you could feel the presence of the past very strongly.

  13. I am a strong believer in something ancestral being rooted in our blood. As you have a strong pagan spirit that guides you to do what you do, I can trace my families strong military service in every generation, from my Scottish forebears’ regular participation in every war against the English to participating in almost every war America has been in since the colonial days(And for the record, my grandparents fought the Japanese in World War Two, not the Germans). Whether they lived in Germany, Scotland, Connecticut, Nebraska, or California there has always been a warrior spirit in my family and that is why I served in the military at one point.

  14. Wait, you only accept comments that are 100% in agree with you Varg? Its quite sad that you aren’t approving my comments just because I think you are wrong haha.

    You just lost all my respect.

    • I don’t approve of comments who make a point about something they have not understood anything about. You said “some Christian missionaries are not like that, they don’t destroy anything, they just want to spread Christianity”, or something of that sort. So you have obviously not understood anything at all: THE PROBLEM is that THEY SPREAD CHRISTIANITY. Get it?

      Piss off.

        • I get it. You are too stupid to understand. And I don’t care to discuss with the dregs of society.

          • The above dialogue proves how someone who might appear aggressive (Varg) is in fact just hurt or annoyed by the concealed aggression of others.These are the Christians who are aggressive, no matter how much they strive to hide it behind the mask of their “martyrdom”. These are the Christians who aggressively destroyed the European culture, and they keep on destroying it. This is why every attempt to justify the actions of Christians is in fact an act of aggression and should be treated as such.
            My husband and I talked about this very topic with my mother-in-law a few weeks ago. She couldn’t understand that our hatred is never self-born and that it simply comes from our love. Our hatred for people who litter the wildlife for example, comes from our love for nature. And the reason we show our hatred is that we are thinking beings who cannot “switch of” their minds and hearts just for the sake of common politeness.

            • You are right.

              …and I am also tired of having to relate to people who don’t understand that they really, really should leave all intellectual work to others than themselves.

              I love car mechanics, and they are doing a very important job, often very skillfully, but I don’t ask them metaphysical questions, so to speak.

              • That’s right. Too many people nowadays think that their common everyday mundane “intelligence” gives them right to act as if they had any real opinions or insight. It doesn’t only relate to those exemplary car mechanics, but also to millions of people with higher degrees. They live their grown-up lives, very often are quite wealthy financially, they read newspapers and books, they travel, they even have children, but nevertheless their lazy minds never truly develop, never truly progress, never truly cross barriers to reach the tops. They cannot even imagine the tops of our understanding of the world. For them it is a mountain top which is scarcely high and terrifying; because it is so much easier to be a well-read over- confident dandy or a hippie in delirium, than somebody who understands (truly understands) that such things as fashionable furniture or social equality are just too stupid, too small to talk about. We should focus on our vision of the world, but we too often cannot do that fully because of those simple minded fools who try to create a conversation all the time.

                • In democracies all men are being told they are wise enough to know what is good for them and their nations. So what else to expect? :-/ Everybody think they know everything…

                  Flattery seems to work very well.

  15. we can all appear rude and aggressive….It’s pretty easy to be when surrounded by cowards, liars and morons, our patience’s limits are really tested today. Not a healthy environment for like-minded people. I don’t recall you ever being so without good, reason though 🙂

  16. Ancient Scandinavia is not lost yet. Let’s fight to free it again, starting with Norway. And the most efficient to start with would be to make a party as you have spoken a little about.

    The sooner the better.

    • Yes, the sooner the better. I live in Vinland but I am like Varg in heredity and feelings about Skanpe. I love my greater family and am not motivated by hate. I too “remember” the past, so did my father and his father, and so does my son. Let’s fight to be free again!

  17. It’s true, I miss the beautiful land of my forefathers because I lived there in blood. And I’ll keep fighting for the roots of my caring and beloved tree, now corrupted but not dead yet. True Example of historical ressistance against invaders

  18. J’invite tout le monde à s’intéresser à sa propre généalogie, on ne sais jamais jusqu’où on remontera et ça prend du temps, mais ça en vaut la peine. De plus, c’est important de connaître ses racines, pour soi, comme pour les générations à venir qui bénéficierons de ces recherches et pourront peut-être aller plus loin encore dans celle-ci.
    I invite everybody to get interst in one’s own genealogy, one never know until where he will go back, it takes a lot of time, but it worth it. Moreover, it’s important to know its own roots, for one-self as for the following generations that will benefit from those researchs and that will maybe go further on it.
    P.S.: Sorry but I only translate short post in english. French is my mother language, English is the imperial language I only use if there are more people understanding English then people unerstanding French or another language I know enough to explain what I want..

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  20. This longing and nostalgia is something that is inherit in all Europeans I believe. I experienced it as a child as well, and still do, this longing for the past. Our memories, languages and culture is all stored in our blood. We just need to throw away the modern chains and shackles and cultivate the deities and our ancestors from within us!

  21. It’s interesting to note that from a young age I’ve missed my genetic homeland of Ireland, even though I’ve never even been there at all. How can this be explained rationally? It can’t.

    Maybe in a future life you’ll be able to live in your harmonious Norway again. Cultivate those dreams and “memories” – they’re what nourish and inspire any modern Pagan.

    Ghlóir a Arduinna
    HailaR Skanþe

  22. One of the best, if not the best post on this blog. I feel the same with Germany and Scandinavia aswell. I have no reall evidence that my forebears were germanic or scandinavian acept for my german surname, which ends in -er, and the fact that i am blond and blue-eyed, but i truelly feel that Germany and Scandinavia has been my home for thousands of years. I also miss ancient Germany, i hate the fact that at least 90 % of all austrians nowadays really think that we austrians are no germans.
    I truelly believe that we can revive this all, and i look foreward to it, fore this reason i try to learn old high german, because modern german is already pretty degenerated. Maybe this revivation of ancient Europe will take thousands of years, but then we will be there simply in our next lives! Odin will help us with this!

    HailaR Skanþe! Heil Diutisc Lant!
    HailaR WôðanaR! Heil Wuotan!

    • I think that the fact that you’re blonde/blue is ultimately all the proof you need. Where else would those features have come from?

      • Well, it proves that i am a pretty pure european, but not only germic/scandinavian people are european and blond/blue-eyed. My ancestors could aswell have been russians, gauls, romans or greeks. But it is most possible that they were germanic, because i live in germany and have a really german surname.

        • In addition the peoples in europe are purer the further north you come, so it is really the most probable, that they were germanic/scandinavian, even if it is not a proof.

          • There is plenty of evidence.

            The Neanderthals were all blonde. We know that. Go to for sources on that.

            Some were red-haired too, but they were because they were mixed with homo sapiens very early on.

            And you are a guest here, so watch your language.

            • It was only long after the Neanderthals were extinct that the blond gene even spread among European people. Blue eyes started with one mutated person 6 000 to 10 000 years ago.

              • You don’t know what you are talking about. You spread lies. Like I said; go to to find more on this topic.

            • So you’re saying Homo Sapiens ( Africans as you say ) had red hair? Varg you’re not making sense here. Africans have black afro hair. Are you saying this black afro hair came from somewhere else?

              • No, I am saying that an early mix between Europeans and a few Africans resulted in a red hair. Those with red hair has plenty of pigmentation, much more than blondes, even though they are often paler than the blondes, but there is an “error” in the code, so to speak, making them e. g. sunburn rather than tan, making them look very pale and making the hair look red, because the pigmentation is not as it is supposed to be like.

                This is an early mutation, like I said: that came about because of the mixing of species.

                I make perfect sense. You just have to read what I say more properly, Mr. 😉

                  • This topic comes up way too often. As Varg has said before blond hair/blue eyes doesn’t guarantee anyone is purer; it shows that their hair/eye genes are more European but it’s no guarantee elsewhere. I’ve seen Negros with only one white ancestors in the past 200 years who somehow managed to inherit blue eyes. It doesn’t make them more European than the average ‘African American’ who in general have a few more white ancestors.

                    And if anything those of us here are more concerned about the genes that make up our personalities and IQ and such things than physical traits. Racial purity after a certain percentage will only tell you half the story. Yes, I can say someone with 50% negro blood will likely act black, but when you’re comparing Europeans who are 95% and 98% ‘pure’, it means a whole lot less. Not all traits are equal.

                    And hmm, now I’m starting to get that ‘comment could not be posted’ bug. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve had this entry opened in another tab for most of the day.

                    • For anyone with this bug, make sure you’re using a Firefox or Chrome browser. You can just hit the back button, copy your post, refresh the page(F5), and try again. You won’t have to retype your comment if you do it right.

                  • If You believe in something else it’s ok mate,you don’t hv to be annoyed of some opinions here. He said its he’s own opinion and not to be taked as undisputed facts.right? Cheerz

                • It is, It’s an error in the chromosome n. 16! I’m red-hair ( I just stopped to hide it with the tint)…probably due to Celtic ancestors because in my region in Italy were the Lombards and the Celts. But my children are perfectly blond.
                  BTW In Italy we are much more mixed than in northern countries…

            • I don’t know very much about this subject, but yesterday I did see an albino black person for the first time and they looked very much like a red haired European, except that their body and face were clearly African. Maybe that is some evidence of what you are saying?

              But I also understand that you aren’t claiming that red hair his African, merely that blonde mixed with their hair might contribute to a gene that produced hair color looking something like reddish-brown.

              • Yes, it is a “new” hair colour resulting from this problematic mix of blonde and black/brown hair, that doesn’t “work” as intended. The pigmentation is there, but it doesn’t work, so instead of tanning they become sunburned, and instead of having brown or black hair they get red hair.

                This “error” has become “normalized” though, balanced, and I want to stress that people with red hair are no less European than the rest of us. Originally though, we — Europeans — were all blonde. Not platina blonde, but blonde in all kinds of nuances — and lighter when we were children than when we were adults (because we don’t need so many sunshine vitamins as adults), just like today.

                And women are often fairer than men, because they too need more sunshine vitamins (because of childbirth).

                Yes, albinos have a similar condition, actually.

                …again I think there was something about this on… At least my wife and I have talked about this before (…)

                • I don’t remember reading this on her blog, but I have not checked it in a while (I should). It makes sense though, and would explain why red-heads are also in the Asian/European border regions ( I think it’s also important to stress to all Europeans that they should not have some sort of inferiority complex about their appearance (as you seem to mention here). That’s totally un-Pagan. It’s only Jewish, wailing wall type stuff. Just recognize the fact, move on, and act upon it when possible.

          • If you’re not blonde don’t get offended, we’re all Europeans (no reason to say it’s all BS) I’m actually brown haired with curly hair (of a white person, because we all know there are lots of different curly hair types), so… kind of distant from the neanderthals…I can pass for western irish as well as iberian and as the objective of this ideology is to fight the jewish religions and the degenerated society by unifying all europeans, I’m in favour of it.

            • Still no evidence. I’m also not offended by the claim that brown/black is the original hair colour for all humans (though I have reddish hair) or that brown is the original eye colour for all humans (though I have blue eyes).

              • Saying “no evidence” doesn’t prove anything at all, you know.

                What you spread here is the Jewish “out of Africa” nonsense. This has been disproven over and over again. Go to for more…

              • You’re quoting a study that was conducted from 1996 and published in 2008, which follows the recent out of Africa theory, before the Max Planck Institute revealed that some of our genome (those outside of sub-Saharan Africa, anyway) “is made up of Neanderthal DNA” and that they were mixing with Homo Sapiens more than 37,000 years ago.

                I’m not offend by the fact that Homo Sapiens had the original hair/eye colour combination of black/brown either, what else would you expect of sub-Saharan Africans? But to think that they magically lost all pigmentation only 10,000 years ago to adapt to a bit of cold weather in their “new home to the north” is very humorous. Neanderthals on the other hand , who had been living there since 600,000 or so years ago, were of course well and truly adapted to the climate and lack of sunshine, as research has shown.

                Instead of squealing “buh that’s bullshit!” and whining about Varg not serving up study upon study to you on a silver platter, try looking for yourself and stop relying on r/TIL threads and front page news articles for your “knowledge”.

                • There’s no proof we even descend from Neanderthals at all, only that we share some DNA with them that we don’t share with blacks.

                  Also, if it does come from mixing, then we’re still only 4% Neanderthal, so we wouldn’t have inherited their traits to any large degree (and our skeletons are far more similar to any currently existing race than they are to Neanderthals, and not just in size).

                  • Wow.

                    Measure and compare your upper and lower arm/leg bones. Are the upper bones longer than the lower bones? If yes, then congratulations: You inherited this from your Neanderthal forebears as well. While Europeans and Asians share this similarity with the Neanderthal, Africans do not. Instead, their brachial index is closer to that of apes.
                    So, not only did we inherit a lot of their superficial traits (i.e Skin, eye hair coloration), we also inherited a lot of their osteological nuances, also. Seems like a pretty large degree to me…

                    But you can keep on spurting out the “every human had brown eyes 10,000 years ago” type fallacies, I don’t care, I’ll just continue to shake my head at your willful ignorance.

                    • We’re way more similar to Africans than to Neanderthals, genetically and phenotypically. I’m not supporting the OOA theory, but Neanderthals were a totally different species.

                    • North Vinlander: I know you read something like Coon’s biological theories, but they are indeed antiquated. Considering new species can’t possibly develop (and I mean mathematically impossible) in the time period that “cro-magnon” man developed, the Neanderthal theory is really the only possible option at this point.

                  • No, we have on average 4% EXCLUSIVELY Neanderthal DNA.

                    We have about 40% of our DNA common with a water melon too, and some claims much as 95% common with a chimpanzee. These genes make up hair, lungs, stomach, bones etc., features most animals have. The last 5% of our DNA is what makes us human.

                    We have on average 99,7% of our genes in common with our Neanderthal forebears, and 4% of these are Neanderthal only genes. So we ARE Neanderthals.

                    We have 0% Chimpanzee only genes. But we have about 95% of our genes in common with them.
                    We have 0% melon only genes. But we have about 40% of our genes in common with them.
                    We have 0% pig only genes. But we have about (I think it was) 70% of our genes in common with them.

                    Yes, there is DNA proof saying this. You need to update your “data base” on this topic.

                    • The problem which such claim, is that it requires a good understanding of genetic to be understood.
                      People assume they know things (which are in fact wrong), and then understand the new information you give based on their wrong background.
                      If you (every one) have time and interest in it, I highly recomand this book.
                      It will give you enough background to correctly understand statement you read about genetics and biology, and it awesome to read. He is also very clear at diferentiating what is know for quite sure, and what isn’t.

  23. Wonderful short poetic story.

    me too miss Europe what it once was and when I close my eyes I can experiance the time in which I wasn’t born I understand your longing for the good times when nothing was corrupted.

    I’m a Dutch native and spy my countrymen for selling out the land where the blood of our forebears has spilled for protecting and building the place they called home is hardly the place they fought for they lay ashamed in their graves looking how week we become and I believe they pray for a revolt and take back what belong to them, us and our children.

    your post realy touched me.
    thanks for cheering up my day.


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  26. Yes,being nostalgic of times we earthly should normaly didn’t know, in this slice of history,is a strange feeling that awakened minds should feel.

  27. Dear Varg you have all my respect, I hope the same things.

    And I’ve always thinked the same things, I remember that already when I was 10 years old, my pagan roots were starting to be felt, Celtic and Longobard roots in my case…

    What a great Thing!

    I hope that this “pagan winter” can soon end

    • If you are living in the USA, get up and go visit your ancestral homeplaces! You will not regret it and will probably want to move there! Every European should be honored to have the opportunity to live in Europe!

  28. “Fear alone is to fear
    For it is all still here
    They whisper to your ears
    Those who before beared”

    All is roten only because were are cowards and accept it. The land is the same. All we miss is the courage our forebearer had. All we need to do is to take this truth right in the eye, cry it away, and then become men.
    We have to much to lose in our servitude. That’s why we stay servant. All of us.

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